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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 11:35 GMT
What impact will Delhi blasts have?
Police stand guard at site in Paharganj area of Delhi
What will be the lasting impact of the Delhi bomb blasts?

Three bombs exploded in India's capital, Delhi, on Saturday killing at least 60 people and injuring 210. Two of the attacks were in crowded marketplaces as people were shopping for the religious festivals of Diwali and Eid.

A previously little-known group called Inqilabi has said it carried out the attacks and police say they have made progress in their investigations.

Were you in the areas affected by blasts? Why do you think Delhi was targeted? What should the response be?

Do you have any images? If so, you can send photos and mobile phone footage to or text them to 00447921648159

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Just two years back, I would have been shopping in Sarojini Nagar at this time before Diwali. I came to live in Belfast, infamous for bomb scares in UK. Whether Belfast, Delhi, London or Iraq, such acts of terror are all acts of nothing but evil. It's time the world allocated some money to develop a global campaign on all media aimed at educating those who commit such heinous crimes to understand that such acts of terror can not be justified and are wrong by all perspectives. Ashu Belfast
Ashutosh, Belfast, UK

I am a Delhite working in London. In the past I have seen terrorism threats up close both in London and now I am hearing about the same horror in my home town. Delhi is an obvious target as it is the capital city. Sarojini Nagar is always bustling with people even on regular days so it made the perfect target. Like London now a sense of terror and insecurity will take over Delhi as well.
Asra Fareed, London, UK

I try to be optimist. In some cases in the past, bad events like this has contribute to get former enemies closer to peace. Let's hope that even in this case India and Pakistan will cooperate together against extremists on both sides.
Maximiliano, San Jose, Costa Rica

The Delhi blast is a wake up call for all those who think every thing is quiet in the western front. All those peace measures advocated by Pakistan hold no meaning. Not until there is a tangible effort in Pakistan itself to curb terrorism instead of pushing for a meaningless unilateral withdrawal of Indian troops from Kashmir. These blasts have only reinforced a justified claim to maintain troops in Kashmir. Its time the Indian government start thinking more practically rather than presenting an ideal but impractical gesture for peace to impress Pakistan.
Sushanth, Boston MA

These are sick people of no faith! India and Pakistan must overcome these people whoever they are and bring them to justice, if that is possible. It is in the interest of both nations to be at peace and ease with each other. However, I am sure there are some out there in the world who do not want these to nations to prosper further. My Condolences to all Indian Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs.
Majeed, London, UK

This just makes opening the border for aid look like a very dangerous proposition. As it shows that terrorist aren't stopped by natural disasters and do not care about helping there own people. Surely the young people who did this would serve their god better by helping the desperate people of Kashmir and Pakistan instead of murdering the innocent people of India.
Simmi Chauhan, Mansfield

This is a terrible tragedy. Yet again terrorists are spreading fear and hatred into their brothers and sisters. There is just no humility anymore in this volatile and hostile environment we live in, day in day out. Have the Indians forgotten the vision of their father of their nation, Gandhiji. This would break his heart to see what these minority groups are doing to his country he fought and sacrificed for. It is an utter disgrace.
Lachlan Mackay, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

This just makes opening the border for aid look like a very dangerous proposition. As it shows that terrorists aren't stopped by natural disasters and do not care about helping their own people. Surely the young people who did this would serve their god better by helping the desperate people of Kashmir and Pakistan instead of murdering the innocent people of India.
Simmi Chauhan, Mansfield

India is a unique country with many religions. A country which has a Muslim President, Sikh Prime Minister who is part of the congress party which in turn has a Hindu leader. Which other country on the planet could boast such diversity at the highest levels of society. India is truly unique, diverse and great; the people who have done this are narrow minded and not even worth talking about.
Simratpal, Nottingham

What has happened is the act of evil and injustice against humanity
Roni, Palmerston North, New Zealand
This was a real shocking news for me because I use to live near Sarojini Nagar Market and my whole family loves to shop there because of all the bargains you can get. What has happened is the act of evil and injustice against humanity and I believe the people responsible behind this dirty act deserves to be punished. And if they say it is on the name of religion, I want to ask them which religion teaches them to kill your their brothers and sisters.
Roni, Palmerston North, New Zealand

It is clear that the attacks are aimed at dividing Delhi along religious lines. It won't happen. This will dampen Eid and Diwali, but they'll never put Delhi down.
Surge, Delhi, India

This is sickening. You can never can build up a community or nation base on the principle of hatred and violence. This is senseless. I condemn this Delhi blasts with my whole being.
Angumei, Alton, USA

I lived in Delhi for 12 years. It is horrific to know about these blast. It is difficult to understand what the terrorist will achieve by killing innocent people. I just want to underline that people of India are rational and understand that terrorist do not have any religion.
Shekhar Mehta, Chicago, USA

I was at Sarojini Ngr when the blast happened with my family. We went shopping for Diwali. We saw the flames rising up to at least 30-35 feet up in the air and pieces blowing along with it. People started to run in the opposite direction from the blast. It was a complete state of chaos. As we were in the middle of the park near to which the blast happened, we were safe from all the stampede. It was heart-wrenching sight..child beggars were all running here and there crying; the hawkers and platform sellers started to grab whatever stuff they could. Then after few seconds the entire sky started to fill with black smoke. We stayed there frozen to our places for almost 10 minutes and after that we headed back to home. While on our way back, we could see the smoke from many kilometres away while riding in our car.
Alka Sharma, New Delhi, India

I have immediate family residing in Gurgaon, not far from the scenes of the blasts. It was recently that I had visited SarojiniNagar market to procure essentials for my in-laws and I was truly shocked to hear of the devastation. My sister-in-law happened to be in the area at the time of the blast in the market area and she sounded very distraught on the phone tonight.
Saibal Ghosh, Leeds, UK

My brother and sister and their families live in the Delhi area. Fortunately, all of them are safe, although the Govindpuri blast occurred just about 1 km from my sister's office. Who are these enemies of humanity that cannot see people (both Hindus and Muslims) getting ready to celebrate their festivals?
Akhlesh Lakhtkia, State College, PA, USA

My condolences go out to the victims of the blasts. I am confident that the authorities in India will bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. More importantly, the festivities must go on! If we put our festive season on hold, then the terrorists have won.
Arjun, London, UK

Those behind this attack should understand that they are buying themselves only hatred and in no way will help in whatever they are trying to achieve
Virendra, Bhopal, India
I am an Indian living in UK and will be reaching New Delhi in a week's time. My heart sunk after hearing such tragic news in such a lovely time in India. Those behind this attack should understand that they are buying themselves only hatred and in no way will help in whatever they are trying to achieve. India will stand always firm and strong against terrorists.
Virendra, Bhopal, India

I am sure that Indians will take this attack on their chins and carry on with their lives, taking care not to fall into the trap of communal violence set out by the extremists. India has seen these traps before and has successfully dealt with them. God Bless India.
J Thomas, Oxford, UK

I was deeply saddened to hear about this great tragedy.Human lives are precious be they hindu, muslim, sikh, christian etc.No loss should be tolerated under these circumstances. My condolences go out to the families and prayers for the people who died. May God grant them heaven and rest their souls in peace for eternity. I wish everyday for peace to return to our troubled south Asian soil where all people live in peace, harmony and love. God bless us all.
Zeeshan (Pakistani), New York,USA

I don't know what these people could be thinking about when committing these crimes, but I can be sure it's nothing to do with religion
Nuri, Canary Islands, Spain
A barbaric act. I don't know what these people could be thinking about when committing these crimes, but I can be sure that it's nothing to do with religion. My respects for the families of those who were affected.
Nuri, Canary Islands, Spain

My cousins live in Sarojini nagar, just minutes walk from Sarojini Nagar market. My young nieces walk up to market almost everyday, with Diwali just a day away I knew they must be literally living in the market. When I heard of the blasts, I was worried and contacted them and thankfully they are all fine.
Sachin, Toronto, Canada

As soon as I heard the news, it brought back memories of that one fateful day in May 1996 when I lost a friend in Lajpat Nagar blasts and I barely survived. Paharganj is one place on this earth where you see a mix of middle class Indians Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, young, old, western Tourists, African Students, and these cowards have to target such places. My heart is with people of Delhi who have taken this resiliently for a long long time, even before 9/11 and the London underground blasts. I hope life goes on again like numerous times before.

I received an SMS from my sister who works few kilometres away from Sarojini Nagar in Delhi at 1930 IST saying series of blasts have rocked Delhi and red alert has been sounded. She left her work at 1730 in the evening, she was in a DTC bus going home and at the same time Delhi markets and a bus were being bombed by these fanatic people. My mom was planning to go shopping for Diwali to Sarojini Nagar market, thank god she did not go today. This heinous act of crime can no way be justified and should be condemned by each and every individual on this planet. The timings of these bombings were chosen to cause maximum damage. This is a peak shopping time due to Diwali next week, people would have flocked to the markets.
Animesh, Reading, UK

Such cowardly acts can only be committed by terrorists. These brainwashed people cannot even realise that they are killing innocent civilians including children! Indians should not be cowered by such inhuman acts. Diwali should be celebrated as usual and my sincere condolences to the families of dead and injured.
Vikram Vuppala, Chicago, USA

This again proves that terrorists are unscrupulous and give no value to innocent life. No cause can justify these kinds of barbaric acts against mankind by an bunch of fanatics.
Sunil Morakkatte, India

I have two brothers in Delhi and was relieved to know that they are fine. However the pictures from the TV screens make your heart bleed for the families of the innocent who have been caught up in these terrorist attacks. I have always believed that the best way to defeat terrorism is to do your normal things and be defiant. Such acts of cowardice is best dealt with courage, and I am sure the Indians will deal with it in country's best democratic traditions.
Debkant Jena, Chorley, UK

I have relatives in Delhi and am concerned about them. I am not very surprised at these attacks, and why should I be? I am shocked more at the fact that the Indian government is actually considering opening up the borders for "aid".
Kumar Mangalam, Winnipeg, Canada

When everyone is condemning this heinous act of barbarism, we should not forget the bravery and great presence of mind of the driver and the conductor of the bus which was blown up in Govindpuri area. The conductor and driver saw some unclaimed baggage, they stopped the bus and asked passengers to quickly get off the bus. When the blast occurred luckily there were only 4-5 passengers in the bus. They saved the lives of other passengers by putting their own in danger. There are very few such people in this world. My head goes down paying my utmost respect to this brave act.
Animesh, Reading, UK

Those who did this need to be found. People who do this deserve no sympathy, and neither do their "causes".
Guru S, New York, USA

I am from Delhi, these were some of the places I used to visit often. It's a sad and utterly disgusting act. This happening when India and Pakistan are trying to work things out is utterly monstrous. I offer my condolence to all the affected families. May God be with them at this difficult time.
Ramneek Singh, Memphis, TN, USA

Terrorism has no place in the world
Nadeem Hanif, Livingston, Scotland
This is shocking, just days before Eid-Ul-Fitr. My thoughts go to the family of those who have perished and those who are in hospital. Terrorism has no place in the world.
Nadeem Hanif, Livingston, Scotland

A frequent traveller to India, I know the main bazaar in Paharganj very well and can only imagine the impact of a blast in this narrow crowded market!! Many of the stalls are little more than tarpaulins spread out on the roadside, scant cover from the horrors of an attack. My thoughts go out to this normally happy part of Delhi and indeed to the families of all involved in the Delhi blasts
Derek Mair, Sassenheim, The Netherlands

Who could be behind this attack is hard to tell but attacks like these happen in India or in Pakistan whenever there is a window of opportunity for peace between the two rivals. After the earthquake in the region, there is a lot of encouraging moves from both sides. The attack coincides with the meeting of officials to discuss opening up of the LOC in Kashmir. Also, it is at the time of Diwali and near Eid. Whoever is behind the attack is clearly an enemy of both Muslims and Hindus.
Akhtar Ali, Newcastle

My sister lives in Delhi and my father just reached Delhi this morning from the USA. I am quite shaken to hear about attacks in areas that my sister, father and friends would frequent.
Neha Malik, MD, USA

I hope that this does not escalate further. The ramifications of this could be catastrophic for the whole of Asia and the sub-continent. My sympathies to all who have been affected. Peace! Please!
Ian, London, UK

I am a Pakistani expat and I condemn this act of terrorism targeted at innocent people. No excuse of any sort can be brought forward by any group to justify it, there is nothing that can validate it at all.
Siraj Ahsan, Dubai, UAE

The timing of the blasts coincided with the preparation for Diwali and Eid, when people would be out in strength. Terrorist masterminds use the concept of holy jihad to further their separatist agenda. I refuse to believe that any religion can endorse or condone such wanton acts of destructions.
Murli Krishna, Bloomington, USA

I shudder to think that someone I know could easily have died.
Lavanya, USA
I've just got back from my annual summer in Delhi - the minute I heard about the bombs I was frantically calling relatives and friends. Sarojini Nagar and Gol Market are what I would describe as my 'haunts', so it's really frightening and scary to see such familiar places reduced to chaos and rubble. It's of particular sadness because Diwali is a time for peace, as is Eid, and thus should be a time when the people of our great country smile, celebrate and rejoice together. It is a sad day for all Indians.
Satbir Singh, Oxford, UK & Delhi, India

It may be worth noting that the time when these blasts happened roughly coincides with sunset in Delhi, the time for Muslims to break their Ramadan fast. So, if these were Muslim terrorists, they may have calculated that they will miss conservative Muslims who would be at home to break their fasts instead of shopping in the markets.
Nadeem Jamali, Saskatoon, Canada

I'd just like to point out that these attacks came just before Pakisatani and Indian officals were to negotiate, which parts of the L.O.C. to open.
Mehnaz Hussain, Luton, england

As soon as I heard the news, I called family and friends. My parents were in Sarojini Nagar in the same shops a day before. Almost everyone I spoke to was in one of these two markets, the day before or hours before or at the same time but away from the scene of the blasts....Given that Diwali and Eid are coming up, everyone is out shopping. I shudder to think that someone I know could easily have died. My prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones in these attacks.
Lavanya, USA

I travelled to India at Easter and spent a 2 days in Delhi. I can't believe that this has happened. I spent a day shopping and eating in Pahargangj. It was a lovely area and is full of amazing sights and smells. It is going to have a lasting inpact on many familes and people as they work hard for their living and this may put many back to square one.
Amy McDonald, Plymouth, England

I am shocked by the terror attack. I used to visit Paharganj regularly when I was an student to buy books etc. These market places are very popular among Delhi Middle class people. I think that the high time has come to wipe out the terrorism.
Subhadeep Chatterjee, Berkeley, USA

I was brought up in and aroudn Delhi and the place where such a ghastly and cowardly act has been done by the terrorist is one of the liveliest place in Delhi. Time has come to be critical of such acts and the terrorist irrespective of the fact where they have carried out.
Vivek Jain, London

I have relatives in Delhi, and some witnessed the blasts. It was too horrific for words. If this blast is the handiwork of Muslim extremists, the Indian government can't do anything as the communists are holding it to ransom.
Jaidev Reddy, London

I am an Indian studying in UK and have spent most of my life in Delhi. Heard the bad news like everyone and am disturbed to see the pictures on TV. My prayers and sympathy are with families of those affected. It has indeed spoiled the festive mood of Eid and Diwali for everyone.
Adil Bakhshi, Manchester,UK

By hitting Delhi before the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Muslim festival of Eid the terrorists have shown they have no compassion for any community.
Pritam Banerjee, Washington DC
As a former Delhite with friends and relatives living there this was quite a scare. SN market is such a living, throbbing market place for all communities. By hitting Delhi before the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Muslim festival of Eid the terrorists have shown they have no compassion for any community.
Pritam Banerjee, Washington DC, USA

I lived in Delhi near Sarojini nagar market for six years. When, I read the news on internet then tears came in my eyes. What the hell anyone wants to get by killing innocent people? Those people, doing this are shame on the name of whole humanity.
Anmol Kumar, Turku , Finland

It is upsetting for all Indians who cannot make it back for Diwali and Eid and when something like this happens our urge to be in our homeland is even stronger-so that we can unite to stand against these evil souls. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost their loved ones.
Vishal Kumar, London, UK

It is rather pathetic that the people who were behind these attacks, chose to slaughter so many innocent Indians, most of whom were busy preparing for their celebrations of Diwali and Eid.
Feroz Khan, Dubai, U.A.E

I am shocked and in unspeakable rage at this slaughter of innocent men, women and children. Whoever is responsible should be brought to justice and punished for this barbaric act. My heart goes out to the families of all those who have lost their loved ones. I have been to all these areas and know how crowded they can be with shoppers. We need to deal with these cowardly, inhuman terrorists with an iron hand.
Anis Farooqui, Chelmsford,UK

I am a student of IIT Delhi(Hauz Khas, near sarojini nagar) and am totally shocked to see sarojini nagar market in dust as it is our main hanging out area. Two of my friends just escaped the blast by a 100m or so.
Aditya Khanna, Delhi, India

My Mother called me up from India a few moments after the blast as she was shopping in Delhi. It had a lot of security and after the people came to know about the blasts there was a panic and everybody started to leave the market altogether.
Barun Ghosh, New York City,U.S.A

The bombs in Delhi underscore the importance of mapping terrorist training camps in South Asia followed by their systemic destruction. ALL the nations of South Asia and the rest of the world require to be unified in their zeal to achieve this as soon as possible.
Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Dundee, Uk

I laugh at the cowardice of these terrorists. Their skewed ideology doesn't even give them the courage to fight face-to-face, and they call it religious. The humble and diversified religious fabric of India, can endure more. Is this all they could get? These guys are no match to our strength. We are not afraid.
Siddhant, N.Delhi. India

This was such a shock when I saw this on the news a short while ago! I was in Pahar Ganj for 5 nights just over a week ago, and then went on to start travelling to various places in India, however my plans changed and I had to return home, so I was back in Pahar Ganj once again just 2 nights ago, before my flight back to the UK.
Howard Farrar, Newbury, Berkshire

This attack, along with a terrible derailment, marks one of the worst weekends for India.
Aruni Mukherjee, Coventry, UK
Diwali is a festival that signifies the triumph of good over evil. The time has come for good to wipe out the evil that threatens our society and celebrate Diwali. My heart goes out for my countrymen and women who died.
Raghu, Las Vegas, USA

I wish to offer my solidarity and emotional support for my brothers and sisters in India and that they may still enjoy Diwali celebrations despite these heinous acts.
Yotam Segev, Jerusalem, Israel

I was born in Delhi and I know that all these areas are very very crowded during this family shopping season. At such critical time when Eid and Diwali are close and every family is busy in buying gifts and necessities for these annual religious celebrations, these culprits have killed so many innocent people. It is the responsibility of the Government to capture those culprits and avoid this from happening again. I believe that the people who did this do not have any religion as no religion allows such criminal acts and killing of innocent people. Umar Khan, USA
Umar Khan, Memphis, TN, USA

This attack, along with a terrible derailment, marks one of the worst weekends for India. The message from Delhi should be loud and clear- the victims have no religion, no creed- they are victims of the deadly dream of terror, period. India must not give in, we must not succumb to terror.
Aruni Mukherjee, Coventry, UK

Diwali the festival of light has turned to a period of darkness and mourning. Innocent people murdered. I hope that not only the terrorists are caught but those supplied the material and the ideology that made it OK to kill people is dealt with.
Mandar Joshi, San Jose, US

Terrorists are publicity hungry rats, they should be ignored.
Vineet Vij, Kent, UK
I was watching the news when all of a sudden, the breaking news of the blasts in Delhi came in. I don't think fire crackers or knock outs could have caused such carnage. It is sad that at this time, so soon after the earthquake, some people (if this indeed was a bomb blast), think of bring more unhappiness to people who are already grieving.
Luke Oyawiri, Agodo-Egbe, Lagos State, Nigeria

Do we really want to bother ourselves by knowing who claims the responsibility for the blasts. Terrorists are publicity hungry rats, they should be ignored. This is how we are going to make them extinct. God help the families of those innocent victims.
Vineet Vij, Kent, UK

I am shocked by this ghastly act. Quite worried about friends and relatives back in Delhi. My prayers are with the families of those affected. The incident has certainly left a bad taste on such a festive occasion. Shame on the people behind this cowardly act.
Deepak Tulsani, Dubai, U.A.E

I am an American of Pakistani decent. I am sickened by this barbaric act of meaningless violence. It so happens that I am on my way to India in about three weeks. I am looking forward to my trip. The perpetrator of this act are misguided people with no clear ideology of any sort. Any one who kills innocent people out shopping is not worthy of being called a human being. I am truly saddened.
Wacar Rizvi, Gaithersburg, USA

I will be in New Delhi in a few weeks and much of my family is there. My thoughts are with the families of those murdered. If the terrorists think that they are going to get away with this, they have got another thing coming. It's just a matter of time till they are caught and dealt with. As for my visit to New Delhi, I will commit myself 100% to do my shopping in the shopping districts that were bombed by these fanatics.
Rahul Mahajan, UK

I am a resident of Delhi currently staying at Newcastle, UK. It was a shock to see the latest pictures of the three bomb blasts. I am leaving for Delhi on the 1st morning for Diwali and personally the festival would not be peaceful especially for the ones who have lost their near and dear ones. Sorrow in a festive season is not good and I grief with the families.
Abhishek Behl, Newcastle, UK

I was passing through Sarojini Nagar Mkt and just entered the Ring road when I heard a huge deafening noise, at first it seems a firecracker but after few minutes, heard people crying & screaming...these cowardly acts are just un-acceptable especially before our biggest festival, Diwali...We just hope that Indian government should wipe out those terrorists who performed these acts..
Rohit Bajaj, New Delhi, India

Sarojini Nagar market was/is the place we just couldn't stop ourselves from going
Priya, London

I've just come back from a year in South Delhi and was very much a part of the British expat scene. Sarojini Nagar market was/is the place we just couldn't stop ourselves from going. Its where you can get Mango, Zara etc seconds clothes for 2, its such an addictive market and one we would treat ourselves to. Delhi will not be the same after this, I'm getting messages from friends already thinking of leaving their posts/deployments and coming home.
Priya, london

I was supposed to be in Pahar Ganj, New Delhi, now, though due to the illness left the country a week earlier. My friend though remained there, staying in a hotel in Pahar Ganj. Luckily, I was able to call her; she said the explosion took place just some 40-50 metres near our hotel, and it was terrible...
Kathy, Riga, Latvia

It's very sad to see such an event occur around the same time when most of India is in a joyous and festive mode. I am not sure what was achieved by blasting bombs in areas where middle class to poor people were affected. Certainly, intolerance towards others is increasing in the world with such events all over.
Janet Smith, Minneapolis, USA

I was born in Delhi and my mother still lives there. She was at Sarojini Nagar when this blast took place and she gave me horrifying details of the blast. Although it is too early to say anything about these blasts, I think every sensible human should condemn them.
Balwinder Singh, Toronto, Canada

Sarojini Nagar and Paharganj are the Covent garden style markets. Can't even think of such a thing. Even I remember the faces of some of the shop keeper's there. The fresh-juice shop at the corner and the some of the shoes shops.
Uma Shanker, Reutlingen, Germany

I was in the Sarojini Market shopping for Diwali when the blast occurred. I was so scared that I rushed home and came to know about other blasts as well on TV. It is really sad that when most of the people will be celebrating Diwali with lights, those unfortunates who lost their lives in the incident will be mourning with lights. I pray for their souls. I strongly condemn this kind of cowardly act.
Rajesh Sharma Hidangmayum, New Delhi, India

I would like to extend moral support to the Delhi Police force who am sure will do their best to bring the guilty to the book.
T Singh, Singapore

I have been to each of these market places and they are so lively. There are Hindus, Muslims and others enjoying this time of the year. What kind of people would bring this kind of terrorism to India? They have done this before. India's resolve should be strong to deal with this menace.
Narendra Nathmal, Boston, USA

This is shocking. With Diwali and Eid only days away, the streets must have been packed. I really hope the Indian government can get the cowards and murderers swiftly as a deterrent to these terrorists and some small measure of justice and peace for the devastated families.
Umair, San Francisco, USA

A explosive was placed in Chandni Chowk too, which is quite a big market and could have resulted in a bigger devastation but it was found out by the authorities in time and the bomb was defused since search began in all big markets after the explosion.
Ankit Oberoi, New Delhi, India

An unspeakable barbaric act. To have attacked the markets of New Delhi just before Diwali was clearly designed to maximize the number of victims. it also signals a political intent. Condolences from New York.
Maria, New York, USA

Today the marketplace was so crowded that you could barely move!
Subhamoy Das, Gurgaon, India
Lots of my family and friends network have gone to Delhi for a massive Diwali and temple opening ceremony. It is a great shame that such events occurred now. I hope that their visit doesn't get affected by any blasts as they have been looking forward to this event for a long time.
Reshma Savania, London UK

My family was crossing the Sarojini Nagar market at the time the blasts happened. I spent a frantic half hour trying to get through to them and only now when they are home am I relieved. But my heart breaks at the thought of those who did not make it. What justifies the killing of innocent children, men and women? What does it lead to?
Nikita, Delhi, India

I have lived in New Delhi for five years and I have frequented Sarojini Market area where the blast occurred. This is a cowardly act of terrorist, will not dampen the spirits of Indians. We will fight this terrorism by all means.
Aadityaa Sharma, Sheffield, UK

I and my wife were narrowly saved. We were shopping near the site of the explosion in the busy Sarojini Nagar Market barely a few minutes before the explosions occurred. Today the marketplace was so crowded that you could barely move! 40 people are now reported dead, but the death toll could rise... It's been a terrifying Diwali!
Subhamoy Das, Gurgaon, India

Our car was parked in the Palika underground parking where police were already checking the underside of cars with bomb detectors.
Sumit, Delhi India
My family and I were in a restaurant in Connaught Place in Central Delhi when a friend called me to inform about the disasters. Soon the place was buzz with fear and rumour. Soon the market looked desolate. We hurried out. Our car was parked in the Palika underground parking where police were already checking the underside of cars with bomb detectors. I was a bit scared to go down but braved it. Reaching home we watched the gory scenes on TV.
Sumit, Delhi India

Let us hope forensic experts can help pinpoint the perpetrators of this dastardly crime. Terrorists are cowards and callous murderers often with hidden agendas. They carry out their heinous crimes to hurt the maximum number of innocent people. In this case the victims were innocent shoppers buying clothes and other items at two market places for Diwali, the festival of lights. The markets just before Diwali are normally packed with shoppers. These attacks were calculated to create the maximum mayhem.
Pancha Chandra, Brussels, Belgium.

We lived in New Delhi for nearly four years and have wonderful memories of the market at Sarojini. We are British and I used to take my three young children there to practice their Hindi. The stall holders were so delighted to see us at each visit and had fun talking to the children and giving them treats. Diwali was always a special time, full of excitement and expectation. I have the victims and their families in my prayers.
Janet Lochery, Atlanta, USA

My entire family reside in Delhi and some family members in paharganj area where the blasts took place. Since evening i have been trying to reach them but in vain. I just hope that they are fine with all other who were in the affected area at the time of blast.
Surinder Pal Singh, Aachen, Germany

I had gone to Railway Station to and had decided to head towards Pahara ganj to buy crackers for the festival with my Father. We decided not to go and after returning home I was shocked to see the news on TV.
Karan Aggarwal, NEW DELHI,INDIA

On an ordinary weekend Sarojini Nagar Market never gave me a comfortable walk, being so overcrowded. I just can't imagine what would have happened on the eve of 'Dhan Teras' or 'Eid' when every Indian is out to buy. News channels are saying LPG cylinders also got burst in the incident causing fire, panic and deaths.
Uma Sharma, Delhi, India

Only voicing sadness and grievances from our drawing rooms is not enough. We need to beef up security and hunt down the cowards responsible for this act, the way London reacted after their explosions. And as individuals we need to be aware that such an act could very possibly shatter our lives.
M.C.Malia, Delhi

I am an Indian presently studying in the U.K. I heard the news on the TV in the afternoon and I feel angry and sad at the same time. Every other day there are bomb blast around the world, killing hundreds of innocent people. These people were shopping for Diwali and because of few warped individuals or group, they are all dead forcing their dear ones for a miserable time ahead.
Milind, London UK

I am Indian and living in London we were all shopping for Diwali today, despite being away from Indian there was a mood of celebration. Hearing about these bombs, so close to Diwali, the single most important Hindu festival is tragic. These are meant to be the happiest days in India and they have been ruined for Delhi.

There was chaos all around us soon after. Shame on those who use fear to influence politics
Matilda D'Souza, New Delhi
As a child I would often walk down from Chanakyapuri to Sarojini Nagar as there was a wider selection of goods there and far cheaper, than the neighbourhood Yashwant Place. Most of the fruit and vegetable vendors were dirt poor; their only religious and political dogma being that of the human one of sustenance - can I make enough to feed my family 2 square meals a day.
Jaya , Boston, MA

Some my Nepalese friends are in Delhi and i am still trying to talk them but phone line has closed. I thought they are also living near of the blast areas, How can I contact them ? Our Hindu festival of Diwali(Tihar) is also close. Paris, France
Sappan k.c. , Paris, France

I was shopping with my two sons when the blast occurred in the adjacent block. The sound was deafening and there was chaos all around us soon after. Shame on those who use fear to influence politics.
Matilda D'Souza, New Delhi, India

When I spoke to my mom this morning, she told me she was going to Sarojini Nagar this evening. I looked at the BBC website, and suddenly my heart stopped. I called and called my parents but no-one picked up the phone. I texted them until I ran out of credit, but still no response. When I finally got through to them, they'd just returned home. They were less than 20 feet away from the actual site of the blast. Even in the midst of my relief, my heart goes out to those who haven't been so lucky. It's a cruel irony that this happened just days before Diwali.
Madhubanti, Norwich, England

I am filled with sadness
Andrew, Pushkar, India

I am in Singapore right now and due to my exams will not be able to visit Home(Delhi)to celebrate the auspicious festival of light "Diwali" with my family. I felt very sad and got disheartened as i heard about the explosions in Delhi. I have been to these places many times and know the scene of these markets during festival time. It will certainly affect the enthusiasm among people but I hope that everything will come under control. I wish all of them "Happy Diwali".
Saurabh Aggarwal, Singapore

Almost all of my extended family resides in Delhi. The news of the blasts had my family worried but a few calls later, we were assured that our relatives were safe. My prayers and sympathies are with all those affected.
D. Swarup, Toronto, Canada

I am in London & leaving for New Delhi in another two hours. I am going to my home town to Celebrate Diwali with my Family. News of these Bomb Blast has certainly shocked me. Many innocent people are being killed in these sort of Terrorist Attack. May God bring the peace to this World.
Deepak, London,UK

Whoever did this stands no chance of winning anything from this action. Who on earth do they think they are to do this? Who on earth do they think we are that we'll be influenced by this. I'm a Londoner living in Delhi; I've seen it before and the reaction is the same; we are NOT afraid.
Geoff Cordell, New Delhi India

I was lucky my wife and I along with our two-year-old daughter escaped this. We have just left Sarojini Nagar after doing our shopping and the explosion shook us off our feet. I wonder which ideology and what people would kill other human beings. It just reminds me of September 11,2001 and Jul 7 London bombings....tragic indeed.
Sanjay Kotturi, Delhi,India

I was born in Delhi and my parents live there. I talked with my parents today. After an initial panic, things are back to normal in the city. Delhi like London has learned to live with terrorism.
Arun Khanna, Indianapolis, USA

As a traveller in India, this news of the bomb blasts is very disconcerting. Having stayed in a hotel in Pahargangj, I am filled with sadness. The bazaar was a lively can this happen?
Andrew, Pushkar, India

I've stayed at a number of hotels in Paharganj during numerous trips in and around Northern India. It's a very interesting area where New Delhi meets Old Delhi, with lower middle-class people getting on with their lives as exotic, and sometimes, jaded Western tourists wander through, 'looking and not touching' safe in the knowledge that they can escape air-con hotels easily enough. I really feel for these people, precariously earning a living in this chaotic, desperately mismanaged city.
Jatinder Sidhu, London, UK

As soon as I heard about the bomb, I called my brother in Delhi. It is Ramadan currently and my family and friends back home are shopping and preparing for Eid this coming week and I am glad to hear that everyone is ok.
Amir, Liverpool, UK

I have just spent a week staying in the Pahargangj, in a hotel located just seconds away from the blast. As well as being a busy Indian market area, it is equally popular with travellers and backpackers (many from the UK). Seeing the footage on BBC World and other news channels here in India, brings back echoes of the July bombings in London. It is particularly tragic that this has happened just days before Diwali - the main bazaar was alive with people shopping, coloured lights and Diwali lanterns.
Steven Bake, London, UK

I do feel extremely angry at the blasts, as these are clearly targeting ordinary Saturday afternoon shoppers. We often go to Sarojini Nagar market and less often to Paharganj. Fortunately, today, we completed our shopping in the morning to beat the evening rush.
G. Krishnamurthy, New Delhi, India

I am in Tokyo, leaving for Delhi tomorrow to celebrate Diwali. As soon as I read the news, I called home and was glad to find them safe. Alas for the families of dead people, this Diwali is not going to bring any joy and happiness
Pushpendra, Japan

I was in Connaught place a few minutes before the blast and turned into the road leading to Paharganj and New Delhi Station when I heard the blasts. The police stopped us from going in (they were prompt) and I was stuck for about a hour till 1845 there in the traffic jam which ensued.
Dr Sanjeev Chhiber, New Delhi

My husband has been seconded to Bbangalore in Southern India for three months for work, as it's approaching a festival he's taken a week off to explore the North. Having felt relief this morning to know he wasn't on a train in Hyderabad, I was deeply shocked to hear about the explosions in Delhi. He was in the Pahaganj Market only 24 hours ago. It's a great vibrant place with fabulous stalls selling many wares. The colours, smell, noise, trading activities make it a very unique place, full of both Western and Indian tourists. I am relieved that my husband is not in Delhi anymore, but will continue to worry until he is back on British soil in December. May God protect us all, and our thoughts and prayers go to the families who have been affected by this during this time.
Deborah Grace, Surrey, England

Myself and my girlfriend were 50m away from the huge blast on the busy Parah Ganj, when suddenly the explosion occurred knocking me off my feet. Carnage and chaos prevailed as people ran in all directions, screaming and in a state of shock. We took cover in a nearby shop. Shop keepers and market traders quickly closed their shops with the market traders using their carts as make shift stretchers. It must have taken the emergency services 10 minutes to arrive on the scene. The word is that it's a suicide bomber who carried out the blast, on this busy market place where people were shopping for the Diwali festival. We were very lucky indeed as 30 seconds later we would have been next to the explosion.
Bradley Spencer, Manchester, England

There are many British Indians travelling to Delhi this week/ weekend for Diwali and also of the grand opening of a Hindu Temple in Delhi during the week of Diwali and New Year.
A. Patel, London, UK

I myself and two of my colleagues were lucky enough to escape from this tragedy. We had gone to the Sarojini Nagar market to buy the Diwali gifts for colleagues and we there in the market from 2 pm to 5:05 pm today. We had hardly stepped out and were able to reach to another adjacent INA market when we came to know about the blasts. The market was all flooded with people, people jostling with each other and everyone were busy purchasing for their near and dear ones for the Diwali festival. It is indeed shocking and unfortunate and it has certainly dampened the festive spirits of the people of Delhi.
Sangeeta Kaul, New Delhi, India

There are two more blasts in New Delhi. One in the area called Govindpuri (South Delhi) and second in Gole Market (central Delhi) which is quite near to Connaught Place. Red alert has sounded around Delhi and extra teams of security forces have been deployed. Authorities have also requested people to avoid crowded places specially markets.
Asim Kulshrestha, New Delhi


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