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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 February, 2005, 16:19 GMT
Grammy Awards 2005: Your views
Ray Charles
Late soul star Ray Charles swept the board with eight awards at the Grammy ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday.

R&B singer Alicia Keys got four while U2, Usher and Kanye West won three each.

But British stars such as Elvis Costello, Franz Ferdinand and Joss Stone - who had multiple nominations - came away with nothing.

What do you think of this year's winners? Was it a fitting tribute to Ray Charles? Or did younger talent deserve more of the limelight? And were British artists wrongly overlooked?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we received:

Well done Lemmy
Steve Brereton, York, UK
Did I hear right? Did Motorhead win some award? At last they acknowledge a band who have lasted nearly thirty years. Well done Lemmy. When the younger talent can match Motorhead for entertainment and staying power, then they'll deserve a prize.
Steve Brereton, York, UK

Great show! The first time ever that I watched the Grammys. And Kanye West and Alicia Keys are great talents. In fact, all were good.
SA, Las Vegas, NV

Just a quick post in defence of U2. How many of today's "artists" will be around in 5 years time yet alone 20? One album wonders most of them. U2 rock!
Nick, England

What was with Joss Stone trying to even come near Janis Joplin? That was a joke! It was indicative of the whole night. U2 weren't even good.
Kenny, New York, USA

The night was stolen by an amazing performance by Melissa Etheridge
Susan Alexander Llauget, Arleta, California, USA
Ray Charles definitely deserved his awards. Alicia Keys is a great performer, but the night was stolen by an amazing performance by Melissa Etheridge in the tribute to another giant, Janis Joplin. When she let out that scream, it chilled my bones.
Susan Alexander Llauget, Arleta, California, USA

Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx were the high points. Ms Keys is beautiful and talented.
Nana Ama, Accra, Ghana

Joss Stone not winning anything is understandable, but Franz Ferdinand? What is the world coming to, when Britney Spears can win for manufactured rubbish, but Franz Ferdinand can't for brilliance?
Graham Campell, Lossiemouth, Scotland

Ray Charles was a great talent, but his best work was behind him a long time before he died. This was simply a cynical corporate attempt to "shift a few more units" on the back of the recent film about him. Otherwise, the awards continue to be aimed at the bland and the boring. Music for people who do not really like music.
Max Sommers, Athens, Greece

Most of the music they honour is not about the art, but the money
Rey, Spartanburg, SC USA

I watched the Grammys, I don't know why. They never mention jazz artist except to say they died. Most of the music they honour is not about the art, but the money. Ray Charles was great but even his producers resorted to gimmicks on the last album. It was nice to see Loretta Lynn win though I'm no fan of country music. So many older artist still have great voices but can't get anything but a career award. I think British artists tend to be more consistently talented so maybe they were short changed, not marketable enough. Joss Stone is interesting but once you get over the novelty what is there? She needs her own voice and style to have staying power.
Rey, Spartanburg, SC USA

I was glad to see that nobody has jumped on the hip-hop bandwagon, since Usher and Kanye West didn't win the major Grammys they were nominated for. I was touched by performances by Alica Keys (whom I never really liked before) and Melissa Etheridge who is courageously battling cancer. Overall I think the Grammy's did a good job on judging who really deserves credit for the best music and who doesn't.
Kenneth, North Carolina, USA

Led Zeppelin should have had a tribute during the telecast!
Dan, Los Angeles, US

We shall continue to dance until the early morning comes
Jon Jon, Paris
I was born in 1936 and have loved Ray for years plus I brought my albums from the US to give pleasure to all of my French, American and African friends. Thay all loved Ray and we shall continue to dance until the early morning comes. Cheers to all the lovers of Ray. Jon Jon in Paris, France
Jon Jon, Paris, France

What are the Grammy awards?
Robert, Reading

The pathetic gasping of an industry in decline. Wilson's Smile is a masterpiece which deserved more than the rock instrumental award. It will be around long after 99 per cent of the current lot are forgotten.
Ed Strelow, San Jacinto, USA

Great to see that the Grammy's, unlike the Brits, still have some idea about what original music means, as shown by the lack of awards to Franz -Talking Heads - Ferdinand and Joss Stone.
Chris, Kent

A god when it comes to music and well deserved. God Rest!
BW, West Yorks

Great to see Ray Charles honoured as the true talent he is. Other high points for me were Norah Jones, Etta James and Nancy Wilson each winning awards.
David Callus, Wales

J-Lo is the worst singer ever and is way overrated. Get her out of our lives!
Jay, LA, US

Finally the hugely talented Britney Spears gets recognition for her amazing talents!
Mike Green, London

Congratulations to Prince who won two awards. Alicia Keys proved that she deserves all accolades. However, Britney Spears winning a Grammy is disappointing.
John Campanario, New York City, USA

I am sick of honouring the same people over and over again
Joey, Los Angeles
I honestly think the whole Grammy Awards were pretty boring. I love Jennifer Lopez but she was seriously out of tune and she wasn't the only one. Honestly, I am sick of honouring the same people over and over again. Why Norah Jones again? She seemed she was lost during the tribute to Tsunami and Alicia Keys' continuous nominations are ridiculous. Where are the people who actually lead the charts? Why didn't Usher get more awards, etc? And Queen Latifah...
Joey, Los Angeles, USA

The Grammys last night were close to a joke. Ray Charles was great but obviously death served him well, when about 1000 stars played The Beatles' Across the Universe it was nothing short of embarrassing. It was proof that the best music remains unheralded.
Hansel Merchor, Lima, Peru

Just a shame that Ray Charles was not allowed to receive the praise he deserved when he was alive.
Annette, Surrey, UK

The Grammys were so disappointing this year! Truly great acts lost out to Ray Charles and his sympathy votes. Commercial hits dominated the nominees as well as the recipients. Even Bill Clinton won! I've lost what little respect I had had for the award show!
Rachel, Cleveland, USA

Many painters were awarded recognition after their death. Alive or passed on, he put his soul into his music. He deserved the awards no matter what. Congrats to my favourite, Alicia Keys! Talk about singing from the soul and showing the world who she is. She is an inspiration to many.
MM, Massachusetts, USA

It's glad to see Motorhead actually getting a real award after 30 years -well done!
Anonymous, Cardiff

Fluff! What happened to talent in music? How many wrong notes did we have to endure from J-Lo, et al? How many untalented musicians did we have to see pretending to play their instruments? There were some exceptions, notably Ms Keys, but she was of the minority that night. And here's another point: why only pop performances? There used to be a time the Grammys hosted jazz and classical music performances. What a shame, a US institution that offers trifle recognition of a few jazz musicians but doesn't recognize jazz as the only true American art form. And let's not even get into ignoring classical music. Bah!
Jeremy Stembler, Washington, US

Commercial crap once again, this is not surprising. Anyone that understands music and has a refined sensibility knows this. It was pathetic that they used Ray the movie, and Charles' recent death to market this show. It's all about corporate tie-ins and marketing. Ray just happens to have his best album this year? Bull! There are literally hundreds of bands out there that make all these new artists look like little children banging on pots and pans. These people are so devoid of soul it saddens me - just like this whole country has become devoid of soul because big corporations run it!
Joe, Los Angeles USA

Congrats Ray, and Congrats Grammy - great night for music
George Burgan, Atlanta, USA
I've been a Grammy fanatic since Tina Turner stole the spotlight from up and comers of the day like Madonna. As much as I like Usher and Kanye West, I'll always nod to the truly Genius. Congrats Ray, and Congrats Grammy - great night for music.
George Burgan, Atlanta, USA

I'm glad to see U2 get three Grammies for Vertigo. They are still easily the greatest rock band around. Let's hope the judges remember that at next year's Grammies, when the whole album is eligible.
Chris, ME, USA

Am I the only person in the world that thinks U2 are rubbish? They were fairly good once but their last couple of albums have been middle of the road and sleep inducing.
Mary Cox, Ipswich, England

Ray Charles swept the board with eight sympathy awards and nothing more. If Ray Charles were still alive he'd never even been up for an award, which is a shame, because his music is great.
Kelly, TN, US

Bland and very, very conservative nominations all round (barring Modest Mouse and The Killers). Just like the Oscars really! In fact it's even worse than The Brits
Martin, Bedford, UK

This year's Grammy Awards was excellent! The music provided was profoundly touching.
Dorothy Wargo, Valley Village, CA, USA

They finally get recognition from the industry
Chris, Music Land
It's nice to see that the media still ignore Motörhead. They finally get recognition from the industry, and still the media - as always - doesn't mention it. Yet, they're responsible for a whole movement of music bands and styles. Thank you for mentioning them!
Chris, Music Land

In 1966 Brian Wilson's masterpiece Good Vibrations did not get a Grammy as they chose the pathetic' Winchester Cathedral'. I guess not much changes does it.
Paul, Bedford

Totally deserving that the late Ray Charles won his Grammies. But isn't it a shame that he didn't live to see it happen. It also shows the class of the gentleman, he picks up 8. Today's groups and solo artists can't hold a candle to him. Most have a shelf life of 2-3 years and that's it.
David Quinton, Wigan, England

Yet again the US market remain blinkered to their home grown artists bar U2 of course. Their loss and our gain, as I'm listening to Keane, whilst writing this.
Mark G, Bicester, Oxon

Joss Stone should have won. She is incredible with one of the best soul voices ever. Alicia Keys' debut was amazing but she has done nothing of any real note since then.
John, Sheffield, UK

Why did Smile not win album of the year?
Jim, London
Sympathy vote for Ray Charles. Why did Smile not win album of the year? It was 40 years in the making, some of the greatest work of the only true genius, of popular music, Brian Wilson.
Jim, London

It's reassuring to see Seal was nominated for best vocal performance for 'Love's Divine'. It's a shame the British public haven't embraced him in the same way the Americans have. A grossly underrated artist here whose work runs far beyond the well knowns like Killer and Crazy.
Graham Mann, Poole, UK

I can't comprehend how a has-been group like U2 can still be picking up awards year after year. Compared to newer artists, they are outdated and unbelievably overrated.
Lee Spence, Kufstein, Austria

I think that U2 are a brilliant group, but I think that Franz Ferdinand should have got at least 1 award....and Joss Stone is a brilliant artist.
Gizbo, Mmálaga, Spain

Very pleased to see John Mayer receive two Grammys. Maybe this year the UK will get to hear more of his music on radio, and realise what a talented young singer/songwriter he is.
Michael Field, Cardiff, Wales

The Grammys did them justice
Simon, London
Glad Green Day have finally been recognised for their amazing album. The Brit awards let them down, but the Grammys did them justice.
Simon, London

It was slightly embarrassing to watch Bono desperately try to cling on the Franz Ferdinand bandwagon, especially as the Scottish boys were far more the deserving winners. Franz Ferdinand have earned their success after starting with nothing whereas the U2's achievement last year is entirely down to their previous work. Vertigo was an incredibly average song that would have bombed if released by anyone with lesser status than the Irish stadium fillers.
Simon, Birmingham, UK

Alicia Keys earned her success at the Grammys as did Usher. I agree with Brian that Kanye West should have won the best New Artist Category. As for the British nominees, let's face it, if you haven't yet made a name for yourself in the USA...forget the Grammys. Joss Stone is great but she has some way to go before competing with the likes of Alicia Keys. (always my favourite).
Devon, London, UK

Ray Charles is a legend. He and his music was rightly honoured by the selectors.
Suraj Chhetri, Kathmandu, Nepal

Too bad Prince wasn't there to accept his awards. He won best R&B song beating Usher.
Erwin, Holland

I thought Ray Charles and Alicia Keys greatly deserved the awards they won. The only British artist that I felt was overlooked was Joss Stone. Costello and Ferdinand are good artists, but I didn't feel they were overlooked at all (British or otherwise).
Brian Ralph, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

I do believe that some people were definitely snubbed. One being Usher for Album of the Year. That album was consistent. Although Ray Charles is the spectacular, honour him in life, not in death. I also believe that Kanye was the clear choice for best new artist.
Janelle Watson, Chicago, USA

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