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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 April 2005, 23:54 GMT 00:54 UK
Pope John Paul II: Your tributes
Pope John Paul II
The Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II has ended in Rome.

Tens of thousands of mourners and leaders from all over the world have gathered in St Peter's Square for the ceremony.

This is the second page of your tributes to Pope John Paul II.

Your tributes:

We will never forget Karol...may he rest in peace after all the suffering he had to go through! A people's Pope. God bless Him...
E Frendo, Malta

A true loss to humanity. He will be missed by many and mourned by millions.
John, US

He was a fantastic leader and he is a great loss to not only the Catholic Community but the whole world.
Jack Fielding, Wales

An era has ended. The "most human pope" has died. Although I'm not a Catholic I feel a warm and deep respect for him, who tried all his best to put the world's religions together.
Hans de Groot, Slovakia

Pope John Paul II, was one of the greatest and most influential people in the last 100 years
Stanislaw Lewak, Krakow, Poland
Pope John Paul II, was one of the greatest and most influential people in the last 100 years. His leading by example, and ability to tear down the walls of communism by his message of love and peace shall be remembered by mankind, regardless of creed or colour.
Stanislaw Lewak, Krakow, Poland

Loving God, into your hands we entrust our Pope, your child. Thank you for gifting us and the world with a man of peace and a special love for the poor and the youth.
Carmel, Philippines

He was a beautiful human being. I will always remember him.
Sepsey BJ, Hungary

I amazed by how this has impacted me. Although I disagreed with Pope John Paul II on most of his view and politics I understand how he gave hope to his followers and the incredible courage he showed in the face of illness and personal pain. He represented a vast number of people for over quarter of a century and had a significant effect on world events. May he rest in peace.
Mark Davies, London, UK

With the death of Pope John Paul II the world lost a truly magnificent person. He suffered a great deal in his last days on earth, and I'm therefore glad that God finally took him home and relieved him from the pain. May he always be remembered as the loving and caring person he surely was!
Benny, Sweden

Rest in peace Dear Holy Father. You are now in the presence of the Lord and can see his glorious face. Pray for us.
Pamela Moczulski, USA

A truly great man has passed from us. I will never see the like of him again. I am not that religious but I know greatness when I see it, the world has lost it's greatest asset
Peter Stokes, England

You have infinitely made the world a better place
Ronald Christian Santopadre, USA
Your Holiness, God bless your soul. You have infinitely made the world a better place and your legacy will live for eternity as you have worked through those you now are leaving behind, as we will reach others from the values you instilled in us. I love you; keep peacefulness and courage as you meet Our Maker. Farewell as you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Ronald Christian Santopadre, USA

He's the greatest of all time, we should be happy not sad for our Pope. He gave up most of his time for the world; he should now rest in peace. God bless you. Thank you Pope John Paul II for everything. RIP.
Carrie Chan, England

Though I am by no ways religious, you have always been a person I admired for your strong beliefs and passions. You brought joy to millions and also comfort to them as well. You deserve your rest. Rest in Peace.
Cliff Babbs, Hong Kong

He was an iron figure who stood firm in the face of bullets, communism, and controversy. His reign was one of the most glorious in the history of the world. As he suffered, he always remained serene; safe in the knowledge that he had done the very best he could for his people and his faith. With his passing, the grand galleon of the Catholic Church has lost one of its finest captains. Rest in peace, Karol Wojtyla.
Joey McConnell, Kuwait

I might not be a Catholic but I still will remember what the pope did for as.
Zornitsa, Bulgaria

John Paul II has been an incredibly influential figure and a force for good in the world. He will be missed and remembered. Although we are all sad to lose our spiritual father, it was time and he can rest now with God.
Allison Logan, USA

This pope has shown that this faith is still young and strong after 2000 years
Eckard Buchner, Germany
I am not a religious man but I was deeply impressed by him. This pope has shown that this faith is still young and strong after 2000 years.
Eckard Buchner, Germany

Whilst not being a Catholic- this is a sad sad night. The brightest star in the sky tonight is Pope John Paul II looking down and smiling before meeting the people he has supported and given most of his life for. May God accept him as one of his best disciples.
Phil Durrant, Glossop, England

Eternal rest grant onto this truly inspirational and holy man oh Lord and let perpetual light forever shine upon him. May he rest in true peace. Amen
Cathy, England

The Pope has been a constant presence in world affairs since 1978 and he will be greatly missed. He was such an inspirational figure to not only Catholics, but to those from several faiths, and the world may not see the likes of him again.
Evan Faiazza, Canada

Long Live the legacy of the Pope John Paul II . I as a non-Christian (non-religious) person can clearly see how very important this one person was for the whole world. God bless
Dharmender, UK

The good he did outshines the good most of us have accomplished in a lifetime
Matthew Szypryt, UK
My grand parents had their marriage blessed by his signature. The good he did outshines the good most of us have accomplished in a lifetime. His kindness, open-mindedness, compassion, clarity and wisdom are a beacon to which we can only aspire to. May he rest in peace.
Matthew Szypryt, UK

He was a truly inspirational figure. He stood strong in moments of trial and tribulation. He will forever live on in our hearts and will be missed, not only for his work, but for being a truly wonderful human being. Farewell
Jason , USA

May you rest in peace and take your place by God's side. God bless.
Claire, UK

I am not Catholic, I simply believe in one Church One Faith. This passing may deprive us of reaching unity. The words of the Holy Father leave our Political leaders filled with guilt. Since the days of the Christ we have not seen such a man as this. What God gave us now God has taken
David Brwon, Worsley England

I am not religious, let alone Catholic, but I do feel for the Catholic world. May God rest his soul.
Andrew, England, UK

Today we have lost a true saint. John Paul the Great will be sorely missed.
Adrian Lloyd, England

His papacy has been magnificent and our holy father deserves to be remembered as a brilliant man
Daniel, UK
I remember seeing the Pope arrive at Liverpool airport during his UK visit and feeling full of joy and spirit at the tender age of 10. I believe his papacy has been magnificent and our holy father deserves to be remembered as a brilliant man.
Daniel, UK

A Great Leader, a great inter-faith healer, a great fighter of poverty but more than anything else a truly great man in terms of his personal character.
Saj Chakkalakal, India

The pope was such an influential man to the world. His beliefs have brought the Christian Church forward and he has regained millions of believers who were slipping away from their beliefs. God Bless John Paul II and let us all pray to God that the next pope will be as gracious and influential as JPII
James Setchell, England

A great man who stood for all that is good. Firm in his beliefs he should be credited with bringing about the downfall of Communism in Europe. Man of God who reached out and touched people of different religions & denominations.
Sunil N. Patel, USA

"Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence." Pope John Paul II, Rest now, may God guide you.
Heather, Colorado, United States

He was a great man. I remember his trip to Israel in March 2000. His humanity and humility impressed us all. He had blazed the trail in Catholic-Jewish relations. Every house of worship - the Mosque, Church and Synagogue was sacred to him and he had visited these houses of worship with great respect for his hosts. He was an international figure who held strong convictions which is positive to all irrespective of faith, colour or creed. We shall miss him. He was truly a man who walked in the footsteps of God. May His Dear Soul Rest in Peace.
Shimon Z. Klein, Israel

He is at peace now. A remarkable man who changed how the World perceived the Catholic church.
Joel Newsome, England

My deep condolences for the death of Pope John Paul. Despite the fact I am a Greek Orthodox and not a Roman Catholic I feel that Pope gave many things to Christianity and I will remember him as a person who wanted to bring all religions together, in a common dialogue. I will not forget his meetings with the leaders of the Orthodox Christian leaders. Have a nice journey, Karol.
Dimitrios, Thessaloniki Greece

Christians are often told to imitate Christ. Pope John Paul II did just that.
Brian Berry, USA

An outstandingly charismatic person
Neil Dias Karunaratne, Sri Lanka

A good man who struggled to bring people together regardless of religion or any other affiliation
Ferdous Al-Faruque, United States
First of all, I'd like to offer my condolences to the one billion Catholics of the world and many more who, as myself, adored Pope John Paul II. Even as a Muslim, I was humbled by a man who I believe has done for the papacy more than any who have held the position before him. There are issues where I disagreed with him, but he will always remain in my heart as a good man who struggled to bring people together regardless of religion or any other affiliation. Pope John Paul you now rest in peace with the ultimate truth we all seek. God Bless You.
Ferdous Al-Faruque, United States

Pope Woytjla has passed away. May God keep him close to Him for he was a man of exemplary values. I don't consider myself Catholic but I do mourn this man.
Stefy, Italy

He was a truly great man. I am a 16 year old catholic; Karol Wojtyla has been the pope for all of my life. He will be truly missed. At least he can rest with his maker now. It is truly touching the amount of people who have prayed for him and thought of him even if they aren't Catholics. But we mustn't mourn, that is not what he would have wanted, we must rejoice in the fact that he is in the Kingdom of Heaven and will still be loving us from there.
Rosie Campbell, England

Bless all of us for having lived in this time. Another towering figure passes from the scene, reminding us all we are, in fact, all human. Peace.
Gonzo, USA

Karol Wojtyla, Rest In Peace! Amen Maureen, Canada
Maureen, Canada

You have been an inspiration to a world. We are better people because of your leadership. You will be sorely missed but we will carry you in our hearts always. You are home now and we know you will always be with us. God bless and keep you always.
Nicola Wilson, Scotland

I am not Catholic but I feel truly saddened by the death of John Paul II. I visited the Vatican last year & felt honoured to attend a church service led by the Pope. His spiritual presence there was overwhelming. He has without doubt left a great legacy & I pray that he is now at peace with his Lord.
Victoria, Cardiff, UK

He will be sadly missed. Unusually, not just by Catholics but by many people all over the World regardless of religion. He was an example to us all by the way he fought to the end.
J.R Newton, England

He loved people and people in turn loved him
Peggy, Texas, USA
A wonderful man. May we all strive to live our lives in the manner of his. He loved people and people in turn loved him. May God Bless and keep him in His care.
Peggy, Texas, USA

The whole world will remember Pope John Paul II for his peace making initiative. The world has lost one peace lover and peace maker.
Melaku Jemaneh, Ethiopia

A man who showed people a glimpse of holiness and was strong enough in his faith to know that truth does not need to (and never should) be watered down to appear more palatable to the whims and fashions of the time. He will leave a powerful legacy, let us hope it shall not be ignored.
Josh, England

I am a Protestant, but Pope John Paul II stood for all people and was a true representative of God. He stood for freedom when others would not. He helped bring about an end to the Cold War. He focused attention on human rights issues across the world. We should take this time to celebrate his life.
David Fuller, New York, United States

He was a strong man who fought for what he believed in 'til the end
Mohammed K, Pakistan
Although I am a Muslim but still feel sad at the demise of Pope John Paul II. And I know many other people who feel the same way. In fact a couple of my friends even said special prayers for him. That just goes on to show the Universal appeal the late Pope enjoyed. He was a strong man who fought for what he believed in 'til the end. May his soul rest in peace.
Mohammed K, Pakistan

If only governments, politicians, senators and all other people in places of so called power stopped and looked what this one man has managed to do and took a leaf from his book... God Bless You and may you forever sit in the presence of our Lord. I am not a practising Catholic but your passing has affected me more than I would have thought possible. Sleep well with God. Your time for peace has come.
Gillian, England

I was a member of the British Caledonian Crew who flew the Holy Father back to Rome after his historical visit to England Scotland and Wales in 1982. After landing at Rome we were each presented to the Holy Father. I will never forget his presence, his unique words, his absolute holiness.
Coreen O'Flaherty, United Kingdom

While I'm Muslim, I am deeply saddened by the passing of Pope John Paul II. He was a great man who respected human life and dignity and strove to bring the people of the world together, regardless of their religious differences. I take comfort in celebrating his wonderful and purpose-filled life and knowing that he is in a better place. May he rest in peace.
Nazanin, New York, USA

He left the World at a time when we needed him most
Douglas Mhizha, England
The World today goes into mourning for a great man. Pope John Paul will be remembered all over the World as a great communicator, a man who united all faiths and a man who believed in the church as having one foundation, Jesus. I am sure many will appreciate his deeds for his love extended far and beyond the Catholic Church. He sought to bring the world closer to God and though I am not Catholic myself I most sincerely believe he left the World at a time when we needed him most. May the lord bless this great man.
Douglas Mhizha, England

The TV says this is a very sad moment for the Christian world, but a great and good man is free from his suffering and I cannot be sorry that he has been released. How sad to think that there are some priests who will be hopeful, even rejoice, at the thought of a liberal Pope.
Paul Wood, Romania

My sympathy to the pope who was the most loved pope ever.
Elisabet, Sweden

I feel Jean Paul II was the most international pope the Roman Catholic Church has had. While I disagree with many of his opinions, such as the use of contraception, I nevertheless respect his convictions. He was a man who meant well and who had faith in his God. I respect him for that. I hope he is in the paradise of his faith.
Antoinette, USA

May he pray for us in heaven with the same zeal he worked for our redemption on earth
Juliana L'Heureux, USA
Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, joins the angels, saints and our Lord who he faithfully served on earth, April 2, 2005. May he pray for us in heaven with the same zeal he worked for our redemption on earth.
Juliana L'Heureux, USA

As an Anglican married to a Catholic, I am aware of the sense of loss that the Popes death has brought to the Catholic Church. May he rest in Peace.
Andy Rixon, UK

You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are now free from your suffering and with our Lord. You did so much for everyone, you are such a wonderful man. God Bless.
Polly, Wales

Despite being a Muslim, I feel so sad that he died. He earned my respect for sticking to his principles - a quality lacking in our so-called Muslim leaders. God Bless your soul and may you rest in peace. You have been quite an inspiration for all mankind. Amen!
Abdellah, UK

We've lost John Paul II The Great. For my home country, as for all the rest of the world, this is a loss that will be very hard, if ever possible, to compensate.
Krzysztof Maslinski, Poland

John Paul II was a wonderful Pope. A man of strong will and convictions, this has been particularly highlighted after the last few days of his life. He is now after a long and terrible illness finally at peace.
Andy B, UK

We have lost our father.
Michael Mielniczek, UK

As A Northern Irish Christian Protestant there are many flaws with John Paul II that I can identify, yet I still wept at his passing, for his spiritual strength is something that people of all religions should strive to identify with and try to emulate, regardless of being Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever.
Iain Mc Mullan, Singapore

He lived by Christ's example he suffered by Christ's example
Terry, New Zealand

Upright religious leaders are rare in our times. Pope John Paul II was respected by all religions for his devotion to human causes of justice and peace.
Zehra Ahmed, United States

May god grant you rest, holy father. You have certainly earned it
Margaret Fitzsimons, UK

I'm a Protestant from Belfast - so it may come as some surprise to others that I feel a real sadness tonight - He was a good man who gave his life to others and to something he believed in , and I greatly respect him for that - May he rest in peace
Fiona, N Ireland

Let us pray that his journey become one of peace and virtue
Gregory, United States of America
As a catholic I am sad by his death but understand another aspect of this death that he will be unified in heaven with God and be in likeness to the father almighty. May we never want to see anyone die let us pray that his journey become one of peace and virtue.
Gregory, United States of America

He is gone... I am shocked, but now I know how much everybody loved him. I loved him and how I will miss him. Let's pray for him and all of us at the same time.
Wojtek, Poland

The gates of heaven are awaiting the arrival of yet another one of God's holy people. Rest in peace Your Grace.
Leann-Marie Fernandes, Trinidad and Tobago

My deepest Condolences to the family of our dear Papa. I was always happy to know that Our Lady - Mary most Holy was always his guide every moment of his life. May his soul rest in peace as he now shares in the loving bliss of Our Lord Jesus for all eternity. He shall be fondly remembered by the Dias family.
Walerie Irene Dias, India

Though raised in the Catholic faith, I - like many others - had great disagreements with the papal stand on many issues. Still, we have lost a great communicator, a man of great compassion and clarity. Wojtyla's death touches all, believers and not.
S. Kent, USA

Pope was an living example of Lord Jesus Christ. May the almighty God give him eternal rest. Amen.
Joseph. N. R, United Kingdom

Karol Wojtyla will be remembered as a great man of our times, not only as The Pope, but as a soldier for peace, joy and Love for all humankind regardless of race, colour or creed.
Linda Hodgen, Akron, Ohio, USA

An extraordinary man who probably did more good for more people than can be imagined.
Roger, US

God be with His Holiness, May he rest in peace and continue to watch over us with the company of our Holy Father. Blessed art Thou.
Keith Hill, England

I have never been religious but have watched in awe at the amazing strength, dignity and forgiveness that Pope John Paul has conducted his papacy. A truly hard act to follow. May he rest in peace
Kelvin Marsh, England

The pope was a principled man, and made himself available to service of God and humanity. May his soul rest in peace.
Nicholas A. Boamah, United Kingdom

A good man has gone. I'm so saddened.
Terry Daniels, England

Losing Pope John Paul II is a loss to the entire humanity. He was an institution in himself. He was not only the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, but was the spiritual, moral and religious leader of the entire human race. May God rest his soul in peace and paradise.
Bhawan, Iraq

A great pillar of religion, a symbol of unity of faith. He was an advocate of peace among all irrespective of tribe, colour, religion or creed. A political adviser to the world. His footprint will remain beyond this millennium if Jesus tarries. We pray that his successor will be given the grace by God to be able to fill his shoes. Great father to all, rest in peace
The Revd Dr Alfred Oviomo, Nigeria

I'm not a Catholic but feel the world has lost a truly great man. Let us all pray that his successor will prove to be as worthy of the office
Graham, Oxford UK

The pope was a man to be respected and his work has been done and message received by millions. May he rest in heaven my thoughts are with him.
Ovais, Canada

Pope John Paul II was a great man. His death left a void.
Marek I Tomaszewski, Denmark

May your faith be a comfort to you in these difficult times
Mia Jackson, Britain
My heart goes out to all Catholics. May your faith be a comfort to you in these difficult times. And may the pope rest in peace.
Mia Jackson, Britain

I will never forget the outpouring of love and respect this man received by the multitude of youth who came from all corners of the world to Toronto for their youth meeting. They prayed together, they listened to each other and they loved one another. No other man on earth could relate to these kids better. He was indeed "The Almighty Father".
T. Nazar, Canada

I am so saddened by the death of Pope John Paul II. He has been as inspiration to me ever since, as a child, I watched his appointment to the Papacy 27 years ago. I am not a Catholic but I admired him greatly for his humanity and his compassion. There are very few public figures left for us to admire and Pope John Paul II was at the forefront of them. God Bless his soul
Mrs Penny Davis, UK

As I write I cry for this lovely human being. He was not just a Pope for Catholics; he was a Pope for all mankind. May he rest in eternal peace.
Nereida Garcia, New York City, NY, USA

He will be truly missed!
Gretchen Knecht, USA

An example for us all has died; released from his struggle he may now find eternal peace. Let his legacy continue
Yntze Heida, The Netherlands

I remember waiting for the white smoke to appear signifying we had a new pope when I was just a girl. Pope John Paul made such an impact on the how the Roman Catholic Church is perceived. He is truly a GREAT and HOLY Man! May he continue to pray for all of us still here on earth while he is in heaven. God bless you John Paul II.
Karen Barber, United States

In a time when religion is in precarious health, losing a leader like the Pope has even moved the staunchest secularist to mourn. Rest in peace.
Hasan Saiyid, Canada

The Pope was to me a strong man and good and he was Pope even before I was born and I have always looked up to him, and I am only 13 and he has such a impact on me and may he rest in peace with his father in heaven.
Grace Jolly, England

A man of selfless compassion, a champion for causes of the voiceless, and an exemplary human being
Abbas Reza, Canada
There will be a new Pope; the world however has lost something rarely witnessed - a man of selfless compassion, a champion for causes of the voiceless, and an exemplary human being. He came out physically to the world outside the Vatican to command the undeniable respect of every religion, ethnicity and race. May God make his passage safe and peaceful.
Abbas Reza, Canada

At last now this wonderful man's suffering is at an end. Don't be sad, he is now with our Lord in heaven!
Caroline, Reading, UK

Having been brought up in Northern Ireland amongst all the bigotry as a protestant, I felt privileged to happen upon the Pope giving a blessing during a trip to Rome. I was truly moved to be in the near vicinity of a kind, dignified and caring human being. Good Night, God Bless
Dorothy Patterson, England

As a Muslim that I am, I greatly admired his courage and humanity. May Allah have mercy on his sole.
Bilal A. Bhutta, USA

Much, much sadness for a dearly loved and much admired man. He has gone home to the Lord he loved. We are all the poorer for his passing. May he rest in peace. His work is now completed.
Gerard O' Regan, Ireland

In today's world it is very moving to see how so many people right across the world are united in grief for the passing of their leader. I'm not a Catholic myself, nor really religious, but it is touching to see the good side of religion which is about love for fellow man.
Jane, UK

God bless John Paul II, and comfort all who mourn his passing.
Rachel, UK

The Pope was the only man who could unite people of different colour and religion and make them pray for peace. The world will miss him. Not only Catholics are sorry for his death, but people all over the world. I am not a Christian but I did admire him. Let him rest in peace. Amen
Irina, Russia

A man of inspiration to our faith, a true leader with motivation. I admire him deeply for his work and commitment. May he rest in peace and may he character never leave him. Thank you.
Francesca Harvey aged 15, England

I feel a great sense of joy as he is now in the presence of Christ
Joanne, UK
I heard his holiness say mass at Liverpool's Roman Catholic cathedral in 1982, I was 15 years old and I remember it as if it were yesterday, It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget, He was a gift from God, I am sad he is no longer with us as his death is a loss to this world, but at the same time I feel a great sense of joy as he is now in the presence of Christ, I pray that his legacy continues and that he rests in everlasting peace.
Joanne, UK

The world is a poorer place with the loss of a great humanitarian. May he rest in peace.
Joanne Mann, UK

He was simply a great man. We lost him.
Mohamud Sharif, United Kingdom

Death is the beginning of eternal life, we will miss him, rest in peace.
Daniel Kibaga, Kenya

Pope John Paul II was an amazing man. If only our world leaders would look up to him and learn a thing or two about compassion. Rest in peace, Pope John Paul II. I as a Muslim will be praying for him.
Dina Nasser, Cairo, Egypt

I am so proud to be one of the Pope's countrymen. And I'll always try to keep Him alive in my words, deeds and in my heart.
Agnieszka, Poland

I'm not a catholic but the Pope was such a great man and will always be remembered. Rest in Peace
Andrew Edwards, UK

A truly great man who always had humanity in his heart.
The Scott Family, England

"Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, humans cannot live without a spiritual life". As Pope John Paul II has returned back to our father house. All I want to do is thank him for guidance to a spiritual life. On life's journey: faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him"
Pawan Sana, India

"The Pope was a good man who did what he believed in."
A Spinola, UK

Go in peace. You will always be remembered.
Julie, Atlanta, USA

A great loss of a great man. But, heaven is brighter.
Bob Curtis, USA

R.I.P Pope John Paul II God Bless You! We will miss you so very much! You are now with God! We will remember you always!

Speaking as a Catholic, he was a great leader and set a very high bar for us. The humble servant has returned home and can now rest.
Young Kim, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

Pope John Paul was a great world leader. We can only pray that the current crop of leaders around the world look to his example and practice tolerance and love instead of hatred and bigotry. God Rest his soul, he will be sorely missed!
Scott, USA

He was a great, great man
Stefano Gigante, Italy
He was a great, great man. He lived fighting for what he held dear, his, our values. He was an ambassador of peace. He fought even with his sickness, and if ultimately his body failed to him, he won. Now his soul rests in peace with the Almighty, and his mission is up to us. Rest in Peace, John Paul II
Stefano Gigante, Italy

Although being of a different faith (C of E) it is of no importance as I offer my tribute to a wonderful man. Never has any Pope touched so many people of so many Nations and religions. He was truly an inspiration to all. He has earned his place in Heaven with dignity, the respect of millions and was truly "The People's Pope". - May love and peace go with you as you start your new journey - .
Keith Webb, England

May Pope John Paul's legacy live on and never be forgotten. A man who truly will be missed by many people around the world. He will forever remain in our hearts.
Renee Bucher, USA

An amazing and graceful man. Rest in peace your holiness. You will always be remembered.
Stephen Cunningham, Scotland

Pope John II literally blew the cobwebs out of the Vatican, he was far seeing, original, determined and respectful of others. In this world of wishy-washy leaders with little to commend them, He stood out commanding and deserving respect. The next pope is going to have a tough time trying to live up to the world's expectations.
Mythili, Italy

A great spiritual leader has passed away. He will long be remembered as the leader who has helped in no small way in the establishment of world peace. Even in his death bed he has managed to show the world that ours on earth is a temporary passage of time and a new and everlasting life expects us after this life. He has shown life to the very end and has managed to unite the world around him, believers and non-believers, in these last two days. This was a great man. I am sure that God has already welcomed him to eternal life.
Raymond Lanzon, Malta

A great man and a great leader. He helped people keep their faith in this modern world, and he championed the cause of social justice and freedom. He will always be remembered for his greatness around the world.
Paic Grant, Ireland

Larger than life figure. He brought out the best in all of us and his successor will have a hard time filling his shoes. A Titan.
Toni La Tegola, Netherlands, formerly of Kenya

Pope John Paul II was a great man; showing strength and determination even through illness. He showed us the power of forgiveness and was a great leader of the Catholic Church. God bless him.
Jason Soares, England

John Paul II should be an icon to everyone. Forgiveness and peace was his word. May he lay in peace for ever more. Gone has he from this land and gone to heaven with the Lord. My thoughts and prayers will be with him always.
Owen Burbidge, England

May your soul rest in peace and may God bless you with all his fruits. You have done what few others will ever be able to accomplish.
Piotr, Pole in the USA

I would like to say first that Pope John Paul II's papacy started before I was born. Throughout my life, first as a protestant and then as an atheist, I could look up to this man as a spiritual compass. I may not agree with all of the church's views, but I will reiterate what others have said, he crossed faiths and cultures, with a passion to aid humanity in whatever way he can.
Sean Fraser, Canada

He has gone to a better place
David Thomas, United Kingdom
Although not particularly religious I am saddened by the passing of John Paul II. Perhaps in the most fitting of tributes Christians and Muslins have paid tribute to this man. John Paul has displayed the best attributes of a human being, perhaps something we all aspire to regardless of belief. He has gone to a better place.
David Thomas, United Kingdom

Pope John Paul was a well respected man and is a shock to lose such a great man who fought for the freedom of others. May he rest in peace and God bless his soul.
Louise, Britain

Pope John Paul II will be sorely missed by the world. He was a man of peace and the Pope of the young. A friend to everyone he did God's work well and now he is home with the Lord.
Matt Fraser, Walsall, England

His pontificate was a great one and his passing will be mourned with great sorrow by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
Richard Forster, UK

If nothing else, and there is a lot to choose from, we should remember the man who held the Church together through one of the toughest periods in history and avoided another reformation-style break-up and still found time for everything else. We will miss him. God bless you Mr. Wojtyla.
George, England

I have grown up with this man as the Pope and he was the person from whom I learned what a Pope was and what a great example. He was a wonderful man who worked to the end. He showed a great deal of courage through his illness and this was shown with his appearance last Sunday. God bless him and rest in peace Pope John Paul.
Marie Harkin, Manchester UK

What a sad day for the world a great man will never be replaced RIP
Joan Byrne, Warwickshire

It will be so hard and difficult to get used to the world without HIM, without HIS voice and presence. I'm so sad.
Anna , Poland

I might not be in the least bit religious, but it is a sad day to see this man pass. He has done a lot of good for this world, and now he is gone. God bless your soul John Paul, may you rest in peace.
Steve Hillier, UK

This is a great man, leaving us, to go to a greater place where he can rest in tranquillity.
Joseph Valle,

My deepest sympathies for the man who has devoted his entire life for the well being and peace of this world and the human kind. We all love him and may his soul rest in peace. Peace be with us all.
Revathi Kumaran, India

Planet Earth was lucky to have Karol Wojtyla.
Adefemi Farinu, Canada

You reached out and touched our hearts
Howard & Pauline Paul, England
You reached out and touched our hearts, our tears are living waters of faith in your memory God Bless
Howard & Pauline Paul, England

Although I have fallen away from my Catholic upbringing, and despite the fact I disagree with several Catholic principles, Pope John Paul II -- Karl Wojtyla -- has my deepest respect: as an intellectual, a fluent speaker of more languages than most Europeans, a proponent of peace.
Christopher, NYC USA

Your life on earth has been a tribute to the world, a great leader loved by many, a place assured at the right hand of the Lord. God Bless you may you rest in peace.
John Beveridge, United Kingdom

I'm not Catholic...but I am human ...God speed John Paul
Pete, UK

The Pope was a great spiritual and inspirational leader to many people across the world, and will be greatly missed. Was his last lesson to us in his refusal of treatment that would prolong his life, show his support for euthanasia?
Martin, UK

A wonderful beacon of truth and justice for the world
John O'Byrne, Dublin, Ireland
I feel a deep sense of sadness that we have lost such a great spiritual leader, a wonderful beacon of truth and justice for the world. John Paul II will go down in history as one of the greatest pontiffs - a truly great man of strong character, a worthy successor of St Peter. His soul is with God in Heaven tonight.
John O'Byrne, Dublin, Ireland

There is a great sense of loss at the passing of His Holiness Pope John Paul II. A truly great man, a spiritual leader that the world can ill afford to be without. We can take comfort in the fact that the Christ he served so faithfully has now welcomed him with open arms into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Ivan Latham, England

You were a man of the times, and you led us well. May God have mercy on you and rest in peace. Thank you for showing the whole world that we as Catholics had a leader who wanted to see and involve himself with the problems of the world
Jane, England

I am deeply touched by the passing away of the Pope. I will always remember the day he visited Heaton Park in Manchester in 1982.
Brian Corby, England

I am proud to be a Roman Catholic and even more proud to have had you Father as my leader. My heart is broken but my faith and your teachings will carry me through. Lord watch over this wonderful loved man.
Margaret Doores, UK/USA

He truly wanted to live shoulder to shoulder with other faiths
Ibrahim, Sheffield, UK
I'm a Muslim but have huge admiration for the deceased Pope. He truly wanted to live shoulder to shoulder with other faiths unlike any others. He stood up for basic humanity, basic principles and moreover, basic respect for others regardless of their creed, religious or ethnicity. May Allah grant him peace.
Ibrahim, Sheffield, UK

Pope John Paul II will be remembered as one of the most remarkable human beings in history.
Pradeep, India

The Pope was truly a man of peace and love. May he rest in peace, but his memory live on.
Brenda, USA

Rest in peace, our dear Holy Father. I am happy that the Pope visited my country in 1993 and I was able to take part in the Mass in Riga. It was one of the most emotional moments of my life.
Irena Buzinska, Latvia

He was a Great Man and Leader.
Pentti Juhani Partanen, Finland

My thoughts and those of Roman Catholics and others are with him on this sad night
Liam Sims, UK
A wonderful leader, the life of Pope John Paul II was one of great significance, breakthrough and communication. As a Christian, I am saddened by his loss, and continue to pray for him. My thoughts and those of Roman Catholics and others are with him on this sad night, and I pray now that he will rest in peace with his creator. God bless Pope John Paul II.
Liam Sims, UK

Thank you for your great leadership and love for every soul on earth. Live in Peace forever.
Miki Hoya, New Zealand

This man was a hero, I am so sorry to hear about his passing. Even though I am a Sikh I had so much respect for him. God rest his soul, this great man
Nav Singh, UK

That he was appointed Pope was a miracle. He freed Eastern Europe. He was the moral authority of our times. He brought a joy to his role, a sense of fun despite the burdens he carried. God bless his soul. What a Man.
Lutek, Poland

I am a Muslim but I was very saddened to hear the death of this great man. He put aside his own personal sufferings to bring comfort to others. He encouraged dialogues with other faiths and had a personal magnetism that connected him with people all over the world. He will be missed by all who truly believe in world peace and human brotherhood. May God rest His soul.
Ali, UK

The Pope has been a cross-cultural, cross-religious, spiritual leader
SC, Maryland, USA
The Pope has been a cross-cultural, cross-religious, spiritual leader. As a Muslim, I have been awed by his presence and ability to bring a whole people together by his religious and loving convictions. My prayers are with the Catholic community and all those who endeared him a spiritual leader.
SC, Maryland, USA

Sad news. May he Rest in Peace. Not to be forgotten for many years. We lost a Spiritual man.
Matthew Purchase, Grantham, England

I'm not keen on obituaries and I'm not a religious man, but his death has touched me. He always struck one as a courageous and honest man. I think we've lost something.
Vlodec, UK

Pope John Paul II was a truly remarkable human being. A talented linguist, diplomat and advocate of peace. Although I am not a catholic and disagreed with some of his views, I have a lot of respect for what he did for mankind. I am glad his pain is over and is resting in a better place.
Martin Kaye, Britain

Our world has lost a man of true spirituality. The Roman Catholic Church has lost a Pope who will never be replaced. His presence just glowed love and hope. A true Holy man for all of the world regardless of race, religion, or creed. I loved you Pope John Paul II, and I know you love all of us. Rest in peace.
Vickie Reeves, USA

He came from the humblest beginnings
Terry Nazar, Canada
Among world leaders, Pope John Paul II is respected, appreciated and loved by everyone because he was like Jesus Christ. He came from the humblest beginnings and through his preachings of love, unity through love, hope and faith, mixed with his undying commitment to hard work, he reached the most powerful position in the world. None of this came via the silver spoon or with the support of the powerful business community. I'm so happy I was here through these 26 years to witness all the world events that have occurred, that make me appreciate this man so much. Rest In Peace and take your rightful seat next to the Almighty.
Terry Nazar, Canada

The Pope was a leader of Catholics, but more importantly a leader and role model for the world. May he rest in peace and let us pray for his soul as he ascends to the lord in heaven. Our thoughts and prayers go to him.
Thomas Hayward, Worcs, UK

May he rest in peace. He was a good man and one who acknowledged the failings of the catholic church.
Cathy and Brian, UK

John Paul II, we love you! And we I will remember you as the greatest most inspiring young heart of the 21st Century.
Rita deVries, Canada

The pope was a man to look up to. May he rest in peace, knowing that his life's work was done. He is in heaven with the great lord now. My thoughts and prayers remain with him.
Emily Cohen, England

Our Lord grant the Holy Father a safe passage to heaven and may the next pontiff have a heart as big as Karol to lead our Church through the tribulations of our times.
Z.Y.Lee, Sheffield, UK

You could always say three things: firstly, that what you saw was what there was; secondly that he genuinely wanted what was best for people; thirdly, he was quite literally prepared to work until he dropped to care for those he for whom he was responsible. Together those won him admiration and respect around the world even from those who disagreed with particular opinions.
Alex Swanson, UK

The world should pray for the soul of such a good man.
David Phillip-Pritchard, United Kingdom

A Great Leader, a great inter-faith healer, a great fighter of poverty but more than anything else a truly great man in terms of his personal character.
Saj Chakkalakal, India

His humanity and humility impressed us all
Shimon Z. Klein, Israel
He was a great man. I remember his trip to Israel in March 2000. His humanity and humility impressed us all. He had blazed the trail in Catholic-Jewish relations. Every house of worship - the Mosque, Church and Synagogue was sacred to him and he had visited these houses of worship with great respect for his hosts. He was an international figure who held strong convictions which is positive to all irrespective of faith, colour or creed. We shall miss him. He was truly a man who walked in the footsteps of God. May His Dear Soul Rest in Peace.
Shimon Z. Klein, Israel

I saw John Paul II when he came to Cardiff in 1982, it was a wonderful experience. He did so much for the world, not just for Catholics. Today is a very sad day. RIP your holiness and god be with you.
I an Campbell, Wales

The world has lost a truly spiritual and devout Christian. That Karol Wojtyla became John Paul II was a true gift to Catholics worldwide, may his papal legacy continue.
Vincent Whelan, USA

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