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Last Updated: Monday, 1 November, 2004, 10:17 GMT
Princess Alice: Your tributes
Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, has died at the age of 102, Buckingham Palace has announced.

Lady Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott married the third son of George V in 1935 and was the Queen's aunt.

HRH Princess Alice, who had been the oldest living member of the Royal family, had a passion for travel and had previously lived in Kenya and spent time in India and Australia. She was also an accomplished watercolourist.

What are your memories of Princess Alice?

Thank you for your tributes to Princess Alice. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

I remember Princess Alice visiting the 8th RAF General Hospital in Rinteln, Germany in 1949 when I was in the RAF stationed there. I have always admired the Princess for her devotion to duty throughout her long life. Thank you Ma'am.
Donald Hampton, Bradenton, FL. USA

My Grandmother loved Princess Alice as a good and hard working person, who worked hard for this country, and for the people who needed help and support in crisis. I admired her greatly - the country has lost a treasure.
David, Whitstable, Kent

This quiet soul who served the United Kingdom, the Empire, and the Commonwealth so well for so long
Stephen Stillwell, Lampeter, Wales
As a Yank living here in this wonderful country, let me add my prayers to those of many in thanksgiving for this quiet soul who served the United Kingdom, the Empire, and the Commonwealth so well for so long.
Stephen Stillwell, Lampeter, Wales

My Grandmother was Florence Roberts a mill girl from Manchester born the same week as Princess Alice. Just as the Royals never heard of her, I've never heard of Princess Alice. I suppose it's only wealth and privileged that dictates that we mourn one stranger and nor the other.
Larry Ward, Bedford, UK

To all the snide and shallow republicans who have voiced their worthless drivel - what have you done that would contribute to life in the same way that a member of the Royal family has. HRH dedicated her life to others, all whom met her clearly feel a great loss. May HRH Rest in Peace.

A tremendously long life in the service of her country, and of other Commonwealth Nations which makes her a credit to the monarchy and me proud to have a Royal family at the head of the UK. My condolences to her family, and the wider Royal family, who have lost so many of their older members over the last few years.
Cate, Yorkshire, England

My sincere condolences to the family of a great and gracious lady
John McKay, Sheffield
My sincere condolences to the family of a great and gracious lady who knew how to behave...But I do feel that the other members of the Royal Family could have made financial contributions to allow her to stay in her home of Barnwell Manor. May she rest in peace after a long life of service to her country and the Royal Family.
John McKay, Sheffield

I read with great sadness the passing of a great Lady. May She long be remembers by the whole country. She lived life to the full.
John Kinsman, St. Monans Fife

I had the privilege of having dinner with her, when she had come to Kenya. What a lovely lady she was.
Robin Jacob, dallas, USA

God bless the family at this time. I am sure she will be deeply missed by those close to her. Yet another reminder to us all that the royal family are normal people and need as much support as ourselves. Press - give them a break at this time!!
Sean Harris, Newcastle upon Tyne

Princess Alice will be sorely missed, We will never forget what she did for this area before and after the war. Rest in Peace
Chris Linthwaite, Beverley England

How royalty should conduct themselves
Beverley Hughes, Perth, Australia
A wonderful lady who showed, even though she was not born royal, how royalty should conduct themselves.
Beverley Hughes, Perth, Western Australia

Why do people feel the need to so sadly morn the death of a very privileged woman who lived to a ripe old age? Fair play to her if she did a lot to charity etc. but let's stop this irrational and archaic awe of royals and the idea that they are special. There are so many much sadder things happening in our society than the death of this one old woman.
Rob Ganly, London

I met Princess Alice in Kenya, where we discussed my Farm, which I have now lost. She was a lovely lady. Keith
Keith McNaughton, Harare, Zimbabwe

I Understand she was a very nice person and liked painting but what did she ever actually do for a living? Please enlighten me.
Rob Edwards, Congleton, Cheshire

I remember her giving me a lovely smile
Ronald Boxall, Bristol
She was the first member of the Royal Family I ever saw. I was in the crowd when she visited her sons' school in Broadstairs in the 1950s. I remember her giving me a lovely smile.
Ronald Boxall, Bristol

I had the privilege of meeting HRH on several occasions whilst I was in school in Oundle, UK. Princess Alice then lived in Barnwell and always took a great interest in the local schools, students and residents. The most memorable moment of meeting the Princess was when I attended an outdoor function at the Barnwell Palace in the dead of winter. I was then in the Army Cadets and was there on duty in uniform, but without gloves. HRH spotted me and gestured for me to come over. I came to a halt, snapped a fine salute, proceeded to bow, when she simply took my hand and started rubbing them to warm them. What a lovely lady, what a moment, I will always remember the thoughtfulness of that kind act. My thoughts go to all her family.
Mal Woodcock, Biloxi, USA

It is sad to hear the passing of one so well-regarded, so dignified and so worthy of a nation's love, about whom my generation knew so little.
Hapag Lloyd, Tunbridge Wells

I am deeply aggrieved to learn of the death of HRH Princess Alice
Timothy Ferres, Belfast, UK
As a life-long, loyal and passionate supporter of our Royal Family, I am deeply aggrieved to learn of the death of HRH Princess Alice. I send my sincere condolences to HRH's family.
Timothy Ferres, Belfast, UK

Princess Alice? I didn't know we had a Princess Alice. Whilst my sincere condolences go to her family and those that knew her well, perhaps we should also spare a thought to remember all the other people that will die today and give thanks for what they may have given to their families and to society.
Jason Cole, London, UK

It is such a shame when one as graceful as HRH Princess Alice passes away. But, one does have to remember she had a good innings and was loved by many. May HRH rest in peace and the Royal Family be strong
Mike, Luton UK

A dignified and caring lady who lived a full and rewarding life. She will be missed.
Jon Harrison, York, England

I had the honour to shake her hand
Irvine B. Niffikeer, Trinidad and Tobago
My condolences go out to the relatives of Princess Alice. She attended the graduation ceremony of Naparima College, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago in 1950 and handed me my Cambridge School Certificate. I had the honour to shake her hand. I am very sorry to hear of her passing but she had a very long life.
Irvine B. Niffikeer, Trinidad and Tobago.

I had the honour and pleasure of working for the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and also Princess Alice, for two years. They were the nicest family you will ever meet. Princess Alice was, as the Queen Mother, the backbone of the royal family and represented the very best of the British monarchy.
Kevin Swales, London

A lady with a beautiful soul who I shall miss. She taught me to paint dewdrops on flower petals and I have done so ever since.
Alice Yardley, Kent, England

Prince Henry and Princess Alice served Australia faithfully
Alexander, Brisbane, Australia
Prince Henry and Princess Alice served Australia faithfully and with honour when Prince Henry was our Governor-General in the 1940s. We won't forget her service to our country. Many thanks.
Alexander, Brisbane, Australia

my deepest condolences to the family,
Kathy, Newport, UK

A lovely lady, I met her on several occasions as she was my Colonel in Chief whilst in the armed forces.
Alan Taylor, Leicester, England

What a brave lady to have come through a war and the loss of a son and still do so much work for so many organisations. She touched the hearts of many and will be missed.
Denis Horgan, London

She gave hope to those of us that lived through WWII
Andy Fred Kaplan, Canada
She lived an invigorating life. Went through WWI and II. She gave hope to those of us that lived through WWII. It is sad to know she is not part of us anymore.
Andy Fred Kaplan, Canada

I feel sad about the death of Princess Alice, for although I never met her, I wrote her a letter last year and I got a very nice reply from her lady-in-waiting. It's amazing to think on the things that she lived through and the huge events - such as the abdication - which she was close to. It seems a shame that more people do not know that she was the oldest royal ever.
S.Forsyth, UK

I am sad to see the passing of someone so old, who always managed to act and behave in the way royalty should.
M L'eek, Bradford England

She was so kind to all those who knew her
Eva, Windsor
She was so kind to all those who knew her and who appreciated her wonderful painting skills
Eva, Windsor

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