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Last Updated: Monday, 28 June 2004, 15:57 GMT 16:57 UK
Will you read Clinton's book?
Former American president Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton's autobiography, My Life, is on bookshop shelves.

The sections on his affair with Monica Lewinsky are the most eagerly-awaited.

Talking about it to Time Magazine he revealed it was "the darkest part of my inner life" and led to his temporary banishment from the White House bedroom to a nearby couch.

Reflecting on his foreign policy Mr Clinton says his two greatest regrets were not cementing a Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians, and not capturing Osama Bin Laden.

"Sloppy, self-indulgent and often eye-crossingly dull" is what The New York Times says - but let us know what you think of the book. Have you read it, or begun to? Please send in your reviews.

Panorama: Clinton - The Interview was broadcast on BBC One on Tuesday, 22 June 2004.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

A little narcissistic, don't you think?
Adel, USA
1000 pages! A little narcissistic, don't you think? Which squares the Monica thing. No minor matter. A discreet affair with somebody loved is none of our business but fooling around is a national security risk. And she was too young and he was her boss. Not okay. And neither is lying to a grand jury. He was in withdrawal for lack of attention. And he is sure everybody is so interested in him.
Adel, USA

It is possible to learn a lot from gifted leaders. They often see truths in life that others do not and as such I make an effort to read about their life and their views. Mr Clinton's book on the other hand will not make it to my bookshelf.
A. Edmondson, UK

I love when the short-sighted say Clinton had no accomplishments in office. On day one, in a time of racial tensions in this country, he nominated the first multi-cultural cabinet and changed the way politicians would act after that (See W's cabinet). That alone is enough to secure his place in history.
Glenn, Philadelphia, PA

I rather think Hillary put the brakes on this one by stopping it being too racy or revealing
Max, UK

I did think about it until the New York Times depiction of the book declared it to be "eye crossingly dull". I spend my work life reading such dull material. I certainly don't intend to waste my leisure time doing the same. I am surprised though. No matter your opinion of Clinton I am sure no one can deny his intelligence and charisma. I rather think Hillary put the brakes on this one by stopping it being too racy or revealing. What a shame!
Max, UK

Yes, I have already purchased the book. Is anyone else tired of the petty attacks by the political right-wing? We just experienced a week of canonization of Reagan with little regard for historical reality. Yet, the right-wingers continue their venomous assaults on Bill Clinton while the rest of us were polite during Reagan's mourning period.
Jeff, Indianapolis, IN, US

Many Americans like Clinton for his domestic policies, however, other Americans, including myself, didn't like his leadership because he lacked the diplomatic will to resolve serious international crises. For two terms of his US Presidency, not one of his engagements have stood out to be a long peace. And terrorist acts occurred without serious recourse of action. No matter what political affiliation, should that be something Americans should be proud of? I think not.
Jason, Norfolk, VA

Clinton is not promoting a book about good housekeeping, he's promoting a memoir. Take it as that., although "eye-crossingly dull" is a pretty horrifying way to describe anything let alone a presidential term in office.
Wendy, CA, USA

I bought My Life yesterday and am on chapter five. It is very well written and interesting. I can't wait to continue reading it on lunch break.
Kimberley, Minneapolis, USA

No. I believe the reviews and remember his long rambling speeches. I wonder how many of the people will actually get through the text.
Anne, Virginia, USA

The Panorama interview showed what Clinton thought of Blair. Could the press' role in the Monica Lewinsky affair be classed as similar to that of the press' role in Blair's involvement in the Gulf war?
Richard Davie, Scotland

Clinton makes a better celebrity than he does president. He is not "leader of the free world material." He's common liberal Hollywood fodder and sadly, many American's relish that mentality. Presidents should exude class, not trash. I wouldn't waste a dime on his book.
Toni R, Florida, USA

It was said of King Charles I that all men wondered how so good a man could be so bad a king. I have wondered how so good a president could be so bad a man. No, I will not read his self indulgent tripe.
David, Illinois, USA

If former president Clinton would have properly dealt with terrorism, I may be inclined to read his book. His presidency was embarrassing. I saw Clinton reprimanding the BBC reporter. Clinton was trying to distract the reporter. That is what he always did to the American public. Shameless.
Melanie Jarzynka, Nashville, TN, USA

I started reading book yesterday. So far it is very interesting.
Alhad Sathe, Kendall Park, USA

My skin crawled when I watched him last night on Panorama. This creepy, flirtatious, intellectually vacant man has America fooled. He lied to the American people, he spoke of values that he didn't follow himself, he's a hypocrite and he totally screwed up the Middle East talks in his desperate attempt to get a Nobel Peace Prize. Open your eyes America.. For him, for now, for the future.
Tom Franklin, London, UK

I was amazed to see how diligently former US President Clinton handled the questions thrown at him in yesterdays Panorama. Even when the most sensitive issue was touched, the Monica affair, he explained it from his point of view with absolute modesty, forget not, accepting full responsibility of the incident.

Some people might argue that the whole drama had been thoroughly exposed and he hasn't got any room to hide, but hey hang on - is he not great when compared to the TB pair (Tony and Bush) who still try to convince us that Saddam might have hidden his WMD. Hats off to Clinton who has now rightly chosen the path of being a goodwill ambassador for the poverty stricken Third Word and I am sure, history will overwrite his past with his jubilant present and future.
Dr Edwin Raj, London, England

There's no way I'd buy this book, except perhaps as a cure for insomnia
Jonny, England

The issue with Lewinsky wasn't just about the physical relationship they had or didn't have, it was about the incumbent President lying under oath. The fact that the subject matter was sexual was merely a convenient distraction for the masses. Having heard about Lewinsky ad nauseum there's no way I'd buy this book, except perhaps as a cure for insomnia.
Jonny, England

He is still a great man despite the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I will not only read his book but will also buy 20 more copies to give to my friends. It is amazing how people love him all over the world. May God continue to bless him and his family.
Bayo Oloyede, London, England

Clinton's performance on Panorama last night showed why people were so drawn to him. Charisma, intellect, candour with forceful argument coupled with detailed knowledge. It was an assured performance.
ML, London, England

I'm no Clinton fan but I'm also no Bush fan either. I don't trust politicians period! I have lost faith in the system. However, out of simple curiosity I will read Clinton's book, but I will check it out at the library.
Lucinda MacGregor, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Let's judge him for his able and great leadership qualities
Ahmed Zuhair, Male
Ideal leader for any country. Cool and charismatic even during the Lewinsky trial days. Even today I would prefer to see him on CNN or BBC rather than the current leaders of the US and UK. The magic touch he brings is unique and rare. Am surprised people continue about the Lewinsky case. That's how life is for most of us and his case was different because he was US President. Let's judge him for his able and great leadership qualities and not his personal life. Waiting for this book to reach Maldives.
Ahmed Zuhair, Male, Maldives

Saw the Panorama interview but can't be bothered to read the book. I'm not spending good money on it!
R. Steward, England

No. I might read his biography written by someone else in 20 years, but right now, it seems as if the Clintons have found a nice way to keep some publicity going and earn some money. How many more accounts of the Monica-gate can we get? There are so many much more interesting books to read out there.

At the time he did not impress me, but Bush has helped me see Clinton a great deal more positively. However, I still think that he should be read about in the history books, not in his own books.
Brian, Gibraltar

He just could not admit he made a mistake!
Helen Webber, London, UK

I am reading a load of nonsense here. Did you see him being interviewed last night by Dimbleby? He couldn't even admit what he had done. He side-stepped all the issues, he came out with over-rehearsed lines, he just could not admit he made a mistake! Despite what people here are writing, he actually said he believes he told the truth with regard to "my definition of sexual relations". With that kind of attitude, how on earth can anyone take this idiot seriously?
Helen Webber, London, UK

Bill Clinton has not changed, he needed to earn money to pay his legal bills and pay for his golf!! No I will not be reading his book.
Margaret Anderson, Wiltshire, England

Bill Clinton, beside JFK, was the most admired US president around the World. He received an outstanding ovation at the UN Headquarter while the impeachment process was going on in Congress. He knew how to make friends, and mostly how to avoid un-necessary conflict, the virtual political diplomat of our time. He is a great man some people love to hate by any mean. I will line up to buy his book, and eventually have it autographed.
F Sillo, Worcester, USA

Everyone seems to be forgetting this man was impeached for lying to a Federal Grand Jury. Nothing to do with his personal life - he lied under oath. What an example to set as President of the US and Commander in Chief of the US Military.
Joan, Nashville USA

Clinton....he was boring then and he still remains the same.
Frederick M. Rupel, Saraland, Alabama, USA

I can't believe what some people are writing! Two points 1) It does not look like only non-Americans are pro Clinton, about half of the posts from Americans are also pro-Clinton. 2) I am astounded at the political importance some people attach to Clinton's affair. It is his and his family's business, and should never have wasted so much official time. The whole Lewinsky debacle seemed so ridiculous and childish when it was happening - you wouldn't believe it if you read it in a book. I can't help feeling that the affair is not the real reason some people dislike Clinton - I dare those people to come out and say why they really didn't like Clinton. He should be judged for what good he did for America and the world, which is far more than the current president!
Nicol Harper, UK

Stood in line to get the book. Just finished the first chapter in the break room at work. I want my money back.

Putting out a book at this stage is truly self-indulgent, attention seeking and quite possibly politically motivated
Jack, Memphis

Memoirs should be written when one is nearing the end of one's life. It's a means of expressing honest reflection on one's life and accomplishments. Putting out a book at this stage is truly self-indulgent, attention seeking and quite possibly politically motivated.
Jack, Memphis, USA

As a president I liked him, but for political insight about his presidency I'll read something by a different author!
Wendy, UK

Ironically, Bill Clinton is a great model for family values. He made a mistake, apologized, took his punishment, and mended his family. That is a real accomplishment! As a leader he always spoke his own mind (refreshing for a politician). I look forward to reading his book.
Vonda Knox, Denver, USA

The superlatives attributed to Clinton here are a bit exaggerated. Comments to the effect of "Clinton brought peace and prosperity to the world" overestimate his influence, even as president. The Lewinsky scandal notwithstanding, his policy record was mixed at best. Those that deify him do so by implicitly comparing him with Bush, and were probably the first to criticize the fanfare for Reagan.
Guy, USA

A pretty unmemorable presidency
David, Pennsylvania

Not for me. A pretty unmemorable presidency. He faced no major challenges when he entered office (not his fault), had no bold policies, and thus had very few successes.
David, Pennsylvania

I won't be reading Bill Clinton's book, mainly because I don't care about his daily routine. I do care how he changed to world. He was a good president, but will certainly not be the first (or the last) to lose everything because he couldn't keep away from a woman he shouldn't have had. I hope the book is at least penitent on this point.
Heather, Stockport, UK

President Clinton was vilified and hounded by the far right from the day that he became President. You bet I'll read his book! President Clinton was one of the most intelligent presidents that we have ever had and I'd vote for him again in a heart beat. As for the personal failings, the Conservative Right's harping on this was just a diversion and basically nothing more than a witch hunt designed to discredit the former president. It was like the pot calling the kettle black and everyone (except the far right) knew it.
John, Bloomfield, NJ, USA

I definitely will read the book. I love the man. At least he was human. He was not very good at covering up his mistakes like all the other moralists do. Let's not forget we all are human.
Ranjan Chrisantha, Sri Lanka

I've just stood in line to buy the book (at midnight) for two hours and am excited to read it
C Greer, Washington DC

I've just stood in line to buy the book (at midnight) for two hours and am excited to read it. I don't expect any great revelations - after all it is part of the Hilary Clinton for President Campaign 2008.
C Greer, Briton living in Washington DC

Clinton will be in the San Francisco Bay area on June 29th and I plan to stand in line for however long it takes and have his book autographed. History in retrospect will rank him (for the 20th century) far better than Reagan and next in greatness only to FDR.
Chris, Sunnyvale, CA

I am going out at lunch to buy it. This is one of the greatest presidents the US ever had. A man who brought security to the world. I am still amazed that he could be impeached for lying about an affair. Will definitely be an interesting read.
Vish, UK

I had it pre-ordered and can't wait to read it. Clinton was a great president. I couldn't care less about his sex life. He was good for the country. Clinton lied but no body died. I miss the 90s :-(
Madeline, USA

Madeline from USA states "Clinton lied but nobody died." If by "nobody" she refers to Sudanese factory workers and innocent Serb civilians, she's absolutely right.
JJ, Washington, DC, USA

I've had an advance order on the books for weeks. Absolutely, I will read it and enjoy the intelligence, eruditely expressed, exhibited therein, a quality sorely missing in his successor.
Patricia White Watson, NY, USA

Yes, I will buy and read Bill Clinton's autobiography. Many people are looking forward to reading about the episode with Monica Lewinsky but personally I'm more interested in what a great statesman has to say about more important issues. The New York Times review notwithstanding, I think it will be a good read.
Max Dodds, Kyoto, Japan

Definitely! I can't wait to read his book, especially about his great leadership and secret love life involving him and Lewinsky. I believe he was a great leader, whom all up coming US presidents should emulate.
Salim Semujju, Kampala, Uganda

His 900+ pages of stories are not worth my precious time!
Willuvs Ling, Singapore

No, I won't read the book. Sounds boring - 900+ pages of what he did while in the White House? I do not want to know. That era is past and as for the Monica thing- isn't he embarrassed to talk about it? won't Hillary be mad?
Lisa, Sharjah, UAE

Of course I will read the book of one of the most important Presidents in the history of this proud nation. Those that condemn his moral integrity in the bedroom, while accepting Bush's complete moral bankruptcy in all areas except for perhaps in the bedroom, are helping to ruin this great country.
Diane, USA

No, I believe the way a man conducts himself at home is the same way a man conducts himself in business. If he lied to the American people concerning his affair, then what other things did he lie to the American people about? National security? The economy? Foreign policy?
Lisa Zesiger, Dallas, USA

I will not give him the satisfaction of continuing to put him in the spotlight
P Shulz, USA
No, I will not give him the satisfaction of continuing to put him in the spotlight and money in his pocket. He degraded the position of Presidency, lied, and let our national security and economy slide. No matter how high an IQ he has, he obviously was not smart enough to understand the implications of his actions, or non-action, to the morality and continued success of our country. Republicans dislike him because they are being blamed for his actions and are dealing with his legacy.
P Shulz, USA

I am certainly interested in anything that he says or writes, he was a great leader and I loved him so much that even named my first son "Clinton"
Tony Nwokeocha, Abidjan, Ivory coast

Most Definitely. All throughout his Presidency and the impeachment all we ever got was the perspective of the right-wingers and the Clinton-haters. I'm fed up with all their spin - I want to know what the man has to say for himself!
Tom Pryor, Brooklyn, NY

Yes, I will buy and read the book. When Clinton was in office I felt safe when I went to bed at night, I could put steak on the dinner table every night if I wished and I could plan for the future. Back to the time when a sex act between two consenting adults was the only thing that this country had to worry about.
Ann, Norfolk, VA, USA

Probably he is the only president who is praised for his work outside the United States
Yogi Selliah, Trichy
I still remember his speech while he was visiting Israel and Palestine. I believed he had honest interest in resolving the issues. His visit to India and his explanation how technology can be used to solve the basic human needs was an inspiration to India. I am not sure how many countries benefited from his leadership, but I can confidently say that India moved in the right direction. Probably he is the only president who is praised for his work outside the United States. I will definitely read his book.
Yogi Selliah, Trichy, India

I knew the man before he rose to world prominence, back when he was Governor of Arkansas. He is a charming man, full of charisma, powerfully persuasive, and one of the 'beautiful people'. However, he proved to me way back then that he was not trust-worthy, and I never supported him since, because there is no evidence he has changed. To be fair, the man apparently did a decent job of being president, and made people feel comfortable with themselves. That makes it easy for most people to ignore his personal flaws and professional blunders. However, he proved the saying that 'the best way to avoid criticism is to hold no opinion and do as little as possible'. He did not take the risks that makes a great leader. I won't read the book. I know too much about the man already.
Don, Plano, TX, USA

Wow, I was reading the comments from all over the world. It's amazing how the people from the US aren't Clinton fans and almost everyone from outside the US love him. I for one, won't be reading the book. I would be all for having a couple of beers and picking up girls with him. However, that's as much as I want to see him.
Dalo, Coral Gables, FL, USA

Clinton's character is no better and no worse than that of any other man or woman who has served
Lee, New York

Of course I'll read it. I remember the good years of Clinton's presidency fondly. Say what they will, the private lives of many Republican political figures past and present would not survive the same intense scrutiny as Clinton's received if it were not for their enormous financial and political power, not to mention their total control over the media and their ability to gloss over the negatives by putting the American public into an almost somnolent state with regard to the ability to interpret facts. Clinton's character is no better and no worse than that of any other man or woman who has served.
Lee, New York, USA

The man's lust should not overshadow his good performance as a president. He was just unlucky to be exposed. Many men and women would not be the first to cast a stone if this was the day of judgement because we all fall short of morality.
Douglas Chichaya, Harare, Zimbabwe

I wouldn't encourage the sale of his book by buying it
R Moore, UK

How this man got away with the things he did in such high office escapes me. I wouldn't encourage the sale of his book by buying it.
R Moore, UK

I will not disrespect the office of US president by being disrespectful the man who once held the office. However, I do not care to read or listen to anything else by Mr Clinton. I wish he would just retire quietly and leave "the darkest part of his inner life" to himself.
Chris, Fairfax, VA, USA

Never. The most amazing thing about the comments here is the amount of support Clinton received from the rest of the world. Bill Clinton gave the world a facade of peace, nothing more. The naivety I see from the rest of the world on matters of fighting terrorism never ceases to amaze me.
Matt, USA

I still remember his speech while he was visiting Israel and the Palestinians. I believed he had an honest interest in resolving the issues of the world problems. His visit to India and his explanation how technology can be used to solve the basic human needs was an inspiration to India. I am not sure how many countries benefited from his leadership, but I can confidently say that India moved in right direction.
Yogi Selliah, Trichy, India

He had his own share of mistakes, but he did so much good that his mistakes can be forgiven
Nachiketa, PA

Definitely. Coming from an ordinary family, Clinton rose to the top by his own merit, was much smarter than any other president before and after him (at least, he could think), and brought success and prosperity to USA and the rest of the world. That's why republicans hate him so much. He had his own share of mistakes, but he did so much good that his mistakes can be forgiven.
Nachiketa, PA, USA

President Clinton is as interesting as he is anything else. I am certainly interested in anything that he says or writes. I'll be at the book store Tuesday morning.
Harris Shovelin, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

I will not read it. He is a man without morals, and therefore cannot be considered a great leader. I am so sorry for Monica Lewinsky. She will never be able to live her life free of this notoriety, and Bill Clinton gets book deals, and a year of counselling and everyone - nation and wife - all forgive him. He is a disgrace.
Mildred, Melbourne, Australia

No, I won't. This topic is the past. Honesty is the best policy. I would have liked to know about his life at that time. His affair is unpardonable.
Eva, Czech Republic

During Clinton's office, he saw enjoyed the greatest peace time. Many of us working class experienced economic prosperity. When he spoke in public, he spoke as an intellect. His private life is a reflection of what humans can experience. To Americans, he may have disgraced the highest seat of public office, but he did not fail to lead during his presidency. I am pleased to see his efforts in helping people around the world, especially those affected with HIV/Aids. A pity he cannot be re-elected. I would read his book.
Dino, Ontario, Canada

Sadly, this book is an ego-fest
Izaak Bozof, New York

I've read several pre-released sections of the book, looking to see some kind of spark. Sadly, this book is an ego-fest (a sad one at that) for Mr Clinton. To call it "eye crossingly dull" is being generous. I am surprised the reviewer was able to remain conscious. No intention of purchasing it. It seems presidential memoirs have hit a new low.
Izaak Bozof, New York

One would get more entertainment and factual knowledge from a Grimm's Fairy Tale, than this book.
Brian O'Hare, New York

Mr Clinton was one of the best presidents of USA. Nevertheless Monica was a mistake, but no one's without mistakes.
Essam, Cairo, Egypt

I will read it, although likely a loaned copy. I don't suppose I'll buy the thing. I'm very curious to see what Clinton cites as his mistakes and triumphs.
Thea, Mendon, USA

I will read it. His presidency was a happy time. His accomplishments as a president outweigh his short comings as a husband. Kennedy, Jefferson, the Prince of Wales┐ he's in good company. He may have lied to his wife about a girl, at least he didn't lie to a world about a country.
Tyler Durden, New York, USA

Being one of the most popular presidents of United States of America, I would be very much eager to read his book if I had the opportunity. Apart from the sex scandal, I still believe that men of such honour should be respected, after all everybody created by God have short falls.
Spaco SS, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

What is rarely mentioned is that many other presidents had affairs┐ Who cares what the man did with his personal life when he was one of the greatest presidents the US ever had? I will be reading an autographed copy of the book.
Andrew Wilson, St Petersburg, FL

I watched the 60 minutes interview with President Clinton. The guy would of made a great actor. As I was watching, I couldn't tell if he was telling the truth, or show boating for the camera. As an American, I just wish he and Hillary would go away for a while. Most of us in the States have had our fill of Bill Clinton. So I won't be reading the 957 page book.
Mike Daly, Miami, FL

Why read the book? William Jefferson Clinton disgraced the highest office in my country. That's all I need to know.
Jerry, Nesbit, MS

The vast majority that praise Bill Clinton are coming from non-Americans
Andrew Weldon, Minneapolis

Take a good look at the positive comments here. The vast majority that praise Bill Clinton are coming from non-Americans. What does that tell you? I challenge anyone to point out a true Clinton success. The economy was not his doing, nor was the balanced budget; Kosovo was not a clean thing at all. Are we forgetting the Chinese embassy? A train full of civilians? How about Somalia? How about classified weapons to China? How about Bin Laden? How about perjury under oath?....
Andrew Weldon, Minneapolis, USA

Never. He was, and remains, an embarrassment to my country. Instead of paying for his flagrant violation of the public trust, he wears it as a badge of honour. Disgusting and shameful.
Riley, Washington DC, US

The book review in the New York Times is very de-motivating. I cannot yet decide whether I will read it.
Edwin de Kock, Edinburg, Texas, USA

900+ pages? Who does he think he is, JK Rowling?
Jeff Myhre, New York, USA

Absolutely! He's one of the great leaders of our time. Boy do we miss his rhetoric! I loved the 60 minutes interview - and want to see more of his life.
Elizabeth Holmgren, Minneapolis, USA

Great leader who served his country well and did much for humanity, and still does. Committing adultery is between him and his wife and not us to decide.
Kenneth Whyte, Netherlands

Where is the time that a US president could talk without notes, without stammering, without speaking in cowboy-talk? Here was a very bright person who had personal problems to deal with but ultimately that was his business and his family's. The critics who now say that he was not effective in his second term must remember why this was the case. Relentless investigating going round and nothing to do with this presidency. Hillary was right: there was a rightwing conspiracy!
Danny, Belgium

Elders say that learning from the mistakes that other people made in the past will help us move into the future, this will probably be an exception. I don't think there is anything about his life I would want to learn from.
Priyadarshini, Elmsford, New York

To be honest I could not care less about the Lewinsky scandal
Richard Campbell, Dublin

I cannot wait to read Clintons book. He is one of the most successful presidents in modern history. A guy from a broken home with an alcoholic step father rises to the most powerful position on earth and uses it to balance the federal budget bring peace to Northern Ireland and Bosnia, ushers in a time of unparalleled economic prosperity and strives to close the gap between rich and poor. To be honest I could not care less about the Lewinsky scandal. Over time no one else will. This book should be a fascinating read.
Richard Campbell, Dublin, Ireland

It's not about sex - it's about the constant lying. Drugs, draft, Jennifer Flowers, Ron Brown, travel office, Republican records, the list goes on and on and on. I am so tired of his face on AOL. Please give me relief.
Randy Anderson, Napa, CA, USA

A common man with virtues and mistakes. Someone that you can familiarise with. Given the opportunity I would read it.
Paulo Pires, Maputo, Mozambique

Bill Clinton continues to be the most popular recent US president in Africa and so I will definitely read the book and any news about Clinton.
Mwesu, Lusaka, Zambia

I think he should have known better not even to write the book in the first instance. By publishing the book Clinton proves he has no decent moral standing whatsoever.
HH Fehse, Western Australia

Absolutely. He was a great president who truly cared about everyone, not just the rich. His adultery is a private matter between him and his wife. The impeachment was nothing but a witch hunt.
Vanesa, Arlington, VA, USA

Yes I will read his book. When he was in office the world was a better place.
Tony, New York

I will read it. He may have lied but it's nothing compared to the lying going on in the Bush administration. Clinton certainly did more good then bad while in power, which is more than we can say for the current president.
Gary Dooley, Athlone, Ireland

When Clinton lied, no one died. I will skip the parts about his personal life. I am interested in his public life and leadership. Under his administration, the economy was strong, the budget was balanced, gas was cheap, and Kosovo was managed quickly and successfully with the absolute minimum loss of life, no secret tribunals, no offshore prison camps, no torture, and no contractor scandals. I will read the book to remind me what America used to be.
Ted, USA

Yes, I will read the book. I believe Clinton was one of the greatest US Presidents and was most definitely pursued by the extreme right in the US. He came from a poor background and being highly intelligent made it to the top through his own efforts. Regarding his extra-marital affairs; these are strictly between he and Hillary.
Mike, Brisbane, Australia

This could be a very interesting book if Clinton reflects openly on the differences between public and private morality as they related to his office as president and in running his administration. I do hope he has bothered to do that and it isn't all just glitz. I shall read it hopefully, but I'm not holding my breath!
Sal, UK

No way would I ever read this piece of fiction. Funny, he and his wife couldn't remember a thing while under oath testifying for their various indiscretions, but all of the sudden, they can put together some 1,700 pages of memories when there is millions of dollars involved. He is a disgrace to America, and a complete embarrassment.
Bill, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I was a huge fan of Clinton, but I don't think I will read the book. After his 60 Minutes interview where he said that he was involved with Lewinsky "because he could," I lost what little respect and interest I had in him. How ironic that he turned around and claimed that the impeachment was an "abuse of power". If he can't see the hypocrisy in that, then I probably won't connect with him as an author. I would prefer that he slip quietly into history. But who knows, maybe curiosity will get the best of me.
Ryan, Washington DC

Absolutely. Despite his adultery, Clinton was a magnificent president who oversaw the greatest peacetime prosperity in our history. He is an intelligent and compassionate leader. His bio may be longwinded, but he's still worth reading.
Douglas, Miami, Florida, USA

Not at all. Why should I read a book about someone who had committed adultery while he is in office?
Kharza, Denmark

How strange that he lied to his people about an affair to protect his job and now tells all to sell a book. So full of regret is he, that he reveals his private life to all and sundry... for a nice cash return.
Mark H, UK

Why? The highlights will be splashed over the tabloids (and, come to think of it, the BBC).
Andrew, UK

Well... let me think - no. While he was in office we had to hear enough about his antics.
Pete, Trenton, Ontario, Canada

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