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Last Updated: Monday, 5 May, 2003, 09:17 GMT 10:17 UK
Dirty Den: How should he come back?

Classic EastEnders villain Dirty Den is making a comeback to Walford in September.

Dennis Watts exited the soap after being shot near a canal 14 years ago, and a body later found in the canal was buried as Den.

His marriage with alcoholic Angie made some of the soap's most memorable and colourful storylines.

What's the best storyline the scriptwriters could use to bring Den back? Could it be convincing? Is it too unfeasible to bother 14 years on?

Thank you for your e-mails. This debate is now closed. A selection of your comments is published below.

He should come back as some sort of river creature
Adrian, England

Without a doubt, he should come back as some sort of river creature, it'd be an interesting turn of events in any case.
Adrian, England

Den 2 is really an alien. People will start to dissapear around the square. Later, the old cast is discovered around the moons of Jupiter inside an old brick. Oh dear, that's been done before. Just like all the other plots.
Graham, UK

Den was always a slippery bloke, so it isn't that far fetched for him to reappear! But I can't see how he would fit with the current cast. His behaviour was mild compared to what some of them get up to now. But if you have to, you have to!
Joyce Koehn, USA

I don't care how you do it; just bring him back. He was the classic villain: love him and hate him.
Margaret, USA

He should come back in a taxi, then shoot the driver when he finds out the cost since he's been away. Or better still, come back with a flamethrower, and rid us all of this southern twaddle.
Neal, England

He could come back as a ghost which haunts everyone. That might mean the BBC having to spend money on special effects.
Cliff Hulcoop, England

Maybe he should fly in like an angel. There, that would just make us all feel so good, wouldn't it?
Dave, Barnet, UK

Bringing Den back from the dead will bring EastEnders into as much contempt as brining Bobby Ewing back did for Dallas.
Garry Grant, England

This has to be one of the most eagerly awaited come-backs ever!
Fiona, UK

This is just what EastEnders needs to boost it. This has to be one of the most eagerly awaited come-backs ever! He faked his own death. (Obviously!) Sharon knew it wasn't him when she identified his body. She used the body to put the gangsters off and to make it safe for him. She's been in contact with him ever since and has bought the E20 nightclub in preparation for him coming back. They could run it together as a rival for the Vic.
Fiona, UK

Why don't we just do A Christmas Carol story where Ian gets visited from EastEnders ghosts to tell him he is on a dangerous path? The BBC producers have gone into bizzaroland with resurrecting a dead character. Has EastEnders at last fallen into the Days Of Our Lives scenarios?
Kevin Ennis, England

Den comes back to the square after having been cloned from the DNA of his dead counterpart but there was a mistake in the production process. There are now six of him and they turn all meet up together at the Vic after having the urge to go there.
Graham Pollitt, UK

Den has seen the error of his ways and is now a lecturer at Walford Polversity. He comes to the square to speak to talk to Babs Windsor as part of his research for a dissertation on "Recycling of ageing comedy stars to boost the flagging ratings of tedious soaps".
Martin Jenkins, UK

Perhaps a twin of Den appears, this would generate very interesting situations with gangsters and family especially if the twin is a very nice person.
Derek Frazer, UK

He's been in the Salvation Army with Harold Bishop. He has learned to play the tuba and through his music, he helps Dot to rediscover her faith in God.
Matt Everest, UK

Den should come back dressed as a chicken... because he got a job at a party firm
Matt, Great Britain

I reckon Den should come back dressed up as a chicken to one of Ian's kids' parties. Because he got a job at a party firm. Then Dennis goes up to him and mistakes him for Phil and gives him a good old punch. Then the head falls off and there revealed, is Dirty Den.
Matt, Great Britain

Could we not have the old man back, please? Just concentrate on his cute son who we have seen storm into the show this week. More shots of him in his underwear would be ever so... entertaining? :)
JJ, London

Den hears about his son and comes to see him and winds up falling for Pauline, declaring that it was her he always loved, becoming Vicky's grandfather as well as father.
Toby, UK

Why not let Den step out of the shower and pretend that the last 14 years were just a dream? It's been done before! How desperate the BBC must be to achieve ratings.
Mary Gallagher, England

Den comes back as an asylum seeker
Christopher Tsangari, London

Den comes back as an asylum seeker and Dot brings him into her house thinking he needed a home, where Sharon spots him playing cards with Jim in the pub.
Christopher Tsangari, London

Never mind Den - when is Grant Mitchell coming back??!
Rita Kitto, Switzerland

Will Angie be coming back from the dead as well?
Sharren, Scotland

Den comes back to the square because he has a terminal illness. He doesn't expect anybody he used to know to still be around; he just wants to revisit old memories. So while he's soaking up the atmos in the Vic, Sharon walks in, and she sees this old man sitting in the corner... who looks so familiar... almost like - DUM-DUM-DUM, DUM-DUM-dum-dum-dum...
Jai Gomer, Wales, UK

He shouldn't come back. EastEnders has moved on and Leslie Grantham's star has faded. He'll be nothing without Angie anyway.
Steve B, Scotland

In view of the cross linking of TV shows such as Casualty and Holby City and the Bill and MIT: Den did fall into the canal but was rescued by Gordon in Thunderbird 4 and for the 14 years has been working for International Rescue.
Adam Fronteras, UK

Dirty Den returns to EastEnders
02 May 03  |  TV and Radio



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