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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January 2005, 11:19 GMT
Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

This message board is now closed. You can still read the messages posted on this site. For up to date information on missing persons visit the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Here are the appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

Increasingly worried about my friend Varsha Raj, and her sister Vibha, who live in Leatherhead, Surrey, and who went out to Madras a few days before Xmas to visit their grandmother. Have had no word despite calls and texts, and would appreciate some information about their safety. I'm not too sure about spelling, but I believe Varsha's full name is Varsha Patamilganapathy Vatharaj. Many thanks.
Lyndsey Carpenter, Surrey

We are worried about our friend William Fernando, a parish priest in Uvari, Tamil Nadu, India. We are looking for news about him and his parish.
Mirka and Andrea Simoni, Bolzano, Italy

We are very concerned about Rev. Anton Cruz, his family and the children at the orphanage in Madras. The name of the orphanage is Brotherhood Missions for the "Unwanted". If you have any info about Rev. Anton Cruz, his immediate family and the precious children of the orphanage please let me know. Thank you so much.
Adele Freedman, Woodside, Ca, USA

We are desperately looking to be contacted by Dr Ramesh Bidwe who was in Andaman on a tour. We still haven't heard any news from him.
Ajay Bidwe, Pune, India

Dr. Rajeshwar Khanade missing in Campbell Bay in South Andaman & Nicobar Islands from 26/12.We pray for his survival & safe re-union with his family in Pune-India.
Dr.Sanjay & Dr.Rajkunwar Nikam, Hofuf,Saudi Arabia.

We are desperately looking for Dr Sanjay Limaye who was in Andaman on a tour. We still haven't heard any news from him.
Miheer and Aditi Modak, Coventry

Please contact with any word about Heidi Erikson from the Shetland Islands and her husband Gordon from Glasgow. The are travelling in this area heading to Australia.
Erin and Majory, Houston, TX, USA

John and Sue Masterman. Does anyone have news of them? They were travelling to India (not sure where)and I am very worried about their safety.
Mark Barham, Minneapolis, USA

My family and I are concerned about the welfare of Father John Paul Lobo, who ran an orphanage at St Anthony's Shrine in Uvari, India. If anyone can give us information regarding the town and the welfare of its people, especially Father and his children, we would appreciate it.
Elizabeth Tasca, Stonington, CT

I am hoping for good news of a work colleague, Smitha Pallan, who travelled to India with her husband and young son on Christmas Day as a surprise for their relatives. Please let me know they are safe.
Sally, Mildenhall, Suffolk

We are trying to find our friend and colleague Jagabar Ali Abdul Hameed. He went to Karaikal - T.N., India to visit his family and we have no contact with him since the Tsunami. He is due back in Saudi Arabia by the 10th of Jan.
Waleed Rajab, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Am looking for a friend of mine Kathrin Scabell. She travelled to India with her boyfriend towards the end of November. I've tried contacting her via email, but have still yet to hear from her. She is German, but is also fluent in English and Italian. Please get in contact Kathrin and let me know that you are safe and well.
Sumithra Roy, Coventry, England

I am worried about a friend of mine Melanie McNicollas. I haven't heard from her since before Xmas. She is travelling around India and I am hoping she was in Goa on the 26th but just want to find out if she is ok, please if anyone knows she is please let me know. Thanks.
Melanie Hutton, London

Looking for info on neighbour who went to India for the holidays with his wife and 2 children. His name is Utpal Parikh. He has not returned yet. His company has been trying to reach him on his cell and e-mail, he has not responded. Please contact us if anyone knows his whereabouts. Our prayers are with the thousands of families devastated by this disaster.
April Jacobs, Charlotte, NC, USA

Desperately seeking friend and colleague Nick Harvey who was travelling with his girlfriend Sue and we believe was in GOA over christmas. Have not heard anything and are very worried. Encouraged to read Mairhead, Londons comments that she spoke to her friends in GOA day after tsunami and looks as though they are fine but may struggle to get to phone (I hope this is the case) but please Nick, Sue or anyone who has any information regarding either of them, we would appreciate any word. We love you Nick and are thinking of you and everyone else out there. Please get in touch. Your friends at Lowdown
Dawn, Northampton, England

Please help me find Anna Vohnson from Sweden. She was travelling with my son in Goa for 6 weeks. When Anna continued her travels she was heading towards Kerala, there has been no contact with her since christmas day. Please if anyone knows any information please contact me.
sue gordon, Newport Pagnell England

I have not heard from my son DAVID SNOOKES since Xmas day, he is visiting his daughter Hiedi and grandchildren Hannah and Daniel. Exact location in India not known. Any information would be appreciated.
Ann Snookes, Runcorn, United Kingdom

Looking for two friends, Steve Johnsen and Bryony Lowe travelling through India. Last heard from them 16 december, would like to know they're O.K.
Lynsey Fairuhrst, Sydney, Australia

I have a friend who works in Madras and I am not sure if he was there when the tsunami hit the place or if he was back home in Mumbai. His name is Rajan Diddee. I just need to know if he is back home safe, so if anyone knows anything, please send me a short email. I'm so worried about him.
Pollyanna Yanna, Manila, Philippines

Katy Cox. In India. Are you ok? Can anyone help that might know?
Pierre, UK, Australia

I am looking for my 3 years 6 months old daughter named "AKANSHA CHAKRAVORTY" nick name "TAPOOR" who has gone missing from Car Nicobar Air Force base since Tsunami disaster struck.Also another 7 year old daughter "SPRIHA CHAKRAVORTY" and wife "KAVERI" are missing too.Please contact 00919845766864 or 00919434289536.
Lt Col N Chakravorty, Bangalore .India

missing in father, mother and sister
jerard, velankani taminadu

I am eagerly awaiting any info on Mr.Shyam, Mrs Beena and their Children who were in the Andamans.Mr.Shyam was working in CDA, Andamans.
D.Rajagopal, Bangalore, India

Looking for Mr. Francis Harry Doraisami Simon living in Indonesia. Please contact me or let me know he is safe.
Rochelle, Chennai, India

Our family have not heard of four of our family members living in Indonesia
Ralph Courage, ohaji Nigeria

We would like to know if anyone has any news of Mehandra De Silva of Aghangalla, Sri Lanka. We met him when getting married there in the Triton Hotel - can any one tell us the condition of the hotel please?
Val McCarthy, Belfast, Northern Ireland

We are looking for news on a friend of ours that lives in Taskikmalaya, Indonesia, his name is Yadi Rohyana.
Andrew & Shonah Shearer, PORTMAHOMACK, By Tain, Scotland ,UK.

I am looking for LYLE JOHNSON. He is South African and was teaching and surfing in Indonesia. He is blonde, blue eyes, 5'8'' & muscular. Please let me know if you have any news on him. Thanks
Natalie Hostombe, London, UK


Looking for Paul Simon who travelled to Kerala on 23rd December with his partner Sheeba and baby daughter Millie. They are visiting family in Kerala. Any news would be appreciated - Paul is a dear friend as well as a valued colleague.
Cheryl Turner, Hadleigh, Ipswich, UK

I have an indian friend. She is called Bindu Ramachandran. She did physics in pondicherry and later did metallurgy at regional engineering college in trichy. Is she ok????
ssemakula joseph, rome, italia

I am looking for Karel De Meester, a Belgian artist (48) traveling on an Indian motorbike in de region of Chennai-Kerala
Steph Feremans, Brussels Belgium

Looking for david rimmer, went to the andamans on dec 11, is he still on the island, or did he make a relief plane to calcutta
neil young, london

I am worried that my nephew, Barclay (Barry) Latham has been lost in the tsunami diaster area as his mother hasn't heard from him since xmas eve. He was last known to be in Borneo, travelling to India. He is 54 yrs old, 5ft 7ins, dark appearance.
Margaret Mizen, Billericay, England

Lost contact with Miss Andrea M Perry about 4-5 months ago, and suspect she has been on one of backpacking holidays she sometimes takes to get away from things. I don't know if shes even in the affect areas, but since ive had no reply to phone calls, emails, or texts, im getting worried. She is 5'9", large build, has long dark brown hair, blue eyes, is self employed as a jewellery designer/make-up artist. She would have been with her long term partner steve of 15 years. she is 32 (dob- 05/03/72). she lives in southport, north west UK. please get in contact, if only to call me stupid!!!!
Liz Phythian, Manchester, Uk

Any news of Anita, Suresh, Sreevidyar and Shivani Ayyar appreciated. They travelled to India for xmas, probably to Madras.
Dawn Stephenson, Bolton, England

Seeking news of my friends SUBRAMANI and KRISHNA JYER in Thiruvanmayur, Chennai. Would love to hear that you and your family are OK. Freya
Freya Thomas, London, UK

I am desperately searching for my friend Syed Mubarik Ali Nishal who used to work in Chennai.
Fariha Mukhtar, London, UK

I'm worried about a friend Mariamma John and family who travelled to India for Christmas.
Marlene Headley, Mississauga Canada

Looking for info on a friend and BMC colleague, Sridhar (Sri) Vemparala of San Francisco, CA who was visiting family in south India.
Andrew Pritchard, Sunnyvale, CA

We are searching for our dear friend ,Chaitra Upadya, from Bangalore. She is a software engineer. We have had no news since the tsunami, please any news about her or her family will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone in your search, i hope everyone will be located soon and well, thanks to everyone for doing your best helping others.
Maria C, Argentina

I am searching for Jean-Paul Priest, he is 24 years old from Australia. I just need to know that he is ok. Last time he e-mailed on Dec 23rd was on India on the way to Goa beaches with his brother Marcel. I“m really worried. Haven't heard from him since then.
Damaris, Guadalajara, Jal.

Looking for a dear friend and her family: Usha Desai, her husband and two of her daughters went on a vacation to her nephews wedding to India and we have not heard from her since.
Elsa Cranmer, Buena Park, USA

We are concerned about our relative Mohan Das and family, who is living in Andaman for 30yrs,working for the assistant commissioner office.
Resmi, Surrey, UK

I'm looking for Sriyani Iswariramya Waidyaratne.
Mohamed Ariff, Galle, Sri Lanka

Trying to locate and hear from my good friend Nagaraj. He is a taxi driver in Mahabalipuram. Has anyone heard from him or any member of his family? Please help if you can as I am very worried about him.
Simon Cokes, Brussels, Belgium

I am searching for my sister and her husband. They travelled to India on the night of 24 December, from London. They are British citizens. Our mum lives in Colombia and we haven't heard from her since the 24. Please if someone has any information please contact me.
Natasha Rusler, Bogotį, Colombia

We are looking for Reverend Mark Anthony Manthara of Coimbatore, India. He is 75-years-old and in the Catholic Diocese of India.
Stacy Holland, USA

We are searching for Mark Slater and his partner Kate, who recently left Cairns, Australia to visit Phuket. Please contact us if you know anything about their whereabouts.
Clinton Agar, Cairns, Australia

Betty Ausulyn, 26, from Israel. She lived in a fisherman's village in India. She sent me an email from there a week before the earthquake. Please help me find out if she is safe. Thank you
Misozo, Vancouver, Canada

We are looking for a 10-year-old boy called Ramachandran Velu. His mother's name is Mrs Chithra Valli. He lives in Manamadurai. He is part of Compassion International. We have been sponsoring him for the last few years and are very concerned for him, his family and community. Please let us know of any information you may have. With great thanks, Toby and Anita Dunn.
Toby Dunn

Looking for any news on a friend, Mick Smith from north London, who flew out to Goa on Christmas Day evening. He was due to arrive on 26 December. Not sure where he was staying.
Gemma Dorer, London

I've lost touch with my childhood friend, Brindha Sundarajan, who lived in Tamil(?)S. India. Are you okay?
Shelly Herremans, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Raj Dhinsa, please text or call and let me know if you are OK. I know you went to India for Christmas and I can't get through and haven't heard anything.
Clair Marshman, Maidstone, Kent

Scott Nelson, 31, unaccounted for since tsunami. Appears to have flown from Colombo to New Delhi, India before the tsunami hit. A great relief.
Aubrey Heck, Kalbar, Australia

Looking for any information regarding Thomas J. Moloney and Meg (Campbell) Moloney. They are believed to have been on holiday on the Indian coast.
Anna Moloney, Arroyo Grande, California, USA

Looking for a friend called Muddu in Pakistan, from Iqbal Gulshun. Please contact me.
Rinku Thakur, Hyderabad

Liz Holcomb travelled to the south west coast of India about two weeks before the disaster. We think she was in one of the areas affected. We have had no response to emails or text messages to her and are very worried. If anyone knows anything about her whereabouts, please contact us. Thanks.
Nick Mann, Stuttgart, Germany

I am looking for a child named Sagar Patel. He was a member in my Boys & Girls Club. I would like to know if he is OK. Thank you to anyone who can help.
Kevin Lovelace, India

We are looking for Mrs Chakraborty (wife of Maj N Chakraborty) and her two daughters - Skripa (6yrs 11 months) and Tupur (3 yrs) from Car Nicobar Air Force Base. Kindly help if you know anything about them. We are all very much concerned here.
Maj Hironmoy Bhattacharya, Pune, India

I am looking for an Indian man. His name is Michael Newman, 28, and during the tsunami he was in Chennai.
Anca, Romania

I need to know how badly the tsunami has affected Puri (Orissa, India). I have some friends there and I am worried.
Masha, Belgrade, Serbia

Looking for Barry Huggins from Putney, photographer and author. Travelled to India (kerala) for Christmas with partner. Please if anybody knows anything contact me. Thank you.
Chanelle, London

A couple of my friends Rob and Trudy Sinclair were either on holiday in the Andamanns or India and I would like to know if they are OK. I've sent mails to them but still no response.
Tim , London

Robert Jackson, Brighton, UK. Trivandrum district of Kerala is not affected by the tsunami. Kochuveli is in Tvm district. I hope your friends are safe. If you have a phone number or any other details send them to me or post here. Mihai, Bucharest, Romania. I hope your friends are safe.
Subin, Kerala, India

I am looking for my younger brother S.Sambathkumar, 49. He was working in Car Nicobar Island as a civil draftsman in CPWD for the past 20-25 years. He was recently married and his wife hails from Vellore, Tamilnadu, India. Any information on his whereabouts would be gratefully appreciated.
S.Sathiakumar, Sydney, Australia

looking for Sheil Kar, MD from USA. She traveled to india to visit her relatives.Can anyone tell me if she is okay please? Thank you.
Sheila kar,

tall,around 5 ft tall.glasses,thick black of four.year 6.if ANYONE knows of sungkavi selvakumaran or her family,please contact me.
Sungkavi Selvakumaran, london,England

Would like any information on JINANE and TALITHA ABOU SEOUD. They were on holiday in South India. Please contact us.
Karel & Virginie, London

Looking for Natacha from France. Don't know her last name. About 44-years-old, long dark hair, and about 5ft 5inches in height. Heard from her about 2-3 weeks ago. She was in Thailand doing a Thai massage course. Can anyone tell me if she is okay please? Thank you.
Caroline Walsh, Edinburgh, Scotland

My niece Sonia was recently adopted from an orphanage in Chennai. The primary contact there is named Geetha (spelling uncertain), and the agency was Love Basket. I have no other details as to exact name or address etc. of the orphanage itself, but we are terribly concerned for both Geetha and the children. If this sounds at all familiar to anyone, we would deeply appreciate hearing any word.
Katrina, New Hampshire, USA

Looking for Bruno from Bedford & Kenya with connections to Goa on Andaman. Any news would be most helpful.
Sudesh, Bedford

To Wendy Martin: I work with Linda Etheridge and am also worried. Please respond if you hear anything.
Ann Jones, Abergavenny, UK

Looking for Ishaan Bhalla, a friend of Karan Mehra, last known to have called Karan on his way to Andaman, between 1st and 10th December. Resident of Mumbai, he went there to visit his parents, and now his cell is not reachable. Indian complexion, 5'8", age 20 years and has a younger brother. Does anyone know if he and his family are ok? Please help.
Shalini Israni, Pune, India

Will our grandmother Audrey Bentley please let us know that she is ok?
Emma Davson, Oxford

I have heard today that my sister-in-law Nezhat Swain (Taba) who was in Southern India on retreat has not been heard of since the tsumani by either friends in India or family and friends elsewhere. Any news would be gratefully received as we are all most concerned.
Sally Swain, Ontario, Canada

I am hoping to hear news about my godmother, Sally Jenkinson who went to India with her husband Angus for a holiday. Unfortunately, I do not know the region they went to. Please help if you can!
Rosie Fowler, Herts, England

I am looking for a dear friend of mine. His name is Shriram Kumar. He was home with his family in Chennai for the holiday. His twin sister is Shridevi. Please let me know any word. Thanks.
Latricia Rudman, Prairie Grove, USA

I am looking for two friends: Devan Padayachee & Tashni Moodley who were last in India on holiday. Please help!
Elissa Moonsamy, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

I am concerned about two British friends, Maria Andruszkiewics and Peter Tyson who went to Trivandrum, Kerala State in India. I haven't heard anything from them and would like to know to what extent the beaches around Trivandrum were affected and a report on foreign persons missing or hurt. Thank you.
Mihai, Bucharest, Romania

I am looking to know if Joy and Emma and their two children are ok, they are in Kerala, India. They are from Brighton and had gone to see Joy's family for six months in Kerala. His friend Alex in Spain is also worried. Can anyone tell us if they are ok?
Becky Hume, Brighton, UK

If anyone has any news about a local Kerala family headed by Anthony Pereira in Kochuveli or can advise how I can find out anything I would be very grateful.
Robert Jackson, Brighton, UK

Any information on Uparha and Veena who live in Thiruvannamalai would be so welcome. We are thinking of them and pray they are safe.
Jean Sutton, Southampton, UK

Our acquaintance Ann Walker from Banbury in England was going to travel on December 12th to Vizag, India, and would stay there for three months. She has not responded to our e-mail of five days ago. Does anyone know if she is okay?
Sophia Rentzing, Jerusalem, Israel

My friend Flavia Jones and her family and other friends went for Christmas from Karachi to Goa and Velankini and I havent heard from her since. Please let us know about them if you find out.
Ravi, Karachi, Pakistan

My students from Andamaan Nicobar... please let us know where you are? Are you all safe? Please reply.
JK Chauhan, Gujarat, India

I am waiting to hear from my friend Manisha Sharma, 29, who went to Chennai, India to be with her family for the holidays. Please contact me as soon as you can to let me know you and your family are alright.
Taeko Tofts, Nagoya, Japan

Can anyone give me any information about Bishop Alex Dias of Andaman and Nicobar, please.
Rosemarie, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Missing: Harvey Sherman from Sebastopol, California, USA. 52 years old. Brown curly hair. Hazel eyes. 5'10". 175 pounds. He cannot see without his glasses. I last heard from him on December 25th when he told me via email that he intended to (sometime soon) catch a train from Puri, an Indian beach resort, and go north to Jodhpur for a time, and then on to the Ranakpur (sp?) area.

He's interested in temple architecture and has been in India since Nov 26th, due back in San Francisco Jan 14th. This is his tenth trip to India and he knows the country very well. He was in medical school at one time and, therefore, possesses more than a basic amount of medical knowledge.

It would be totally characteristic for him to have gone to hard-hit areas to volunteer (or so I am hoping). We've been emailing back and forth nearly every day since he left and the silence - now - is very unlike him. Harvey, I love you. Please, please, please... this silence is scaring me.
Barbara Ginther, Sebastopol, USA

Wanting to hear from dear friends Perpetual (Peppy) and her husband Johnson Soares. US Citizens from Illinois who travelled back home to India to visit family. Can't get in contact with them on phones. Any info appreciated.
Sonia Broadway, Swansea, NSW, Australia

I'm looking for a dear friend: Yvette Cobb.She is a beautiful black female in her 40s. She is a Nurse Practitioner that went to India before Christmas and is due back around Jan 10. She went to India to study Aurevedic medicine.Her agenda Involved several destinations in India by train. I'm so worried about her.
Jayne Cramer, Ladera Ranch, CA

can't wait to hear from my dear friend CINDY ROSE MALLYBYSSE SMITH, travelling the coast of india (towards the southern most tip). send word soon, dearest one.
Arlene Dickinson, Boston, USA

Any news please Indian born Oz citizens could be using dual passports Yajnesh Manoor + Dau Nikita approx 15 yo + wife in S India. due back OZ 140105 mobile no answer. visiting sick wife & family --workmates concerned.
Linda Morse, Melbourne Australia

has anyone heard from terry & danny Mc donough from Liverpool We met then in calangutte Goa 2 wks ago, they were travelling INDIA for some months. travelling to all parts !
pat owens, liverpool

Anxiously seeking any news of the situation in Kanyakumari, particularly near Colachel, or Chemponvilai.We cannot reach our good friend and colleague, Rev. Samuel Thirai, his wife Rejinni, and their three young sons. Any news would be welcome. Elizabeth Schumaker, Kingston, Canada
Elizabeth Schumaker, Kingston, Canada

I am looking for my godchild Femila Samuel (born Femila Devadassan), her husband Samuel Rajan and her children Ajay and Beena in Chennai, as well as for her sister Sunitha David (born Sunitha Devadassan), her husband David Paul and her daughter Lydia Beryl in Pondicherry.. If anybody knows anything, please contact me. Thanks.
Jacqueline Sanzot, Ličge, Belgium

We are desperately searching for Paramjit Kaur Shahi, Sarabjit Singh Shahi (AE), Japjit Singh Shahi, and Gagandeep Kaur Shahi. They were living in Port Blair, Andaman. [/b] Paramjit: round face, medium set, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, sharp features, around 49 years of age, 5'3-4" tall (it's kind of broad but we haven't seen them in a while) Sarabjit: around 5'9-10" tall, about 170-180 lbs., not very dark not very light, has a beard and turban (last time we saw him), in his early 50's, Paramjit is originally from Garh Bhadana, Nawa Shahar, Punjab, India Sarabjit's family has been settled in Port Blair for over 20 years Their kids: Japjit and Gagandeep, were born and raised in Port Blair, they should now be in their teens.
Jasvir Dhaliwal, NY, USA

My good friend Adela Samuel lives in Tuticorin dt. South India. I have no idea if she's okay or how to find out? Can anybody help?
Robyn Olson, California

To V K Krishnan of Kerala : I have been trying to contact a dear friend who lives in Kerala..he has not responded over last 6 days. His name is Jyothish Raman Kunhambu..he works for TCS in mumbai but will have been visiting his family when the wave hit. Please help if you can find any info on his wherabouts..thankyou.
Sam Stubley, Leeds, UK

We are desperatly seeking an internet friend, who we know is from Bangalore, India and she works for TCS but we are unsure of which field office she is in. Her name is Chaitra Updaya and we appreciate any news you can bring us about her and her faimly!!! Take care and our thoughts are with you all!!
Melissa Ruzicka, Westminister, Colorado , USA

We are looking for our colleague, Rev D. Samuel Thirai, his wife, Rejinni, and his three sons, 7, 10, and 13. They live near Colachel in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. Any information would be appreciated Elizabeth Schumaker, Kingston, ON Canada

Does anyone have news from Ashram Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. My son, Andrew Perry, and his wife, Laurie Perry, were visiting there from California. Haven't heard from them since XMAS eve. Andrew is an electrical engineer--could be out helping anywhere. Thanks for any news of them.
Lynne Irvine, Hilton Head, SC, USA

Help I'm trying to find out if my best friend Luisa Hodges and her Mother and Grandmother, Were hurt or effected by the Disaster In India, I dont know what part they went to in india but I think it was in the south, They left in late october early November and are living out there till july 2005, If you have any information please help.
Paul Desson-Baxter, Lancaster, United Kingdom

I will appreciate if you can forward these info to the concerned persons mentioned below. You dont have to post it on the message board. For Geraldine McCleave, NYC, USA. I asked my contacts in Madras (Chennai) to contact Mr. Vasudevan, a stone carver (Mamalla Sculptors). While his family is fine, he does not know any McCleave nor any McCleave had stayed with him in the past. For Meena Moennich-Govindaraj, Hattorf am Harz, Germany. It will be easier if you can provide a door number to search the directory and call them from my contacts in Madras. For Anna, Tucson, AZ: The address is not from Madras. I'm a native from there and not familiar with it. Kumarappa (Street) is a possiblity, but need the location and PIN (ZIP) code for the locality. For Bennie Freeman, Coventry, England: Searched Madras telephone directory online and could not find any Lazaro. But found a telephone number at that address. Will ask my contacts to call the number and get back to you asap.
Ganeshwar Prasad, Puerto Rico

Looking for Sheilagh Cardosa who is travelling alone on the Andaman Islands - any info greatly appreciated Angela Mitchell, London England We are trying to locate an internet frined who lives in Bangalore, India. We know that she works for TCS but not sure which field office. Her name is Chaitra Updaya, if anyone has any information regarding her and her family please let us know. Thank you very much.
Melissa Ruzicka, Colorado, USA

We are trying to find these people who have been there on holiday for a few weeks.
kelly and Judy Yip, Aucklanad, mission bay

Has anyone any news about dr. rajshekhar khanade from pune who was in nicobar at that time?
dr ajay gupta, pune,india

Any info on my son Ian Dove, his girlfriend Georgina Baird, their mothers Christine Dove and Danni Baird in South East India - Varkala/Kerala - please email or phone 0034 678332915
Peter Dove, Lanjaron Spain

I`m looking for a german friend Julia Uebel.She was at Port Blair on the 23th.I think that she wanted to go to Havelock Island,if anyone can help me,please contact me.Thank you Felicia
felicia frey, freiburg,germany

Been trying to contact but to no avail
Dr P K Devavaram, Madras Tamil Nadu India

Name:Arul Arasu Teacher at Governtment Senior Secondary school Katchal Kambanka Andaman Nicobar Islands
Jayachandran, chennai,India

My friend Natasha Gupta went to her home country India for a holiday. She is short for a 13 year old, has long black curly, natural tanned skin, dark brown eyes. A distinguished feature of her is the she has a very small shoe size. I'm not sure if she was effected by the tsunami but i cant reach her on her mobile. I want to know any iformation on her and hope that she is alive and well. Thank You so much
nina, dandenong, melbourne, australia

Paul +Mel larcombe missing somewhere in south India heading for goa.Any information,please contact
martin price, newmarket U.K.

Our family friend, Anu radha & his wife Sivap & 3-yr old daughter Nikita left from Bad Homburg, Germany back to West Tambaram, Chennai middle Dec. We have not heard from them since. Any news will be much appreciated.
Heidi Chua, Oberursel, Germany

I have been trying to contact my friend Jayshree Kalyanji since jus before Boxing Day, they were originally travelling to Goa but then changed plans and headed towards Kerala. I have not received no replies to calls or texts and just wana hope they are ok. There are 6 of them travelling together.
Ashik, Leicester, UK

My friends and I are trying to trace our friend Harish Sankaran. All we know is he was in a remote village in India. Any news would be appreciated.
pip, UK

Wanting information on my daughter in hostel Repalle Guntur District India? Any word about that particular area in Guntur? Also her grandparents which lived nearby? Thanks so much. Jo
Jo Ross, Haviland Ks USA

Does anybody know anything about Tommy Rask Arnesen from Norway? He was last seen on Andaman. Please let me know...
Erland Strųmmen, Kolbotn Norway

Am trying to find out any news about the Faria family from Arlington,TX. David (father), Lygia (mother), children: Peter and Marielena. They go home to visit family in India anually(have no idea where)left first of December, members of our church, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Have not been able to get a response using David's cell phone.
Tina Johnson, Mansfield, TX, USA

To laura stifller. i just left bangalore this morning and it has been unaffected by the tsunami. if your loved one was there he should be fine
ophelia sanders, hermosa beach, ca, usa

Please help, I am looking for my dear friends Shahid 'Shez' Anjum who live in Hyderabad, AP, India
Ayesha, Canada

I am worried about 2 freinds who were in Goa Kath Parkin & her Partner Ian Mayers. They arrived in goa on the 20 Dec they were with a party of their friends I think the party numbered 6. I can't find any news about Goa has any one heard please
Elizabeth Campbell, Oldham UK

Looking for information on the Kallical and or Varghese families who were in Ernakulan,India in the state Kerala for a family wedding. They are both from the Cleveland,Ohio area. Hoping to hear news of their safety.
Rev John Loejos, Cleveland, Ohio USA

I am looking for information on my friend BRIDIE LATONA who was travelling in India when the tsunami hit. We are all very concerned for her safety and unable to contact her and would appreciate any news.
Helen Mettam, Sydney, Australia

Looking for information on our friend, David (Dave) Kerrigan. 30 year old Australian male. Last known to be in Pondicherry on 20 December 04, travelling on motorbike with pet dog Charlie. Please let us know if you have any information on his whereabouts.
Matt Ryan, Melbourne, Australia

Name of lost person: Muazzam Bandarker He went to india on a wedding with is immediate family. He is from Cape Town, South Africa and is meant to arrive back to Cape Town on the 17 January 2005. I would like to know if he is safe (including the family)and can anybody please contact me as soon as possible with any information. Unfortunately this is the only information I have, From Waseem Ismail, Cape Town, South Africa.
Muazzam Bandarker, India

I am lookig for information about my friend, Madelaine Greatbatch and her family.She is 12 and english and from the Meir Park area of Staffordshire.She was travelling in India with her family.I just want to know if she is safe.
Rachel Sedgwick, Staffordshire, UK

Looking for Micheal Pter Crag Jongenel(13/08/1979) from New Zealand. I have not had heard from him since 25th. Hopeing to hear that he is safe A.S.A.P
Alexandra Yee, Brisbane, Australia

Looking for information on my friend, Muazzam Bandarker (South African male). He is 17 years old and left Cape Town, South Africa on the 1 December 2004 for a wedding in India with his immediate family. We have been through thick and thin together and I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me information about his whereabouts.
Waseem Ismail, Cape Town, South Africa

Please has anyone ssen Raf Amer a young britihs man aged 24 last heard from on Xmas Day from Andeman Islands . Please let us know if he is okay.
Ann-Marie Diver, London England

I would appreciate it if anyone could give me the whereabouts of my friend Abdul-Aleem Gafoor (South African male)who left on the 7 December 2004 for a wedding in India.
Waseem Ismail, Cape Town, South Africa

We are looking for news of Jenny Coleman, a Zimbabwean national living in Brussels, and travelling with her German boyfriend in southern Indian.
jenny coleman, southern india

Looking for S. Anjan. 19yrs Male Dancer. Jazz & Hip Hop. Returned to India to see family over xmas. Any info please.
Omar & Julie Paloma, Watford. United kingdom

Looking for information regarding architect couple-Mr.Dalip Singh( s/o Dr.Inderjeet singh) and his wife.they were at andaman and nicobar islands and were expected to retun to bangalore on the 26th.
Jyotsna Kunwar, Mumbai,india

Trying to find out about Carla and Richard Salisbury and their son Jonathan. They were spending Christmas in India. Please let us know they are safe.
Wendy and Mary,

Looking for my dad ron shaw who travelled to india, do not no where he could be as he travels around,if anyone knows anything it would be good to hear from you
josephine shaw, ealing, london

Does anyone have news of Joel and Sarah Combes staying in Goa but possibly travelling around S. India
Dennis |Chapman, Barnack, England

Does anyone knoe if the Harris family are safe. They live in cochin tamil nadu If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it.
Michelle Kenny-Moore, Stevenage, UK

We are looking for my nephew (British citizen) Christopher Siebert who is travelling around South India. Has anyone seen him or know if he was in the disaster area that day. We have had no contact and are very worried.
Anne Cuny, Tampa, Fl

Desperately searching for Donna & Geoff Atherton from Haydock.Last heard from them on christmas day.They were staying in a beach house in Goa and should have left there on the 27th to go backpacking.Has anybody seen them? Let us know anything as we are very worried.
Kayley & John, UK

Please help me trace my friend Tommy Rask Arnesen (30), recently staying in the Andaman Islands.
Erland Strommen, Kolbotn, NORWAY

My cousin,Dr. Dorene Luke Walton and her husband, Dr. Spencer Walton, left on Dec. 24 from Seoul Korea to vacation in India for Christmas. Dorene is a pharmacist and Spencer is a School Psychologist for Seoul High School. We have not heard from them yet. They planned to return to Seoul on Jan. 2. If anyone knows details of their exact destination or have heard from them, please contact us at the given email:
Kerri Burton-Danner, Temple, Georgia USA

I'm trying to find out about my uncle who is on holiday in India he is based in Goa but could be travelling around the country we have heard no news from him and would be greatful if anyone could help us trace him.thankyou
Ashleigh, wembley, united kingdom

A friend of mine is on holiday in Tamil Nadu no trace he is Michael Vickery from Maidstone if anyone knows anything plse let me know
roger waite, sidcup kent uk

We are desperately looking for any news of Richard Corrigan and Diane Tyler from London who left Heathrow for India on 17 Dec. due back 31 Dec. Last heard from on Christmas Day. Richard (63 yrs) probably on an Irish Passport and Diane or Diana Tyler on a UK passport. I know little about Diane except that she is a community nurse in London and lives in Lilford Rd.
Mario Corrigan, Kildare, Ireland

I am worried for the safety of a close friend, Jodi Peacham, who has been touring India over the past few months, if anyone has any news of her safety, or if you are reading this Jo, PLEASE contact us! We love you!
SHAUN, Plymouth. UK

PETER REDMAN LYTH - Last heard from 20/12 had been staying at Auroville but may have moved on. Please conact me if you have any information at all. Many Thanks.
Audrey Briggs, Long Eaton, UK

We are the godfamily of Rev George M. He is the parish priest of Immaculate Conception Church in Krishnagiri dt., Tamilnadu, India. Since we do not have neither phone no nor e-mail address we are looking forward for any news about his well being.
Monica darmanin, Zabbar, Malta

My daughter, Sian, has a friend Selina Ong who moved to Malaysia 2 years ago. She hopes she is safe and well and would be grateful if anyone has any news. Our thoughts are with all who have been affected by this disaster.
Pauline Eagleton, Grays, England

BALA and ROOPA MUNCHERLA visiting Channai please let us know that you are safe
, Newcastle.England

Has Goa been affected by the earthquake? my boyfriend and his dad are stayin there for a month and i cant get in touch with them. laura
laura, manchester, england

Andrew Charles STEPHEN Porter - believed to be travelling in south-east India. Please if anyone knows of his whereabouts please get in touch or ask him to contact me. Thank you.
Matthew Porter, Gloucester UK

I am very worried about my friend Madeliene Greatbatch and her family who went to India to travelling. All i know that she was in India travelling so she could have been anywhere. If anyone can help me please contact me. Thank you.
Rachel Sedgwick, Staffordshire, UK

Looking for friends Angela and Dominic Lally who were on holiday in India. Unforunately do not know where in India. Desperate for any news.

Requesting any information regarding Rotem Koren, Israeli citizen, who was headed for Andaman Islands around Dec. 12. May have been with his girlfriend, also named Rotem and Israeli citizen. Thank you.
Alan Mason, Aguanga, CA

i & my friends in Reading were extremely concerned about gregg thompson who were on holiday in India for christmas period. Finally today we got an email to say they were safe. thank you for your board= it was such a worrying time not knowing .all sorts of things go through your mind = the distance and lack of information during the early days did not help. thank you
sarah pollard, reading , uk

Please I'm trying to find my dear friend Mohammed Moazzam Arif, from Hyderabad, India. we talk 3 days before Xmas and his mobile phone has be off since the tsunami. I dont know where is he, he was supposed to be with his family in Hyderabad but I dont know if he was in the coast area when it happened. Please this is urgent too!!!! At least I need to know if the tsunami affected Hyderabad (India). Thanks!
Monica, Spain

Seeking news of my cousin Scott Alexander Nelson, 31 years old, from Caboolture, Queensland, long dark curly hair tied back, olive complexion, brown eyes, scar on left knee and lower left arm, may be in Tamil Nadu area, travelling alone, please send news if you can help elderly parents very concerned, backpacker, last contact from Singapore 17th Dec
Aubrey Heck, Kalbar, Australia

I am extremely concerned about the well-being of my friend Abarna Roy and her family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. If anyone knows anything about where or how they are, please let me know
Sophie Cross, Pembrokeshire, UK

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