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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 April, 2004, 09:31 GMT 10:31 UK
Migration: Global village voices
Thousands of migrants from every corner of the globe emailed our migration website to tell us their stories.

Click on the pictures below to hear nine migrants' experiences. Rolling the cursor over each picture will give you a short description of their story.

Eugenia left Moldova on the promise of a job in Moscow. Instead, she found herself forced into prostitution in Turkey.Dora Brown and her family fled the apartheid regime of South Africa. Their journey took years, and ends in New York.Dansakho is in Morocco waiting for the chance to make it overland to the Spanish enclave of CeutaTibor Manchan escaped communist Hungary, and an abusive father, to become a professor in CaliforniaZul is an Acehnese refugee. He fled conflict in Indonesia for Malaysia, but is worried he may be sent homeAmin is an Afghan refugee in Iran. He tells us of the difficulties he faces, and whether he thinks it is safe to go home.Michal Jonczyk says that the opportunity to work in an expanded EU from May 1 will not affect his job decisions.Anna Mrozkowiak is a Polish citizen who hopes to find work in Ireland when the EU expands on May 1, 2004.Jim Jensen gave up the comforts of western life and moved to a remote city in the Philippines. He tells us why. (photograph courtesy of Gerard Piepenbrock)

You can also listen to the BBC World Service programme, Global Village Voices, which gathers togethers some of these stories. Global Village Voices is presented by Zeinab Badawi.


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