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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 09:40 GMT 10:40 UK
Luther Vandross: Your tributes
Luther Vandross accepting the Quincy Jones Award for Outstanding Career Achievements in Los Angeles in 1999

Legendary US soul singer Luther Vandross has died at the age of 54, two years after suffering a stroke.

One of the leading romantic singers of his generation, his silky voice and soothing lyrics won him a legion of female fans.

However, Vandross battled for years with his fluctuating weight, which led to other health problems including diabetes.

Thank you for your tributes to Luther Vandross. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes

Luther will be greatly missed, his music has been a blessing to me "Dance with my father" gave me so much comfort after my father died suddenly. Luther your smile, your voice, your music will forever be imprinted in my heart and mind. Rest in peace my friend.
Whyonna, Bahamas

Luther Vandross was the greatest vocalist I've ever heard in my lifetime. He influenced me personally as a singer. He will forever be missed and best wishes to his family.
William Newkirk II, Raleigh, US

Luther: You will be missed by your fans in Jamaica Love Always
Paulette Reynolds, Kingston, Jamaica

Whenever I was feeling down and blue, I knew listening to him would make me better
Savanna Wilborn, Madison, US
I am so saddened by the passing of one of the best singers I will ever to get to hear in my lifetime. I have been a follower of his since he was with the group Change. Whenever I was feeling down and blue, I knew listening to him would make me better. He has helped me through a lot of days. I will miss him terribly. Thank you Mary, for sharing your child with the world.
Savanna Wilborn, Madison, US

Luther's amazing voice was a gift from God. Me and my family are so sad we feel like our hearts hurt. I still cannot believe I will never see him in concert again, after all the great performances we've been to. It is a monumental loss for all of us.
Lucy, Cresskill, NJ, USA

Luther he had the power and the belief that love would reign over all. His love and joy came deep for his soul. He was a lover of music. In 1981 he helped create a new generation for many of his fans. We love you and you will be missed.
Hubbard, Charlotte, NC USA

Luther had the most brilliant voice of any R&B singer of our time. I loved his music, and I loved him. This is a profound loss, and we can only imagine the heights to which his music might next have soared. God bless him - and his family.
Wendy Werris, Los Angeles, CA USA

Luther was ahead of his time. A voice that comes along only once in a life time. There isn't any soul singer that comes close. His roots in session singer made the music it was. Who else has 8 backing singers at a concert? See you in Paradise, I will be first in line to study with you.
Venya Sjekloca, Melbourne Australia

I had the pleasure of seeing Luther in concert twice, Once for a date and second for my Engagement! Both places were in New York City, what a silky voice that could set your soul on fire! He will be greatly missed in my heart but never forgotten! To his family and friends, I wish you all the love and support needed in prayer
Mrs. Nicole E. Bowers, Douglasville, Georgia

Though saddened by his passing, his music will continue to live on for me!
Velia , Clarendon, Jamaica

I loved Luther more then anything. I will miss him forever. I was privileged to see him in concert. It was a night I will never forget. My prayers go out to his family, friends and fans.
Trina Atkins, Otisville,Michigan

Luther was THE soul singer, I was lucky enough to see him in concert several times. His music was inspiring and I feel very lucky to have been a fan. I will miss him and his music hugely. Thank you Luther.
David Anderson, York, England

I am very saddened by the death of Luther Vandross, I cannot believe that he is not with us anymore. He will live in my heart forever, he was truly an inspiration to me whenever I listened to his songs. I will truly miss him, my condolences to his family and many friends my prayers are with you.
Shirley Johnson, NY, USA

I was crushed when I found out this sad news. Luther was one of my favourite R&B/Soul artists and he always will be. Many of his songs were about a lot of things that went on in my life at different times which made his music even more special to me. My father was the one who introduced me to his music when I was very young and I am so thankful for that. It's nice to know that he is now with his father again. As well as other family members.
Christine, USA

Luther's voice formed the soundtrack of many a memory
Maria Golia, Cairo, Egypt
Luther's voice formed the soundtrack of many a memory. He sang about love with a voice as cherished and intimate as that of a relative or sweetheart. The sweet soul spirit that sang through him lives on. Thank you Luther, and farewell.
Maria Golia, Cairo, Egypt

Luther has been part of my life since I was a kid. I was blessed to see him live and I am very sad that we no longer have a very special man in our lives. Love and God bless to all his family xxx
Cathy Scott, Basildon, England

Luther you were my idol since I was a teenager, growing up with your music. I have every single album that you made and listen to you all the time in the car or at home. I have been so fortunate to have seen you four times in concert. I remember when my husband and I were first courting and he wanted to send me a message but didn't have the proper words to say it to me, he made me sit down and listen to a song by Luther and from that song I got the message. I will love you forever Luther and continue to play your songs. May God be with you, rest in peace. Lots of love your number 1 fan xxxx
Karen Daniels, Northold, UK

A very sad loss. May God take Luther into his heart and Luther now can rest his soul. I will forever keep Luther and his music in my heart and soul. Also thank you for writing Dance with My Father, you will never know how deep that song goes inside my soul.
Sheri, Reno, USA

R.I.P Luther... you were "So Amazing". Loved your music. I am a proud owner of all your albums. Sing to the Angels, I'm sure my father will be dancing. God Bless.
Pamela Sinclair, London England

Luther epitomised the classic R&B crooner, his music touched us all for many years and even though I never met him physically he spoke to me through is beautiful music. Rest in Peace Luther and thank you for the music. The world will never be the same again. God Bless.
Percy Makina, Harare Zimbabwe

I cannot express how sad I feel to learn of Luther's passing. I saw Luther three times live and every time his voice and songs sent chills down my spine and moved me to tears. A truly great loss. God bless him and all his family.

Although I never met him, he knew me. The words of his songs, the influx of his voice, the smile on his face, knew me. I am at a loss for words. I will always remember him, and will miss him.
Sandra, Charlotte, USA

May your soul rest in peace and you will forever be in our hearts R.I.P
Sandra Chiseni, Francistown, Botswana

He helped me understand myself and my emotions better
Mike, England
I am a huge fan and I wanted to meet him one day. Many of Luther's songs described vividly the emotions that a man feels who is in search of true love. This consoled me growing up as a teenager and later as an adult looking for the one. He helped me understand myself and my emotions better. It did worry me however, where he drew his inspiration from because many of his songs were very sad, I hope he had not experienced that level of sadness, but his convincing performances in his songs suggested that he had. No one else I can think can explain emotion so poetically and then sing it so eloquently too. His voice was unmistakeable. May he rest in peace.
Mike, England

You had to know that each time Luther performed, he gave his all. You could tell this from his eyes, his actions and his voice. I feel a personal loss.
Edna Smith, Willis, Michigan USA

Love Luther. Can't even drive when Dance With My Father comes on the radio, it makes me cry it is so infinitely tender and precious as is the singer himself. Love Always to Luther and the light he shed on us with his gift.
GraceMelinda, Deland, Florida USA

All I can say is that a man who truly had a gift from God in his voice has gone back home to the Creator. Not only did Luther have an abundance of talent, he served as a positive role model for blacks in a time when it is so greatly needed. Last but not least I want to thank Luther for my only son, because I honestly believe he was most likely conceived to one of his tunes. Sleep on my good brother, we loved you but God loves you best.
Ervin Johnson, Montgomery, AL, US

What a sad loss - I will remember him forever. Just last night I asked my closest friend if she remembered the song I would like played at my funeral and thankfully she did - 'Impossible Dream' sang by Luther. When he sang it when I went to his concert in London, I melted - I felt he was singing it directly to me - that's the way he made you feel. My friends and I are about to have a 'Luther Vandross Day' So sad - we will all miss him.
Lynne Wilson, Dundee, Scotland

Luther is simply inspirational, a great love song singer.
Edobor Ozakpolor, Benin City, Nigeria

I am in shock. I can't believe he is gone. My husband was jealous of Luther because hearing his voice always made me smile even when I was mad at my husband. The only concerts I ever attended in Charlotte were the ones where Luther performed. Through his music I will always remember him.
Brenda Revels, Charlotte NC USA

I have been and will continue to be a Luther fan for many, many years, and have had the pleasure of seeing him in concert 14 times over the years - five times in his native America, and nine times here in the UK. When I heard of the passing of Luther this morning at 4am London time, I was so saddened, it was just like a member of my own family had died. Luther was and still is the most fantastic singer of my lifetime, and will always be the greatest artist that I ever had the pleasure of hearing sing. All of your core fans will miss you Luther, but we will never forget you and will always and forever play your music until we depart this earth.
William Brown, Lingfield, Surrey

I grew up listening to Luther. I was lucky enough to see many of his UK concerts and even proposed to my wife after one of his Wembley shows. In his music, he always insisted on perfection and strong production values. Soul music has lost a legend. Luther will be missed...Forever, For Always, For Love.
Phil Nash, Norwich, UK

Luther will be so sadly missed, he was amazing and would make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end with his beautiful voice, he was a legend.
Kirsty Collins, Aldershot, Hampshire

I was barely ten years when I first heard him and I thought he's got the best voice in the world. After 20 years I still think he's the best. I am a musician myself and mimic him when singing. I was hoping to meet him one day.
Michael Kpormegbe, Stuttgart, Germany

Such a sad loss as a result of his untimely death. I will always regard Luther as the King of Soul. I think he is and will be the inspiration for wannabe soul singers.
Chris, Basildon, UK

Luther had the smoothest silkiest voice I have ever heard
Janet, London, UK
Words cannot express..... Luther had the smoothest silkiest voice I have ever heard. He was such a natural talent. A House Is Not A Home is one of the best records ever. I feel so saddened by this loss, but Luther will live on in my heart with the superb music he recorded. Glad I was fortunate to see his last live performance in Wembley. Rest in peace Luther Vandross. Heaven is lucky to have gained a special man.
Janet, London, UK

I loved his songs so much. His last album, Dance with my Father, reminded me so much of my late father. May their souls rest in peace.
Tessa, Accra, Ghana

I was deeply saddened by news of the death of Luther Vandross. He contributed heavily to the courtship between me and my husband. When I fell ill and was in a coma, my husband played his music to me in hospital and his voice was the first I heard when I woke up. He will be very sorely missed.
Julie , LONDON, England

He has been the inspiration for so many upcoming artists and wannabes. In all karaoke bars, everyone wants to sing Luther Vandross. We in Africa will always remember him with the deepest love, fondness and affection!
Joe Mase, Uganda (UK based)

This is a sad day, Luther has given my wife and I much happiness over the years. In concert he was the best on record nobody can match his tone. God bless Luther and thank you for making our life so romantic. You will live on in our hearts.
Stuart Jones, Braintree Essex

Luther was a king of great male soul of the finest voices in music history. I remember being blown away by his incredible voice and stage presence when I saw him at Wembley, years ago. He will be sadly missed.
Ervin Mehta, Auckland, New Zealand

What a loss to the music industry. I have greatly enjoyed Luther's music over the years - one of my all time favourites being a live rendition of A House is not a Home, which I saw live in Hammersmith. I loved his voice and music since my teenage years. I shall greatly miss him but continue to enjoy his music.
C Herbert, Middlesex, UK

What a shock! I knew he was recovering but I never expected to hear this news so soon. His music was part of some big events in my life. Not only have we lost one of our greatest but I've lost part of my past.
Brian Douglas, Los Angeles, CA USA

He was very inspiring. His music brought many beautiful moments of my life. Here and Now was the song in my wedding. This is a loss of one of the greatest human beings ever lived. Thanks for everything
Tony Cortes, Florida, US

I was privileged to see Luther in concert in Manchester just before his stroke - unforgettable! I will miss his awesome voice and music.
Diane, Bolton, UK

Mr Vandross' voice was like... home. So smooth and comforting. He will be missed. May God wrap His loving arms around his family and comfort them.
Vicki Beck, Cookeville, TN, US

I was not a huge fan but I did love his voice, and what a voice it was. Now we shall only hear it through the magic of his wonderful recordings. His last album Dance with my Father reminded me of my father who passed away nearly nine years ago. What an inspiration his lyrics were also.
Jan-Maree McIntyre Greenhill, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Luther Vandross was a clean, honest individual. He was positive and he was unique in this day and age. He never compromised himself, he never lowered his standards. He will be missed by me. You are the best Luther. You live.
Steven, Abbotsford, Canada

What a loss to the music industry. Luther had a voice that was like no other. Your voice was special and helped me connect spiritually with God. Now you can dance with your father again. God Bless you, Luther.
Dodi Tomancak, Thrall, Texas, US

Words cannot describe my shock and sadness. Luther was my man whatever his size. He will be missed by the world. Rest in peace, my love.
Angie M., East Point, Georgia, US

I have amazing memories of seeing Luther live, such a wonderful voice and amazing experience. I am extremely sad.
Diane Mitchell, Akrotiri, Cyprus

Soul Music has lost a dear friend and hopefully with Luther Vandross his music will live on for generations to come.
Anthony Persaud, Hayes, UK

I am lost for words at the departure of my icon soul healer. Luther will be greatly missed but his music will live on to remind us of great singer.
Tapfumaneyi Nyemba, Harare, Zimbabwe

I saw Luther the last time he performed at Wembley. I was visiting London from the States. It was such a different experience from seeing him here. The British girls that sat near me in the same row loved that I was up dancing the entire time and they followed my lead. It was my best Luther concert ever! I will miss him much!
Troy Dansby, Palm Springs, US

I thank God for allowing me to live in the era of a great singer as Luther, for me the best singer.
Jeremy , Nottingham, UK

After hearing this my heart is heavy. This is the man who taught me romance
H, Frankfurt, Germany

Thanks Luther for some of the most magical live performances I've ever seen. An amazing voice and an amazing man. Such a sad loss.
Billy Bennis, Charleville, Ireland

I always like to play his music because they it carries a lot of messages. You have already joined God's choir, so make good use of your charming and sweet voice to enlighten his kingdom.
Marial, Douala, Cameroon

Both me and my wife danced our first dance at our wedding in 1993 to Never Let You Go. The US population was definitely increased for years with the assistance of Luther's love songs, especially in our household.
David and Barbara Mason, Rex, US

Luther, your songs made many of my nights. You are a legend and always will be.
Stephan, Sydney, Australia

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