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Last Updated: Monday, 4 April 2005, 11:29 GMT 12:29 UK
Pope John Paul II: Your tributes
A woman mourns the death of Pope John Paul II
The Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II has ended in Rome.

Tens of thousands of mourners and leaders from all over the world have gathered in St Peter's Square for the ceremony.

This is the fourth page of your tributes to Pope John Paul II.

Your tributes:

Thank you Pope John Paul II for showing us how to live and die with dignity and respect. Thank you for visiting us here in California. We remember you rightly praising our diverse, multicultural social fabric and also rightly warning us against greed and consumerism. You were a shining example of faith, peace, goodwill, and hope to billions. Rest in Peace, Holy Father.
Michael, USA

The Holy Father who beatified more Saints than any other Pope will stand as an equal amongst them in heaven and surely will be given the same recognition on earth one day. He led a blessed life and if you track the course of his life there is defining moments that show the hand of God. And I think he has given us possibly the most powerful image of forgiveness we have ever seen, when he visited his would-be assassin in jail and met and forgave in such a wonderful moment.
Tom, London, UK

As a catholic I had very much respect for the pope, and he will be greatly missed. He service to people all over the world was wonderful, but it was especially touching in his final weeks when he was clearly unwell, yet he managed to appear at his window above St. Peter's Square, that touched me very much, and brought tears to my eyes. He was a wonderful man, and will be missed very much by people from all religions around the world. God Bless Pope John Paul, and may he rest in peace.
Elaine, United Kingdom

I did not expect to feel such sadness at his death but I do. Immense sadness. He was a great man and although he was the head of the Catholic Church, I think he was above religion. He was the "Pope" of all mankind in reality.
Mary, France

He deserves the title Pope John Paul The Great
Patrick O'Brien, Ireland
I found myself crying uncontrollably when I saw the various programmes associated with the good deeds Pope John Paul II has done for the world. He deserves the title Pope John Paul The Great. I am sad for his passing but I know he has been called home. I was 9 when he visited Dublin in 1979 - I will never forget this great and brilliant man - he lived as he preached. God bless your holiness - sleep well.
Patrick O'Brien, Ireland

He was the only Pope I have ever known. Watching the world's reaction to his final hours and death over the past few days and also the beautiful tributes made by world leaders and ordinary people have made me really proud of my faith. He was a shining example of what we as Catholics should strive towards...that is showing the world we are Christians by our love...
Bernice R. Francis, Karachi, Pakistan

Pope John Paul II was a living saint. He showed the world what it is to be a true Christian. His love for the young people will always be remembered by us the young. I thank God for his life and everything he did to promote justice and peace. May God almighty receive his soul and let him rest in peace.
Caroline Simushi, Zambia

The man who went beyond the shackles of early trauma and the boundaries of Roman Catholicism to touch millions of hearts around the globe with compassion, conviction and courage. Truly the man of the Century
Synthia, India

We were delighted to see Pope John Paul II in 1979 in Rome and our son, Ian felt privileged to be among the young people who saw him at the World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002. Pope John Paul II was sincere in his service to all people and sensitive to the youth of our world, in particular. A very sad loss but thank you to our late Pope, and all good wishes to his successor.
Paul and Marian Goodrich, England, UK

I was born in 1981 so He was already Our Pope, and my whole life John Paul II has smiled upon us all, gave advice and support. Now he is no longer with us. I've never seen a whole country in a state of profound shock, until now. I know that this is egoistic of the Poles to say that we have lost a father, we know that the whole world is now left fatherless... All weep with me, Karol Wojtyla is with God now.
Mateusz Medynski, Poland

The love that Pope John Paul has left behind, the message of hope, and the love of Christ, a message of the life after, the world has been touched.
Carolyn Franchi, England

We have lost our Spiritual Father. A great man who worked to the very end proclaiming God's word and love to all. The world has lost a great man and heaven has gained a wonderful saint. God bless you Holy Father, may you enjoy eternal happiness and thank you for your guidance and love over the past 26 years.
Helen Border, Glasgow, Scotland

Speaking as a non-Catholic, my most enduring impression of Pope John Paul II would be the role he played in inspiring millions to back the Solidarnosc movement which eventually triggered the 'Domino Effect' resulting in the wave of anti-communist movements sweeping across Eastern Europe in the 1980's. Lech Walesa would certainly not have achieved half of what he did so soon had it not been for the spiritual influence the Pope had on the masses. That's perhaps the biggest tribute I could pay to the Pope for his unorthodox life which has seen him reach out and make a difference to the lives of more people than any other person I could ever imagine.
Edwin, Singapore

I am a Muslim and not a direct follower of the Pope. I mourn his passing because he tirelessly campaigned for love, freedom, absolute moral values and social justice that the World today so badly needs. He was a champion for freedom against tyranny and Godliness against secularism and atheism.
Farouki Majeed, Abu Dhabi, US Expat

John Paul II always stood with the weak, the poor and those who do not have a voice
Jesmond Sharples, Malta
John Paul II always stood with the weak, the poor and those who do not have a voice. He knew what it meant to be oppressed. It was in his weakness that he most demonstrated the virtue of fortitude. His spirit was exceptional until the very last moments. His words and actions were consistent with his beliefs. That is why he was admired and liked by many around the world especially young people.
Jesmond Sharples, Malta

The Pope was a humble and realistic man. He believed in diversity yet was also strong in his principles. I will cherish the role he played in making sure that religious bodies should not work as competitors but be ready to tolerate each other. His passion for the youth ministry was wonderful. He believed in being close to the people. I pray for another understanding and humble pope.
Michael Mmangisa, Germany

We remember the pope when he came to Zambia in 1989 and that was really a sign of a father. We will cherish his visit forever. We will remember him for being a good shepherd to all people around the world. In our marriage we are really touched by his death because he inspired us in his good deeds. He was a man of action and wisdom. He never choose black or white because he visited every country even Africa. May His Soul rest in the Glory of God.
Chita, Lusaka Zambia.

Pope John Paul II embodied the true meaning of what it means to be a Christian. May his legacy inspire the youth of today not to forget the words of Christ "...what you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto Me".
Gilson, Philippines

Pope John Paul was a true soldier of Christ who tried to implement the virtues of Christian living of peace, brotherhood, justice, forgiveness and inter religious dialogue and unity. May God grant Him eternal rest and joy.
Juliet D' Costa, Goa, India

Pope John Paul II was the nearest thing to a saint that any of us mortals will ever see. He deserves his eternal rest and his presence on the world stage will be sadly missed.
Malcolm George, UK

The passing away of the Pope appears to have made the world a tougher place to live. With wars, rumours of wars and tribulations his absence is deeply felt. One hopes and prays that the next Pope can continue in his message of hope, life and peace and provide a beacon.
Erabor, Nigeria

I am a Muslim that grew up among the Catholic Italian Don Bosco Priests in Istanbul. I share with Catholic people all over the world the sorrow of losing their beloved shepherd. I hope the next Pope will continue the road described by Jean Paul II.
Ali Kepkep, Turkey

The pope's visit to Zambia in 1989 shall always be in our memory.
Gabriel Kasapo, Zambia

We thank you for all the wonderful things, love, concern and blessings you did in the whole world, especially in the Philippines.Pray for us.
Rene B. Castro, Philippines

He was our true icon for love, peace, justice and unity
Johnson Mathew Vattakottayil, Kuwait
Oh! Dear Pope, How great you were! The peace and tranquillity we experienced through you are unaccountable. In the midst of wars, chaos and all other malpractices we had you to hope with, to pray for us. He was our true icon for love, peace, justice and unity. You were our true living leader and your departure has left us like sheep without a Shepherd. May your soul be rest in peace.
Johnson Mathew Vattakottayil, Kuwait

Papa, you were the voice of the voiceless, hope of the hopeless, understood our silent calls for equality in this world and brought mankind of diverse religion together. May your memory continue to live with us. We love you and God grant you peaceful rest.
Tony K. Kudjawu, Ghana

A great saint has departed from us. We in the West have failed him miserably especially us Catholics. We have allowed the evils of secularism to overtake what is morally and ethically right and now we are living in a death culture and are swallowed up in our complacency to change it for the good. We will pay for this dearly. Our only hope is that through the intercession of this great man that we can redeem ourselves. Rest in peace Holy Father we miss you.
Theresa Callaghan, Germany

I'm not Catholic, but you don't have to be to realize that this man was unique and will be greatly missed. He was a bearer of peace and goodwill. His message of hope and unity transcended every ethnicity and religion.
Jacqueline, USA

He was a people's Pope
Kathleen Roberts, Ireland
The Holy Father made a lasting impression on all the countries he visited. He was a people's Pope and his presence and guidance will be greatly missed by all.
Kathleen Roberts, Ireland

It will be a long time before the world sees another person who can make such an impact on so many lives. I was born in Communist Poland, and before Pope John Paul II there was little hope of any change. But like Lech Walesa said earlier, without this person the transition from communism to democracy would not have been so simple. A nation will mourn for a long time for its son.
Darius Zur, UK

We have lost a wonderful man, a real saint.
Jane, UK

The most Roman Catholic country in the world is crying over the loss of this wonderful man! His visits to Brazil will be forever in our memory, and he'll be always in our hearts.
Luís Sprotte, Brazil

He truly was a remarkable human being
W. McGorry, Scotland
I missed the visit of Pope John Paul II to Scotland in 1982, but it was an honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to meet him in Rome in 1995. That meeting with this great Pope will live with me forever. He truly was a remarkable human being and a great ambassador and leader of the Catholic Church. I am sure he will now be enjoying his reward and happiness in heaven. The world has lost a great leader.
W. McGorry, Scotland

He was one of the most respected persons in the world. His death makes me feel very sad. It also makes me feel relief, because after his long suffering, he is with God now.
Agustina, Argentina

I'm not particularly religious (which is a rarity in Poland) but I too mourn the loss of a good man who brought people together and was one of very few political leaders who had unshakable principles and values. May his work yield good fruit.
Tomasz, Poland

As a lay missionary I was privileged to attend masses celebrated by Pope John Paul II in Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil. I felt he was understood in a special way in Brazil. Although he was critical of the model of 'liberation' theology, the ordinary person understood him as a father figure. You might not always agree with him, but as a father figure he showed us intense love and compassion.
Tim, UK

John Paul II has been one of the greatest Popes ever
LC, California, USA
The chances the Catholic Church took in 1978 in choosing a non-Italian paid off wonderfully. I sure hope this doesn't go unnoticed in the next conclave. However, the bar has been raised too high. John Paul II has been one of the greatest Popes ever. He didn't introduce any reforms, he simply did his job as expected.
LC, California, USA

You were a living testimony of what true faith is all about. The fragility in your physical state was not enough to outshine the strength of your faith. You will always be remembered as a true man of God.
Ruth, Malta

Pope John Paul was a good man, who tried to bring peace between people of different faiths. He will be sorely missed not only by Christians, but also by many millions of Muslims who saw him as a man of peace.
Umray Khan, Woking

I am actually Jewish, but I felt an enormous sense of deep sadness and loss at the passing of this wonderful, loving human being. The bright light now shines in the heavens for us all to see. May God keep him safe. Sleep in peace John Paul.
Alma Oakley, UK

I feel the world has lost a dear friend
Maria Curran, Blackpool, England
Reflecting on the life of the Pope, I fondly remember the days he spent in my home city of Liverpool in 1982. The joy he brought to all of the people. Waiting to catch a glimpse of him as he passed by. Meeting Archbishop Warlock and the cheering crowds at the Metropolitan Cathedral and his meeting with Bishop Shepherd at the Anglican Cathedral. I feel the world has lost a dear friend. Rest in peace John Paul the Great.
Maria Curran, Blackpool, England

He was an inspiration to all, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
Sandra McKenna, South Africa

Pope John Paul II was a shining example of a man who used his power and position to promote peace and understanding. Regardless of religion, the world mourns the death of a great man who embodied the truth that God is compassion.
Jonathan, Los Angeles, USA

May the Sacred Heart take you to him and never let you go. You have been an inspiration to me, not just as a Catholic, but as a human being. I may not have agreed with everything you taught, but your dedication to peace, justice and freedom overshadows our disagreements. Thankfully God has ended your suffering and allowed you to commence the reward you so richly deserve. Thank you and God bless.
Barbara Curran, Ireland

You showered us with love and brought comfort to every human being. You will forever be remembered as a legend. There's a special place for you in everyone's heart. Farewell to the greatest Father of the world.
Vanitha Muthiah and Anbarasu Sethu, Selangor, Malaysia

Catholics have lost a spiritual leader and the world has lost the star of peace
Mohamad, London
A man of peace, love and forgiveness. He joined hands with Muslims and Jews to bring peace, understanding and tolerance to our societies. Catholics have lost a spiritual leader and the world has lost the star of peace.
Mohamad, London

Too bad the world has lost a great man. Perhaps, if half of the world leaders now eulogising the memory of the late Pope had heeded his advice on numerous issues, the world would have been a better place.
Abdulmumeen Ayinla, Nigeria

Although I've never shared his beliefs or ideals, I've always held a great respect for him and he is one of the few people in the world I truly believe did what he did because he felt it was right for humanity. A good man who will be nigh-on impossible to replace.
James, UK

It is great loss to us, the Catholic community, to have lost the Holy Father, The Vicar of Christ. We shall dearly miss him. We pray that the Good Lord receives his soul.
Mulema Joseph Mary, South Africa

He was a man of peace. I hope the next Pope will put his feet in John Paul II's shoes. God bless him.
Sasi R. Zenen, Tripoli, Libya

The world had lost a great man. Though I'm a Muslim at this stage religion doesn't matter, all that matters is that we lost a peaceful man who had fought for his life for the past couple of days.
Sajid Sarwar, Bangladesh

Pope John Paul II did nothing to modernise the Church and heal differences
Frederick Ferguson, USA
Pope John Paul II did nothing to modernise the Church and heal differences in society. In the end, his goal was always to defend the institution of the Church. History will never forget his uncompassionate stewardship of the church through child molestation charges nor his incessant ranting against homosexuality. And this is why the Catholic Church has fallen into terminal decline in Europe and North America.
Frederick Ferguson, USA

Although I belong to a different faith, Hinduism, Pope John Paul II touched all our hearts when he visited Goa in 1987 for the first time and again very recently. He tried to bring and forge an understanding between faiths and his universality approach has appealed to me. I am saddened by his death but thank God that he has been relieved of the terrible ordeal of health he went through. He could have forged an association with different sects within Christianity and his successor must continue the present approach in more delicate manner and be impeccable man with vision.
K V Madhav, India

Since Pope John Paul II was sick, I was praying for him. Even after his death, I will still pray for him. God bless his excellency and rest in peace.
Majed, Saudi Arabia

I was in Cambridge in England that October in 1978 when Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope. At 58, he was relatively young, vigorous, with a trenchant intellect. He exercised with a passion and ordered a swimming pool built in the Vatican because, he said, it was cheaper than electing another Pope. Last week, watching him beat his forehead with his hand in frustration at being unable to speak (after his tracheostomy) before the crowd in St Peter's square, I could barely see the TV screen for the tears in my eyes. May you rest in peace, Holy Father.
Alikhan, Switzerland

One of the most inspiring person I have ever known. I only wished there was more like him in this difficult world of ours.
Jeremy Nasrulhaq Boyce, Malaysia

As a teacher I have always been impressed to see how powerful an impact Pope John Paul II had on the young. Surely something to meditate for those who brand him with "conservatism".
Salinas, France

He made us Poles proud, that on our land was born and grew this wonderful man
Kasia, Poland
I am scared how it is going to be now in Poland and in the world. John Paul II made us feel safer. He made us Poles proud, that on our land was born and grew this wonderful man. It was heartbreaking to see him suffering so much because of illness, and now it's even worse, only emptiness, apprehension, fear.
Kasia, Poland

I will forever have high regards for Pope John Paul II for showing the world that despite having Parkinson's disease, it did not prevent him from championing the causes of the Catholic Church. I had been praying for this remarkable man ever since I was a kid, when he was shot by a man. When he visited my school, The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in 1996, he still held people in awe, even from afar he still projects serenity from within.
Roslyn R. De Mesa, Philippines

I am saddened by the passing of the Holy Father and inspired by his legacy of love and peace. As a Buddhist, I believe all human beings regardless of race or religion must learn from the shining examples of His Holiness to make our world a better place. May your soul rest in peace, Pope John Paul II.
Tuan Tran, Australia

Reading all these tributes, I am struck by the spectrum of nationalities and religious beliefs (and non-belief) represented. No other world leader (and certainly no politician) could have inspired such a global outpouring of respect and admiration. He was a truly remarkable man who made the entire world his own family. He devoted his life to the service of all of us, often at the cost of great personal suffering. May we honour his memory by continuing to reach across denominational and ethnic boundaries. And may he rest in heavenly peace after a long life extraordinarily well-lived.
Jane Holden, Canada

I am a Filipino religious-missionary seminarian studying theology here in Poland. I believe that Pope John II was a best friend of Jesus Christ, man of God and prayer. He had discerned the will of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The attempt to take his life through assassination in 1981 was a turning point of life that not to be afraid of death and the enemies of goodness, love, peace, justice and the values of the Kingdom of God. This moment had changed his life to be courageous and faithful to God. He had nothing to be afraid of because he had confidently trusted in God. His new life after the failed assassination had given him new inspiration to value life, rights of all humanity, equality and solidarity. I miss him. may he rest in peace in the Kingdom of God and intercede for us.
Frt. Romy Maypa, SVD, Philippines/Poland

I am too young to remember the Pope's visit to Singapore, but I am old enough to remember a Pope with deep compassion, a Pope who overcame obstacles to be one of the world's greatest persons, and yet lead with humility, grace and love.
TEL Yap, Singapore

As a Catholic teacher I gained guidance and strength from the Holy Father
Elaine McDonald, Scotland
As a Catholic teacher I gained guidance and strength from the Holy Father, he will be missed in a way none of us know how to express. He was a gift from God, a shepherd, devoting his life to his flock. I was very lucky to meet him in 1999 then attend various masses over the Jubilee year. I will be leaving on Tuesday for Rome to pay my respects to a man who touched my life and strengthened my faith. May he rest in peace, his work is done.
Elaine McDonald, Scotland

In reading through the many beautiful tributes, it is striking to find such a diverse range of faiths and non-faiths touched by John Paul II. I believe this is because, above everything, he stood for peace, forgiveness and love and saw all war, famine and poverty as unjust. He showed immense courage and initiative in all he did in this regard. In 1978 Karol Wojtyla became the representation of the Catholic Church on earth, in 2005 he left this earth representing all humanity. Rest in Peace Holy Father.
Colin, Ireland

Even though I am a practising Muslim, I believe this is indeed a very sad event. The Pope has been a man of peace and shall be remembered accordingly. I hope the new appointed pope will work on inter-faith tolerance. Most Catholics are worried that Islam is far too wide spreading as it is often mentioned on TV that the churches are becoming emptier and the mosques fuller. I believe we should respect and tolerate each others faiths as Muslims and Christians do have indeed a lot in common.
Amina, UK

The Pope was certainly a charismatic leader who promoted peace throughout the world. For this I admire him. However, it is easy to forget another of the Pope's legacies, his deep conservatism, which has contributed to the official Catholic Church's failure to embrace the modern world. I'm sorry to hear of John Paul II's death but I hope that the next Pope will have a more outward and liberal stance on ethical issues.
Adam, UK

I am not a religious person but he also touched my heart. I know of many others like me. He was a great man.
Mike Evans, UK

Pope John Paul II loved young people and we loved him right back, even if we didn't always agree with him. I admire him most for his unstinting focus on promoting inter-religious understanding. I will miss this Pope, but am comforted to know that he has gone "home" to God. May his soul rest in eternal peace. John Paul II, we love you.
Simone, Singapore

I am an atheist, but I have deep respect for the Pope's work, particularly the support of the fledgling democratic movement in Eastern Europe. However, one has to remember that in the age of AIDS and other STDs, teenage pregnancies and overpopulation of the planet, the pope opposed and preached against the use of condoms and contraception in general.
Frank Sattler, Winchester, UK

Pope John Paul II, thank you for your love that has reached far beyond races, faiths and ages. You truly are a great loss but then, throughout your lifetime you had been an extraordinary gift God has given for mankind. We love you so much! Again, thank you.
Marie, Philippines

The whole world has lost a great spiritual and social leader
Besrat Shewangizaw, Ethiopia
The whole world has lost a great spiritual and social leader.
Besrat Shewangizaw, Ethiopia

He is with his most beloved one, God. The world has lost a man who has always been there for us, for everyone, trying to build a better future for the church. Rest in peace, we all love you.
Asun, Spain

How uplifting that, even in death, this great man brings unity to people of all faiths. He has shown us that we are all one family.
Clare Smith, UK

A truly great and inspirational man whose presence will be sadly missed but, whose influence will last for generations to come.
Jason Llewelyn-Jones, Wales

He was a great man, we won't see another like him soon. There is no other leader, either spiritual or political, of his devotion to peace and justice. The times he lived in forged him and his faith gave him his principles. Some may dispute his views, but nobody can doubt his honesty and goodness.
Fabian, Poland

We lost our symbol of humanity. Let us be inspired by such a wonderful personality
Talus Arukalil, UAE

I met him when I was eleven years old and I can still remember his exact words to this day.
Paula, Ireland
I am a non-practising Catholic but I really felt the need to attend Mass today to pay my respects to a truly holy man. Pope John Paul II bestowed sainthood upon so many and he himself should be canonised for the wonderful work he did on earth. I met him when I was eleven years old and I can still remember his exact words to this day. He is a man who will never be forgotten and I hope his successor can carry on his amazing work for humankind.
Paula, Ireland

You came to visit us in Zambia in 1989. We saw you and we loved you. May the non-negotiable principles you stood for continue to shine in the world. You will be greatly missed.
Moses Zwanyika, Zambia

I fondly remember walking through the night to attend Mass conducted by Pope John Paul II in Cardiff when I was 11 years old (1982), it was a wonderful occasion & a memory that will live with me forever. RIP & God Bless John Paul II
Clare Hudd, Wales

He is arguably the most amazing man to have existed in my life time. Thank for you all your dedication, courage and most of all love. May God give you eternal rest.
Greg Cook, U.K

I am a Hindu. I am from India and had the opportunity to see Pope John Paul II on his way to the airport after holding an Open Air Mass at the Marina Beach in Chennai. He was honest in his opinions and would never back down on his convictions that promote peace, love and harmony between all faiths.
G.Ramesh, USA

As a Palestinian Muslim I was very emotionally moved and deeply saddened last night when I learned the news. The Pope was a noble ambassador of good will and great advocate of human rights & justice in the world. I will never forget how the Pope embraced our cause and our struggle for freedom and justice in the Holy Land. I will never forget the time when he visited a refugee camp in Palestine on his pilgrimage tour in 2000 as a mark of respect and recognition for the suffering of Palestinian people in Diaspora. May God bless him and send him to heaven, rest in peace !
Mustafa Alami, London, UK

Whilst my partner and I sympathise with those of the Catholic faith who seem to have liked Pope John Paul a lot, we sincerely hope that the next pope will be more enlightened and encourage the use of condoms. There is nothing 'holy' about the spread of AIDS.
Amanda and Ben, Paris, France

The world has lost a true visionary
Gary Krasovic, USA
An icon of our age; my spiritual beacon now with our Lord in Paradise. Thank you Lord for his life.
John Pereira, Australia

I was Muslim by birth but I am atheist. Although I don't believe in any religion but I have great respect for the pope. He is the man who had deep compassion.
Nondini Hussain, London

Pope John Paul II. Your love for the people, whatever their faith, as so very apparent, to the world you gave grace. The legacy left for the world by your passing will forever be part of all lives, with your blessing. Sleep well, Dear Man. Rest in Peace with our love.
The Marsh Family, UK

The world has lost a man who held, most dearly, the message of the Gospels. He brought that message to us all in his support for human rights, justice and the right to life. We are all the poorer for his passing and I prayed for him for what he wanted for himself.
James J. Flynn, Scotland

Although "Pope John Paul II" is not in our midst at present, he will remain in our thoughts for a very long time. We can properly mourn his passing away, by respecting his life and his work and carrying his message of "Peace" to posterity on every individual human shoulder's. Let's not let him down!
Lifejuoy, United Kingdom

As a Muslim I think he was a great man, great personality and I think the rest of the Christians should follow in his footsteps.
Muhammed Islam, UK

One of the greatest persons in the world who looked beyond political and religious orthodoxies to bring all people together. He will be me missed by all of us. God Bless.
Wojciech Pirog, USA

The world has lost a great man of courage and peace! He has left a trace that we should follow.
Joseph S. Gomes, Italy

"Young people, be not afraid, you are the future, you are my future", he said. The young and the young at heart will remember his words and continue the legacy of what he stood for.
Sony Joseph, India

He came to my country, Peru, while we had terrorism here. You wouldn't imagine how much people went to see him... I think it was in 1987 or 1985, I can't remember... Unfortunately, I wasn't born by that time. Peru will always remember him, as he will always be in our hearts. I think he was an incredible human being, and as one of my teachers said, "he was a saint in the Earth" ... May he rest in peace, with God and all the angels ... =)
Milagros, Peru

A great man has gone back to God. I didn't always agree with him, but just like my own father, I respected his conviction and his courage to stand up for his beliefs. He has changed the Papacy forever and will be remembered with love and affection. RIP
AG, Scotland

I am a Sikh, but that does not stop me being saddened to hear the death of this great man. He put aside his own personal sufferings to bring comfort to others. He encouraged dialogues with other faiths and had a personal magnetism that connected him with people all over the world. He will be missed by all who truly believe in world peace and human brotherhood. May God rest His soul.
Upinder, UK

HE visited Mexico when I was 13, I can't describe the great impression he left on me. The world has lost a great man admired not just by Catholics.
Luis, Mexico

A wonderful beacon of truth and justice for the world.
Matt Walton aged 15, England

Our Pope is gone, but his teachings remain. May people of all walks of life strive for peace and love for all human beings, regardless of their faith, race, class, or gender. Rest in peace -- I hope to meet you in heaven!
Gabriela Bosak, Pole in Chicago

The world has lost one of its best loved. Our respect for him stems from his determination to say what he believed. He spoke from the heart with a genuine desire to help the less fortunate. Although the world is a poorer place without him, let us rejoice that his physical pain is finally at an end. You died as you lived, with great dignity. Rest in peace.
John Jenkins, Scotland

The Pope is gone now - not dead because Christian it's just another step to the eternity with God. I'm happy that we have gained a great countryman in heaven.
Krzys, Poland

I was privileged to be on the alter with pope John Paul II at Heaton Park Manchester 1982. He is a wonderful man who has done a lot for us Catholics. God Bless Him
Joseph Ryan, UK

I have seen the deaths of three Popes, our greatest Shepherd was Pope John Paul II. He was truly a great man, compassionate, full of Christ love and wisdom. He led his flock wisely. He is a great loss to our Church. R.I.P. John Paul
Margaret Breen (Mrs), England

I'm not even a Catholic, but I must say, Pope John Paul was one really cool guy. Active, outspoken, humorous and caring. He will be missed by millions regardless of religion, race, or ethnic origin. He lifted the spirits of so many for so long.
Etta, USA

I feel a mixture of sorrow at his passing but also admiration at the courage in the face of illness, that he displayed over the last few years.
Fraser, UK

What an amazing Pope, May Pope John Paul II rest in peace. If Pope John Paul II does not make it to heaven I have no chance! A remarkable man from Poland, a Pope of compassion, he will be missed by people of all religions and none worldwide.
Edmund O'Leary, Epsom, Surrey, UK

He won the hearts of Muslims by opposing the Iraq war
Sheraz, UK

With the death of John Paul II, the 264th Holy Father of the world's billion Roman Catholics is gone - but so, too, is a man whose charisma and moral authority changed history for Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Many considered him among the most influential popes of the last four centuries. Certainly, no pope has touched as many human beings as John Paul II did on the more than 100 pastoral visits and pilgrimages he made across the world May his soul rest in peace with the Lord Winston
Winston Bastiampillai, Canada

The greatest tribute we could pay would be to dedicate ourselves to bringing about peace and understanding between all faiths. Mankind's salvation lies in looking at the similarities which exist between us rather than the differences. Let love, compassion, wisdom and hope guide all of us as they guided him.
Susan (atheist), Haverhill, UK

I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a great religious leader, not only did he capture the hearts of those of whom are part of the Catholic Church, but his arms reached out far and wide to every faith from Muslims to Sikhs. He was the man that brought religions together into one big community, that community being the world we live in today. God Bless You John Paul
Ian, Lowestoft, UK

Even now I am 15 I know the Pope was a great man and I am very sad that he has died. And even know he isn't here he is still looking down on us all he will still be there.
Laura, UK

You have been a great leader, you are an inspiration to young and old. You will never be forgotten in our hearts. please in heaven pray for us left behind. Rest in peace we love you
Toni and Hailey Charlesworth, England

His death is sad but his doings will forever be in the hearts and minds of all. RIP
Claudius Thompson, Liberia

Rest in Peace John Paul II, You have worked so hard and the angels came to take you to God and Jesus. I hope your good work will continue in your memory. To me you are Saint John Paul.
Linda, Netherlands

We miss you. Your inspiration on us will live on.
CK, Hong Kong, China

May you rest in peace, a great man who lived his life helping the people now it is our turn to look after his people and have peace in the world for that is what he would have wanted. Always remembered always in our hearts! RIP Pope John Paul II
Jenni, Scotland

He was a wonderful man and I have noticed that people of all beliefs have paid tribute to him. Who will replace him? God be with him.
May McMenamin, Scotland

A great man who had the courage of his convictions, who is now in the Glory he preached and lived for...
Dave Roberts, UK

I am not a particularly religious person, but the news of the passing of such a great man has brought tears to my eyes, and I feel the sorrow shared by millions around the world.
Julie Fisher, England

I love Pope John Paul II very much and I will continue to pray for him, and now through him, until the end of my life. I believe that now he's so close to God in heaven. "Pope John Paul II, pray for us who remain here on earth."
Zen Udani, Macau S.A.R., CHINA

Loosing the Pope is like loosing a part of your heart...lets pray for him not to be suffering anymore
Lucía Rodríguez, Uruguay

I pay highest tribute to him! The only person who was above all the differences on the world... True world's hero... He's always been for us and among us...
Rafal, Poland (currently UK)

Although not of the Catholic faith I have just returned from the Vatican City to pay tribute to one of the greatest humanitarians in history, a man who did more for world peace than anyone else. God rest his soul in peace. I love you Pope John Paul and miss you.
James Taylor, Canada

I am not a Catholic but a Muslim but on behalf of all the world may I say that the world will never be the same without him. R.I.P John Paul II

Let's cry that He is gone, but let's be happy that we had Him
John, Canada/Poland

I, as a Protestant, was saddened by the news of his passing this evening. May he rest in eternal peace.
Nancy Wells, United Kingdom

While I acknowledge the incredible role the Pope played in world affairs some of the tributes here simply astonish me. I find it sincerely difficult (and that is an observation not a slight) to empathise with the strength of feeling for the Pope, given the Catholic Church's attitude to contraception, in spite of the epidemic of AIDS in Africa. To suggest that a policy which flies in the face of all the scientific evidence and has helped the spread of infection is somehow Christian is something I find irreconcilable.
Michael Amherst, England

Our prayers are with you Holy Father, at last you are at peace. Although sad you are no longer with us, i am happy you are no longer suffering and are with our Lord in the kingdom of heaven.
Suzanne Gaspard, UK

Go outside, a great new star is shining in the heavens. This good and faithful servant is seated with the almighty father and enjoys his just rewards
Kevin, London UK

I will miss the Pope. It is my heart felt desire that the whole earth would be prepared for the life to come, as he did. As in his example, we too can become righteous, sons and daughters of God. You now have your eternal blessing and rewards.
Lowell Koerner, USA

JP II has shown the world what Faith, Hope and Love really means. He has been the only world leader to have been able to unite the world in ways that not even the UN, with all its resources, was able to and gather together so many young people in one place no world-renowned celebrity has been able to. And he has shown us tremendous courage in standing up for dignity of life in all its stages - from conception to old age and death. God's faithful Servant of servants suffers no more, and even though we mourn his passing, our hearts rejoice because he is now with the Father, basking in eternal Love.
Mary Lye, New Zealand

It's rare that a modern conservative leader believes in peace above all else, even if he didn't agree with everyone on everything, he made it a point to find a common thread of peace, and caring. This is what makes me believe that the world has lost a true visionary.
Gary Krasovic, USA

Let us not forget the need for peace and continue his work for greater understanding between religions. Let us not forget the need for humanity and the need to show the world love. I pray that this your final journey is a safe one.
Kester Simm, Sweden

Pope John Paul II has reached his finally destination. A man, a pope who has done so much for our world and has touched the lives of so many Catholic's and non-Catholic's alike. "Well done my good and faithful servant". May he forever enjoy eternal love and eternal life with his and our saviour Jesus Christ!
Marlene, Australia

I am saddened by the news, but at least I know he is now resting in peace and sitting beside God, smiling down at us. Goodbye Pope John Paul II.
Heidi, Canada

John Paul II was the supreme moral authority in the world and has deeply affected world history. In addition, he has demonstrated the incredible power of goodness, justice, and humanism. The revealed truth of God will continue to evolve as was his plan. John Paul II has interpreted it very effectively in terms of human dignity and the value of all life.
Tom Uttaro, USA

John Paul II was an amazing man; a wonderful leader and will be very hard to follow. I returned to the church in my mid-20's about when he was five years into his papacy and he brought the church to young people in a very strong way. This was a man who was solid in his beliefs and never wavered. He held out a vision that the Church was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, a comforting thought in this uncertain world. Every person mattered to JPII, the young, elderly, strong, sick but most particularly those who could not speak for themselves. He spoke to make the world hear.
Rose, United States

With sadness and love we bid you farewell
Mohammed Siddiqui, Toronto, Canada
Today the World has truly lost one of its greatest patrons of peace, dialogue, understanding and human brotherhood. I as a Muslim will pray for him and thank him for he truly was a Man of God who spread the message of love and compassion. My Christian, Jewish, and Muslim brothers and sisters will be all praying today a special prayer for him. May his beautiful soul be welcomed into heaven and into God's loving arms. We have truly lost a man who was needed the most in our troubled world. With God speed you glorious human being, meet the Creator and know you made the world better for all of mankind. With sadness and love we bid you farewell.
Mohammed Siddiqui, Toronto, Canada

Pope John Paul II was unique and will be very difficulty to follow. He taught us all how to live and how to die. His example will remain with us for ever. Even in dying he showed us that death is not to be feared.
Anthony O'Flanagan, UK

We named our new born son in December John-Paul in honour of the Pope. An inspiration for us. We regret his passing but thank you for being here, my wife's country is free because you willing to help in its freedom. We will always think of you because of him.
Oliver, UK

May Pope John Paul rest in peace. He will not be forgotten, I can only be happy that he is no longer in pain. A truly amazing man, of wonderful strength and character. May his example be followed by his successor. God bless you.
Cristina Saretti, London, UK.

In a world where leaders practice an eye for an eye, leading to an obviously endless cycle of violence, remember that this Pope forgave and befriended the assassin that tried to kill him.

How remarkable that even in his final hours of suffering this man who gave his whole life to the world, should still reach out to the young people whom he so loved. That his final words in such harrowing circumstances should be for others - "I thank you" - shows his selfless love of humanity and true, enduring nobility of soul.

You will remain, for a long time an inspiration for many
Cristina, London, UK
A great and humble humanist is now with the Lord and the Virgin Mary. I am sad but also my heart is full of joy that he is now in heaven with the Lord. He is the only pope I have ever known. I have always been amazed by his strength and how reachable His Holiness was, touching millions of hearts across the globe and hearts from other religions too. I am catholic from Portugal were he is dearly cherished and my husband is Muslim. We are both praying for you. May your soul be peace, you were a great leader. You will remain, for a long time an inspiration for many.
Cristina, London, UK

In Pope John Paul II, we lost one of great religious leader, a peacemaker and above all a great man of all time. Man of God who reached out and touched people of different religions and denominations.
Rohit, India

Despite being a Pagan, I have respect for this man and hope he finds his peace. He brought more to this world than many who call themselves peacemakers. May his God take him home.
Carol, UK

A very beloved Pope of our time. It will be very hard to fill his shoes whether you agreed with him on all issues you always knew where he stood. He truly will see the Christ and our God. If we could all live our lives with such humility. I for one shall make an extreme effort everyday to do so.
Jean Fennell, Idaho/U.S.A.

What a good man he was: strong, brave, courageous. A lesson to us all. A true fighter. We need him more than ever in a soulless world. I have learnt a lot about life from his last moments: his legacy.
M Moreau, Quebec

He balanced his conservatism with his endless quest for a greater freedom for countless numbers of people
Bob Ezergailis, Canada
A man who from his humble beginnings was steadfast in his opposition to totalitarianism and lack of freedom of expression, has died. He struggled against fascism. He struggled against communism. It is remarkable that he balanced his conservatism with his endless quest for a greater freedom for countless numbers of people, Catholics and non Catholics, worldwide. So many times during his life, he faithfully battled against social and economic poverty, against illness, for life, and against the evil that seeks to destroy even the most fundamental human rights and freedoms. His endearing heroism remained sustained to his last hours, and he is mourned by Catholics and non Catholics alike, who recognize his special influence and contribution. Even those of us who were sometimes at odds with some of his conservatism, feel we have lost a great friend in Karol's passing.
Bob Ezergailis, Canada

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