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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 January, 2004, 16:07 GMT
Bob Monkhouse: Your tributes
Bob Monkhouse, 75, had cancer for two-and-a-half years

Veteran British comedian and television host Bob Monkhouse has died after a long battle with prostate cancer.

His manager, Peter Prichard, said the entertainer died peacefully at his Bedfordshire home on Monday morning.

Mr Monkhouse had a long and successful career in showbusiness and had hosted hundreds of television shows.

Thank you for your tributes to Bob Monkhouse. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

Your tributes

I once met Bob Monkhouse 20 years ago in a lift in a Blackpool hotel when he was on his way to a stage performance. He was obviously concentrating on his delivery, but still had the courtesy to exchange good natured pleasantries. I've admired and taken a keen interest in him since. His book 'Just say a few words' has been a very useful tool on many occasions. God bless you, Bob.
Gary Wright, Bolton, England

One thing about Bob was that he made you laugh. He was such a great comedian and was one of my all time favourites. His death has come to a very big shock to me and I will miss him very much. God bless his daughter and wife.
David Murphy, England

Bob was a class act, his style, his charm and his amazing quick wit will be sadly missed. God bless you Bob and thanks for the memories.
Tony McGinitty, Green Bay, Wisconsin

I was personally saddened at the loss of one of the world's greatest comics and most intelligent funny men. Although I have been away from the UK for some years, thinking about Bob Monkhouse always helped me to connect to the old country and its unique humour. Bob, you will be missed!
Simon Botley, Kuching, Malaysia

We'll miss you. Though not a great fan, you always brightened up the TV screen whenever you appeared on it. Never short of a joke or quip. You were one of the best.
Haydn Jones, Prestatyn, Denbighshire

A great comedian and a superb 'ad-libber'. It was my ambition to appear on Wipeout and meet him in person, sadly this can now never be. My thoughts are with his widow and daughter.
Brian L. Potter, CAMBRIDGE, England.

His true character came out not on the game shows but when on the stage - watch these performances for a taste or real comedy.
David, Ashton, England

How do you celebrate a legend?
Clive Carter, London
How do you celebrate a legend? You remember, you nurture, you celebrate the joy of someone who brought such love and magic to so many hearts. God bless you Bob. Gone but, oh my god, not forgotten. And yes, we forgive you for those jokes. The world has lost a Court Jester, but a jester who will live on. Rest in peace Bob, and know that you have left a huge legacy of love and experience to so many comedians who will continue, that which you gave so freely.
Clive Carter, London

Thanks for the memory Bob, you will be missed!
Jim Poole, Gt Yarmouth

I once met Bob in 1959, when I was a young boy. He was appearing in south sea with Yana. I had seen his show the previous evening and he was brilliant. The next day I saw him sunbathing on Hayling Island beach alongside his enormous Pontiac car. I nervously approached him and immediately could sense the warmth and sincerity of this man. He gave me a guided tour of his car and let me take his photo alongside it. This I have treasured for 45 years.

Bob was the greatest comic/entertainer/game show host this country has ever seen. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are particularly with his wife Jackie and daughter Abigail at this very sad time.
John Walker, Walsall, England

He was a very good comedian but I think Bob Monkhouse will be best remembered for his work as a TV presenter I'm only old enough to remember the repeats of Bob's Full House onwards, and from there shows like The $64,000 Question, the updated version of Celebrity Squares, the National Lottery and of course, Wipeout. Some of his older work like The Golden Shot and Family Fortunes have been kept alive through satellite TV and archive shows, and they will forever remain classics - a measure of how talented a host he was.
John, Scotland

A true comic legend
Peter Radford, Bargoed, South Wales
Bob Monkhouse was not only the ideal game show host, but also the quickest witted comedian who could make anyone laugh, and his improvisation with two unrelated words was second to none! When he did "Gagtag" with Jonathan Ross and Frank Skinner, he certainly could knock alternative comedians down with a feather with his cool technique. My condolences go to his family on such a sad loss. Thanks Bob - a true comic legend.
Peter Radford, Bargoed, South Wales

If it were possible to study for a Phd in Comedy - Bob Monkhouse should have been awarded an honorary doctorate. His knowledge and skill in comedy were without parallel. Always charming and self effacing, he never had a bad word to say about any of his colleagues and, unlike some, never ridiculed his public. Bob - you shall be sorely missed as an asset to the craft. Shine on.
Alex Penn, Horsham, Sussex

It was a sad end to year for his family and friends, and an end to a era of one of the greatest comedians to have lived. The critics used to pan him as appearing insincere yet very few tried to meet him or get to know him. The wit and ability to think on his feet was his trademark. It has been wonderful to hear the present day comics speak admiringly of this man. To his presentation and the obvious love he had for the genre. One more star has disappeared from the British theatres and TVs. I send my heartfelt condolences to his family.
Ian Peter, Southport, England

A Great Man A Great Entertainer A Great Legacy A Man Already Greatly Missed. God Bless You BOB!
Alan Ball, Runaway Bay, Australia

I have grown up with Bob on my T.V screen, he was the king of game shows because of his razor sharp wit. He was also such a great stand up comedian in all my 40 years of life never did I here Bob repeat a gag. I will miss him so much and feel very deeply for his family as I have just lost my mother to cancer. Bob: Great Comedian Great mind, great man.
Mike Hayes, Portsmouth

The man was a professional without equal and a comic genius
David May, Glossop, England
I sat a few feet away from Bob some years ago when he gave an after dinner speech. He came on, gave a chap in the audience his watch and said he would finish in an hour and a half 'cos that's all he was paid for. He enthralled the audience for an hour and a half and, exactly on time, asked for the return of his watch and walked off to a standing ovation. The man was a professional without equal and a comic genius. Sincere condolences to Mrs Monkhouse, we share in your loss as we shared in your good fortune.
David May, Glossop, England

An inspiration to all comics. His writing and performing was legendary. The governor has left us with legacy of comic treasures. RIP sir.
Tony Wallace, Nottingham

As a professional musician, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Bob on several occasions. One of the nicest people in this business, always found time to stop for a chat. Will be sadly missed as a friend.
Chris Hankins, Pontypool, Gwent, S. Wales

What a sad loss. I have wonderful childhood memories of watching Bob's shows with my family. He always made you laugh and was such a professional. There will never be another like him. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.
Alana Sinclair, New Zealand

Bob Monkhouse was a giant in the entertainment business. What a sad loss.
Brian Wickings, Worthing, England

Truly gifted, honest and funny
Sally, Canada
I never really gave him much thought growing up in Britain, he was always just "THERE", until I moved to Canada and found and read a copy of his autobiography, what an amazing man. Truly gifted, honest and funny. And because he thought Diana Dors was wonderful, he'll always have a place in my heart. My condolences to Jackie.
Sally, Courtenay, BC, Canada

I have grown up watching Bob Monkhouse, and he will be sorely missed, he was a legend in his own right and although I may only be 23 myself, my friends and I agree that this comedy genius will be remembered and praised for years to come such as the likes of Bob Hope and Morecambe and Wise.
Gabrielle Cohen, Edgware, UK

Having grown up with him on our screens for as long as we can remember...he was a true "Star" in every sense of the word.
John & Michaela Hadlow, Devon

He was so quick, so kind, so, so funny and just a lovely, lovely man. They don't make them like Bob any more!
Hilary, Guildford, UK

Witty, funny and as sharp as a razor. His loss is like losing a beloved family member. Thanks for all the laughs, Bob x
Angela Taylor, England

TV & the world of comedy will never be the same again.
John Emley, Prestwick, Scotland

Usually when someone famous dies there is a dramatic outpouring of grief for someone most of us never knew - well in this case, I am truly saddened because Bob Monkhouse was a man who never failed to make me laugh - he was 'saucy' without being crude and he always put a smile on my face.
Nichola, Dundee

There aren't many comedians that I went out of my way to watch and follow but Bob was the exception. I only 'discovered' his magic some 4 years ago but am so glad I did. Every word he spoke was so close to truth and honesty and was glossed with his unique style of wit and humour. I know no one else like him and will probably never find another. He will always be near the top of my fave comedians and famous people list. My best wishes go to his family & friends.
Stephen, St Erth, Cornwall

One word....LEGEND!!!
Martin, Hebburn, Tyne & Wear

Thanks Bob for having entertained us with your clean sense of humour and sharp wit ... you will be sadly missed.
Baber, London, England

The sharpest comedy wit we have ever seen.
Steve, Benfleet, Essex
The sharpest comedy wit we have ever seen. An encyclopaedia of one-liners.
Steve, Benfleet, Essex

A true professional and a charming man whose humour managed to connect generations. His stand up skills were truly impressive; there are many working in the business today who could learn from watching tapes of Bob at the microphone. A sad loss.
Robert Nisbet, Los Angeles, USA

A legend of a man, who will be sorely missed.
Stuart, Norwich

Bob Monkhouse - despite his detractors in the more 'avant-garde' comedy streams should be remembered as someone who in his self-deprecating perma-tan way was always able to make an audience laugh. I saw him live a few years ago and whilst a little 'blue' I couldn't stop laughing at his jokes. After a difficult life with the death of both of his sons, his own demise is a terrible loss and commiserations should be extended to his family.
Craig, Czech Republic (formerly UK)

I'm shocked to hear of Bob's death. He was a great entertainer. I'm 33 and he's one of the first faces I can remember seeing on the TV as a child. He always had so many original one line jokes!
Chris Barnett, Eastbourne

Thanks for the millions of laughs
Bob McKibbin, Norwich
Thanks for the millions of laughs. Thanks for the guidance on after dinner speaking. God speed.
Bob McKibbin, Norwich

His appearance on television brought joy into my life for many years. Now I know how brave Bob Monkhouse was. He is an example to us all.
John Bartram, Margate

Sad news - especially at this time of year. Bob was one of the few men that could make me cringe, get me mad, cry (with laughter) and have me laughing until it hurts. His support for up-and-coming comedians and his knowledge of the people working in the industry was legendary. And by all accounts he was a nice bloke too! My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Dominic Hill, Burnham

It was with great sadness I read of the death of Bob Monkhouse. I guess what really sums up Bob for me was that despite some of the crude and crass humour that exists on today's television, Bob never sunk to that level to get a laugh, he was the consummate professional, and was a "Family" entertainer which in today's world of comedy is a rare treasure. So long Bob.....
Craig Warner, Hayden, Idaho, USA

Max Miller's "There'll never be another!" applies equally to Bob Monkhouse. He was the ultimate pro.
Chris Hughes, Staines

I grew up in the 80s with Bob constantly on the TV. I always enjoyed his 'Smooth' act and his (sometimes v. naughty) innuendos. Nobody since has done it like Bob. RIP to the Big Man.
Sharon, Wales

I'm sad to hear of Bob's untimely death. He was a UK institution and will be missed by millions. Thoughts are with his family and friends.
R McBroom, York

Have childhood memories of the Golden Shot on a Sunday afternoon, and more recently took my Mum to a recording of a Bob Monkhouse show at the BBC, you couldn't have wished for a more quick witted, charming host, was really sad to hear of his passing this morning.
Jonty, Watford

Bob - A comic genius, will always remember you with great fondness. Rest in Peace you dear sweet man. From Tracy and Paul.
Tracy & Paul Coke, Shoeburyness, Essex

Growing up with Bob Monkhouse on television, this has came as a massive shock to me. I remember some of his shows vividly, and it's a shame that yet another member of the old school of comedy is now gone. Keep on joking Bob.
Michael Anazapela, Aberdeen

A brilliantly funny, inventive and above all sincere performer - Max Miller's "There'll never be another!" applies equally to Bob Monkhouse. He was the ultimate pro.
Chris Hughes, Wraysbury, Staines

Whatever people think of Bob Monkhouse, he was truly 'The Guvnor' ... a trooper, a real professional and to some of today's younger comedians, an icon. Thanks Bob, for years of quick-fire laughs.
Stu, France

The ultimate hard working entertainer, who brought joy and laughter to all those who loved his quick fire humour. Thanks for the memories Bob, your wit and devilment was a wonderful gift you shared with all. You will be sadly missed by the British public.
Rob Hall, Manchester

"Improv" comedy was presented as something new a decade ago, but Bob was a faster thinker than anyone for as long as anyone can remember. Part of my childhood has gone and I am very sad.
Trev Edwards, Preston
Bob was one of the greatest comedians of all time and an ultimate all round entertainer. Thanks for the laughs Bob, 2004 won't be the same without you.
Mark Henry, Bradford, UK

He always gave fantastically crisp and sharp responses on any topic. A genius of one-liners, memory and timing! This is sad news for British comedy, but I expect Heaven will be a hoot now! Bless you, Bob.
John, South Wales

Fifteen years ago I met Bob in person in a hotel in Stoke-on-Trent. I first caught sight of him in the morning as I was entering the hotel to book in with my party. When he came on stage to entertain us the very first thing he said was that there was a lady in the audience who was celebrating her birthday today. He asked me to go up on the stage & presented me with a beautiful basket of flowers and got everyone to sing happy birthday. He was so jovial & kind to me.
Mrs. Valerie Darling, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Bob was consistently one of the funniest blokes around. He has been a comedy presence all my life and will be missed. He seemed to be a lesson to us all in how to keep smiling through adversity. My best wishes to his wife and family.
Chris Curry, Newport, South Wales

From the pasty young dentist alongside Leslie Phillips (in black & white) to the man with the tan and the wry grin with some 'News for You', Bob will be missed not only for his consummate professionalism, but more perhaps for his generosity in both giving of money, for which he was well known, and of his own time and effort, which went generally unsung. A genuinely funny man has left us.
Paul Curran, Lowestoft

A true gentleman, a true comedian, a true workaholic and now a legend. Bob was as sharp as any comedian 50 years his junior. He will never be forgotten.
Luke Cumiskey, La Paz, Bolivia

In my early days of watching TV, I always thought of Bob Monkhouse as being a product of my parents' generation, harking back to the Musical Hall and old style cabaret days. In the 1980's it was "uncool" to like Bob Monkhouse because of the Alternative Comics appearing on the circuit. It is only when you hear the likes of Ben Elton, Alexei Sayle and Rik Mayall talking, that you realise how influential Bob Monkhouse was on this new generation of comedians. I had the chance to see him in concert in the early '90s and it was only then that I realised exactly how funny this man was. He will be greatly missed.
Dave Shaw, Leamington Spa

"Improv" comedy was presented as something new a decade ago, but Bob was a faster thinker than anyone for as long as anyone can remember. Part of my childhood has gone and I am very sad.
Trev Edwards, Preston, Lancashire

For me, this was the saddest loss of the year. A real comedian and personality in the original sense of the word. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Tony, Montevettolini, Tuscany, Italy


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