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What do you think of the Olympics lottery?

Sebastian Coe displays the new Olympic scratch card
A lottery game to help fund the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics has been launched seven years to the day before the Games' opening ceremony.

Here is a selection of your comments:

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion received so far:

Let's have something to look forward to and embrace it!
Dave, Buckinghamshire, UK
Fantastic Idea. It's an optional process where those who can make a contribution can do so and the small section of society that can't stomach any British success can keep away - and not enjoy the credit when London stages a spectacular show in seven years. Let's have something to look forward to and embrace it!
Dave, Buckinghamshire, UK

The scratch cards are a great idea - I might even buy a couple of them! Why not have some auctions take place where the winners spend a day with Lord Coe and London's Olympic Committee.
Warren Bennet, Milton Keynes, British Isles

Instead of all cash prizes offer some tickets to the games as potential prizes. At least that way many of those who support the games from now to their opening have a chance at getting tickets to blue riband events where tickets will be at a premium.
Angus Cragg, Twyford, England

I'd rather see these scratch cards raise money than my council tax, at least this gives people the choice.
Rich Nelson, Edmonton, London

Lottery scratch cards are a great idea and I would buy them but only if the government did not take the 12p tax. At present 28p goes to the good cause for every scratch card, if the 12p were also added then this would give an extra 50% to the Olympic fund.
Anthony Allen, Tadley

I think pubs and clubs around Britain should give 1 pence or even half a pence for every drink bought on their premises from now until the Olympics start. This would generate an incredible amount of money.
Murray MacInnes, Northumberland

I won't buy an Olympic scratch card, as none of the funds raised will go to local worthy causes
Beth, Glasgow
Are they still looking at ways to raise capital? Wasn't this all planned beforehand? I won't buy an Olympic scratch card, as none of the funds raised will go to local worthy causes.
Beth, Glasgow

I think that using the national lottery to fund the Olympics has got to miss the point of the lottery. The national lottery was set up to help charitable causes. Does the Olympics meet this criteria? I do not think so, it is a showcase of international sport that is very heavily sponsored, in effect the national lottery is subsiding advertising of some of the worlds largest corporations, the losers will be the genuine causes out there that will see their funding slashed over the next 12 years.
Mark Irvine, Solihull, UK

I'm not a gambler, but I can't wait for the Olympics in 2012, so I'm going to be first in the queue for some cards!
Tyron Barrett, Canvey Island, Essex

I notice that London increase in taxes is not included in part of the funding. Why? Is it because the organisers do want to quote a figure which will likely increase substantially (and probably sooner rather than later) as experienced with the Dome and congestion charge?
Elaine Mueller, London, UK

Taxing the poor, what a fantastic idea, and then Labour will complain that Britain's poorest are living below the poverty line.
Andrew, Peterborough

All persons connected with 2012 need every encouragement. This not only has to be, it will be a success. Perhaps we can get some runners in the London Marathon to raise for 2012!
Richard Read, Douglas, Isle of Man

Great - a whole 28p in the pound goes to the Olympics. What happens to the other 72 pence? I'd rather donate a whole 1 direct to the cause than see three quarters of it vanish away from the cause it's meant for.
Topcat, Bracknell, England

The fairest way of paying for the games would be if Lord Coe, Tessa Jowell, and all those other politicians who imposed the games on Londoners could dip into their own pockets. But I think we all know that that isn't going to happen, and it's the rest of us who will end up paying one way or another: whether through increased taxes or watching our favourite 'good causes' having to suffer as all the lottery money is diverted to the Olympics.
Adam, London, UK

Surely this gives a green light to having scratch cards as the basis for a new Olympic sport? Contestants could be given a 2p coin and have to reveal as many winning cards as possible in under a minute.
Pete Mattison, Chichester, UK

Scratch cards would be a good idea If some of the prizes included tickets to the opening ceremony or vouchers that could be exchanged for tickets to any event. If such prizes could be offered in the future, I would certainly buy some scratch cards.
Andrew Cumming, St Albans, Hertfordshire

I'd rather buy scratch cards for a quid, than have my council tax increased! So yes, I think it's a good way of raising Olympic funds! This way you have a chance of winning too!
Anon, Forest Hill, London

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