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Last Updated: Friday, 15 October, 2004, 09:43 GMT 10:43 UK
Christopher Reeve: Your tributes
Christopher Reeve
The American actor Christopher Reeve - known to millions for the Superman films in which he starred - has died in New York at the age of 52.

His publicist says he suffered cardiac arrest and fell into a coma.

Prof Colin Blakemore, chief executive of the Medical Research Council, answered your questions.

Reeve was left almost completely paralysed by a horse-riding accident in 1995, which turned him into a passionate advocate of spinal cord research.

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Your tributes:

A man whose courage, tenacity and commitment must have inspired many, many others and no doubt will continue to do so. May his soul be at peace.
S.Imam, Hazaribagh, India.

I was sad to hear about Mr. Reeve. Having been a c5 quad myself for the past 10 years it always hurts me when another quad passes away. Mr Reeve was perhaps our most influential voice, and a true inspiration to others.
Ben Hobson, Vermilion,USA

What an inspirational man! I have 3 young children, 2 of them with special needs. He has made me realize that nothing is impossible! Christopher Reeve began as one of my crazed teenage crushes, and later become one of my biggest heroes. He flew higher and stronger than even Superman. Deepest sympathies to his wife Dana, his children, and all of his family and loved ones.
Valerie Fulmer, San Antonio, Texas (USA)

Christopher Reeve was as noble and brave in real life as he was on the big screen. He was a true ambassador for hope, and, through his most famous role, inspired millions of children's imaginations around the world. Rest in peace, Superman.
Danny Luc, Manchester England

A man of great dignity and overwhelming courage
Beverley Young, Hertfordshire,England
A man of great dignity and overwhelming courage. He refused to be seen as a victim and dedicated his life to the spinal injury cause. I was only watching "The remains of the day" recently and it is one of his finest films. God speed wonderful man, we will all miss you so much.
Beverley Young, Hertfordshire,England

My husband died 5 months ago. He was a tetraplegic and like Christopher lived with the hope of being able to walk again. Let's hope they are walking together now. My heart goes out to his wife and family, he really was a great guy.
Chris Cadien, Hereford

Let's also not forget his beautiful loving Superwoman Dana who always stood by his side...
Michael, London, UK

Rest in Peace, Superman. I truly hope that scientists and governments will now double their efforts to find a cure for spinal cord injuries - it's just a tragedy that the achievement will be too late to save this great man's life. A wonderful actor and a true hero, he'll be deeply, deeply missed.
Owen Williams, Pontypridd, Cymru - Wales

My hero died and it's hard for me to believe.
Renče, Larvik, Norway
I'm sitting here, in my Superman pyjamas, and with a teardrop in my eye. I don't feel like going to school today. My hero died and it's hard for me to believe. He had so many goals, and people watched him, reach them! He was a Superman on, and off the set. All sympathy to Dana and the kids. But one thing is for sure; Superman will fly again! If not as Christopher Reeve, he is an angel. Rest in peace, my hero. May you always be in our hearts! Love you forever, "Superman"! And you are still my hero...
Renče, Larvik, Norway

He truly is a hero, an inspiration to us all and will be sadly missed, my deepest sympathy goes to all his family
Liz Sear, Cambridgeshire, England

Thank you Christopher! Courage and determination are precisely what we need to translate into our daily life.
Pierre-Marie Cordier, France

Chris is a person that we all will remember, he was the best actor in the world.
Jumel Miah, England

Superman was my hero and my dream. Christopher was a great actor including the film he made with Michael Caine in Deathtrap. Fantastic gentleman in every sense. You shall be sadly missed. Your family are in our thoughts and you will never be forgotten. Your fight keeps everyone going.
FHGilbert, Essex, UK

When I saw your face on the screen yesterday with a date at the bottom of the picture, I was shocked. I know a date under a picture meant one thing. I know that you are no longer with us in body but in spirit you are now every where-Smiling and wishing that you could tell us how happy that you could walk again at last. Mr.Superman your in our hearts for ever.
Suhair O Sultan, Dubai-UAE

Christopher Reeve will be best known for the last 9 years of his life. The years in which he showed outstanding courage, determination, and did a vast amount to highlight the issues facing those with spinal injuries.
A Legge, Leeds, Uk

You will always be remembered as Superman. A hero for us all.
Mrs Dexa Kanbi, London, UK

As a student I was humbled by the experience of working in a spinal injuries hospital, so I have some idea of the mental and physical strengths of this man. If the Luddite's opposing research into stem cell therapy is even slightly dented by his work, that will be a fitting memorial to a brave man.
Bob, Cheshire

Truly a 'Superman', was a great inspiration to me as a child, and many others with his courage throughout his illness. Seeing him on screen as Superman will always fill me with strength. We will never forget him.
Stuart Dawber, Wigan, UK

Superman is dead. How can the world ever be the same again?
Lindsay Ewing, Hudson, USA
Superman is dead. How can the world ever be the same again?
Lindsay Ewing, Hudson, USA (was Edinburgh, Scotland)

Christopher Reeve was a man of great courage and will. He was also a brilliant and often underrated actor. Everyone remembers him as superman, but let's not forget his other film work such as "Somewhere In Time" which remains one of my favourite films.
Steve, London, UK

What an amazing man he was. His death hit me like that of George Harrison. I can hardly stand to think about it. We will miss you, Superman.
Howard, Sacramento, USA

What a lot this man managed to achieve, with the help of his supportive family, in spite of the dreadful blow that fate had dished out. He did seem to have a special way of reaching out to people and won everyone's heart with his courage and determination. A lovely, unique human being who is going to be sadly missed by so many. Condolences to his family.
Juliet, SW England

When I saw Christopher Reeve for the first time, I knew that he was a special person. He was a true Man of Steel who showed the world that no matter what happens to you, you should not give up. You should stand up and fight for what you believe in. This is what I learned from his Superman days and from him as a person who fought for what he believed in. I will miss this great man greatly to whom I looked up all my life.
Eugene, New York City, USA

We will all miss Superman
Biyama, Maiduguri, Nigeria
I never get tired of watching the Superman movies, not because of the story itself but because of how convincing Christopher Reeve was, playing that role. After his riding accident he showed the world why he will always be a superman. Anyone else would have given up on life but he inspires everyone to keep on fighting and carrying on. We'll definitely miss him.
Selvi Neelakandan, Penang, Malaysia

I was one of the kids who grew up with the image of Superman. I watched all the Superman movies and felt that he was a hero even if he didn't exist. As I grew older I still looked upon Superman and Chris Reeves as people to look up to when I had to make a hard decision. Even as other comic book heros 'went bad', Superman was always the shinning light. So in closing, thank you Mr Reeves for giving me someone to look up to. When I have kids, I will show them the Superman movies in the hope that they will get that image too.
Sean Henderson, Victoria, Canada

I had always thought that the biggest news report that I would hear about my hero Christopher Reeve, was that he had walked. I was in total disbelief to learn that the most influential person on my life had died. I thank you Mr Reeve for the wonderful memories you have left behind. Both on screen and off screen you have fought for truth and justice, and demonstrated the true meaning of human spirit. Rest in peace Chris.
Oliver Wearne, Australia (East Fremantle) W.A

Unforgettable. Chris will live forever in your hearts. Rest in peace my hero.
Juliana, Brazil

Up... Up... Away... Bye Superman... We'll miss you
Victor Ilyas Sugara, Jakarta, Indonesia

I could not believe the news of Mr.Reeve's passing away. It hurts me to see such a fine person leave our world so soon. He was doing a great service to humanity by trying to find a cure for spinal injuries through his foundation. He was my favorite childhood superhero and still is. He was a great inspiration to the young generation and still is for many of us.
Neil Singh, Suva, Fiji

He was a hero to all of us. With that brave, strong smile he inspired everyone. What a beautiful person, inside as well as outside!
Viviane, Salvador, Brazil

I was really saddened at the news of Chris Reeves's death. He was a superman in his real life to battling for a cause. I really believed tht he would recover fully and back to his best . But god had other plans for him. May his soul rest in peace
Sri Harsha Kanukolanu, Arlington,Texas.

I wish to express my sympathy to Christopher Reeve's family and friends. I was shocked, devistated and saddened to learn of his death. I was even more saddened as it was the anniversary of a tragic loss in my family 23 years ago. I was trying to take my mind off things by working hard and during the process opened up the internet and saw the headline. I didn't even expect this as I thought he was making a remarkable recovery. It as always hard to comprehend the death or crippling of people like Christpoher Reeve as you never imagine that a superhero would fall to such ill fate. To me you will always be "The Man of Steel". May you Rest in Peace!
Leon Ehrenfeld, Perth, WA, Australia

All I can say is that Christopher Reeve showed us all what "Superman" meant, not only in the movies, but more so in real life. This is a great loss to us all. My prayers go out to his family.
Henry Borreli, New Jersey, USA

Christopher will be missed very much. He was and will always be an inspiration to me. Chris would go into a room and the whole room would light up. That is the impact he has had on millions and millions of people. He will always be a hero and much more.
Jan, Kent, USA

My deep sympathy to his family. We will all miss Superman. I remember him as my childhood superhero, who strongly inspired my sense of imagination. He has lived his life well and touched the hearts of so many people all over the world. He will always be remembered! May his soul rest in peace!
Biyama, Maiduguri, Nigeria

Thank you Chris, not only for being a childhood hero for my generation on screen but for being an inspiration to all the generations off screen. We'll all miss you.
Dean Wagstaff, Stafford, UK

A man who in life was so much bigger than the role he played of Superman. May God be with his family as they heal from this loss and with us all as we mourn his passing.
Penny, USA

I am very upset to hear of Christopher Reeves' death. His determination in the face of such adversity made him a hero for me and a role model for millions who campaign to raise awareness of issues that affect disabled people. His loss is greatly felt.
John Russell, Reading, Berks

Giving us all hope and determination
Andy Funnell, Chelmsford, UK
The one enduring image I have of Christopher Reeve is the look of sheer unadulterated hope and drive in his eyes after his horrific accident. I have recently discovered I have a condition that may some day be treatable by the results of stem cell research, and for this too, I am forever grateful to Mr Reeve for not only opening the eyes of the world to its possibilities, but also for giving us all hope and determination to believe that anything is possible no matter how impossible the situation. Rest in peace at last - your courage is a lesson and a beacon to us all.
Andy Funnell, Chelmsford, UK

Our deepest condolences to Dana and family. We must keep up forging ahead with a cure for spinal injuries - it is what Christopher would have wanted - Superman through and through.
Heather Jones, Wales, UK

Twelve years ago my partner broke his neck after falling from a tree, this left him paralysed from the chest down. After reading Reeve's autobiography "Still Me" I was truly touched by his courage and strength. He has give my boyfriend hope that one day he may walk again. Until that day he is living life to the full and that all down to his hero, Christopher Reeve. You were such an inspiration to many, you will be sadly missed. God bless.
Andrea Bowden, St Helens, England

We will miss you.. A hero never dies, they live forever. God bless you Christopher..
Luis Arellano, Toronto, Canada

Thank you for being someone who stopped us from complaining about our petty everyday problems and made us grateful for the many gifts we had in life.
Judy, Tenerife

His greatest lesson was to never give up
Kate Aquila, Chicago, USA
Eighteen months ago I was paralysed in a skiing accident. After my neck surgery I read Reeve's book 'Nothing is Impossible'. His spirit and example have always been the greatest inspiration to me as I continue to exercise intensively and work towards my full recovery. I will never give up hope for my recovery or for a cure, Chris taught me that. Reeve persevered every day. His greatest lesson was to never give up and that nothing is impossible. I would not have been able to get this far if it weren't for Reeve's advocacy efforts and his ability to change the way the medical community looks at spinal cord rehabilitation. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. In his memory, we must all carry on the fight for a cure.
Kate Aquila, Chicago, USA

A truly inspirational man. A man whose courage made you stop and appreciate what you had in life and to savour every moment.
James Mintern, Staines, England

Christopher showed the world that he had faith into medical science and gave credible hope to all disabled persons that better days are lying ahead. We will remember our Superman from all aspects. Let me also add that his wife and children have set the standards of what support to a spouse and father really means.
Petro Franzidis, Montreal Canada

We all need heroes in this world
Paul Mann, Hereford, England
I've been captivated by Christopher Reeve since I was about 6 years old, I'm now 24... We all need heroes in this world and my hero has passed away but he'll never ever be forgotten! He portrayed Superman and became a real life super man... God bless you Chris!
Paul Mann, Hereford, England

Having read his autobiography "Still Me" I was so impressed by his candour and subsequent courage to overcome his awful struggle to continue to have a fulfilling life. What an achievement he made, and what hope he has brought to many disabled people. Now it is his turn to rest and hopefully walk again where ever his spirit now is and it is up to us to continue his mission and ensure it may never be forgotten.
Nicky Hunter, Arcadia, California

Christopher was a man of such grace, dignity, hope and inspiration. In a world of greed and selfishness, he turned his own tragedy into a positive by trying to find hope and cures for others. We can all learn from his inspiration. My prayers are with his family. God speed Christopher.
Niesje Lyons, Redcliff, Canada

Christopher Reeve was an inspiration to everyone. His autobiography moved me to tears and in a world where 'celebrity' has become overrated he was a truly courageous human being.
Beverley Clarkson, Braintree, England

I hope that all his good work will be continued
Furqan Wasif, New York, New York
I was really saddened by the news of his passing away. He was my childhood hero. He faced adversity like no other and instead of wasting away in self-pity he stood firm and took action. He always had my respect and after his accident my respect for him only increased. I hope that all his good work will be continued and that whenever we think of a Superman, his name will come to mind.
Furqan Wasif, New York, New York

Farewell Mr Reeve, You will always be Superman to me and millions, paralysis couldn't change this nor will death. You will be missed but remembered.
Jim Omatseye II, Chicago, USA

Christopher Reeve: You will be remembered for your courage. You have been an example to all of us. I know you are somewhere still giving strength to all of us on earth.
Andrea Jadresic, Santiago, Chile

We feel we have lost a friend today
Ruth Moriarty, Florida, USA
As a family we loved and enjoyed the Superman films and Chris became an even bigger inspiration when our son sustained severe spinal injuries in a diving accident. One of the few highs in hospital was that Chris sent him an inspiring letter, encouraging him not to give up and our son was delighted to have Superman as a pen friend. This was typical of Chris' attitude, looking outside of his own pain and helping others. His determination and efforts to increase the profile of spinal cord injury, never giving up under appallingly difficult circumstances, will be another of the lasting contributions this amazing man leaves to the world. We feel we have lost a friend today and our love and thoughts are with Dana and his children.
Ruth Moriarty, Florida, USA

RIP Christopher. The world is a lonelier place without you in it. You were and still are an inspiration to many people, myself included. My sincerest condolences to his family.
Catherine, Manchester, UK

An immense champion of the human spirit
Iain Guthrie, Singapore
At peace at last. An immense champion of the human spirit and the finest example and inspiration to those in distress. No challenge too large, his courage rose up to meet his circumstances. His legacy will endure. Amen!
Iain Guthrie, Singapore

Two years ago I was in an accident, broke my neck in three places, and was paralyzed from the waist down. After going through extensive surgery and rehabilitation, I am now living life as though the accident never happened! I went through water therapy and other rehabilitation methods, some in which the actor himself was a pioneer. He truly has made an enormous contribution to spinal cord rehabilitation. I know that his efforts back in 95' and on have contributed to my success. Christopher Reeves, along with family and friends, is truly my superman.
Rebecca Fudala, Minneapolis, USA

His hope and determination amazed me and made me realize that nothing is impossible
Chris, London
I have always had deep, deep admiration for Christopher. His hope and determination amazed me and made me realize that nothing is impossible. He may not have walked again but what he did achieve was incredible. I am deeply sad he has gone. He will always be the bench mark of a true hero. As well as sad, I'm sure his family must also feel very proud.
Chris, London

In the 1970s and 1980s, Christopher Reeve spread a red cloak across the world: every child wanted to walk in his shadow. In the 1990s those children saw their hero in a more human light: his accident brought home to a generation how precious life is and how quickly it can change. Christopher Reeve's death is a sad loss to generations of people around the world. Never again will anyone embody the word Superman in so many different ways.
Matt Reilly, Newcastle upon Tyne

I like so many others feel as if I knew Christopher Reeve, such a brave man, and a real life hero. I am saddened by his death, but uplifted by his spirit. Superman is a inspirational comic book hero and fantasy character that children love to emulate, but Christopher was the man we should all aspire to be like. If in my life I had the opportunity to meet one person I would have chosen him. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. God bless you Christopher.
Don, Billericay, Essex, UK

A true icon of the modern era with his stoic and remarkable courage
Sanjoy Nagaraja, Sheffield UK
A true icon of the modern era with his stoic and remarkable courage in his his greatest adversity, Chris indeed will remain immortal! In this era of flimsy relationships and bickering feuds, much credit should also be given to his lovely and caring wife who stood by him through his ordeal. Though he will be missed by millions it can never for a moment dim the loss faced by his near and dear ones. God give thim strength in these difficult times!
Sanjoy Nagaraja, Sheffield UK

I, like many others, was incredibly upset when I heard that Christopher Reeve had passed away. I grew up watching him as Superman. As a teenager I found a little know film of his called 'Somewhere in Time' possibly the most romantic film ever made. I have so much respect for the strength of will he showed after his accident, when most people would have given up hope, he remained firm and proud, and made us see him for the truly magnificent and brave man he was. I feel the world is far worse off without him, and I send my condolences and deepest respect to his family. May he rest in peace.
Becky Walls, Lincoln, Lincs

Christopher Reeve will always be known as the embodiment of everything that is great about Superman - strength, determination, and hope.
Tan Wei Kee, Singapore

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Reeve was such a fighter that I was sure he would win his struggle to walk again. I hope his campaign to further stem-cell research doesn't die with him. My mother suffers from Lewey-body dementia - in my opinion, one of the worst possible forms of the disease - so like Reeve I have "selfish reasons" for finding a cure for that and so many other ghastly diseases and paralysis due to spinal injuries, which should become a thing of the past for the future generations.
Sabrina Gledhill, Salvador, Brazil

I am gutted to hear of Christopher's passing. I was five when Superman came out and I remember the excitement of queuing round the block to see it. I became completely transfixed and was obsessive about checking out news of the future films. I remember having a tantrum when Christopher turned on the lights in Oxford St and because of traffic we missed it. We'd fly round the school playground rescuing Lois and fighting Lex and I loved him for it. He truly was my childhood hero and gave me so many happy memories. The incredibly brave and dignified way in which he reacted to his accident just proved that he was not just Superman, he was bigger than that and was in fact a real life super hero.
Matt, London

My thoughts are with Dana Reeve who was supportive and never took over but was strongly behind him
Jasmine Vyas, Slough, England

I have often thought that if I am seriously injured I would like to die quietly rather than live half a life. However, after seeing the way in which Christopher Reeve led by example and championed a cause so close to his heart, one can take solace in the fact that all was not in vain. My thoughts are with Dana Reeve who was supportive and never took over but was strongly behind him. Rest in peace, Christopher.
Jasmine Vyas, Slough, England

What a man. He is the one who has done the maximum for the research into Spinal injuries research and also fund collection for stem cell research spinal injury cure. Now that the biggest support for the spinal research is gone the world needs to pay tribute to him by ensuring that this research progresses faster than he was trying for it to move.
Rupa Sidhu, Calcutta, India

A Superman before and after the accident. An example to us all.
Brian Mulford, Twickenham, England

Christopher, you never gave up on life, despite your incapacity. Your focus and energy inspired me to believe that you would one day walk again. I know little of your private life, but you always came across as a man of integrity. You indirectly played a small part in my childhood through the Superman films which I think should be digitally re-mastered and released in cinemas as a tribute. The proceeds could then be used to fund stem cell research, probably via a Christopher Reeve Trust or such like. I'll miss you, man.
Joe Richardson, Biggleswade, England

The world has lost a truly great man. When I heard the news of his death this morning I was deeply saddened. Anyone who has read his autobiography Still Me will know that he never gave up hope and strived to make the world a better place. He was a truly exceptional person.
Alison Petrie, London, UK

He was a gentleman of the highest order. Never has there been a truer friend to all humanity than this Superman who flew into our hearts.
Billy Meddins, London, England

A remarkable man that has inspired a generation.
Dave Agius, Fairfield Heights, Australia

An inspirational and courageous man - a hero in the truest sense of the word. A shining example to all.
Shirley Smale, Saltash, England

Keep flying Chris, for all of us
Stuart, London

Why does this keep on happening, someone with so much to live for taken from us and our love? He had so much more to do on this Earth - more then most and yet he's gone, gone with the summer wind. Keep flying Chris, for all of us.
Stuart, London

What a brave man. The world will be an emptier place for his passing. Our hearts are with your family, and our thoughts are with you.
David Green, Worthing, UK

I listened to him being interviewed some two weeks ago. I was in bed with a terrible migraine and a small portable radio for companion. I listened to him on the BBC World Service and his intelligent, spirited and honest talk lifted me out of my gloom! He was truly an inspiration to us all. May his memory live forever.
Fereydoun Caspian, London, UK

What a loss to the acting world, and indeed to his world, his family. What a tragedy for him to have come so far since his accident. May he rest in peace, and never be forgotten.
Rhiannon, Near Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, S Wales

Mr Reeve, may God bless your soul as you go to meet your ancestors. But I pray that the good work you started here in term of advocating of spinal cord research will be carried on by any foundation that will take over from you. I say rest in peace.
Joe Noutoua Wandah, Liberian Journalist in Accra, Ghana

Christopher was an inspiration to me after me own accident 8-years-ago. It was through him that I believed that anything was still possible. It is a sad loss, but he will remain a huge memory to all who watched him go from Superman to real life hero.
Emma Lacey, Southampton, Hampshire

Until Christopher Reeve suffered his terrible accident I had never really had a role model
Stephen, Brussels, Belgium

Although I can walk a little, I have nevertheless been profoundly disabled since birth. Until Christopher Reeve suffered his terrible accident I had never really had a role model but his courage, dignity, and sheer cussedness in the face of overwhelming odds, made me realise just how true the old adage is: in that there's "always someone worse off than you". In the days that followed his accident, and with the realisation that he may never walk again, his simple but steadfast refusal to quit made me reassess my own selfish values. The red-and-blue light that illuminated the dark corners of my world has just gone out. The inspiration remains. I am not ashamed to admit that I wept openly in my office today.
Stephen, Brussels, Belgium

Very few men (and women) on our planet discovered their purpose in life. Reeve was one of these few people fought to discover life's purpose with strength of character, for that he is truly a Superman.
Enrico dela Torre, Manila, Philippines

Sorry to see this. Hope there is a life after this and that he is walking again. Rest in peace man! Much respect!
Mikael, Stockholm, Sweden

My mind shocked and my heart hurts. Christopher Reeve you were my childhood hero, role model and an icon. The best super hero so far. The rest don't even come close. I never met you but felt that I always knew you as a good close friend. Will never forget you!
Bal, Punjab, India

He might have been a Superman on the big screen, but his campaigning for the stem cell research, and his spinal cord research turned him in to a Super Man. he will be missed by all fans of his both for his work on the big screen and his campaigning.
Andrew Powell, St Helens, UK

As many have expressed, Christopher Reeve truly was a hero and a superman. This was never clearer than in his courage and determination to live life regardless of his injuries. Instead of focusing on what he had lost or missed (as so many of us do daily) he concentrated on what he had and looked to what might be gained if we put our heads and hearts together. The 'caped crusader' gave a face to spinal cord research and there is no more fitting memorial than for this work to be continued. Whatever the challenges of life, whatever the goals, Christopher Reeve provided a sterling example of facing it, and moving forward with grace and true grit.
Susan Collins, South Korea

God bless you Christopher, and God rest you. You are immortal while you still live in our hearts, giving hope in fiction and in fact. Though we grieve for your passing, more than that, we praise your living, especially those of us who have used your example to fight back from similar experiences.
Edith Bowman, Edinburgh, Scotland

Through reading his biography 'Still Me', I got to know about Christopher Reeve, his dignity, integrity and courage in face of his debilitating injury. He was truly a role model for many. My deepest condolences to his family. May God comfort his wife, Dana (who is one of the bravest and most loving women there is) and his children.
Stella Yeung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Waking up this morning of the news left an empty feeling of sadness for someone I ever never met though dreamt of being when I was a child. For generations to come will Chris's legacy remain with Superman and touch the hearts of children around the world. May his loss help people reflect that dreams can be made through serving others and fighting for the good of us all.
Gareth Brookes, Leicester, UK

Christopher became a real superman after his accident. He inspired hope, and touched the lives of millions. We trust that his true legacy to human kind is the further development of research that could avoid untimely deaths like this. Fly high Superman. Can the politicians hear this? They have the power to allow the research to continue. Do it in Christopher's memory.
Guy, Paarl, South Africa

A brilliant, brilliant actor and a true gentleman who was born to play Superman and who died a truly super man. I have adored the Superman movies since I was 4 and I won't ever forget the man in the red cape who so brilliantly brought him to life.
Glyn Ingram, UK

What a shock, and what sad news. I met Christopher Reeve once (before his accident) and was stunned at his courtesy and charm: he was totally devoid of any ego or grandness, but so beautifully well-mannered and considerate and interested. I was stunned by him, appalled to hear of his accident, cheered by his lack of self-pity, admiring of his resolve to fight his condition and now saddened by his death. The world has lost a goodie.
CCC, England

A true inspiration and role model
Marc Kranat, Mill Hill, London,
A true inspiration and role model, at a time when there are too few heroes. Christopher Reeve is Superman, may he rest in peace.
Marc Kranat, Mill Hill, London, England

A terrible tragedy to lose such a brilliant man at such a young age. They way he fought his illness gave me the strength and determination to fight mine. He was a wonderful man who will be really missed. He will never be forgotten. His spirit will live on in the memory of his admirers
Lucy, Stone Cross, UK

What a star! Through my childhood I was fascinated by his superman films. I'm glad that he found the strength to inspire many people to push forward the cause of 'controversial' research that could help future generations overcome the struggle that he had to experience. Shame on the politicians who want to take this kind of research away!
Simon Allin, Guildford

It is really a great shock and indeed sad news to hear that the man that brought so much happiness as an actor during my child hood is no more. I really loved Chris as superman during my childhood. My condolences to his family and may you rest in peace Amen
Onuora Fredrick Ikechukwu, Kano Nigeria

When I look back at my childhood the most prominent recollection is getting a long towel, fixing it over my shoulders and running around the house thinking I was Christopher Reeve as Superman. I feel as if I have lost a small part of childhood. I will miss him.
Hiten Mistry, Niigata, Japan

It was sad to hear the news that our childhood hero has passed away. In our memories he will always be the Superman we always admired. God bless him.
Elita Vokshi, Prishtina, Kosovo

Such a brave man, immense in every sense of the word. Christopher brought back to me that childish sense of wonderment with the first Superman film. He will be sadly missed.
Keith Parker, East Lothina, UK

An intelligent, insightful and progressive man of enormous stature. His voice of reason and clarity on stem cell research will be sorely missed. RIP Superman.
Matt, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I grew up watching Christopher Reeve as Superman and was awed by those movies. I wept the day I heard he had been paralysed and I weep again today. May he rest in eternal peace. Sympathies to his family. A hero died today.
Darren Williams, Markham, Wales

My deepest condolences to Christopher Reeve's family. As an caregiver to quadriplegic/vented patients, one of which received a letter from Mr Reeve after her accident, I am deeply saddened by Mr Reeve's death. God bless him.
Susan Steigauf, RN, Lindstrom, USA

This great man touched the hearts of millions with his integrity and courage
Charli, Australia
Christopher Reeve was a Superman in so many more ways than simply wearing the costume in the movies. I hope his family can come to terms with his loss, comforted by the knowledge that this great man touched the hearts of millions with him integrity and courage. God bless, Christopher.
Charli, Australia

Christopher was a childhood role model for me through the role of superman he played. He was not only an inspiration to do good things in his role as Superman, but for the last nine years showed these were features of the man himself. May he rest in peace.
Naveed Anwar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It's a sad day today. I am still in shock after hearing the news. To us, he represented hope and his courage and conviction made him a remarkable human being. They don't make people like him and it was a privilege to at least get to hear, watch and read about him. May God give his family the courage to bear the loss and may his soul finally rest in peace.
Aparna, Chennai, India

God bless and keep you Chris, the news of your passing brings great sadness in my heart. After your accident, your bravery and dedication was very meaningful to all of us here. I have always wished that with your bravery and dedication that you would regain your health and walk again. You will be missed, and our hearts go out to your family. Rest in peace Mr. Reeve, thanks for all your work in your films, and your work toward finding a cure for those with spinal cord injuries. We will hold your memory forever in our hearts. Go in peace to the angels. May God forever hold you in the palm of his hand.
Rick Lendley, Chicago, USA

His courage and will to overcome adversity gave hope to many
Nabeel Al Mehairbi, Abu Dhabi
I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear the passing of a truely "superman" in every sense of the word. His courage and will to overcome adversity gave hope to many. I convey my heartfelt condolences to what must be a difficult time for his family. I great human being will live in the hearts of many around the world.
Nabeel Al Mehairbi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Rest in Peace Christopher, you deserve it after all the pleasure you have given to millions, with your Superman persona and the hope you have given to all those people you have championed for with your support for stem-cell research. God Bless your family and give them the strength to carry on. You will definitely be missed!
Jeanie Dubois-Gardner, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands

A very special gentleman who will be sadly missed by millions of people across the world.
Leslie Pendlebury-Bowe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Christopher Reeve was the hope and inspiration to so many people. He inspired in many the will to continue and never give up. A Superman to the end.
Graham Rodhouse, Helmond, The Netherlands

I used to keep a picture of him as Superman under my pillow
CJ, London, UK

He was my hero as a child growing up. I used to keep a picture of him as Superman under my pillow even when it was crushed! Then when I saw him as a t10-year-old at my local sports centre (I swam with his children at swimming class) I was too numb to ask for an autograph, however he was there for ages signing and chatting to children. He was so obliging to many children even though he probably just wanted to go home! I will always remember him as Superman. He was a real fighter after his accident. He never gave up and was very dignified. It is very sad. Rest in peace my childhood hero.
CJ, London, UK

You inspired a generation of disabled people. Thanks for opening the door and showing the way.
Denise, Cambridge, England, UK

Never ever will there ever be a Superman like Christopher Reeve. He touched the lives of so many. He will be remembered as one of Hollywood's greats.
Vineet, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I want to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family of Christopher Reeve. He showed the world that one doesn't need to wear a cape and fly to be a Superman. His struggle and determination after his unfortunate accident has been an inspiration for all his fans. Goodbye Superman!
Amir Jaffer, Karachi, Pakistan

May God let mankind learn from your life as an actor and as a person that we all can live in peace and we can be a true Superman in our hearts and fight the disease and pain in this world.
Imran, Houston, USA

I met Christopher about 18 months ago, he was completely inspirational and his memory and the work he did will live on.
Emma Hunt, Dorset, UK

He was an inspiration to us all. May he rest in peace. And may his legacy be a lasting one.
Harry Shires, Leeds, UK

No other actor has given so much to the imagination and dreams of children and adults everywhere.
Ian, Essex, England

Being a child of the 80s, Mr. Reeve was an icon, someone kids could aspire to being, and definitely an icon to adore. Superman. Enough said.
Sanjeev, Ottawa, Canada

It is indeed a tragic loss for the world. He was a Superman in the true sense of the word
Feroz Khan, Dubai, UAE

I love you Superman, you will always go on in our memories and no one will ever replace you. I'm so sorry.
Holly Williams, Gorseinon, Swansea, South Wales

Superman is still a hero to millions. We'll miss you.
Lori, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Your red cape will fly again
Steve Harley

The one true Superman has been taken from us but your red cape will fly again. Rest in peace old friend.
Steve Harley

Such a sad start to the week. Christopher Reeve will be so sadly missed. He was Superman both on screen and off but I will always remember him in the beautiful "Somewhere in Time". RIP.
Jude Radley, Cardiff, UK

Thank you Christopher for not only making us believe a man can fly, but also making us believe a man can live.
John Homer, Gloucestershire, UK

My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. He was a huge icon and example to many people around the world. His courage was phenomenal.
Charlene, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mr Christopher Reeves, you were truly a Superman. Rest in perfect peace sir.
Kwaminho, Athens, USA

Your life and work have been an inspiration to us all. You put a face on those suffering with paralysis, and as a biologist and a humanitarian I hope that we scientists might carry on your message of meaningful research.
Ian Peters, Boulder, USA

Christopher was the real Superman. I was shocked to read this news and now am greatly saddened by this. He was on of the worlds' good people. I am fortunate enough to be able bodied and thus I have never really paid a lot of attention to matters regarding disability but Christopher Reeve nevertheless became an inspiration and a hero to me over the past few years. His desire to find a way to repair his body and the bodies of others in similar circumstances plus his efforts to highlight the plight of the severely disabled were truly heroic. If there was such a thing as a posthumous Nobel Prize, he should get it. He, his family and foundation deserve recognition for all that he has done to face up to and challenge adversity. He is a true hero, a great American hero that that country can be truly proud of. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
Andrew Cover, London, UK

A true man of steel in his pursuit of life, against all odds.
Thomas, Singapore

He was a shining beacon of reason and hope. What a human being
Roger Scott, Brisbane

With his moral courage, he was an inspiration to us all. He was a shining beacon of reason and hope. What a human being!
Roger Scott, Brisbane, Australia

I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher and Dana many years ago when they lived in London. Christopher took part in the annual TV Times Christmas concert in aid of Leukaemia Research. He gave generously of his time and was a man with a great sense of humour. It was this caring for others that made his own final years so poignant. What a brave gentleman. The world will be a lesser place without him.
Brendan Martin, London, UK

For having demonstrated for the last 9 years that human frailty can be dominated by sheer superhuman strength of will. Thank you.
Tamsin Lord, Cheltenham, England

It's 2:41 a.m. in NYC and I've just heard the news. I feel as if my best friend has died. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to me. He's in a happy place now, watching over us all.
Stephen Wolfe, New York City, NY, USA

Christopher's family, and the world, gained a lot during his last few years of life. We owe him so much for raising awareness to spinal cord injuries and pushing science to new limits in terms of rehabilitation and medical care.
Maria, Los Angeles, California, USA

This news has devastated me and my family. The shockwaves stretch a very long way because he was loved by everyone I know. I will never forget my fondest childhood memory when I saw Superman II around when I was aged five. I still have pictures within my memory of those days. Christopher showed he really was a super man by battling so courageously for life. He is a true inspiration for millions of us and showed us the strength of human spirit at its very best in spite of the immense adversity he faced. You will forever live in my memory Chris...
Jaime Jan, London, UK

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