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Last Updated: Monday, 8 August 2005, 14:06 GMT 15:06 UK
What would you do with 77m?
Lottery machine
Dolores McNamara, who scooped a record 77m Euromillions jackpot, has finally collected her winnings.

The prize was so big the Irish lottery initially did not have enough money on hand to honour the cheque.

Funds have now been transferred and the 77m was made ready for collection in Dublin.

The 46-year-old mother of six, who's from Limerick, immediately went into hiding when she learned of her win on Friday but issued a statement saying she appreciated the support she had received from friends and neighbours.

What would be your first purchase if you won 77m? Have you won money on a lottery draw? If so, how has it changed your life? Send us comments and experiences.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I would go into work on Monday morning, go straight into the chairman's office and sit on his comfortable chair with my feet on his desk. As soon as he walks through the door, I'll look at my watch and say, "Late again I see."
Joe, London

Run an investment so I won't run out of money
Wan Hadinata, Aberdeen, Scotland
Save some for my tuition fees (10k per year, mind you), some more for my PhD, buy a big house and invite all my friends to stay with me, buy a Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup truck and convert it to right-hand-drive (and use LPG to please the tree-huggers), buy a plot of land and build a theme park and run an investment so I won't run out of money.
Wan Hadinata, Aberdeen, Scotland

After paying off my son's debt, I would buy a new lawnmower with any that was left.
Sam, Leigh

Having collected 1 from all of the girls in the office, we had enough for 22 tickets. Letters of resignation were being written and plans for the share of the money being talked about, from world travel to paying the gas bill. Unfortunately in those 22 tickets we got one number, so our dreams were dashed. Congratulations to Ms McNamara, I hope she will be allowed to enjoy the money and not be pestered by those who believe they should have some of it.
Nickie Tustain, Bury St Edmunds

I'd take over the WRU and run Welsh rugby properly. Then I'd pick myself to play at outside-half.
Ian Thomas, Miskin, Wales

Set up a prestigious African Prize to be awarded to distinguished persons who have contributed to giving a positive image of Africa and its people.
Golden, South Africa

I would find a quiet spot to settle and build a small mansion
Rachel, Manchester, UK
After giving a million to each of my family members, I would set out on a trip around the world. For one thing, all those people who will most certainly want to sell me something or want a hand out, will not be able to find me. Then after a year or two, I would find a quiet spot to settle and build a small mansion, perhaps in Normandy somewhere.
Rachel, Manchester, UK

I would buy a house for myself, a new car (nothing flashy though), top of the range camera equipment for my hobby of photography, see my aunt and my mum all right and go off on a round the world trip. I would then spend each of our grotty UK winters in sunnier climes, probably on the QE2. I would donate a million quid to animal charities.

Produce a load of TV adverts with the aim at a greener and better world, what's the use of 77m if were all going to be knee deep in water in 30 years time.
Oliver Stieber, Newbury, England

I would ring Elton John and make an offer to play with him on one of his gigs. With that amount of money I should like to think I would have a bit of clout. One snag for Elton of course - he would have to donate the payment to charity!
Ian, Germany

If I won 77m my first purchase would be a very large wallet! After careful investments, I'd take on a window cleaning round so as to not to break into any capital. I'm quite certain such a prospect wouldn't change me. After all, I'm very happy being a teapot!
Colin Lawrence, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, UK

Count it every day.
Gareth Mitchell, Cardiff

I would do some initial spending buying goodies for myself, friends and family. This would give me some time to do some long hard thinking- even living the sweet life, there would still be so much left over that you could do a great deal of good.
Robert Arisz, Amsterdam

I'd employ someone to reply to all the begging letters.
Louise, Windsor

A small snug house in London (nothing fancy)
Ruth, Switzerland
A small snug house in London (nothing fancy), a boat on the Med for my dad, a luxury round-the-world trip with my mates and then I'd set up a trust fund to help under-privileged kids or something like that. Oh and maybe a psychedelic painted Mini!
Ruth, Switzerland

Keep it all for my immediate family and spend, spend, spend. Burn all the begging letters.
Bob, UK

I'd buy Wolverhampton Wanderers (currently up for sale for 20m) and ensure all our games were played at 3pm on a Saturday. Radical eh?
Duncan, Worcester, UK

I'd pay off all my friends' mortgages for them, and give each of my family 'groups' a million - that'd still leave more than enough to do whatever you want.
GDW, London

I'd change my name by deed poll and get some plastic surgery
Steve Wehrle, Southampton
I'd change my name by deed poll, get some plastic surgery so that no-one knows what I look like, and then move to a place where nobody knows me. That should put an end to the begging letters, for a start.
Steve Wehrle, Southampton

I could say that I would do something like give a lot to charity or good causes but I wouldn't. Some would go to charities I support, but the vast majority of it would go towards meaning me, my family and very close friends wouldn't ever have to work again.
Simon, Oxford

If I won 77 million I would buy a one way ticket on the next available space shuttle and go and live on the International Space Station away from all this manmade Earthly madness.
Paul, Leicester

I would give 70 million of it to charities and family and then live comfortably off the more than enough I would have left.
Harry, Manchester

Pay my fees and set up a bursary
Miski, Oxford
Pay my fees and set up a bursary to help other hard working students realise their dreams in years to come. What does one person need quite that much money for?
Miski, Oxford

I would buy the best tickets for every major sporting event around the world and travel with a selection of friends in 6 star luxury to watch them.
Graeme, London

Oxfam would get several million towards the famine relief in Africa. They can use it much more usefully than me. I'd retire to somewhere nice and quiet, do some work in the community and buy all of those CDs on my wish list.
Baz Tregear, Derbyshire

Take a walk along my local High Street and see all the different bank managers. Bet they'd find time to see a customer then.
Damian , Sheffield

When we think about winning the lottery we straight away fall into the stereotypical cliche of the big house, luxury cars and some exoctic holiday. For me the lottery would represent freedom from having to work and the opportunity to pursue a passion beyond simply making ends meet. Happiness is more than owning a ferrari.
Alastair, UK

I'd be able to pay my council tax in one hit with enough to spare for a fish and chip supper to celebrate.
Stuart , UK

I would spend the free time managing, investing and growing my remaining capital
Faisal Haq
I would take a large portion and divide it among family members by putting it in high interest accounts. Some I would give away, but not to charities because I don't believe in them, rather carry out a project like a home for the homeless in my local area. Then I would ask my company to switch me to a part time contract, and I would spend the free time managing, investing and growing my remaining capital.
Faisal Haq

I'd become an international playboy, and buy a nightclub - just because it sounds cool.
Chris, Lisburn

Take a trip to the Space Station. Who wouldn't?
Liam McGuigan, Belfast, NI

I would buy a street worth of houses and move my friends and family in so we could all be close. Oh and have children. I think 77 is too much for one person or even one family. Maybe there should be a limit of 10m per win and the rest go to much needed charities or the nhs.
Jennifer Tang, Southampton, UK

I'd build a castle using traditional methods and name it after my family name. Then, in a thousand years time someone can start a lottery named after it.
David W, London, UK

With that sort of money could you really spend it fast enough as the amount of interest it earns is huge.
Dan, Basingstoke, Hampshire

A fraction of that sum could save hundreds of thousands of people from dying of hunger in Niger, leaving enough for a nice house and all the trimmings.
Jane, Cambridge, UK

I'd give 10% to the church to help preserve their beautiful buildings for future generations, as well as 10% to various charities. Also, I'd give 10% to family and 1m to each of my friends. What's left over should be plenty for a London pad, a cottage in the French countryside and a beachside house in Cape Town. Then I would have to get a Lamborghini, even if it is totally impractical in London!
Jacki, London

I do hope it brings her and her family happiness. Research suggests a little more brings unhappiness and loads of money brings a lot of fun and joy. Have a ball! I would get my pilot's licence and get a jet fighter, probably a Hunter.
Chris Parker, Bucks

I'd pay for my partner to have the treatment she's been waiting for ages for on the NHS. I'd donate money to Diabetes UK, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, the children of Niger, make sure my daughters had the best education money could buy right through to University, buy and fund a couple of Intensive care beds at my local hospital take piano lessons, join a gym and become the new chairman of Bury FC!
Maurice, Rochdale UK

I'd pay off my mortgage and any mortgages and debts my family had....then have a few luxury holidays, new car, buy a couple of good players for my Championship football team, and donate a stack of cash to Cancer Research UK!
Sarah, Shrewsbury, England

Just think how many pairs of shoes you could buy with 77 million...
Vici, Southsea, UK

Congratulations Dolores on your windfall. Being a mother of 6, I know where most of the money will be going. I wish you good health and happiness. Spend it wisely.
Barbara, New York USA

That much money for one person is absurd
Jeremy, Atlanta, USA
If I won that much I would campaign for a limit on the maximum amount anyone could win. That much money for one person is absurd; half that much is enough to comfortably change your life forever. Change the rules so more people can win.
Jeremy, Atlanta, USA

I'd get out of this hideous council block we live in and buy a house with a garden. My little girl would love that!
Fran, London

Buy a couple of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and maybe a yacht! I would still have lots left over I guess - just live it up!
Suvid, Austin, USA

I would buy a minor football club.
Charles, Woking

The money wouldn't be in this country long enough to earn interest. This would save Blair and his cronies the trouble of working out a way to relieve me of it.
Rich W, Bournemouth, England

Buy 77,000,000 tickets for this Saturday's lottery.
Kevin Mullins, London, UK

The money would go on training to fulfil my dream of being a commercial pilot. I'd make sure my family and friends were set up to be comfortable and give the rest to charity. There is no way I'd be leaving my job, I'd get bored!
Dave, Slough, UK

I'd probably buy a more powerful hedge trimmer as my front hedges are getting a little overgrown and hard to cut back. Ah, I'd probably get a dishwasher too.
Phil, UK

I'd start buying every food item from M&S, buy an Aston Martin, give the majority away to charities, marry my partner and go and live in various countries around the world with him before moving to West London and starting a family.
Patricia, Henley, UK

Become a brilliantly eccentric mad recluse!
Con, London

I'd probably die of shock.
Gaz, Cardiff

Take a long holiday somewhere with all my close friends and close family
James McCarthy, Herts
Take a long holiday somewhere with all my close friends and close family and then decide what to do with it. Things like a big house in the country, houses for all close friends and family, cars, membership to exclusive golf course, give a substantial amount to charity, and spend the rest of the time holidaying and golfing.
James McCarthy, Herts

Easy - spend some, save some and give the rest away to family and friends.
Carl, London, UK

If I were lucky enough to receive such a huge sum, I would buy a house in one of the nicer university cities, such as Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge or Durham. During term time, I would study courses that interested me, not to take the exams so much as to learn. During the holidays I would travel, anywhere and everywhere, and see as much of the world as I could.
Tony Nicholls, Swindon UK

A huge suitcase, some sun tan lotion, sunglasses and a one-way ticket out of Europe!
Paul Anderson, Laguna Hills, CA

I would invest enough to keep myself and my family comfortable and would give the rest to local charities such as research into Sudden Adult Death Syndrome or local hospitals to buy equipment. I would give to the small charities that need help but don't receive the same media coverage as Live Aid. Oh and buy an Aston Martin.

What would I do with 77 million pounds? Retire! Be happy!
Neil, Sacramento, California, USA/UK

Probably a very stiff drink. Seriously, it's an unreal amount of money, and I think it'd take a long while to sink in. Congratulations to her. I must say it's sad that she felt she had to go into hiding, though.
Joe, Farnborough, UK

Congratulations to her, well done. If I won I had spend, spend, spend, after looking after my family and paying off a huge mortgage. I cant imagine having this much money but I am sure it would change me and I would be fine!
Pippa Stone, Derbyshire, UK

I vowed that if I won the lottery (any major prize) that I would set up a trust fund of at least 10% of my winnings and continually donate the interest to charitable causes. If I'd won the 77m that would have been at least 20% the rest of the money would have been split across my family and friends, paying off mortgages and clearing debts. Finally I would have kept some back to live off the interest. I think if you win that kind of money, it's almost an insult if you don't do good things with it. God has blessed you with winning, so you should spread the love.
Simon, London, UK

With that amount of money I'd be able to afford better friends, a model-looking wife and live happily every after.
Chris, UK

Where would you even start spending that kind of money? Maybe she could donate some to the criminal compensation board?
Torie, London


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