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Last Updated: Monday, 7 June, 2004, 09:15 GMT 10:15 UK
How much does your petrol cost?
Man filling his car with petrol
BBC News Online are looking for the highest and lowest petrol price in the UK.

There has been recent predictions that the UK petrol price will rise following a hike in the price of crude oil.

Send us the details and location of your retailer and the figure for how much a litre of unleaded petrol costs.

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Opec is not the recipient of the greatest slice of the UK price pie, it's good old Gordon
B M. Abbott, Kuwait
Here in Kuwait a litre of premium is about 20p. That is what it costs to get to the pump. UK refiners are equally efficient; the mark up in the UK is solely due to the Treasury. Let's not confuse the issue. Opec is not the recipient of the greatest slice of the UK price pie, it's good old Gordon.
B M. Abbott, Kuwait

Petrol is 80.9 p per litre in Luton. I travel to Heathrow on shifts, it would take me 3 hours by public transport so I have no choice but to keep using the car.
Jason Hayhurst, Luton, Beds

Couldn't believe the hype about UK prices - they've been charging that in the IoM for months. Unleaded 89.9p, diesel 92.9p. I don't mind the tax so much (assuming they'd only take it another way) as the dearer it is, more people will use public transport and less people will be in front of me!
Steve, Isle of Man

It's 93.9p/L in Balamory!
Jen, Isle of Mull

I am paying between 7 kroner and 8.50 kroner here in Holbæk, Sjælland, which is about 85 pence a gallon. In Copenhagen, they are paying over 10 kroner.
Andrew Turner, Holbæk, Sjælland, Denmark.

Local garages at 89.9p/litre
Nicola Rowen, Hull

Around 85 Canadian cents which is around 34 pence. It would otherwise be difficult to understand the recent uproar over price hikes, except that prices fluctuate +10 cents over the course of several hours, many times throughout the week, leading to close scrutiny of company profiteering and allegations of price-fixing.
Andy W, Toronto, Canada

About AU$1.09 per litre for unleaded. Roughly equates to 41.5 UK pence.
Daren Palmer, Bunbury, Western Australia

Few people are going to drive 40 miles for a fill up
John Stuart, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Unleaded at the local Tesco is still 79.9. I don't know why petrol seems to be cheaper in Northern Ireland - I know we have the benefit of lower prices across the border in the Republic of Ireland but few people are going to drive 40 miles for a fill up.
John Stuart, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Currently petrol is 43 pence a litre in Gibraltar.
Brian, Gibraltar

Unleaded petrol at a garage near the town centre is 80.9p/L.
Bryn Buck, Blackburn, England

Here in Marbella, Spain, we pay 75 euros/ litre for diesel (50p) and 91 euros / litre (60p) for unleaded petrol. It just goes to show the difference in the percentage that each country adds for taxes. I presume that Spain pays the same price per barrel as the UK? It certainly makes you think.
Jerry, Marbella, Spain

Two dollars a gallon! It's costing me a fortune to fill up my 4.7 litre V8....
Kevin, New Jersey, USA

I just paid $1.94 per gallon today (June 4). Gasoline is probably a little cheaper at some other gas stations in town.
Barbara, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Around 81.9 in normal petrol stations and around 85.9 on motorway service stations. Far too much for a heavily taxed necessity.
Keith Walker, Stafford, UK

I simply have to drive and the petrol prices are becoming a real burden
B. Mays, Aylesbury, Bucks
Petrol is 81.9 in Aylesbury but travel to Watford and it's a good 3-4p a litre cheaper. I do shift work at Heathrow Airport and have looked at ways of using public transport. It would take me nearly 2 hours to get there (via London!) and I would be stuck to get home at all as I finish at midnight. I simply have to drive and the petrol prices are becoming a real burden.
B. Mays, Aylesbury, Bucks

Petrol (gasoline) has increased in price by about 36 cents a US gallon, or 9 cents a litre. Currently, in Boston, 1 US gallon (4 litres) costs from $2.20 (regular) to $2.36 (premium) - about 55-59 cents, or 30-33p per litre! However, the average SUV here does between 4 and 5 miles to the litre, and a cost per mile of 15 cents (8.3p) is making lots of people squeal - as there is usually no public transport option available.
Rob Mullen, Boston, USA

We fill up our car here for under £3! Surely UK prices could be cheaper than they are?
Expat, Kuwait

If we're going to have to accept that garages in the UK are going to rip us off, they could at least employ people to pump your petrol for you and squeegee your windows! Or do they think we are too eager to get inside the mini-mart to buy the dry, crusty sandwiches?!
Evan, UK/Dubai

Petrol prices here are no less than 81.9p per litre, the high petrol prices are especially crippling to disabled drivers such as myself.
Michael McIver, Hastings, England

Here, gas just went back down to $1.80 per gallon.
Jane Wilson, Texas, USA

84.9p a litre in Newark, Notts. We have one of the highest council tax charges so were used to paying more than other people. Funny how all the petrol stations put up their prices at the same time. What about the stock they have bought at the old price?
Christmas, Newark, Notts

The petrol companies are making a lot of money out of this
Kate Harrison, New Mills, England
Over the last few months the price of petrol where I live has gone up from 78.9p to 83.9p and that was before all this talk of 'crisis'. The petrol companies are making a lot of money out of this. I think in the long run we need to be looking at alternatives to the use of petrol and stop allowing ourselves to be governed to by stock market speculation and protestors who have a political agenda that is nothing to do with the price of petrol.
Kate Harrison, New Mills, England

I have just come back from a week in the UK and was amazed at the prices we had to pay for petrol. Recently over here prices have been rising by about 4 cents every couple of days. In the last 5 years that I have lived here the price has doubled.
Iain, Fairview, NC, USA

The sooner we move to a hydrogen economy the better. If California is going to have one by 2020 shouldn't we plan to have one too?
Charles, Cambridge

I usually fill up in Rochford Essex since petrol is an average 10% cheaper than Surrey. Whether or not oil prices continue to rise the whole economy, will eventually realign to the new price and normal business will resume.
Mark Ringrose, Thames Ditton, England

Some people don't have decent public transport and have to rely on cars to get to work. So some comments are just damn ignorant about it's our own choice and tough !!! I'm now moving house as it is costing me so much to travel to work and back !!!
Tracy Gillingwater, Derbyshire

As fuel prices go up, the price of delivering produce to shops and supermarkets goes up
Anon, UK
What a lot of people seem to be missing is that as fuel prices go up, the price of delivering produce to shops and supermarkets goes up. The only way that cost can be recovered is from raising the prices of that produce. Which hits everyone, whether you drive a car or not!
Anon, UK

If this is how we react to the price of fuel going up, what are we going to do when it starts to run out completely? We need to look at how to preserve remaining stocks and price off the road those ridiculous and pointless 4x4's which are swamping us. The rest of the world needs to start taking a look at itself also.
Paul, London, UK

Does it really matter whether petrol is 70 p per litre or £1 per litre? It is still way, way cheaper to use the car than to travel by train.
Adam, London, UK

Stop whinging Britain!
Nigel Lorriman, Gloucester, England
I haven't noticed a reduction in road usage since the oil prices went up. Looking at the way most people drive they can't be that bothered about fuel consumption. Make use of the oil while it lasts and stop whinging Britain!
Nigel Lorriman, Gloucester, England

The issue is not the cost of the fuel, it is the double tax we have to pay on it. Fuel tax plus VAT. We should be looking for the government to drastically reduce the very excessive tax on this product, they and the other parties are clouding over the real issue by trying to blame OPEC for oil prices. The high level of tax on petrol is the only issue.
Richard Sumner, Bromsgrove, England

People who compare our prices to Europe are being disingenuous. People in the UK demand low direct taxation and will not elect a government who would raise income tax. Yet we also demand a certain level of public services which have to be funded. The result - higher indirect taxation and higher fuel prices. Those countries with lower fuel taxes pay more income tax. It's a pretty simple equation.
Mark Henderson, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

If you want to drive, you have to pay for it. If you can't afford it, get a smaller, cleaner car. Simple, really.
Anon, UK

Nothing is more important than protecting the future
Colin Irvine, Tyne & Wear, England
I think the tax on fuel should be higher, thus forcing fuel consumption to be lower. Nothing is more important than protecting the future.
Colin Irvine, Tyne & Wear, England

I recently went to Canada on holiday and was constantly told their petrol prices were the highest they'd been in a long time - roughly 84 cents a litre. Taking into account the exchange rate at the time (I got 2.33 Canadian dollars for every pound) it worked out I was paying about 36 pence a litre whereas here in Blackpool the cheapest I've seen is about 83 pence!
Anne-Marie Alecock, Blackpool, England

If truckers want fuel to cost the same as it does in France then let's have toll roads the same as France; let's have income tax levels the same as France. As for the farmers, where do you think those subsidies for growing food that nobody wants come from? A couple of pence on a litre of petrol will hurt nobody. If fuel costs are so high, why are the roads so crowded with big engine cars driving at well over the speed limit?
Anthony Hargreaves, Manchester, England

The petrol stations are operating a cartel in Thurso
Stephen Innes, Thurso, Caithness
At least 85.9p - usually it is a couple of pence more expensive than Inverness. The petrol stations are operating a cartel in Thurso, it is outrageous.
Stephen Innes, Thurso, Caithness

Petrol is 87.9p a litre and is bound to go up again when there's a whiff of an oil price rise. I agree with Stephen Innes also from Thurso, the petrol station owners are in cahoots with each other and prevent competitive pricing.
Katherin Keeton, Thurso in Caithness, Scotland

Here in Ibiza we pay 0.75 euros (50p) for a litre of Diesel & 0.85 (60p) euros for a litre of unleaded. How can two European countries differ so much?
Jay Francis, Ibiza, Spain

Just as a comparison, the price of petrol and diesel here in Western Australia are both $1.08/litre, equivalent of 41 pence/litre.
Ian Beach, Bunbury, Western Australia

Michael Howard ought to be prosecuted for incitement after his comments yesterday
Guy Bailey, Northampton UK
I can't believe all you sad people know how much you pay for petrol. I have no idea and I don't care either. I want fuel so I buy it. I would if it was £2 or £3 a litre. If farmers and hauliers go to the wall, so what! They've had it good all these years. Michael Howard ought to be prosecuted for incitement after his comments yesterday.
Guy Bailey, Northampton UK

I think everyone should go to ASDA in Watford, they are only charging 77.9 - bargain!
Sara, Wembley, Middlesex

I'm currently paying between 36.9p and 39.9p/L for LPG. No way will I ever go back to a petrol-only fuelled vehicle. Get yours converted now!
George, Rotherham, UK

81.9p at a supermarket in Leeds.

76p. Bring it on.
Paul, Wales

Shop around is my advice
Kay, Rotherham
It varies. The national supermarket chains are charging 82, the big 2 are between 85 and 87. People have a choice where they buy. Shop around is my advice.
Kay, Rotherham

Current price around 82.9p/litre. Not much fluctuation last couple of weeks and no signs of panic buying. If public transport infrastructure was up to it I would use it but it is just so unreliable that I can't.
Mark Williamson, Manchester, UK

85p a litre is not uncommon in rural parts of Lincolnshire, which is just greedy garage owners cashing in on people who have to buy diesel or petrol to go about their daily lives and are therefore exploited.
Chris Weston, Folkingham, Lincolnshire

I just looked around the net and in the USA according to the AAA the average price of petrol is $2.05 per US gallon. At current exchange rate this works out at roughly 31p per litre!
Ed Harling, Reading

83.9p litre diesel.
Rupert Sleightholme, Worcester

Between 79.9 and 82.9 around Huntingdon last night. If there is panic buying, it seems that we're in headless chicken mode stirred up by a media that likes a good scary headline (preferably with the words "beleaguered", and "chaos" included) and some rather opportunistic politicians...
Paul, Cambridge, UK

Try living with those sort of prices Mr Brown!
Dr J. Mahood, Latheron, Caithness
I live in the far north (just short of Wick). Petrol and Diesel are generally 15-20p/L more than in England. There is no public transport. Try living with those sort of prices Mr Brown! Duty should be cut on Diesel by 40p/L for rural areas.
Dr J. Mahood, Latheron, Caithness

Not enough. As long as people can afford to ferry one child to school in a vehicle designed to cross fields, we cannot be feeling the pinch.
Sue, UK

We live in a small town in mid Michigan...and are seeing prices as high as $2.38 cents a US gallon...
Dan Young, Michigan, America

82.9p a litre in London region. I use a scooter with an 11 litre tank and use it up in 2.5 or 3 days. Can hardly panic buy!
Pascal Jacquemain, Welwyn Garden City, UK

Filled up at the weekend and that cost 80.9p/litre. Despite all the money that motorists have handed Gordon Brown, we have a transport infrastructure that your average Third World country would be embarrassed to have.
Ralph Hart, Dover, Kent

It costs 83.9p for unleaded here, but Oxford has always been expensive (They don't like cars around here, believe me).Mind you, for once, we're not the most expensive per litre in the country...
Chris, Oxford

The only crisis we do have is being fuelled by panic buying
John Fairlie., Bristol, U.K
The only crisis we do have is being fuelled by panic buying, and an excuse to rise prices and make extra profits. OPEC is raising production, and there is no cause for alarm.
John Fairlie, Bristol, UK

Station in town was charging 81.9p per litre, the station I filled up at yesterday (about 6 miles south of Cambridge) was charging 83.9p per litre. Haven't seen panic buying yet though.
Michael, Cambridge, UK

The place I usually go to was 79.9p a litre until a few weeks ago. It's over 83p now. I had to fill up on the M25 recently and that was over 85p!
Mark Bush, London, UK

I pay 81.9p for diesel, with petrol at 80.9. I travel 110 miles a day to and from work, so any increase hits me hard.
Paul Stockwell, Weymouth, Dorset

Yesterday I paid 84.9p per litre and I had to queue for ages to use a pump as half of the ones on the forecourt were out of service. The prices are scandalous at the minute, if public transport were an option for my work I'd already be using it.
Kirsten, Bristol UK

Because of the type of car I drive I have to use higher rated Optimax or BP Ultimate, I've paid anything between 85.9 and 90.9 a litre this past week.
Michael Canny, Leeds, UK

Diesel costs around 80-84p per litre, but what frustrates me most is that on a recent trip to France, diesel was 80-85 eurocents per litre, i.e. a lot cheaper!
Samantha Marshall, London, UK

In the Isle of Man, you can't get petrol for under about 92p per litre now! My Pa remembers the tragic day when petrol hit £1 per GALLON! Chuckle!
Evan, UK

Just out of interest, how much has fuel gone up in the USA?
M Lapworth, Hastings UK

The sum of 80.9, much the same as for the last few weeks. The only thing that is rocketing up is the political hype. (75.9 with voucher from the supermarket).
Frank, Bristol

We pay around 83.9 per litre in Country Durham.
Chris, Durham

Last weekend in Fort William we saw a garage selling Unleaded for an incredible 98.9p ! Thankfully we didn't have to fill-up there. Here in Livingston it's 82.9.
Ian J, Livingston, Scotland.

We're up to 85.9p per litre here at Q8 garage. It was 79.9p about 6 weeks ago. They're running out every couple of days now because people are constantly filling up to get the best deal.
Jamie, Soham, UK

There is no oil crisis! Oil is still being extracted at previous rates. The current problems are caused by greedy speculators forcing up prices and by the obscene taxes that are levied.
Colin, Tiverton UK

I drove up on the highlands last Summer and the closer we got to John O'Groats the more expensive petrol was (curious considering we were so near the North Sea Oil rigs... In Portugal petrol is so expensive my dad tells me he drives a few miles to Spain to fill up the tank there.
Carla, London, formerly Portugal

I would love to be paying what the rest of the country is paying but thinks is expensive
Mel, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Our petrol has always been expensive - before the latest increase I was paying 89.9p per litre - it has now gone up to 91.9p. I would love to be paying what the rest of the country is paying but thinks is expensive!
Mel, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Any price rise at this stage is profiteering by the suppliers as the crude oil increase cannot yet have worked its way through to the pumps - as we're always told when there's a price decrease! Anyone who expects petrol prices to fall is living in cloud cuckoo land. Oil is a dwindling resource and crude oil prices are kept artificially low only when producers squander their assets by increasing production. There's no long term security of supply or even certainty of political support in the producing countries with that approach. Only alternative renewable fuel will gives us any long term stability of supply and price.
John M, LyneMeads, UK

Only 80.9 per litre but not many pumps in use. People have started panic buying in Swindon.
Andy Truman, Swindon England

It costs an arm and a leg in tax! Without the tax we wouldn't be having this problem.
Chris, Reading, UK

Driving between London and the West Country recently it seemed to range between 85.9 and 79.9p per litre.
John B, UK

Howard fuels petrol protest row
02 Jun 04  |  Politics


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