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Friday, 17 December, 1999, 12:57 GMT
Clean slate for Y2K?

Will you be turning over a new leaf for the millennium? Whether it's clearing old debts or resolving family feuds, we want to hear if you'll be wiping the slate clean for the year 2000.


Millennium means a new start in your life, to have new goals, new fun and a new mood.
Tommy, China

I really hope there is no more war between human being. Are we fighting each other in order to make a peace? How stupid human being is!! Please, stop war. Love each other. I will call my family on Jan 1st 2000.
Yong-il , South Korea

I have two young children a boy of 4 and a girl of six. I hope that they will be able to live in peace with all man kind regardless of colour, religion sex. To all the world I ask give all future generations a world to be proud of, don't destroy "build"
Paul Filby, England

As every year no more than usual I don't think I will clean my slate just because it's year 2000. I prefer to party and forget my worries and to seize the day. I intend to dance, to eat, to drink, to have fun with my friends. I wish peace and love for the whole world, and that Paco Rabanne would stop saying rubbish because I don't think it won't be the end of the world.
1ère européenne 16-17 year old students, France

The pleas of the Eritreans in these columns for an end to the Eritrean-Ethiopian war make me realise what difficulties we of the colonising nations left African leaders to sort out. I too long for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and in the other war-torn places in Africa.
As a person whose ancestors were deeply involved in colonial administration, cleaning my slate means working to help my country to get involved in the needs of Africa. This is one way we can help clean our slate of the callous and unjust actions which have played their part in engendering war in Africa today.
John Bond, Australia

No way, one bitten twice shy, the millennium is just another day. I don't forgive or forget. But I do wish those less fortunate than myself good fortune and those "takers" in the world what they deserve too.
Mike, UK

I won't make the usual shallow resolutions but will start thinking more about my fellow members of the human race.
Di Stewart, USA
New year, same old resolutions. Great to see that people are putting a positive spin on getting out of 1999, a pretty ugly year globally.
To Gwynneth, the very best of luck in beating your illness - keep thinking positively. For me, I won't make the usual shallow resolutions (lose weight, stop eating chocolate) but will start thinking more about my fellow members of the human race, including those with debilitating diseases. When I have spare money, I will donate it to charities and cancer research and will try very hard to stop thinking about myself and put the needs of others first.
Di Stewart, USA

Into 2000
I just hope that the New Year will bring love and peace to all of us around the world. I also pray that there will be an end to the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
Aman Woldu, Canada/USA

I'm going to get a new job. Working in education is driving me crazy!!!!
Andy Harrison, UK

I won't have any tobacco in the next century.
Lexi, USA
It's a good reason to celebrate! Why not? I won't have any tobacco in the next century. Happy new year everyone! Maybe we can all get along for awhile. Rejoice. Be happy. Love your friends. Love your wife or husband or lover. You only live once.
Lexi, USA

Pray harder than before that Africa may begin to have an emerging leadership that believes in her people first. That the citizens of other countries that have such unrelenting strong-hold on African countries, such as France, may rise in revolt against their own leadership for establishing countries that are welfare dependent.
Lastly, I will continue to pray for Africans outside Africa, particularly those in the UK, USA and France so they may urgently come to the realisation that in unity they can control what policies these governments carry-out in the various African countries in which they do business. Remember that it is not the French, UK or USA citizens per se, but their government catering to a handful of greedy companies. If you are a constituent of these countries, please stand up and ask for representation as well.
Thomas, USA

It is refreshing to find an initiative like this. It is not often that you find people trying to play their part in stimulating others to think of the future in a more positive way. I will give a lot more thought to resolution for the new millennium but I know that letting go of hurts and cleaning the slate of my heart will be uppermost in my list of priorities. I will also endeavour to enjoy life more fully instead of worrying about other people's problems and financial difficulties.
Robo Orogun, Jamaica

I've renewed a broken relationship with an old friend. I feel better - and we can work together again.
Andrew Stallybrass, Switzerland
Great idea. I'm millennium resistant, but I've renewed a broken relationship with an old friend. I feel better - and we can work together again.
Andrew Stallybrass, Switzerland

On millennium eve, I shall avoid the whole hideous spectacle and retire to bed early, sober and celibate. Next year, however, in the words of Homer Simpson: "I'm going find a bar and get drunker than I've ever been in my life."
I'm also going to make it my mission to ridicule and persecute anybody who bangs on and on about it not being the millennium until 2001. It's not the thousand years people are commemorating, but the nice, round, three-zero number. Aren't all the 'O's pretty?
Matt, UK

The 21st Century and the new Millennium start from the Jan 1st 2001. The site at Greenwich ( official timekeepers for the world ) says this too. So there's plenty of time to think of something nice to do. OR you could just start now and not waste the 23 days until the 'magical' year 2000 makes you do something positive in your lives. It's just a date like any other.
Will, UK

I always set achievable goals, and I like to give myself a few days leeway if I start off on the wrong foot, for example smoking after midnight on new-years-eve. This year I have resolved to try and put the Y2K bug behind me - for good!
Steve N, UK

Since the new millennium will begin on January 1, 2001, but the year 2000 creates more euphoria and is also considered the start of the new millennium by some, should I clean up twice during this year and 11 days?
Andrej, Russia

Return to my beautiful India and lead a simple life
Ramsay, USA

To maximise my personal independence and loosen the shackles of an intrusive, over-taxing and over-regulating State, that's my goal.
Henry Case, UK

I wish that we so-called rich countries would stop being selfish towards the poor countries and that we should share especially new vaccinations for those who suffers from aids, cancer and TB. We should protect the animals and stop the activity of hunting and most of all stop the wars.
Joan Margaret Cafane, France

I'm going to earn more money.
Simon Davies, Australia
I'm going to earn more money. Spend more money. Indulge more. Sacrifice less.
Simon Davies, Australia

Well when we got sick of 1984 we all sat around and said, "This is nothing. Wait'll the media gets hold of the year 2000." So we made a pact. At 6pm we are turning off, turning around, putting away all of our clocks. We will access no media. We don't want to know about it. We will all go to bed calmly and wake up the next day having escaped the whole thing...please join in...outwit the millennium.
Oh, and I really think one of the major credit card companies should, for 'spirituality's' sake, increase everyone's card limit by 2000 Millennium Charitable Dollars. These dollars could only be used for payments to charitable organisations...using special cheques. When these dollars are charged, NO INTERERST will need to be paid on said money for a full year...2001. Not likely...
Leonard Turton, Canada

Going back to my native Scotland after 15 years away to rediscover that beautiful country, its culture and its people.
Bob Stevenson, The Netherlands

I'll need to learn how to deal with the multitude of numeric illiterates who think there are 99 years in a century and 999 years in a millennium.
David Baynes, Canada

Control the world ego in 2000! If we can stop the separation between people and the source of power in the universe, human beings will be more human. As a race, we can learn, even if it is the hard way.
Abdulfez, Japan

I'm dropping out of the rat-race, and retiring to a small estate on a tropical island.
John Atkins, Singapore

I'm going to:
1. Work harder at work and get that promotion I deserve.
2. Amicably split up with my girlfriend and have one last blast of amoral bachelerhood before settling down to middle age.
3. Start writing a novel.
4. Commence serious training for a Triathlon.
Phew... a busy time ahead.
Alex, UK

I have the hope that I'll stop thinking ill of the English cricket team, football team and any other team that represents England in a game we invented, and we now find ourselves bottom of the heap (even though we keep clinging desperately to past glories). However, it's likely that we'll still be gallant losers and I'll still be very disappointed.
John Ryves, Banbury, UK.

I am resolved that my job will no longer be the be-all and end-all of my life... oops, here comes the boss!
Tom, UK

It is just another year and unless the mentality of human beings is changed when the clocks strike twelve, nothing will be different.
Tory Williams, England
I do agree that it would be a lovely idea for everyone to turn over a new slate for the new millennium and for the world overall to become a better place, for all wars to stop, for the ever growing gap between rich and poor to stop growing, for the end of all corruption. But frankly if we are honest with each other we know that really it is not going to happen. It is just another year and unless the mentality of human beings is changed when the clocks strike twelve, nothing will be different.
Tory Williams, England

I'll say a prayer for Chechnya, the Basque region, Iraq, North Korea, China, Cuba, Columbia, Afghanistan and all those other countries where freedom and justice is lacking. I'll also say a big prayer for countries like Northern Ireland and Iran, whose leaders have shown a great determination to improve the lot of their people. On a personal note, I expect to be drinking a lot of beer in celebration of my anticipated Decree Absolute!
Ed Bayley, USA (English)

I pray to God for peace and prosperity for the whole world in the next millennium, and a solution to the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
Dawit Bahta, Eritrea

I think the Clean Slate idea is an excellent one. It costs nothing to do something positive and often that prompts a reciprocal action. If the positive action is to say sorry then that's fine. Usually that prompts an even more gracious apology if my own behaviour is typical. Certainly whenever anyone has said sorry to me I have often said words to the effect that "thanks for saying that but on reflection my behaviour was pretty awful too, I am not surprised you reacted that way". Maybe others out in cyberspace know what I mean? Too often the real difficulty is in some one thinking that to make the first move is a sign of weakness.
Richard Bayfield, Oxford, UK

A casual worker had been underpaid for a job and I apologised and paid him for the job and our relationship was restored. It's one small step but there's still a few weeks before the 2000th anniversary of Christ's birth begins.
Edward, South Africa

My greatest wish, which may be deemed selfish by some, is to get rid of the debilitating illness of anorexia and start living a normal life again. I don't know if I will, but here's hoping!
Gwynneth, Scotland

I would like to try to find a job because I want to become more responsible. I'm fed up with doing nothing.
Anon., Institut Saint-Lô, France
I would like to try to find a job because I want to become more responsible. I'm fed up with doing nothing. Now I have decided to change my attitude to make a living. That's why I'm going to send several CVs to different factories.
Anon., Institut Saint-Lô, France

Year-2000? Means nothing to me except the end of a nice little business-opportunity fixing Y2K problems on peoples' computers. Life goes on, and as a proud atheist, the supposed birth of a supposed prophet in some faraway place 2000 years ago doesn't move me at all.
Pete Morgan-Lucas, Wiltshire, UK

I hope and pray to ALLAH that next year will bring peace and harmoney to the whole world in general and I also hope year 2000 will bring the breakthrough in the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict.
Yousuf Ibrahim Yousuf, Eritrea

Why should I change anything about the way I live my my life. Just because a "new" millennium is starting, doesn't mean anything is really going to change.
David Schroeder, Canada

I would like to tell the world that I intend to clean the bathroom.
George Nelson, UK

Lets enjoy the past but feel comfortable that we will go forward and make the world a little better than it is today. For it is us that has to take responsibilty for propelling into the next 1,000 years
Ronnie W, Canada

I would like to see the entire religious apparatus of the whole world deconstructed and destroyed for the development of all mankind.
Jamie Evans, UAE

To do more exercises, to eat less
Roberto, USA

For the new year, I'd like the media to admit the fact that the y2k is not the turn of the century... there's still almost 13 months to go...
Vuk Tosic, Yugoslavia

I'm writing to a friend about my "put down" of him years ago. The thought of it occupies too much RAM
Bill Butler, USA

A really great idea. But cleaning your slate can't be a once only thing. It has to be done every day, otherwise the slate gets pretty chalky again. So, pocket your pride and say you're sorry!
Mike, UK

I can't believe how much people are going crazy over the millennium. I agree with Jim it's just another year. Maybe in 2002 the Dutch team will win the world cup, Of course that probably won't happen unless Berkamp can overcome his fear of flying.
Petere von Nobizier, Neherlands

Personally I would like see the Millennium as a new start for me, but like all my New Years resolutions I would only keep to it for about one week. Instead I have decided to party and have a really brilliant time making it a New Year to remember.
Amy, UK

I'd like the guy I share a house with to have a bath more often
Martin, UK

Hopefully, by the end of this millennium, we will have peace at home in Eritrea, so that I can go back to my dear country " Eritrea" ( after 20 years in exile) and work hard with my own people and show the world how Africa should be.
Johannes Berhane, Canada

I really want to wipe my slate clean for the new millennium, particularly in my personal life. I really want to eliminate my fear of being in love and going out on dates. This has bothered me for many years.
Bill, USA

Cleaning one's slate is an excellent idea. Ideally it should be done on a daily basis but I think it is a great challenge to clear out all the old baggage of past hang-ups, unresolved differences with people, and mental and material untidiness in order to start the new millennium in better shape to cope with all the challenges ahead.
Peter, England

There certainly are things I would like to sort out, but as the century doesn't end until Dec 31st 2000 I've still got a whole year to sort them out. This year 2000 new millennium stuff is so tedious in it's inaccuracy that it is pointless even thinking about it.
Graeme, England

Please you people are going crazy just because of the millennium. It is just another year.

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