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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 October 2006, 22:10 GMT 23:10 UK
US mid-terms panel: Kandace Heimer

Kandace Heimer
Name: Kandace Heimer
Age: 59
Lives: Houston, Texas
Works: Retired
Voting intention: Republican
In 10 words or less:
"Proud Texas conservative Republican and avid photographer"

I have already voted a straight Republican ticket - as I usually do - under our early voting system here in Texas.

Overall, the Republican Party may lose some seats, but they will hold onto their majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

There's been a lot of media hype about the Democrats gaining control of the two houses, but I just don't see that happening.

I'm upset with President Bush and the Republican Party, but the alternative is a lot worse.

It's not Iraq that angers me. I think that has been handled well overall, despite some problems, and I have full confidence in the Bush administration's ability to handle the future strategy for Iraq. What upsets me is his handling of immigration.

I am greatly opposed to the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, which Bush wants to sign.

I am all for immigrants coming to the US legally and through the proper channels but I am against giving amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens. People need to respect our laws.

The handling of illegal immigration is hugely important, particularly in the border states. We need to secure our borders, and that's why national security and immigration are linked and are the most important issues in this election.

Of course, no matter how frustrated I may be with Bush over immigration, it would never make me vote Democrat!

I don't see the Democrats supporting any programmes to ensure our safety. They have opposed every security initiative, the Patriot Act being the prime example. So that makes them dangerous, as they don't realise the threat we are facing from terrorists.

If they did end up gaining control of the House, people will regret voting for them when they see how weak they are on this issue.

I voted for my Congressman John Culberson, who has done an excellent job, and for Republican incumbent Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

I also gave my vote to Governor Rick Perry. He is facing a tight race as many Republicans are not happy with him due to some tax issues he has had and also his handling of immigration.

I know many who are voting for independent candidate Kinky Friedman, but I think Perry will hold on to win.

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