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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February 2005, 20:44 GMT
Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website sent in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

You can also send your photographs to

This is the fifth page of appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

We are looking for a colleague, American photojournalist, Ruben Gamarra, based in Washington, D.C. and his wife Renate, who works for the World Bank. They were on vacation in the area and have not been heard from. Any info please post. Ricardo Alday, New York, NY.
Ricardo Alday, New York, NY

Any info regarding Kim & Pete Clarke of Christchurch NZ, as I need to know they are safe..
Dave Morris, Harlington UK

My cousin Wendy Hope (early 50's) and her son Viv Hope (late 20's) live in Bristol UK, and were on a three-centre holiday in Thailand and due to be in Phuket for Christmas. We are without contact with them and would welcome any news about them, including from UK family and friends. Malcolm Hope, Oxford
Malcolm Hope, Oxford, UK

I am trying to contact our friend David Shinwell who arrived in Thailand on Christmas Eve.
John Harvey, Guildford

Friends & work colleagues would like any information on the whereabouts of Susan Smith and Graham Rasen who are holidaying in the resort of Krabi in Thailand, we all hope you are ok.
David Tomlinson, Newark, England

Anyone know if Langkawi Island has been affected by Tsunami, Grateful for any news. Thanks
Fred Newton, England

Still trying to locate friends and neighbours, Keith Jones and Graham Martin both of Brentwood. They are in Thailand to be married at Christmas. Have not heard from them since 24 Dec. Any news please?
Ron Cutts, Brentwood UK

I am looking for a friend: Jason Butler from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. He was holidaying in Thailand, on one of the islands I think, playing golf. Please e-mail me with any information
Russell Turner, Essex UK

I am concerned for my uncle, John Hardiman, and his friend, Snowy, both of Skelmersdale Lancs. If anyone has seen them could you let us know.
Hazel, Ormskirk, Lancs, England

Lynn and John phone home let us know you are safe. Pauline
P.Negus, London England

Looking for info on Neng and his daughter Memo. Neng ran a Thai massage shop and massage courses on Phi Phi island, Thailand.
Paula Newman, Neath, UK

I am looking for my friend Jamie Steuart (17) who was in Thailand with his family Ann, Douglas, Bruce and Alister. The family own a house out there and were visiting for Christmas. I don't know where the house is and have heard nothing from him. They are from Exeter Devon
Ellie Terry, Exeter, Devon

Hi, I am looking for news of some English friends, Mark and Lucy. Last I heard they were working as diving instructors on Koh Phi Phi!
Eddie May, Enschede, Holland

Seeking Francesca Goldsmith from sSrrey who winters in Thailand each year.
Sean, Oaxaca Mexico.

Sawkoon & David Wales with their young son James. Went to Phuket for beech holiday. SK is a doctor, maiden name Pui. Should be due home around now but no word from them. Am now getting worried. A Carole Robinson posted a message on your website (p1) but I do not know how to contact her or if she has heard anything. Please let me know if you know if Sawkoon David and James are Ok?
Helen Cosgrove, Nottingham, England

Still looking for the Finnish tourist guide Tea from Khao Lak. She was taking tourists to the Similan islands almost every day. Please if you know about her, let me know. Thank you very much.
Judit Oppe, Hungary

I'm looking for a friend of me I left him at Amsterdam airport, he was going to Phuket or the island of Phi Phi. His name is Joe Mcguire he has his daughter with him, her name is Rosselin Mcguire please let me now if anybody has heard of either of them.
Reinoud van Dijk, Amsterdam

Any information on Jim Randall, British citizen living somewhere in Thailand. Any information please to let me know my dad is safe.
Janey Lister, Wetherby

We are looking for Dina Lorena Trumm (female)visiting Kaolak. Regards, Zbigniew Jakubowicz
Zbigniew, Egelsbach&Germany

Would like to hear about Lister family (Jackie, Digger, James and Charlote)staying in Phuket
Otilia St. Marcus, Redhill, Surrey, UK

Dave and Arlene Gladston went to Krabi on Christmas day, not heard from since - any info please email.
Lisa Gladston, Bradford

Does anyone know if my friend Mark Saunders is ok. He was in Ko Samui for Christmas.
Samantha Byrne-Jones, Walton on Thames, Surrey

Looking for any news about our friends from Stafford. Tony and Irina More believed to be on a diving holiday in Thailand due back in England on 10th Jan. Any news appreciated.
Oksana, Wolverhampton

Please advise if anyone has heard from Yvon Leclerc who was vacationing in Thailand.
Frank N, Montreal Canada

Please help in trying to locate my niece, Lucy, and her boyfriend Seán. She was on staying in a beach bungalow at Phi Phi Princess Hotel. Lucy Coyle, Irish citizen, DOB 3/11/75, height 5'1", blond shoulder length hair, slim build, 4 inch scar on left knee, body piercing in navel; Seán Sweetman, British citizen, 13/6/73, height 6', short dark hair. God bless you
james coyle, dublin, ireland

I am looking for David Merrony who was living in Thailand. Do you have any news?
Jamie Hooper, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Seeking information about the Shepherd family (John, Robbin, Ben, Lucy & Anna). A British family on holiday in Phuket from Kuwait.
Nick Smith, Kuwait city, Kuwait

Looking for Mieszko Talarczyk from Sweden. He was staying at Phi Phi island in Thailand with his girlfriend. They were both washed away from their bungalow, his girlfriend was found alive but Mieszko is still missing. Height: 170 cm Green eyes Dark Hair Has a beard Seeking information about the Shepherd family (John, Robbin, Ben, Lucy & Anna). A British family on holiday in Phuket from Kuwait.
Nick Smith, Kuwait city, Kuwait

Seeking the Warden family, Nicole and Peter and their gorgeous daughters Sophie and Lucy. Were in Thailand for Christmas. Please contact me.
Carolyn Aish, Maiden Bradley, UK

One month ago I was on Phi Phi and was taught to dive at Viking divers my instructor was a Swede who was called Johan, I have heard that all at Viking are safe but no mention of him, I would like to know that he is safe
Bernie Barnes, Buckingham Barnes

I'm worried about my friend and her family who went to Thailand for Christmas. Her name is Sonya Rodney, she went with her mother (Carole), brothers and her son Kane plus her sister
Beverley Ellis, Surrey,

Any news on Tracy, Simon, Heidi or Harvey Parsons of Staines England
Sophie Howard, Staines England

Needing information on colleague Neville Redvers-Higgins believed to be somewhere in Thailand with girl friend.
Lynn Willies, Derbyshire, England

George Montague brown went on holiday to Thailand a week or two ago and is a close friend of ours, he is a tall, 14-year-old with short brown hair. We have all been very worried about him as we have not been able to get in contact with him. If anyone has seen him Please let us know
Kayleigh, Bournemouth, England

I am looking for a good friend Mick Thompson who lived in Phuket, he has lived there for a while and I have not been able to get in touch with him, any news would be gratefully received.
Steve Hughes, Milton Keynes, England

Grateful for any news of my friends Ian Laferme, (Br), his wife Sue(Thai) and Anthony their son. Owners of Angel Delight Restaurant, Soi Post Office, Patong.
Yvonne Dettwyler, Bad Saeckingen/Germany

Looking for Gloria Woodside, 5'7", age 57 yrs. Known to be on tour in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.
Carl Sermon, Los Gatos, USA

Our son David Mushegain is traveling in Thailand with his friend Susan Eldridge. We last heard from him on December 23rd from Ko Chang. He stated he was leaving where he was. Please contact us if you have any information.
Richard Mushegain, Pasadena,CA, USA

Desperately looking for news of Darren Blake, believed to have been spending Christmas on Koh Lanta.6 ft. tall. Slim build.
John Horton, Worcester UK

My friends Mary and Jerry DeVries (mid-40s), daughter Cassidy Rose (13), son Cody (10) were staying in Ao Nang, near Khao Lak. I need to know if they're OK. They're American, living in Okinawa (Mary teaches elem. school; Jerry is scuba/Karate instructor). Mary & Cassidy: long reddish hair, freckled; Jerry & Cody blondish brown. Traveling with Jerry's parents, Mary's Mom & sister Laura. Anyone w/ ANY info please contact me.
Bitsa Burger, Guerneville, California, USA

Angie Foust and Luke Scully - missing- US citizens. If you recognize these people, saw them anywhere around Khao Lak / Orchid Beach Resort. They may have gone diving, might have been on beach. Angie is 5'3", petite and very fit, light blond shoulder length hair, light eyes and dimples on both cheeks. Luke is 6', 175lbs., brown hair and most likely a goatee. Please email if you have any information contact me. Thank you!
Alexandra Hoesdorff-Rosen, Los Angeles USA

Anyone got any news about Claire Greening? 5'5" tall, early 30s, short dark hair, blue eyes, very slim build. Originally from Brighton, now living in Braunton in Devon. Believed to be travelling in Phuket area with Ian from Kent(6' tall, mid 20s,brown eyes, curly black hair). My name is Jo - I lived with Claire in Braunton this Summer-all of her friends from Devon (esp. Chip,Steve & JR) are very worried - any news at all- please get in touch with any of us ASAP. Thank you & good luck to everybody searching.
Jo Prior, Reading,UK

Would be grateful for information regarding Mrs Margaret Barton, recently retired teacher who is visiting her daughter in Bangkok
Ashley Brown, Bracknell, UK

We are looking for Julia Schroeder and David Ly. she is 21, 1m70, blond, green eyes. He is 25, Asian (Cambodian), back straight hair, 1m90. Both are French, they were in Phuket on Dec 26. Pictures are available on please if you have met, seen them, contact us.
chenet,'s-hertogenbosch nederland

I'm looking for Brad Ian Hayden somewhere in Thailand. Please send any information.
Mark Ballinas, Makakilo,HI USA

Can anybody help me. Im trying to see if he is safe in Thailand. if anyone knows if he is safe please E-mail me. Thank you
Norman Allen, Prestatyn

I'm looking to find out whether or not members of my family are safe and well after The Asian Tsunami disaster. Their names are Andre and Linda Langmaid. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. They were on holiday in Thailand during the recent disaster.
Paul Langmaid, Manchester UK

I am inquiring about my brother Iqbal, his wife Rozmeen, and daughters, Tamya and Sarah who were visiting Thailand over the Christmas holidays.
Mehdi Shallwani, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mark E Holmes. 5'6, Dark hair, large build & tattoo on left forearm of a rose, worded "Mother". Coastal Thailand, area unknown.
Su Hobbs, Taunton, England

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of holiday makers that were staying at the Khao Lak Countryside resort on 26th Dec please get in touch ASAP
Nicola Spencer, Bolton, Lancashire, England

We are desperately seeking news of Archie Mauchline who arrived in Thailand Dec 14th and headed for Phuket. If you have seen or heard of this active 80 year old please let us know
Graeme Leckie, Larkhall, Scotland

Mum mrs Rosemary Eriksson and friend Cathy Bion were in Bangkok and moving to Cambodia. Haven't heard from them. Please help!
Marcus Eriksson, Norwich Norfolk

Looking for information on Miles Watchorn who has been living in Thailand for the last few months. If anyone has seen him please let me know as it would be a relief to know if he is safe and well.
Ravi Harshey, Llandudno

We made some friends while in Thailand late dec. who were heading for the islands for Christmas and New Year's. Their names were Mike and Helen and they were from the UK... Liverpool. we hope they r ok.
Alyssa and Justin, Australia/USA

Looking for my sister in law she lived at Muang Phuket. her daughter is 10 years Nab Sargeant is 54years they had a 30 years lease contract on lot 110 Phuket. My brother's name was Lindsay Sargeant please help Leonie
Leonie Sargeant, Australia

I haven't heard anything from all the friends I made whilst staying at Patong beach bungalows¿ as this was on the beach front and I had visited many many times, I had built up a strong relation ship with the staff there...I know that people from Baan Laimai are ok.. But has anyone had contact with Patong beach bungalows?
Tim Riley, amsterdam

Desperate for news of friend Stan Langdon on holiday in Thailand. News received via friends today that he made contact and is safe.
Sue Cordery, Southampton. U.K

I am looking for my friend, Lok Sze Chan, from Hong Kong. She was visiting Thailand during the Christmas break with her family. Please let me know if anyone knows she is alright. I am very worried.
Tanaka, Norwich, UK

Looking for Cara Appleyard, British national living in Thailand. Any news?
Avi Bernstein, Dahab, Egypt

Looking for any news on Rebecca Noble of Wirral.
Sarah Pardoe, Northwich, Cheshire, England

Thailand: for list of injured at hospitals go to
Paul Gibbs, thailand

We are looking for information about Mark and Lucy. The last we heard of them they were working as Dive Instructors on Koh Phi Phi. If anyone has any information please email us!
Eddie May, Enschede, Holland

Looking for: Leonel Range Rodruiges, Portuguese citizen 1.74m tall, 75kg, bald, brown eyes, white beard and moustache, one scar about 10cm long vertically from the coxis up, one dark birth mark (size of a coin) on left side of left torso, wearing blue swim trunks missing from Khao Lak, Province of Phang Nga, Thailand Le Meridien Khao Lak Hotel. Please mail if you have any news on my father
Filipa Rodruiges, Portugal

Would like to know if my aunt and uncle Thomas and Betty Gathercole are safe and well. Living in the Bangkok area.
Tracey Ellis, Cambridgeshire England

Looking for my sister Wendy and her husband Tony (Antionio) Rosati moved to Phuket 3 months ago - have not been able to contact them. Please let us know any news of them.
D Zamora, Adeje, Tenerife

If any one knows the whereabouts of Joe Richards can he please contact me. His dad is in Thailand and is very worried about him, he has tried his mobile on numerous occasions and is desperate to get in contact with him. If anyone else knows his whereabouts please please let us know.
Lisa Foreman, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Looking for Richard Allwinkle (60) holidaying in Bankok not heard from since before Christmas. Any information please e-mail.
john weaver, Romford Essex UK

Looking for colleague, Earl Kessler and his wife Shari, of USA. Please
Jorge, Guayaquil, Ecuador

We are looking for our friend Dave Nattrass, from Co Durham, last known to be living in Phuket. Please tell him to get in touch if save and well.
Heike Miller, Co Durham

Patrick McGraw, we haven't heard from you yet. Please let us know that you are safe. Liz and Gordon
Liz Hammerton, Glasgow Scotland

I would be grateful for any information concerning the well being of Kingsley (age 11), Christian (age 10) and their mother Daisy Kardy/Cardie? holidaying in Thailand. Kingsley is my sons good friend and we are all very concerned for their safety. Our thoughts are with all of the lost loved ones and their families.
McDuffie, Hastings, UK

Looking for John Ozols, wife Siri and daughter Natasha around Phuket area. Pls contact email address if any information
Garry & Margot McNally, Perth, WA. Australia

We are trying to find our Dad, David William Hadden, who was last known to be in Phuket. He is English, 43 years old, is 6'1" tall, has blue eyes, he is very slim and has large black Thai tattoos on his upper arm. Please help us find our Dad. Any information would be appreciated.
Daniel and Jessica Hadden, Reading, England

Thai Information Web Sites:- and
Mathew Payne, Bangkok, Thailand

I am desperate for news of my 19 year old son Eddie Gibson who was packpacking on his own around SE Asia, please can you help, I have not heard from him. He is English, 19, blue eyes and 6ft tall. Thank you for you help
Mrs Jo Gibson, Hove, East Sussex

Looking for news on an English couple Angel Green and Matt whom we met in Ko Phan-Ngan. Last heard from Angel on 14th Dec saying they were heading towards Ko Phi Phi till after Christmas.
Catherine and Ben, Sydney

(Translated from French) I would like to have any news of Mr Tong and his family, who made sure we had a fantastic time on Rantee Beach. Has it been affected? How are they? I would like to know if they are alive so we can help them. Thank you.
Sab ans Xav, France

Please anyone who knows the whereabouts of Ian Laferme, his wife Sue and their son Anthony, owners of Angel Delight Restaurant on Soi Post Office Patong, let me know. Very worried. Thank you.
Yvonne Dettwyler, Bad Saeckingen/Germany

We, and so many other friends, are still waiting to hear news of our friends Nicky and Will Mackintosh from Brighton. They were in Thailand for a wedding and then backpacking around the islands. We just hope they are safe.
Lizzie and Matt, Brighton, England

We are looking for Julia Schroeder and David Ly. Julia is 21, blond, green eyes, Davis is 25, Asian, black straight hair. Both are French and were in Phuket. Please let us know if you met or saw them
Chenet,'s-hertogenbosch The Netherlands

Does anyone know if Colin Brady is ok? White male, early 60's, lives in Bexleyheath, Kent. Would love to find out he's ok. Arrived in Thailand on 22nd Dec.
Natalie Smith, Rainham, Kent

To BBC Editorial: might be a useful link on your site for those people searching for relatives in Thailand. Kind regards
Bart, Arnhem, NL

We still haven't heard anything about my aunt Tonny Sprenkels(58)and her boyfriend Phil Ouwens (54), they are Dutch and went for Thailand (backpacking)until 27th of Feb. We're very worried, desperately waiting for any news what so ever. Had put an advertisement in the local Dutch Paper with her foto on Dec 31. Caroline Post, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
Caroline Post, The Netherlands

Looking for Raymond Stanley Nicholas, no contact since day before Christmas. White male, quite tall, around 65 years old. Last known address in Chon Buri. Please contact if you are okay or if any other person may know his whereabouts. Please help.
Deanne Edwards, Brisbane, Australia

We are looking for any information about our friends Richard Palmer and Eileen Luther. The last e-mail we received said they were going to Thailand for Christmas. Eileen's sister was going with them
Gloria Provest, Sydney Australia

My sister Liz and her husband Paul McCarthy were vacationing in Cambodia and then heading off to Thailand. Liz and Paul are both British citizens and live in Worthing, East Sussex, UK. Liz contacted mum on December 26 but we have not heard anything since then. Any news of my sister and her husband will be appreciated. Thank you
Kamal, Malaysia

My family and I are very worried about our close friends, Doris and Gordon McGuigan. They are a British couple in their 70s who spend winters at one of the main seaside resorts in Thailand. We haven't been able to reach their family members in the U.K. so if anyone can help, please reply. Erica Benner, Berlin Germany
Erica Benner, Berlin, Germany

Haven't heard from our mate who was to arrive in Phuket Boxing Day. No answer on his mobile and haven't been able to contact his family. His name is Gavin Harris, 27, from Melbourne, Australia. He was travelling with his mate Nathan. Any info for concerned back home would be great. Get in touch Gav.
Mick Langford,

Melbourne, Australia

Alan Camp - please email or text, so we know our positive thoughts have worked. please...
Mandy and the other fishies, Sydney Australia

My uncle went on holiday in Thailand. No idea whereabouts. He went Christmas Eve and we haven't had a phone call or anything since. None of the family have heard from him. His name is Michael Smith. He went with his girlfriend Audrey Barlow. If anyone knows any information please contact me.. thank you
daniel smith, goole east yorkshire

has anyone heard from Aeneas Quinn,from Cambridge holidaying in Thailand?
lisa moloney, ireland

We are concerned about our friends Carsten and Tulia (Lawagon) Hess of Solingen, Germany. They had planned to spend Christmas at an undecided beach in Thailand. Please call our landline in KY or text friends/family in the Philippines.
Jerry and Anania O'Bryan, Louisville, KY, USA

Missing Linnea Roxeheim, please let us know about any information
Linnea Roxeheim, Sweden

Father looking for daughter and boyfriend, Hollie Musumeci and Brett Jury. Last seen south east of Thailand, please contact me
Anthony, Melbourne, Australia

We are searching for Thomas Scherrer (39)living and working in Perth WA, gone to Phuket at 6am on the 24.12.04.
Patrick Villepinte , Perth West Australia

RE: Amy Kevorkian and Richard. Me and my boyfriend met Amy (from LA) and Richie (retired doctor from Canada) on a snorkelling trip to the Similans, we spent four days with them having the most amazing time. They returned to Khao Lak on the 23rd Dec and were planning to stay there till the new year. We are safe but are desperate to hear how they both are. Please contact me with any news.
Fi, London, UK

I am looking for an old friend, John Skudder (Skudder Budder) from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK. He left for Thailand on 22/12 to spend Christmas. Just need to know he is well. God Bless. Jacqui (Drew) Harris, OZ
Jacqui (Drew) Harris, Armidale, NSW, Australia

Have no contact details for Claus and Caroline Svendsen who were known to be diving off the coast of Thailand at the time. I need confirmation of their safety from themselves, or their families in the UK and Denmark
Mark Spendlove, Perth Australia

I am anxious for any news regarding a Friend Paul Bailey from Manchester ,Paul is 6Foot+ tall and medium build. He was travelling to Thailand - independently - from Manchester - via Istanbul - to Bangkok. I have had no response to emails and phone calls - since the tsunami struck. Any news would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
Gordon Watts, Manchester, England .

We are worried about Val Holden-Rushworth from Salisbury - she was staying at the Best Western Gangtao Beach Resort Talang Phuket
Glenys Dolphin, Melbourne Australia

I'm looking for Claire Taylor from Plymouth, she was in Thailand and I have heard that she may be in hospital. If anyone has any news please contact me.
Mike Escott, Plymouth, UK

Im looking for my niece Joan Siddiqui, her husband Ridwan, two children, Alysha age 14 and Adam age 13. Last seen vacationing on Phuket Island in Thailand. Last communication was on Dec 24 USA time. Please contact me if you hear or know anything please.
June Botto, Garfield, NJ USA

Looking for members of the Gelfond family from NYC on vacation in Phuket - Zak, Bob, Chaya and Sandy.
Ella pastor, NYC, NY USA

We set up a search team for missing people in Thailand but if we can find those missing, how can we contact them? Please ask everyone to provide the e-mail address for exchanging of future information because we have no budget for oversea calls.
Chaiwat K., Bangkok, Thailand

We are looking for Gary Littlecott of Dorset, who resides in Japan. He was supposed to be in Thailand when the Tsunami hit there. If you have any information on him, please let me know. His students are anxious about the news!
Masaki Oda, Tokyo, Japan

Looking for news of Mark and Sheila Fox and son Christopher (British). Were on a diving holiday at Ko Phi Phi.
Douglas Jamieson, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

I am looking for any info on the family that owns Merry Beach Resort on Ko Lanta. One of the owners is named Mr. Nui. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Andrea Hornby, Nanaimo, bc Canada

I'm searching for my friend Tracy Aanarud - she recently retired from her job in CA and moved to Thailand on Dec 9, 2004. She was adopting twin girls and taking care of an 18 year old girl for her family. Her house overlooked the beach. I have not received any emails from her since the Tsunami hit. Please email me if you know of her whereabouts. Thank you and God Bless All of You
David and Marlene Lake, Fort Wayne USA

Looking for my uncle Phillip Magrath and Angela and daughter Gorgia Magrath last known staying in Thailand...last heard from Christmas day ....
Rebecca Walkingshaw, Buffpoint Australia n.s.w

Friend of Loris family of Arkansas, USA seeking information on whereabouts of Mr. David Loris and wife (Vietnamese). Last communication 23-12-04 indicated traveling to Thailand (possibly Phuket) for Christmas. Peace and Hope to all.
S.K. Boss, Fayetteville, AR, USA

Robert and Venus Larson - Recently (last year+) married and living in Bangkok - No information as to their status - no phone answer - may have been at their place near beach when Tsunami hit. Venus is Thai and Robert is a Cauc. American - Both in their 50's. Venus has a sister - Nipa Jongpukpaisan living in Thailand too but not sure if it is Bangkok or elsewhere. Thanks for any info - Jay
Venus and Robert Larson, Seattle, WA - USA

I am trying to locate my uncle, Ian Hossack. He is visiting his wife's family in the Thai mainland but it's believed he may have visited the coast for Christmas. His phone is working but keeps getting answered by Thai people with no knowledge of English when called. He is around 6'1", slim, with dark red hair, a moustache and a strong northern Scottish accent. Any information about his wellbeing would be greatly appreciated.
Lindsay Smith, London, England

Jonathan Jenson - my nephew, aged 22 is missing. Was last known to be in Thailand teaching on the coast. No one has heard from him. Please contact us if you know anything at all. Thank you. May God be with you all.
Susan Hicks, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for Dave Anthony Smith on behalf of his father who lives in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Dave is in his 50's and was last heard of a few days before Christmas in Phuket.
kirstie, Bradford

We are looking for Chris Collin. a school teacher in Bangkok, who was on holidays in a fishing village near Phuket, we last heard Christmas day, he was supposed to ring his kids for new year, we haven't had any news of him, please help
Margaret Pyne, Malanda QLD Australia

Very concerned about the safety of Zoe Parker from Leeds. If anyone has heard from or about her please let me know. Thought to be in Phi Phi.
John Joyce, York, England

Looking for brother. His name is Ruk Phom. Last known working as fisherman on the coast of Thailand. Please help.
Dy Phom, Columbus, OH USA

I am searching for my cousin Dale Harper. He is 58 years old, and quite heavy set, with a brush cut hair cut, and a moustache. He is from Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. His last post card (Dec 12th) was from Kho Phi Phi, and he was staying there for a couple of weeks. We have not heard anything from him
Shelley Harper, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

I am looking for John Oldfield (AKA Trumpet John) He is British and a HK resident. He is believed to be on holiday in Phuket.
Robert Marsh, Bangkok, Thailand

Please if anyone has information about my brother Russel Wai Kwok Pang please contact me. He is 37 has dark hair, brown eyes, wears glasses, about 5'8, he has been living in Thailand for with his girlfriend Linda. The may have been staying at one of the beach hotels for Christmas. Please any information would be greatly appreciated, we all desperately worried about him.
Lisa Brown, Darford Kent UK

Has anyone returned from Thailand who met or talked to a young couple from Oregon, last known Khao Lak. Luke Scully and Angie Foust. Please help.
Carolyn Wolfe, New York, NY

ATTN: Phuket relief workers. I have received an email Thursday with picture of my four-year-old niece and two-year-old nephew. Note indicated both parents lost. Father David Andrews, white, 29, 6'2", black hair, blue eyes. Mother Michelle Andrews, white, 27, 5'7", brown hair, hazel eyes. Children Kate and Mikey. I have responded to the sender; but no response in 48 hours. Please write again if you read this, or anyone who has information.
Kevin Andrews, Sacramento, California

I am from Nepal but Now in Spain, In Thailand 7 Nepalese people are confirmed killed and other so many Nepalese people are still missing, If any bodys find to any missing Nepalese please, Urgently contact me. Thanks
Hum Bahadur K.C., Spain/Nepal

We are seeking any information on our daughter's teacher, Julian Weekes. If anyone has information on him please let us know. We are thinking of you Julian and we pray for your safe return.
Susan Yamamoto, Tokyo, Japan

I am trying to get information about Sjoerd and Onah Wadman from Amsterdam, Netherlands. They were scheduled to be in Phuket on or near the date of the disaster.
Robert Myres, Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to find out if anyone from Geelong grammar school was injured killed or missing.
Tobie, Australia

We are looking for Elizabeth Gomez who is believed to be living in Thailand, we have tried to contact her family here in Australia to no avail, Lizzie is 15 yrs old and she is of Mexican descent. We are very concerned and hope someone can give us any information to her whereabouts. Thanks, and our thoughts go out to all who are missing family and friends. Good luck.
The Geal Family, Maitland, Australia

Looking for any info on brothers Damien and Romain from France who were working on Phi Phi island. Ages 20 and 23 respectively.
Alana Mc Guigan,

Rakesh Pattani backpacking in Thailand from 22/12/04 on his own. Would like to know your ok please call me
Tony McCormick, Stockport, UK

Am looking for my friend, John, from Chicago, who was in Thailand to study Massage until January. We are very worried about him and hope he is safe
Carole and Nancy, Phuket

My friend Ritchie Chen went to Thailand for winter break vacations. I would appreciate any news about him. Thank you
Mohammad Aghaee, Albany, CA, United States

Looking for Carol Shellhorn. Last seen Last seen in Bian Nang, just North of Khao Lak
Vicki Berchem, Bay Area, CA USA

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country
Looking for Michael Marcus, 40 yr old American white male. Tatoos on legs and arms, short/shaved head. He is my friend.
Jim, Los Angeles, USA

Looking for Ricco Giancana, girlfriend Jennifer and some family and friends travelling with them.
Jessica, Seattle, USA

Does anyone have any info regarding Dennis and Jong who run the Islander Pubs on Samui and Phuket. They have a daughter Jessie and they re in my thoughts.
Nicola Stahley, Ealing, London

Gary and Trudy from Prince George, B.C., Canada... are you okay. They were staying at the Koh Lanta New Beach Bungalows.
Lucy Houchen, Canada

I'm trying to track an old college friend named Leigh Rawnsley, last correspondence said he was in Phuket instructing diving. I would like to know he is safe and well.
Mark Savage, Mansfield, England

I am looking for my friend Jerry Loewen known to be staying with his girfriend Jenny (Premjit Pabao) in Khao Lak. Jenny worked at the Tropicanna Resort on Khao Lak beach.
Denise Young, New Zealand

Looking for any information on my cousins Paul and Tracy Gravestock holidaying in Thailand. Any information greatly appreciated.
Jackie Spicer, Welwyn Garden City

I am looking for my father Johannes Tenhonsel. He is 53 years old and was near Phuket on a two week holiday.
Mark Tenhonsel, Berlin, Germany

I am trying to locate my husband, Lek Kang Yang who is on holiday in Thailand, but nothing has been heard off him since. Please, please, please, let me know if you have any news. Thank you.
Lim Yi Xuan Ebel, Singapore

I am looking for a friend by the name Alexander Almberg. He is 23 years old, 180 cm tall (6 feet), dark hair. He is from Åhus but lives in Umeå now. He was at the beach at Khao Lak when the wave striked. Please help us to find him.
Edmund Loh, Umeå, Sweden

Looking for Micky Ellis, originally from Harrow now living in Phuket. If anyone knows of him, please contact me.
Mary Casey, Sydney. Australia

Tom Penketh. Tom went to Thailand to see his girlfriend A. We are very worried about his safety. Do you have any information? Please contact. Thanks
David and Barry, Torrevieja Spain

I am looking for Gabrielle van Neste who survived the Tsunami with me on Phi-Phi,and took a bus from Krabi to Bangkok on 27th Dec. No contact since. I am still in Krabi. Many thanks.
James Mutter, Jersey. UK

I am hoping to hear from the Rodney family who travelled to Thailand on 20th December for a 2 week holiday - Rebecca (9yrs), Issey (3 yrs), Narhri (approx 40), Sian (10 yrs) and their father- if anyone has any information it would be much appreciated
Amanda Lines, Epsom, UK

Has anyone any news of (Bob) Robert Selwyn James? Early sixties, known to have been holidaying in the Karon area of Phuket? All of his work colleagues will be anxious to know.
Kim Peacock, Telford, Shropshire, UK

Does anyone know the whereabouts of 'Tiwi'? That is the only name I have for her. She was working in the 'Tiger Bar' on Phi-Phi. She is of Indonesian origin, but raised in Hammersmith. She is about 5'6''. Big beautiful brown eyes and long dark hair. .
Ceri Griffiths, South Wales

Does anyone have any information on my mate, Sabrina Tsung. I know she was staying around Phuket with her mum for xmas. Many thanks, Lee.
Lee Curtis, Nottm, England

Concerned for friend Sam Williams (black, male slim build). On holiday in Thailand over Christmas with girlfriend Nyiah.
Lisa Bradshaw, Enfield, Mddsex

Looking for info on London residents Tim Brown (British) and Catherine Nilsson (Swedish), who were diving near Phuket.
Sandra Crane, London, UK

I am looking for any news of Eddy and Jan Cain from Rayleigh in Essex i know he was in Thailand for xmas and new year, I have heard nothing but that's not unusual, I don't know which resort he was in but would be grateful for any news Thank you Paul Keenan

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