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Last Updated: Monday, 10 October 2005, 12:49 GMT 13:49 UK
Ronnie Barker: Your tributes
Ronnie Barker
British comedy legend Ronnie Barker has died at his home after a long illness.

The veteran comedian was 76.

Barker was best known for his partnership with Ronnie Corbett in The Two Ronnies, and his role in the sitcom Porridge.

In 2004 he was honoured by the British Film and Television industry with a special BAFTA tribute award.

What are your memories of Ronnie Barker? Did you ever meet him?

Thank you for your tributes to Ronnie Barker. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes:

He gave us all hours of laughter
Matthew, Chorley, England
The best comedian ever, he gave us all hours of laughter and he will all be in our hearts for ever, good night and god bless.
Matthew, Chorley, England

I also grew up on The Two Ronnies, my fondest memory being the Phantom Raspberry Blower. He will be truly missed, but I'm sure he's up there making the angels wet themselves with laughter. A true icon.
Ria, Basingstoke

Ronnie was an absolute genius, one of a kind. He brought us all so many laughs, I have lovely memories watching The Two Ronnies with my parents, we would all be in fits of laughter. You will be sorely missed, may you rest in eternal peace.
Alana Sinclair, Gisborne, New Zealand

Surely we have lost one of the greatest comics of all time. Some of my favourite sketches were the prismonunciation of worms and the ladies choir and of course fork handles. God Bless Ronnie.
Ian Southall, Walsall, England

Never met him but liked him very much. He could make you laugh no matter how down you were feeling and never needed to use bad language in his sketches to do so. I admired him very much for that fact alone.
Terry Barwise, Mold, North Wales

I grew up with The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Open All Hours. Thank You Ronnie for making me laugh over and over again, however often I watched the repeats. You were a one off. You will be greatly missed.
Karen Geleit, Epsom, Surrey

He has made me laugh all of my life, I cannot believe he has left us. He must be the greatest comedian/actor of this century and I don't think he ever knew it. God Bless Ronnie you will never be forgotten and thank you.
K Lewis, Essex

The way he could manipulate the English language was genius
Joy Williams, Ormesby, Norfolk, England
The way he could manipulate the English language was genius. He made generations laugh, he made me laugh, he will be missed. "Forkhandles"
Joy Williams, Ormesby, Norfolk, England

His legend will live on in our hearts and the hearts of the future
Liam Bell,

A true comedian, the best, funny without the need for bad language. A genuine gentleman who will be greatly missed. We salute you.
Angela Vaine, Winchester, Hants

I just want to say I remember going to see porridge the movie when I was young, I've never laughed so hard, and the Phantom Raspberry Blower was comic genius on The Two Ronnies, and of course who could forget Arkwright and Granville in Open All Hours. Ronnie we will miss you but thanks to the television we will never forget you - goodnight from us.
Kate Magunnigal, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

Ronnie Barker: When you smiled and laughed, I could not help but smile and laugh with you. Your kind and gentle manner was and is still a comfort in these harsh times. Thank you.
Martina McTiernan, Ireland

was still a UK resident. His comedy was second to none, and his characters were so spot-on in every regard. I can only hope that one or two of the channels in Canada and/or the US ensure that we again can re-live the immense pleasure that Ronnie Barker provided us in the past. What a loss, but I'll wager that he was still smiling, and thinking of some joke or three in the final moments.
Tony Kemmett, Penticton, Canada

Say 'Hi!' to Sid James, Tony Hancock and all the others up there, Ronnie
Kev O'Brien, England
When The Two Ronnies was first aired, I shared a house for a while with an American serviceman from a nearby large airbase. The show was, apparently, considered compulsory viewing for all ranks who felt it was the jewel in the crown of British television, which they deemed far superior, in any case, to anything they had in the USA. I am surprised to see so few regretful farewells from our transatlantic friends, to add to my own. Say 'Hi!' to Sid James, Tony Hancock and all the others up there, Ronnie.
Kev O'Brien, England

Wow. I can only reflect on the immense pleasure that Ronnie Barker (and Ronnie Corbett of course) gave me in watching them perform on TV when I Ronnie was a Legend and will be deeply missed. He was a genius and man who was perfection in what ever he did. I can just see the angels rolling on the floor as tells them of his fork handles.
Dave Meades, Solihull, West Midlands

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ronnie Barker for all the laughs over the years. One of a kind who will be missed a great deal.
Alison, France

He was a funny man who made us laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
Carole, Essex,

With Ronnie Barker's death there goes another link with a humour which is itself dying. There is a crudeness and cruelty in modern so-called comedy - something never found in Ronnie Barker's shows. I thank him so much for making me chuckle and I, like many others, mourn his passing for there are few of his ilk left. Thank you, Ronnie.
Patricia Duncan,

What can one say, what a lovely human being, sleep well, goodnight to him.
Barbara, Bristol, UK

Open All Hours was the show that introduced me to Ronnie Barker. Man, was he funny in putting the 'half Hungarian' Granville down all the time. I'll really miss this funny man.
Jim Smoot, Los Angeles / London

The works of Ronnie Barker are the best reason for repeats on TV
Colin, York
Never can he be replaced, never can he be equalled. Sheer inimitable all round genius. Be it his acting, his comedy, or his writing, the works of Ronnie Barker are the best reason for repeats on TV. God bless you Ronnie, you will be missed.
Colin, York

It was Saturday evening - I was in hospital after major surgery - The Two Ronnies were on with a well known ballet group as guests. On came the Ronnies in tutus. I remember crying out "turn it off, turn it off" as I was literally in stitches which were threatening to pop. I pulled the sheet over my head; I was laughing so much and the pain was unbearable.
Catherine McLachlan, Edinburgh

Ronnie Barker, comic genius. Will be sorely missed by millions. Our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time and especially to Ronnie Corbett who must be stunned by the news. Ian and family.
Ian Wilson, Rhyl

Through his sheer brilliance and timing in shows like Porridge and Open All Hours, Ronnie Barker continues to introduce new generations to what is BBC comedy at its best.
Murray, Dublin

A much overused word, but 'legend' seems very appropriate in his case. The ability to be funny and not offensive is very rare nowadays. He was part of my childhood in what was a family show that all the family sat down and watched.
Simon Leather, Bolton, Lancashire

The world is a poorer place for the loss of Ronnie Barker
Paul Unsworth, Wigan, England
The world is a poorer place for the loss of Ronnie Barker. A true comedy legend that brought pleasure to millions. Porridge is still the best comedy sitcom ever written and performed.
Paul Unsworth, Wigan, England

We used to have an antiques shop in Chipping Norton and Ronnie B used to come in quite often and entertain us for free! We feel like we have lost a close friend. We miss you Ronnie, you made us laugh at so many things, not least ourselves!
Suzi and Kevin, Cropredy, England

Every Saturday night as a small kid I would stay with my grandparents and the highlight was when we all sat to watch the Two Ronnies. That's the key to its brilliance - it appealed to all ages.
Matt, Glasgow

I'm off to light fork 'andles in his memory. RIP, Mr Barker.
Caroline, Wexford, Ireland

What a wonderfully talented man, he certainly left us wanting more.
Nigel Hillen, Houten, The Netherlands

I grew up with Ronnie's humour. He made me smile when I was low. Bless you Ronnie.
Gordy, Dundee

A unique talent - a brilliantly gifted writer, comedian but also equally gifted as an actor - Norman Stanley Fletcher and Arkwright show just how diverse he was. Ronnie's passing leaves a sad gap in all our lives
Graham Mullins, Bicester UK

Thanks Ronnie, for all the laughter you have given my family through the years. You never failed to bring a smile. God Bless.
Robert, Camberley England

He will be greatly missed
Jane Watson, Grays, Essex
I grew up watching all of Ronnie's shows, and will carry on watching them as long as they are shown. He will be greatly missed, a great comedy actor and genius, and will never be forgotten.
Jane Watson, Grays, Essex

I was home with two little ones and one income. Life was not full of entertainment for husband and myself, but PBS brought Ronnie and Ronnie to entertain us every week and we chuckled over the "news" all week. I am very sorry to hear of Ronnie Barker's passing. His work meant a lot to us.
Nedra Tremblay, Victoria, Canada

Ronnie Barker will be sadly missed. He brought such joy with so many characters. He is the undisputed king of comedy acting. Watching Porridge, Open All Hours and, in particular, The Two Ronnies sketches you'd think there were a number of actors rather than just him. He leaves us with a final goodnight but like legends such as Laurel and Hardy his work will still be enjoyed by millions to come. Thank you Ronnie.
Peter Absalom, Welling, Kent

It is such sad news to hear that such an iconic actor has passed on. Ronnie Barker's death was a great shock to me and my family. He's one of my great idols of television and a brilliant and memorable comedian.
Matthew Bovingdon, Hemel Hempstead

As a child growing up in the 70s & 80s, I remember watching The Two Ronnies. To this day, the sketches still make me laugh. Even though I never knew Ronnie Barker, it feels like I have lost someone close. He touched so many of our lives and will be greatly missed. Goodnight Guv'nor! Thanks for the memories.
Simon, Sheffield, England

The first time I saw Ronnie Barker he was in Porridge. The man is fantastic, a comic legend and will forever be in our hearts.
Ashley Hayden, Oxford, England

I was saddened to hear of the death of Ronnie Barker. He was an almost constant presence on TV as I was growing up - in Porridge, The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours to name a few. All sheer genius. He always came across as a humble, intelligent, gentleman - in the truest sense of the word. Good night from you, Ronnie.
Karen Webb, Cambridgeshire, England

100% pure comic genius
Matt Donovan, Watford, Herts
100% pure comic genius. I remember watching The Two Ronnie as a child growing up in the late 70s and early 80s and never tire of seeing clips. Arkwright, Fletcher and all of Ronnie's other characters were brilliant. We've lost a true comic giant, but he will definitely be remembered how he wanted. Thank you Ronnie, we'll miss you.
Matt Donovan, Watford, Herts

A genius of comedy acting and writing. You DID make us laugh. I will be lighting "four candles" at church for you this Sunday.
Carol, Portsmouth, England

I am 18 years of ages and so missed most of his programmes the first time round, but grew up watching his videos and repeats on TV thanks to my Granddad. This is a very very sad loss to the entertainment industry and to human kind. One of the saddest days of all time.
Nick Moorcroft, Birmingham, England

I was deeply saddened by the death of Ronnie Barker, as a child my treat at the weekend was to watch the Two Ronnies, it was Family Night. I felt he was a friend. His passing will be a sad loss to all, but especially his family and my thoughts and prayers are with them
Claire Grieve, Hawick, Scotland

Thank you for making the whole country laugh
Simon B, Goring-by-Sea
We used to sit as a family watching the Two Ronnies, drinking coke and eating Monster Munch. What a show and what a man. We will never see his like again, a true legend. Fork Handles will go down in history as the best bit of comedy ever. Thank you for being part of my childhood and life, thank you for making the whole country laugh.
Simon B, Goring-by-Sea

I and my family, especially our children, are saddened to hear of his death. The man was brilliant, we loved all his work, more so Open All Hours which was our favourite. Our hearts go out to all his family. RIP Ronnie Barker.
Peter Stockdale, Callao Salvaje, Tenerife

An outstandingly brilliant comedian who was loved throughout our family from the oldest at 72 to the youngest at 8. He will be sadly missed by all but never forgotten. A true gentleman to the end. Thank you for so many laughs throughout the years.
Kim, South Wales

A quality writer and comic visionary
Peter Diplock, Brighton, UK
I was lucky enough to see Ronnie in the recent "Best Of". The standing ovation he received when he walked on stage was very moving. Along with Morecambe and Wise, he and Ronnie C represent to me part of the golden age of British comedy. A quality writer and comic visionary, his Spoonerisms still make me chuckle to myself. Sadly missed.
Peter Diplock, Brighton, UK

My memories go back to the early eighties when I was a kid. He made my parents and I laugh on the other side of the world in Melbourne. His popularity knew no boundaries. A sad day. But let's watch him do what he does best - make us all laugh.
Akash, London

I would like to pay my respects to an incredible actor and comedian who lit up many an evening in my house. From Open All Hours to Porridge his delivery was always perfect. He was a genius in his field. I have watched and will continue to watch Ronnie Barker and never get bored. My he rest in peace.
Caroline, Cork, Ireland

I feel like he's always been part of the family
Nichola Channon, London, UK
Growing up in New Zealand in the early 80's I remember vividly being glued to my grandmother's rickety old black and white telly every time I visited. Ronnie always seemed to be on - whether reruns or original screenings and I loved them all. While I never knew him personally I feel like he's always been part of the family.
Nichola Channon, London, UK

He will be sorely missed, by all generations. His comedy was, and still is, timeless. A great loss to the entertainment world. My heart goes out to his family at this sad time.
Lisa, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Ronnie Baker will always be a comedy legend, whether we remember him as Arkwright, Fletcher, Clarence or as one half of the Two Ronnies. My fondest TV memories are of watching the Two Ronnies as a child. One sketch that stands out for me is the one where Ronnie's ordering the drinks at the bar and getting them wrong as he gets more drunk. Absolute quality. Good night Ronnie, there will be no-one like you again.
Paul Barson, Sheffield

He was the ultimate master of comedy as an actor, writer and performer. His performances are legendry and will live forever. He will be missed terribly and my heart goes out to his wife and family but remember all the joy and laughter he has given us and he will never be far away.
Andrea Wilson, Bradford, England

I met Ronnie Barker in 1999, when I got him to sign his book 'All I ever wrote'. As I approached the desk he asked me what I wanted him to write, I said "To Matthew please two T's." He replied, "Milk & sugar?" So quick, so funny, comedy genius, I still chuckle today about my own very personal Ronnie B joke.
Matthew Dixon, Hoddesdon, Herts

Thank you for all the laughs Ronnie
Paul Harvey, Halifax
I grew up with the comedy of Ronnie Barker. 'The Two Ronnies', 'Porridge' and 'Open All Hours'. Classic, timeless comedy! Thank you for all the laughs Ronnie - you will be greatly missed.
Paul Harvey, Halifax

Ronnie Barker was a legend, with true comic genius and timing. He was proof that getting a laugh, did not need the use of four letter words. The world is a sadder place without him. My condolences to his family and friends.
Pete Sadler, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Thank you Ronnie for the hours and hours of laughter you have given me and all of us over the years. A comic genius who will never be far away while there is still someone laughing at the greatest comic characters every created.
Mark Rigby, Bootle, England

Fletch and Godber reunited at last.

Whichever guise Ronnie took on, be it Fletch, Arkwright or writing as Gerald Wiley, it was suffused with genius. His book "Dancing in the Moonlight" about his early career in theatre recalls the first steps of a brilliant comic career. I feel that I have lost an old friend today.
Andy, Heald Green

A great talent that only comes along once in a lifetime
Mrs Jane Collier, Kent
What a legend. I was so saddened to hear of the news that Ronnie Barker had died. A great talent that only comes along once in a lifetime. He always made me laugh. Rest in peace dear Ronnie, your work is done. You will be sadly missed.
Mrs Jane Collier, Kent

Ronnie Barker was the best comedy actor of all time. It's a very sad day and my deepest sympathy goes to his wife and family. I grew up on his shows and now my children watch him in Porridge, Open All Hours and the Two Ronnies and they think he's great. Even generations to come will laugh at such a great comedian. Goodnight Ronnie, you'll never be forgotten.
Andrea, Chorley, England

Even though I'm only 16 years old, I have thought that Ronnie |Barker was one of the funniest guys on the planet and he will be missed dearly by all his fans and the people in his life.
Danielle Scott, Edinburgh

This has to be the saddest day of my life. I'm 42 now but I felt I grew up with Ronnie as I watched him as a child. I have very fond memories of sharing a wonderful evening together with my parents watching The Two Ronnies and I've watched the same series over and over again along with Porridge and Open All Hours and what is so special about his talent and humour is that it is appeals to generations young and old. God bless you Ronnie, you will be missed very much.
Karen Woodland, Telford, England

Talent like Ronnie Barker's is rare. In my opinion, he had comic wit and timing like no other comedian. His very cleverly constructed send ups of normal life situations, without the smut, made me howl with laughter. Ronnie was a master at observation and a talented actor. His love of laughter and enduring modesty endeared us even more to him. For me his death marks the end of an era for British comedy. I had a profound admiration for him and will miss him greatly.
Cathy, Norway

What a gentleman! What a comedian! What an actor!
George Bethell, Battisford, Suffolk
In 1974, my secondary school took me, and the rest of the first year, on a day trip to Littlehampton. One of us spotted Ronnie Barker and his wife sitting in deckchairs on the beach. We all rushed over for his autograph and, gentleman that he was, he signed every scrap of paper we thrust into his hands with good humour - of course. What a gentleman! What a comedian! What an actor!
George Bethell, Battisford, Suffolk

I believe Ronnie Barker was one of this countries funniest men. My memories of him are more radio based with 'The Navy Lark' topping the list. Goodnight Ronnie.
Nigel Nobbs, Christchurch, England

I never thought that 'Fork Handles' could be so funny.
Andrew, Leeds

Legend and genius, never a 'luvvie ' nor a ' celeb.' I, along with millions of others, am will miss Ronnie, thanks for everything.
Della, UK

I am 28 years old and have grown up watching The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Open All Hours which never cease to make me laugh. We have lost a truly great comedian an absolute legend. Rest in peace thanks for all the laughs!
Kate Doran, Glasgow

His talent to 'become' the person he played was second to none. A very sad day for everyone. I guess it really is "Goodbye from him"!
Barry Oakley, Taunton, Somerset

What a sad loss for us all, a remarkable talent, and like Tommy Cooper will be very hard to replace if at all. Thank you for all of the laughs you gave us Ron. We will miss you
Anthony Preece, Birmingham, England

Truly the man for me who epitomises British comedy over all ages - John Cleese is one such other and for all purposes he represents the face of British comedy to everyone who ever saw him - decent sharp witty comedy anyone could love. God rest his soul.
T Walhekar, Maidenhead

This is a sad day for British comedy. He was one in a million and shall be greatly missed by us all, but never will be forgotten !!!
Antony, Stevenage

Just simply one of the greatest comedy actors of all time. We be greatly missed.
Mark Evans, Aberystwyth, Wales

A great writer and comedian and one of the funniest comics of all time. His partnership with Richard Beckinsale and Fulton Mackay in Porridge was hilarious. Sadly all 3 are now no longer with us.
John Topham, East Kilbride, Scotland

I'm truly saddened that the world has lost this gentle, charming, brilliant man
Helen Taylor, Kendal, UK
I always loved watching Ronnie Barker - in Open All Hours, and The Two Ronnies. My 8 year old son watched the more recent Sketchbook that was shown, and he too fell in love with The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town - something guaranteed to have me in fits of hysterics when I was his age. I'm truly saddened that the world has lost this gentle, charming, brilliant man. But I am very grateful for what he leaves behind - many more generations will come to know and love his characters. I hope wherever he is now, he can feel how much he was loved, and will be missed.
Helen Taylor, Kendal, UK

Ronnie Barker was a Laughter Genius - who entertained the British public and the world with his huge talent - Navy Lark, Two Ronnies, Open all hours, Porridge, Clarence and my more. Rest in Pearce Sir Ronnie Barker and thanks for the laughter which will carry on forever.
Kay, Brentwood, Essex

We have lost a brilliant comedian, we were brought up with the two Ronnies, Open all Hours and Porridge and now my children are watching them too. We will never see the likes of him again!
Carol, Caerphilly, S Wales

We loved Ronnie Barker - he was like a Granddad figure to us! He changed British comedy for the better and we will miss him dearly! RIP Ronnie.
Jenni and Ollie, Southend, Essex England

The world is now a sadder place without Ronnie in it. A very modest man who had such a quick wit which has never aged. Sending love and comfort to Ronnie's wife, family, friends and millions of fans.
Lyndsey Pettigrew, Falkirk, Scotland

Precious few people can command a laugh without saying a word. Of the few, Ronnie Barker was surely the best of them. Unbelievable timing, impeccable delivery and the most unique ability to completely engage with his audience. A genius, no question about it! Sorely missed by millions, his legacy will live long. If only a knighthood had reflected the immense talent and commitment he displayed.
Mark, Prague, Czech Republic

Ronnie Barker was, without a doubt, the most diverse comedy actor of the last 50 years. To watch Norman Stanley Fletcher and then Arkwright, you could barely tell it was the same man underneath.
JJ, London, England

Words cannot do justice to his genius. He was the governor. Simply the best.
Harvey Osborne, Ipswich

As Britons we are extremely fortunate to have been treated to some of the greatest comedic actors of all time. Sellers, Milligan, Hancock, Morecombe, Cleese, to name but a few. Ronnie Barker was, without doubt, in that same league. Everything he turned his phenomenal talents to was pure gold; "The Two Ronnies", "Porridge", "Open All Hours". This is a terribly sad day but at least his genius will live on and we should all be extremely grateful that we will be able to continue marvelling at his astonishing, timeless talent. Thanks Ronnie for so many years of laughter.
Justin Lubbock, Toronto, Ontario

What an incredibly talented comedy genius. He will be greatly missed by young and old.
Bernadette Nolan, Amersham

Surely the most gifted comic of his (or any other for that matter) generation
Angie Lewis, Manchester, England, UK
Mr Barker was truly a prince among men, and surely the most gifted comic of his (or any other for that matter) generation. An absolute genius, I will miss his much-needed input greatly. I salute you.
Angie Lewis, Manchester, England, UK

A sad day for all, the likes we will never see again.
Alun, Staffordshire England

I feel very sad at such a loss but also very happy when I think of all the fun this man has given. I'm sure all the people will always have a warm smile at the mention of his name, god bless you and thank you and it's good night from me and good night from him.
Peter, York, UK

A sad, sad day. The best comedian ever. Will be missed.
Ella G, Oxon

What a comedy genius, his timing, the way he carried parts with a straight face. He will be missed and not replaced.
Stephen Cook, Birmingham, England

The nation has lost one of the funniest men of all time. Ronnie was a great comedy actor that transitioned many generations. A master. I used to sit and watch the Two Ronnies and Porridge with my dad and now my son sits and watches the same programmes with me. The reaction is the same. Great laughs, pure genius.
Karen W, Essex, England

Ronnie Barker as Moira Anderson and Ronnie Corbett as Kenneth McKellar side-splitting laughter in 1971 and a distinct memory of comedic brilliance ever since.
Mary, Massachusetts, USA

This is such sad news. I have great memories of watching The Two Ronnies and Porridge. I loved the recent Two Ronnies sketchbook and will be sad not to be watching a new sketchbook in the near future. A talented man who will be missed.
Jude, Wiltshire

A great loss. "The Complete Rook" was one of the funniest sketches; travelling to many countries, I have encountered aspects of the sketch many times.
William Read, Stafford, UK

My fondest memory of Ronnie is as a young man in a silent black and white comedy film based on a building site. Ronnie, without a word spoken, was tear-jerkingly funny. It was one of those times when you know you have seen someone destined for great things.
Pauline Fearey, Leeds

I am only 13 and I still find the jokes and sketches hilarious
Anne, Swinton, Manchester
I loved Ronnie Barker, his personality will always be remembered. The Two Ronnies and Open All Hours were the best shows. I am only 13 and I still find the jokes and sketches hilarious.
Anne, Swinton, Manchester

I was brought up with this extraordinary comedian, and looked forward as a child to the Christmas specials! My own children aged 4 and 7 are also fans of his as I have many of his different shows, with his and Ronnie Corbett's silent productions being their favourites. May his God bless him and those he loves.
Julie Berry, Atherton, Greater Manchester

Without doubt one of the finest comic talents in the last 40 years.
Henry Gold, London

I will never forget the many Saturday nights, that all of our family sat in front of the TV and laughing from start to finish. Fork handles (four candles) will live with me forever. RIP
Paul, Kirkby, Liverpool

Lived a legend, died a legend, will continue to be a legend.
James Hosie, Goring-By-Sea

In my eyes, The Two Ronnies were the funniest double act of all time, and Ronnie Barker's performances in Open All Hours made me cry with laughter. It was a sad day when he retired, but today is even worse.
G-G-Gavin, Wales

Mankind is lessened. Let us all light four candles to his memory.
A, Exeter, UK.

Simply a class act, a quality comedian. Thanks for the laughs, Ronnie.
Sam, Edgware, Middx, UK

Ronnie Barker was a comic genius, I always remember watching Porridge and Open all hours the Two Ronnies when I was younger it is repeated now and still makes me laugh over and over. Ronnie Barker will be sorely missed.
Mel, Darlington UK

A great man of superb talent. He was a friend who came into our homes and always made us laugh. We will miss him deeply.
Les Read, Dunfermline, Scotland

Ronnie, you were a magician and one who made everyone laugh young and old without the swearing/abuse/profanities that so disappoint nowadays. You were a ''family entertainer'' from first to last, we shall miss you greatly. Rest easy for your work will always be remembered.
Jeff, Edinburgh

What a legend. The best by far. A man with so much talent will be missed in the comedy world. Thanks for the laughs.
Garry, Swindon, England

Very few people are genuinely funny enough to be on stage or screen. Barker could act, write, to the extent he was considered a genius. But he also had whatever it takes to become a legend.
Colin Miller, Edinburgh

Beloved and admired by both the public and his own profession
Colin Jones, Swindon, UK
Not just a funny man, Ronnie Barker was a truly great comic actor. Beloved and admired by both the public and his own profession, he has brought to life countless characters that will live on for generations to come. For me, Porridge was the finest sitcom ever made. We shall miss him, but even now the thought of the charm he brought to his creations brings a smile to my face.
Colin Jones, Swindon, UK

About 25 years ago I was driving along Littlehampton seafront terrace road when a figure walked straight out on front of my car, I stopped in time and then saw it was Ronnie Barker, I called out of the window, "I nearly curtailed your excellent career Mr Barker!" to which he replied "I'm very glad you didn't, old chap, thank you very much". A wonderful man.
Rick Willings, Worthing, Sussex

Porridge is one of those shows you can watch time and time again and still laugh even when you know exactly what's coming up - a comic genius. And a lovely bloke.
Damian Cox, Reading, England

A true comedy legend who will be sadly missed. Rest In Peace. From all in the Four Candles Scooter Club.
Stewart Love, Denny, Scotland

A lovely, lovely man who spent so much time in our living room, via the telly, we felt he was one of the family. Can you imagine the world if we had not had Ronnie Barker? Thank goodness we did, there can't be a single person in the country who did not love him just as much as I did.
Melanie, London, UK

To say I am heartbroken is an understatement. Never before have I cried when hearing about the death of someone I had never met. Mr Barker was quite simply brilliant. I grew up watching The Two Ronnies, Porridge and, most of all, Open All Hours. Even now I still watch videos of those shows. My 12-year-old son thinks Fletcher is fantastic. Nobody disliked him or his comedy and that's what makes him such a great man and sadly missed. May I wish everybody close to him my heartfelt condolences.
Barry Critchley, St Helens, Merseyside

This man has left a great legacy in his writings and performances
Dafydd, London, UK
I've just emailed my ex-pat friend in the US with the news. We're always quoting Barkerisms. This is a very sad day indeed, but this man has left a great legacy in his writings and performances.
Dafydd, London, UK

Ronnie Barker contributed to my brilliant childhood years. I have fond memories of watching The Two Ronnies on television with the rest of my family when I was growing up. There will never be another man anywhere like Ronnie Barker. God bless his family.
Marc Careswell, Wythenshawe, England

Provided enormous enjoyment. One of a few comedians who could entertain and be extremely funny without being crude and swearing. Pure talent.
Nicola Freeth, La Roche Chalais, France

A tremendously versatile comic actor, Fletcher and Arkwright are known and loved throughout the land. Thank you for making me laugh so often.
Michael, Coventry

I'm only 21 but I have enjoyed both Ronnie Barker and David Jason's partnership in Open all Hours and Porridge since at least I was 10. Let's hope the BBC will pay tribute to the legend by screening some of the most popular episodes of the sitcoms. I will be definitely be carrying on watching them both on Sky UK Gold.
Gareth Roberts, Poynton

I personally feel that Ronnie Barker was far too often overlooked for a knighthood
Lindsay, Bradford, UK
I personally feel that Ronnie Barker was far too often overlooked for a knighthood because of his talents. I'm only 24 years old and have watched repeats of programmes such as Porridge and Open All Hours and they are still funny. He will be sadly missed.
Lindsay, Bradford, UK

My son and daughter aged seven and 11, have been seen literally rolling around on the floor laughing at the Two Ronnies, particularly the optician sketch. What a sad loss.
Howard, Surbiton, UK

As a child of the 70s my own fond memories of Sunday night TV was the Two Ronnies and of course the "The Phantom Raspberry Blower", he will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered for all the laughs and smiles given in my childhood and into my adulthood.
Damien Seddon, Wigan

Not only a great comedy talent but also a fine dramatic actor as proven in the 2002 film The Gathering Storm. One of my comedy heroes he will be sorely missed by friends, fans and family. My thoughts are with his family.
Marc C, Surrey

A brilliant comic actor with the emphasis on both words. The Two Ronnies was great and quite modern for its time. And he was a terrific influence on later actors like David Jason. He'll be greatly missed.
Adrian, London, UK

Still watch all the Open All Hours and Porridge re-runs on DVD to cheer me up when feeling a little down and homesick here in Taiwan. He is up there with the greatest. Will still miss him when I have kids and they get hooked on his great comedy performances.
Mark Johnson, Durban, South Africa

The word 'legend' is thrown about too much these days but in this instance I think it is justified
Gavin Goulds, Blackpool
I may be only 16 years old, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that many modern day comics and their material is heavily influenced by Ronnie Barker, the word 'legend' is thrown about too much these days but in this instance I think it is justified. My condolences to his family and friends at this traumatic time. Long may you be remembered, thank you from a nation.
Gavin Goulds, Blackpool

He was an extremely funny man without having to use swear words or by being vulgar which is extremely hard to find in comedy these days.
Pat Pidcock, Derbyshire

Quite simply a brilliant genius. I am gutted at his death. He was one of two heroes of mine, the other being Eric Morecombe. Words cannot express the loss I feel at his passing and I just pray that his family and friends will take some comfort in the outpouring of love that is bound to follow for this lovely gentleman.
Gary Hargreaves, Bromsgrove, UK

Ronnie Barker has bought us great television over the years from Arkwright to Norman Stanley Fletcher. TV has lost a true great and we have been rewarded with more fabulous viewing. Brilliant, funny and tear-jerking.
Deborah Rafique, Staffordshire

I was lucky enough to have been brought up in the 70s and will always remember the cold winter Saturday nights in and being allowed to stay up and watch The Two Ronnies, and how I look back and realise how lucky I was. David Jason once said he was the Guv'nor, how right he was. The top man of British comedy.
Andy, London



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