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Last Updated: Monday, 28 June, 2004, 15:52 GMT 16:52 UK
Your reaction to the England match
David Beckham and John Terry

England lost their Euro 2004 quarter-final in an agonising penalty shoot-out to Portugal.

Millions watched the match at home and around 40,000 travelling supporters were in the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, only to see England lose 6-5 on penalties after securing a 2-2 draw in normal time.

Some players have complained about referee Urs Meier's decision to disallow a last-minute "goal" from Sol Campbell.

Did you watch the match? What is your reaction to the defeat? What is your view of England's performance throughout the tournament? Send us your views and jokes.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

If you want to consider yourselves patriots and supporters, try changing what you read
Rob P, UK
I watched all of England's matches and can find no evidence to support a case that David Beckham was not giving 100%. Perhaps one can question why he was picked in the first place, given his current club form. But having been picked he gave it his all. How ironic, that the criticism of Beckham comes from many who purchase the very tabloids that publish the rubbish that must weigh heavily on his already burdened shoulders. If you want to consider yourselves patriots and supporters, try changing what you read and send a message to the vitriolic press that you want the truth not sensationalism for their profit and your team's loss. Oh and by the way, the ref was right, it was a foul.
Rob P, UK

Yes - we need a television referee for contentious events - not just goals. Rugby has used the citing policy successfully perhaps football should follow this example as well for "dives". Having played rugby all my life, I am not a football fan but it seemed to me that Portugal wanted to win more than we did - why were England playing Division 3 "Route 1" football, where was our structured midfield build up? I'm afraid Messrs Beckham and Scholes have a lot to answer for but in the end it was a team performance and we lost.
Chris Humphris, Cambridge, UK

Now can we please stop having football rammed down our throats at every available opportunity
Jason, Surrey, UK
The further England gets, the more damage the thugs cause when they go out, so the sooner the better as far as I am concerned. Now can we please stop having football rammed down our throats at every available opportunity!
Jason, Surrey, UK

One thing's for sure, the semi-final is a disaster for UEFA with the exception of the host country being there. All the big names are out and that's bad news in any tournament.
Martin, UK

How can sponsors pay David Beckham ludicrous sums of money now? His performances were dire and his free kick/penalty taking sad. This England team is the worst we have had in a long time (exceptions of Lampard and possibly Rooney). The teams of the 80s and 90s were far better technically and in terms of ability. A complete overhaul is required before the world cup qualifiers and I would suggest starting with removing Beckham's captaincy.
Phil, Manchester

Time and time again we see the national team play below par
Allan, Sunderland
Time and time again we see the national team play below par. Individual players look good at club level, but is that because they are surrounded by top class foreign players.
Allan, Sunderland

I think it may be an idea for the Referee from last nights game to become a "David Bowie look-a-like" rather than make decisions about such an important game. He may do better at that!
Zoe, England

Although England's disallowed goal was a valid one, I feel that Portugal were the better team on the night and deserved to win. After England scored their first goal they just sat back and let Portugal come at them, just as they did against France. From a positive view-point, hopefully there will be less hooliganism following their exit.
Alex, Milton Keynes

If video referees are good enough for world cricket and world rugby then they should be used in important games in football, England was robbed as usual.
Ken Taylor, Taunton, UK

I really wanted England to win, despite being Welsh. The referee's error cannot be reversed and imagine our joy if Portugal had had their first goal disallowed. Lets support Portugal all the way to the final!
Mike Fletcher, Cwmbran, Wales

I saw the game whilst in Ikea
Vassilios Kirellous, France

I was watching in France. Actually, I saw the game whilst in Ikea. The staff had the TV on. They were all supporting England. I was supporting Portugal. I told them that I was the client, and that they ought to cheer on the Portuguese! Just kidding! I then drove down to the Champs Elysees for a quick snack at what's now called the "Ronaldo MacDonaldo" - I can tell you the scene there was absurd. The entire stretch of the Champs Elysees was closed off because Portuguese fans were celebrating. It went on until 2AM. It was more euphoric compared to the scenes when France won the World Cup. I didn't know France had such a strong population and I still can't believe how much Ikea personnel love England.
Vassilios Kirellous, France

The fact of the matter is, England were poor all tournament, Rooney being the exception. They were poor against a below par France, poor against the worst Croatian team in years and poor against an awful Swiss team. Portugal dominated the game and deserved the win. End of Story.
Chico, Stirling, Scotland

My one and only comment is why does the football federation not invest in TV monitors to decide when players have been fouled just like in the rugby?
Emily McCarthy, Exeter, Devon

Don't blame the ref. If David Beckham hadn't completely mucked up that penalty then at the end of the first five penalties England would have won.
John, Inverness, Scotland

I don't know much about football but Beckham should not have been given such responsibility and allowed to play. Obviously his mind is elsewhere. I blame Posh!
Liza, England

For all the hyperbole from the UK media and press, you'd think England were masters of the football world. However, all one ever sees is a whingeing bunch of over-paid and mediocre players finding others to blame; and all supported by a bunch of revolting yobs who disgrace the name of sport.
Andrew Jago, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why aren't the England football team allowed to own a dog? Because they can't hold on to a lead.
Matthew, London

What's the difference between the England team and a tea-bag? The tea-bag stays in the cup longer.
Fiona, Harrogate, Yorkshire

A supermarket were going to bring out a Euro 2004 Commemorative stock cube painted red, white and blue in honour of the England squad. But it was a laughing stock and crumbled in the box.
Sarah, Birmingham, UK

What is common between a 3 pin plug and the England football team? They are both useless in Europe!
Mark S, Belfast

What's the difference between O J Simpson and England? OJ Simpson had a more credible defence.
Stephen, Galway, Ireland

England went out in the usual dramatic way
Odette Harris, London, England
We didn't play a particularly good game last night but we were definitely robbed of the goal by Sol Campbell. But you have to admit England went out in the usual dramatic way. If they played like they did against Croatia, we might have had a chance. Of course Rooney going off so early obviously deflated them completely. Apart from Beckham's obvious lack of form, the referee's decision to disallow Sol Campbell's perfectly good goal was unbelievable. When will football come out of the dark ages and have a 'second ref' or a 'third ref' watching a monitor to intervene in such controversial moments like they do in sensibly run sports like rugby and cricket?
Malcolm, Leeds, UK

I think England should be banned from all further competitions until some of the mindless thugs who call themselves fans know how to behave. The same should go for any country and or clubs whose so-called fans attack people when their team loses!
Janie, Scotland

When will England learn that they are not a team of world beaters and getting to the semi-finals is about as good as they will get. Fans of the Scotland team learned this years ago.
Kevin Miller, Warrington, Cheshire (Ex-pat from Scotland)

Did we really in our heart of hearts expect anything else? There were some very second rate performances from some questionably over paid "professionals". We have been lucky in earlier games so this time the luck did not hold out. Luck to me is not a basis for football competition. Beckham was woeful. We lost Rooney and then it was game over. Guys when will you learn to take penalties? 4 times now...this is becoming a sick joke. After all, this IS your job, and a VERY well paid one also!
Jonathan Scott, Norway

The die was cast when Beckham missed the penalty
Jonathan Davies, Norwich, UK
Frankly, the die was cast when Beckham missed the penalty (no, not that one, but the one against France which would have put us 2-0 up). The confidence that would have ensued from beating France, coupled with the fact that we would have played Greece in the quarters would have meant that we could have gone all the way! Seven or eight of the team (including Michael Owen) played well, but there were still too many passengers. Scholes was OK but not great, Terry lacked the class for his role and Beckham was a passenger throughout the tourny - what the hell was wrong with him? He looked slow both physically and mentally and I knew he was going to miss that spot kick last night!
Jonathan Davies, Norwich, UK

At last hopefully everyone will realise that David Beckham is nothing but a marketing mirage. His contribution to the England team during this tournament was negligible. He should stick to what he is best at, i.e. promoting hair products, sunglasses, mobile phones, etc. Let someone who is a good footballer take his place!!
Steve Tinsley, Swindon, UK

Staggering how many people place their emotional well-being in the outcome of a football game. Surely there are more important things in life?
ML, London, England

They didn't deserve to lose like they did, even if they didn't play their best. Ultimately it wasn't their fault and they can come home with their pride intact.
Emma Lane, Kent

Stop making excuses for a lacklustre team
Pennie Forthem, Uckfield, East Sussex
Did I watch the match? Well, I watched 11 overpaid men in England shirts having a kick about worthy of any amateur Sunday team. It is immaterial that "we woz robbed by the ref", because if England had played anywhere near a decent game, one discounted goal wouldn't have made any difference. Please stop making excuses for a lacklustre team.
Pennie Forthem, Uckfield, East Sussex

Let's not do what we always do and find someone to blame (James, Terry, Beckham, Vassell, the ref etc). We should have learned from the France game that you can't get a 1-0 lead then sit on it for the rest of the game. The better team won and no individuals are responsible.
Ian Bell, London

No other sport seems to inspire such hysteria or over-coverage on the media, or such riotous behaviour by some of its so-called supporters, so I'm glad England have been knocked out!
Chris W, Nr Brighton

Good! Now can we please shut up about football.
Sue, UK

The disallowed goal was a bitter blow to us. The game was ours and it was robbed from us by Urs Meier, who seemed to give the Portuguese a free kick if we sneezed. The disallowed goal should implement a new rule where if the referee and sideline officials disagree, then an automatic replay should be shown there and then! We should be through, well done lads.
Dean Hides, Southampton

It was very sad and there was some dubious refereeing, but we should have been aiming for a 3 goal victory and not trying to defend a 1-0 lead. It was all too reminiscent of the France game.
Catherine O, Maidenhead, UK

Strange that most of the anti-England comments on here are from Scots, Irish and Norwegians, whose team got nowhere near the tournament. Aah for sour grapes.
M Corder, Basingstoke, England

Not all the players performed to their abilities but we should be proud of them
Steve Penn, London
It annoys me to read so many comments knocking the England team. Yes we did not play that well on the night, and we missed more penalties than them but what else brings the whole country together? Not all the players performed to their abilities but we should be proud of them, and the 40,000 fans cheering them on. And when Scotland get through to the knockout stages of a competition we will take your comments seriously.
Steve Penn, London

Has Urs Meier got a guilty conscience? Ask him to referee a match in England.
David, Halesowen, England

We lost. Oh well... there's always next time.
John, Southampton, UK

Some of the views here are very strange. For starters, why are people who don't even like football posting on here? I don't intend to go and find an Eastenders forum and tell them all how the bad acting does my head in. Secondly, if someone offered me double my salary to do the same job as I do now then I'd take it, but it wouldn't make me any better at it. So how does the "overpaid" argument work? And finally, the argument that a professional footballer should never miss a penalty - that would make shootouts not only very boring, but also completely pointless!
Chris, Batley

If it had been Pierluigi Collina ref'ing this game it would have been 2-1 to England after 90 minutes
Dave, Sheffield, England
Regardless of whether we did or didn't play particularly well, and whether or not our players are over-rated, when you play a game at this level you expect both teams to be competing on equal terms based on good quality refereeing. We didn't get that. If it had been Pierluigi Collina ref'ing this game it would have been 2-1 to England after 90 minutes. Enough said.
Dave, Sheffield, England

We need first to learn how to control a ball, then how to acclimatize to a hot country. Our technique and fitness were both inferior last night and were reminiscent of the Brazil game in the World Cup 2 years ago.
Shane Hines, Ipswich, UK

After watching France v. Greece, it is clear that both England and Portugal should go through to the semis and boring France and Greece should be flying home.
Ed Johnson (ex-pat), Zurich, Switzerland

Disappointed, but my thoughts are with the team. Best wishes to them all.
Mrs S. Dempster, Birmingham/England

Football has always been used as a method through which nationalistic (in Mussolini's case - fascist) feelings are brought up in people. I find it a shame that the English need a football competition to show any pride in their country. I think England is desperately scratching at the severe lack of 'things to be proud of' and indeed our 'identities' need to proven on a field. Grow up all you drunken apes and grow up England.
David Brickham, Cheshire, UK

Perhaps it is time to... realise England are a very ordinary team
Peter, UK
Here is me thinking that England were still in it when I switched on the TV this morning and the referee was being discussed. Perhaps it is time to draw a line under 1966 (mentioned 3 times in the opening 10 mins commentary against Portugal) and realise that England are a very ordinary team. Also, we are very sore losers, even worse that the Italians who do not wreck Portuguese-run pubs after defeat....despicable! Come on the Greeks! Peter
Peter, UK

You buy the merchandise, hang it out with pride and then no sooner does it all start, it's over. Happens every time. Disappointed, but hey! There's the World Cup in 2 years!
Kaz, Manchester, England

I think we where particularly lucky to get to penalties. Our choice of style to sit back and soak up pressure for 70 minutes was ludicrous. To be honest the 2 midfield heroes, Beckham and Gerrard, where awful.
Martin, UK

England were unable to stop Portugal - again. Learn the lessons and move on, learn to take penalties, learn to accept decisions and stop whining. Then maybe there's a chance in 2006.
macliam, Ipswich, UK

The Swiss referee should be banned from participating in any further matches until an enquiry has been set up to check his suitability as a referee, his impartiality and his bank account in the past and next six months Not an avid fan of football but I am of fairness and his refereeing should be suspended on no pay until his guilt is proven Micheal Butler
micheal butler, paris

It's only a game!!
mjs, Huntingdon

Rooney...I feel so sorry for him cause he was keeping the whole Euro 2004 going
Amy Bell, Nottingham
We frankly didn't deserve to lose like we did, the disallowed goal from Urs Meier was perfectly in, If that goal was allowed we would have won that game fair and square! Beckham - well what can I say about him, he's let the team down once again. He is just a fashion image with his golden balls and that's the only one thing he's good for. Well, Rooney - bless him - I feel so sorry for him cause he was keeping the whole Euro 2004 going plus the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen. I am just full of disgrace with the disallowed goal...The disallowed goal was a bitter blow to us.
Amy Bell, Nottingham (Clifton)

Perhaps it is time to pay by results - they lose, they lose money. They are paid far too much for far too little in return.
Ali, MK, UK

Disgusting! Sack the referee! And issue and extradition warrant, bring him back to the UK for him to be tried in a closed courtroom with 12 English football fans as a jury. - Oops! I forget we are not Americans we are English - we just sit back and take it - and if anyone speaks out of turn FIFA comes down on them like a tonne of bricks with a fine and a suspension. No matter how bad we played - we won and the ref and FIFA robbed us of victory! We invented the game - we gave it to FIFA - and they have stolen victory from us. First it was the 'hand of God' - now it is the hand of the referee! Someone call the police! A crime has been committed!
Paul Harris, Kent UK

Come on ! I'm not even a football fan, but if you're paid as much as these people are and are as good as everyone says you are, you should have absolutely hammered a supposedly second-rate team and not had to resort to penalties. England have to walk the walk as well as they talk the talk, and they have to stop relying on one player to get them a win.
Grant, Edinburgh, Scotland

We need to take a long hard look at the entire England set-up
JR, Wigan, England
Sadly the simple fact is that the team wasn't good enough. We had a squad of good individuals but, with a few notable exceptions, they didn't play for each other. Let's be honest, last night's game rapidly descended into a case of "hold the line, get the ball and hoof it upfield" and surely we can put together a team of professional English footballers who are better than that. If the trophy drought is to end then we need players who function as a team, who pass to each other, who retain possession, who gel as a unit.

We need to take a long hard look at the entire England set-up, every player and the manager and see if they justify keeping their place - no-one should be above question. The squad we end up with may not contain the most talented individuals but it should be the best England team possible and our best hope for Germany 2006. And they need to know how to take penalties!
JR, Wigan, England

It was lovely last night - football on TV, beer in hands, screaming at the ref - and me at the gym with the whole pool all to myself! Shame England were knocked out - I would have loved another night to myself like that!!!


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