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Last Updated: Saturday, 8 October 2005, 17:01 GMT 18:01 UK
Are you affected by the Asia quake?
Collapsed Margala Towers in Islamabad. Sent in by Awais Yaqub
Reader picture: Awais Yaqub
Many people are feared dead as a powerful earthquake strikes Pakistan, north India and Afghanistan.

This is a second page of comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

My grandmother is severely hurt as well as my other relative
Raheej Khan, Orpington, England
All of our relatives are in Kashmir and my grandmother is severely hurt as well as my other relative. God bless my cousin who is only 10 and dead by this earthquake from Muzzafarbad. Her 2 brothers and sister and father are ok but her mother is also dead. My fathers only aunty died as well and her daughter in law and grandson. Many more people we know are dead and injured. I pray for everyone and hope everything, inshallah will be ok but it is also our deed to support them.
Raheej Khan, Orpington, England

I write this sitting about a mile away from the Margala Towers, the apartment block that collapsed due to the strong earthquake that hit this region. The Capital Development Authority, which is supposed to inspect buildings' plans and ensure safety of design has clearly failed. It will hopefully be made to mend its procedures and attitude to the serious business of ensuring safety. This is an earthquake- susceptible region where construction ought to follow appropriate building codes. While we mourn the loss of life and property, we ought to also pay attention to ill-advised developments that are planned nearby in Patriata, which will almost certainly destroy the ecology of its pristine pine forest (protected since the Raj) and ruin the water supply to Islamabad and much else. For this new project in the hills, developers have forged ahead despite strong protests from civil society. It is, however, encouraging that the Supreme Court has taken notice of this fool-hardy project pushed by the building mafia in toe with greedy politicians. After rejecting this project one would hope that the Supreme Court would turn its attention to the irresponsible building practises throughout the country. It is time that Pakistan's Supreme Court followed the activist role that its sister body in India adopted to reduce or stop environmental damage.
Q Isa Daudpota, Islamabad, Pakistan

I used to work and live near the collapsed building in F-10, Islamabad Pakistan. I have friends and family both in Kashmir and Pakistan but they all are fine. I believe that Pakistani authorities should ask for international help without wasting any time. Pakistan do not have any reliable resources and money to rescue the poor people. In order to find dead and rescue the survivors from the rubble international help will play a vital role.
Aftab Ahmad, Luton, UK

We spent all the day outside the home. Everyone was fear to go inside their home. Still many people are sleeping in public parks, roads. Everyone is frustrated!
Syed Mudassir Hussain, Islamabad, Pakistan

My parents live in Islamabad. As soon as I heard the news I really got worried and called on my mothers mobile. She was going to teach in an institute not very far from the collapsed building. She saw the building collapsing in a matter of moments. It was very scary. I had friends living in that area. I am really worried for them. My mom could feel the shocks while driving and felt the car as skidding to a side. One good thing that mom told me was the instant response of the public and the way they rushed to the rescue of the collapsed building affected. I pray that innocent human lives are saved and people of India and Pakistan get the courage to deal with this unprecedented tragedy.
Shahid Khan, London UK

I was sleeping at the time on first floor of my house and suddenly my bed started shaking. I understood at once that an earthquake was in process but I kept cool that it will go away in a few seconds and it was then when I heard doors started slamming and the thunder of the earthquake grew strong. I got up at once and screamed at my elder daughter to get down in the lawn (she was sleeping on the floor mattress) and picked up my younger one who was sleeping next to me and rushed down. My mother and wife were already out there. We were on the lawn chairs and even they were shaking. It kept on like that for about more than 3 minutes. And later we received call from Islamabad that apartment building right next to my sister-in-law's apartment was on ground. At 15:30 when I was in my office, we again had an aftershock for about 15 seconds. It was so frightening and I wonder what it would have been in the stricken areas. But thank God they were safe and evacuated their apartment in time. May God bless the souls of the deceased ones.
Rashid Malik, Lahore, Pakistan

People were clawing at rubble with their hands
Omar Khan, Islamabad
We are residents of F10. My village in the north has been badly hit. In Islamabad, there was no response from the army or any government organised relief for more than 5 hours. People were clawing at rubble with their hands. Government is responsible for many preventable deaths in fallen Margalla towers due to slow response. Only traffic police were on hand to help.
Omar Khan, Islamabad

This morning I thought I was dreaming. I was woken up with an incredible jolt and with much difficulty made it down the stairs to see buildings, trees and street lights swaying back and forth. It seemed like an eternity and finally there was relief. A little while back we felt another tremor. Several hours after the intense earthquake hit the mood here in Lahore, and rest of Pakistan, is still tense. With each passing hour the death toll rises. Tremors are hitting Islamabad and other parts of the country almost every hour. And these tremors are intense. Aside from the devastation of Maragalla Towers, our families have reported cracks developing in their walls. Who knows how long these structures will be able to hold against the constant shaking. One can only imagine if it is this bad in Lahore and worse in Islamabad how terrible it must be the northern remote areas. Our prayers and thoughts are with all those who are suffering from this tragic natural disaster. As night sets in so does the dread and fear of what the night will bring.
Hamid, Lahore, Pakistan

It is horrifying to think that there are so many people's dear ones trapped under the debris just five minutes away from my house. The time came to break our fasts since it is Ramadan but how can one eat with so much misery surrounding us? May God ease the pain of the people trapped under the Margalla Towers debris and give strength to the ones waiting for their loved ones to be rescued.
Aila Hameed, Islamabad, Pakistan

I just spoke to my mother she is in Mirpur Azad Kashmir, she is quite afraid of the earth quake and they are still feeling the vibration in the house after time to time. She is saying to me there is a children's madrassa which fell down and some children got hurt. Don't know the name if maddrasa
Aamir, Edgware, United Kingdom

I live close to the place the apartment buildings were. I woke and felt something strong my bed was racing violently and for a minute I thought the end was near. As I heard about the Margalla Towers collapsing, I called up a friend and we raced there to help the people in need. I will never forget the carnage a whole 10 story building reduced to but rubble. I am really sorry for the people affected and my sympathies to any one who lost a friend or relative in the building. Its 6:54pm now and I would like to say good night to the people still trapped inside the apartment block and god-speed.
Omar Qureshi, Islamabad

I am extremely worried about my family who live in Pakistan, in area of Gadoon NWFP. I have tried to ring without success, if anybody knows if this area has been affected and to what extent please send in e-mails on this website.
Rosina Khan, Luton

The most affected areas are the northern areas of Hazara Division. Villages and towns have collapsed, there is no electricity all over Abbottabad and patients are pouring in the Ayub medical complex hospital where patients already admit in the hospital are brought outside as parts of the hospital building was damaged and there was fear of a possible collapse. Now the scenario is that in the dark and open air patients lie in the open grounds around the hospital awaiting treatment. Medical Aid and Doctors teams have been despatched from Peshawar and other areas to Ayub Medical complex and other areas of Hazara division. Its a terrifying atmosphere one can imagine, and it is urged that we all should join hands in order to help our brothers and sisters in the hour of need.
Dr Irfan Noor, Peshawar, Pakistan

It was a horrific experience. I never felt such powerful earth quake in my whole life. I was sitting in my house's basement, when first shock hit with cracking sound. My chair and the roof fan were moving like a pendulum. I ran outside of home and joined my neighbours standing outside. After 6 minutes, every thing came to normal but we were so frightened that we preferred to stay in the lawn for next hour. We have also felt some aftershocks of medium level. Looks like dooms day in Pakistan.
Salman Khalid, Lahore, Pakistan

We spent over an hour outside in the street with friends and neighbours, no one wanted to go inside their homes
Amina, Islamabad, Pakistan
I live very near the apartment building that collapsed in F-10. I woke up and felt that something was wrong with me physically but realized it was an earthquake when I heard my mother screaming for me to come downstairs. We spent over an hour outside in the street with friends and neighbours, no one wanted to go inside their homes, its past 5 pm now and we still continue to feel strong aftershocks, its so terrifying, I pray for all the people who have lost their homes and loved ones in this tragedy, may God give them the strength to go through this, I can only imagine what they are going through, I can feel an aftershock just now as I type this note,
Amina, Islamabad, Pakistan

Though the epicentre of this earthquake was the Pakistani city Mujaffrabad. But it was also felt at a drastic level in our city Dehradun. At that time I was sleeping, then certainly I heard the shouting of peoples and were running out of their homes. Initially I couldn't understand but then I felt that my room was also shivering, all the things in my room were falling. All I can say that I have felt this drastic experience first time in my life.
Pankaj Sharma, Dehradun, India

I was still in bed when the earthquake came at about 9am. At first I thought it was my little daughter jumping on the bed as she likes to - but it quickly became clear that this is more serious. As I picked her up and rushed out my 8 yr old son came running to me, saying "what's happening", "what is going to happen". I told him it was an earthquake and rushed out with both my kids. I could hear everything in the house clattering and the cacophony was unreal. The after-shocks have continued all day. This has been the worst quake I've ever seen.
Farid Ahmad, Islamabad, Pakistan

The earthquake struck here in northern India at about 9.25am, and although it lasted at most only a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity. Everything was swaying violently in my hotel room as my friend and I sheltered under the reinforced door frame away from a shaking glass cabinet, treacherous looking water heater, and surreal shifting furniture. People were running frantically in the hotel - along the corridors, up to the roof, downstairs etc. Our legs were like jelly from the adrenalin, and our hearts were beating wildly everything around us was in motion, as the whole foundations of the hotel shifted beneath our feet, before finally, suddenly, it stopped.
Steven Baker, Dharamsala, India

I reached my office around 8.30, and at 9.30 suddenly I felt that my computer is shaking right and left, as when it remains for more than one minute I immediately ran out of the office building, and also saw employees of other factory also moving out of other factory. In road side we found the electricity pole is shaking like some body at the base is doing that. I hope and pray for the people who lost their lives. And also the time when all neighbouring countries should come together for rescue.
Khushal Negi, Noida, India

My family lives in F-11 Islamabad. A friend called to ask me if everything was ok, I didn't even know until he called me. Being in the USA and having family in a place where something like this has happened is very scary. In the face of all the natural disasters in today's world, everyone has to come together and reach out to people in need. Please pray for the people affected by this disaster; a lot of these people are poor and have little to no resources and we need to make sure that they are getting the attention and care they need.
Ayla M, Albion, MI, USA

There are still cries of peoples inside the debris
Karam Umrani, Islamabad, Pakistan
I reached the margalla towers immediately, heard the voices of peoples inside the debris, with my efforts I save life of one depressed in debris and one dead body. There are still cries of peoples inside the debris there may be hundreds of peoples under debris. Removing of debris process is very slow.
Karam Umrani, Islamabad, Pakistan

I was in the computer lab in my university, when I felt that the tables along with the computers were shaking too much, I stood up and I saw the cracking windows, with the swinging buildings of the campus. I came out of the class, and saw every one feared of this at once quake. I started reciting. After a while another quake came but of less force. I had never felt a quake so worse like that one. Allah may protect us.!
Saad Munir, Lahore, Pakistan

Well I've never felt such a thing before. Sleeping 300km from the capital, I was awakened by my younger brother shouting, "brother rush out". For once I thought he was moving the bed but turning to see the roof was enough. In a flash, I was under the open sky feeling the earth trembling with all its force underneath my feet. Though there has been no casualty or damages reported in my city as yet, I just wonder what would have been the intensity of the shock in Islamabad when I felt like tumbling a modest 300km away. Real havoc this is.
Kashif Nadeem, Rabwah, Pakistan

The building that collapsed was unsafe from the day it was built. Within weeks it had seepage problems and cracks developed everywhere. The contractor should be held responsible. I saw a foreigner(possibly American)tying sheets together to lower himself and some kids story by story till the fire department got there. The Police didn't let anybody help out, considering there were only around 15 people standing on the rubble and trying to lift concrete which proved to be a waste of time. the army and the machinery took their sweet time (around an hour) to arrive. A woman next to me was crying that she'd left her apartment to buy milk and her 16 year old son was somewhere trapped beneath the rubble. Oxygen tanks were supplied by hospitals nearby as there was a severe Gas leakage and the electricity was cut off too to prevent any fires. Kids and toddlers were clinging to their parents and crying while their parents tried consoling them. God bless the victims of Margalla Towers.
Hassan, Islamabad

It was the strongest earthquake I ever observed, living here in Pakistan. Most of the schools, colleges, universities and offices declared an emergency closing. There is a strong feeling of fear and panic among the people as earthquake shocks are still being felt by the people. A recent earthquake is felt at 5.15 pm (local time in Pakistan). People have come out of their flats and gathered in play grounds as a precautionary measure as there is prediction of more earthquakes in next 48 hours from television.
Akbar Ali Asif, Rawalpindi

I was almost asleep when I felt the tremor, I woke up just in time to see my car shaking violently in the driveway and the doors of the house banging. I rushed my family into the backyard and it was quite some time until we thought it was safe enough to return.
Dawood Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

I was sleeping soundly but was woken up quite unceremoniously by the quake. The entire room was shaking. I didn't think twice and rushed outside with the rest of my family. Being in Rwalpindi I was sort of used to minor tremors but I had never experienced anything like this. It was very frightening. Seeing all the devastation in different parts of the country make me realize all the more that it could well have been me or any other member of family. May God bless us all! Amen!
Shaheen Salman, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

I was sleeping when I felt that my bed was shaking, initialling I thought that somebody was trying to wake me up but then I heard my dad shouting, "There is an earthquake get out of the house". As soon heard that I opened up my eyes and was surprised and shocked when I saw the fan, walls and my computer moving violently, that was the most intense earthquake I have ever experienced in my like moreover the longest as well. We all rushed out of the building and were able to get back after 2-3 minutes when the shocks stopped. I switched the TV on to get further news about the earth quake and soon afterwards there were more tremors felt and again we had to evacuate the building.
Arsalan Bilal, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

It was frightening. I was in my office attending a meeting, after two minor shocks came the big one and we all rushed outside. Our three storey factory building was vibrating and we feared that it would collapse anytime. Some workers even jumped from the building. So was the fear that no worker returned to work after the shocks and we had to close the factory.
M M Waris, Sialkot, Pakistan

We heard people rushing out of there offices in the building, and we all also ran out
Parth, Jaipur, India
At 9:35 as I entered my office, water bottles starting shaking on the fridge kept there. It took few seconds to realize us all that it is a quake and soon we heard people rushing out of there offices in the building, and we all also ran out of the building. It was horrible moment for those working on the upper floors of the building. We all remained out for almost half an hour. Let's hope the whole community of three countries keep aside their conflicts and join together in relief and reshaping all lives and economy.
Parth, Jaipur, India

It has been a horrifying experience going through that tremors jolting and shattering our peace of life. Living very close to the apartment building that all collapsed, I have been to the site immediately after the quake. The panic all around, debris, police siren, ambulances, police, people, blood every where, all that I have capture in my camera and my mind forever.
Faisal Arshad, Islamabad, Pakistan

At 8:42am this morning, I was sleeping and my mother called to wake up, then suddenly I feel that earthquake, then we start running outside of the home. I saw my home was shaking, left, right and people running out! Sorry but I don't have power to tell you more. I am feeling scared!!
Jehanzeb Khan, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Pakistan

I shocked when the earthquake hit Peshawar there is a panic in all Pakistan especially Peshawar. All private schools, colleges and universities are closed and there is continuously after shocks. People are out of their homes and no one can go back home. About 30 people have been killed in N.W.F.P. Swat Region, Village Shangalla. In many N.W.F.P province Northern Regions there are many casualties reported about a school roof collapsed.
Mohsin Hanif, Peshawar, Pakistan

The earthquake itself was nerve wrecking; I live on the first floor of a house in F-10 sector, not far from where the multi-story building margalla towers collapsed. I ran out to my terrace, everything was shaking so much that I felt that the building might collapse, I kept hoping that the construction met all CDA requirements, the quake was of such a long duration that I had time to have these thoughts. A quake in early 1980's was of the same scale 7.6 and that I recall as being equally horrific. But the after shocks in this case have been also very scary. We lost several of our family members in the 1935 quetta earthquake, and so perhaps the psychological impact for us is very strong I hope at the end of the day there is minimum human loss.
Aisha Ghaznavi, Islamabad, Pakistan

The tremors in the morning were really terrifying
Mustafa Rana, Lahore, Pakistan
The tremors in the morning were really terrifying. There was again a 2 minute aftershock felt to be the same as the morning some 15 - 20 mins back. We hope people remain safe all within.
Mustafa Rana, Lahore, Pakistan

I felt probably the Day of Judgment has come. I was worried for the people, who were in mud houses and also worried abut my family members and prayed God, help us and forgive us for our evils because you are the only one who can forgive. I tried to call my mom, but the lines were jammed. This is a human tragedy.
Sohail, Sialkot, Pakistan

We are all tensed and frightened. MET office declared such jolts to continue for next 48 hours. If it is so why aren't we asked to evacuate. The government should ask the residents to evacuate the capital and move to safer towns. Rather then feel a jolt every hour and rush down from your building.
Shahrukh Javeed, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Well! that's really horrible. Really a test of the nation. Multan is some thousand kilometres away from the capital. I was in my bedroom preparing for my paper. My bed started vibrating with shocking intensity. The glass of my showcase was doing the same. Thank God! It vanished after few minutes. But I really feel sorry for those suffered people. God! Please show mercy on us.
Iftikhar Zafar, New Multan, Pakistan

I was asleep in bed when the earthquake struck. I had never experienced one before, but knew exactly what it was. The bed was shaking violently. The whole house was as well. I made a run for it down the corridor, and was practically bouncing off the walls.
Debra, Islamabad

I was asleep in my first floor room and woke up when I felt a swaying and shaking movement. The quake grew in intensity for a while and then started subsiding; it lasted almost 7 minutes. We are still experiencing after shocks and I can only imagine the panic they must be causing in the harder hit areas.
Amera Salman, Lahore, Pakistan

I was in the office at Gurgoan where all the major call centres are located. I was in my office this morning when the Earth quake hit Gurgoan and I had to take stairs to climb down 21 Floor tall building and after the Earth quake two cracks in the building. If the building is declared unsafe then 5000- 5700 jobs will be moved to a different building and they may in other cities in down South.
Gaurav, New Delhi

The survivors are herding together in open grounds, less out of fear of after-shocks
Muhammad, London
Four of my house-mates are from Muzaffarabad and every single one of them has lost a loved one in this tragic earthquake, a Dad, a cousin, an aunt. Reports that are filtering in say that the whole city has been flattened, Hospital (CMH) destroyed with patients and doctors buried, two schools destroyed with girls in it, Jalalabad portion of the city absolutely devastated. The survivors are herding together in open grounds, less out of fear of after-shocks and more because they have no place left to go. The worst part is that all links to this city are severed (road arteries cut by land slides). One of my friends is taking a flight back home tonight and he has no idea how he will reach Muzaffarabad from Islamabad. Tragic indeed are the woes of the Kashmiri people, who already have faced such suffering because of man-made conflicts, now have to face the added wrath of Mother Nature. May they be blessed with peace and the courage to find the strength to see them through such trying times.
Muhammad, London

I was in my office when earthquake suddenly just moved everything it was unbelievable and we felt that everything is going to finish even still people are frightened to get in their houses and specially cellular companies towers were moving like branch of tree, but thank god our city was safe after the strong jerks of quake
Syed Imran Raza, Gujrat, Pakistan

I was in my house this morning when first quake hit, complete panic gripped the city of Mirpur and people poured into the streets in fear of further shocks. Unfortunately everybody didn't successfully escape the tragedy, four teenaged students at a religious school were killed when the minarate of the mosque fell on them while they were escaping. In another incident in a different part of the city, another 5 persons were killed when a relatively old minarate of the main mosque collapsed on the shops. All shops and schools were closed down and a state of emergency was announced.
Muhammad Furqan, Mirpur Azad Kashmir

I was awoken when the quake hit Peshawar. I didn't notice what time it was but my computer was shaking badly and all my family members and people in the neighbourhood left their flats and came out side and waited there for some time. The last tremor hit at around 0945 hours GMT.
Tayyeb, Peshawar, Pakistan

I am working with United Nations Office. This morning I saw a strange thing in my life as I just got up at 0840 this morning and when I was about to exit my room to the next, I felt the heaviness of the quake with its unexpected duration. I do remember that the ground was turning around. It was the first dangerous quake for Kabul people which was continuing and continuing. I even felt some shocks after few minutes again, it will remain in my memory as an unforgettable event.
Zmarak Noori, Kabul, Afghanistan

I am now homeless as my apartment building has been declared unsafe
Qaiser Rasul, Islamabad, Pakistan
I live opposite the collapsed apartment building in Islamabad and saw it collapse like one of those staged demolitions you see on TV. The reality of the situation hasn't fully sunk in yet. The human tragedy angle to this story is immense and indeterminable at the moment. It seems so surreal like I am still watching the telly and can switch to a different channel, one that is more agreeable and pleasant. One that won't make me realize that I am now homeless as my apartment building has been declared unsafe. Nowhere to go and fasting (Ramadan), the situation seems precarious.
Qaiser Rasul, Islamabad, Pakistan

I am a resident of Karachi but from September 28, 2005 came on vacation in Islamabad near Margala. It was around 8:35 when I was on my way to visit the area and was running through the street. Suddenly, I saw buildings jolting. The jolt was as high that me and the other people look around and several people who's cars were standing on a signal came out of their cars and checking either their cars get puncture. Suddenly, we seen the building in front of us collapsed and we heard screaming of people. It was the worst incident I had ever witnessed I was in uncertainty condition. A lady came out from her car and shouted help them help them. We also seen a man jumping from a two storey building and broken his leg and head.
Taheer Ahmed, Pakistan

It was 8:45 am in the morning and I was sleeping that moment as it's the month of Ramadan and 3rd day of fasting, the earth was moving, and everything was shaking, but luckily we were saved, it just stopped suddenly and later on shocks time to time, all schools were closed down and children return to there homes and they were crying. It's the biggest earthquake in the history of Pakistan, not satisfied with the rescue parties, and many will die just during the rescue.
Imran Ali Rajput, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

The most devastating and frightening moments in my life and the history of Islamabad when near to 8:50am the walls and roof of my room started to shake vigorously, I woke up and rushed towards the door outside for safety, where many people were there too, worried and tense. That was a really panic moment which stood for more than 120 seconds!
Naveed Mirza, Islamabad

I was going to university, then suddenly I saw people running out from the bank near by and every one was frightened and I saw the buildings were shaking. Really that was terrible, I had never experienced this before my life.
Aamir Raza, Lahore

My wife and children are in Rawalpindi, Pakistan for an extended holiday. I was very worried, but I received a text message from my wife that they are OK. The earthquake was very powerful she says. We have relatives in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir and there is no news from them. We can't get through on the phone. This earthquake was a very prolonged and powerful one.
Rizwan, Derby, UK

This was the worst thing that I have ever felt. Everything was shaking, it felt as if you were on a swing. The sound was horrifying and the after shocks are making it even terrible.
Fawad, Peshawar, Pakistan

I was in my office and about to start my work. Suddenly I noticed my chair and table shaking. A big painting hanging in my room and windows of my office were rattling.
Aditya Awasthi, New Delhi, India

I am working as general manager in a power plant. In the morning when the quake started I found that the soil was shaking and the walls were trembling. This is the most severe earthquake we have ever seen.
Yousuf Hashmi, Gadoon

I could hear glass cracking, fans swaying, crockery falling
Aamir Altaf, Rawalpindi
I was asleep, but the roaring and shaking of bed woke me up, I could hear glass cracking, fans swaying, crockery falling, it was hell unleashed!
Aamir Altaf, Rawalpindi

I was in my college, we were taking our English period when suddenly I felt a jerk. I was very much frightened and we told our teacher that quake had come. They said hurry up go to the lawns and open areas. we were reading the verses of Holly Quran. Then after 3 min we went back to our classes. It was the first quake which I felt in my life, its value is 7.6.
Sohaib Hameed, Sahiwal, Pakistan

I was in the bathroom this morning in my home on the outskirts of Lahore at about 0845am when the walls and floor started to shake. My senses sharpened up and I readied myself to leap underneath a door frame if things should start to collapse. A very long thirty seconds later and the ground returned to its usual stable self. And this is in Lahore, I can only imagine what it must have been like in Kashmir.
Jude Heaton, Lahore, Pakistan

I am sleeping when earthquake came, I wake up and feel that my bed is shaking very intensely, for a few seconds I could not understand what happened and then I come from my room and shout to my mother and sisters to move out from house, our flat is jolting very intently we move out bare feet and stay there for a while than came back to home then there come after shock we have to come out, my litter sister is very afraid.
Waqas, Rawalpindi, near Islamabad

The earthquake was very strong, the walls were vibrating, the fan on roof was vibrating. Even the earth was vibrating. It was difficult for me to stand because it was very frightening moments. This earthquake continued for 2 minutes in our city.
Tahir, Gujranwala, Pakistan

I am a school teacher. I was teaching in the classroom, I and students felt that every thing is moving. I led the classes outside the building. Here I saw the buildings were swinging, glasses were cracking, and we were trembling with fear. But after sometime it seemed cool and entered into classes. Right after 2 minutes, the earth trembled again. But this time it was of low status. At last we spent the full school time with fear. There was no way to escape but it was Allah who saved us. May God save the whole world from these types of disasters.
Jamshaid Hafeez, Walton, Lahore, Pakistan

I am an American advisor to Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB, the central bank of Afghanistan). About 20 minutes after arriving at DAB for work this morning, we felt the entire building start to sway. It swayed long enough for people to begin discussing whether or not to evacuate. Eventually, most people left the building for a few minutes, only to return to experience another relatively strong, 20-second aftershock. Since then, there have been numerous aftershocks, but people have stayed calm. I lived in San Francisco for 9 years and I had never before experienced such a long-lasting quake as the one in Kabul this morning.
Glenn Tasky, Kabul, Afghanistan

I immediately called my family to get out from the house
Tahir Masud, Multan, Pakistan
I was in my office when this started, at first I was not sure about the quake but then its intensity increases, I immediately called my family to get out from the house. Thank God they are all fine.
Tahir Masud, Multan, Pakistan

I am teaching in a private English medium school. There was three jerks of earthquake, the first was so heavy that I never seen such in my life the students was feared for two hours female teacher and student were weeping because of fear. Many of the building and shops and houses are strongly cracked. The walls of our school cracked, many people are injured.
Hussain Khan, Shabqadar Fort (near Peshawar)

I was sleeping on the floor. I felt something move beneath me I woke and felt tremors. I looked around, my aunt and uncle were sleeping on the bed, they had woken up as well. It was terrifying with the way the room was shaking. At first I thought the ceiling fan would fall due to the tremors and injure someone badly. I guess the tremors lasted for at least one and a half minutes. Even afterwards I felt the ground moving due to the aftershocks. It was strange and terrible.
Sheryar Nasir, Lahore, Pakistan

I have just talked to my friend on the cell phone, who is on an official trip to Balakot (Mansehra). As he informed me, his entire native village has vanished and his mother is still not found. However he has rescued his two children out of his house remains. Whereas other people are just finding the dead bodies of their kins. It is said that many surrounding villages has been vanished.
Munir Awan, Karachi, Pakistan

I was working in my office at that time. We have cabins made for each person with a computer in it. It was really horrible. We felt that tables and chairs were literally jumping on the floor and when we went out of the office, buildings were swaying as they were made of hardboard. It never felt hard while walking during earthquake but this time, it was really hard even to walk as the floor was shaking so fast.
Syed Khurram Anwar, Islamabad

Everyone was scared and shocked. We could feel the tremors for several minutes
Zafirah Salman, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
It was around 0853am and since it was a holiday I was asleep but suddenly the bed started shaking terribly. My room is on the first floor. My cousin was with me. We rushed out, came downstairs and saw all our family members out in the garden. Everyone was scared and shocked. We could feel the tremors for several minutes. The people in our colony came out in the street. After almost half an hour we came inside but even now we could feel the tremors. It is the strongest earthquake ever experienced here and we are totally confused. The telephone lines are also busy.
Zafirah Salman, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

I was in my second floor apartment in south-west Delhi when I suddenly felt as if the floor was vibrating & the furniture rattling. Initially thought that this was due to the fighter aircraft flying at Mach 1+ overhead (celebrating Indian Airforce Day). But my worst fears came true when I read about the Earthquake later. It is certainly the strongest I have ever experienced.
Ash, New Delhi

I was sleeping after having my fast in sahry suddenly I was shocked when a very strong earthquake hit and I awoke suddenly, the people of our street were gathered outside their homes. I think it is the strongest ever earthquake I have experienced in my life. We all were loudly reading Quran.
Sajid Amin, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

It was one of the strongest and most prolonged earthquakes that I have ever seen in my life; it was terrible and did amaze Kabul city people.
Asifi, Mohammad Jafar, Kabul, Afghanistan

After 0900am this morning, me and my office colleagues were enjoying the local body election details when at once my wheelchair moved from its original position where I was sitting. Electricity power has failed and telephones are dead. We were moving right and left with the motion of the earthquake. Everyone was asking to leave the factory. Oh my god, I have never seen such an earthquake in all my life.
Sheraz, Sialkokt, Pakistan

All the houses were swaying
Hamza Sohail, Lahore, Pakistan
It was the worst earthquake in the history of Pak. Once in 1986 a strong earthquake came but this was the worst one. All the houses were swaying.
Hamza Sohail, Lahore, Pakistan

I was sitting in the office when a powerful earthquake came and shook everything. I was in the state life building, which is one of the tallest buildings in Peshawar. I have never seen such an earthquake before.
Sanaullah, Peshawar, Pakistan

It was horrible, the building continued to shake like a empty can for about 3 minutes, may God help us all.
Mohsin, Abbotabad

I remember the 1981 earthquake at Lahore to be the most dreadful, today's one was the most horrifying, if it could lasted for another 5-10 seconds, Lahore could have been wiped out.
Jamil Irshad, Lahore, Pakistan

At that time I was at my home when I felt shaking. I took my son in my arms and suddenly the shaking became very strong. I took my family and went out of my house. Those moments were really very terrifying, everything looked like it was moving and every building looked as if going to collapse.
Maqsood Minhas, Sialkot, Pakistan.

It was really a bad experience. I have never experienced this strange condition. Students were afraid because most of the school buildings are old. One of the roofs fell down in the Islamia government school in Gujar Khan. The condition of other schools is not good. Government officials should pay their first attention to the schools after the aid to the disaster victims. Because due to non attention to the schools of the innocent children it can bring bad experiences. Some 10-12 children are injured in the incident of the school in Gujar Khan and some in Rawalpindi .
Faisal Zulfiqar, Gujar Khan, Distt Rawalpindi

two mighty plazas were reduced to rubble and a school building also collapsed
Shmyla Khan, Lahore, Pakistan
As the violent earthquake grips the country and reports of loss of life increasing as every minute ticks by, my relatives in Abbttobad consider themselves lucky. In the early hours of morning, they saw books being discarded from their bookshelves, crockery hitting the floor, family pictures developing cracks, much like all of the walls of their house, one even collapsing, the roof of the servant quarter caving in and the water-tank suffering the same fate. Thankfully no one was hurt, but they refuse to go inside to even answer the phone as the aftershocks prevail. It is probably 'the closest thing to death' as one of them puts it. It's time like these a person feels so impotent and helpless, it's times like these which reinstate the fear of God into our hearts. They tell me two mighty plazas were reduced to rubble and a school building also collapsed, and a few paces away from their house a Local Hospital witnesses harrowing scenes as people are being treated in the parking lots, a place where my grandfather used to take me to walk the dog when I was ten. They say the Holy Month of Ramzan brings in peace and blessing, I guess it is a symbol of God's wrath that this Ramzan, He brought about this horrific earthquake. Maybe we are not worthy of His blessings.
Shmyla Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

This the strongest quake in my life. Many buildings have been damaged in Gujrat. Fatima Jinnah College's one wall collapsed and it is feared that one girl died and many injured. Public School number one wall is nearly collapsed and it is feared that if it the government does not take care of it, it could collapse down and many children can die.
Syed Ahsan Taqveem, Gujrat, Pakistan

The severity of the shocks were so much that it can be compared with holding something in your hand and shaking it.
Prateek Garg, Chandigarh, India

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