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Last Updated: Monday, 31 July 2006, 19:37 GMT 20:37 UK
After Qana: Lebanese and Israeli views
The scale of civilian casualties in Israel's attack on the Lebanese village of Qana has sparked outrage and condemnation.

But Israel is far from achieving its aim of reducing Hezbollah's capacity on its northern border.

Israelis and Lebanese explain what they think should happen next.


Zalfa Feghali
Beirut resident Zalfa Feghali

It is definitely time for a ceasefire and for work on a diplomatic solution.

Israel hasn't managed to crush Hezbollah at all.

Israeli drones go overhead all the time but they still can't find the routes Hezbollah use, so they bomb the main roads.

As a resistance group I agree with Hezbollah. But it should be a national resistance, not a religious one. Resistance needs the consensus of everyone.

Israeli reaction to Hezbollah is pushing everyone towards supporting Hezbollah, even if they wouldn't have done to start with.

I'm trying to keep my humanity, but sometimes Israel makes that very hard

Qana has changed things. It's made people so angry.

Ten years ago we had to stop going into school because of the Grapes of Wrath campaign. The images of war are imprinted on our childhood memories.

Just as we were beginning to get over it, it happens again.

This is the first war I'm going through in which I'm old enough to have an adult opinion. I don't hate Israelis.

When Hezbollah attacked that Israeli warship and killed four Israelis early on, many people said "we're winning!". I said "no, no - we are all losing".

I'm really trying to keep my humanity, but sometimes Israel makes that very hard.


Maor Shani
Rehovot resident Maor Shani

We have to continue the military operation.

I am not a military person. I have no idea when we will be able to say Hezbollah has been hit enough to stop them attacking us. But I want things to change in south Lebanon, so Hezbollah isn't there.

Israel wants to crush Hezbollah, but unfortunately this is unachievable. You can't destroy an ideology.

The Left in Israel always said that if Israel withdrew from occupied land, the resentment and the terrorist action would stop. But it's not true.

We withdrew from Lebanon six years ago and from Gaza one year ago - and these are the two areas we are fighting in.

These people want to destroy us; they want Israel out of the Middle East.

Qana increases the international pressure on Israel, of course. The loss of civilians there is tragic. All of us in Israel are shattered that Lebanese are dying.

But the world must understand that this is Hezbollah's fault. Even when things happen that we wouldn't want to happen, the war is still justified.

I think most of us have had our eyes opened recently.

The problem is not the Israeli occupation, but Arab aggression and refusal to accept Israel.

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