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Last Updated: Friday, 11 March, 2005, 09:53 GMT
The return of Doctor Who: Your comments
Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who
Doctor Who has returned to our screens for the first time since the cult sci-fi show was cancelled in 1989.

Christopher Eccleston, who is the latest incarnation of the Doctor, launched the new series of the BBC show in Cardiff where the sci-fi favourite was filmed.

The 13-part series will also see the return of the Doctor's arch enemies the Daleks, as well as the Tardis.

What do you think of the new Doctor Who? What plot lines would you like to see in the new series of Dr Who? Which of the Time Lord's enemies would you like to see make a return? What do you think of the choice of Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor?

Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

I love Dr Who, all incarnations even the American film. I can't wait to tuck myself up on the sofa with a bumper bag of nachos and tuck into some sci-fi fun.
Nigel Smallbridge, Heckmondswycke, England

The Doctor is back! Eccelston is an inspired choice - seriously eccentric, and Billie is, by all reports, equally fantastic. With writers such as Russel T Davies and Mark Gatiss I have no fears for the show. Doctor Who has always been about great writers and great actors - this version has both (and in spades!) Expect it to be spooky, funny and, new to Who, genuinely moving.
Bill, Lincolnshire

I am behind my sofa in anticipation
Jules, Brighton, England
Hurrah! Christopher Eccleston will be brilliant I reckon, so will Billie Piper. The sea devils should come back, the Doctor should get political and the TARDIS should have to escape a control order... Joy, I wish I was a script writer, but I can guess why I'm not! I for one can't wait to see the new series.. I am behind my sofa in anticipation!
Jules, Brighton, England

The shows were rubbish. The stories were sometimes quite good. The special effects...well, you can leave the word "special" out of it. So, do I expect this one to be any better? No; why spoil this so-British a tradition. Dr. Who has always been rubbish, but we always somehow watched it. We put up with it for some odd reason. This time around it will be no different, even IF they have gotten rid of the toilet plunger, for a modern computer generated version.
Kambiz Shahri, Edinburgh

I think it was a mistake to choose Christopher Eccleston because it's unimaginative and predictable. This is the ninth man to occupy the role. The doctor can re-generate into any form of humanity. Surely re-generation would have resulted in a woman by now. Has something gone wrong with the process? Is the doctor stuck in gender warp?
Paul, London UK

Great news about Dr Who's return, however who's idea was it at the BBC to put it up against Ant & Dec at 7pm on Saturdays? We also need a tribute programme the week before to introduce those under age of 20 that won't remember the show.
Ally Kerr, Glasgow, Scotland

I'm looking forward to it very much but, from what Christopher Eccleston said in the 5 Live interview yesterday, I have an awful feeling it is going to be dreadfully politically correct!
Tony F, Basingstoke, Hants.

Broadcasting the new Doctor Who prime time on a Saturday night is brave, imaginative scheduling
Simon, Doncaster
My concern is that we live in a multi-channel environment in which there is intense competition; programmes have to prove themselves instantly in order to survive. Broadcasting the new Doctor Who prime time on a Saturday night is brave, imaginative scheduling but I hope it can survive in a Saturday night schedule dominated by more traditional stuff such as Ant and Dec and Stars in Their Eyes. My concern is that the BBC won't give the programme time to grow and develop. I hope we at least get two or three series
Simon, Doncaster

Re. Simon, Dorchester. Given a choice of watching the Doctor battling the Daleks in order to save the Galaxy, or a couple of un-funny Geordie lads making jokes about their bottoms, or a bunch of talentless wannabees being insulted by a bunch of equally talentless has-beens, there's surely no contest - the Time Lord must win hands down! Will the theme music be the same? I hope so....
John, England

Come on, let the poor old time lord rest on his laurels. Like K9 he was a creature of a certain paradigm and deserves to be remembered as a much loved hero..... of the past. Have we so little imagination that we need to keep recycling our favourites?
David, Oxford, England

Someone here said "I doubt the format will be sophisticated enough for a modern audience". That is most laughable thing I've heard this decade. Even the 1970s wobbly-set, squeaky-noise-soundtracked Doctor Who would be infinitely better than wall-to-wall home improvement and reality TV programmes. I hope that I shall be crying both with the nostalgia of seeing the first new episode and with the relief of knowing that British TV has finally woken up again.
Michael Kilpatrick, Cambridge, UK

The most recent series was absolute garbage
Keith, Sunderland, UK
Let's hope this one makes a go of it. There hasn't been an authentic Doctor since Jon Pertwee. The most recent series was absolute garbage.
Keith, Sunderland, UK

I don't like the fact that the show is now 45 minute episodes which means the story is a single episode in length. Also, the modern day look for the Doctor's costume. The Doctor has always had a Edwardian look to the costume.
Stefan Green, Sutton Coldfield, UK

Please BBC America, show the new Dr Who!
Dan, NYC, USA (Ex-UK)

The return of Dr Who is fantastic, and long overdue. But which bright spark at the BBC decided to screen the first episode on Easter Saturday - some of us have long-standing plans that mean we will have to video it and wait even longer to see it!
Jill Cockerham, Leeds, UK

The past few months have been torture waiting for the return of the Doctor
J Hirons, Lincoln, England
The past few months have been torture waiting for the return of the Doctor and from what I've seen in trailers and interview this'll be fantastic. I for one would love to see the return of a Raston Warrior robot as featured in The Five Doctors. With today's special effects that would be amazingly done.
J Hirons, Lincoln, England

I thinks it's great that it is returning and can't wait. Billy will make an excellent assistant for the new Doctor. The sea devils should return and isolation in a lighthouse always scares the pants off me!
Steve E-P, Bedford

I used to enjoy watching Dr Who with my family as a child, but found it terrifying. I was especially frightened by the Cybermen. This is a great show to bring back and will entertain a wide age-range. Billy Piper? Well I suppose it's better than Bonnie Langford at least!
Anon, Aberdeen

Russell T Davis and Christopher Eccleston have sufficient experience and pedigree to pull off the new series with expectantly excellent aplomb. I'm excited.
Simon Flinn, Edinburgh

It's historic, and that's where it should remain, in history
Shan Hon, St Albans
It's a rubbish show! Please can't we all just forget about this cack-handedly written, pseudo sci-fi dribble and leave it in the BBC archives? It's historic, and that's where it should remain, in history.
Shan Hon, St Albans

Having watched Doctor Who through all his regenerations I look forward to seeing his latest regeneration as Christopher Eccleston. Talking of the Doctor's enemies, what about the Rani or the Master being brought back?
Brenda Nichols, Leeds, UK

If the new Dr Who manages to be even half as good as the new Battlestar Galactica has been, then the future of sci-fi on television should be very bright indeed.
Oliver, London, UK

It's been 16 long, hard years, but if the trailers, and Russell's enthusiasm is anything to go by, it will be well worth the wait. As a Who fan of 30 years plus, may I give my heartfelt thanks to all those involved - I will be glued to the TV every Saturday from the 26th!
Gareth Stafford, Chesterfield, UK

Just from the clip on the 6 o'clock news of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, I am more than happy to give him a chance in the role. What people have to remember is that a lot of people have never seen Dr Who, and need to be introduced to not only the companion, but also the Doctor - and to be honest many of the previous Doctor's incarnations have had less than sparkling introductions!
Brian Longstaff, Oldham, Greater Manchester

After the terrible TV movie of a few years ago I think I'll reserve judgement until after I see the first episode.
Bob, Bedford, England

Christopher Eccleston is the perfect choice to play the new Doctor
Sebastian J Brook, London
Christopher Eccleston is the perfect choice to play the new Doctor, he looks the part, and from the BBC trailers, he certainly looks like he'll bring Doctor Who into the 21st century.
Sebastian J Brook (Editor of Doctor Who Online), London

Welcome back, Dr Who! And watch out for Daleks!
Daniel, Kent, UK

My 17-year-old son has been a Dr Who fanatic since the age of 10 when he won a competition for a video, and got a Dr Who one. We have come up with an answer to the hiatus of the Paul McGann film, why not treat it as a stand alone film like the two from the sixties? We will be watching, along with my youngest son, who is also a fan, due to the fact that the eldest dropped a Dr Who video on him the day after he was born! One final thought, to all those who big up the "fact" that Daleks allegedly have trouble on stairs, in the sixties comic strips they flew, and in a Sylvester McCoy story, they climbed stairs. If you really must degrade the show, do it with facts!
Graham, Farnborough England

I am so glad that Doctor Who is back! Christopher is an excellent choice for the part. I only hope the show makes it to the states!
Toni Greci, Lebanon, CT, USA

Christopher Eccleston? Whose smart idea was that? Too much like Sylvester McCoy, and Billie Piper Evans is just too much! We want a cynical, bitter, twisted Robbie Coltrane a la Cracker, after all the Doctor is thousands of years old so his nature is bound to be a bit twisted and warped by now!
Chrissie, Aberdeen, Scotland

Maybe this new show will wipe away the view of Dr Who fans as sad closet cases
Michelle, London
After so many years, at last an imaginative, brilliant, creative show back on our screens where it belongs! British sci-fi has been sadly sparse lately, and it's so good to see it back on our screens, and Christopher Eccleston has just the right amount of mystery and charm for the Doctor. The only down side is the way the people who interview fans treat them with barely-concealed contempt and tolerant amusement. Plus the constant remarks about 'will Daleks go upstairs'. They've been going upstairs for seventeen years! Maybe this new show will wipe away the view of Dr Who fans as sad closet cases, and show us as we are, insightful, intelligent people.
Michelle, London

I have fond memories of Dr Who. However, these were severely dampened by the later shows with poor stories, bad scenery and bad acting. That said I will watch it and rate it on its own merits. Hopefully it will go back to the glory days of Pertwee and Baker. And Daleks can climb stairs, see "Remembrance of the Daleks" with Sylvester McCoy.
Steven Harbron, Southend, UK

Although I grew up with Doctor Who (starting with the original, William Hartnel), I can't help but wonder what all the fuss is about. I imagine it's mostly adults that have responded here: doesn't anyone remember how awful the effects were - the filming - the editing? I'm not saying we need all the flash, boom-bang of Hollywood but just some quality filming, with a quality script. I am not holding my breath.
Paul Savage, Central Florida (ex-pat Brit)

I've cancelled a holiday to Cuba - my first holiday since 1996 - to see the opening episode live
Tony Martin, Gallifrey
I've cancelled a holiday to Cuba - my first holiday since 1996 - to see the opening episode live in expectation that I will be beamed back to my childhood when TV on Saturday teatime stopped everything for 25 minutes of sheer terror, thrills and the baddies getting a jolly good hiding (usually from the scenery falling on them or slipping over in a Surrey quarry).
Tony Martin, Gallifrey

Brilliant, fab, ace! I am a big fan and am counting down the days. Finally a program on TV which isn't a reality show or a soap trying to be a reality show. Nice work Beeb!
Michael McDonald, Bournemouth, Dorset

The original and best of TV sci-fi. It scared me as a boy but didn't stop me waiting for each episode. I'm ready to be thrilled again.
Rob Mould, Wenvoe, Wales

It's just a shame the Beeb couldn't have put all this effort into something original.
Rico, Sheffield, England

I really can't wait to see it! I live in Cardiff and the production team used the back of the building where I work to do some filming. The Tardis was there and everything! I only watched Dr Who toward the end (so I only remember Sylvester McCoy), but really enjoyed it. I think Christopher Eccleston will make a great Doctor. And the Daleks never scared me - the Cybermen, now that's a different matter.
Terrance, Cardiff

My hero has always been Tom Baker. His scarf was fantastic and I wear one like it in fond memory. He was the best Dr Who so Christopher Eccleston has a lot to live up to.
Neil Lithgo, Walthamstow, London

One of the most imaginative and inventive series that has ever appeared on TV
Ray MacFadyen, Uddingston, South Lanarkshire
I'm delighted that Dr Who is returning as it's one of the most imaginative and inventive series that has ever appeared on TV. We need a bit of good escapism on prime time British television instead of more dreary soaps!
Ray MacFadyen, Uddingston, South Lanarkshire

Thank you BBC! You're bringing back my favourite series to enchant a whole new generation. I can't wait to see what Russell and the gang have put together... I'm so excited!
Lloyd Ellis, London

After 15 years of no new regular series I can hardly wait for the show to return. I hope fans give Billie Piper a chance and judge her when they have actually seen her episodes. I am delighted that such a moral character is returning to that classic prime time Saturday slot when all the family can sit down and watch the programme together.
Jonathan Miles, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

This will be something special
Michael, York
Usually, I'm a bit wary about bringing back old shows, but with Dr Who, it's different. Everything I have heard about the production, the actors and the writing team makes me believe this will be something special. I hope the BBC don't make the mistake of cancelling it again.
Michael, York

Christopher Eccleston looks like a great choice and I'm desperate to see the new series. US viewers, be sure to go over to the BBC America web site to ask them to bring it over the pond!
Ruth, NYC, USA

Looking forward to watching it on the CBC here in Canada in April when they say they are due to show it. Can't wait to see CE as the Doctor, he is such an accomplished actor.
Rob Prior, Toronto, Canada

Casting Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor is perfect
Peter, Wallasey, Wirral
Fantastic!!! I'm looking forward immensely to watching the first episode at the end of the month and I also believe that casting Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor is perfect. It's about "time" we have something exciting to watch on Saturday evenings.
Peter, Wallasey, Wirral

I loved Doctor Who when I was a child - John Pertwee and then Tom Baker. I can't wait to sit down with my children and watch Christopher Eccleston - I hope it's just as frightening and funny.
Jo Lee, Kent

I cannot wait! I really hope the new series is a ratings hit and the good Doctor is around for another 40 years.
Paul Quinn, St Albans, UK

Leaked video? PR stunt if you ask me!

Let's give the new series a chance
Steve, Hedge End, Southampton, England
I think it is about time Doctor Who returned. This was a programme that drew millions of viewers and the BBC treated it badly. Let's hope that never happens again. Let's give the new series a chance.
Steve, Hedge End, Southampton, England

The interior of the new Tardis looks great. But I was disappointed that it veers towards comedy so much. Original Dr Who fans will be happy with the 100 per show budget and pathetic special effects though.
Mike, Bath, UK

I heard somebody say it was a return to old-style, Wyndham-esque Sci-fi. At last! Something that requires a bit more than glitzy special effects to create genuine atmosphere.

I hope K-9 will be putting in an appearance! That way I might actually come out from behind my sofa!
Ross Johnson, Birmingham, West Midlands

Concentrate on story not fluff
Richard, UK
As long as it doesn't turn into a sci-soap like so many do. A few good episodes in a year is about right. Concentrate on story not fluff.
Richard, UK

Will the Daleks be provided with vertical take-off capabilities so that they can get upstairs?
Josie, Leeds

I fully expect the new show will be petrifying millions of young TV viewers once again
Jon, Cardiff
I've stumbled across film crews in my home city working on the new series and I have to say it all looks quite fascinating. It scared the hell out of me as a child and I fully expect the new show will be petrifying millions of young TV viewers once again, great stuff!
Jon, Cardiff

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new version, but in my mind no one could play the Doctor better than Jon Pertwee did for me, he was the best.
Bob Matthews, Llantwit Major

Bring back the Kandyman, TV's first confectionary killer! Also, the Cybermen: everyone's favourite silvery psychopaths who, according to Tom Baker's doctor, are nothing more than a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers! Or what about the Zygons, who imaginatively hid in the depths of Loch Ness! I just hope the whole thing doesn't go the way of Frankie Howard's ill-fated attempt to revive Up Pompeii after many years off the air.

Doctor Who is a unique format which has the flexibility to go anywhere
Pete, Herts
I'm looking forward to the new series a great deal. Doctor Who is a unique format which has the flexibility to go anywhere and tell almost any story. I'm looking forward to some escapism - there are too many depressing 'gritty' dramas and reality shows. Russell T Davies is one if the UK's most impressive writing talents today.
Pete, Herts

Does this mean us people with Dalek-phobia need to get back behind the settee?
Jane Britcher, Broxbourne, UK

I love Eccleston and I've seen all he's been in - but I'm not watching this rubbish!
Joe, Camberley, Surrey

Although not a great fan, I did enjoy watching Doctor Who when I was young. However, I have two major concerns about his return. Firstly, history shows that 9 times out of 10, re-launching an old success never works - just look at the latest version of Star Trek which is struggling to survive. Secondly, Billie Piper. With all due respect to her, I'm not convinced that she is perfect for such a role. I guess I'll have to watch an episode or two to see if either or both of my fears prove right or wrong.
Aaron David Hall, Worcester, UK

Aaron David Hall claims that 9 times out 10 relaunching a series is a failure, and cites Star Trek as an example. I don't have the figures but the "next generation" series has spawned several spin-offs and ran for quite a long time. It might be running out of steam now but to claim it hasn't been a success is plain wrong. And I am most definitely not a Trekkie!
Chris Dyson, Bexley

I hope it will be a great show, but remembering the BBC's last few sci-fi attempts, I can only be pessimistic, and I expect the show to be amateurish compared to the best of the other sci-fi such as Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Enterprise, etc.
Karen, York

The best thing about the originals were the Daleks and the title music. More of the same and it will be a winner.
Mark, Sheffield

Will the Tardis get a lick of paint?
Tony Day, Solihull

When will they ever learn to leave well alone
Bumble, Dartford, UK
When will they ever learn to leave well alone. Dr Who was great many years ago, but what is wrong with creating a completely new character and series rather than dusting the cobwebs off an old series?
Bumble, Dartford, UK

I'm incredibly excited about the return of the good Doctor. The only downside is the apparent lack of ability to view the programme on this side of the pond, short of a DVD release. Doctor Who is timeless entertainment (no pun intended) and I think it's well past time we had a new Doctor's adventures to follow.
Jane E, Southwest, US

Its about time that young people today had a television icon that isn't violent, pushes the imagination and restores faith in humankind. There is always a place for the good doctor.....
Rick Milburn, Truro Cornwall

I am really excited and have booked a day off work especially to prepare myself for the first of the series
Daniel Valerga, Norwich, UK
I grew up in Italy watching imported Dr Who VHS videos and have been hooked ever since. I am really excited and have booked a day off work especially to prepare myself for the first of the series. Perhaps in the future one of our Italian actors may be able to take the role of the famous Doctor, who knows!
Daniel Valerga, Norwich, UK

Every return of a TV favourite never rises to the expectation of the original, sadly I feel this will also happen with Dr Who, it will just have a slow and painful death.
Timothy Howard, Pinner, UK

Can't wait...have been a fan since Jon Pertwee (superb storylines). But what was the point of Peter Davison in his cricket gear? This was the start of the great decline - ill-fitting actors, cardboard scenery and storylines that veered from the ridiculous to Blake 7-esque as it seemed desperate to keep up with slick US imports. I hear this time it's going very British, a 70s revival here can't be a bad thing.
Richard, Spain

I am an original Doctor Who fan - I saw the first episode and I can tell you the reasons why it was such a success, especially at the beginning. Firstly, it was a child of its time, ie the 1960's - like the Prisoner and the Avengers it was quirky, almost surrealistic - eg a spaceship in the form of a police box that is bigger inside than it is outside. Secondly, the original assistants were ordinary people dropped into extraordinary circumstances. Thirdly, although it was made for children, it didn't play down to them - people got shot or killed, worlds were invaded by scary aliens and the doctor, though eccentric, was never ridiculous. Fourthly, it was very English - underplayed with thoughtful stories miles ahead of American series like Star Trek. Fifthly, it had the realness of theatre where we had to use our imaginations, not a slick, special effects-filled American series - you had to follow and understand the story, you had to remember what had happened the week before. Update it by all means - but be original - don't try to be a copy of American sci-fi - Doctor Who deserves better than that!
Glen Hague, Portugal

Christopher Eccleston is an inspired choice
Dave Farmbrough, Brentford, England
I would like to see the Cybermen invade Earth again, but this time they should invade by sea! Christopher Eccleston is an inspired choice - a great actor and not a bit like previous Doctors.
Dave Farmbrough, Brentford, England

I think that the new series will be quite interesting, especially to see what the Daleks look like. I wonder if it will last longer than the original series.
Adam Parker, Chesterfield, England

Some people seem to hate Doctor Who so much (without even seeing it) you'd think they were afraid of something. Imagination, perhaps?
Dave, IOM

I've enjoyed the old episodes of Doctor Who over the years, and was happy to find out that finally an effort was to be made to produce a high quality British science fiction show. However, I was disappointed at the choice of Russell Davies to create it, as his prior SF outings have only been a couple of dodgy children's shows. And with all the choices of great actors they could have had for the role of the Doctor, I've yet to see Christopher Eccleston in a performance that implies he can handle a lead role of this (or any) nature. Still, I'm glad to see it's back, and I'll give it a chance. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong.
WD, Yorkshire

Wow! That is great news! I've been a fan of the old "Who" show since I was in elementary school! I'd never miss it...and I now do miss it! Good Luck on your return to the tube, Doctor! I hope you cruise by the States soon!
Michael A Craig, Clewiston, FL, USA

It's going to remind me of a cold day in November 1963 when I first watched the programme as an 8-year-old.
Howard Pitfield, London UK

After all the filming here in Cardiff, we should be watching it purely out of national pride for the Red Dragon of Wales!
Max Lewis, Cardiff, Wales

Ten percent of it blew everything else out of the water and that's why some of us love it
Dave, IOM
A lot of Doctor Who was, in the cold light of day, a bit shaky, but ten percent of it blew everything else out of the water and that's why some of us love it. What exactly is so wrong about wanting to see something imaginative for a change anyway? You'd think the real world was enough for some people without it's non-stop tedium on every channel too.
Dave, IOM

I was addicted to this show as a child, and it went off the air when I was 8. I only hope it comes back with the same 20 production costs as the good old days.
Hallam, Tavistock, UK

As a nation of Whovians rejoice at the return of one of the UK's greatest exports, I for one am getting itchy palms in anticipation. This new series has been a long time coming and not only do the production team have the casting perfect, they seem also to have given the fans exactly what they were asking for. Not only am I looking forward to a second series, but also wait with anticipation for the return of the Cybermen. They're circling the earth as I type, waiting to vent their destructive force on us poor individuals. Only the Doctor can save us! Now all I have to do is avoid the Yeti on my way home from Piccadilly Circus tonight. Come on Eccles, Bring it on!
Marco, London, England

I remember the Cleaners being one of the scariest enemies, though they were arguably one of the most ridiculous. To me, they're a hazy memory of Sylvester McCoy era Doctor Who that I watched when I was a child. Perhaps it was because it came at a time when old, round black rubbish bins with bin-liners were being replaced all over the country with these sinister, child height wheelie bins and the two are forever linked in my mind!
Claire, London UK

Let's hope the BBC does not employ bad writers and actors like last time to cancel it. I hope Michael Grade will go on a one way trip in the Tardis.
David, London, UK

I think the new Doctor Who will be as PC ridden as the rest of today's BBC sorry output, so I will stick to the original series on tape and dream of a happier time in Britain.
roger, Whitwick, Leicestershire, England

I'm a late convert to Doctor Who, and so am utterly delighted that the Doctor has returned! Not entirely sure about Billie Piper as the assistant, but never mind, time will tell. As long as she doesn't sing, I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
Helen, Cambridge

Any remakes of films, shows, etc are never as good as you remember the original so just let it be
Karen, Milton Keynes, UK
Oh no, not again! I would personally like to put Doctor Who into his Tardis and send him permanently into another dimension never to be found again. It was good in its day, but that was it. It is better to leave a successful programme from the past where it belongs, ie in the past. Old codgers trying to remember the good old days should do just that. Any remakes of films, shows, etc are never as good as you remember the original so just let it be. RIP Doctor Who, RIP BBC if you become a dinosaur. Is this the best you can do in your time of reform?
Karen, Milton Keynes, UK

I'm thrilled about the return of the Doctor after all this time, and hugely confident that it'll be something really special - let's hope it'll run and run.
Roger Gibson, York, UK

Can't wait to see it back as I grew up watching the show. When it was at its peak it was clever and original, but declined so much because special effects were so expensive and the Beeb didn't finance it when cheaper shows drew in the ratings in the same way. Things are different now, but let's hope that this new version is an intelligent plot driven show rather than a show which will rely on special effects. I'm confident that the people who are involved know how to do this and a new generation will grow up watching TV from behind a sofa. As for the leaked episode I couldn't care less, I won't watch it until it's aired. Why spoil the fun?
Paul, Manchester

Can't wait to introduce my children to the Doctor
Rob Stanley, Hull, England
Can't wait to introduce my children to the Doctor! Every Saturday? Written by Russell T Davis? Starring Christopher Eccleston? With a large budget? It's gonna' be superb!!
Rob Stanley, Hull, England

To the Doctors critics - please remember this was a show aimed primarily at children!
Simon Moore, Warrington, UK

What happened to K9? Is he in the robotic dog's home?
Rob Watson, Winchester, Hants

I know there will be no regeneration scene in order to get Christopher Eccleston established as the new Doctor, but maybe next season Doctors 8 and 9 could be in a story together culminating in the regeneration scene. Judging by Chris's outfit I would suggest that the finale takes place in the Oxford Street branch of Next. Would like to see the Sontarans return, but more akin to the early 70s look, as the 80s styling didn't really look scary. Looking forward to it immensely and with people that love the show at the helm I'm sure it will be something to be proud of. Good luck to everyone involved.
Stephen Dray, Milton Keynes, UK

I suspect it'll be fighting a loosing battle against anything new
Steve Brereton, York, UK
They'll need to do something very special to give it any value now. The fact that no repeats have ever turned up on (non-digital/satellite) TV says a lot. I suspect it'll be fighting a loosing battle against anything new. The 70s were the glory days, with plenty of what was then very advanced ideas. Maybe better to remember those, and leave it at that?
Steve Brereton, York, UK

I have been waiting with baited breath for a new series of Doctor Who ever since the last episode 15 years ago. I was eager to find who the replacement would be for Doctor Who and was terribly disappointed to find Chris Eccleston had got the role. He sounds like a school teacher, not like a Time Lord, and only acts well as a mad person, ie 28 Days later. I would have preferred someone like Clive Owen or maybe even Sean Connery in the role. Clearly the two are better actors and should top their careers with this acting role. Billie Piper is also not on my favourite "actor for the assistant" list. Clearly someone like Uma Thurman or Liz Hurley would be better suited!
William Kirby, Norwich, UK

I noticed on Saturday night that the new Doctor Who appeared on a certain download site, well done to all the people who demanded that it be taken offline, and it was. But I noticed it reared its head again on another site. Shame, but there are a lot of fans out there who are waiting to see it on TV, and quite right too!
Stippi, Dublin

At last, we can invade again. If only we can figure out how to work those stair lifts
A Dalek

I'm certain this series will have something for anyone prepared to engage their imagination
Dan Hadley, Halesowen, West Midlands
This is (as Radio Times put it) the event of the TV year, hands down! The frankly astonishing parade of talent behind and in front of the camera, should grab everyone's attention for all the right reasons. And whether SF is your cup of tea or not, I'm certain this series will have something for anyone prepared to engage their imagination. Both leads are inspired choices and I have enough faith in the writing team involved to announce that whichever plotlines I think I would like to see, they have something far more exciting and new in store. Best of all, I get to watch it with my young sons. They're the same age as I was when the original series enthralled me!.
Dan Hadley, Halesowen, West Midlands

When he sees a problem, why doesn't he go back by 5 minutes to prevent it? It would be a lot easier!
Stuart Bone, London, England

I've never much been into Doctor Who, but the British sci-fi scene in the last twenty years or so, has, quite literally, been a farce with Red Dwarf dominating. Not that Red Dwarf is bad, but serious sci-fi to contend with American-origin stuff couldn't be a bad thing, especially given that the Brits have a knack for some very original science fiction material.
Darryl LeCount, Paderborn, Germany

Christopher Eccleston is a fantastic actor
Rich, Coventry, UK
I can't wait! Christopher Eccleston is a fantastic actor who can bring a great deal of respect to a show which badly needs it.
Rich, Coventry, UK

I hope to see the sonic screwdriver again. The new doctor could find it somewhere in the Tardis and say something like: "I remember this! I had it when I was wearing that long scarf". Also, bring back those cliff-hangers where we all wondered how the doctor could possibly get out of some dire situation.
Peter Manwaring, Ilford, Essex

Well overdue - why was it ever taken off? I remember hearing that it was sold to hundreds of other countries and the videos and DVDs are always big sellers so surely even if it does cost millions to make its still making a profit for the BBC? As a licence payer I demand that it is continued to be made simply on cost grounds!
Rob Davis, Bournemouth

It seems that when an old series has a revival, such as Battlestar Galactica, it serves to introduce a new generation to something they've missed. I was never a Dr Who fan, but I'll still be interested to see how the new series turns out.
Dan C, Ipswich

The BBC will never be forgiven for the deliberate vandalism of the Bonnie Langford years.
Pete Nightingale, Reading UK

Sometimes it becomes necessary to give it a bit of a "freshen up"
Andy C, UK
If they do a "Battlestar Galactica" to Dr Who, I'd be most interested. I'm a big fan of the originals, but sometimes it becomes necessary to give it a bit of a "freshen up". Look at Enterprise! It's getting tired already (that said, I still tune in every week).
Andy C, UK

My plot line would see the Doctor, Billie and a handful of carpenters roaming the galaxies and putting right wobbly walls and dodgy doors and frames and removing silver painted plastic ducting and plumbers pipes from worlds beyond.
Paul, Leicester

I would like to see the Doctor face seriously scary Cybermen, redesigned along the lines of the Cylon warriors in the new version of Battlestar Galactica.
Stephen, Reading, England

How about "Dr Who and the Urban Planning Committee"? The Time Lord materialises in a town and has his police box immediately demolished as an unapproved structure which fails current health and safety legislation and is classified as an obstruction to the footway.
Steve G, Glamorgan

It seems it will be using the original theme and this is a good start, as is the use of a very British, eccentric, edgy Doctor. The Master is a good villain to have again - suave, intelligent, cunning, smooth talker.
Tim, London

Christopher Eccleston is a great choice for the ninth doctor
Karen, Southampton, England
I'm really looking forward to the new series and I think Christopher Eccleston is a great choice for the ninth doctor. He is clearly keen and is a great actor too. I don't have any particular 'favourite enemies', but I do hope that the effects and settings will once more be a fitting tribute to this great show - unlike the latter few series!
Karen, Southampton, England

Dr Who was quintessentially as British as cream teas and river punts and made a great impression during my early formative years. Its disappearance from our screens for over half a quality sci-fi serial-starved generation surely owed itself to the gross short-sighted rationale of a hapless few. Hopefully, these individuals no longer have control of the time-travelling Tardis and the good Doctor can now be left alone to purge the universe and vanquish all his intergalactic adversaries. Bring it on!
Patrick V Staton, Guildford, UK

The Daleks, Davros and The Master are must haves. The charm of the original Doctor Who was the crummy decor and sets. I hope that survives to some extent.
David Ball, Wokingham, UK

The BBC should be congratulated on finally producing a show that the viewers want
Rob, Northampton
I'm looking forward to the new series of Doctor Who, and the BBC should be congratulated on finally producing a show that the viewers want. I hope to see the Daleks and the Cybermen, and maybe The Master. I hope that a regeneration scene is included to keep the continuity, as all previous Doctors have regenerated. Overall, well done BBC for finally producing something decent.
Rob, Northampton

It's a dream come true and amply compensates for never having had a girlfriend. My dad worked on the production of the original series.
Zathras, London

I would like to see one of the classic Daleks-chasing-Doctor-Who-through-time-and-space episodes (like the one where they explained the Marie Celeste mystery). Only this time they could appear in Iraq during the second Gulf War and show that the Daleks destroyed the weapons of mass destruction by mistake when aiming for the good Doctor. Unfortunately the Daleks might have as much trouble on sand as they do on stairs.
Richard G, Winchester

The best TV show ever is coming back
Arron Clements, Coventry, UK
The best TV show ever is coming back and with a decent budget. This alone is worth the licence fee. Christopher Eccleston is a fantastic choice and I would love to see the return of The Master. Thank you BBC.
Arron Clements, Coventry, UK

Daleks trying to get up some stairs would be great viewing!
John, Durham, UK

As good as it was, Dr Who belongs to another age. I doubt the format will be sophisticated enough for a modern audience.

I have been terribly excited about the return of Doctor Who. Christopher Eccleston is a great choice, but I still have the image of him living in the attic in the film Shallow Grave. Something I feel Doctor Who would not do!
Sid Ward, Norwich, UK

I would have liked to have seen Eddie Izzard in the role
DS, Newcastle
Certainly, bring back the Daleks and Davros. Also the Ice warriors. But why not reincarnate Leela? Christopher Eccleston will make a good Doctor, although I would have liked to have seen Eddie Izzard in the role.
DS, Newcastle

I hope they manage to improve on the special effects to compete with the likes of Star Trek and Stargate. As for plot lines well we've got to have the Daleks, maybe they could be involved with a big multinational company plotting to increase global warming to melt the polar ice caps, devastating the earth. Or perhaps a lethal virus could be released that would destroy peoples' immune systems. Or they could link up with corrupt governments to create an atmosphere of fear amongst the population leading to a massive religious war. Hang on a sec this is getting a bit too real.
Ged, Liverpool

Never understood the attraction of this programme so will avoid it when it starts again.
JC, Oxon

I'm ready to jump behind the sofa
Naomi, Surrey
I'm ready to jump behind the sofa, hiding from the baddies, just like I did when I was a kid. About time this returned.
Naomi, Surrey

I always hated Dr Who and I don't think that this new series will be anything special. However, I realise that Dr Who is a cult show to many people and for this reason, perhaps it would have been best to lay it to rest so that people can remember how it was in the 70s and 80s.

Christopher Eccleston could bring a touch of gravitas to the part of Dr Who, so I hope he does. That would help make the series more of a drama and less of a comedy.
John B, Milton Keynes, UK


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