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Last Updated: Monday, 22 May 2006, 15:47 GMT 16:47 UK
Sky HDTV: Your experiences
Sky has delayed the installation of high-definition TV (HDTV) in 17,000 homes because its supplier has failed to deliver enough set-top boxes.

BBC News website readers sent us their experiences of getting Sky HD installed - both good and bad. Read a selection below.

Your comments:

I was due to have HD installed on 27 May but received a letter on 22 May putting it back 2 weeks to 10 June.
Andrew, Surrey

Sky said they would install HD on 29 May, after I read this article I rang them to check where they told me that they had decided to change the date to 13 June and also decided not to tell me or give me any reason why. Conclusion: Sky customer services suck.
James, London

This is a perfect demonstration of why picking the lowest cost supplier is not a smart policy, especially for BSkyB who have been let down. Saying that "installation requests are being kept in their original order" does not appear to be entirely accurate. I for one pre-ordered within the first hours on the first day, but have been bumped; whereas friends who did not pre-order at all have had the service installed today.
Stuart Fotheringham, Ashford Kent

Sky's conduct in this new TV platform launch is very questionable. Not only are they earning interest off the £299 they have already charged the 40,000 people who pre-ordered SkyHD (totalling £12m) they have shown little regard in informing these customers that their installs have been delayed. Some have been notified as late as the evening before the install date. This has angered many who have booked holiday to be at home for the install. That costs much more than the £20 compensation that has stopped being handed out.

To make matters worse, Sky has NOT cancelled most of the install jobs for today, the launch day in an attempt to save its own brand's reputation. The bumped dates currently range from the 23rd to the 30th May.

This saga has been a customer relations disaster for a company that has been quick to grab viewers cash and shown incredible disregard to the way they should be treated.
Dan, Bishops Stortford

Very very upset. Sky have continually changed the goalposts, and even those who pre-ordered on the first day (like myself) are now finding we won't get our kit until mid June - where as people who ordered later are having boxes installed now. So much for 'first come first served'...
James Mayl, Alton

I'm due to get mine installed tomorrow. I haven't been home yet so I'm not sure if Sky has left me a note saying my installation is deferred...I hope not because I've already booked the day off!!!
Jason B, Manchester, UK

Was told at 7.45 this morning as one of the first to order my box would be installed as promised today. No engineer call before 10.00 - so tried 3 calls to service number, but first try - 20 mins wait, second - number said try later, finally got through after 1.00 pm to be told that at 11.15 notice had been recorded to my file that the installer would not get his boxes today. Promised install on Thursday, and credited £20 for my trouble. Awaiting final confirmation call for new time.
John Hetherington, Kendal, UK

The second time (the first time I was told everything was OK) I called Sky this morning to enquire why my engineer had not called I was told no-one was getting installed today. I now have heard that there is a consignment of 60 boxes leaving Rugby bound for East Anglia....why couldn't I have had one of those?? It seems the greatest development in TV for fifty years should not have been left in the hands of BSKYB!
Richard Boult, Rugby, Warwickshire

My installation was booked for today. I rang Sky on Friday to check everything was ok and was told yes it was definitely going to be installed today and the engineer would call between 8am and 9am to let me know what time. No phone call came so I rang the installation dept, on hold for 20 minutes and then got cut off. Rang back and was told that my installation was being cancelled due to supply problems and I would be called back later today to arrange another installation. I think it is disgusting, no compensation has been offered, I took a days holiday which has effectively been wasted. Why couldn't the engineer have called this morning as he was supposed to, even if it was to tell me that he wasn't coming? I feel very angry about this, Sky must have known before this morning that my installation wasn't going to happen and if I'd known sooner I could have saved my days holiday.
Andrew Guy, Barton On Humber, UK

It's not so much the delay in getting the service that's the issue here - disappointing though that is. The bigger issue for myself, and it seemsfrom the forums quite a large number of others, is that Sky should wait until this morning when I was due to have the unit installed (22nd May) to advise they won't be able to meet the demand. The inconvenience this has caused just adds to the disappintment, and so far no mention of compensation, or formal apology.
Andy Jolliffe, Andover, Hampshire, UK

Booked HD install plus re location of existing Sky plus box. Engineer (?) unable to re locate existing box as he needs to use that card to activate new HD box. Sky's response, sorry we forgot to send out a new card for HD....
Mr V Elflain, Herts

Sky rang me yesterday to tell me that my installation on the 24th May has been moved to the 1st June. They have offered my 2 months HD subscription for free (worth £20), so it's not all bad.
Paul Thompson, Hertford, UK

I put down a £30 deposit to be able to pre-order early, and managed to get an installation booked for May 29th. So, we've arranged for everyone to come over and watch the opening England World Cup game on June 10th, except now I've found out the installation has been moved back to June 15th. Not happy at all, considering Sky would have had my £299 for well over 2 months by then.
Blake, London

A shambles from start to finish.

I pre-ordered Sky HD on the first day. I booked my installation for the first day (22nd May). I phoned Sky last week to confirm my installation as was told it would hapen today. I did not receive a call from the installers this morning so rang to confirm my installation and was assured there were no problems and get a call from the installers shortly. After an hour and a half, I had still not received a call and so phoned back. This time however I was told my installation had been cancelled.

Fortunately I am one of the lucky ones and have had my installation moved only a few days. Assuming they can meet that delivery date.
Duncan Stevens, Nottingham

Well I ordered Sky HD as soon as i got the email from them saying that I could preorder it.

Should have been installed today!!! And guess what they now can not do it until Thursday, I have to phone them to find out what was going on as they did not have the decency to call me and let me know.

No suprise though as everytime I order anything from Sky they let me down!! But what can you do when one company is allowed to dominate a market.
Paul, London

Sky Engineer arrived 1st thing this morning. 30 mins later all installed & working fine. The picture is Superb
Austin Grant, Penicuik,Scotland

My install went ahead as normal as did a work collegue. It looks great which probably isn't much comfort to those that had theirs moved. The engineers did say that there were problems with some of the remotes on some boxes so even some of those who were due an install today may have theirs cancelled at the last minute.
Jeff Newton, Hartlepool, Co Durham

Sky say they are using the first come, first served principle for dealing with this situation. I pre-registered months ago and pre-booked on the first day allowable, 24th March before 9.30am, but was only offered an install for 29th May which has now been bumped to 15th June. I joined Sky in 1989. Some new customers (no previous contracts with Sky) are getting their HD boxes before existing customers.
Martyn, Devon

All installed and running a treat :). BBC HD preview channel is excellent , especially the Planet Earth clips (jaw dropping). Nat. Geo. HD and Discover HD are very good indeed too.

Thats all I've seen upto now. My heart goes out to all those with last second cancellations :(
plasmad00d, North Yorkshire

A Sky Engineer was booked for this morning but never turned up. Now i'm being told I wont get it until Thursday. I had to call them to find this out. Useless Sky!
Edward Kirwin, Camberley, Surrey

I have had my SKY HD box installed as agreed. Unfortunetly my HD tv broke last week so I am current watching it on a 14" portable! Roll on tomorrow when the new TV arrives :)
Stephen A, Hatfield

Had my HD box installed today, all I can say is WOW... BBC HD is excellent, the previews of Planet Earth are breath taking. Can't wait for the World Cup and Wimbledon.
Rob Preston, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Called sky at 10:30 today to find where the engineer is after being told my install was OK over the weekend, to find that no boxes were available in Sheffield this morning! Put back to Friday (and that might become August!)

I pre-ordered on first day, in the first hour of sales and this is shocking service, could be 2 days holiday wasted with no offer of compensation (not even the token £20 some have got!)
Darren Goucher, Sheffield,UK

Really upset by this. I also have been bumped from the 29th May until the 13th June. I pre-ordered within the first hour, however my neighbour, who ordered 4 days later has not been changed from his install of the 27th May. So much for the 'first come, first served' that was advertised on the Sky Website.

Now thanks to the rubbish Customer Service, I also have to take a day off work to fit in around Sky.
Rob, Theale, Reading, UK

My installation was booked for today and has gone ahead. Very happy, the quality's great. could do with a few more channels though.
caroline , derbyshire.

This is such a fiasco. I called Sky on Friday 19th who guaranteed the HD install today, Monday 22nd.I called 8.30 this morning only to find out that the installation wasnt happening and that Sky werent going to let me know. So far they cannot tell me when I will get installed, nor have they offered any apology or compensation.
Gregor MacCallum, Stirling Scotland

Disgusting customer service from Sky. Phoned them at midday today and was told installation was cancelled. They didn't even have the courtesy to let me know. I have taken a day off unpaid. They took £300 payment in advance and reaped the reward in interest from thousands of customers, now they cannot deliver the goods! I will be cancelling my Sky subscription.
Mark, Sheffield

I pre-ordered SkyHD as early as I was able to and had the install scheduled for Thursday 25th May. Sky contacted me on Saturday 20th to inform me of these problems that they are having with their supplier and postponed my install until June 3rd. For the inconvenience of waiting 9 more days for SkyHD, Sky offered me 2 months of the SkyHD service free of charge. This equates to £20, which is better than a kick in the teeth!
Tony McCall, Eastleigh

Mine was due to be installed today, no calls by 10:30am so I called them, guess what no install for today & no notice by Sky - Rebooked for Thursday this week - Not happy as I took a days unpaid holiday!!
Steve Blick, Andover, Hampshire

Typical of Sky, the kind of thing all Sky customers become accustomed to, unfortunately for most (if you live in rural areas) there is no real competition to them. My install date has been moved from 26th May to 7th June, but Iżm not holding my breath that theyżll stick to that date either. If the install is NOT done by the time the World cup kicks of Iżll be cancelling.
Kerry Hoskin, Polperro Cornwall

My HD install was due this Thursday 25/05, got a letter this morning advising of the problems & a new install date of 05/06. Still before the world cup & given 2 months free HD credit - £20
Neil, Darlington

My friend ordered SKY HD 3 weeks after me and he's is being installed on 1st of June. Mine has moved from 26th May to 9th June!! Unhappy with SKY with £20 compensation, which they earn't as interest from my money! Time to get Watchdog involved.

Jatin Vakharia, London

My colleague has taken the day off work to be in for the installer and had a phonecall earlier to say they couldn't do it today. He cancelled everything to do with sky there and then, as he had preordered and had requested the first possible date. He's pretty mad about this and came into work straight after he found out, to try and salvage half a days holiday.
James Smith, London

Just got mine installed, alls good for me. Must say the quality is top notch! Happy customer. Pre-ordered mine months ago and they have delivered for me.
Harvey Sherwood, Gloucester

I cancelled my NTL service to go to Sky purely for the upcoming HD service and bought an expensive new TV. My installation date has now been put back from 27th May to 10th June, as laid out in a letter received this morning. At least I still have my Sky+ box and Sky are giving me two free months HD service, but I would rather have the box I paid for several weeks ago!
Alex Javed, Addlestone, UK

Sky called to say they will be delaying installation by two weeks but have offered the first two months SKY HD subscription (about £10 p/m) for free.

I also agree that SKY have handled the customer badly in terms of taking the money (£299) up front and earning the interest. I even had to call them to demand my £30 deposit back !
Nigel W, Oxford

Sky arranged for installation today., so took day off work. At 11.30am, I had no call, so called them on the expensive 0870 number at 10p per minute. On hold for 17 minutes, to be told delayed to August. It cost me time of work at 17 minutes at 10p per minute. Looks like Sky made another £1.70 off me.
Simon Shaw, Scunthorpe

On Friday, I visited the Home Entertainment Forum. Saw that installations had been cancelled. People only found out after checking their Sky account-if they had a £20 refund they were to be disappointed. Rang Sky-you have been changed from 25th May to 5th June. Why no contact-we sent a letter out yesterday-not had one. Second class post-it arrived on Monday. Watched Sky news on Saturday-HD had its own slot. No mention of cancellation and very little publicity.

Only today has it been widely reported. A captive audience has no power.
N Jones, Runcorn Cheshire

Like a lot of people here I pre registered for HD and ordered at the first opportunitity paying SKY the required £299 for the Box. My install was planned for 27th June around holidays and business trips. I got theletter this morning telling me that THEY had rearranged my install to the 10th of June!! Outrageous customer service to a long time Sky customer. Its tempting to tell then to cancel the whole lot....
Simes, Hook Hampshire

I was originally due for installation on 24th May but Sky rang me on 20th to tell me that it would be delayed until 1st June. To sweeten the disappointment they've given me 2 months HD subscription for free. I'm not really bothered just as long it's installed for the start of the World Cup. I've never had any problems with Sky & their staff are always polite & helpful - love their Scottish accents too!
Colin, Bingley, UK

I too had my install date set for Saturday 27th May only to be told that it had now moved to Monday 12th June as no other Saturday install was available until August. I decided to cancel my order for Sky HD and will be taking up Telewest's HD product which I can have installed within 3 days. I see no reason why Sky should make any further interest on my £299 and why I should continue to participate in Sky's farce of a launch.
Jose Cardoso, Nottingham

I too had my install date set for Saturday 27th May only to be told that it had now moved to Monday 12th June as no other Saturday install was available until August. I decided to cancel my order for Sky HD and will be taking up Telewest's HD product which I can have installed within 3 days. I see no reason why Sky should make any further interest on my £299 and why I should continue to participate in Sky's farce of a launch.
Jose Cardoso, Nottingham

Installed this morning by 10am, everything when perfectly!

On the BBC HD demo loop the picture is fantastic, with the other HD channels not far behind.
Kevin Wood, Stirling, Stirlingshire

Wow...just had Sky HD installed...looks great...saw a bit of the Rugby which was quite awesome. Booked Star Wars Episode III on Sky Box Office HD to watch tonight...can't wait for it. Definitely worth the money, even the Standard Definition picture looks better throught the HDMI connection
Rahul Patel, Manchester

Was one of the first to apply and was offered a slot today. Engineer rang at 08:15 to say he would be with me within the hour. Knock on door at 08:45. First box wouldn't respond to remote. Engineer went and got a second box from van. All installed and he left within the hour (by 10:00).

Picture is superb - even SD looks better, but - oh dear - don't a lot of presenters need to spend a lot longer in make up. HD is very unforgiving to those past the first flush of youth or who had a hard night last night!
Bob Peel, Maidenhead, UK

I was due to be installed tomorrow morning and signed up on the first day, Had arranged time off work for tomorrow very fortunately someone happened to be in this morning and got a phone call from Sky even though I had given my mobile as my contact number, when asked why they hadn`t phoned me on my preferred number were told they wouldn`t phone me on my mobile as it cost too much well Sky have been sitting on my £300 since early April! and surely they have earned enough interest.

We were not given any choice in the new date and I`m now having to beg favours arrange for someone to be there for me rather than having to wait weeks for it to be re-scheduled again....very poor show Sky...
Simon, London

What I am really hacked off at, is the total lack of communication. I have had to take a day off work, and will doubtless have to have another when they do decide to install it. As mentioned previously, I still have no idea what is going on. All this could have been avoided with a simple courtesy call to say "sorry we've had to cancel" either over the weekend or even early this morning.
Chris Hewitt, Lincoln, UK

"SkyHD - Feel Everything", so the advert goes. "Feel disappointed", "Feel annoyed", "Feel completely dissatisfied" - all would be more appropriate tag-lines. After ordering at 0900 on the first day, and having an install date of today (May 22nd), I was told the installation had been delayed until August 17th; and I only discovered this after ringing them up myself. After many phonecalls I have had this amended to this Thursday...I will believe this when it happens. A dissatisfied customer whom is feeling anything but "Everything".
Matt Woodiwiss, Manchester

Tip for everyone who has ordered Sky HD. Have a look at your statement for this month through the interactive service. If you see a £20 credit, you have been bumped. A call to Sky customer service will be needed to find your new install date. You can't negotiate your new date - it's a case of 'take the date we offer, or wait until the end of August'.

My installation was booked for 25th May and I now have to wait until 3rd June, so I'll miss Bleak House and Planet Earth on the Beeb this weekend. Sky should hang their heads in shame over this - it's a fiasco.
Mike Easley, Telford, UK

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