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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 October 2006, 22:09 GMT 23:09 UK
US mid-terms panel: Maria Peralta

Maria Peralta
Name: Maria Peralta
Age: 43
Lives: Orlando, Florida
Works: Travel agent
Voting intention: Registered Republican ("but will vote for candidates on merit")
In 10 words or less:
"Family oriented, open-minded, fair, honest"

I used to vote along party lines but now I simply vote for the best candidate.

In this election, I will look at every candidate and see how they have voted in the past on different issues before I decide to vote for them.

I believe President Bush's performance will be a major factor in these mid-terms.

I didn't vote for him in the presidential elections as I didn't like him and didn't trust him, and my suspicions have been confirmed.

I really am disgusted at him. He has treated people everywhere in a way that angers them and has used our armed forces without any regard for the best interests of this country.

As a result of my deep anger at this administration, if two candidates are equal, I will vote for the Democrat.

I don't believe the Democrats will sweep this election but they will give the Republicans a good run for their money.

As for the main issues that matter to me - I would like to see more financial accountability at all levels of government, legislation in favour of gay partnerships, more money invested in education and healthcare, and more insurance protection against hurricanes and flooding.

In the governor's race, I like Republican Charlie Crist. I need to look closer at the Democratic candidate Jim Davis, but if he has something to offer, I am open to changing my mind. I previously voted for Governor Jeb Bush, but his term is up.

As for the Senate races, I will not vote for Katherine Harris. She is not trustworthy in my opinion and had a hand in the 2000 debacle over contested votes here in Florida.

I voted for her opponent, Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson last time, and will do so again. He is intelligent, fair and consistently works for Floridians. We need more people like him.

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