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Last Updated: Monday, 23 February, 2004, 12:09 GMT
The Brits: Did the right bands win?
Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and The Darkness were among the stars that turned out for this year's Brit Awards.

Glam rock sensations The Darkness dominated winning three awards. They took best British album, best British group and best British rock act.

Beyonce accepted the prize for best international female wearing £250,000 worth of diamonds.

Eighties pop legends, Duran Duran were handed a lifetime achievement award by Justin Timberlake.

Did the right bands win? What do you think of the British music industry at the moment? Send us your comments.

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

The following reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

It was worth watching just for Muse
Christine, Kent
I don't know why I watched the programme because it was pretty obvious who the winners would be! But sometimes you may see one band/act that can blow you away and it was worth watching just for Muse. Real music by talented musicians. The Darkness are trying to break in USA, but Muse have a better chance.
Christine, Kent

There are many bands that are better than the winners but will never see the light of day on the Brits. As long as the talentless but mass-produced boybands that are around come away with nothing I'm happy!
Gavin, Cardiff, Wales

What on earth was that 50 Cent pre-performance farce all about? Being detained then breaking out of police custody to perform? What a joke! I was laughing my head off - they looked as threatening as a wet sponge, the whole thing was like some primary school xmas show! I think their music is great but they look like clowns when they do these mock- 'I'm hard as nails honestly' routines. Lose the fakeness boys! Stick to what you're good at.
James, London

I like heavy rock and pop. But I have to say I really do not understand this current obsession with Darkness. They are nothing special. They may even be good people. But To be honest they are irritating. And how they have sold over a million in this country is bizarre.

Darkness may not be my cup of tea, but at least they and Duran Duran can sing, write their own music and play instruments. Hopefully both groups will send a message to our once great music industry that the game is up for Pop Idol style manufactured artists.
Russell, UK

I am still not clear as to what Outstanding Achievement Duran Duran have done. I can't think of a single band who have taken their inspiration from Duran Duran.
Ian, UK

Yes The Darkness deserve recognition, they've worked hard, produced all their own music, a welcome relief from manufactured pop bands...I've never listened to Busted but I've heard they write all their own music (except covers) so give them some credit.
Jo, Manchester, UK

Duran Duran, lifetime achievement award! Le Bon can't sing his way out of a paper bag. As a band they never started a revolution or broke the mould. No more than a pop boy band at best. Sums up the music industry really.
Hawaii 50, Babylon

In time to come, the annuls of musical legacy will save no mention for The Darkness. That's just common sense really.
Zak Brilliaant, London

Beyonce was by far the best performer; you can't take your eyes of her
Colin, Annan, Scotland
It appears this message board requires an arbiter of taste, so I better step forward. Beyonce was by far the best performer; you can't take your eyes of her. Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua have talent as do Muse, Alicia and 50 Cents. The fact that Beddingfield and Lamar one anything is disgraceful. Duran Duran were embarrassing, my dad can sing but I wouldn't stick him on the Brits. Cat Deeley did a good job. I thank you.
Colin, Annan, Scotland

Can't believe Robbie was ignored this year. Other stars who did not have his success in 2003 were nominated for awards.
Karen Doncaster, Murton, Co.Durham

A glam-rock tribute band do a song for Christmas and win awards... the 'highlight' of what's in no more than an over hyped shambles for self-congratulation, ego-massage and indulgence.
Daz, York, UK

Best Rock? Compare the performances of The Darkness and Muse. No contest, Muse showed The darkness to be the naff tribute Band that they are!
Paul, Bexleyheath, UK

The fact is that any credible band doesn't give a hoot about the Brits, the best recognition is the pure fact that there album sells and their fans love them. Music these days seems to be more about what you wear, who you date and not about whether you can actually sing naming no names Mr Timberlake.
Andrew, Northampton, UK

Even the stage invasions were staged. It's sad that even rebellion has to be passed through the PR machine's steriliser these days. Bring back Jarvis Cocker.
Geruptah Singh, Huddersfield, UK

Will any of these acts be still performing in three years time. The answer is NO The Brits best in British music definitely not
Andy M, UK

The Darkness are vain and pretentious, and their music is a rip-off amalgamation of greats like Queen and Led Zeppelin. To award them anything other than derision is a complete waste of time. But then, what were the other options? Justin Talentless-waste-of-skin? I guess the lesser of two evils prevailed...
Jason Miles, Reading, UK

The darkness are absolutely fantastic and are sure to go to the same heights as massive rock bands past. I am glad they won the awards as their music has re-breathed life into the flagging British music industry and injected a sense of fun along the way. I really enjoyed the Muse performance, and am a little disappointed they did not win an award. One final thought... Busted. Why? They're so awful, and they're butchering of Teenage Kicks proves they should quit singing and get a supermarket job like everyone else.
Jon, Bristol, England

The Darkness are having a post-modern joke at the music industry's expense
Phil, Cheltenham
The Darkness are having a post-modern joke at the music industry's expense, they're a joke band, how come no one realises this? They've shown up the fickle over-hyped world of the music industry for what it is, a joke.
Phil, Cheltenham

Repeat after me: It's. Only. Pop. Music. Now breathe...
Alex, Edinburgh

I didn't watch all of it but Muse were AWESOME! Overall I thought the results were pretty fair, although I thought Muse should have won for British rock act, especially after that performance.
Richard Chung, Hamilton, UK

Who cares? The Brits are a celebration of the middle of the road. No self-respecting musician would want one.
Chris, Crewe, UK

The Darkness, with their pastiche of trans-gender rock, are hardly original. Muse are a far far better band.
Andy, London

The Darkness are going to go the same way as The Datsuns, i.e. no-ones going to remember them this time next year. Hopefully. Bring back real music.
Dominic Riordan, Birmingham, UK

Justin Timberlake copies Michael Jackson - The Darkness copy several rock bands of the 70's - there was even a version of an old Prince song last night. How about something new? Pleeeease!
Katie Galloway, London, UK

The Darkness are a poor quality comedy band - playing outdated cliché music. The only thing worse than them is the production processed pop that seems to be dominating at the moment. 'The Brits' sounds more and more like cockney rhyming slang as the years pass.
Roger, UK

The Darkness probably deserved to win something due to the stir they have created in the British music scene the year. But I don't really get it? Glam Rock is long dead so why the fuss. The Darkness songs are average in the extreme, and do they stand up in comparison to the sound of Ziggy Stardust. I think not.
Danny C, South London

Well done The Darkness! How great is it to finally have a group that can play instruments and not just prance around in white suits. Busted - great fun, they deserve their award. Beyonce needs to stop screeching. What exactly have Duran Duran achieved over the past 5 years? Outstanding contribution, I can think of more deserving bands or was this to help their comeback? All in all, not a bad show this year.
Kaz, Manchester

The usual over-hyped farce. Going by the list of nominees, acts and winner announcers, you'd think there were only 20 odd acts out there. Still, give the people what they want, eh?
Mark Jones, Glos, UK

The fact that Robbie Williams didn't feature in the Best Male Solo Artist category, and that Daniel Beddingfield won is a complete travesty!
Steven Bagley, West Midlands

An extra bonus this year - not a pop idol winner in sight!
Simon Jones, Pontypridd
Hooray!! The Brit Awards has regained some of its credibility this year. Glad to see they awarded Best Dance Act to Basement Jaxx instead of the Sugababes! What were they thinking of last year?!? And an extra bonus this year - not a pop idol winner in sight! Long live The Darkness!
Simon Jones, Pontypridd

Overall I think the right bands won. The Darkness were deserved winners but should have also won best breakthrough artist. The ceremony itself seemed very low key and I though Duran Duran looked and sounded past it.
Alan, Scotland

The Darkness put on a great performance but why should the lifetime achievement award be moved from the grand finale? If I were Duran Duran I would have told them where to poke the award, as they clear feel selling one album warrants the best slot!!
Andy, England

No Boy bands.....What a relief. Katie Melua and Jamie Cullum; awesome. The Darkness; awesome.
Paul Mason, Mansfield, UK

I've never even heard of Darkness before. Who are these so called "ROCKERS" and where did they come from. Personally they should be called "shambles" after last nights episode.
Paul Donnelly , Brussels / Belgium

What exactly did Duran Duran do to be crowned Legends? I mean can anyone actually remember more than five of their songs. As for the show, it was very predictable, apart from Busted winning three awards. The highlight of the night was Jamie Cullum's rendition of Love Cats, very good!
Scott, Edinburgh

Actually only three of the Brit awards are voted for by the public, the rest are voted for by the industry. So if the results didn't please you then you should have a word with the music chiefs!
Ruth McDougall, Sheffield

The right people won for once, although Muse should have got one Brit that went to The Darkness.
Mark Vickery, Medway, Kent

It seems that what the record industry wants is to sell wins. The Brits keeps its title as music propaganda event of the year.
Ben Haynes, Dorset

I think it's marvellous that a made-up band won three made-up awards. It's good to see the music industry in such confident mood
Kieren, Oxford

I was at the awards and the atmosphere was great. The Darkness stole the show plus Duran Duran belted out some great hits - a well deserved lifetime award. What probably didn't show on TV was the slickness of the way the event was put together - and Cat Deeley looked fab!
Richard, UK

The DARKNESS? More like the DORKness!
Dave, London
Puleeze! The DARKNESS? More like the DORKness! We now go from boyband trash to Mock n' Roll. Musically, they are a joke, kind of like Spinal Tap meets Village People, an unreality TV version of a cartoon band. If this is the best Britain can do, woe is us!!
Dave, London

Darkness have been good this year but I would like to see Radiohead win - Their latest album 'Hail to the Thief' is a far better album than 'Permission to Land' in my opinion. Sure, The Darkness are obviously talented musicians, and the album has many a good guitar riff, but Radiohead once again make an album that truly means something.
Alex, Hertfordshire, UK

How the likes of Busted can ever be put in the same category as Radiohead and The Coral is beyond me! The Darkness and The Sugarbabes, although not my cup of tea, at least have some talent between them! Who on earth makes the short lists for the Brits?
Simon, Nottingham, UK

If you ask me, the Brit Awards have got more boobs than a roomful of Janet Jacksons. The Darkness seem to be panto-rock, and Annie Lennox is apparently morphing into Lou Reed. Help!!
Digger, UK

The Brits are a joke. We have Muse, Radiohead and the Prodigy.. but we pick Busted and Darkness? There needs to be a Brits-lite for kids and a proper one for actual music.
Rory, London, UK

I thought it was amazing collaboration between Outkast and Beyonce. Playing two songs in a row and keeping the same DJ was much better than seeing the two on the same stage at the same time.
Tom, Winchester, UK

I think most of the wins were truly deserved. I think that all the energy and spirit The Darkness have used on their music has really paid off. Although there were some other really amazing bands there, who didn't win, they were still acknowledged and have been notifiably enjoyed.
Emily, Bristol, England

I tell you, if you like The Darkness, you would have loved Thin Lizzy - they not only had great rock songs but were also good musicians and looked cool to boot.
Christian Tiburtius, Reading UK

This was a fun ceremony with fun winners
Lucie, Oxford
This was a fun ceremony with fun winners - it doesn't matter that most of them weren't "groundbreaking" or "original". Surely we can celebrate their music for what it is and give 'serious music' its rightful credit at other ceremonies.
Lucie, Oxford

Well done to Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua for actually bringing a bit of talent to the night's performances. If the awards weren't so commercial and geared at teenagers they would have surely taken awards home with them too.
Lindsay, Wilts

I'm embarrassed to be a British music fan.
Greg, London

It's a sad and sorry day when a mediocre glam rock band such as The Darkness can win a music award in the year 2004 just because they "write their own songs and play their own instruments". What happened to originality and talent?
Scott Hemphill, Freiburg, Germany

I do not begrudge the hilarious Darkness grabbing the headlines
TB, Spain
Not wishing to sound too cynical or too much of a killjoy, but the Brit award ceremony is a marketing exercise. The bands who win are the bands that the BPI think are going to do more to promote British music both in the UK and overseas. Therefore, the best bands are rarely going to win as usually they do not have the commercial aspect that more Westlifeian bands do. Having said that, I do not begrudge the hilarious Darkness grabbing the headlines.
TB, Spain

So, according to last night Daniel Bedingfield is better than David Bowie and The Darkness are better than Radiohead? Hmmm... I think I'll take that one with a pinch of salt if you don't mind.
Richard Davies, UK

The Brits, the Baftas. the Oscars. This award show, that award show. When can we have some rest from publicity grabbing celebrities?
John, York

Dido fully deserved her awards - she's down to earth, no attitude and has a great voice. The Darkness are a bit of fun aren't they? Great to see Duran Duran up there, just goes to show that the eighties bands can still attract a modern audience.
Ben, Kintbury, Berks

A band that can apparently play instruments
Alistair Durham, Birmingham
The fact that the Brits awards recognised the Darkness gives us hope yet, for a band that can apparently play instruments....remember them? As for rock, it's rarely recognised by these shallow pretentious awards which generally rely on manufactured and synthetic talent.
Alistair Durham, Birmingham

Yet again we have seen the same old scenario whereby those who are willing to turn up for this half hearted attempt at an awards ceremony are the ones that win the prizes. As for the Darkness, where do we stop in music with reviving the past? Agreed, there is some comedy value here, but how many more kitsch revivals can we have?
Richard, London, UK

I just want to know if anyone else joins me when I say 'Applause to The Brits for asking Mel B (AKA Avid Merion) to present an award. Avid should have hosted the whole show with all his characters. I thank you.
Susie Loo, Sheffield

The outcome of last nights awards just go to show that the people who call the shots in the music industry lack something very important....good taste. I have nothing against The Darkness and am pleased to see an English band doing so well, not only in the UK but also in the US. However when it comes to Best Rock Act how can those people selecting the winner choose The Darkness over Muse, who are clearly the best band to come out of the UK in recent years?
Christophe Le Maire, Venice, Italy

The darkness are good comedy value
Lola Pallooza, UK

The darkness are good comedy value, in an oblique post-modern, post-ironic and totally moronic way. The British awards have consecrated themselves as utterly useful in this post-talent world.
Lola Pallooza, UK

I thought this might be the year that Black Sabbath might get outstanding contribution due to the current Ozzy popularity.
Pearse , Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

It's nice to see Duran Duran get an "Outstanding Contribution" award, but what about Depeche Mode? When will they ever get the credit they deserve?
Gary Walker, Harlow, Essex, England

The Brit awards should be renamed the Teen Awards
Rob, SF, CA

The Brit awards should be renamed the Teen Awards. Anyone who seriously listens to music know better! Dave Gedge or Bobby Wratten could slap the whole lot of them with their small toe.
Rob, SF, CA

The Darkness - more Spinal Tap than serious rock group. With their talent all we can safely say is that it's a good job they come from London - media friendly Suffolk and not non London media friendly Geordie land.
Andy, UK

As usual boring boring boring people must have sad lives if they get excited over all this rubbish.
Glen Anderson, Australia

Err. What's "The Brits"? Anyway who's interested? Big yawn.
Simon Watkins, Newport, Wales, UK

Who cares. The British music scene has been in terminal decline for many years. Our music industry aspires to mediocrity. Anything new and exciting in the music industry, unfortunately, seems to hail from the USA. The Brits Awards is nothing more than another meaningless TV variety show. Scrap it now, it is embarrassing to all music lovers.
David, Indonesia/UK

Please Please please could everyone stop going on about the Darkness
Ummar, Keighley UK

Please Please please could everyone stop going on about the Darkness, In my opinion they are good not great, fresh but not genre defining, hyped but not Coldplay. Only one man (boy) actually deserves best British breakthrough. Dizzee Rascal, lyrically far superior, definitely genre defining, shockingly under hyped even after beating the aforementioned Darkness in the Mercury music prize. But then again maybe he made the mistake of not letting the masses dictate what he wrote.
Ummar, Keighley UK

The Darkness may be taking inspiration from an old sound, but the fact is that they have their own unique style and are not afraid to be different, which is so refreshing in a music industry dominated by the same old rubbishy manufactured pop bands.
Carl Jackson, Chalfont St Giles, UK

Brit awards show was almost exclusively non-brits performing
Kevin, London

Brit awards show was almost exclusively non-brits performing, Black eyed peas, 50 cent, Beyonce, Outkast, Missy, Justin, Gwen Steffani, etc etc etc. Pathetic
Kevin, London

This year's awards prove, once again, that the British music scene was far better when the Conservatives were in power than under Blair's New Labour.
Richard, Los Angeles, USA

The Darkness are more deserving than Radiohead by a thousand miles. Since "OK Computer" all that Radiohead has produced is one long boring droning sound. Congratulations to a band that successfully mixes humour and talent. They deserve it.
Steve Fitz, Boston USA

To be fair Busted probably deserved their awards
Charlie, Nottingham

To be fair Busted probably deserved their awards, at least for best pop act anyway. I don't think they get the credit they deserve. The Darkness; hmmmm I'm still not sure about, I think there are way better acts then them; Strokes, Kings of Leon, Primal Scream, Interpol etc, but they're ok. I can't believe Outkast didn't win anything, their album was easily the best and most innovative of the year. And I can't believe Jamie Cullum gets so much recognition after all he's mainly just a covers artist!!!!
Charlie, Nottingham

If a 'celebration' of British music involves Busted, then I'm staying here and applying for Australian citizenship - surely they can't make me go back to THAT! PS. Busted are the ultimate oxymoron - 'A Punk Boy-Band'
Dan Oaker, Melbourne, Australia

The Darkness have just realised that it's about entertainment
Andy, Northampton

The Darkness have just realised that it's about entertainment and music and not about 1/4 million pounds worth of jewellery, a choreographed dance routine and a producer with the talent.
Andy, Northampton

Is anyone else reminded of Spinal Tap when they see the Darkness
Stephen, England

Only one true talented performer on the show this year Jamie Cullum. The rest .. well I won't comment.
Steve, UK/France

Hurrah, thank goodness the darkness have arrived they are such a refreshing chance to all the pop idol stuff that has been rammed at us as entertainment. Give me the darkness any day, it is fab to see a band enjoying themselves and actually smiling. Thank Justin, Dan, Ed and Frankie for being there when music needed you. Roll on the next album
Sally Forster, Westhall Suffolk

It was great that The Darkness won best British Group for bringing fun back into rock
Chris, London, UK

I thought it was great that The Darkness won best British Group for bringing fun back into rock and for getting the kids back into real innovative music, instead of the over hyped karaoke singers that fill up most of the charts. Radiohead are a class act but it is good for someone else to have the platform to shine.
Chris, London, UK

As Lemmy said, "the Darkness are a novelty act who should be playing the Wigan Casino." They suck the vitality out of heavy rock, and make it something for Robbie Williams fans to enjoy. Horrible.
Andy, Cambridge, England

Lets be honest the contenders for most of the awards are not exactly awe inspiring are they. The live performances where dodgy (besides OutKast). It's always the same year in year out with the Brits!!
Kev Gregory, Liverpool, UK

What chance did Jamie Cullum stand when his music is voted for by Radio 1 listeners? Radio 1 do not play jazz!
Ian Bateman, Swindon

At last! AT LAST! Suffolk, the home of the rocktastic "The Darkness", has its first taste of glamour. Please, people of Britain, don't mock us, allow us our moment in the sun, before we slip back into our habitual state of East Anglian obscurity.
Dan, Ipswich, Suffolk

Any victory for Rock is a victory over the so-called 'R&B' and other soft soap pop-pap which permeate the chart with consistent mediocrity. OK they may be a novelty act, with tongue so firmly in cheek it's amazing they can be understood. But they are a breath of fresh comedy air and don't expect Radiohead or other serious acts, remember this is a commercial for the record companies, not a critical music award.
Nick, Southampton

The Darkness won - they stole the show in both their performance and the awards - if anyone disagrees, they deserve to be flown to the moon and left there until "Spice Girls 2" are formed.
S. Wilkerson, Exeter, England

How were Stereophonics missed out
Tony, UK

How were Stereophonics missed out. 'You gotta go there to come back' is a masterpiece.
Neil, Portsmouth

I personally like the aftermath of things like the Brits, when suddenly some unknown bands are popular. I remember Dizzy Rascal winning an award. He'd not been mentioned on Radio 1 before, but then after winning it was like he was their new best friend! Personally, I buy the music I like and awards mean nothing to me.
Tony, UK

UK Rock Band The Darkness 1.2 million albums in the UK: 3 Brits, UK Rock Band Def Leppard 50 million + albums worldwide 25 year career - no Brits. Not to mention No Brits for Iron Maiden. Must these classic bands wait until they are gone before getting the recognition they deserve like Freddie Mercury/Queen?
Darren, Cambridge, UK

Music industry - grow up!
Mark, Reading, UK

When bands like Radiohead and Muse can leave empty handed and bands like Busted can win who could take it seriously anyway. Music industry - grow up!
Mark, Reading, UK

I think Busted are great, and get a really hard time because people think they are trying to be something that they are not. They are happy to admit that they are indeed a 'pop band' and in my opinion they are clearly talented guys who deserved to win their two awards. Well done to them!
Suz, Glasgow

Beyonce should have won more Brits but the sad part was there are no r&b, hip-hop, or soul artists nominated. However I hope the Brits are telecast on BBC America.
Clint Graves, Raleigh, NC USA

The Darkness deserved all 3 of their awards & also should have won the "breakthrough" award. To have given this award to Busted over The Darkness concludes that the Brits may be losing their credibility. It's an outrage to have Busted uttered in the same sentence as the Darkness or to even be nominated alongside them. But to beat them...Whats going on there!
Nic Panton, Airdrie

Kinda tells you something when the highlights of the night is a vastly overrated popstar shaking a bit of ass, a band which has stolen it's ideas, music and fashion from the 70's winning 3 awards and the continued avoidance of a ground-breaking band which has been going for 15 years because they aren't glossy teen mag material and their music is a bit too 'difficult'.
Mike Walshe, England, UK

Awards ceremonies means nothing
Carl, Edinburgh, UK

Awards ceremonies means nothing, so much true talent goes un-noticed whilst these winners squeeze them out of the market with the over-inflated promotional status the receive with the top prize. Awards such as the BRITS are completely subjective and that is the bottom line. My other point is, will everybody please stop going on about Beyonce - she's only human!!
Carl, Edinburgh, UK

Best international Album, Justin Timberlake! Ha! No way. The White Stripes Elephant, now that would have been justified.
Baz, UK

I totally agree with the people who think Muse and Radiohead should have won this year. In two years time they will still be around, I can not see this being the case for Busted or The Darkness.
Joe, Hemel Hempstead

As much as I admire Daniel Bedingfield, in my opinion Will Young should have received best male, for his unique, varied, best-selling and generally fantastic music this year.
Kate, Cambridge, UK

It was great to see Duran Duran get some recognition for 25 years of superb music. They may be stigmatised as an 'Eighties band' but they show good song writing should transcend time. Besides - I think their best song is Ordinary World and that was from 1993! They sounded great live at the Brits!
Ben Rawson-Jones, Watford, UK

Please, people of Britain, don't mock us
Dan, Ipswich

At last! AT LAST! Suffolk, the home of the rocktastic The Darkness, has its first taste of glamour. Please, people of Britain, don't mock us, allow us our moment in the sun, before we slip back into our habitual state of East Anglian obscurity.
Dan, Ipswich, Suffolk

Flat as the last few dregs in a bottle of lemonade on a warm summer's day. Pop has finally eaten itself.
p Browne, UK

Any victory for Rock is a victory over the so-called R&B and other soft soap pop-pap which permeate the chart with consistent mediocrity. OK they may be a novelty act, with tongue so firmly in cheek it's amazing they can be understood. But they are a breath of fresh comedy air. And don't expect Radiohead or other serious acts, remember this is a commercial for the record companies, not a critical music award.
Nick, Southampton

I think Busted are great, and get a really hard time because people think they are trying to be something that they are not. They are happy to admit that they are indeed a pop band and in my opinion they are clearly talented guys who deserved to win their two awards. Well done to them!
Suz, Glasgow

The only acts that could actually sing live were Duran Duran and The Darkness
Dave, Bristol, UK
It was a shambles. The only acts that could actually sing live were Duran Duran and The Darkness. Beyoncé just showed that she could dance, and screamed for small periods of time and the Black Eyed Peas don't sing anyway and proved why.
Dave, Bristol, UK

Muse showed they were by far the best rock act - awesome performance.
Tracy, Oxfordshire

Why have the Darkness won everything?! There's really nothing special about them. People think that they can call themselves 'rock fans' if they support them and so look cool. And why are bands whose music is bought by pre-pubescent girls the winners. Bands with actual talent like the Kings of Leon and Muse should have been acknowledged.
Anonymous, Oxford

I think the Brits were good this year. Great performances, good presenters and fair winners.
Jon Hawk, Herts, UK

The Darkness write their own songs, play their own instruments and they ROCK!! They give the listeners a lot of fun, unlike the audible valium that passes for modern pop music.
Phil, UK

Good show this year
Zoe, England
Well deserved by The Darkness! Although, where was Robbie Williams? Good show this year. My only comment goes to Mr Timberlake, stop growing your hair and get out the clippers mate!!!
Zoe, England

So Muse who belt out a great performance and create an innovative album win nothing, while The Darkness, who are nothing more then over-hyped, arrogant retro-rockers win the title with a collection of average songs that all sound the same. What were the voters thinking?
Rebecca, London, UK

Duran Duran getting the lifetime achievement award. WHY?, what exactly have they been doing for the past couple of years.....nothing. Surely the Brits could have found a more worthy winner than these 80's has-beens who are only riding the wave of comeback nostalgia.
Neil Jay, Birmingham

I'm not surprised The Darkness took Best Rock Act, as it was clearly introduced this year simply to give to them. What really offends me though is the covers - Busted doing Teenage Kicks, and that bland soft-jazz abomination Cullen doing Love Cats. Thank God The Darkness didn't try their hand at Soundgarden.
Alex Marshall, Edinburgh, UK

When the real stuff is still alive and kicking there is no point in retro!
Brian, Gibraltar

Muse and Radiohead are probably better than any of the acts that won awards tonight. I also find it puzzling how The Darkness can be in such high esteem with Iron Maiden and Aerosmith still out there and producing good albums. When the real stuff is still alive and kicking there is no point in retro!
Brian, Gibraltar

Apart from those involved in this extravaganza of self-adoration, does anyone really care? Big yawn.
Martin, Chester

The Darkness are a band that simply re-hash an out-dated musical genre. That they can be lauded in this way shows the dire condition of the UK music industry.
Liam, UK

Rachel Stevens should have won best single and not Dido. She revived and started with a blast with her great single 'sweet dreams my la ex'. America adores her and so does Britain. I thought that Rachel should have definitely won!
James, London

Yes! At last real music has been recognised, The Darkness are by far the best band to have come out of this country for many years, The Darkness ROCK! And they finally got some of the recognition they deserve tonight.
Jon Adams, Croydon, England

I don't understand how Busted - yet another pop boy band - can be considered a break through act. Let alone the best. Surely, Jamie Cullum a Jazz musician who's now internationally recognised has done more to break through into the mainstream.
Mike Breach, Swindon, UK

Bring on the Mercury Award
Owain Cleaver, Cheltenham

I'm not sure I agree with many of the nominees or winners; but then I never do? Shouldn't we use the Brits to showcase and promote little known bands? Longview anyone? Seriously though, I think the only people who care about Brits are the people that voted - teenagers. Bring on the Mercury Award.
Owain Cleaver, Cheltenham

Yes, The Darkness rock and have brought sanity back to British music. But how did Duran Duran win outstanding contribution - when bands such as Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode have never won? It is ridiculous.
Chris Final, Denham, Bucks

I think the real question should be how on earth there still isn't an electronica category when clearly this is a genre where particularly British bands are showing the way forward.
Xander, London

It is also a wonder how Radiohead have never won a Brit. A band who have done more for British music internationally than any of the other nominees this year (or most years)... not to mention a band who continue to push boundaries! Seems to be the only just awards this year were for Basement Jaxx and The White Stripes... hardly a spectacular haul.
Adam, Nottingham

To Adam, Nottingham: Of course Radiohead should have won - they'd out class all the acts combined. But I can't really see them at an award show with Cat Deeley and Busted anyway.
Sarah Woolley, UK


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