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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February 2005, 15:40 GMT
Asian quake - Missing persons


Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

You can also send your photographs to

This is the sixth page of appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

Does anyone know if my brother Lyndsay Flintoff and wife Rachel and two children are safe and well in Thailand?
David Flintoff, Manchester. England

Hi, I wanted to know about Farah. She lived in Indonisia and is my net friend. I no longer have any contact with her. Can any one provide me information about her?
Abdullah Amin, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Waiting for news of Gillian and Ron Sales, known to be going to Thailand for Christmas and New Year - no idea to which area but no news of them arriving home yet.
Glenys Hedges, Cheadle, Staffs, England

We are looking for Peter and Janet Wiltshire, English people from Hemer, Germany. They were on holiday in Thailand. We are very concerned about them, are they ok?
Jonh Randle, Hemer, Germany

Hello, I am looking for my English friend & his Thai wife. They are living in Phuket but I can't get in touch with them. Their names are Simon Thomas approx 35 & Kung approx 25!
Kevin Hill, London

We are looking for Alan Pacey from Liverpool who was in Thailand on holiday over the Christmas period. He is 32, over 6ft tall with dark hair. If anyone knows Alan's whereabouts please get in touch
Deborah Cross, Chester, Cheshire

I am looking for my dear friends Chris and Jack both 23-24 years-old. They were travelling in Thailand over Christmas and the new year. I have had no word from them since Christmas Eve and really need to know that they are ok. They are not on any lists of missing persons.
Ruth, Bristol

Concerned about friend Stuart Maggs from Southamton. On holiday in Thailand
Mick Wharton, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Looking for information on the well being of a colleague Munha Lee. Think she was in Thailand over Christmas visiting her brother but not sure where in Thailalnd. If anyone has any news on her whereabouts please let me know.
Samantha Miller, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

I'm looking for my friends from Rante Beach on Pi Pi Island - Nu, Tor, Tad and Tong, Nye and Day. If anyone knows anything about what happened to the beach or the people on it please let me know.
Rosalind Candy, Bradford-on-Avon

Would like to know if Naomi Cooper from Essex is safe, last known to be living on Kohn Pha Ngan Island with boyfriend Rony. Would someone let me know if they are ok? Ex-work colleague in the NHS and other colleagues worried.
Jayne De'Ath, Billericay, England

I am looking for a missing person who was around Phuket. His name is Nick Milnes. Any news please let me know
Neil, Maidenhead, Berks

We are seeking news of a family friend, John Gosden, who is retired and lives in Chalong, Phuket. My mother has e-mailed him but he has not made contact as yet. If anyone has news of him please let us know.
Isobel Perry, Didcot, England

John Goodman a good friend from New Malden, on holiday in Thailand. Any news of him.
Anthony Painter, Newport

Russ (Russell Sorkin) was in Thailand at the time of the Tsunami. I cannot find his name on any lists and am unsure of his location. Any information welcome!
Kris, Spain

Looking for Barry Smith, 6ft Irish lad (gentle giant)who went out to chill out on beach in Thailand after working in Korea. All his email buddies from around the globe are concerned. Please get in touch if you're out there Barry. J9
Janine Downs, Huddersfield, UK

I was on Phi Phi Island 5 weeks ago with a friend Angie. She was diving with the Island Divers. We'd like to know what has happened to any of the instructors especially a close friend, Michelle, who is Irish. We heard John Metcalf from Liverpool is really suffering, if you know of anything please let me know. Also a restaurant called Pums, would like to know if Daren the Irish manager and his staff are ok?
Jess Woods, Manchester, England

John Heike - if anyone knows his whereabouts please let me know. He was a diving instructor on Koh Phi Phi. Tall, blond hair, English. John I'd really like to know you are ok? Vanessa Newby (used to work at Charlie Bar a long time ago).
Vanessa Newby, Mooloolaba, Australia

Does anyone have any news of the whereabouts of my uncle - Neville Percival. We believe he may have been in Thailand. He was due to call on Christmas Day, but we have not heard from him. We would be very grateful for any news that he is okay.
Jacqui Savage, Eastbourne, UK

Looking for my brother Errell Braddy - last heard he was in Thailand with his wife and three year old son - Lucas and Noy. I haven't heard anything from them. Family waiting for news back in Australia. Please let them be safe and come home.
Julie Percival, Park Ridge Queensland

I'm worried about Jamie Monk, a graduate of York University, last living in Phuket, Thailand - working for Sunrise Divers as a manager and scuba diving instructor. He is married to Jurirat and they have a beautiful baby girl named Jessica, who is almost 3 years old.
Catherine Luke, Zurich, Switzerland

Looking for Sonalle Maroo "Sunny" (Female) - who emailed me the day before Christmas from Bangkok saying she was going down south to spend New Year by the beach. Please contact me.
Anna Odenhall, London, UK

Concerned about a Canadian friend, Jeff Morey, who was in Thailand when the tsunami struck, I believe on Krabi island. Any information on his whereabouts would be gratefully received.
Ben Dirs, Romford

We are looking for our friend Moth (formerly known as Nicky Ellis) from Malvern, who is currently in Thailand. We have not had any news from her and we are very concerned.
Patric Clarke, Blewbury, UK

Concerned about a colleague, William (Bill) Martin, who went to Thailand for Christmas with his family. Any information on their whereabouts please?
Paul Hennessy, Cardiff, Wales

The Musk family from Bury St Edmunds are very concerned on the safety of their sister Anne-Marie Southgate (early 50s) who was touring the Indian Ocean Islands with her boyfriend Greg, last heard from on Xmas day from a beach hut.
Sheri Cunnington, Herefordshire

I am anxious for news of the whereabouts of my brother Martin Baldwin. He flew out to Thailand on 24 December. As far as we are aware, he was in Bangkok on the 25 but we do not know what his travel plans were and we have not been able to contact him since. Any news would be appreciated.
Linda Poole, Telford, UK

Looking for Boripat Louichareon. Know he lives in Thailand but not sure where. Would like information. Just like to know he's ok.
KJB, Bristol, England

We are all concerned about an ex colleague, Charles Bailey, who went to Phuket to open a bar in November. The bar was called Bar One on Phuket beach. Any news of him would be great.
Helga and all staff at Fitness First in Purley, Surrey, UK

I'm looking for my friends Karen and husband Greg Jillard, from Derbyshire, England. They went to Thailand on 17th of December. Please, I would appreciate any information.
Olinda Pereira, Faro, Portugal

Gavin Spicer and his partner Sue Woods who were on holiday on Phi Phi Island in Thailand.
Tinker, Bucks

Does anyone know anything about twins Carl and Leo Ostin from South of England?
Sophie Balchin, Ascot, England

I am looking for Max Werkelin aged 4 who is believed to be safe in hospital but I can't find him. He is Swedish, blond and has blue eyes. He was last seen wearing arm wrist band with KNeippbyn on it.
Mike Lewis, Chaing Mai, Thailand

I'm looking for a colleague, Melanie Evans based in London and her boyfriend James. They were on vacation and I have not been able to contact them. Any info please let me know.
James Stephens, London, UK

My brother who is living in Bangkok, his name is James W Bellman. He is 58-years-old, African American. A retired US soldier.
Oliver Truitt Jr, Columbia, SC, United States

Desperately seeking info on Christopher McGlenn (25) from Sudbury in Suffolk, who was separated from his party on the island of Kho Phi Phi. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Nick Maule, London, UK

I am trying to contact Helmut Swienberger. He was working in Karron Beach, Phuket where he had a bar.
Matthew Ash, Scotland

Concerned for the welfare and safety of Fenny - Andrew/Gareth Fennell -On holiday for Christmas and New Year in Thailand I think - could be Phuket. Any News would be appreciated.
Cynthia Gerrard, Cardiff, Wales

Please ask Michael, Marian and Gabrielle Kelsey to phone their parents if you are in contact with them. We believe they are now in the Bangkok area and are ok but do need them to phone. Michael's elderly mother is especially anxious for contact.
Judy Kelsey, Stroud, UK

Does anybody know if Pon and Zak are ok? They work the jet skis on Patong beach. We met them about three years ago and they made us so welcome and we then met them again in April this year
Jez, Rob and Michelle Ramsden, Leeds, United Kingdom

Looking for news of my cousin Sue Bell from SE London, who may be travelling under married name of Sue Smith. In Thailand over Christmas.
Matt Bell, Grove Park, London

I'm looking for Jeremy Richard Ford last known to be in Thailand not sure what part.
Carlton Mayhew, Streatham, London.

We are still trying to find out what might have happened to our friend Dave Nattrass who has been living in the Patong/Phuket area with his girlfriend Jiet. We think they might have been running a bar over there. As of yet we have been unable to get in touch with them or find out if they are safe and well.

If anybody knows or has heard from them could they please tell Dave to get in touch. Maybe it would be possible for someone to give us other ideas about trying to find them. Any help greatly appreciated. Dave is 47-/48-years-old and has at least two tattoos on each arm. Fair hair and average height and built.
Laz & Heike Miller, Newton Aycliffe, Durham

14 staff and friends of Martin Backers factory Denham Bucks are on a xmas holiday in Thailand... staff and friends of the MBS&CC are keen to know they are safe...
MBS&CC, Denham, UK

Very concerned about colleague Rick Neill from Seattle, WA. 5'10, fair hair, in Thailand for Christmas. Any news, please let me know.
Simon Taylor, Madrid, Spain

I am missing a German family. Looking for Fritjof Gaude (38) and Sabine Klaila (39) and their 1-year-old son, Vincent, from Germany. Live in Hong Kong but on holiday and stayed in Wanaburee Resort, Khao Lak.
Rolf Brill, Berlin, Germany

If anybody knows if Mark Wright from the Wirral Liverpool is ok I would very much to know. Please help.
Antony Parkins, Busan, South Korea

My friend Natacha Zana is missing, she was staying at Phi Phi Charlie Beach Resort. If anyone had seen her during your stay or has news from her please let me know.
Eva, France

I am helping family friends to look for their daughter and his boyfriend. Her name is Gerard Clarèle (13/06/1972) and Stonman Lee - missing in Thailand. Please write if you have any news about them.
Sureka, Annemasse, France

We are looking for our friends, Danny and Julia Church - they went to Thailand to spend xmas. Danny serves in the army alongside me. We hope they are safe and well. We last heard from them on Christmas day.
Charlie and Graham Fergus, London

Looking for information that Charles Wiles is OK. He flew to Thailand at the end of November for a three month break. No further info on his whereabouts.
Mark Burton, UK

Looking for Ben Watts and Nova Mills.
Alex Davis, Munich, Germany

We are looking for Arne van Teunenbroek (45), who is missing from the Sofitel Magic Lagoon Hotel. His wife and children are ok.
Benno Honsdrecht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am looking for my father, his wife, sister-in-law and daughter. My father moved to Thailand to live from Isle of Wight. His name is Arnold Campen and his daughter is called Bella. Would like to know they are ok.
Annie Long, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

We are desperate for information about friends Miss Sarah Pickering and Mr Rhys Barry on vacation in Thailand. Location not known, can anyone help please.
Ray Anderson, Leeds, United Kingdom

Graham Maddock and his girlfriend were in Thailand over xmas time possibly with his parents who live over there, I would be very grateful of their wellbeing.
Trevor Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

I am not sure if Hendrik Jan Bosch was in Phuket, Thailand when the earthquake happened. I would like to check if his name is included or not on list of victims. Thank you.
Rossana Maniquis, Hong Kong

Would appreciate any information concerning my friend Christopher Strutt living in Phuket. British citizen, 40s. Thanks.
Pat Holmes, Devon, UK

I am looking for any information about a dear friend of mine. Her name is Christina Bulow and her fiancé Nic Brewster were in Khaolak on 25 Dec. Any information will be very much appreciated.
Angela, London, UK

We are looking for two friends - Martin Müller and Ursula Kreuter - who spent their vacation in Khao Lak. They are both Swiss 44- and 45-years-old. Nobody has heard of them since the wave.
Mirjam Müller, Zug, Switzerland

I'm really worried about some friends who were in Thailand at the time of the tsunami. They are a couple aged about 65 named Joan and Maurice Heslop. They were there over Christmas visiting their son who was to get married over the holiday. Other members of their family were going too. If anyone has any information please contact me.
Karen Tomlinson, Stockton-on-Tees, England

I have three Swedish cousins lost in Thailand Khao Lak. Their names are: Filip Cosmo, Emma Cosmo and Vibeke Wesén. Any information would be much appreciated.
Fredrik Gullstrand, Luxembourg

Looking for Joel Summerhayes and friend Lucy.
Stuart, London

We're very much concerned on whereabouts of a good friend Serafettin Yildiz (Turkish-Austrian man) from Vienna. We just know that he was in Thailand when the tsunami took place. And no info up to now. We'll be grateful for your news.
Fatma Göksu-Aslan, Vienna, Austria

I am seeking news of Pam and Graham Hooley who were on holiday in Phuket.
Benedict Dunhill, Bury St Edmunds

Still desperate for news of Peter & Pauline Bush, living in Kamala, Phuket. Any news greatly appreciated. Phone ringing out, no emails.
Loader, London, UK

I'm trying to find out information about an area just north of Krabi called Railay Beach and Ton Sai. If anyone knows how hard these places were hit please let me know as I can't find any info nor get in touch with people I knew were living there.
Frank Crab, Belgium

Please help us to find Charlotte Jones, missing British woman. She went missing off the beach at Racha Yai, an island off Phuket on 26.12.04. She is white, aged 23, 5'4" high, very slim with blue eyes and bleached blond hair twisted into dreadlocks, like ropes. She has a tattoo of an Egyptian eye on her lower back and a pieced tongue and lip.
Valerie Alford, Hassocks, UK

Friends who live in Thailand - Tim and Veronica Isaac (and children Sebastian and Joanna), were holidaying in Sri Lanka over Christmas. Very keen to know if they're safe and well.
Maggie Gallagher, Twickenham, UK

Looking for any news on Andrew and Cara Docherty - New Zealand brother and sister on holiday on the Island of Koh Phi Phi. They landed there on Christmas day. Any news would be greatly appreciated!
Lara Hinrichsen, Cape Town, South Africa

I am helping family friends to look for their daughter. Her name is Dina Lorena Trumm. She is 24 years old and missing in Thailand. Please write if you have any news!
Markus Weigand, Germany

I would like to hear any news of Mark Kinnard last known to be living in Big Buddha Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand where he owns a restaurant called The Elephant and Castle.
Paul Whelan, London, England

On behalf of my brother Neil, I am trying to trace his friends Nicky Milburn 24 and Mark Foster 26 both from Middlesbrough. We have heard from their friend John Duffy but have no other information of their whereabouts. There was mention of them going to a 'full moon' Party in Phuket or they could have been on Phi Phi when the tsunami struck. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Helene Brown, Middlesbrough, UK

I am looking for Ian Donald Pringle and Nicholas Andrew Pringle. They should have been in Bangkok but at moment are still uncontactable.
Adrian Pringle, Ascot, Windsor, England

I am looking for a friend and his brother who moved to Thailand to live from Norfolk. Their names are David and Ian McManus. Would like to know they are ok.
Donna Scott, Norfolk, England

I am looking for the sister of a friend. She was in Thailand and was supposed to return home on the 26th Dec. Her name is Antonia Lebar (maiden name). Her husband's first name is Mike or Matt (American). She is Austrian and in her late 20's, early 30's. She has blonde or reddish hair (may be dyed another colour), and dark eyes (brown). I have not heard from her family yet so any information would be helpful.
Andrew, Dayton, USA

Crispin Paton-Smith running dive school on Koh Samui. Any information please.
Worms, Bergen, Germany

If anyone has any information about Duhan, Jun, and Chaweng who rented a jet ski and looked after the chairs in front of the Patong Bay Garden Resort please let me know.
Bruce Underhill, Edmonton, Canada

We are looking for our co-worker, we don't know exactly where she was during this disaster, we think she was in Phuket. She lives in Belgium and has a British passport. We'd like to know if she is ok. Here name is Alexandra Hogarth.
Roos and Daan, Netherlands

We are looking for two South Africans, Anthony (Tony) and Anita de Gouveia. They were on holiday on Phi Phi Island. If anybody recognises their names or has had any contact with them, prior or after the tsunami, please contact us.
Virinia Summerscales, Randburg, South Africa

We were on Phi Phi 9 weeks ago and went diving with Harlequin Divers. We are looking for information on any of the instructors, Pippa, Andy, Jen or Chris, all British. We would like to know they are safe. Any news very much appreciated. Thank you.
Kate and James, Amsterdam, Holland

Am looking for my brother Terry Davies, last known whereabouts was somewhere in Thailand. I would be grateful for any news about him.
Tony Davies, Pencoed, South Wales

I am looking for any information on Paul Christy (originally from Saffron Walden in the UK and currently living as a permanent resident in Sydney, Australia). Paul was on holiday in either Krabi or Phuket with his Australian partner Melissa. I too am an expat Brit living in Sydney. Paul is a good friend and any information on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.
Simon Preston, Sydney, Australia

I am looking for news of Ben Fitzsimmons, a freelance diving instructor who was last known working for Phi Phi scuba on the Island of Phi Phi managed by John and Robert.
Nikki, Windsor, Berks, UK

My cousin Hamid Reza Agha Kochak Esfahani has gone to Thailand for the holidays and there is no news from him. Please let me and his family know if you hear anything about him.
A. Tavakol, Tehran, Iran

Matthew Fletcher desperately searching for news of friend Mia Gillow and family believed to be in Phuket when tsunimi hit.
Ken Fletcher, Perth, Australia

I am desperate to hear from a good friend, Gavin Campbell who was on a diving holiday on Phi Phi island, any news would be appreciated.
Wayne Short, Winchester, UK

Looking desperately to find any information on a friend Steve Goff. He is the owner of Barracuda Diving, Phi Phi island. We heard from him just before Chrissy and are very concerned about him and his wife Som.
Tanya and Paul Martin, Forster, Australia

I am really worried about a good friend, Tony Channel, who lives, I believe, in Phuket. He may have moved to Indonesia.
Vicki Rahe, Cripple Creek, Colorado, USA

Looking for news of my godson Daniel Korson (22) and his mother Cathy (50) of Fairfax, California. Possibly on coast or islands of southwest Thailand in late December. Good wishes to all searching for loved ones.
(Mr) Bev Parish, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Just wanting to hear from our friends Jenny Riley and Jason Burnett, Charlie and Dexter. Unsure of whether they had reached Thailand at the time of the tsunami, hoping to hear they are safe.
Ashlea Hand, Warrnmabool, Victoria

Herbert Huber is a German friend and my former colleague. He and his wife, Ingrid, went to Khao Lak on December 16 for a month. If anyone has any information, please let me know. Thank you.
Esther Ho, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Can you please help me locate my friends, Rob and Sue Ward, of the UK? They went to Phuket for Christmas and have not replied to my e-mail query.
Stephen Foster, Berkeley, CA, USA

I am wondering if any one has any news on Koh Samui because my friend is out there and is on holiday called Mollie Parker 12 years old and is with her mum and stepdad. Anyone got any news I would be grateful.
Holly Baker, Cambridge England

Holly Baker asks about Koh Samui. We don't have direct info on your friends, but our daughter is on that island at the moment. Apparently that side of Thailand was not affected at all. Hope you hear directly soon.
Peter Riches, Charolles, France

My father Stanley Smith who was staying in the, now wrecked, Comfort Resort in Patong is still missing. Me, my sister in Australia and his neighbour Burt have not heard. He is an Australian citizen - 84 years of age and frail. A German tourist told us when we arrived at the hotel that some people had been evacuated - we would like to know where so that we know he is there or not. Anyone any news of him or the evacuees from Comfort Resort Patong? Thank you so much.
Beryl McKeown, UK

I am looking for a very dear friend Theresa Carew and her boyfriend Paul. They were intending to go from Phuket to Koyao island in Thailand for Christmas day and then moving. Please if anyone has heard from them please contact me.
Angela Davidson, Sutton

Mara Anthony, a dear friend celebrating 50th, was on holiday in Thailand with her partner, Gary, when the earthquake happened. Any news as to safety etc, please post here.
Gilly Gillies, Twickenham, England

We are searching for Gaby And Michel Frey, from Switzerland. They own a camping in the south of Switzerland, Les Glariers, and they are on holidays in Thailand (we received a card from Phuket two weeks ago) every year, so now too. We haven't heard from them and are worried. We don't know where they were when it happened. Did anyone speak to them/ recognize their names?
Desirée and Chantal Bakker, Holland

My dear friend Enrico Paronuzzi Ticco and his wife Ilaria Allodi, are still missing in Thailand. Their last known location was Phi Phi Island but they planned to go to Phuket on 25 December. There has been no contact with them since Christmas Day. Family and friends are desperate for news from someone who might have met them in Thailand. Any information, please contact this website.
Andrea, London, UK

I am looking for news of two friends, Michael & Wiesia Thomas, both teachers at Regents International School in Pattaya.
James Akre, Geneva, Switzerland

Any news of our friend John Frith, 65-year-old bachelor from Hazlemere? On fishing trip to Thailand, left UK Christmas Day.
June Smith and Trident Sea Anglers, Watford, England

I am looking for news of a friend from Geneva, Switzerland, Fredy Metzger, said to have gone to Phuket before the earthquake.
James Akre, Geneva, Switzerland

Looking for information on my 51-year-old uncle, Derek Payne from Canada who was spending 5 weeks touring Thailand. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Alison Beauchemin, Weston-s-Mare, England

Am very worried about friends Robert & Sue Kennedy, of West Wellow, Hants, who were holidaying at a hotel along the Thailand tourist coast. Thanks.
David Williamson, Bideford, Devon

Would like info about Lisa & Audrey Mitchell who were visiting Lisa's brother Brett who lives in Phuket. Lisa is 37 and originally from Bristol, now lives in HK. Her Mum Audrey is 70.
Luan Richards, Exeter, UK

Anxious for news about friends holidaying in Thailand, Sylvie and Dave Cox from Bedlington, Northumberland and Louise Mowbray from Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. Any news would be appreciated.
Julie Allan, Prudhoe, UK

Has anyone any news relating to Phil Maybank who was working as a PADI diving instructor with girfriend Kay?
Caroline Jennett, Southend, Essex

I am trying to trace Hazel Ryan, a teacher from Brighton, who I understand was on holiday in Thailand from 23rd Dec, but I don't know where she was staying. Would be grateful for any information.
Claire, Isleworth, Middlesex

I'm looking for my good friend Stefan Løken. Age 23 from Norway. He vas at Khao Lak.
Rune Emilsen, Norway

Missing: Candice Bennett and her boyfriend. Last known to be in Phuket, Thailand. She is a student at Kingston Uni doing a PGCE - I was her mentor teacher. V worried about her.
Miriam Fewins, Guildford, UK

Looking for Carlton Treasure - black British male aged mid 30s. Staff and friends at FSU are very worried. Please contact us if you are safe.
Jenny Mahimbo, Birmingham, UK

Has anyone out there heard from or seen Jamie and or Marcela Hendrie? The newlyweds in their late 20s had left Japan on December 13th for a month vacation on the beaches of Thailand and have not been heard from since the disaster. Their friends and former co-workers are in search of information on the Hendries safety. Please contact me with any information.
John Cunningham, Tokyo, Japan

I am looking for Cathy and Daniel Korson. The latest information is that they went to a remote Burmese Monastery instead of Phi Phi. This has yet to be confirmed. Anyone with a confirmation on there whereabouts please contact us.
Joe Korson, Bristol UK

I would like to hear any news of Mark Kinnard last known to be living in Big Buddha Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand where he owns a restaurant called The Elephant and Castle.
Paul Whelan, London, UK

Concerned about friend and teacher Heather Woods, husband and family from East Belfast Northern Ireland, were visiting her brother in Thailand over the Christmas period. Any news would be appreciated greatly.
Joanne Keag, Newtownards, Northern Ireland

I am looking for my uncle Mohammed Dayerizadeh that was in Thailand at the time of tsunami and we don't know if he is in Bangkok or any beach towns that are damaged, he is 68 years old with mid height and dark skin and lives in Austria and went to Thailand about 20 days before
Ramesh Dayerizadeh, Tehran/Iran

trying to trace John, Ann and Laura Magee from Dipton Co. Durham, Ann is a very close school friend, I had a text form her saying she was going to spend Christmas and new year in Thailand with her daughter Laura, John & Ann are in their 50's
R. Johnson, Coalville Leics UK

Waiting to hear news of our friends Nick and Rae Rundquist, from Rye, England who went to Thailand for the holidays
Sharon Siekierka, Clatskanie, Or USA

Hoping for any information on Sayaka Hashimoto (also called Sara or Saya), Kiwi-Japanese aged 24. Believed to be living on Koh Lanta.
Suzanne Fowler, London, UK

Looking for uncle David Baharie on holiday in Thailand not due back till 19th Jan. Just need to know he is okay
David Baharie, Sunderland Tyne and Wear

I am trying to find out information about an exchange student we had at our school last year from Thailand. Her name is Soroya Supakitjaroen. I would really like to know how she is doing, thank you.
Laura Konop, Milwaukee USA

Looking for news of old friend Nicholas Chapman, believed to be on holiday in Thailand over Christmas. British citizen, from Surrey, 50s, airline pilot, please let me know if you have seen or heard from him since the tsunami disaster.
Brigid Ferguson, Auchterarder, Scotland

Seeking news re John and Pat Levett last known in Khao Lak. John is 5'10 barrel chested covered with grey hair. Pat slim with dark hair. Please send any sightings
Jackie Hayward, Frimley Surrey

I am looking for Claire Taylor from Plymouth who was visiting Thailand and may be in hospital there now. Please contact me if you have any news on her situation, thank you.
Mike Escott, Plymouth, UK

Worried for Mike Davies although think he may be on other side of island. Last heard from had recently built home in Cha Am bay if you see this please get in touch
Sue Ponton, Surbiton Surrey GB

Any one news of John Zagan Padi dive instructor was working at Seabees last year. German tall - dark - late 40ies please contact me with any news.
Anne Gasnola, Croydon England

We are both looking for Andy Heathcote and Pupae Heathcote. Andy moved to Thailand early this year and married Pupae who is a Thai person. They live in Ploivillar village, Thailand. If you have any news could you please contact us as we do not no if he had any family - we are working friends and Andy was from Stoke on Trent. Clive Gibbs & Lynda Ainsworth Elton Cheshire England
Clive Gibbs and Lynda Ainsworth, Elton Cheshire England

Looking for news of a mate. Rob Mitchell of Newcastle, originally from Aspatria, Cumbria. Rob is around six ft, and twenty stone. I think he was going to Patpong, but had also planned to visit the coast with his Thai girlfriend, as she had never seen the sea. Any news please.
Paul Hunter, Newcastle on Tyne UK

I'm looking for seven friends all Thai that lived on Ko Lanta but I cannot get in contact with them. I have read that the island was severely hit but if anyone has any info please let me know the area where I had just been living for 5 months is Krong Din beach on Koh Lanta Yai love and light to all those in need thank you
Kevin Murphy, Netherlands Amsterdam

Mick Cragg and his family are looking for the Abbot family who have been on holiday in Thailand. Please contact asap.
Mark, Lisa, Rosie and Charlie Abbot, Lytham, Lancashire

Looking for John Frith,65, from Hazlemere bucks. Arrived Thailand 24\12.No contact since.
Bob Pulling, Drumlish Ireland

Searching for my brother in law, Thomas Skjoerbaek 33 year old, his daughter, Freja 6 year old and his son, Sigurd 2 1/2 years old. All three last seen at Khao Lak Beach at the Green Beach Resort.
Philip Bräuner, Aarhus, Denmark

Looking for Mr Somsak Nakasit of 18 Ratpatanusan, Patong, Kathu, Phuket. He rented out jetskis on Patong Beach in front of the Patong Merlin Hotel. Please if you have any information, contact us.
Steve van der Merwe, Durban, South Africa

I am looking for my son John Madden who goes by the name Juan. He lives on a 100 ft. sail boat in the Indian ocean or south china sea. Am waiting for any information that can be given to me. from Marian Madden
Marian Madden, Glens Falls, N.Y. USA

Looking for my friend's son, Anthony Sablan. Went to Thailand for Christmas vacation w/5 other friends from Seattle, WA. Still haven't heard from them. Please contact me if any news. Thanks & God Bless.
Amy Caliyo, Agana, GUAM

I still have no news of my nephew's whereabouts. His name is Simon Anderson and is from Cambridge, New Zealand. He is travelling with another kiwi and they were in China and were meant to be heading to Phuket. Simon has a very distinctive Maori tattoo on his shoulders and back. Please can somebody help.
Kelly Ross, Feeny, N. Ireland

I would like to know if my friend Abel Vargas from Costa Rica got his visa to go in to Thailand. He wrote to us on 22nd Dec. We need any news from him.
Andrea , Brazil

I am trying to contact a friend from Voorburg (Netherlands) Ruud Kortman - I believe he was on holiday in the Phuket area. Please help
Jeni Rose, Norfolk , England

Not heard from my brother Kevin peter Gray who lives in Wraysbury England aged 53 who flew to Thailand in November. Think he then went on to Burma. The whole family are worried about him. Please contact home if you read this. Any info of use.
Anthony Gray, Ashford, Middlesex

Any news of my friend Jenny Shepherd from Tunbridge Wells would be appreciated
Stella Greenslade, Surbiton,

I am looking for Kai Gabrian (32) and his girlfriend Jeanette Waldschmidt (33). We don't know where they are and have not heard from them. They were last seen travelling about 20km north of Khao Lak.
Dean Hall, Germany

Many thanks for putting my message on screen about Peter Sheard and Sue Thompson we have now heard from them and they are safe and well, we are now desperately seeking Peters son Joe Richardson we have not heard anything if anyone knows anything please let us know asap. Again many thanks x
Lisa Foreman, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

We are desperate for news of our brother, Ken Foster and his Thai wife Wipawadee and child living in Phuket. Please, please, has anyone any news?
Carole Orme, Newbury, United Kingdom

I am looking for a friend, Mike Mondron. Possibly in the Phuket area. Blond hair, 48 years old has not been heard from since before the tsunami. Please contact me. Thanks
Mike Gormley, Cincinnati, USA

Information about the three members of the Nesteroff family. We are looking after their other dog Bertie. Any news please contact.
Tim Rohn, Bournemouth, U.K

Message for Ian Jacobs, Norfolk, UK - Also concerned for Brian Dann who was visiting his Thai girlfriend in Thailand although not sure where he was going. Do you know anymore yet?
Bridget Plowright, King's Lynn, Norfolk

I am looking for a very dear friend Dilshad Chaudhry of Holland who was visiting Thailand I'm not sure if his wife Rita and two daughters went with him as I've phoned Holland also checked with friends there who have confirmed that Dilshad is still in Thailand and no news of Rita and the girls. Please if anyone knows or hears any thing please let me know.
Shauckat Shah (Bobby), England

I have sent about six messages to your site asking for information about my uncle, David Merrony, a British National, but it has not been posted. My family are frantically trying to contact him but he has not answered his mobile. We do not know whether he was one of the victims of the Tsunami in Thailand and I would be grateful if you could post this message. Thank you.
Martin Gavet, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Trying to find out about my 68yr old parents Joan & Tony Cooke who travelled to Bangkok in the middle of December for a 2 month tour of the Far East Have heard nothing from them and have no idea where they are Any news please contact me. Thank you
Steve Cooke, Ash Surrey England

Concerned about the whereabouts of a Mandy Howe who is back packing in Thailand not sure where she is. Know her from group escape in Alcester
Helen, Studley Warks

Looking for Doug Meyer, 5'8', slim build, sandy brown hair, age 49. Lives in Bangkok, vacationing in Phuket and North. Had jet ski
Marianne Holst, Hillsdale, Michigan

Our friends Gill & Roger Davidge were spending Christmas on a Thai island. Any info would be greatly received. Mike & Debi Challis
Debra Sheppard, Southampton UK

Looking for my uncle Raymond Freeze & his wife Jan who were visiting her family in Thailand. Please let me know if you have any information on either of them! Thanks!
Kimberly, Salisbury, NC, USA

Ryan Fisher. Left for Thailand 24th, Dec. He's Canadian, over 6 ft, curly hair -looks like Frodo from lord of the rings. Please contact me if seen.
Francis A, Montreal, Canada

Looking for Sylvia and Mike Knight from Locks Heath, believed to be in Phi Phi. Both are in their 60's.
Pat Bangs, Locks Heath, Southampton, UK

Looking for news of whereabouts of my brother Richard Paul Blake, last heard of teaching English, exact location in Thailand not known. He's a dual British/Australian guy, ex-RAF and Saudi Arabia. His family are worried.
Penny, Golden, Colorado, USA

We are looking for news of the Grocock family in Phuket. Nigel Grocock is General Manager of one of the hotels there - possibly Shangri La group
Chris Dowdeswell, Witley, England

any news of Glenn Gebbie who was on Phuket beach having a barbecue on Christmas day afternoon not heard from since
Helen, Sittingbourne Kent

A guest from my guesthouse was on vacation at Phi Phi, Thailand as the Tsunami happened. Her name is Yvonne Keller: has anybody information regarding her health. Please contact me. Thanks for your help.
Frans Labuschagne, Pretoria, Südafrika

I am looking for my friend Alexander Almberg "Alex". He is 180cm tall, dark hair and has a tattoo of a dragon on his left chest. He is originally from Åhus but lived in Umeå, Sweden. He was at Khao Lak beach when the wave struck. Please help me to find him. His families and friends in Sweden are very worried about him.
Edmund Loh, Umeå, Sweden

I am concerned about the whereabouts of Rob Webster, who as his own diving school in Patong, Phuket. He is about 5ft 6ins tall, (with a beer belly) black curly hair, bright blue eyes with a scar above his left eye. He has many contacts in Phuket and Pattaya as he has owned several businesses. If you know him or seen him please contact me. Many thanks.
Tony Shambrook, Grimsby, N/E Lincs, England

Ian Sutherland Jack. Touring Thai islands. Late 50s, 5ft 6 inches tall,slim build grey balding. Should be back in UK, no news. Please contact if any info. Jayne Bradbury, England.
Jayne Bradbury, Edlesborough UK

Dulwich International School in Phuket has a list of people who have been staying at the college over the last week. Their website is They also list links to other sites.
Vanessa, Italy

I'm requesting any information on Danielle Love who was travelling with her mum Yvonne Love in Thailand, if anyone has any knowledge of their whereabouts I would gratefully appreciate it. Also I think it's a good time to applaud everyone who is contributing to the disaster appeal.
L Turner, Crawley England

I'm looking for Myles Haines, originally from Cumbria, been working at Koh Tao as a diving instructor for 2 years. Any news greatly appreciated. Best wishes to all!
Lee Stokes, Lincolnshire, UK

I'm looking for Hilary and bob Honeyball please could anyone help me?
Taryn Stanton, Highbridge England

I am looking for news of our missing son Benjamin Koyejo and his wife Lojisola. They are from Watford. Both are in there earlier 30's. Both are Black. He is 6"2 and she is 5"2. Both are missing in Thailand. Any information will be gratefully as the family is very worried.
Ashley & Karen Smith, Eltham, London

Trying to locate a Mr&Mrs John Fellows from the Grimsby area on behalf of my parents, Mr&Mrs Kevin Cremen. My parents are not sure what part of Thailand the Fallows were visiting and was hoping to hear from anyone if they are both well.
Tony Cremen, Grimsby England

Does anyone know if my niece Caroline King, sister-in-law Brenda King and brother Derick King are OK. My brother and wife went to see and spend Christmas with my niece Caroline for Christmas and have not heard anything. Caroline is living in Patong Beach, Please help me.
Sheila King, Northampton, England, UK

Rob who is British lives in Phuket. He has his own diving school in Patong. He is 45 years old (with a beer belly)5ft 7ins tall, short black curly hair, he also has bright blue eyes with a scar above his left eye.
Rob Webster, Grimsby / England

I am seeking any news of my friend Anne Green from Lancaster who was on holiday in Thailand visiting her daughter, who is married to a Thai man. They have a small baby.
Diane Sider, London,England

Missing. Description. Rainer: Slim, bald head, app. 6' tall, 31 years Christine: Tatoo "Tribal" on her back, yellow-white coloured hair, app. 5.4' tall, 42 years. Hotel: Baan Khaolak Resort, in Khao Lak (Region phang nga) Travel agency: Meiers Weltreisen. Airline: LTU
Dieter Kienitz, Taufkirchen Germany

Gary Holden aged 37 - my son missing 5'8", tall, slim build, any information please.
Linda Curtis, Daventry UK

Looking for my brother, Wayne Gregory Rogers age 58. A resident of Sumatra. Any information greatly appreciated.
Rogetta Rogers, California

I'm looking for my Father-in-Law Gerd Struck who was on vacation with his wife Barbara in Thailand. They are from Germany. Any information greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Petra-Struck Lagasse, Augusta, Ga. USA

We are looking for our friends Carl Silvade and Êve Massin. They were in Phuket Thailand. Both are French nationality, ege 27 and 28

I am looking for my friend, Nu (Jirakan Kaewprom) who worked at Hat Rantee, Koh Phi Phi with Doh and many other Thai friends. Does anyone know if Rantee on the East side of Phi Phi was damaged as well??? I can not get in touch.
Nicole, Portland, OR USA

I have a couple godparents named Sudawan and Montree Srisawadi. I'd like to know of their whereabouts. Pls give them my email address once they can be located. Thank you
Jane Nique-Velez, New York

I am wondering about my school friend Laura Hatton who was with her family in Thailand on holiday. She is petite with blondish brown hair and from Ireland. any news would be much appreciated.
leah Cameron Blake, St. Kitts, West Indies

Looking to find my daughter's friend Keith Thomson and Rob
Colin Mackey, Emsworth United Kingdom

Looking for Charlotte Wright & boyfriend Rich on hols in Phuket -any news gratefully received, love Ali, Sasha and Mart xxx
ali dickinson, West Mids

I'm looking for information on my friend Amelia Perera. Her parents live in Sri Lanka and she works in Thailand (I think) I'm not sure where she would have been at the time of the Tsunami. Haven't had contact for about a year but am very worried... Thank You
Amy Cawte, Canterbury, UK

We are very concerned about our friends William and Mary Reeve of Radlett Herts who left UK for Phuket for holidays early December and not due to return until early January. Any news of their safety and whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.
F T Chin, London, England

I am looking for my friends Christina Lohfink and her husband Martin. They went on 23 December to Thailand for one month. I didn't hear nothing of them. Does anybody knows them or seen them? I am so worried!!
Petra Schildkamp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My dear friend Lisa Lung & her boyfriend Christian from London where visiting Thailand. If anyone knows of there whereabouts please let me know. May God have kept them both safe!
Cliff Smith, Johannesburg - South Africa

Still missing: Remco (A.R)de Vries & his Thai wife Nong de Vries-Waritsara-Sribunyodom.They stayed in Khao Lak in de Thuptong Guesthouse. Remco is 38 yrs blue eyes and dark blond hair. Nong is 35 yrs brown eyes black long hair. We would like to hear anything from them..
Evelien Terschegget, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Me and my family are searching for information about the family that own the Lata Garden Home Guest House on Koh Lanta. We stayed with them in 2003, they are a lovely family and we would appreciate news about any of them. Our thoughts are constantly with you. Love Tim, Liz, Nicky and Hannah
Nicky Melling, Cumbria, Uk

I am trying to find any news on my brother Jason Northeast who, when we last spoke to him said he may go to Goa or Thailand for his Christmas holidays. We have not heard from him since 23rd of December 2004. Any news please contact us.
Adam Northeast, Emsworth Hampshire

I'm looking for my friend Nick, Nicholas Kennedy. I've had no news from him, can't get through with his number. I just need to know if he's alright. He was going Koh Samui, perhaps somewhere around there. Please send me any info found about him. I'm extremely worried about him. Please...thank you.
Menakshi, SouthWest London, (Heston)

My mother and stepfather are Elinor and John Verschoor, they live in France permanently, but have been living with friends in Songhla and have been visiting Phuket, Krabi, and Trang. Were due home in March. Mum has noticeably white skin, due to a total lack of pigmentation, is 5"10", 64yrs old, German by birth. John is about 72yrs old, Dutch/ French. I have not heard from them since before Christmas and would be grateful for any help.
France Fraser, Cheltenham UK

I am trying to find out information on Lucy Coyle from Dublin Ireland. She was on the Island of Phi Phi Island. Her boyfriend's name is Sean Sweetman. They were staying at the Princess Hotel. Please contact me, or the Irish Embassy.
Jamie Whyte, Alexandria, Virginia USA

I am looking for a dear friend who is Thai and lives and works in Patong. Her name is Nui Aka Junya Sorruksa. Any information would be much appreciated!!
Brie Mathews, San Francisco, Ca.

Has anyone news of my sister and her family, Suzanne and Jon Eveleigh aged 40 yrs and their three children two boys and a girl from Dubai
Christine Morey, Ottery St Mary England

I'm looking for my friend, Tony Arman Jones and Amy Sharpe, the was in Thailand renting a house on the beach, if someone knows... thanks
Matias10, Thailand

I am trying to get information regarding my uncle - Archie Mauchline ( aged 80), who lives in Woolongong, Australia. He went to Thailand on holiday on the 14th December and we have not heard from him since the disaster happened. If anyone knows of Archie please let me know.
Bryan Leckie, Hamilton, Scotland

Any information re Bob Poland (Robert) Grimsby if you know of his whereabouts please contact
Mary Stark, Cleethorpes England

Has anyone news of my sister and her family, Suzanne and Jon Eveleigh aged 40 yrs and their three children 2 boys and a girl from Dubai
Christine Morey, Ottery St Mary England

MICKY BALL West London. Last known of in Phuket at time of disaster. Any news please.
Hilary Clare, London England

Trying to locate any information on Jocelyn Rosos (Philipino descent/female approx. 40 years) Last spoke to her son in T.O. on Dec. 25 from China airport. Was heading to Thailand to golf with another Toronto couple (clublinks members) Please email me.
Fiona Macpate, Toronto, ON, Canada

Trying to locate Wim Snoodijk and Monique Boonmann of the Nederlands holidaying at Theptharo Lagoon Beach, Khao Lak, Thailand. Please if anyone sees or hears of them please email me, thankyou.
Di Gordon, Rotorua, New Zealand

If u hear anything on Jenny Solemon we are really good friends. The family were on the beach when the waves were coming the husband got battered one of the sons ran for it the other son was in the hotel and there all back home but the wife jenny is missing if you have any news contact us
Hannah, London

In the name of Filipa, his daughter, I look for Leonel Rodrigues who was in Khoa Lak. He is a 55 year old Man
Margarida Araujo, Lisbon Portugal

Friend Missing-Visiting all islands-Name: William S. Walker from Grapeview, Wa. Please contact us. Friends are worried.
Randy Wood, Grapeview, Wa 98546

I just want to hear whether two work friends, Cassie Smart and Rebecca, both aged 25 and from London are safe. They were on holiday in Thailand.
Wanda Wadsworth, London, England

My good friends, Yann and Delphine Bonduelle, have been vacationing in Thailand. They are avid divers - any information would be greatly appreciated.
Kenneth Agle, Menlo Park, CA US

Dennis Marconi, Dammit!!! Call!! Email!!!
Tskiles, Los Angeles, California USA

We are looking for our friends Carl Silvade and Êve Massin. They were in Phuket Thailand Both are French nationality, age 27 and 28. Any information would be much appreciated
Stéphanie Gauthier, Montréal Canada

I am looking for some friends who live in Phuket: Daniel and Marie-Therese Le Coz. Thanks
Zankel Valerie,

I am looking to find out if Lisa Ferguson and boyfriend Stuart Guerin of Edinburgh are safe and well. They were on holiday in Thailand for a month. Thank you.
Kari Swinton, Edinburgh, UK

Concerned about Julie and Gary Westwood in Phuket for Christmas. Friends of Trish and Herb Seattle USA. Please contact us with any news.
Trish and herb Rowe, Seattle USA

We are searching for GAaby and Michel Frey from Switzerland. They are on holidays in Thailand since October?November... does anyone know anything about them?
Desirée and Chantal, Groningen, The Netherlands

Still trying to locate friends and neighbours, Keith Jones and Graham Martin both of Brentwood. They are in Thailand to be married at Christmas. Have not heard from them since 24 Dec. Any news please?
Ron Cutts, Brentwood UK

Looking for Liu Sau Kwan Vietnamese born British national...on holiday in Thailand with family
Kennith Chan, Hong Kong

We want news of my brother, George Hayden of Liverpool, UK, travelling in Thailand. The children are becoming distressed at no news.
Margaret Hayden, Larnaca Cyprus

Has anyone seen or know the whereabouts of Steve Parker from Stoke on Trent. He is tall, dark and in his mid forties. He flew out to the Volker Hellin worked at the All Scuba Adventures in Koh Samui, but we believe he went to Phuket, to dive, we have tried to call him and we have sent emails but so far nothing Please help
Auriol and Rick Shepley, Penrith, Cumbria

Eight of my family are missing, their name O`Donnell from London, were in Chiang Mai, but last week were making their way to Phuket in hotel, do not know which one. Can you help please
Margaret Reed, Paignton United Kingdom

I am worried about my friend Sarah Stewart who is holidaying in Thailand
Sarah Stewart, Dorchester

My brother worked in Thailand, last known address; Novotel Lotus Hotel , Bangkok, 10110. Would appreciate news of him. Family maembers
Rose Sinnathamby, Sri Lanka

Would like to know if our neighbour Mike Walker is safe with his Thai wife.
Roger Richards, Bourne, England

Could anyone give us news from Isabelle Stewart, my daughter from Pataya in Thailand. She is probably now travelling between North and South vietnam.
MFrancoise Stewart, St Andrews and Brussels

Looking for any information of Chris McGlynn, on Phi Phi Island, and we have had no contact 25 yrs old 5ft 10ins long blonde hair.
Tom McGlynn, Sudbury Suffolk England

We are worried about Michel and Gaby Frey. They have the SWISS nationality and they are on holidays for a long time in Thailand. We don`t know where they were when it happened, but maybe somebody nows something??
Desirée and Chantal, Groningen, The Netherlands

I am looking for Murray Begg who took a trip to Thailand about 1week ago. And he is planning to meet his brother. I don't know where he is. If you get this mail, please let me know you are OK. And if anyone has any his information please get in touch with me!
Natsuki Tamura, Japan

We have heard nothing from the Holder Family of Northampton who were on holiday in Phuket.
Janice Gorton, Northampton UK

Missing: Fred Randall, my father. Work based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Was heading to Bangkok for Christmas, then to Vietnam. Due back in Colombo 5th Jan 05. No word from him since before Tsunami. Works for SMECS.
Paula Randall, Australia

I am looking for Murray Begg. he took a trip to Thailand on 24 December and planning to meet his brother. If you get this mail, please let me know you're OK.
Natsuki Tamura, Japan

our friend Stefan Reiter was holidaying in Thailand, possibly diving. does anyone know if he is a survivor?
madre 53250, France

Looking for the White family from Woodley, reading, holidaying in Thailand - any info please e mail
Buckley, Reading, Berks, England

Desperate for news on my close friend Nick Dawson. He has been in Thailand for a few months. No news from him for some time. Any news about him would be greatly appreciated. Nick is larger than life. Once met never forgotten for one reason or another.
Re Piddington, London, UK

Our dear friend David Foreman was in Phuket on Christmas day. In his early 40's, 5'8", wears glasses, recently retired Honeywell engineer that moved to Thailand in Nov. Please contact us if you've seen or know of his whereabouts.
Laura Edgar, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Seeking information on Conor Keightley from Ireland, staying on Phi Phi in the Chan Guest House on lower floor.

Looking for my friend Mr.Campbell Black
Cate Marshall, Newport,South Wales

I'm trying to contact my brother, Adam Huffey, who lives and works in Bangkok with his Thai wife, Lin. They often go down to the coast at holiday times, and I have been unable to contact him. He's 40, balding, with a cartoon devil tattooed on his arm.
Sara Barratt, Salisbury, England

My family is looking for our friend called Danny Fenton. He is living in Chonburi at the moment. Please get in contact with Irean and Bob Stubbs please.
Danny Fenton, Wembley

We are looking for information on Richard Jenkins and his Thai wife Suridiporn, who have a house at Khuk Khak, Tagua Pa. Any info would be very much appreciated
Matthew Gilday, Bromsgrove, England

Miss two persons that I meet at Phi Phi island at Christmas Day. They are probably ok, but I don't know. This two are Charlott 23 and Clair 22. They did study at Swansea University, Clair did study marine biology. This is what I know about them, so it's hard to make any search for them. Please help me in any way, tell me where to search, or get me in contact with them
Henrik Anderson, Ostersund Sweden

Missing from Phi Phi island Kevin Brickel, aged 32 last seen on his way to the beach wearing blue shorts and blue Lacoste t shirt.
Martin Brickel, Herts England

Worried over the whereabouts of Norman Parry, aged 57, from Stockton-on-Tees. A regular visitor to Thailand, we know that he rented a house this year and planned to return home for the Cheltenham Race Festival in March 2005. We haven't heard anything yet.
Allan Parry, Leeds UK

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