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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 July, 2003, 11:12 GMT 12:12 UK
Bob Hope: Your tributes
Bob Hope
Legendary entertainer Bob Hope has died, aged 100.

The comic and film star, regarded as one of the greatest entertainers of his generation, celebrated his centenary in May.

Known as the king of the wisecrack, he became one of the biggest stars in the US through scores of films and television shows.

Thank you for your tributes to Bob Hope. Read a selection of your e-mails below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

This topic was suggested by Sarah Woolley, UK
Tributes to Bob Hope

Bob Hope was a well respected and well liked person. He was also a man of humanity. He not only entertained America, he entertained the entire world. May God Bless his soul.
Sasha Mohamed, Canada

I grew up in New York seeing Bob on television. He is part of me of my culture. I too feel that there will never be another Bob Hope. Thanks for the memories Bob.
Marisa Castillo, Puerto Rico

My earliest memories of childhood are going with my favourite Aunt to the Globe cinema in Calcutta to see a Bob Hope Movie. In my early school years, a Bob Hope flick was one that most of the boys would love to watch. And now... suddenly... he's gone. An institution. An artist. An icon. We'll remember you, Bob.
Frank Krishner, India

Bob is a memory.
A funny photograph.
A picture of someone.
Who taught us how to laugh.
Who have us hope when there was none.
Who drove away the clouds.
And brought back the sun.

God bless you, Bob
WB, Wales, UK

I am an Air Force brat and have always considered Mr. Hope as part of my extended family
Sheryl Rhoades, USA
Mr. Hope will be missed. I am an Air Force brat and have always considered Mr. Hope as part of my extended family. As a young teenager, my father was stationed on Guam in 1962-63. I remember the excitement when we heard the Bob Hope Show was coming to the base. We went to the show, but, of course, we were in the back of the hanger as all of the wounded airmen from Viet Nam (who were just beginning to come in) and then all the single airmen stationed on Guam were up front. But is was great! I remember the show vividly. I remember Janice Page, Jerry Colona and all the others, but mostly I remember Bob Hope. God surely smiled down on him during his life and is welcoming him home even now. My heartfelt good wishes go out to his wife Deloris and his family.
Sheryl Rhoades, USA

It was with great sadness that I read of his death, though with great joy that I read a compendium of his funniest lines accompanying the sad news. I am still young, he was before my time, but he was an incredibly funny man, his humorous observations will continue to make us smile for generations to come. Therein lies his worth, the world will be a sadder place without him. God bless you Sir.
Gerald Thorpe, England

Bob Hope was one of those rare performers, that when you saw him down in the TV listing, you could count on him to raise a smile. Sure the story line ran thin and the scenery moved, but 9/10 times Bob delivered and made a difference to your day. As an ex-service man I can only appreciate Bob Hope contributions to morale for those out on active service - Bob Hope a Class Act - RIP 2003.
Robert Thorp, UK

Bob Hope was such a common denominator in the lives of my generation that he was regarded as eternal
A.Litchfield, United Kingdom
Bob Hope was such a common denominator in the lives of my generation (I am 71) that he was regarded as eternal. I remember with great affection his radio shows and his early appearances on TV. I have read criticism of his use of writers. He never denied it. Those who wrote for him would probably not have done so if they had had the talent to deliver their lines themselves. Even those who went on to become household names as performers would be the first to admit that writing for Bob Hope was the best apprenticeship going. You can aspire to be as good but you will never be the same. Even though he could not entertain us in his later years as George Burns did many will still regret his passing
A.Litchfield, United Kingdom

I am 77 and Bob Hope has given my wife and I a lot of pleasure in our lives, when it was announced that he has died it left us very sad. I can only describe the feeling as if we had lost a member of the family, his type of humour will be difficult to replace. Another light has gone out in this dark world
T L Jones, Wales

I saw Bob Hope a few times as a child when my father was stationed in Korea in the late 60's to early 70's. He had a way of connecting with everyone young and old. I always enjoyed watching him on TV and in the movies. Brilliant...just brilliant!
Loyd, USA

He was a funny, warm, loving man with no pretences
Patricia Gillis Frantz, U.S.A.
Growing up in America in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, I regarded Bob Hope as one of the greatest American entertainers of my parents' generation. I particularly loved his "Road" movies with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. I had no idea that he was a Brit until I got much older. He had an appeal that went far beyond any one nation's definition of comic genius. He was a funny, warm, loving man with no pretences. His one liners kept our whole family enjoying television and movies together for decades. When he got ill and feeble, he still retained his sweet, charming personality. He was blessed with a talent he shared with millions in a way few men have done and he had an impeccable character that made his name one to which blame never once was connected to. We Irish Americans think he must have been a HARRIGAN?
Patricia Gillis Frantz, U.S.A.

Had the pleasure of seeing the Bob Hope Show in Vietnam in 1965. For a very short period, I felt good. He was one of a kind and will be sorely missed.
Ronald, USA

Bob Hope was one of a kind. His wit and humour transcends generations. Nobody else has mastered the art of making everyday life funny like he did. He'll be a legend for many years to come. A truly great man who shared a unique talent with the world. Thank you, Mr. Hope!
Dustin Guy, USA

As a former Tech Sergeant in the European Theatre of Operation with the 106th Evacuation Hospital, I would like to say: For your goodness the Good Lord must have embraced your soul and proclaimed "Come to Me, my son, you have done a good job". May you rest in peace.
Walter P. Kramarz, USA

Finally I got my chance to officially say hello and shake Bob Hope’s hand,
Michael Mikicel, Canada
At high school, I became a collector of motion picture memorabilia. In 1988, I was waiting for Mr Hope outside Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto with an original half-sheet poster from the 1948 Hope classic, “The Paleface”. Mr Hope unexpectedly emerged from the building. As he stood on the far side of the limo, talking with several people, I took a few steps toward him, unfurled the poster, and called to Mr. Hope to take a look. I waved the poster at him but he seemed not to notice, and entered the limo.

To my surprise, the rear limo door nearest me opened, and a gentleman asked, “May we please see that poster?” He asked me if he could have the poster. “The Paleface” happens to be Mr. Hope’s personal favourite of his films. I said that I would be delighted for him to keep it and that I had many more things with me to show him. “Wow!”, he said, “Why don’t you come up to the hotel? He didn’t have to ask me THAT twice!! Finally I got my chance to officially say hello, shake Bob Hope’s hand, and tell him of my appreciation for his life’s work. It meant a lot to me to thank him for the lifetime of pleasure and laughter he had given me. My fellow collector Danny fortunately had his camera with him, and Mr. Hope was very happy to oblige us by posing for pictures. I left my package of memorabilia for his perusal before the show. Then, I was humbled by Mr. Hope’s generosity in providing complimentary tickets for his performance.

Over the years, I did keep in touch with Mr. Hope. More recently I have been corresponding with the family and they are equally excited about my collecting efforts and continuing interest in Mr. Hope’s career. In the meantime, thank you for the personal memories that will always live in my heart. God bless you and know that you will keep us all laughing for generations to come.
Michael Mikicel, Canada

Bob Hope transcended both the celebrity and political arena of our times to a level not reached my many in my country. With the passing of Katherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck and a myriad of other great celebrities this year, Mr. Hope truly stands out as one of the great ones. Not only for America but for the world to admire. Whatever your politics, Mr. Hope was inspirational to all. His selfless giving, his entertaining troops through many conflicts and conflagrations that unfortunately the world has gone through over the past 50+ years, to his self-effacing and timeless humour, he will truly be missed and always be remembered. The President has declared that flags be flown at half-staff during his funeral. I say, with all the Holidays and remembrances my country has for great individuals, he too should be honoured in the same fashion. A Patriot's Day to all men and women of his ilk would be a gift and remembrance our country needs to adopt as a "thanks for all the memories."
Brian Brown, USA

I have watched Bob Hope Movies and specials all my life, I am now 39, I especially loved the movie he played with Lucille Ball (Critic's Choice) the other great comedian of our time. He was a joy to watch when I was younger and I still get a lot of joy watching his old movies. Bob in my mind was the greatest male comedian of our time. Now Bob can have his just reward in Heaven
Karl Hough, USA

How often can you say someone touched that many generations?
Lisa, USA
This was a man who went to entertain troops regardless of whether or not he agree with the reason why they were there. He was a class act, a generous soul, and a kind man. I grew up listening to my grandfather, father and uncle, and brother tell of Bob Hope's USO visits. How often can you say someone touched that many generations? Good-bye Mr. Hope and know that in many hearts your legacy endures.
Lisa, USA

If you ask any of the soldiers Bob Hope performed for over the years, they'll all tell you the same thing, he helped make their situations just a little easier and better. Such a statement alone says a great deal about the man he was. And if you tried adding up all the times he made soldiers feel "just a little better," you'd run out of numbers.
Brendan McGarvey, USA

Bob represented an age where comedy did not rely on foul language, sex or smut, but instead relied on being funny because he WAS funny. Sadly those days are long gone.
Kevin Farrow, England

Bob Hope, you are an inspiring definition of what it means to be human. Thanks for being here and doing what you did. You made the world a better place with your talent and charm. We're very lucky to have witnessed it all. God Bless and keep you. Laura, USA
Laura Russell, USA

He comforted my Dad during WWII
Cheryl Ruiz, USA
I am teary -eyed as I write this. I grew up with Bob Hope. He comforted my Dad during WWII, and made us laugh for so many years after. He was such a perfect example of what people should be like. His view of life and his love of laughter. He was a gift to everyone, everywhere.
Cheryl Ruiz, USA

Bob, I'm a middle aged ex-serviceman who was brought up on your movies and shows in the UK. I was always impressed with two things. Your dedication to the servicemen of your adopted country and the fact that you never ever forgot your roots. With your passing the world will be without its greatest comedian and a wonderful person. We seem to lose so many talented entertainers these days, especially comedians. What a pity there seems to be no one to step into the breach when they are gone. Your memory will go on forever though Bob. Thank you, for the memory. Bless you.
Roy Harrison, Greece

Let's hope that each of us can pass on the memory of Bob Hope's achievements to our children. His comedy was timeless and his joviality was such that the mere thought of him can lift one's spirits a little. We'll miss him, but then, hopefully our children will come to love his timeless classics through us in the way that I came to through my parents.
Nick, UK

Bob Hope always took me back to when as a kid I sat glued in front of the TV in stitches at the many films and shows that he was in. He was a huge star who warmed many hearts and evoked a world far removed from today's cynical eye. Truly - Thanks for the Memories.
Chris Smith, UK

To make others laugh is a gift, and Bob Hope was gifted
Paul Clark, UK
Every sly comment to camera that Bruce Willis made in Moonlighting, every knowing look to the audience Frankie Howerd made in Up Pompeii!, every sarcastic one liner Mike Myers gives to the crowd 'off stage' in Austin Powers- they all follow on from Hope in the Road To... films. The celluloid may age, the style may date, the stories may creak with time, but the talent will live forever in the hearts and minds of cinema-goers old and new; to make others laugh is a gift, and Bob Hope was gifted.
Paul Clark, UK

Bob Hope was everything positive that an entertainer should be. He gave 50 years of his career to US Military abroad and didn't make a penny for it while also giving so much to charity. I think today's often greedy and out of touch entertainers should take a step back and a give a good hard look at the prime example of utilising your talents in a positive way.
Chip, USA/Italy

My father saw Bob Hope perform in the Grand Opera House in Belfast during the 1940s. He still remembers Bob's opening line - he sauntered on stage and said 'You know, I've performed in bigger garages!'
Gerry McDermott, N. Ireland

A wonderfully funny man. It is a joy to watch his films and know that we can share this experience with our two daughters aged 14 & 8 years. We will certainly miss his unique brand of humour. We are praying for his family and we thank them for sharing such a wonderful husband and father with the world.
Carol Turner, England

Indubitably the worlds funniest golfer . . .
Chris Rolland, UK

An exemplary life well lived
Constance E. Cumbey, USA
An exemplary life well lived. We were blessed by his presence. He was free of scandal; lived happily with his wife for nearly 70 years; gave massively to charities; boosted the morale of troops and gave us all healthy belly laughs!
Constance E. Cumbey, United States

Definitely one of the all time greats. I have always enjoyed his films and felt there was something irresistible about him. He was particularly good at entertaining the troops.
Lynne Petchey, England

With the passing of Bob Hope, the world has lost one of its truly great people and the best friend a GI could have when serving in a foreign land. He brought to me and many thousands like me a little touch of home during some of the loneliest of times. Farewell and Thanks For The Memories.
Chuck, USA

I feel like there is no Hope anymore. I like to think you'll be enjoying a good round of golf with some old friends.
Pete, UK

I was once told that a person is not measured by what they have done with their lives, but by what they have done for others. Bob Hope is truly a man that lived by that philosophy. He gave to the world laughter and smiles. We have truly lost an American original and a member of our family.
Juels, Florida, USA

He introduced me and millions of others to quick witted humour and intelligence
Mark, England
I grew up on large doses of Bob, including all of his (and Bing's) Road movies. In a way that no other actor/comedian has, he introduced me and millions of others to quick witted humour and intelligence. I never met him, but he always came across as a nice guy, someone you'd like to have as a friend. I will miss him.
Mark, England

Style and class - he possessed both in abundance and both seem to be in retreat lately. Bob, you will be missed.
Richard Shepard, Ukraine

When someone says the name Bob Hope it brings a smile to my face, and just the memory of the laughter he gave us lightens up the burden of every day living
Sharon, Canada

Bob Hope was a remarkable man who literally brought laughter around the world! I loved his movies but will remember him most for his dedication to his country and his bravery and willingness to bring joy to soldiers who were staring death in the face! The world wasn't ready to give up Hope - 100 years was not enough!
Keryn Paul, USA-Nebraska

He could make people laugh even at times of adversity
Mithun Bhattacharya, India
Bob hope was a legend. He could make people laugh even at times of adversity. He was a true entertainer and an inspiration for all actors cutting across race, nationality or creed.
Mithun Bhattacharya, India

I was stationed in Korea during the late 80s and he visited us. It was Christmas and he could have been anywhere he wanted to, but he chose to be with us. I'll always be grateful to him and the USO for that.
Roger, USA

He was a great man who will be missed. Even as young as I am (16) I really admired the man. He was one of my favourite role models. May He Rest in Peace.
Nick Holzer, USA

Comedy, particularly at this time, does not age well. It is therefore a tribute to the endearing talent of Bob Hope that, along with a band of very small comrades including Laurel and Hardy, his work is as funny today as it was when first heard. Thank you Bob. Your work will be your legacy.
Adam Stone, England

Despite our sadness, we can celebrate a lifetime of laughs. For a great deal of his life Bob Hope put smiles on faces of troops who faced imminent death. He never let those guys down no matter how out of fashion it was to go and see them. I know he will be missed by millions... but we can still have a laugh or two as we remember him. Thanks for the memories.
Chris, USA

A wonderful man. Unique as an entertainer. He brought the lighter side of life by making us laugh. He will be missed but we have those "memories"...
Jacques Tricand, Canada

I remember seeing him at Christmas 1969 in Vietnam. It took an exceptional human being to spend his holidays entertaining people he had never met, just because they wouldn't be having much of a Christmas themselves.
Lloyd Cook, USA

In 1966 I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Hope at a charity for disabled children here in Toronto. I also had a photograph signed by him, 'To Veronica, thanks for the memories'. A black and white picture it was. I was one of the kids in a wheelchair, watching Mr Hope sign it. I will miss him dearly.
Veronica Szamet, Canada

Although I am only 17, I grew up watching his movies and will miss him greatly, one of a kind. Bye Bob.
Matt Crowther, England

When my brother was serving on board the USS Okinawa in the Persian Gulf in the late 80's, we got to see him on TV because of Bob Hope's Christmas USO Show. My brother sat on a helicopter on deck right behind Mr Hope as he performed. We were so glad to see my brother, and so grateful for Mr Hope's dedication to the troops. Thanks for the memories!
Vivian, USA

You were such a wonderful comedian. May your legacy continue to linger on.
Monday Agbonigiarhuoyi, Nigeria

We won't forget you
Bill, Virginia, USA
As a disabled American veteran and having grown up in a military family, I have genuine tears of sadness from hearing of Bob Hope's death. He will be greatly missed. Thanks, Bob, for all the time you spent entertaining our brave young men and women in uniform. We won't forget you. Thanks for the memories.
Bill, Virginia, USA

Bob Hope is remembered for a lot of reasons, but one which is not often quoted is his inspiring the first (and so far only) lunar golfer. After a visit by Bob Hope to the space centre, Al Shepard (also a keen golfer) sneaked an adapted golf club and ball onto Apollo 14, and hit it one-handed across the lunar surface at the end of his moonwalk.
Sarah Bowyer, Reading, UK

The one and only. A transnational personality that brought mirth and happiness to the four corners of the world.
Dr. E. J. Josephides, Cyprus

I served in the US Navy from 1975 to 1996 and had the opportunity to see and meet Mr Hope twice in my career. During two USO shows tapings, once in NYC in May 1978 and the second time off the coast of Lebanon on board the USS New Jersey in December 1982. Great American/ British entertainer who brought a small bit of home to millions of service-people around the world. He will be surely missed but his spirit will inspire others to continue on with the 'show'. Bob, 'Thank you for all the memories'.
Richard B. Wolpin, USA

Thanks for the memories, Bob
Kathy, USA
I was lucky to see you in Chu Lai, 1968, on December 24th. You made my Christmas that year. I was also lucky enough to see you when you visited Fall River, Mass. in the 80's. You were still the funniest. Thanks for the memories, Bob. Heaven's gain is our loss.
Kathy, USA

Bob Hope was that US/UK special relationship!
Robin Hull, UK

Bob Hope was a neighbour of mine. During Halloween, he allowed children to trick or treat at his house, his butler giving out Bob Hope pencils instead of candy. Hope also paid for the large church nearby to be built. He will be missed the world over, but also in his own neighbourhood.
Kevin Lightner, USA

I had the honour of flying Mr Hope on a chartered Learjet from St Louis to Lexington, Kentucky, in the late 70's where he was met by Col. Harlen Sanders, the Kentucky Fried Chicken icon. Mr Hope was truly one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived and he will be sorely missed.
John Klay, USA

AS a British expatriate, and a life-long fan of Bob Hope, and coming from Bromley I feel the world has lost a great man, and comedian. He was devoted to making people happy, especially the allied troops during World War 2. Although he loved America, he was an American citizen, but he never forgot his ties to old Britain. I wish to send out sincere condolences to his wife and family. Bob was a once in a lifetime entertainer, and will be remembered for many years.
Michael Kain, Brazil

Australians will mourn the passing of this gregarious and generous spirit. It feels like we are closing the last chapter of the twentieth century.
Stuart Whitman, Australia

Thank you for all the laughter you gave us!! Hollywood will never be the same again...
Leena Haimi, Finland

Bob, some of your jokes were groaners, but they made me laugh. Why? Because in the Vietnam jungle you brought us home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I salute you.
Robert Jones, USA

As we approached we saw it was Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
George, UK
In the early 1970s I played golf on the Kings course at Gleneagles with my friend Ronnie. As we played we came up behind 2 (obviously) Americans, who were playing much more slowly than we were. I'd expected to be held up for the rest of the round, but they stopped at the 10th tee and let us play through. As we approached we saw it was Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, each with caddies and a few friends too. It was nice of them to let us through. As we passed, they smiled, and Bob Hope said "Hit it hard boys, hit it hard". I couldn't imagine 2 modern day celebrities allowing 2 teenage boys to play through.
George, UK

I always wanted to see Bob live. I was very lucky... I got to work on his 1982 show from the Naval Academy. I still have the autographed picture. My dad saw him in WWII. When no one else cared, and no one else came, Bob, you were there. Thank you.
Andy Zdanowicz, USA

A comic genius. How fitting that such a great artist, should have such a long and full life. He gave so much laughter, to so many, for so long.
Derek, ex-pat, Brazil

Very sad news indeed. Rest in peace Bob. Britain, the US and the whole world has lost a friend but heaven has gained a new star.
Cliff Babbs, Hong Kong

He never took himself too seriously
Louise, England
I'm 22 and have grown up watching Bob Hope movies. Every time I see them they still make me roar with laughter. He never took himself too seriously which was one of his most endearing qualities. My mum and I will miss him very much.
Louise, England

For as long as I can remember Bob Hope was there. A funny guy who never hurt anyone and helped everyone. GIs from my father's time of WWII to the first Gulf War have lost a friend. The world has lost a good man and entertainer who stood so high that we will still look up to him for evermore. By Bob. Thanks for the memories.
Paul, USA

I had the honour to see Mr Hope perform in the Philippines in the mid 1980s. Despite his age, his wit and energy brought those service men and women closer to home. Thank you Sir.
James Timmons, USA

I grew up with Bob Hope and was one of the lucky millions who saw him live at a USO show (Vietnam 1970). What a trooper... Thanks for the memories.
Larry, UK now/ US before

Brilliant comedian, a hero in his own way.
Martin, Sweden

Our thoughts are prayers go to Dolores and the family. Bob - thanks for the memories.
Fr Greg Bailey, Canada

A great 100 years full of laughter
Joanna, UK
Sad to hear the news, but it was a great 100 years full of laughter. One of the few American stars not to take himself seriously. Thanks Bob you will be missed - say hi to Bing from us!
Joanna, UK

A man of many talents who brought smiles to millions across the world from young to old generations. He'll be missed.
Jason, USA

Thank you Bob for bringing such joy into our hearts. Your name and great talent will live on forever. God bless.
Jeff, UK

I don't think there is anyone to match Bob for the quickness and wit of his one-liners (maybe Phil Silvers is in the same league). I still love the Road movies - you just can't beat Bing, Bob and Dottie on a wet Sunday afternoon.
James A, UK

Thanks for being there for us during our tours in Vietnam
Tom Sullivan, USA


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