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Wednesday, 22 December, 1999, 12:09 GMT
Fond farewell to Q

BBC News Online users fondly remember Desmond Llewelyn, otherwise known as Q.

"I think he's attempting re-entry" Classic Line!
Richard Walker, UK

As one of the best bond themes said "Baby Your The Best" Goodbye Q
Andrew, Scotland

I'll forever remember "Little Nellie" and her uncle, the Aston Martin, that was supposed to returned intact. He was indeed Q Branch. I shall miss him...
Carl L. Murray, MD, United States

The best moment with Q is when he says " I think he is attempting re-entry" Moonraker 1979
Ian, England

'What's this for?' asks Bond, picking up a small tube-like device. 'I'll show you. You stick it in your nostril and inhale,' says Q, demonstrating. 'It's for my sinuses!'
Prakash Persaud, England

My favourite line, from License To Kill - "Don't be a fool, 007. After all, if it wasn't for Q Branch you'd have been dead long ago". So true in respect to the theme, and so true of the supporting role...
Carl Carter, United States of America

Including "The World is Not Enough", I have seen every James Bond film in the theatre, and Desmond Llewellyn 'made' each one in his own special way. He was especially enjoyable in "Tomorrow Never Dies". I think he and Pierce Brosnan had a certain chemistry together. I'll certainly miss him.
Brach Fladd, USA

At the end of Octopussy when 007 asks him if he can control the balloon. Q replies, "It runs on hot air, 007" Bond comments, "In that case you can".
Niko Salthouse, UK

My favorite 'Q' moment is definitely in Octopussy when 'Q' descends out of the sky in that preposterous hot air balloon to rescue 007.
Louise Hitchcock, Cyprus

I agree with Thorsten Wieking when he says that Q's descent on the elevator was symbolic. My favorite Q moment - in the airport in Tomorrow Never Dies - "Will you be wanting collision damage waiver?" Farewell Q - RIP.
Stu Rayner, UK

"It has not been perfected over years of hard work for entirely that purpose, 007..." ("Q" to Bond as he speaks of the homing device in Goldfinger) This role WAS perfected over years of hard work, by Desmond, and his legacy to Bond fans all over the world will continue for a very long time. Nobody did it better than Desmond...
Jon Bassuk, USA

Drier than a vodka martini (and considerably more caustic). Straighter than Roger Moore's eyebrow (the static one). Sharper than a concrete-piercing retractable pencil. We'll miss Q.
Norman Rogers, Singapore

I will dearly miss Q, I loved the way he managed to control 007's child-like behaviour, "Oh grow up 007". We will all miss him greatly, may he rest in peace.
Andrew Villis, Belgium

Q's finest hour is probably in the 1989 LICENCE TO KILL. Q takes unofficial leave specifically to help 007 wage his one-man war against drug dealer Franz Sanchez. "Without my help," Q informs Bond at one point, "You would have been dead a long time ago." Q also gets to wear disguises and act as a field operative, a role which he appears to enjoy. Let's face it - we've seen several "M"s and three Moneypennys, but there will never be another Q - or another Desmond Llewelyn.
Dean Eaton, USA

'Q' was as traditional in Bond movies, just as turkey is on Christmas Day.
Stuart McAlister, France

'Q', what will we do without him? A gentle man in every sense. Desmond was quoted recently saying that he loved doing the Bond films for as long as the producer wanted him and the Almighty didn't. Well, I guess the Almighty did. Must have a few gadgets broken for 'Q' to fix. Fond memories!
Neil Ockenden, UK

Q was one of the superb exponents of where a brief appearance by a supporting actors literally steals the scene. Q always made the Bond Movie for me and his absence will be sorely missed.
Kelly Cole, Lodon, UK

Q was Q-uite special, there is no Q-uestion about that. In Q-uery of of popularity, I must say he was more popular than 007, 'cause he lasted for several decades. This is for Desmond: "Q, we'll miss you"...
Roelof Mast, Netherlands

"Pay attention 007!" Bond will never be quite the same, Q will be sorely missed.
Christopher Patten, Sweden

Every moment that Mr. Llewelyn was on screen was my favourite moment! May he rest in peace!
Robert C. Conner, USA

The loveable Q. As a Bond fan I think he was the best, I always looked forward to seeing Q in the Bond films. Who ever is picked to replace the actor Q is going to have a tough act to follow. I wonder what improvements and modifications he has already done to his angel wings!
Neil Howard, USA

I have no special favourite as I thought he was special in every Bond film he did. I always looked forwards to the parts when Q would introduce a new special gadget to Bond and he always told Bond to be very careful, which of course always fell on deaf ears. He was really one of a kind.
Joyce Bartesaghi, USA

FAIRWELL hard-working helper of all secret agent men everywhere....
James Vincent, USA

My favourite Q moment is the final advice he gave to Bond: "Never let them see you bleed. And always have an escape plan."
Justin, USA

I have no single favourite memory of Q. The body of his work on the Bond films is what made him memorable to me. He was a series' one constant, at once technophile and all-too-human, fussing over his gadgets as if they were his own grandchildren, forever exasperated with the seemingly cavalier attitude of 007 toward his inventions, which were intended solely to save his life. Villains came and went, and for that matter, so did James Bonds, but there was always Q. Our technician and touchstone. It won't be the same without him.
Gregory Alan Gross, United States

The final scene with Q in the castle in "The World is not enough", when he goes down on that elevator in the floor, my friend and I thought that it really looked weird, like a farewell. Now Q is really gone from us, not only on the big screen. This last scene and the introduction of R make me feel like Desmond Llewelyn knew it would be his last one. Farewell old man, it was a pleasure seeing you.
Thorsten Wieking, Germany

Q gave that extra special bit to Bond and now that he is gone it shows that Bond is not immortal
James Andrews, England

Saddened to hear of Mr. Llewelyn's death. He provided some of the funniest moments in the Bond films even though he always played the straight man to Bond's tongue-in-cheek antics.
Jeff Taylor, Canada

I hope Ms. Broccoli will see to it in the next Bond film that some sort of tribute to our beloved and departed "Q" is added to the script itself. For anyone to play so small yet so memorable a part as endearing as it was enduring and for so long, certainly deserves the rousing applause, if not standing ovation that is sure to follow. So long, old friend. You will be missed but not forgotten.
Marshall H. Massengale, Atlanta, GA USA

The mind behind the muscle, Q is sure to be missed. Thanks, Q, for all the years, all the gadgets and most of all the laughs.
Will Calhoun, USA

The best line I remember Q saying was in For Your Eyes only When bond goes in to the sin box and says ` forgive me father for I have sinned' and Q replies with his uptight manner ` that's putting it mildly 007.' He will be sadly missed to the bond series. Sympathy to his family and his friends. He was and always will be the best character in the bond legacy Ever!!!!!!!!, and we all won't forget it.
Giles Hibberd, Wales, United kingdom

I am in my thirties now and my memories of 'Q' stretch back over the years to my childhood when, as a boy, I would be filled with wonder at his marvellous gadgets and wizardry. His recent performance in "The World is Not Enough" was another classic and a fitting epitaph to this fine English Gentleman. Rest in Peace 'Q' and God bless you.
Jeff Obbard, Singapore

Desmond was recently interviewed by an Australian morning news show here. The over-riding qualities that came across were that he was such a kind and gentle man and a pleasure to listen to. I was very sad to hear the news.
Tim Douglas, Australia

The Bond Is Not Enough without "Q"
Spencer Cheng, Hong Kong

Mr. Llewelyn was a wonderful actor and brought so much, not only to the Bond films, but to his profession. He also loved his work. In a recent interview for People magazine he said "I love [making the Bond films]""I'm here as long as the producers want me and the Almighty doesn't" Farewell Mr. Llewelyn :)
David Williamson, Canada

I will never miss a Bond film but I'll always miss "Q"
Sibi Jacob Vettom, India

I think it was in Licence to Kill- Bond goes into a confessional and says "Bless me father, for I have sinned." Q opens the window and says "that's putting it mildly, 007!" In fact, that outing may be the one where he got to do the most: I also loved the scene where he's a Mexican peasant sweeping the street, then uses his broom to check in with Bond. My heartfelt condolences go to his family.
Simon Byrd, USA

We should wish that more people in our world possessed the gentle strength projected by Desmond in his role as Q and obviously in his personal life as well. With fondest memories and the deepest of regrets at his passing.
William Opperman, US

Q made Bond what it is. My favourite memory is from the end of each bond film, Q had Bond and his love of the ladies sussed! Desmond will be sorely missed. Best Wishes to his family at this hard time.
Anne-Marie Cowan, UK

Since I was about 12 years old I have been a loyal fan of the James Bond series. I am now 21 and would have to say I love them more than any other movie. One reason in particular is Desmond Llewelyn's classic portrayal of "Q". I honestly can't imagine how the next Bond film could be the same without him, but I'm certain we haven't seen the last of "007". Mr. Llewelyn was a fine actor and obviously loved playing the role as much we have watching him. I was devastated to hear of his tragic death yesterday and I will miss him dearly. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this difficult time. I truly understand how heartbroken they must be. Rest in pace, Mr. Llewelyn.
Laura Fitzgerald, England

My feelings go out to the Family of Desmond Llewelyn! May "Q" rest in peace, but fondly remembered in our hearts!
Peter Matheson, UK

"Pay attention 007" - classic! The memory of Q will out live us all.
Philip Rosser, New Zealand

Mr. Llewelyn as "Q" was great, memorable, and loveable. I will miss him.
Chris, USA

The Bond films will never be the same. We have not yet seen the latest one, when we do and we hear his last goodbye it will be deeply distressing knowing what it really means. Our thoughts are with his family at this terrible time. God Bless.
Linzi & Damian, N.Ireland

One of the main things about the James Bond films is the fun, and Desmond Llewelyn exemplified the dry, faux-crankiness of good British fun. Thanks for many great moments, Q. You'll be missed and remembered always!
David Hand, USA

Goodbye Desmond. The world is not enough without you. We miss you already.
Ulysses Christodoulou, USA

Q was the one thing that you could count on in a Bond film, no matter who the actor was Q was always the same. No one will ever be able to match the brilliance that we have seen over the years that Desmond has had the role, and I think that all true Bond fans will be in mourning, I can only hope that there can still be a Bond, without his Q
Chris, New Zealand

He will be missed by many but his great contributions to the Bond films will live on forever.
Jane Hau, England

That wonderfully funny line, "Really 007"
Eric Voight, USA

A visit to the gadget from was always the highlight of the Bond films for me. The best one was in Goldeneye, when Bond picks up a sandwich lying on the side. "Don't touch that!" Q snaps. "Why not?" says Bond "It's my lunch" says Q indignantly. He will indeed be sadly missed.
Maria Knight, england

I loved the scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where Q played the car rental attendant. Desmond was just so hilarious at being Q, sometimes without even trying to be. He will surely be missed. John Cleese has big shoes to fill.
Jon Easter, United States

I recall growing up watching Q in the old Bond films on TV and thinking "That guy has the best job in the world, I wanna be him when I grow up." So I always looked forward to his entrance in every new film and his classic intro 'Now pay attention, 007.' Goodbye Desmond, you will be missed.
Scott Stegenga, United States

Desmond Llewelyn will be irreplaceable as Q, he completely personalised the role and gained thousands of fans as a result of his excellent portrayal of the Gadgetmeister. He will be sadly missed by this Bond fan and many many more. Condolences and Best Wishes to his family and friends.
Rupert C Kent, England

Desmond's "Now pay attention double-oh seven." will be as immortal as Ken Wostenholme's "They think it's all over ... ". At this sad time for all of us our thoughts must be with his family and close friends and may he rest in peace.
Charles Zerafa, United Kingdom

I was very sad to hear of the death of "Q" aka Desmond Llewelyn. His unique character made the Bond films a treat to watch. I won't forget the way in which he stole the scene in "Tomorrow Never Dies" when demonstrating "your new car". RIP Desmond, you deserve it!!!
Morvyn Finch, UK

I will always remember him introducing the Aston Martin to James Bond (Sean Connery) and his perfect explanation of the ejector seat. I think all the Bonds were scared of him! A very sad loss.
Julian Rowland, UK

For over thirty years when a new Bond movie came out you just waited from the start to hear " Know listen up Bond" and " Oh do grow up James". Rest in peace Q
Clive Newton, Israel

I went to see the new James Bond film just last week and couldn't wait to see Q. The amazing thing is he looked about 70 in the 1st film and 40 years on looked the same. The way he said goodbye to James Bond in "The World is Not Enough" will no doubt bring a tear to the eye for anyone going to see it now.
Philip Levy, UK

We'd been forced to adapt to different actors for the role of Bond and M. But somehow we took for granted that Q would always be the same cheerful character. He'll be sadly missed.
Ramin Dowlati, USA

A tragic loss, I have been brought up on Bond movies, and for that matter Bond gadgets. Q was an essential ingredient in the Bond series and the recipe will never quite be the same again. I'm sure Q and his famous one liners will be remembered for a very long, long time to come....
Cliff Wakefield, Australia

Everytime Q gives Bond a gadget, I wait eagerly for the scene that would present itself that makes Bond make use of the gadgets Q gives him. The exit Q makes in 'World is not enough' pretty much told the viewers that would be his last movie. Q will be missed.
Subbu Tenkasi, India

My fondest memory of Q was the way he always said "grow up OO7."
Daryl, United States

Desmond Llewelyn always made the character of 'Q' believable, without slipping into the comic fantasy which can so easily predominate in Bond films. No other actor will be able to take his place. Favourite scene? Goldeneye; During his tour of Q's weapons department, Bond moves to pick up a suspicious looking baguette. "Don't touch that!" screams Q "That's my lunch!"
Tim Seymour-Smith, UK

Q was a no nonsense right-hand man that we would all love to have access to in time of need. His cool, sanguine approach was what made him so convincing.
Chris Watts, Hong Kong

It seemed clear when watching "The World is not Enough" that it was going to be Desmond Llewellyn's last Bond film but for all the wrong reasons. It is now that much more poignant a scene, especially when he says "goodbye".
Jenni Austin, England

Possibly the best Q quote comes when Bond picks up and inspects an ominous looking baguette in Tomorrow Never Dies. Q snatches the object hurriedly from Bond screaming, "Don't touch that! That's my lunch!" Superb, and sadly missed.
Chris Blunt, England

The QUINTISENTIAL gadget man
Ben, Australia

My thoughts are with his family at such a devastating time. I hope that you will be able to celebrate his life in a way that he would have loved and that you will not be too sad. A typical English Gentleman. One whom so many people adored and admired. Very much love and thoughts to you all.
Jillie Coran-Smith, England

Bond: 'Ejector Seat, Your joking!' Q: 'I never joke about my work 007.'
Paul Austin, England

I have just seen the latest James Bond movie and I remember being upset to see him say his 'goodbye' after so many years. I'm glad he got that chance.
Renny Willins, Australia
Bye for now Desmond and to quote one of your last lines in a Bond movie "always have an escape route." Perhaps you had not planned it this way but what a life, thank you for entertaining me so much.
Alexander Lewis, New Zealand

The banter between Q and Bond are some of the finest moments in the films. He will be greatly missed by the fans.
Will, UK

So sad that Q has gone - my favourite "Q" moment was the comment at the end of Moonraker when Bond and actress Lois Chiles were in an uncompromising position and weightless. Q's response that "I think he is attempting re-entry Sir" was a classic. So long Desmond.
Andy Freeman, England

We will all miss Q, James Bond will be nothing without his wonderful gadgets that used to sound so complex and always saved the day.
John Paul Stokes, England

My favourite Q moment is in Goldeneye when towards the end of a gadget demo- Bond walks up to a Baguette and asks "What does this do" and Q replies -"Leave that alone- that's my lunch!" Classic character - totally unique!
Martin Fealy, UK
A superior English actor who will be sorely missed by his army of fans. The best Q scene has to be in Tomorrow Never Dies when he is talking to Bond about the insurance of his BMW.
Colin Shipton, England

Desmond Llewelyn was the quintessential element of all the Bond movies. The cinema was always geared for laughter when he appeared on the screen. Bond will never be the same without him. More importantly, he came across as a sincere, charming personality. Best sympathy to his family and celebration for a true Englishman who will never be forgotten
David Llewellyn, England

I liked the bit in Tomorrow Never Dies, where Bond looks at something totally gadgety looking and innocently asks Q what it was, Q replied... "It's My Lunch, 007"
Si, UK

Being the longest running actor of the series he became an intuition. He will forever be remembered for the phrases "Now pay attention 007 and Oh! Grow up 007!" which he turned into an art form.
Nick Darvill, ENGLAND

"Ejector seat! You're joking Q?" One of my favourite Bond lines when Q was explaining the Aston Martin's novel passenger seat facility in Goldfinger. He will be missed, but as the Bonds have, of late, degenerated into extended product placement advertisements, perhaps it was time for him to depart gracefully. My condolences to his family.
Chris Klein, UK

This man was as much James Bond as James Bond. I have grown up with 007. And as for Q he was the best.
Steve Marr, UK
This guy made James Bond. Nobody cared about Martinis or Saville-Row suits. We just wanted to see weapons, gadgets and vehicles. Desmond was only in each movie for a small time but the banter, sarcastic comments and grumpiness made the films all the better. RIP Desmond!
Andy McIntyre, England

"Oh really OO7!!..." Earlier this year a group of us made a "James Bond" film for a friends 40th birthday. We wrote to Desmond Llewelyn and asked him to appear in it. He didn't know us from Adam, but he did it all the same, for free. Nice chap.
Paul Hempstock, UK

'Q' was brilliant. Bond wouldn't be Bond without him. He is sadly missed.
Victoria Meadows, England

What a tragic loss. He always came across as a very kind and generous man and I always enjoyed his "Q bits" in the Bond films.
Gareth Watkins, England

I think to an extent Desmond made Bond what it is, I am a big fan of Bond but I don't think it will be the same again without Q. Nobody played the part better, no-one will ever play the part better. Now we have to respect what a superb actor Desmond was. We will never forget him. Best wishes to all his family, I will never forget him.
Adam Baker, (15) England,

My favourite memory is the part in Goldeneye where he is demonstrating the grenade pen to 007. He says "Don't say it", Bond replies "The writing's on the wall" and the usual response of raised eyebrows and "Grow up 007" is Q's comeback.
Paul Kirkpatrick, England
I was deeply shocked to hear of Desmond's death. He was an integral part of the Bond phenomenon and was certainly one of my favourite characters. My favourite memory is the part in Goldeneye where he is demonstrating the grenade pen to 007. He says "Don't say it", Bond replies "The writing's on the wall" and the usual response of raised eyebrows and "Grow up 007" is Q's comeback. Simply a brilliant character in a great series of films. He will be sorely missed.
Paul Kirkpatrick, England

007 will never be the same again. He's the best James Bond friend ever.
Suthipas Ariyawatgul, Thailand

His naive comment in Moonraker when asked what Bond was doing. His reply? 'I think he's attempting re-entry sir.' Classic line delivered well.
Sasha Bickerton, England

Such sad news about a loved British icon. He made the Bond movies and they won't be the same without him. He gave so much pleasure to millions around the world. I know he had much fun making the movies. He will be sorely missed.
Philip Waley, Czech Republic

I've grown up on Bond and Q has always been a fundamental part of these magical films. To have done so much, and then to be cut down seems deeply unfair, but can anyone claim to have done so much in film history? He will be sorely missed - the next film should be dedicated to him.
Dominic Roberjot, England

I shook his hand last year at a signing, he had the firmest warmest hand I have ever shaken - lovely man
Ian Bevan, UK

"Now pay attention Bond." What a lovable old duffer. Will miss him lots.
Callum, UK
As a Bond fan, Desmond Llewelyn's small part in each film had undoubtedly the biggest affect in any film. His is un-replaceable and will be sorely missed.
James Chapman, England

Q was my favourite character, Bond films will not be the same again.
Jonathan Davies, UK

Another master gone, the world of Bond can never be the same. He's role as Q was perfect every time, in fact whenever I think of James Bond, I always think of Q first!
Darren Williams, England

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