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Last Updated: Monday, 2 June, 2003, 15:59 GMT 16:59 UK
Bob Hope at 100: Send your birthday tributes
Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour in a scene from the 1938 film The Big Broadcast of 1938
Comedy legend Bob Hope celebrates his 100th birthday on Thursday with a raft of events taking place across the United States and further afield.

The comic is one of America's best loved performers, and 35 different US states will honour his birthday as "Bob Hope Day".

Born in Eltham, England, his 75-year career includes movie performances, stage shows, Oscar show hosting and legendary performances in front of thousands of US troops.

Thank you for you birthday tributes to Bob Hope. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

We are celebrating your birthday in style
Jerry Boron, USA
Bob, Here near Cleveland we are celebrating your birthday in style. The Indians are not doing well but there is HOPE. You got us through the WWII. Thanks for the memories. Love you.
Jerry Boron, USA

It's an honour to be able to wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you for going to Vietnam and giving us a moment of respite. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and thereby making it a better place.
Dion Channer, Italy

Bob Hope was a favourite in our family and I never missed a movie when shown on TV. I was never so thrilled as to meet him at a book signing in San Francisco in the early 90's. Just to be in his presence was awesome. Have a very happy birthday Bob, and yes thanks for the entertainment.
Louise, San Francisco

Congratulations and well done. Let's hope the second 100 is as good as the first.
Colin Ollerenshaw, UK

We laughed so hard that at least one of us always ended up in tears
Meredith, USA
Growing up, my parents always watched the Bob Hope specials on NBC. We laughed so hard that at least one of us always ended up in tears. It was only after I started study WWII that I realised that this man who had made me laugh so hard as a child, was really an angel in disguise. You are the BEST. Happy Birthday and thanks for the memories.
Meredith, USA

Congratulations to the best comedian with the biggest heart ever.
Michael, Western Australia

All my life you've been there, a star and a gentleman. May you enjoy your birthday and here's to many more! Happy Birthday Bob xx
Cathy, UK

Happy, happy birthday, Mr Hope
Marion Carton, USA
How very fortunate we are to have one of our national treasures in Bob Hope. As a child of the 50's his movies and antics entertained and took me to such exotic locations as Morocco, Bali and Zanzibar. Hope and Crosby? The best. Happy, happy birthday, Mr Hope.
Marion Carton, USA

Congratulations Bob! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday surrounded by your family and friends. You have brought so much laughter into this mixed up world, over so many years. My whole family have been great fans of yours for as long as I can remember - keep the one-liners coming! You really are No. 1 in my book! God bless you and yours.
Dave Williams, Japan

I grew up watching Bob Hope in his many movies and I never missed a Bob Hope TV special. I have been reading about him today and it sure brings back a lot of wonderful memories. I want to extend best wishes to him on his 100th Birthday.
Ann Trowbridge, Canada

Just thinking of Bob Hope brings a smile to my face
Margaret, Scotland
When I was a little girl we always watched the Bob Hope movies which usually aired on Sunday afternoons. Just thinking of Bob Hope brings a smile to my face. You are a comedy genius and have given so much of yourself to the world. Happy Birthday.
Margaret, Scotland

Happy Birthday, Bob. I was a soldier in Vietnam when you came to entertain us. I want to say thanks for the memories, Bob
Phil Contreras, USA

Somehow it is hard to imagine that comics get old. We salute a man full of fun who gave it to millions of others. Thanks for making the long haul so much lighter.
Alan Montgomery, South Africa

I read Bob's autobiography some time back - it read like one of his movies. Gag after gag it's great and one of the few books you can read twice still laughing. I was struck by the warmth and willingness to give credit where it was due, especially to his long suffering joke/ghost writers. A generosity of spirit that still comes through even when saying other people's lines! Son of Paleface was my favourite along with some fantastic films that stand well alongside any comedy great. He was still doing entertainments in the Lebanon in the 1980's! What a guy. Very best wishes Bob.
John, UK

Bob Hope - you give me hope for the future!!!
John, Birmingham, UK

Bob looked us directly in the eye with a Merry Christmas
Loren, USA
My future wife and myself were working a late shift at Long Beach Veterans Medical Center, it was nearly Christmas. As we were walking alone up the hallway comes an administrative official, a well known starlet (Loni Anderson) and Bob Hope. The official and starlet walked by us like fence posts but Bob looked us directly in the eye with a Merry Christmas. There was never any publication of the visit. Thanks for the memory Bob!
Loren, USA

Happy birthday you wonderful man! Just the mention of your name brings a wide smile to my face. I'm 56 years younger but have been watching you since I was a tiny tot; thanks to my Dad and an ancient black and white telly. All of your amazing achievements are well documented but I'd like to mention something that I hold in such high regard: seeing your mischievous face simply tells me I'm in for great entertainment and more than a few belly laughs to boot! Take precious care.
Susan, Scotland

Thank you for all of the great laughs. My favourite movie is The Lemon Drop Kid. Now it's also my children's favourite.
Jon Wiltjer, USA

Bob took the English "cheeky chappie" and turned it into something American
Tom, UK
Bob Hope took the very English "cheeky chappie" comedy of music hall and turned it into something quintessentially American. That required brains, courage, and a lot of luck. Bob is loved because of his candour and unfailing optimism, particularly during the war years. When there wasn't much to laugh about he reminded a whole generation that life could be fun.
Tom, UK

I wish we could give you as much as you gave us. Happy Birthday!
Phyllis Claunch, USA

My brother saw Bob Hope in Vietnam. He said it was the closest he ever came to "home" during the three years he was overseas. Thank you for that, Bob - and thanks for all the memories you've left us on celluloid.
Robert del Valle, USA

You are like a member of the family! We celebrate not only your 100th birthday but your humour, class, kindness and strength. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Happy Birthday!
Maria Seyrig, USA

The greatest gift is to make someone else laugh and be happy. You have done that to so many millions over the past 100 hundred years. Happy Birthday.
Steve Dibdin, UK

Bob, you brought happiness and laughter to the boys over seas during times when in harm's way. Happy Birthday.
Bob Fraser, Canada

Being a 70-year-old Londoner, in fact a resident of Eltham, I doubt very much if I missed one of Bob Hope's films. He was so good in all of them that some of the gags (as he would call them) have never left my mind. I often re-enact his horseplay to make my family laugh. He is a lovable star of the kind we do not find in our entertainment today. Congratulations on your centenary Bob and thanks for all the laughs.
Gordon, England

Bob Hope: The old pro
28 May 03  |  Showbiz


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