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Live 8 accounts: Berlin

We asked readers of the BBC News website to tell us about their day at a Live 8 concert.

Khy Griffin a mature student decribes the view from the VIP enclosure at Siegessäule, Berlin

The crowd at Berlin Live 8
The crowd waits for the next act

I blagged my way into the VIP enclosure and 20 metres from the stage I watched the best concert of my life (and believe me I've been to quite a few).

The groups were amazing, and when I thought it couldn't be topped, Green Day came on and tore the place apart.

They sang a tribute to Freddie Mercury "We Are the Champions" (what else could it have been) and I was so overwhelmed I had to put my sunglasses on.

Then Silbermond was up and they were just fantastic.

The lead singer came on and told us to get to Edinburgh. She said we should get the bus, the train, get a flight, hitchhike - anything to get there and be part of it.

We were making history she said.

A political message

The political message and music were closely entwined. People don't realise how politically active the youth of Germany are.

One of the singers said that her songs may sound like pop, but the lyrics aren't. That is absolutely right, they always have political messages in their music.

CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644197" STYLE="rightarrow">TOKYO: Chie Kobayashi CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644237" STYLE="rightarrow">JOHANNESBERG: K Mofokeeng CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644129" STYLE="rightarrow">BERLIN: Khy Griffin CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644025" STYLE="rightarrow">LONDON: Rebecca Dean CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644545" STYLE="rightarrow">ROME: Thomas Rocchi CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644249" STYLE="rightarrow">MOSCOW: Misha Kozyrev CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644183" STYLE="rightarrow">PHILIDELPHIA: Jackie Clark CPS:LINK HREF="" ID="4644187" STYLE="rightarrow">EDEN PROJECT: H Karniewicz

Brian Wilson was also fantastic. I'm 55 and this was the music that my sister brought home with her.

Perhaps it wasn't for everyone, there were so many young people enjoying the concert, but for me he is the Mozart of Rock and Roll.

And whoever choose to finish with Herbert Groenemeyer was inspired. He had icon status here and is very much a German artist. Germans are very protective of him.

G8 leaders 'have to listen'

The organisation has been fantastic. There was good weather, good food and plenty to drink. It was a real festival atmosphere.

But people were well behaved and the police were gentle.

Tim Robbins came on and spoke so eloquently about the cause. I was proud to be an American.

These are the Americans we should listen to.

They don't just talk the talk, they are active for their cause. These people know who they are and how they can help.

The G8 leaders cannot not listen.

They have to listen or else we should club together and vote them out.

The strenght of feeling here (and at the other gigs) is so apparent that they can't ignore us.


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