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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Is David Tennant right for Doctor Who?
David Tennant in The Quatermass Experiment
Scottish actor David Tennant is to take over from Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who after the BBC One sci-fi drama made a successful comeback.

Tennant, 33, who appeared in Casanova, Blackpool and People Like Us, will become the 10th Time Lord when filming starts on the new series this summer.

Do you think David Tennant will make a good Time Lord? How will he compare to Christopher Eccleston?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we received:

It seems the older the Doctor gets, the younger the actors become
N E Smith, Basingstoke, UK
David Tennant is probably a good, workmanlike choice for the role of the Doctor - certainly he was very good in Bright Young Things, but as some others have already said, why not an older actor? Let's say no younger than 40? It seems the older the Doctor gets, the younger the actors become. You can't deny that Christopher Eccleston, for all his talents, has lacked a little something in the gravitas department. My suggestion would be the excellent David Collings (Silver from Sapphire & Steel) for the Doctor after next.
N E Smith, Basingstoke, UK

To those who say we shouldn't have a female Doctor because we've never had one before, if nothing ever changed we'd still be living in caves. There's absolutely no reason why the Doctor couldn't be a different sex or race next time.
Nicola, Bristol

I have never seen David Tennant in anything yet so I am reserving judgement on the choice to cast him as the next Doctor. I am just concentrating on thoroughly enjoying Christopher Eccleston in what has been a wonderful series so far. Although his time as the Doctor will have been brief it will have been memorable. Never mind who plays the Time Lord. Lets just celebrate the fact that a British institution and its greatest sci fi creation is part of UK life once more.
Paul Sheehan, Coventry, England

Why stick with the blokes? Helen Mirren would make a terrific Doctor: a respected and skilful actor, able to do the dramatic stuff as well as provide comedic touches. I fancy her as an all-new Action Doctor.
Meg, Canberra, Australia

I think David Tennant has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing him play the Doctor, far better than Christopher Eccleston. I think more importantly the writers (Mark Gatiss excluded) need to work on better scripts that are intelligent and have a classic Who humour not the weak, flimsy stuff we are being fed at the moment.
Nmyoung, Liverpool England

This man will reflect the correct charismatic elegance that Tom Baker brought to the role
Caroline, West Sussex
Absolute brilliant choice - this man will reflect the correct charismatic elegance that Tom Baker brought to the role. Even better if he wears the scarf! A sexy young Scot is sure to bring in the female market. 10/10!
Caroline, West Sussex

I've been a loyal Doctor Who fan since I was five years old, and I welcome the return of the series. I think David Tennant looks too young to play the Doctor. But I originally thought that way of Peter Davison as well, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Matthew Francis, San Francisco, USA

I think that he will be a good Doctor but for me he won't be a patch on Christopher Eccleston. This is the first Doctor Who series during my time and I think it is brilliant. Lets hope that David Tennant can keep it that way.
Steph, Maldon, Essex

Really enjoying the new series with Chris and Billy and it's a real shame that Dr 9 will not be back for another series, but David Tennant is a great actor. Having seen him in programmes like Taking over the Asylum and Blackpool, I think he's versatile enough to bring another style to the Doctor. But please nail him down to more than one series otherwise at this rate we've only got couple more series before the regenerations are finished!
JD, Aberdeen, Scotland

I think it's about time there was a female Doctor. Joanna Lumley perhaps
Charlie Branson, Birmingham, Alabama
I don't know much about this David Tennant guy but on a recent trip to Woking, England I caught an episode of Casanova and I thought he was a brilliant dynamic actor. However, I think it's about time there was a female Doctor. Joanna Lumley perhaps.
Charlie Branson, Birmingham, Alabama

While I agree that Richard E Grant would be good, I also think that David Tennant has the makings of a great Doctor - he was superb in the recent live version of The Quatermass Experiment. I'm just slightly perturbed that somebody who's two and a half years older than me can play a 950 year old - I'm starting to feel my age.
Pete Hazell, London, UK

Personally, I think he is too young.The other doctors were older but managed to combine wisdom, authority,confidence and seriousness with a great sense of humour and irreverence.Given that Christopher Eccleston is not coming back, I think it will have to go to someone who combines the talents of Rolf Harris and Patrick Stewart.
Kevin Finn, United Kingdom

It doesn't matter. No one will ever compare with the best Doctor of all, Tom Baker.
Jeff, Aurora, Illinois, USA

I think he'll be great. He has really good comic timing, and a lot of character to carry it off. Christopher Eccleston was very charismatic though, and I loved his Mancunian accent. Just curious to see whether David Tennant will play him as a Scotsman.
Alice Brown, Edinburgh, Scotland

He'll no doubt make a good job of it and make the part his own
Wayne Daly, London
David Tennant is going to have a tough act to follow. Christopher Eccleston has proven himself as a definitive Doctor after only a handful of episodes. It's slightly worrying that a self-confessed fan is taking over the role, but having seen him in Casanova he'll no doubt make a good job of it and make the part his own. I'm looking forward to how the dynamic between the doctor and Rose changes after the regeneration.
Wayne Daly, London

While Eccleston has been great in the current series, I feel Tennant, an excellent character actor, has a more natural gift for the Doctor's lighter side. His turn in Blackpool demonstrated how adept he is at switching from flippant to earnest (a characteristic shared by the new run of episodes, it seems) as well as being more than capable of matching Ms Piper's incredible screen presence.
Aston Somerfield, Homerton, London, UK

Give him a chance - if he doesn't click then we can always clone Tom Baker!
Paul Green, UK

In my opinion, the role of Doctor Who has never been cast effectively. A Time Lord should emanate power, with undertones of menace and magic. To cast comedians and effete actors in this role was clearly the wrong approach. My vote was always for Christopher Lee - what a Time Lord he would have made.
Philip, Essex, UK

Great choice, he was excellent in 'Blackpool'.
Jeff Smith, Nantwich, UK

I hope he maintains the humour, but also develops a little more mystery and depth.
Rob, Herts
I have really enjoyed Chris and Billie, but am slightly put off by the flippancy and occasional sulkiness of Chris Eccleston. Still, I wish he'd stay on for another season. Meanwhile, Billie is fantastic, and I think that she would work really well with David Tennant. Who cares what accent the doctor has? I hope he maintains the humour, but also develops a little more mystery and depth. It will be great to see how Rose responds to regeneration, I hope the sexual tension is dropped, and that over time they mange to develop more of a friendship and trust.
Rob, Herts

Too late to stop David Tennant now. But can we have Robert Lindsay or the wonderful Bill Nighy next time please?
John Latusek, Ammanford, Wales

Will everyone stop talking about 'gravitas' - this is Doctor Who he's going to be playing not King Lear. I think he should be excellent as he seems able to inject comedy effortlessly into his characters. This contrasts with Christopher Eccleston who seems totally ill at ease with the comic side of the Doctor. Now we know why Eccleston doesn't usually play lighter roles - he can't! Bring on the talented Mr Tennant.
Greg, Lincoln

I prefer an older Doctor, I like to think of the Doctor as an elderly eccentric. Casting younger and younger actors is typical of modern TV. Hollywood is obsessed with youth and so it seems is the UK.
Giles Jones, Staffs, UK

How can you pre-judge someone's performance which hasn't even been filmed yet? I've seen Mr. Eccleston's first episodes and like him, but I also liked the many other Time Lords, each for different reasons. It doesn't seem fair to ask this question yet.
Nettie, Halifax Canada

The two best doctors so far, Baker and Pertwee, had an edge. They had character and depth. Ecclestone is an OK actor but made a mistake accepting the role. Rowan Atkinson always had my vote.
Big N, Midlands

David Tennant is not right as the new Doctor Who as he looks like my mate Dave Addison
Adam Candle, Lancaster

I don't think Christopher Eccleston has been right for Dr. Who. His accent is annoying and spends too much time joking. The doctor can only regenerate 13 times so they need some good twist to keep it going after 13 if it heads that way.
Kevin Lea, Aberystwyth, UK

I'm really looking forward to the next series
Mark, Berlin, Germany
Absolutely! I congratulate the producers on their choice. I think he will be perfect for the role. Personally, I believe he will prove to be a better choice in the long term than Eccleston, as he has the right kind of charisma and eccentricity that has always been the trademark of the doctor. Eccleston, although good, I felt was a little too "gangsta" for the part. Whatever, I'm really looking forward to the next series.
Mark, Berlin, Germany

I personally would have gone for Richard E Grant!
Gary, Texas, USA

Inevitably it's down to the script writers whether the new Doctor fails or not. Eccleston was brilliant, but how many of us honestly thought when we first saw pictures of him that he would be as good as he was? Give Tennant a chance.
James, UK

Tennant really comes across as though he's enjoying himself on screen, which is essential - I don't find Ecclestone's grin convincing and think he would have done better to play a more serious Doctor like his other roles. But then the farting MPs and burping bins have ruined any credibility the new series had. Hope Tennant can be a NEW new start!
James, Oxford, UK

I think Richard E Grant would've been perfect. He has the right mix of serious acting skills and manic humour and is a more suitable age for the role. Poor casting will kill off the show again.
Andrew Parker, UK

I think Dr. Who needs a new writer, not a new actor. Fingers crossed the rest of this series will prove me wrong. I thought Dr. Who was supposed to be a little more conniving and mischievous than the grinning, useless, needs-to-be-constantly-rescued idiot he's turned into in Eccleston's hands!
Jonnyboy, Dalektown, Somerset

I just want to say he is probably not right for the role, though he was excellent in Blackpool. I also think Billie Piper is so good, her and Chris make a very good team. Billie was and still is an excellent Rose. Well Done.
Rob Angus, Basingstoke

I'm sure he'll last a season. It's irrelevant anyway, the franchise is dead and what we have is a great but a hollow shell of the original. An actor of his calibre is perfect for the potential of this show.
Ken Franklin, Wales

Well maybe I will be able to join the new Dr. Who when he's David Tennant, with the ability to be intense or quirky, unlike the boring Eccleston who only has one expression.
A Dahn, Bangor

A chance was missed by not getting Nick Hancock in
Iain, Tadworth, UK
A chance was missed by not getting Nick Hancock in. I think Tennant has the eccentricity to pull it off - certainly has the presence on screen. Bring back Nicola Bryant!
Iain, Tadworth, UK

I keep seeing Eddie Izzard's name being mentioned. A very funny man, but unless I've missed a standout performance somewhere, an absolutely lousy actor. It's an actor's part, otherwise you might as well just cast David Dickinson and be done with it.
Sam, Luton

No no no all wrong - Alan Davies
Steven Martin, Durham, UK

I have to agree with Mr. Dalek there. A younger regeneration of the Doctor can only be a good thing because it will keep all us evil galactic beings on our toes. However, we will crush him as he has done to us many times. By the way Mr. Dalek, do come over for tea sometime with the wife and daleklets, it's been so long. We can talk universal domination over tea and crumpets while the kids play.
Mr Cyber Controller, Telos

I don't know the guy. I have not been impressed with Christopher Eccleston so far, not very believable, so I don't think he can do any worse. Long live Tom 'The Doctor' Baker!
Allan, Vancouver, Canada

Christopher Eccleston will be a hard act to follow whoever takes on the role. He has made it his own.
Jon Vause, Ilkley, UK

The Doctor is running out of regenerations fast. Isn't it time to take a bold step and rather than bring in an entirely new actor, bring in someone who can play the part in the same style as Christopher Eccleston? And with two actors so clearly capable of reprising the role in Eccleston's style now would be the ideal time. I refer, of course, to Paul and Barry, the Chuckle Brothers.
Adrian Jackson, Reading

As long as the BBC and the script writers think that Dr Who is a comedy of some sort, then it will always be regarded as an unimportant and rather silly British institution. In fact, it is a great Sci Fi series with infinite potential but its potential is being belittled by misunderstanding the real reasons why it was so loved. It had its heyday in the 70's and 80's, but now it is a body humour reliant sitcom with the odd alien thrown in. A lot of loyal fans have been let down, and if we're going to have David Tenant, we might as well have Leonardo Di Caprio.
Garen Arevian, Sunderland, UK

I look forward to seeing if David Tennant can do a good job of playing the doctor
Melody Siracusa, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
I look forward to seeing if David Tennant can do a good job of playing the doctor. I rather think he will. My opinion, of course, is biased, since I am a distant relation to him. I wish him the best of luck, and hope that when he decides to leave the show, they will finally cast Eddie Izzard in the role.
Melody Siracusa, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

Christopher Eccleston has been the best Dr Who since the beginning. What I can't understand is why did he take the role in the first place if he didn't want to be typecast? All the previous actors are remembered mostly for their role as Dr Who, it was obvious!
Sue, Reading, UK

How old are all these people that say David Tennant is too young? I'm 37 and yes the idea of an older actor does appeal to me BUT the days of children and young adults looking up to an older authoritarian figure are over. It has to appeal to a younger audience.
Simon, Brighton

No, no, no. I have watched Dr Who from the very first episode and am appalled at the way it is going. This is not Dr Who, not in my mind anyway.
Peter, Basingstoke

Somebody mentioned Sean Pertwee. I've liked the idea of his playing the Doctor since falling for him in 'Cadfael'. Of course his parentage helps. Cracking idea - but as David's been given the part, let's allow him his turn first, hmm?
Talis, Bristol, UK

David's a brilliant choice. He's young, eager, a GREAT actor and a keen fan of Dr Who. What more could you want? Peter Davidson was even younger when he took on the role and met similar criticism, but he was excellent as the Doctor.
Robert Phillips, Cardiff, UK

Good Luck David
Carol, Plymouth, Devon
I couldn't be more pleased. David Tennant is a superb actor, and will bring a quirky quality to the Doctor. I'm sure that the fact that he is very sexy will also attract a lot of new female viewers. Good Luck David.
Carol, Plymouth, Devon

Hope BBC America carries the new series. I watched the old Dr Who and thought Tom Baker was the best actor cast for the part. I miss the series and am looking forward to seeing the new character.
Sharon, Hayward, CA, USA

The trouble with both Tennant and Eccleston is that they lack the quality of gravitas that the Doctor needs. Eccleston is simply appalling - it's just a comedy show now and I can't watch it. I'm not sure Tennant can pull it off either.
Colin Cheesman, Abergavenny, Gwent

Last week's episode was so dire (farting, stupidly grinning alien politicians), that the series is already losing viewers' interest. Eccleston spends almost as much time grinning inanely as Tony Blair.

I think he has excellent potential to play the Doctor
Karen Ashe, Belfast, Northern Ireland
I think Ecclestone has been excellent as the Doctor, and I will be sorry to see him go. However, Tennant proved himself a great actor in Casanova, evoking sympathy for a character I never thought I would have sympathy with. I think he has excellent potential to play the Doctor. Here's hoping!
Karen Ashe, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Please can we see what the man can do before we judge him? I reckon he'll be great.
Mark Winter, Derby

YES! He's absolutely gorgeous.
Kate R, Cambridge, UK

David Tennant is a great actor but I'd have a real problem taking him seriously because of how young he looks. He may be in his 30's but he looks like Billie Piper's younger brother.
Mark Andrews, Brighton, England

My disappointment that Christopher Eccleston is leaving was short lived when I heard that David Tennant was taking it on
Gill, Ewell, Surrey, UK
I love Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper in the new Dr Who. They bring youth, beauty and quirkiness to the show. The chemistry between them is brilliant. However my disappointment that Christopher Eccleston is leaving was short lived when I heard that David Tennant was taking it on. Oh what fun we shall continue to have. Good move.
Gill, Ewell, Surrey, UK

David Tennant in my opinion was an absolute joy in both Blackpool and Casanova. If he brings half the charm and enthusiasm of his performances from those shows to Dr Who, I can't see anyone complaining. Chris Eccleston is very watchable as the Doctor but this series can't help now but be overshadowed by the knowledge that he is leaving at the end of it, which I feel is unfair to the show.
Kate, Southampton, Hants

David Tennant is a mere whippersnapper. Why has nobody mentioned Sir Ian McKellen? From Lord of the Rings to the Time Lord! Surely it would be hard to beat Sir Ian. He has character and eccentricity with or without the white beard. Failing that, either Alan Rickman or Bill Nighy would be fantastic choices for Dr Who.
James Wild, London, UK

If this was 1966, many would be saying that Patrick Troughton is too short and look how good he was!
Cole, Dartford
If this was 1966, many would be saying that Patrick Troughton is too short and look how good he was! Give Tennant a chance - gut reaction is that Doctor Who is in safe hands.
Cole, Dartford

David Tennant will be a fabulous Dr Who! He was amazing in Casanova and has the definite phwoar factor to replace Christopher Eccleston. Billy Piper is one lucky lass!
Nadine, Glasgow

Why haven't there been any female Dr. Who's?
Shaheda Muller, UK

I don't rate the current Dr Who and really dislike the poor acting of Billie Piper. I like Christopher Ecclestone but he is not skittish enough to be the Dr. Lets have Alan Davies or even better David Walliams of Little Britain Fame, he would be fantastic.
Cat, Cambridge UK

I liked Tennant in 'Bright Young Things', but I would have preferred an older actor as the Doctor, especially given the current story arc which should see him more cynical and world-weary than usual. Still, it won't be difficult for Tennant to be more charismatic than Ecclestone, and he has a better chance of successfully conveying the character's sharp intelligence.
Jennie Kermode, Glasgow, Scotland

David Tennant is by far the best candidate for this role
Lea Martin, Rochdale, England

David Tennant is by far the best candidate for this role. He can turn his whole being into whatever character he is portraying. I'm not a massive fan of Dr Who but with David at the helm I will be tuning in each week - I cant wait, Dr Who with a dark mysterious side...and a cheeky twinkle to boot!!!
Lea Martin, Rochdale, England

I think we should have Alan Davies - a touch of the old Tom Baker looks?
S Keirle, London

Looks are just skin deep, if he is as good an actor as all his fans say he is, and Russ can come up with writing an interesting personality for the new Doctor, then all will be fine. What I miss most are the cliff hangers!
Chris, Preston, UK

I disagree with people who say Eddie Izzard would make a good Doctor. As much as I love his stand-up routines, I feel a comedian wouldn't be suited to the part. I've been watching Casanova and David Tennant is brilliant! I also find Christopher Eccleston annoying with his constant grinning and that is the reason I haven't been watching this series.
Daisy, Bournemouth

Sorry, too bland, we need a doctor with character. I still think David Thewliss would be perfect but Robbie Coltrane, Tim Curry, Alan Rickman or Bill Nighy would also have been good choices. What about asking Job Culshaw to resurrect the Tom Baker doctor? Now that would be time travel.
JR, Wigan, England

I think the BBC have made a big mistake in casting David Tennant as the new Dr Who. Yes, he's a good actor but it needs someone different to be Dr Who. So many other names have been mentioned who would be more suited to the role. Eddie Izzard etc. In saying that, the decision has been made so, best of luck to him and I hope he proves me wrong!
Tess Smyth, Nantwich, Cheshire

Speaking as a Dalek, I just can't see what the fuss is about. However many times this shape shifting do-gooder reinvents himself, we will not be deterred: we will catch the Doctor and we will exterminate him. Though my wife pointed out the other day that if we do, we will of course be out of a job.
Mr A Dalek, Skaro

Let's hope this one sticks around a bit longer!
James Clarke, UK
Let's hope this one sticks around a bit longer! With all these new Doctors it just makes you think Doctor Who?
James Clarke, UK

He couldn't be worse. Eccleston spends half his time grinning at the camera. He lacks gravitas. I hope Tennant plays it a bit more seriously.
Barry Hyman, Bushey, Herts

Given that the latest incarnation of the programme has turned Dr Who into a comedy show I really couldn't care less who takes on the role. Maybe the title should be changed to 'Carry on Dr'. Even the stunning Billie Piper couldn't make me continue watching the last episode.
Trevor, Cambs, UK

He's a good actor but neither scary nor mysterious enough.
Lee, Winchester

Having seen him in last night's Casanova, I think he'll be brilliant
Vik, UK
Having seen him in last night's Casanova, I think he'll be brilliant. He seems to be very versatile and able to veer from eccentric and upbeat to introspective in no time at all. Good luck David!
Vik, UK

I think he'll be a fine doctor. As for people banging on about there being a female doctor - leave off will you? The Doctor's always been male and had an English accent. Now a Doctor that was black or Asian, that would be cool.
Rad Kerrigan, Norwich England

I think David Tennant is a brilliant choice, he's really wiry and energetic, and definitely eccentric enough for Doctor Who. He also really loves the show and there's loads of potential to get a whole new audience watching the remake. Plus, he's absolutely gorgeous!
Jessie, Cookhill, England

Ok he's a bit scrawny, but is that not better than too obese? As long as he can act and the stories and production are up to scratch then he will do.
Chris Cooper, Croydon

Keep Billie Piper and change the doctor every season
Stephen Brown, London
Keep Billie Piper and change the doctor every season: this way, if someone turns out to be wrong they're easier to get rid of. It will also give Bill Nighy a chance.
Stephen Brown, London

NO, no, no, no. Why do these people keep overlooking the real doctor?? EDDIE IZZARD would've been fantastic!!
Jamie Lambert, Dudley

Mr Tennant may be a good actor, but so are hundreds of others. However, like Sylvester McCoy before him, Mr Tennant does not the necessary gravity.
Harry Webb, Broadstairs, UK

There's no real way of knowing if he will make a good doctor until we have seen an episode with him in, its not fair to judge him before, but hopefully he will stay longer than one series!
Vicky, Norwich

He will make a brilliant Dr Who, he will be the reason I start watching. I loved him in Casanova and I'm sure he will do as well in his new role. Good luck to him!
Kate Herbert, Plymouth

I was disappointed to hear of Christopher's departure but when I heard it would be David Tennant replacing him I was very pleased. I think we have a contender for one of the best doctors judging by his acting skills
John, Newry

Having got it so very right with Eccleston, he will have a lot to live up to.
Lee Churchill, Birmingham
Having got it so very right with Eccleston, he will have a lot to live up to. Think it could already be the end for a series that has just got back on its feet. He's too young, scrawny and just too ordinary - not nearly quirky enough. What about Richard E. Grant, Eddie Izzard, David Walliams, Anthony Head, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Sean Pertwee, Robert Carlyle - anybody with some character!
Lee Churchill, Birmingham

I can't see a problem with David Tennant been cast as The Doctor because of his age. Peter Davison was 29 when he took over from Tom Baker. Good Luck David.
Andrew Clark, Leeds

Who really cares? When I was 20 Dr Who was a kids' programme on TV. I used to watch it without enthusiasm before I went out on a Saturday evening. Now adults rave about it as if it was a documentary and important. It is a kids' story as is Potter. I think the nation is becoming too juvenile.
Michael, Plymouth, UK

Hey come on, it's the 21st century, no one's better than anyone else, we're all equal and different.
Steve, UK

I'm more interested in what alien monsters they'll come up with next
Jo, London, UK
Does it matter that much? David Tennant's a pretty good actor, but if the scripts and stories continue to be as good as they have been, you'd have to be a truly rubbish actor to be a 'bad' Time Lord! I'm more interested in what alien monsters they'll come up with next (from behind the sofa, naturally)
Jo, London, UK

I just can't even imagine him as a Dr Who, someone with a bit more gravitas is needed, Bill Nighy? Brian May? but, please not Mr Tennant.
Ian, High Wycombe

Think up something else. Dr Who had his day years ago, this all seems rather desperate.
Steve, UK

He's such an amazing actor. So what if he's young, us young people can act too you know!
Bree, Wales

Too young, too skinny and another one of the author's mates. Let's have someone with a bit more physical presence, please!
Andy, Manchester, England

I think he will make a fantastic Dr. Who. He has just the right mix of flair and eccentricity to really fill the part. I think he will lead on rather nicely from Christopher Eccleston too.
Caroline, London, England

I think David Tennant will be a superb replacement for Christopher Eccleston. I can't wait for the next series, he is rather dishy!
Helen Martin, Cheam, UK

David Tennant is better than some old wrinkly! Not all the Doctors of the past have been ancient!
Emma, UK

The Doctor is supposed to be asexual. Tennant is way too attractive!
Alex Rendall, Leatherhead
David Tennant is too young! The Doctor is supposed to be asexual. Tennant is way too attractive! I think the next Doctor should have been a woman. It would have certainly shaken things up a bit.
Alex Rendall, Leatherhead

So it's to be the usual boring bland skinny prat. How about someone different, like Robbie Coltrane or Brian Blessed? Someone to bring an extra eccentricity to the role.
Dave, Ramsgate

What's all the fuss about him being young? Did the public not just vote Peter Davison their second favourite Doctor? He was 29 when he took the part! I am delighted to see this wonderfully talented young man take the lead in my all time favourite show! The TARDIS is in very safe hands.
Gregory Hughes, London

What about having a female Doctor? Let's move things on a bit
Nic, Bury, Lancashire
I'm pleased with the choice of the new Doctor. But what about having a female Doctor? Let's move things on a bit.
Nic, Bury, Lancashire

No, too young and the Doctor has an English accent. Whatever next - a female Doctor? Why do people have to fix things that aren't broken?
Glyn Smith, Letchworth

I first saw Tennant in The Rivals with the RSC in 2000. As a 17 year old, I was dazzled by the intensity and humour of the actor, and think he's a great choice to continue the excellent work Eccleston has started in bringing the series back to a modern mainstream audience.
Judith, London

He is gorgeous in Casanova and ratings will definitely soar
Jacqueline Highman, Leeds
Doctor Who is not really my thing but if David Tennant's in it I'll make sure I don't miss it ! He is gorgeous in Casanova and ratings will definitely soar!
Jacqueline Highman, Leeds

Everyone complaining that David Tennant is too young (or too 'feminine'?!) clearly wasn't a child in the era of Peter Davison or Colin Baker. Good luck to him, but it would be interesting to have a female Doctor wouldn't it?
Katherine, London, UK

I'm glad they've cast someone with an obvious love for the show. It always seemed odd in the build up to the new series to hear the writers, directors, producers, and even the SFX guys talk about how much they loved Doctor Who when they were growing up, then to have Christopher Ecclestone come on and claim he never really bothered to watch it much. It definitely gave me an uneasy feeling at the time and I guess I wasn't too surprised when he announced his retirement.
Rob Blake, Edinburgh

He doesn't have the air of mystery about him, nor the look of complete control
Mike Harper, Brixham, Devon
David Tennant is far too 'wet' to be a believable Doctor Who. He doesn't have the air of mystery about him, nor the look of complete control in any situation to keep him in par with the greats like Tom Baker. Chris Eccleston was a great choice since he had the right qualities - qualities that David doesn't possess. Richard E Grant would have been a far better choice.
Mike Harper, Brixham, Devon

I think David Tennant will make a good Doctor, certainly better than Eccleston. I have watch several programmes featuring David Tennant and think he is a very talented actor; he has also expressed a love for the programme. I have to agree with other comments about Eccleston, this grinning and arm folding is getting very repetitive and annoying, I thought he would be better than that, but this is someone who admits to never really watching it before so he doesn't care about the part, just where it will get him.
Susan, Leicester

Don't know him to be honest. Just hope he will stay around a bit longer than Christopher.
Bob, Germany

Why remake? It would be better if the BBC re-ran all the original Dr Who series. Bring back Tom Baker, the best Doctor by far.
Amanda, Bristol, UK

I'm sure he will do a very good job of satisfying older and younger fans alike - but I do think that we should have held out for Brian May. Big hair, strange dress sense, quirky nature, good natured, a scientist, and a rock god to boot. What's not to like?
Mike Allum, Andover, England

At least we now have someone who really is a fan and knows what he's talking about when he gives an interview
Simon Mapp, Wrexham, North Wales
At least we now have someone who really is a fan and knows what he's talking about when he gives an interview. I read somewhere that Christopher Eccleston - who claimed at first to be a fan, then admitted he wasn't - had to ask how to pronounce Patrick Troughton's name! I also think that Tennant really wants this role, and isn't going to do a bunk after just one season. Roll on Christmas!
Simon Mapp, Wrexham, North Wales

I am sorry Christopher Eccleston is not staying for longer as I think he has been great. However, I think David Tennant will be fantastic, quirky and will play with humour and style. Never really watched Dr Who before, but enjoying this series
Kim, Blackheath, London

I was hoping for an older actor, it's about time the Doctor became an old man again. But David Tennant is a good choice (also the first actor younger than me to take the role!), but only if the storylines and scripts improve significantly. Russell T Davies should take a back seat on writing for the series, he writes as though it were a sit-com.
Darren Gomes, Croydon, England

On first impressions he looks a bit too feminine. To be honest, I'm really disappointed that he's been chosen as the new, new Doctor. Christopher Eccleston is by far a better choice. It's a shame he'll be the Doctor no more.
Tristan Carroll, UK

He'll make a very convincing Doctor and I'm very much looking forward to his introduction
Mark Jobson, Edinburgh, UK
Didn't know much about Tennant but saw him in The Quatermass Experiment revival on BBC4 and he was excellent. He'll make a very convincing Doctor and I'm very much looking forward to his introduction.
Mark Jobson, Edinburgh, UK

Firstly I DO really like David Tennant and think he has been quite superb in both Blackpool and Casanova. As the Doctor though, I'm just not sure at all. I think Christopher Eccleston has been brilliant and I'm disappointed that he has only done one series. I think he will be a hard act for DT to follow. However, I wish him luck and I will view the next series with an open mind.
Kiltie, Staffs, UK

I first saw David Tennant in Blackpool and his sheer presence and personality pinned me to the screen. He is an excellent young actor who, whilst not widely known, has clearly been working solidly and consistently to get where he has. And anyway, isn't it about time the ladies got a sexy Doctor!! You men have had lovely assistants for years, now it's our turn.
Jocelyn Fitzgerald, Barnet, Herts

After watching David Tennant in Stephen Fry's Bright Young Things and Casanova I am positive he will make a great Doctor Who. Both roles are worlds apart but he plays both with his own sense of charm. I lost interest in Doctor Who after seeing Eccleston in it but I will be waiting to see how Tennant performs. I know he will not disappoint the British public.
Mandy Cassidy, Reading, UK

Excellent, eccentric and foppish. After his great performance in Casanova, he could be a mix of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker at their best.
Nigel Fletcher, Eltham, UK

I welcome the casting of David Tennant, who I think will bring a quirkiness to the role that Eccleston has lacked
Fiona, Dorset
I welcome the casting of David Tennant, who I think will bring a quirkiness to the role that Eccleston has lacked. If I see Eccleston fold his arms and grin once more I think I'll give up with this series. Personally, my own preference would have been Alan Rickman who would have been a wonderful Dr Who. As for Tennant being too young, I don't have a problem with this. What worries me is that, as any Dr Who fan knows, a Time Lord can only re-generate twelve times, and unless Tennant is signed to a cast-iron contract we will fast be running out of re-generations.
Fiona, Dorset

Tennant just shines on screen and has loads of character, charisma and intensity that I am sure will allow him to create a memorable and lovable Doctor. Being able to react to a situation with something other than a demented, pop-eyed grin will put him head and shoulders above Eccleston.
Michele, Liverpool

He will just do one series and will be off once again, as he is still making his name as an actor. Why not pick an unknown who might stay the course? I think he will be quite good, but why can't Dr Who be an older actor? Why is there such ageism in television?
Tony Wernham, Reading, Berks

I'm sure that the vast majority of people writing in will support the choice, but I'm not so sure. As one of those who remembers it from the mid 70s onwards its perhaps a matter of perspective, but I wonder if this is more a "fashionable" choice than a character driven one. That said, I will hope for the best - the current series is excellent.
Jonty, UK

Tennant has the perfect blend of intelligence and quirky madness to be a fantastic Doctor
Myke, Melbourne, Australia
An excellent choice! Blessed with great screen charisma (as seen in Blackpool and Casanova), Tennant has the perfect blend of intelligence and quirky madness to be a fantastic Doctor. Hopes are high for the second season.
Myke, Melbourne, Australia

Tom Baker was the best Doctor and neither Eccleston nor Tennant are in his league. Seventies' Doctor Who's were the best. Was that because I was a kid?
Chris Lock, London

Congratulations to David Tennant on becoming the new Dr Who. We first saw him at the RSC's Production of "As You Like It" at the Barbican in the mid 1990s playing Touchstone the Fool, he was fabulous, can't believe he is so young! Well done, I think he'll play the Doctor very foppish, wonderful stuff.
Linda Dobson, Whitley Bay

David Tennant is a good choice for the new Doctor Who as I haven't really warmed to Eccleston as much as I thought I would. David is such a good actor and I think he has what it takes to become the new Doctor after seeing him in Casanova, and I'm sure the BBC made the right decision.
Daniel, Lowestoft, UK

I'm chuffed to bits that the BBC has chosen David Tennant as the new Doctor Who. He has a love for the show, and is a very versatile actor. Good luck David, hope you stick around for a couple years (at least)!!!
James van-der Heiden, London, UK

I wanted either Tim Roth or Sean Pertwee! Time will tell if Tennant can pull it off.
Tony Passarelli, Nottingham, UK

I am sure that David Tennant will make a fine Doctor
Matt, UK
I am sure that David Tennant will make a fine Doctor. For those complaining that he is too young, remember that Peter Davison was only 30 when he landed the role of the fifth Doctor. He was another "boyish" actor yet he managed to make the role his own. I am sure Tennant will do the same.
Matt, UK

I have warmed to David Tennant through watching Casanova. In general I thought he was too young for the role and wouldn't look right. But now having seen him, there have been glimmers of less camp, more serious and moody acting in parts of Casanova, which I could easily see him expanding into the role of the Doctor.
Alex Storer, Sheffield, UK

First I'd just like to say a big thank you to Christopher (fantastic) Eccleston for being the ninth Doctor, all the best to you. As for David Tennant, I look forward to seeing you as the new tenth Doctor. As you are a fan of the show, you'll do a good job. IT'S TIME FOR A NEW TENnANT IN THE TARDIS.
Trevor Milne, East London

[Tennant] is too young. I appreciate they are trying to re-establish the show for a younger audience but as this series unfolds I'm becoming more disappointed with the populist, "hip" direction
Tony, Gosport, UK

[Tennant] is too young. I appreciate they are trying to re-establish the show for a younger audience but as this series unfolds I'm becoming more disappointed with the populist, "hip" direction - it's almost patronising. The one episode format doesn't allow for any real plot development or suspense, so all the extra money spent on "production values" is wasted.
Tony, Gosport, UK

I think David Tennant will be great. Christopher Eccleston is a bit of an icon, where as Tennant could make it his own as he's a bit of an unknown. I saw him in Blackpool and he was fab.
Vicki, Durham, UK

I have nothing against David Tennant as an actor - I think he's very good in Casanova, but he's far too young and weedy looking to be the Doctor. I'd spend all my time waiting for him to go and hide behind the sofa when the monsters appear.
Loriba, Cambridge, UK

I'm really excited about this news, David Tennant is a perfect choice. In the excellent Blackpool and Casanova, he's already proved that he can do quirky, funny and sexy in equal measure. I think he'll fit really easily into the role. Roll on the new series!
Zoey, Herts

Its just such a shame Christopher Eccleston felt unable to do another 13 parts at least and then called it a day
Stewart Waddell, Lincolnshire

I really don't think this is the best choice for Doctor Who! He's far to young looking! I really do feel that it needed an older actor perhaps someone like Bill Nighy who would have been fantastic! Its just such a shame Christopher Eccleston felt unable to do another 13 parts at least and then called it a day! Will David Tennant be as good at Chris? Only time will.
Stewart Waddell, Lincolnshire

Tennant is a good actor - and has done more quirky/eccentric roles, so I think would certainly manage the part better
Evelyn, Glasgow

Tennant is a good actor - and has done more quirky/eccentric roles, so I think would certainly manage the part better. And look more comfortable than Eccleston is yet doing.
Evelyn, Glasgow

Comparisons between Doctors are always fruitless: they've all been different with their own strengths which is kind of the point of the regeneration isn't it? I just hope Russell T. has tied David Tennant into more than a one series deal... a new Doctor every year might get a bit much.
John, UK

So - the Doctor's still not capable of the metamorphosis into a woman? Or is it that the makers aren't capable of conceiving that a doctor can be anything but a man? Shame on you all - this was a perfect opportunity to actually make the show interesting.
Steph Davies, Chatham, Kent

David Tennant will be a great Doctor Who. With his large puppy eyes he will bring a caring vulnerability to the role. Yet he will be able to act as tough as Eccleston when he needs to.
Philip, Glasgow

I was very disappointed when Christopher Eccleston left, I hope the producers make sure to secure David Tennant for a second series. Overall this development is rather bittersweet. Sad to have it confirmed Eccleston definitely won't return, but excited to see a new actor take over. I wonder if he will base his role on Eccleston's Doctor, or create a new type character.
John Pearse, London, UK

He is a fine actor and I was blown away by his instant screen presence.
Robert, Tilbury, Essex

Having seen Casanova I reckon that David Tennant will make an excellent doctor, its a shame for Christopher Eccleston to go, as the shows I've seen him do, they're all great performances by him, but hey out with the old and in with the new!
Aidan Flood, Bradford, West Yorkshire

They couldn't have chosen better. David T... is able to convey just the right boyish enthusiasm to be the new Doctor.
Richard Davis, London, England

The new Doctor was growing on me, I guess time will tell if Tennant will make a good Doctor, but I am unsure if he is a wise choice.
Lee Wilson, Bridgwater, Somerset

I'm not warming to Eccleston, so any change is welcome news. I'm not sure I like the idea of a young Doctor though
Steven Howlett, Swansea

I'm not warming to Eccleston, so any change is welcome news. I'm not sure I like the idea of a young Doctor though. That's going to be very hard to accept.
Steven Howlett, Swansea

I think that David will make an excellent doctor. He'll appeal to a wider demographic due to his age and hopefully being a real fan of the show he'll occupy the role for years to come.
Neil, UK

He is a perfectly capable actor. The only thing is Eccleston set the bar very high. It's a shame that he didn't want to do even one more series. Would have been nice to give it a good run.
Dave C, Edinburgh, UK

I am totally disillusioned with the new Doctor Who. After a reasonable first episode, it degenerated into utter rubbish. What do I think of David Tennant as the new doctor? I don't think there should be a new doctor! I think the BBC should just stop messing with classic cult television.
Andy, Stafford, UK

An excellent choice. With just the right mix of fun and gravitas needed for a role that has too long been linked with "light entertainment" performers. Eccleston is great, a brilliant actor in a brilliant role. Tennant will be just as good and will build on his foundations to make the series unforgettable.
Martin, High Peak

The trouble I have with the current Doctor Who and this new chap, David Tennant, is that they are both far too young. The Doctor is a time lord for Pete's sake: Not a 20-30 something. Bill Nighy would have been a better Doctor Who.
Bob Carrey, Portsmouth, UK

I have been fortunate enough to see David in a play recently at the Theatre Royal in Bath, and coupled with watching Casanova, I am totally convinced the Dr Who production team have snagged one of the best new acting talents in the country. Bravo, BBC!
Jase, Bristol, UK

He is too slight and effeminate to impress the Daleks
Steve Rowland, Bourne, Lincolnshire

I'm not sure that many of his adversaries will be scared by his general physical presence. He is too slight and effeminate to impress the Daleks. The jury is out in our house. He is possibly the least butch of any of the Doctors incarnations. Maybe he should consider getting a tattoo and growing a beard.
Steve Rowland, Bourne, Lincolnshire.

I think that David Tennant will be a good Dr Who. However, I would have liked to have seen the role given to someone like Ricky Gervais - he would make Dr Who cool again!
Ally, St Andrews



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