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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 October 2006, 22:09 GMT 23:09 UK
US mid-terms panel: Edward Wilson

Edward Wilson
Name: Edward Wilson
Age: 55
Lives: Hamden, Connecticut
Works: Aerospace manager
Voting intention: Independent
In 10 words or less:
"Family man, interested in history, loves to travel"

I am a registered Independent voter and have always been wary of political parties.

This year, the issue of party loyalty versus individual candidates is very topical in Connecticut, since Joe Lieberman lost in the Democratic primary and was forced to run as an Independent.

Lieberman is now faced with the task of staking his career and reputation on his ability to pull votes away from both parties as he attempts to retain his seat.

He will get my vote, as he has done previously. Our situation in Iraq is a mess and Joe was taken in by the Bush administration's reasons for going to war - which cost him the August primary - but so were many of us, myself included.

He has taken a lot of flack for his pro-war stance, but at least he was consistent in his voting.

I am angry about the war it but it doesn't mean I'm ready to vote for his opponent Ned Lamont, who is a one-issue candidate with little knowledge, influence or experience in Washington.

Mr Lamont should get some solid experience in state-level politics, run for the State legislature or for governor, then come back and see us in a few years.

In other races - incumbent Republican Jodi Rell has conducted herself honestly as governor, but I'm listening to her opponent John DeStefano to see if he has any bright ideas which might appeal to me. He was a reasonably good Democratic mayor of New Haven, but no star.

In my Congressional district, I will continue to support Democrat Rosa DeLauro simply because she understands what the job is all about. She serves her constituency well and we all admire her and appreciate her continuing service.

Nationally, I fully expect either one or possibly both houses to lose their Republican majority. I truly believe that American voters are in a "throw the rascals out" mood, and change is coming this year.

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