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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 September, 2003, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
Your tributes to actor Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson, star of The Magnificent Seven and the Death Wish film series, has died aged 81.

The actor, who also starred in classic films such as The Great Escape and The Dirty Dozen, was considered one of the original Hollywood hard men.

Some of his later films saw him share the screen with his wife Jill Ireland, before her death in 1990.

Thank you for your tributes to Charles Bronson. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

I liked Charles Bronson when he was in the Magnificent Seven along with Yul Bryner. It was an excellent film. I could watch it for hours on end.
Ronald Dutt, Folkestone

Surely the world will miss one of the world's greatest actors the movie industry has ever produced. I idolized him very much, I like his movies especially the DEATH WISH Series. We'll be missing you Charles.
Bethchai, Philippines

My sincere condolences to Charles Bronson's family. Since early childhood my peers and I have admired and attempted to emulate the great actor. As an adult, I still want to be like Charles Bronson - stoic, straight, undefeated. Thank you, El Brutto.
Alexander Prusin, former USSR

He was the ultimate tough guy with a body of steel. RIP Mr Bronson.
Glen, India

He has a special place in my memories and will be greatly missed
Christine Baxby, UK
So very very sad to hear the news of Charlie's death, feel as though we have known him for quite a while although not seen on the silver screen much over the last few years. He has a special place in my memories and will be greatly missed. Please pass my condolences on to his family, the entertainment world now has a big hole in it.
Christine Baxby, UK

I loved this guys stuff...Hard Times, Great Escape, heck even Borderline. He was terrific. They do NOT make'em like him anymore. Sail on Sailor.
Magorsky, USA

Between Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, and James Coburn they epitomized what it was to be a tough man. So many of today's tough guys seem to have no soul or depth, and are entirely too pretty. I fear this is the end of an era.
Vic, USA

All I can say is "Harmonica" - The ones who knew Charles Bronson would know which movie I'm referring to!
Mariam Nahavandi, Maryland, USA

The sort of man you felt would be even more interesting in the flesh than on the screen. He'll be missed.
Neil Gibbons, UK

In all corners of the world, movie lovers will miss another great member of his own class. He was a devoted actor to any roll given to him & sincere to all his variety of rolls. Mr Bronson! We will remember you.
Ashraf Siddiqui, United Arab Emirates

He managed to portray the tough but ordinary guy
Kevin Gates, UK
I grew up watching Bronson's movies and will remember him fondly for his roles in Once Upon A Time in the West and the Death Wish series. A man of few words, he managed to portray the tough but ordinary guy in a way that no other actor could. Rest in peace Chuck.
Kevin Gates, UK

He has always been there. He made the most of every roll and excelled in the best. Once Upon a Time in The West may have been the best but who else could have carried Death Wish like that? A Bruce Willis? I certainly think not!
Mike, USA

Mr. Bronson will surely be missed around the world. At the age of 43 I have finally watched "The Great Escape" after hearing about it from our Bandmaster - I am in a flute band and the theme song from this movie is one of our very favourites!!! He was a great actor and a great man!!! My condolences to his family and friends!!!
Kathy, Canada

I grew up watching Charles and I always idolised him. With tears in my eyes I say: "Goodbye old friend". I know he is in a better place now.
Sean, USA

Charles Bronson leaves a great legacy of honest, gritty work
Ralph Zema, USA
Bronson grew-up in the coal mining country of Pennsylvania and so did I. I can fully identify with his desire to get away and make a different life for himself. In his films, he portrayed strong, sensitive characters like no one else. Charles Bronson leaves a great legacy of honest, gritty work. I will miss this unique American actor.
Ralph Zema, USA

In a world of prima donna actors who are little more than press hype and good looks, Bronson stood as a rugged outsider. What you saw was what you got and what you got was great! A graduate from the school of hard knocks he rose to become the most successful male actor in the world in the 70's. More important however, was that below that rough exterior he was a good and decent man, and loving father with a good perspective on it all.
P.W. Lang, USA

Like most Jamaican youth in the 1970s and 80s, I idolised Charles Bronson, as I did other tough guys like Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. Like many others worldwide, I, too, thought he never got the credit or recognition he deserved for his superb minimalist yet explosive approach to acting. Condolences to his family. Walk good, Mr Bronson.
Norman Munroe, Jamaica

A tragic loss and a solemn reminder that we are slowly losing the great actors that constituted the original 'hard men' of Hollywood. A generation that can never be replaced. So many brilliant films with so many magic silver-screen memories, with perhaps "Once Upon a Time in the West" being my favourite. You will be deeply missed Charles.
Travis Trewin, Australia

The world has lost one of the best action heroes the film industry ever produced. My condolences to his wife, children and grandchildren. I never meet you, but you will be remembered by me and your loyal fans. I am proud that a Lithuanian-immigrants' son became a role model for people that have been victims of crime and injustice.
Edvardas J Schumann, U.S.A.

He was without a doubt the greatest influence on my life as a movie lover. A physical actor in every sense of the word. Growing up in the 1980's feeding on his action-movies of that era, and then subsequently discovering his treasures of screen classics surely is the greatest joy I've ever had as a film buff. Movies like "The Magnificent Seven", "The Great Escape", "The Dirty Dozen" and "Once Upon a Time in the West" is a testimonial to the great talent of Charles Bronson. The thought that a man of such great presence is no more surely is hard to take. I will miss him immensely. Adios Amigo.
Geir Olsen, Norway

His steel-blue eyes could look speak volumes without saying a word
Scott, USA
He was from a "Class" of actors of which there are so very few left. His steel-blue eyes could look speak volumes without saying a word. Definitely a man's man in his roles and truly a great loss to all of us.
Scott, USA

Bronson beat the odds in life and on the silver screen. I remember reading that his mother had to give him to another family as she had 15 children. With all the whining in the world - here was someone who rolled with the punches - literally!
Setara Delawari, Afghanistan

He was - together with John Wayne, Lee van Cleef and Lee Marvin, part of that dying breed of actors who left their mark on popular cinema just by their sheer screen presence. To paraphrase the quote of his 'Harmonica'-character in 'Once upon a time ...', an ancient race, being killed of by over-choreographed action scenes and special effects.
Peter Stockman, Belgium

I have always enjoyed Charles Bronson's films and am sorry to hear of his passing. My favourite is probably "Once Upon a Time in the West" with Henry Fonda. In spite of his many enjoyable films I think that his marriage and devotion to his wife, Jill Ireland, was an example for others in Hollywood. When I learned of his devotion to his wife and the deep sincere sadness and difficulty that he experienced with her untimely death, I knew that this was a man of character, let alone a fine actor. I was a fan before and a more devoted one since.
John Sauter, USA

It was his time to exit and he did it as well as he had on the big screen. I am thankful he left us viewers a legacy of fine movies to remember him by. It is my belief that his movie, Mr. Majestyk epitomized his life and it certainly was one of his best.
Gordon Schreiber, USA

He played in one of the best movies I've ever seen, "Once Upon a Time in the West". A great role. I will miss him greatly.
Dragan, Canada

I looked to people like Bruce Lee; Steve McQueen; James Coburn and Charles Bronson as Top Hard Men of the movies. In a time of a more innocent World, these men stood out miles above the rest for me. They are all gone now, so has the innocent World. God Bless them and their like for helping shape my life.
William Oriogun, London, England

He was the Arnie/Bruce Willis of his generation, only with more style
Paul Monks, UK
One of my childhood heroes. He was the Arnie/Bruce Willis of his generation, only with more style. It was quite apt that Once Upon a Time in the West was shown on UK TV last night - he gave one of his most memorable performances opposite Henry Fonda
Paul Monks, UK

A great man on screen. Under-rated and under-used. He will be well remembered.
Mikey, England

One of the all time greats in the "tough guy" hall of fame - a great loss for die-hard action fans and the movie industry in general. RIP Mr Bronson, but you will be remembered fondly by your numerous fans around the globe. You are also an inspiration for slogging it out in the early years and achieving remarkable success as an actor - a gritty performer, through and through, who never gave up.
Digby Falkiner, Singapore

Just a few words to say that I have always admired this man for his humble toughness!!!
Ina, Argentina

I was lucky enough to meet Charles Bronson when I was an extra in Death Wish III. For such a quiet man, he had such a fantastic screen presence. I will certainly treasure the time we spent together and it was an honour to have met him.
Russell Murray, Cumbernauld, Scotland

One of the best sons of Lithuania
Algirdas Rudavicius, Lithuania
What a man! He never said too many words, but his eyes and his revolver were speaking volumes. Simply, one of the best sons of Lithuania, ever!
Algirdas Rudavicius, Lithuania

I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Charles Bronson. He was one of the true film greats who had a wonderful attitude to the movie world that is sadly lacking in some of today's "stars". He was a great actor and it is no mistake that some of the films he starred in are now classics. God bless Mr Bronson.
Gary McKenzie, Scotland

I grew up watching his films and thought they were excellent entertainment. Unfortunately yet another legend leaves us. Soon they will all be gone. May God bless him and keep him safe.
A, Brazil

A very tragic loss. In the words of Michael Winner, "grossly under-rated as an actor". Mr Bronson defended the Death Wish series of films, saying, in 1987: "I think they provide satisfaction for people who are victimised by crime and look in vain for authorities to protect them." This was said many years ago, and is even more appropriate in today's society. He will never be replaced on the big screen.
Alan Hall, UK

He personified the street wise tough guy role
Ian Butt, Essex
Charles Bronson was one of my childhood hero actors. Like James Coburn and Steve McQueen, he personified the street wise tough guy role, but did so with sensitivity. You always knew that off camera here was a guy that you would find much pleasure in working with. A great actor and a star who never let his star status show or get the better of him. He will be missed.
Ian Butt, Essex

A gentleman both on and off screen, honourable and kind. He will be missed as one of the great ones.
Annette, Denmark

Bronson was shooting a film in Finland during the early seventies and our staff at London Heathrow were supposed to drive him to the aircraft with a VIP van. The van broke down and all they had was an old Ford Cortina with very worn out seats and there was no time to arrange anything better to avoid a delay. Bronson, who always wanted everything to be 'First Class' looked at the Cortina with that special 'Bronson look' and said "Some car!" The story lives on within Finnair at Heathrow forever! May he rest in peace.
Thomas Taimitarha, Finland

Truly a legendary actor and a great person
May Beck, Los Angeles, USA
Charles Bronson always took us on memorable screen journeys with his acting career. Both my husband and I grew up in the 1970's watching his movies. Truly a legendary actor and a great person. He shall be missed deeply.
May Beck, Los Angeles, USA

Mr Bronson was the original who did on screen what we all would want to do in life to fight injustice. Hats off to him for doing it with firm conviction and belief.
Ziauddin Shafi, Saudi Arabia

Raw, gutsy and strong screen presence. One of a 'dying' breed of true actors. He will be sorely missed.
Heidi L, Australia

Loved Charles Bronson and enjoyed so many of his films, all including the ones he made with his wonderful late wife Jill Ireland. May he rest in peace and may his family be comforted.
Barbara, USA

Charles Bronson was a great actor who never got the real fame he deserved. One of a rare bread of natural actors! I will miss him greatly.
Roland Brade, Herne Bay, England

He was always so calm and in control of his roles. "Magnificent, Majestyk and mean" - he will be surely missed.
Bruce Smith, USA
Magnificent, Majestyk and mean - he will be surely missed
Bruce Smith, USA

What can one say about Charles Bronson, a truly wonderful actor, and might I add one who will be sadly missed. Sleep well my friend and thank you for all the good times.
Ron Kirk, New Zealand

Bronson was by far my favourite movie star when I was growing up. Along with Eastwood and McQueen, he created the modern action hero.

Bronson appeared in many all time favourite films, but his "Harmonica" role in Leone's epic Once Upon A Time in the West was simply brilliant.

Bronson also stood out as a family man whose long lasting marriage to Jill Ireland in difficult circumstances stood out as a role model. Rest In Peace, Charles.
Sany Zein, Canada

I am shocked. He was so good. My he rest in peace. Pray for his family. Amen.
Clement Andrew, Tanzania

Bronson will always be remembered for his tough but talented presence on the screen. He will be missed.
Judi de Sautels, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Stone-faced, squinty-eyed... on the few occasions when he smiled, he lit up the screen, because we never expected it.

One of our finest character actors has died, he'll be greatly missed.
Dale Tope, USA

It is with sadness I learn that Mr Bronson has died. He was my boyhood idol and I have continued to watch all his movies. He proved that looks didn't matter all that much in being successful in films.
Shyam Dewan, Nepal

He portrayed the true image of how a man was supposed to be
Don, USA
He portrayed the true image of how a man was supposed to be. I will watch movies of him together with my daughter when she grows up. He was and always will be "The Man". God Bless You Charlie. I know that you're in Heaven with Jill now never to part again.
Don, USA

Marvellous and memorable. Magnificent and masculine. Mr Majestyk, indeed!

We mourn your passing. We miss your presence.

We thank you for your wonderful career and for the pleasure you brought to millions of fans world-wide.
Bill Greene, USA

Bronson was always severely underrated as an actor and my favourite of his movies was Hard Times.

Today's movies are all about special effects and sex. Bronson really seemed like a tough person and not some made-up pretty boy who worked out and learned some martial arts.
Chris Lennon, USA
Bronson was always severely underrated as an actor
Chris Lennon, USA

Charles Bronson was an extraordinary man, who grew up poor and became one of the most popular stars of the action genre. Only Arnold can measure up with similar backgrounds. Rest In Peace Charlie.
G. Buckheit, USA

I grew up watching his films, he was a great guy and a hero during my teens. Adios amigo.
Edmund Rocha, Mumbai, India

Thanks for all the good memories and great films, the world is a poorer place without you.
Rex Hopkins, US, ex-Brit

Bronson made ordinary films look extraordinary with his persona
Charles Bronson is my favourite actor in the movie "Once Upon a Time in the West" and I always see him as the man who will never die.
Adolf Volkmann, Samoa

There was Eastwood and there was Bronson. Two giants of the action genre, back when special effects were minimally used and when the actor either made it credible or not. Bronson made ordinary films look extraordinary with his persona. My favourite? The street boxer role he played in "Hard Times" - that was Bronson at his best. A great career.
Al, US

Hard to believe stone-faced Bronson is no more :(
John D'souza, India

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