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Last Updated: Monday, 6 September, 2004, 15:20 GMT 16:20 UK
Bush speech: Your reaction
President George W. Bush, left, and first lady Laura wave to delegates at the end of the Republican National Convention in New York's Madison Square Garden
US President George W Bush closed the Republican Party convention with the biggest speech of his re-election campaign to date.

He accepted the party's election nomination and set out his vision for the next four years.

Defending his record, notably the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he vowed to stay "on the offensive" against terrorists worldwide and build a safer America.

Mr Bush also criticised his Democratic opponent, John Kerry.

What did you think of the speech? How did it compare to other speeches at the Republican Party convention? Will it convince undecided voters to support him?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Terrible, like the rest of the Republican convention.
Claude E. Kiesel, Carpinteria, CA USA
Terrible, like the rest of the Republican convention. "A Strong Leader?" he may be a strong leader if you want to be led over a cliff. Rather than running to be elected for the presidency, this president and this administration should be under impeachment proceedings for criminal activities.
Claude E. Kiesel, Carpinteria, CA USA

The best --- we need more leaders in the world like Bush..
Cheryl K, Glendale, United States

Alright, alright, his speech was pretty good, but lets see him debate!
Brent , Philadelphia, PA, USA

What is George Bush talking about now? "The lengths that terrorists will go to destroy the civilized world?". The Chechens want their independence and the Russians want the Chechen's oil. That's the problem; it's not simply terrorism. Bush is using anything he can find to make his war on terror an issue.
Dave King, Cologne, Germany

President Bush has reminded me why America is the greatest country in the world
Kevin, NY, USA
President Bush has reminded me why America is the greatest country in the world and what we stand for, what our ideals are, and how we must continue the hard tough fight against terrorism even when other nations cannot or will not join with us. It is our role as Super Power of the world to take on this task despite the attacks or criticism against. I pray for my government and its leaders that they succeed in this noble cause against evil. May God bless President Bush and our leaders.
Kevin, NY, USA

Whether you like him or not, Bush was straightforward in what he intends to do and why.
John R Smith, UK
I listened to both Kerry and Bush when they made their acceptance speeches. Kerry's was lacking in anything that could be considered a firm policy, it was all aspirations and hope with no real substance. Whether you like him or not, Bush was straightforward in what he intends to do and why. If the election was really on matters of detail and policy (instead of emotion and bias...which is really always the case in politics) then Bush would be a runaway winner.
John R Smith, UK

I am a former US Navy officer. Bush's speech left me wishing we had a commander-in-chief with integrity and honor. I was embarrassed to be an American.
James Protzman, Chapel Hill, NC USA

As a new American Citizen I was undecided for whom to vote for until last night. Both speeches, Zell Miller's and W's touched deeply my conservative roots. I also would not like to change Presidents in he middle of the war, we should move on, we cannot spend hours over the same subject: the reality is that we are there, and I will vote for Mr. W so he can finish what he started.
Silvia, New York, US

Bush's speech has to be seen as being addressed to a minority of the electorate. The majority of voters will always vote Republican or Democrat and never change. Kerry and Bush have to convince the minority who waver, the votes of the majority are irrelevant.
John, UK

'Character' is what matters in the unpredictable job both men are applying for: You can't assess that from a speech.
Ray Grikstas, Atlanta, USA (ex Scotland)
I didn't watch either speech. Yawn. I mean, who cares about how either man "performs" in the fake environment of a convention, playing to an audience of screaming fans. 'Character' is what matters in the unpredictable job both men are applying for: You can't assess that from a speech.
Ray Grikstas, Atlanta, USA (ex Scotland)

If George Bush had stood up and said: I'll lose jobs for you, I'll fight a war most of you don't agree with, a lot of people will lose their health care, you'll be working harder for less, I'll increase the federal deficit, I dodged the war in Vietnam - some people would still vote for him - the sheep like mentality in the worlds most advanced nation is scary indeed.
Peter, New York

I felt reassured by President George Bush's speech. He has a very difficult job, with too many people second guessing him. The world is fortunate to have him as a leader
Jessica James, Perth, Australia

Predictable responses here. Speeches don't matter, firm conviction and resolute action do. Bush exemplifies both of these qualities. Kerry does not. That's the crux of this election and faced with such a choice, Bush will win. The fact that he elicits such fear and loathing from people on this forum proves Bush is indeed the right choice for America.
Peter C. Kohler, Washington DC USA

I felt his speech was more honest and better clarified than his opponent John Kerry.
Steve Haw, Englishman living in Germany
As much as I have always supported the Democrats and truly detest much of what Bush and his government are really about, I felt his speech was more honest and better clarified than his opponent John Kerry. In fact, I really think the Democrats made a big mistake choosing John Kerry to be their presidential candidate as, sadly, I really don't see him winning against Bush when the time comes. Bush made some pretty good arguments against voting for John Kerry as far as I could see.
Steve Haw, Englishman living in Germany

Pun apart, I was glued to the TV set when President Bush closed the Republican Party convention with one of the biggest speeches ever. He knows where to pause for applause and when to flow with the current. I salute the war-time or is it the wrong-time President. A big chunk of the credit should also go to his brilliant pen-pushers.
Aziz Merchant, Fremont, USA

Religious innuendo and platitudes aside, what did he really say? Not once did he adequately describe how he intends to address education, the national debt, health insurance and social security while making permanent his unrealistic tax cuts. I have seen no evidence of the fiscal responsibility Republicans are forever espousing, and his foreign and environmental policies are abysmal. But then, the conventions are just hugely expensive pep rallies. Bring on the debates...
Kathy, USA

It was pretty much what you would expect from a party convention speech
Matthew B, Oklahoma, AR
It was pretty much what you would expect from a party convention speech, although I will give Bush a nod for being mores specific in his vision than his opponent.
Matthew B, Oklahoma, AR

The speech was good if you like outrageous spin and lies. How nice for Bush to be "on the offensive," when the rest of us Americans feel on the defensive--we've lost International respect, lost jobs, lost health insurance coverage for many, lost support for our civil rights, lost support for families, students, teachers, women, children, minorities.... Oh, wait, there was a was a huge deficit for our children.
Lisa, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mr Bush emphasised the need to lead and do something about terrorism. Doing nothing is no longer viable. Why does the rest of the world hate America for attempting to do something about this constant threat? The European philosophy of doing nothing and letting these terrorist attacks continue just doesn't work! Terrorist states should be worried because you're next!! Go Bush!
Mike , Boston USA

True to form, George Bush's speech last night was inundated with outright lies, vague pseudo-policy, and pandering platitudes which resonated well with the sheep-like masses convened at the Republican National Convention. Having endured his blather and pudding-headed antics for nearly four years, Americans will surely vote for a return to Democracy in November--Kerry/Edwards in 2004!
J. Norden Smith, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

His speech was the best he has ever produced, as a puppet he is the greatest. I love my country, but sadly I have to admit "The people have the government they deserve". It fits us perfectly. The coming election will show how well informed we really are. I fear for us.
EJ, Alta Loma, California, USA

I enjoyed his portion about Domestic Policy, especially about Limiting Liability for Doctors.
N Watkins, Washington DC, USA
I enjoyed his portion about Domestic Policy, especially about Limiting Liability for Doctors. However as a republican I do wonder where the 'money' for these programs is going to come from? Terrorism isn't that big an issue for me, but it is for many people. Many people: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, where I live (DC) are very afraid regardless of what Bush says or doesn't say.
N Watkins, Washington DC, USA

I watched the entire speech. God help us if he isn't re-elected. His opponent would continue the Clinton policy of do nothing prevarication that led to 9/11
Terry Keene, Birmingham, UK

Kerry is desperately grasping at straws as his poll numbers plummet in George Bush's favour. I can't wait for Bush to win as he is clearly already in the lead in polls. God Bless America and God Bless George W. Bush. "If you can read, thank a teacher. If you read this, thank a soldier"
Fiona Rich, New Orleans, LA

Bush tells you that Kerry voted no for military, but he doesn't tell you why. Because the bill actually give less money to the military. I feel sorry for the people in uniform under Bush. More wars less money.
Greg, Louisville, USA

I think the audience scared me more than Bush and Cheney combined
Richard, Toronto, Canada
I think the audience scared me more than Bush and Cheney combined. They clapped and hollered like wind-up dolls and they seemed to love the little leers he gave between each sound-bite. Clearly the next four years will involve some pretty frenzied activity if even half the promises are to be kept - so little having been accomplished in the last four.
Richard, Toronto, Canada

After spending nearly the entire week on the attack, Bush himself appears on Thursday with an uninspiring speech entirely lacking in specifics. Apparently, the Republicans believe that nationalism and jingoism mixed with a generous amount of venom will distract the American people from the party's total lack of accomplishment and credibility.
Albert, Indiana, USA

A majority of American voters respond to a candidate who reassures them of their right to be rich, safe and to behave as they wish. Bush does not challenge his audience to consider what is right and wrong for the world, or the role the world economy plays in keeping Americans secure and prosperous. Kerry is way off the mark. Multilateralism, Vietnam and all the hallmarks of a man born to privilege will not engage or inspire Average Joe to choose him. Bush has flaws, but these reassure voters that, just like them, a 'regular guy' can rise to the top. Bush will win, but how I wish more Americans had a passport and access to a wide-ranging media that is freer from specific interest lobbying.
Mark , Worcester, UK

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the emotion Bush showed when talking about the 1,100 troops killed in Iraq
Scott, Grand Rapids, USA
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the emotion Bush showed when talking about the 1,100 troops killed in Iraq. Showing that emotion and concern was the most effective part of the speech and really let me connect to him in a way I never have before.
Scott, Grand Rapids, USA

This speech and the vitriol that preceded it is the death nail of this presidency.
MEY, Rochester, USA

Talk is cheap. Action is what counts. Bush's strength is that he took, and continues to take, decisive action. Kerry's weakness is that his record shows he's all talk (often out of opposite sides of his mouth). The speech isn't important. Nor was Kerry's. The choice will come down to who'll make a more effective commander-in-chief in the war on Islamist terrorists.
Roger, USA

I feel he gave a good speech but America and the world is not safer, as he said. He has, rather, made the majority of Americans more fearful of the terrorists out there. And from the information I have gathered from the internet, he has messed up the American economy. He has fought a meaningless war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Innocent lives have also been lost. They should leave Kerry alone. Kerry will definitely win the election with a landslide.
Prosper, Accra, Ghana

Same old tired rhetoric, same half-truths and melodramatic allegories
Hobie Wood, USA
I watched the coverage all week, and the speech by the President capped it off perfectly: Not one of them made the case for four more years, and neither did he. Same old tired rhetoric, same half-truths and melodramatic allegories... second verse, same as the first; rinse, lather, repeat. The entire convention was focussed on Kerry, strangely enough. But with Bush's abysmal record, no wonder they shifted attention away from Bush.
Hobie Wood, United States

It was brilliant! He makes me proud to be an American. The fact is America has always been a liberator and will continue to be under the leadership of George W Bush. Looking at the comments there are a lot of people who have not studied History and don't understand America.
Andrew Evans, Greenville SC (ex pat from Huddersfield)

George Bush and his party have made a conscious effort to breed fear among the citizens of the United States as a means of retaining their power. How can he stand in front of the nation and claim that given four more years in office he will work to create a more hopeful nation? This man is in no way what our nation or our world needs as a leader at this point in history.
B, Memphis, TN, USA

I liked it and will vote for him
Kurt, Baton Rouge, USA
Given Bush's record for stubbornly doing what he says he will do, I did not attend to his delivery but to his content. I liked it and will vote for him, and only hope that Kerry's liberal democrat friends in the Senate will not block everything.
Kurt, Baton Rouge, USA

I believe Mr. Bush, as well as many other Republicans that gave their speech during the convention, tried to give a much softer face to their party. We should not forget that this president has openly lied to the American people and through his lies has distanced the USA from the rest of the world. Mr. Bush has also brought war, terrorism, kidnappings, killings, to the whole world. Is this what he calls a "safer world"? Vote Kerry!!!
Miguel Correia, Portugal, Lisbon

I am a independent, but in recent words I find new meaning to my political stance. I cant help but feel an overwhelming sense of isolation in this country. I have personally seen a backward progression in society since the Bush administration, and I can honestly say that I am now ashamed to be American! The conservatives seem to be so desperate and will say and do anything to get Americans to vote "Dubya"... The GOP convention was a swarm of people sucked into fear tactics and propaganda. No wonder the world hates us. We've poked our noses in everyone's business as if we have the right, we insult the French and the UN, yet the CONs talk about strengthening relations with "our friends?!" This simply cannot happen with a war monger. If I hear "4 more years" one more time I am going to need a barf bag!
Geri, Chandler, Arizona

It's hard to make promises two months before the election when you haven't delivered on any in the last four years. $9.5 billion short of the money promised to No Child Left Behind, 2.7 million manufacturing jobs lost, polluters hired to write the environmental standards, pay cuts for the soldiers he sent to a country that didn't attack us, and turning the worldly goodwill Clinton built up into worldly anger and frustration. The rest of the world knows it is not safer outside now then it was before the "War on Terror".
Kurt, Flint, USA

Both candidates are the bottom of the barrel
Dain, Washington DC, USA
Bush seemed to avoid some of the issues on which I wanted to know his position. However, Kerry is no better. I can honestly say both candidates are the bottom of the barrel in my opinion and I dislike both of them really. However, my vote leans towards Bush, because he cares about America first, which is important to me. As for Kerry... well who knows what he cares about? He is changing his mind all of the time.
Dain, Washington DC, USA

President Bush's speech was a homerun. It was plain-speaking, sincere, heartfelt, resolute, idealistic, reassuring and above all touching. It was a little long and the domestic policy portion was a little dry, but the last ten minutes were just poignant and majestic. I was so proud of him! Needless to say, I will vote for President Bush in November. It would be moral negligence for me not to.
Rudy Tjiptahadi, Santa Ana, USA

No amount of sweet talk can hide the fact that this very dangerous man launched a war on another country based on lies. If he can do that and not feel any sense of responsibility, then how can he continue to occupy probably the most powerful seat in the world? If there are any sensible Americans out there use your vote wisely and get rid of this war monger before he does something really stupid
Stuart, UK

Like many US presidents before him, his acceptance speech was way too long. I thought it would have better for him to leave any references contrasting himself with Kerry to others who spoke before him, tonight and on the previous three days of the convention. For me, an acceptance speech should be about what you are going to do for the upcoming term and, in this case, how you will build on the successes of the first term.
Anthony Jivoin, Boulder, Colorado, USA

If he gets re-elected I fear for the world
Pieter Wessels, Asheville, United States
If he gets re-elected I fear for the world. Especially the third world. If he gets re-elected I fear four more years of blanket threats and instilling fear into the general public here. Four more years of pounding the earth with freedom weapons. Hoorah for the evangelical nationalists! Better hope you're on their "good" list.
Pieter Wessels, Asheville, United States

A warrior's speech it was not! It's amazing that George W., a man who could, and probably should, be called a coward is able to win points with military types by smearing John Kerry. A warrior ought to know the difference. What amazes me even more, is the fact that George W., a man who could and probably should be called an individual challenged by the English language, might be considered an effective speaker by so many who have enjoyed a quality education. Strange bedfellows? Strange indeed!
Jon, Scottsdale, AZ USA

For Bush it was a good speech, and we must commend the speech writer. However, all it does is clearly state that America's interests and safety are important to the exclusion of the interests and safety of all other nations - it is bad that 'Paris' might impact his decisions, but fine for Bush to make decisions that impact France. Bush promises us more proxy wars such as Iraq, in which nations that might someday be a threat are 'taken out'. This is pretty much all of us from a Bush perspective.

George Bush has presided over four years in which not a single good thing has happened in America. Not all of the bad was his fault, but he has done little to alleviate these ill events. What he has done has not been competent. I cannot imagine why a single American, Republican or not, would want George Bush for another four years.
Michael Fischer, Canterbury, UK

Bush did a much better job of connecting with the audience than Kerry did
John, Danbury, CT USA<
Bush did a much better job of connecting with the audience than Kerry did. It wasn't the fire and brimstone of "Give'em Hell Zell", but it was good nonetheless. He really connected with the American people in the latter half of the speech. "I believe in the transformational power of liberty: The wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom." It was the perfect counterpoint to the freedom-hating goons who were protesting outside. They are protesting the liberator of 50 million people.
John, Danbury, CT USA

To John in Danbury, CT, those "freedom-hating" goons were exercising their right to assembly. THAT IS FREEDOM. Can you see the irony in your statement? Perhaps it isn't them who hate freedom....
Mike, NJ, USA

Bush grabs at all straws - 911, Reagan. He seems unsure of himself. He discusses his future plans, but not his past records. We hear about his steadfastness, not about the quality of his decisions.
David, USA

Bush's speech was utter and total rubbish. No specifics, not even a mention of the environment and barely a nod to any real economic issues currently facing the nation; Talk of the "leave no child behind" program which is one of the biggest jokes of his presidency and which many states have abandoned because of ZERO funding; The moronic idea that America is hated for what we are and not what we do - which of course is the basis for the flawed foreign policy course we have set for ourselves; The lie that Bush plans "energy independence" which is about as far from his real agenda as is protecting the Alaskan wilderness; Code word nods to his radical neo-con support base on women's rights, the destruction of social security and gay marriage. Luckily, history teaches us that when an American president's four years in office are so utterly horrid that all they can do is talk about the future, his prospects for re-election are low... For the world's sake and most importantly for my nation that I love's sake, let's hope history is a good teacher.
OD, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

The speech strengthened his claims as a tested leader
Rochard Odaro, London
The speech strengthened his claims as a tested leader. I spite of his untold number of his adversaries he has remained focussed, determined to achieve his ultimate purpose: to protect his country. History will tell what a great leader he truly is. The more he is hated around the world, the more he has gained respect and support by his admirers. Bush has heralded the world into a new political dawn. Make no mistake, America cannot afford to be led in this day and age by indecisive fellows without courage and conviction of purpose. I believe that come November 2nd, Bush will be re-elected.
Rochard Odaro, London

The speech was a masterpiece for Bush. Keep in mind he's not known for his elocution. His lack of public speaking talent aside, there is no stronger leader in the world today than G-dub. I know Europeans are stuck on being popular. That's done France a whole lot of good so far. Russia too. You see, terrorists don't give a damn about your appeasing rhetoric. They want you dead because your Granddaddy embarrassed them 50 some odd years ago. They don't give a crap about your doting, socialist media motivated, America bashing. Everybody hates America because we didn't have a consensus to initiate a war? You try and explain that to the families in your respective countries when you get attacked. It's already happening all over the world. Militant Islam is not a passing fancy. It's always easier to sit back and criticize the work others do than get off your United asses and help.
Eric F, Sacramento, USA

An excellent speech. Especially the part about Germany after World War II. If the American media was not so biased toward the democrats, and actually gave a fair and balanced historical perspective on how the war on terror is going, this election wouldn't even be a contest. The defining issue of this campaign continues to become less and less about terrorism and more and more about the complete and utter selling out of the American media. It used to be you couldn't trust the politicians, but you could trust the media to sift through the piles of garbage and give you the truth. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.
J.P. Skelton, Birchwood, TN, USA

Bush's speech did not warrant either the glitz or the cheers
Louis M , Jersey City, USA
The first thing I noticed about Bush's acceptance speech as I tuned in (ten minutes after he began), was his slow, measured, not-quite-laboured diction. This was a different George Bush from the one I had heard this past January telling us about the state of the union. The pacing was right, and at first he seemed a magically more thoughtful man. I think he was coached so as to eliminate his usual southern " good ole boy" accent with its ever-present snarling intonation, given that he would be speaking in a decidedly "Yankee" venue. Facially, and in terms of body language he was on target, and the speech was decently crafted as well.

Then on reflection, and even as I watched, I noticed the fatal faults. I became restless and itched to change the channel, but still I could see that Bush's audience was so enthusiastic that he wasn't moving fast enough for the energy in the audience and that fact showed throughout the long speech. By the end of the speech, the total effect was dullness and flatness, and somehow, also, in the end it seemed all so overproduced, just because the content of Bush's speech did not warrant either the glitz or the cheers. I have no doubt that thousands of undecided voters, and even many of the faithful, tuned out this speech after just 10 minutes or less of watching and listening.
Louis M. , Jersey City New Jersey U.S.A.

President Bush talks of sustaining the offensive outside America to prevent terrorist acts being committed on American soil. Good for him, he doesn't have to travel much. The oil bucks come home to his family in the form of lucrative contracts. What about the millions of other Americans who live and work abroad; tourists, etc? Is he not putting them at risk of being attacked? There used to be a time - not long ago - when nearly everyone loved America, looked at her as some paradise on earth, a dream and aspiration for all mankind. I am not sure this can be said now. To save the world and especially America this guy should be voted out of office.
Jimmy Torac, Gulu, Uganda

There is no reason to believe he's serious about anything he says
Laura Denneson, Newark, Ohio USA
The problem with Bush's speech is that there is no reason to believe he's serious about anything he says. Remember how he promised to be a "uniter, not a divider"? I'd say he didn't mean that. And "compassionate conservative"? Thanks to him my husband's employer is no longer obligated to pay him extra for overtime. That is not my notion of compassion. If I could believe anything he said, I might be impressed by his speeches. This is a man, however, who repeals clean air legislation and calls the move a "clean air" initiative. How can anyone believe him?
Laura Denneson, Newark, Ohio USA

In just one term, Bush jr has made our country more hated than at any time since Vietnam. The number of jobless has shot up, the amount of Americans living under the poverty line has shown a similar increase. Guantanamo bay, the McCarthy-esque Patriot act and US soldiers abusing prisoners. Billions of tax dollars have been spent on a war designed to give massive contracts to a certain US construction firm that the current administration has interests in - add to that the tax breaks for the supra-rich that he's tried to push through congress and it is difficult to see why a significant population of my country still believes anything this man or his cronies say. Perhaps it's easier to believe in an attractive fantasy rather than the unpleasant truth.
James Stanforth, Ft. Lauderdale. Fl, USA

Congratulations to George Bush, his speech was simply fantastic. Bush is clear and to the point while Kerry keeps shifting focus. I believe another 4 years of Bush could be very special, not just for America but the whole human race.
Alfred Smith, Boston, USA

I respect Bush for his tenacity, his commitment, his patriotism and his resolve
Rachel, Newmarket, England
If nothing else, I respect Bush for his tenacity, his commitment, his patriotism and his resolve. So much better then the wishy washy excuse for a leader that we have to suffer in the UK. I hope Bush gets a second term.
Rachel, Newmarket, England

It's funny, I come from a small town in Ohio, and it seems to be those who work in factories and do blue collar jobs who support Bush, 'Yeah, go big guns, get them A-rabs!' etc... As much as they love Bush for being a 'tough guy', they don't seem to realize that supporting Bush is like shooting themselves in the foot. They will be the first to suffer from job cutbacks, they are the ones without adequate health insurance, and the ones whose children are going to be suffering from lack of funds for education. Bush loves rich people! Bush hates poor/middle class people. When poor people without adequate medical insurance go to Canada to get prescription drugs they can no longer afford in the US, Bush says, 'Be careful of prescription drugs from foreign countries, we can't regulate them, and terrorists may have tainted them!' Whatever, Bush.
Sarah, Ohio, USA

Yet another uninspired and mind numbing utterance of worn out fictitious clichés. Tripe of the highest order delivered to an auto-applaud audience whose presence alone indicates their level of indoctrination. There is no debate, there are no issues, and there is no honesty. I am bored with it all to the point of frustration and simultaneously extremely concerned of what influence these people could on our future.
Sean, Brussels, Belgium, ex South Africa

Dear George, last night you failed to answer some significant questions
Drew Leifheit, Budapest, Hungary
Dear George, last night you failed to answer some significant questions: Where are the weapons of mass destruction? How many more dead soldiers and civilians in Iraq? Where is bin Laden? Is the 'mission accomplished' yet? When will the madness end?
Drew Leifheit, Budapest, Hungary

Attack attack attack. It seems to be his only policy - if you don't understand something, attack it. No wonder people around the world have such a low view of "America" if he is the face of America. It's time Americans realised that the US is attached to the world, and not the other way around.
Philip Thompson, Aberdeen, Scotland

Kerry has failed to convince most Americans of the folly of Bush's undiplomatic approach to the rest of the World. It's Kerry's failure which will give Bush a second term, not Bush himself or any of his speeches. America is now seen by many as the greatest threat to the World with its unrestrained consumption of resources, its religious fanaticism and its willing use of military force. It may take another president to repair the damage or another power, such as China, to restrain America but, at present, it looks as if the World is heading for some major disaster arising from American policies.
John M, LyneMeads, UK

Yes, I must say I liked Bush's speech, and I do agree that even more Americans should sacrifice their lives for democracy of Iraq and the rest of the world. God bless America for their sacrifice.
Malcolm Uit, The Netherlands

It seems to me that there is not much difference between the Republicans and Democrats
Paul, Sweden

It seems to me that there is not much difference between the Republicans and Democrats. That is the reason why the opinion polls are so close to 50/50 (people hear just the same words and their choice is like tossing a coin). I would vote for the Democrats but it's just because I prefer their style of speaking not because I completely support the things they do. In fact the things Bush did were just the same as the things Clinton did.
Paul, Sweden

Bush speech is one of those marketing rhetoric - always using a fine word to market a bad product. If Bush is re-elected people who appreciate American values will be embarrassed. The security of America he talked about so much cannot be achieved by looking for imaginary enemies but settling with the old ones. Besides, I don't think we're still living in a world where the strong and mighty wins all the time.
Gladstone Ogbonna, Ireland (originally from Nigeria)

The Democrats have failed to capitalise on all the Bush blunders
RL, Liverpool, UK
As much as I despise the Bush administration I have a horrible feeling they'll be in for a second term. Focusing all attention on the so-called war on terror seems to be very useful when distracting voters from issues such as the state of the economy. The Democrats have failed to capitalise on all the Bush blunders and just don't seem to have enough impact. Even if the vote is very close, anyone else want to bet on a repeat of the vote counting fiasco from the last election?
RL, Liverpool, UK

Bush says his aim is to build a safer world. Well perhaps he should take a walk around in it and just see how safe he feels. Whereas many previous presidents would have brought out cheering crowds, Bush would only be greeted by violent protesters. The "old" America was stronger because it had friends.
Joe Ryan, Chartres, France

I will proudly vote for George W Bush. God help us, should Kerry win!
Robert Forsman, Nashville, USA

As a liberal Democrat, I have to say that was the best speech Bush ever gave. I think he and Arnold Schwarzenegger will sway the swing voters -unfortunately for my party. Kerry will have to do a big scramble to catch up. He's not capturing the vote he needs right now.
Pat, San Jose, CA

Funny how he's running on the idea that he can secure America, yet he couldn't even secure his own convention from protesters during his speech. It's unbelievable that this is a close race. I'm a 19 year old college student, and believe me, the nation's youth will be voting in record numbers. We will not stand here, and let him get away with this. Bush doesn't have a chance.
Kyle, Indiana, USA

Nothing in his speech was surprising or groundbreaking
Travis Blaze, Oklahoma, USA
Bush appeals to uneducated individuals (usually small towns) that don't want to accept the idea that being tough isn't always a good idea. Believe me, I am from Oklahoma. Nothing in his speech was surprising or groundbreaking. Much like his term.
Travis Blaze, Oklahoma, USA

Why are the Republicans so angry? I am an American and I look forward to November, when hopefully being an American abroad is not the embarrassment it is today...two more months!!!!
LS, London

I didn't vote for him last time...but I will vote for him this time. He'll be the first Republican President I have ever voted for in my 56 years... No time to change the middle of a war
Gary Childress, Whittier, USA

To Travis Blaze,
Your statement, while probably true, is incomplete. He also appeals to people that understand not everything is a shade of grey, and some things are indeed framed in black and white. You know, things like flying airplanes into buildings, and strapping explosives onto children.
J. P. Skelton, Tennessee, USA

Where politicians are concerned words are meaningless. The only way to judge them is by their actions.
Richard Read, London, UK

'Funding for homeland security has been tripled, the military transformed and intelligence services strengthened' - could Orwell have scripted it any better? Sadly Kerry will not go back on any of it. Long live democracy!
Daniel Harrison, Croydon, UK

Excellent and well balanced speech devoid of ideological shrill and petty criticisms of his "opponent", as he called him. Bush has been specific, stated clearly what he intends to do and what he is vehemently against (dilution of marriage and marriage tax penalty, raising taxes, expanding role of government etc.) He has been unwavering and unapologetic about his military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq and smartly pointed out that by fighting terrorists abroad American people don't have to fight them at home. Medical community (especially doctors) will find great relief in his solemn promise to curtail ridiculous lawsuits and preposterous financial jury awards which make medical malpractice insurance unaffordable to more and more American physicians. Stressed the dire need for raising US education standards. All in al l- not bad. Not bad at all!
Mirek Kondracki, American in Poland

As a (moderate) independent voter, nothing President Bush can say will change my low opinion of him. That said, he is the lesser of two evils and will get my vote in November.
James Battles, Sacramento, USA

What we need is government that addresses real issues
Huw Evans, Ipswich, UK
Does any of this stage managed nonsense (from either side ) convince anyone? What we need is government that addresses real issues rather than short term political expedients.
Huw Evans, Ipswich, UK

If Bush is re-elected he will continue to try to destroy every possibility of a peaceful world. Those who support him in the USA should think very carefully what a disaster he is in the process of making in their own country with his awesome domestic policies. For the sake of stability and hope for the masses let us pray that the electorate decide on Kerry.
Raymond Rudaizky, London, UK

The marketing pundits are making a last ditched effort to re-invent this hated man. 10/10 for marketing and for product placement but 0/10 for Cheney, Bush and co. Let's face it, there hasn't been this much resentment for any US president in the world, and the US itself, for a long time. Unless his cousin pulls another Florida out of the bag, he's out and everybody knows it.
Sammim Patel, London, UK

It was a positive speech that built slowly, appealing on both rational and emotional levels. It should reassure all who listened with an open mind. The speech showcased his many facets that rarely emerge through the prism of the mainstream media: his self-deprecating humour, his sincere and firmly held ideals about freedom and democracy, and his steady resolve and sober realism about what is required to protect US citizens at home. On his domestic agenda, I was particularly happy to hear some fresh thinking about how to deal with worker health care in a society where few jobs are lifetime affairs. Bush is known for his steadiness, not soaring oratory. Nevertheless, in baseball parlance, this speech was a very respectable double.
Robert F Whittier, Tsuchiura, Japan

I think Bush's speech is the most encouraging of all time. It is the right speech at the right time. He (Bush) deserves a second term.
Abiodun Awonuga

If America is now a lot safer how come that every time a terrorist attack occurs an attack on the people's freedom follows straight after (consider the Patriot Act)? The people are now in more bondage than ever before and yet Bin Laden is still roaming freely!


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