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Last Updated:  Sunday, 30 March, 2003, 16:52 GMT 17:52 UK
War in Iraq: Your views
US Marines take control of an oil pumping station in southern Iraq
Baghdad is sustaining heavy bombing by Western warplanes a day after 58 civilians were reported to have died in an explosion at a crowded city market.

Graphic images of badly injured children have been broadcast on several Arabic satellite television channels throughout the Middle East.

On Saturday, four US soldiers died in suicide attack when a taxi blew up at an army checkpoint near Najaf.

Earlier the US military has admitted that stiff Iraqi resistance is slowing their the progress as battles rage around strategic towns in the south.

What are your views on the course of the war so far? Send us your comments.

This is a tenth page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

Our government would always rather fight wars than feed, educate and take care of its own people
Paula Anne, U.S.A.
Our government would always rather fight wars than feed, educate and take care of its own people. Attacking Iraq makes many people here feel important. They act like it is God's work. We could end poverty with all the money this war will cost. Anybody here who says that the war is cheating the poor gets in trouble.
Paula Anne, U.S.A.

What kind justice permits the US (which possesses the largest amount of WMD) to destroy Iraq only because they might have WMD.
M. T. Mirza, Kuwait

The US and UK aggressor must withdraw immediately; their leaders must apologise the world in general and Muslims in particular.
M. Nisar, Dubai/UAE

As a US Marine veteran and current Law Enforcement Official, I would like to express my sorrow for the brave British royal marines who have died trying to help our world become safer and more peaceful.
Ernest C. White, USA

Thanks to the Brits for shouldering the guilt of invading a sovereign nation without any UN approval. Without you, we would have felt lonely and miserable killing Iraqi people all by ourselves. And thanks to Bush & Co. for your great plan - our soldiers are killed on a daily basis, our money wasted, and you have made us Americans proud - our flag is now being burnt everywhere around the globe.
Michael, San Diego, California, USA

For every action there is a reaction
Aryan, India
Starting this war a major blunder. As Newton rightly said - for every action there is a reaction.
Aryan, India

The coalition is in for a long haul. They have misjudged the allegiance of the Iraqi people.
Deekay, India

Shock and awe is the plan for world domination by the USA. They want to cow the world into submission using modern "conventional" bombs. Iraq is the showcase, as was Hiroshima and Nagasaki for nukes. Do not forget that these were dropped after they knew the Japanese wanted to make peace.
Jenny Gould, Surrey, England

Bush and Blair are lying - their armed forces have suffered many casualties in Iraq.
Wahid Parkar, Kuwait

This is probably the first time since the 17th century that Western countries have started conquering countries to in order to gain control of their resources.
Venkateshpari, Chennai India

I am at a loss to understand why Tony Blair backs Bush in this ill conceived adventure
William Lord, Chicago, Illinois USA
I am at a loss to understand why Tony Blair backs Bush in this ill conceived adventure. Blair certainly appears more intelligent but he supports Bush's flimsy and often inaccurate reasons for this war. Is he angling for a cut of the oil business or is this supposed liberal just as paranoid and crude as Bush?
William Lord, Chicago, Illinois USA

How can the US claim that the Iraqis are fighting dirty when the US uses stealth bombers, GPS guided munitions, night vision, drones, computer technology, and other advanced weaponry?
Quincy, USA

Bush and Blair shame the soldiers by asking them to do something they know is wrong.
Thomas Giansante, Penngrove, USA

The US position on Iraq can easily be explained by narrow-minded self interest, but so can the position of those who oppose it I think.
Hop Pham, Vietnam

We don't need Iraqi oil! Only 5 percent of our crude oil comes from the Middle East
Keith, Wisconsin USA
We don't need Iraqi oil! Europe uses more Middle Eastern oil than the US. Only 5 percent of our crude oil comes from the Middle East. 85 percent of our oil comes from South America. We buy it to help feed the Iraqi people! For all those who are sure Saddam has no illegal weapons - who is there doing the intelligence work? The US and the UK. This will be the biggest "I told you so," in world history.
Keith, Wisconsin USA

Most of the world's people would give anything for US citizenship and the Iraqis are fighting against it - unbelievable!
Bruce Furnival, Calgary, Canada

In 25 years Saddam has killed something like 1.5 million Iraqis - we will kill far fewer; those who live will have the chance to pursue a decent life.
Dave, Westchester USA

As Tolstoy once wrote - in a war, there are no winners, only losers, as even the victors suffer immeasurably. For the coalition, the War on Iraq may ultimately prove to be a Pyrrhic victory. Indeed, with mounting civilian casualties, the coalition may ultimately win the war but lose the peace in Iraq and elsewhere.
Kiat-Jin Lee, Singapore

How will we know when he is dead?
Helen, Sheffield, UK
This war is truly aimless and ridiculous, we say we want Saddam's regime out. My question is: how will we know when he is dead? Do we really think he is passing the time in Baghdad or did he leave ages ago? And who will be next in line?
Helen, Sheffield, UK

I'm surprised that people can condemn the war. Saddam is an evil man who has invaded two countries, killed thousands of his own people, used chemical weapons and broken UN resolutions. How people can condemn what American, British, Australian etc. forces are doing escapes me. What are their logical reasons for objecting to this war?
Nigel Hughes, Gloucester, England

I feel the US and its enemies both need psychological counselling. They are both destroying the world for all the young people who will have to live in it after these evil people are dead and gone. All this chaos - just to make rich people richer.
Tilan, Ottawa, Canada

So which moral or legal authority can the US government exert to stop neighbouring nations (Syria, Turkey, Iran) from "meddling" with Iraqi affairs? Is it only the US who can be hostile and pursue its own agenda without obtaining anybody else's permission?
A.G., Bogotá, Colombia

I do not support this war that is killing Iraqis. America could have removed this bad guy in 1991 when they had world's support. I often hear lies from both the US and UK. I always thought that leaders lie only in communist countries and in Third World. Now I understand that Western World also tells lies.
Dawit Shifaw, New C Arrollton, USA

It is unwise to create millions of Bin Ladens in Muslim world.
Tariq Zaidi, Karachi,Pakistan

May God be with you all
Andy, Winnipeg, Canada
Considering the dirty tactics being used by Saddam's forces, I think the coalition forces are doing an amazing job of limiting civilian casualties. I do fear that if the coalition forces go into Baghdad the casualty rate on both sides will spiral. May God be with you all.
Andy, Winnipeg, Canada

This war should never have happened in the first place and the UK got well and truly sucked in by America. It is, so far, going horribly wrong. Will the UK think again about going to war as an ally of the USA again?
Chris Barker, UK

I am sure the people of Baghdad, Basra and a lot of small towns across Iraq must be feeling that the rule of Saddam was much better than the ongoing US led effort to "liberate" them.
Pradeep, Kuwait

We have the right to protest against the war, that's called freedom. Any Iraqi that dares to publicly speak out will pay for that right with a bullet in his head. Yet some naively state that the Iraqis must not want freedom because they don't ask for it? Heaven help us all.
JMH, Florida, USA

I for one am glad that Blair and Bush had the courage to hold Saddam accountable for his non-compliance of multiple UN resolutions over the past 12 years.
James, London

When this war started I was fully behind it. I thought the Iraqi nation was being suppressed, raped, tortured and murdered by a tyrannical despot who was only interested in his own greed. How wrong I was, it seems the Iraqis deem this monster as a hero and God. How can you liberate a country that does not want to be liberated? Now I say bring our people home and let the Arab world live or die by its own wishes.
Mal Jones, Wigan, England

If any opposition to Saddam existed in Baghdad, you killed it
Dragutin, Migles, Varadin, Croatia
Some 10 years ago Croatia was attacked by a military superior enemy. Foreign military experts said that we would lose in a couple of weeks, but we won. Who gave us strength for a victory? The answer is simple - our enemy. Before war started we were very afraid but a few days after the first bomb blast we got used on it. Fear of war is like any other fear. Shocking a first time, but after some time the shock ends and people live with it. Shooting empty buildings in Baghdad caused minimal damage for Iraqi forces, but increased their moral. Another effect of living in a bombarded city is that people no longer think about politics - they are too busy with surviving. Even if any opposition to Saddam existed in Baghdad, you killed it.
Dragutin, Migles, Varadin, Croatia

As a journalist who speaks to the worried families of UK soldiers in the Gulf every day, I pray that the professionalism and courage inherent in our troops sees them through and they return home safely. Fortunately, most of Britain believes in our forces and what they are doing. Hopefully that will be the positive message that gets through to them. Anyone ashamed to be British might like to go and live under the authority of a barbaric dictator for a while and then see what they think.
Andrew, Leicester

If coalition intelligence was able to pinpoint Saddam and his senior officials even as war was breaking out, why has Saddam never been eliminated by a sniper's bullet over the past months? Think how many lives would have been saved.
Howard Wren, Sydney, Australia

How and who starts the war is not now the question, the question is how can we stop the war. The UN should be eliminated, there is no reason to spend money on it.
Haroon, Pakistan

I am continually amazed that the media keep referring to this action as a war. It is not a war. A war happens when both sides are able to respond to the other's weapons. Iraq has not shot down any B-52s or missiles, both of which are causing terrible damage to the city and to the innocent people of Baghdad. This is an action, not a war.
Dave, Chippenham, England

All Iraqis will, in time, thank us
Ryan P, Phoenix, USA
Somebody needs to put an end to their terror and it takes countries with resolve that can see the big picture. All Iraqis will, in time, thank us (the coalition).
Ryan P, Phoenix, USA

I think the war is misguided, but now our soldiers are there risking their lives can the BBC start to be a tad more patriotic and stop this crazy impartiality? Did the BBC tell all during WWII? Did it question the tactics? No. Why keep the Iraqi army informed now?
Richard , Portsmouth, Hampshire

A growing fear in the states is that Mr Bush and Mr Rumsfeld are making the supreme mistake of arrogance also made by President Johnson and his cohorts in Vietnam - belief in technology over the power of committed people defending their home. I have spoken with many of my fellow citizens and veterans and many share a wretched feeling of wanting our president to fail while not wanting our troops to pay the penalty. This is a very dark time to be a US citizen.
Kevin Coomer, Bellingham, Washington, USA

I am a British subject living in Switzerland and I am now seriously looking into the various options open to me to renounce my British citizenship. At the first opportunity I will be sending back my passport. I am ashamed to be British.
Sam Croston, Bern, Switzerland

Saddam must be removed immediately
Ahmed Hussein, Baghdad
I think the war is necessary. Saddam must be removed immediately.
Ahmed Hussein, Baghdad

This is a big mistake by Tony Blair. Most of the world is against this war. A free vote in our parliament would have been against this war. The nations of the world are taking sides and for what? I am 80 years of age and it reminds me of the shaping-up of nations before World War II, but this time we will be judged the aggressors. What a tragic end to Mr Blair's premiership
Doug, Shropshire

I was relieved when the fighting began. Now, for the first time after over 20 years of international abandonment, the Iraqi people will gain the chance to determine their future free of oppression, torture and murder. And the Muslim world protests! They disgrace themselves
Graham Pound, Manchester, UK

How can anyone be as pharisaic as to state that this butchering of civilians, this total destruction of a whole nation, is meant to make this nation happy? How can freedom and prosperity be brought by bombing? Britain and US must immediately withdraw their troops from Iraq and stop this unashamed carnage.
Anton Smolyakov, Moscow, Russia

And the winner is: Dick Cheney
Claude, Kinshasa, DR Congo
And the winner is: Dick Cheney (securing a new contract for one of the companies in which he owns shares), and the big loser is the UN and Kofi Annan.
Claude, Kinshasa, DR Congo

As the military campaign continues it becomes more and more obvious that this war is being fought to serve US interests only - not those of the Iraqi people. Mr Blair should be very wary of associating with the US.
N. G. Chapman, Kingdom of Bahrain

When there are so many other countries ruled by dictatorships, why are Britain and the US interested in freeing the people from brutal regime of Saddam Hussein only? When the war is between the Euro and the Dollar - what is the benefit for the UK?
Arun, Bangalore, India

It is quite embarrassing being British at the moment. The Labour Party will never recover from this act of International stupidity and Britain will be run by the Tories again because of the resulting economic instability.
Mark, Glasgow, Scotland

Coalition forces must shut down the Iraqi media - the big mouth of Saddam Hussein. It is very easy to control and psychological manipulate the humbled Iraqis.
S.H, Cairo, Egypt

Where is Saddam's aid for his own people?
Paul, UK
Where is Saddam's aid for his own people? Why are the running and being shot at? This should have been done right 12 years ago, and if it doesn't get done now, the next thing you know, you'll be one of Saddam's "prisoners".
Paul, Bristol, UK

There are and were ways to get rid of Saddam and his regime of terror without bringing more death and destruction to the people of Iraq.
Rami Haider, Dubai, UAE

I hope we In Australia never need American style "Liberation" and "Freedom"
Nick, Australia

Shock and awe will only create more resolve and suicide attacks
PK Koh, Singapore
It looks like the coalition forces have misjudged the true feelings and spirit of the people of Iraq. Shock and awe will only create more resolve and suicide attacks. This pause in action might give a chance for all to reconsider better options to bombs and more deaths on both sides.
PK Koh, Singapore

It's so easy to applaud war when it's not your child being shot at or your husband on the battlefield.
Sibeso, Hague, Netherlands

Americans believe Saddam is out to get them, North Koreans believe the US is out to get them! Could it be that the American public is just as misinformed as the North Koreans are? And I thought democracy was a mind-liberator!!
Sibs, Amsterdam

Iraq says it doesn't have WMDs and has not yet used one. But it is still being pounded by 'the policeman' and his 'loyal constable' (US and UK). N Korea says it has weapons and fires one every weekend over Japan.
Arran, Mohanur, India

We are witnessing one of the biggest muggings in world's history
Andrzej, Darwin, Australia
This coalition should be renamed the "Coalition of the Killing" because that's what they really do. We are witnessing one of the biggest muggings in world's history. Of course it's not for oil. It's for the profits oil brings!
Andrzej, Darwin, Australia

I can understand Bush's desire to go to war even though the majority of the world is against the war, since he himself got elected with a majority of votes against him
P. Lakshminarasimhan, Dubai, UAE

The latest casualty report has me somewhat confused and I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me. Are we at war with Iraq or Great Britain?
Jim, Cleveland, USA

If we are to believe that this war is being fought in a truly altruistic spirit we should be relieved that the expected 'collapse from within' has not taken place. The Allies should not expect Iraqis to take up arms against fellow Iraqis because this only creates bad blood that will linger on for long after the Western troops have return to their homes. The US and UK have undertaken to rid the world of Saddam for the benefit of all - very well. This cannot be achieved by the short term and self-serving method of turning Iraqis against Iraqis.
Navin, Oman

Instead of Blair urging us to "back our troops" why doesn't he back the troops by allowing our armed forces to have a secret ballot to see if they want to continue with the slaughter?
Martin Hackett, Bradford UK

Let's face it, this war is a tragic mistake and is seen by the Arab world as an anachronistic neo-colonialist operation
Nicolas Garrigue, Ramallah, Palestine
Let's face it, this war is a tragic mistake and is seen by the Arab world as an anachronistic neo-colonialist operation and a blatant desire to humiliate the Arab nation. Nothing good can come out of it, not even for the people of Iraq.
Nicolas Garrigue, Ramallah, Palestine

We expect the Iraqi people to welcome us with flowers and open arms after carrying out our shock and awe tactics. Essentially humanitarian aid is like punching them and giving them a bloody nose, then offering them a Band-Aid.
Roger, Worcester, U.S.A

How many civilians are killed and maimed whilst the avowed objectives of Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein go free. The innocent suffer and the guilty escape; this is always the case and we have always known this. So why do it?
v lock, Aylesbury UK

This war is diabolic, inexcusable, indefensible, invidious, insidious, unjustifiable, arrant lunacy and insanity. The Americans purport that Saddam is a threat to his neighbours and world peace, but nevertheless, several of Iraq's neighbours refuse to sanction this impious war despite bribery.
Paul Pennicooke, Kingston, Jamaica

Why do we report an alleged bomb attack as a coalition failure, (it looks doubtful to me judging by the size of the crater) instead of an accident, while a deliberate rocket attack on Kuwait (which was launched with the intent of killing civilians) also as a coalition failure?
Mr N Jones, King's Lynn, UK

Tony Blair should not have got off so lightly with his comments about soldiers being executed. A far more likely explanation as to why the soldiers had had their bullet proof vests and helmets removed is that the Iraqis wanted them. They have precious little to protect themselves with. Tony Blair's explanation was cheap superficial propaganda with no substance. It is ironic that our leaders are showing themselves to be everything they accuse the Iraqis of.
Richard Duncumb, Ski, Norway

The first casualty I saw in this war was the American Dream
Beate, Germany
The first casualty I saw in this war was the American Dream; America has a new frontier - "Let´s go Middle East" and is dangerously moving away from what it stands for
Beate, Germany

Our one main problem with this war is that we went into it with America's hands over our eyes. We were to confident and sure of ourselves. But now that we are there, we have to do the best we can
Sarah Kyte, Worcester, England

This war is sponsored by the US working class and will benefit the US corporate class. I would like the Iraqi citizens to know that we (working class Americans) do not hate them and do not want to bring death and fear to their homeland.
Selena King, Weslaco, USA

Given the Iraqi peoples 'better the devil you know' outlook, how on earth will it be possible to capture Baghdad without the slaughter of 1000's of innocents? Clearly there is far more contempt for the allies than there is for Saddam even allowing for the oppression these people have suffered. Also given the volatile nature of the region how near are we to WW3 ? Iraq is clearly winning the propaganda war via al-Jazeera , and I'm sure future terrorists are now being born.
Jon Barker, Birminngham

Why don't Bush and Blair disarm India, who is threatening millions of Pakistanis or North Korea who is threatening both Japan and America itself?
Mwiya Mwiya, Lusaka, Zambia

Isn't it about time they dropped all these lies about liberation and came clean about their true objectives
Kathy Stead, UK
Now that it has been reported that the port of Umm Qasr is to be run by American companies and that the Iraqi people will have to pay the US to import and export from their own country, isn't it about time they dropped all these lies about liberation and came clean about their true objectives? I have a daughter in Iraq with the British Army. She joined up to defend her country, not to attack another but she will do the job that is asked of her and risk her life to line the pockets of a truly corrupt regime... the US Government. I am sick to the stomach.
Kathy Stead, UK

A resolution addressing the situation in Kashmir has been passed by the UN but has not been implemented as there are no resources or any US interest at stake. I appreciate the actions of France, China, and Russia. Good job done by opposing US and UK.
Tanveer, Kashmir

The notion that conditions in Iraq both during and after this debacle can be controlled by so-called coalition forces typifies the arrogance and narrow-mindedness perennially practiced by the US right wing establishment. I think they will find that democracy will come as easily to this region as diplomacy does to a canine.
Carl Faulstick, Orono, ME, USA

On the morning of 27 March, around 3,500 people marched through the streets of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, to denounce the US/UK invasion of Iraq.
Chazza, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Our troops try and minimise civilian casualties - Iraqi troops wear no uniforms and fight out of residential areas
Iain Howe, UK
Our troops try and minimise civilian casualties - Iraqi troops wear no uniforms and fight out of residential areas. Iraqi troops execute POW's and mistreat them whilst our troops maintain thousands according to the Geneva Convention. We try to pinpoint military targets, whilst they conceal military targets amongst civilian buildings. They execute thousands of civilians and you don't remember. We mistakenly kill tens and you never forget.
Iain Howe, Bristol, UK

Two weeks ago I wrote a message how I prayed for those men, women and children sleeping safely in their beds that night, who would be dead by the end of the week. It's happened. Bush and Blair should be indicted for war crimes. Kofi Annan - we are waiting for you to act and stop this massacre.
Margaret Hillier, London, UK

Why are Arabic news channels prepared to show the reality of war, while Western news channels are reluctant to do so?
Marco Alfaro, El Salvador, Central America

Why is the press so focussed on blame for the perceived lack of progress?
Alex Hammond, Sussex, England
Why is the press so focussed on trying to pin blame and accountability on anyone for the perceived lack of progress? Yes, it is true we have not seen events unfold as our politicians and commanders indicated but why the incessant pointless questions designed only to embarrass and divert these men from the job which they have been assigned to do?
Alex Hammond, Sussex, England

Isn't the language of war a beautiful thing? We engage, they execute. We are freedom-loving people who hand out food and water to a grateful public, they are vicious terrorists who have no morality. We are liberating the people from terror and mass killings, by terrorising and killing them.

And most beautifully of all, we are ridding the world of weapons of mass destruction, by using cruise missiles, B52s, cluster bombs and bunker busters with 4,600lbs of explosives to er, destroy lots and lots and lots of things. Ahhh, we are humanitarian saviours of the Iraqi peopleż or is that brutal thugs hellbent on imposing our will through force?
Steve Hemingway, Hull, UK

I am glad there are still people in high places with enough guts to stand up to terrorists and the likes of Saddam Hussein. I am very grateful. I am also very ashamed of my country's stand in this. God bless America and God bless England.
Walter R Matheson, Canada

US should allow more competent nations take the lead in the world
Saeed, Iran
It is rather disturbing to see what is so called the only superpower is reduced to such an incapable entity. Filled with contradiction in terms of their policy, they are useless, opportunist and should collapse as an empire and allow more competent nations take the lead in the world.
Saeed, Iran

Think about it, no WMD found, angry Iraqi people fight back, more US troops sent, Syria helping Iraq...this is just getting worse hour by hour, victim by victim, and it's not even the beginning
Alan Pepper, Perú

This war has been an act of naked aggression against a defenceless but brave people. Where are the weapons of mass destruction we heard so much about? Instead, we have Iraqis in trucks with machine guns charging tanks! Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair, your resignations, please!
Mary Ellen Carew, Washington, USA

It seems to be an extraordinary coincidence that another market area should be hit; in fact it would be unbelievable if it were not for the knowledge that this is just the sort of thing that Saddam's thugs would do to try and discredit the allies.
Barry, London UK

If you want to learn more about the guerrilla war, ask Russians. That's what we've been dealing with in Chechnya while bringing them our version of liberation. (And that's why we have been failing it, just as we failed Afghanistan in 1980s, and the US failed Viet Nam in 1960s.)
Stas, Chapel Hill, US and Moscow, Russia

A quote from the Vietnam War comes to mind as I watch the carnage wrought upon Iraqi civilians by the coalition of the willing: "It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it." What good is liberty if you are dead?
Ben, Ann Arbor, United States

Life without freedom is no life at all
Paul Knight, Helsinki, Finland
Yes, war is not good. The Iraqi people will suffer more during this war but, what they will have after the war is won will be a lot better than what they have endured under Saddam. Life without freedom is no life at all. The UK and USA are doing the right thing.
Paul Knight, Helsinki, Finland

I am not at all surprised that the Iraqi population has not enjoyed being shocked and awed by bomb. It seems to me childish that anyone could possibly have entertained the feeble notion that a massive bombardment of someone else's home was the best way of ensuring they would be happy to see us when we stopped bombing them.
Richard Brown, Catania, Sicily, Italy

To everyone who dares to say liberation: The Iraqis clear opinion is the hell of Saddam much better than the heaven of Americans.
A. Aiseel, Cairo, Egypt

With our precision weapons, I find it highly suspect that another market was hit. I believe that Saddam is killing his own people to work up world sympathy. I don't think that any reasonable person expected this war to only last a week and I don't understand why the news is portraying it as such. I think it is going as well as can be expected. I do not believe the Iraqis will welcome us until they are certain we will get the job done and they won't have to face the wrath of Saddam.
Teena Johnson, Seattle, USA

If this war wasn't about oil then the US would have concentrated on North Korea which has openly confirmed that it has WMD.
Said Mahad, Copenhagen, Denmark

We claim to be preachers of democracy, but hardly ever practice what we preach
Sam, Boston, USA
Those supporting this war should be asked what they'd feel if a foreign power tried to "free" us from the grip of our respective governments. Besides, we claim to be preachers of democracy, but hardly ever practice what we preach! Democracies at home, dictators abroad ... that's how the world sees us, and why not? We routinely ignore the UN, and say ridiculously arrogant things like "either they're with us, or they're against us!" There are legitimate channels to resolve international disputes ... War is not an option.
Sam, Boston, USA

Where is Clinton when you need him?
Sam, Austin Tx

The propaganda given out by Blair, Bush and Rumsfeld is beyond belief. Blair causes great misery to the two soldiers' families whom he says "may" have been executed. He obviously does not know, so why say it if not for propaganda purposes to try to influence public opinion.

I love my country and am still proud to be British. I cannot trust or believe my political leaders any more but I can still look up to our Head of State, the Queen. Thinking Americans have nobody.
Mick Porter, Chatham Kent

The Bush administration has been proved utterly wrong because not only they could not find any WMD but also were not welcomed by Iraqi people even the ones who hate Saddam Hussein.

Velibor, Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro

It is absurd for the US and its "coalition" forces (using term lightly) to expect other countries to fund the restoration of Iraq after the war. I believe that the invaders should foot the bill no matter why they invaded.
Amy, USA

First we are winning, then we are losing, then winning again. All in the course of a day. I'm not growing weary of the war, just the war's press coverage.
Daniel, Los Angeles, CA USA

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair have put their hands in a very dangerous "Snakes Nest", as we say here in my country!
Hilda Andrade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

US democracy is crumbling as we, in theory, try to construct democracy elsewhere
Laura Hedlund, Minnesota USA
When wondering about U.S. opinion, understand that Americans are not getting the same information as most people. Freedom of Speech is a cornerstone of democracy. American democracy is crumbling as we, in theory, try to construct democracy elsewhere.
Laura Hedlund, Minnesota USA

The rise and fall of dictators like Saddam have been common practice for the superpowers in recent history. Now that this particular dictator's cycle is over, the US president remembers that "he kills his own people" and proceeds to "free them" by killing even more along the way. Sadly, there are no signs that such practice will change in the near future.
Giannis, Athens, Greece

I hope the British soldiers in those Challenger II tanks pay some homage to the incredible bravery of those Iraqi soldiers who tried to take them on manning ancient Russian relics. News like this makes me believe the Iraqi's might start fighting out of a sense of honour for their country rather than fear of Saddam.
Dave, Brussels Belgium

I Agree with US & UK - Saddam has to be removed. But who created Saddam in first place?? It's US that have to take all the responsibilities for what is happening in the world now. USA does things as per its convenience and profit. Very double standard.
Balan. N, Toronto, Canada

People are rallying all over world against the war on Iraq. But the Iraqi people can't even protest against Saddam nor rally in the street of Baghdad for their freedom of speech or else they will be dead if they do so. I can't understand the people of the world.
Yong Boquia, Whangarei, New Zealand

No one in Iraq is welcoming us
Kumar S, USA
Yes, Saddam may be evil. But no one in Iraq is welcoming us. The USA have lost their war. Peace is now the only solution. We need our boys back home.
Kumar S, USA

Iraqi officials also said they are treating the USA and British POW's in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Tell that to the families of the executed soldiers. Anybody who believes anything coming from the Iraqi officials is extremely ignorant or delusional.
Vicki, Las Vegas, USA

I'm afraid to say Vicki, most of the world now also believes that "Anybody who believes anything coming from the US officials is extremely ignorant or delusional"
Howard , Sydney, Australia

I think it is absolutely disgraceful that the UK and US want the UN to fund war preparations and humanitarian aid in Iraq following the end of hostilities. The US and UK are causing the damage and the humanitarian problem so they should foot the bill!
Nick, Oxford, England

While I support the troops and their effort, I do not think they need to be over there. I'm not even sure the Iraqi people, or any other people in the region, would know what to do if they had the freedom that we have here in the West.
R.W., Bay Area, CA, USA

I thank God for such men as Mr Bush and Mr Blair and for the American and British people. If not for such leaders and people, freedom would be lost and the world would be in the hands of such people as Hitler and Hussein.
Dallas, U.S.A

I hope the war will be over soon
Dod McGarvey, Red Lodge, MT, USA
I hope the war will be over soon, but that U.S. voters will remember it in November of 2004.
Dod McGarvey, Red Lodge, MT, USA

I thank the US and British army for what they are doing. It is for the interest of every one of us. Let them fight to the end.
Daniel John, Lagos Nigeria

Why do Arab people get so angry at the West attacking Iraq to oust the regime of Saddam yet are quite content to leave him there to commit horrific torturing on his own Arab people?
Roger, Arbroath, Angus

Words cannot describe my disgust and fury at both Bush and the UK government for continuing with this terrible, senseless war. Our forces and theirs have no right to be there. Nothing justifies the slaughter and misery of a war imposed by outsiders on a country which has already suffered so much.
Clare, Manchester

Whether we were for or against this war before it began, I hope we can all agree on this: it is far better to win this war and then argue about the peace than to lose and then argue about why we went in!
Inna Tysoe, Sacramento, California, USA

Did anyone even bothered to ask the Iraqi people if they wanted to be 'liberated'? And did the majority of the Iraqi people (isn't this the democratic way?) give their consent to this invasion?
Hanim Köse, Keerbergen, Belgium

France and Germany were against this war, but for the American B52 Bombers to reach Baghdad in six hours, they must have flown over European air-space. Did they have permission?
Claire Penberthy, Reading, Berkshire

If the US invasion of Iraq is defined as a war of precision and careful aiming, how come more British troops have died at the hands of the US military, than by the defending Iraqis?
Alex, Mexico City

The Bush Administration is running the war with the same ineptitude which they operated their pre-war diplomacy
John Damon, Osseo, WI U.S.A.
The Bush Administration is running the war with the same ineptitude which they operated their pre-war diplomacy. There was no reason to believe that they were more competent in war making than in diplomacy. Their failure to broadcast an explicit vision for an Iraqi future has made it difficult to rally support of Iraqi citizens.
John Damon, Osseo, WI U.S.A.

I've heard more than one opposer of this war state that President Bush advocated this war as a means to serve his own political/personal agenda. I would love for someone to intelligently explain to me how sending a country's servicemen and women to battle can further a man's personal or political agenda.
Wendy Blodgett, Hampton, VA, USA

I think it would be unfortunate for the US and British troops to imagine that they would not expect stiff resistance. These guys seem to be determined to fight on and the best that the US forces can do is to use tougher means. Using Iraqi civilians as human shields may cost the US troops heavily. An immediate solution should be sought for this.
Sentongo Robert, Kampala- Uganda

No one wants a war...those who say this conflict is about oil, need to educate themselves a bit before making such accusations. I wonder if people opposing the war have really sat down to think what the world would be like in five more years when Saddam would have full use of his weapons of mass destruction. Should we wait for more people to die in and out of Iraq? If the US wanted to 'take' oil from a country, they could have done it long ago.
MCF, London, UK

Wake up, US and UK! Your sons are not sacrificing their lives in the name of freedom and security. They are being sacrificed in the name of corporate greed!
Yunus, Berks, UK

My reaction is one of mixed emotions. Pride in the professionalism and courage of US/UK forces, wonder at the technology of the war and the reporting. But sadness that I have yet to see anything that really justifies the conflict at this time.
Mike Bannister, Dover, UK

The USA and their allies have no clear justification for this war
NK, Chicago, USA
The USA and their allies have no clear justification for this war. I do believe Iraqis are suppressed under Saddam's regime, but most would prefer that as opposed to being "liberated" by US. All the USA and its allies have achieved is uniting all Iraqis and the rest of the Islamic world against the US and UK.
NK, Chicago, USA

I don't like war, and I also think war is not good for the world at this point in time. But looking at the circumstances surrounding America going to war with Iraq, although the war was not supported by the United Nations, I think we all will have an advantage at the end. Weapons of mass destruction built by Iraq is a treat to the world .
Peter Egwumba, Lagos, Nigeria.

The horror of war shows its face. War is brutal and ugly. War is not a video game. Instead it involves real people with real families. Most definitely it is wrong to use human shields. It is equally wrong to drop thousands of bombs on places where civilians live. The US and the UK cannot justify an urban war. The Iraqi government cannot justify its actions either.
Pam, LA, USA

It's going to be a struggle, yet democracy and freedom will come from this. We have already learned much about the people in the Middle East, I would like to know how come the other Arab nations have turned their backs on these oppressed people of Iraq. Perhaps there has to be rethinking on all the people involved in this conflict!
Theresa Krenz, Nashville

I think most of us have mixed feelings on war: it is bad, but is Saddam worse? Hard for us to judge, but clearly Bush, Blair and Howard are convinced. Usually it's hard to get a politician to espouse an unpopular cause - if they want to get re-elected. War will be unpopular - so why did they push war? Maybe because Blair and Bush see there is no alternative?
Joe Mandebvu, Australia

Two things are looking at me from the horizon. The first is when the Anglo-American forces get to Baghdad what then? They can't bomb it and they can't starve it. The second thing is; what do the Iraqi people have to look forward to? No doubt when the war is over America will impose a governor. No doubt being American he will support American policies. So the Iraqi's can look forward to an Israeli supporting American official running their country. Now that's what I call liberation. When will we realise what this is all about?
Stephen Cook, Borehamwood, England

Much to the surprise of the coalition, the war is going much like a war would - vis-a-vis indigenous resistance
Johnny D, Oxford, UK
Much to the surprise of the coalition, the war is going much like a war would - vis-a-vis indigenous resistance. Remember, we are invading the country of another people and this comes at a price. My advice to those who are perpetrating the war is to overcome your residual fear of engagement. This is quite evident to see with ill thought 'shock and awe' tactics and the launch of ridiculous propaganda offensives in the hope that the opposition will become our friends. It would seem that US/UK forces are more comfortable shooting each other...
Johnny D, Oxford, UK

For a country that claims to be the best and the strongest, they are being stupid and over-confident to think that they can just walk all over Iraq. As for Bush, his father failed in 1990, I don't know what makes him think he can win. Obviously Iraq is not as advanced as America with technology, so their best chance of winning this war is to let the coalition force enter and think they are winning and be attacked and be forced into a guerrilla war.
Themba Nkoana, South Africa

Power in the wrong hands can be dangerous; power in the right hands can only be good. Our troops are prepared to fight and die for Iraqi civilian's freedom. My father fought to take Monte Cassino in WW2, he was in the Polish Army, under British command. He died 3 years ago, I have never been anything but proud of him. He fought to stop power falling into the wrong hands for the good of humanity, not for himself but for his beliefs. But I know that I for one don't ever want my children to live in a world with weapons of mass destruction in the wrong hands. If these stories we hear about Saddam Hussein's regime and the atrocities they commit are true, then it will come to light eventually as it did with WW2. Bless the men and women who are trying to help humanity.
Beth, Arundel, England

Is the US/UK saying that it is OK to depose of leaders that do not comply with our wishes isn't this dangerous ground. OK Saddam is a murderer and is more than likely guilty of a lot more terrible crimes, but it scares me to think that the only way of dealing with him as civilised people is to sink to his level?
Earl O'Flaherty, London UK

Bush treats Iraq as Texas and thinks he can conquer all as a bad cowboy. Blair has prevented him going completely mad, like Saddam. There is still time to halt this adventure, bring soldiers home, and allow Blix to do his still unfinished job for the UN. This war is pretext to give US Government contracts to US firms.... what a SHAME!!!!
Nasrullah Khan Moghal, Manchester UK

People seem to have really short memories. Before the US/UK started this war something WAS being done about the Iraqi regime - the UN inspectors. May I also remind you, that Dr Blix categorically stated that they were making progress, and would continue to have done so had they been given more time.
Michael, Plymouth

If there are no concrete plans to attack the rest of the world's tyrants one after the other could we have less hypocrisy from the pro-war camp please?
Bernard, Belgium
The supporters of the US-UK invasion of Iraq are adamant that this is a war of liberation. I seriously want to know which oppressive regime is next on the hit-list. If there are no concrete plans to attack the rest of the world's tyrants one after the other could we have less hypocrisy from the pro-war camp please?
Bernard, Belgium

After watching the first episode of 'Walking With Cavemen' and the War in Iraq, it is apparent that after 3 million years of evolution that mankind has not advanced much!
Andrew Upton, Prestatyn, Wales

The coalition force should realise that they are fighting no NORMAL enemy. The war cannot be planned to be fought in a NORMAL manner. They should try to think what their enemy is thinking.
Winston Chan, Hong Kong

Statements from housewives in Texas such as "No one wants war but sometimes it's necessary" are revolting. No thinking person who can begin to comprehend the suffering currently being unleashed in Iraq would dare to make such an inane, insulting comment. The commonly voiced argument that Saddam has murdered his people, therefore the US and the UK have the right to do likewise is similarly disturbing.
Alison, New Zealand

It's so exasperating to listen to the anti-war/anti-US crowd suddenly crying crocodile tears for the Iraqi civilians. Where were the thousands of demonstrators during the 12 years of economic sanctions which have resulted in starvation and a sky-high infant mortality rate? Enough of your self-righteousness and admit once and for all it's about an extreme dislike of Bush.
Brian, Boston, USA

The collation forces thought the Iraqi people will race towards them to surrender the moment they set foot on Iraq. But that was not the case. Even the Shiites, the arch-enemies of the Saddam regime inside Iraq are fighting on his side, against the collation forces. Some serious miscalculations were made by the U.S and England seems to have been dragged into it. And even now with day nine of the war underway the Americans STILL can't take a hint. "Yankees go home"
Mostafa El-Dakkak, Alexandria, Egypt

I think this war will not offer any solutions to the Middle East crisis, it will increase them.
Haidab Farhat, Lebanon

First we arm Saddam up to the teeth so that he can terrorise his own people. Then we introduce sanctions that cause misery to thousands if not millions of ordinary Iraqis. Then we bomb the place to pieces. Then we say that population will love us to bits!
Keith Tilly, Worcester Park, England

The US should be more careful with targets
Fatosi, Kosovo
The US should be more careful with targets, otherwise is going to have negative effect in Iraq population and other civilian population in world.
Fatosi, Kosovo

During some of the TV coverage we have seen buildings damaged during the bombings/bombardments of towns. If this is the case how come some of the buildings have undamaged plants growing up through the rubble?
Dave Gilbert, Bridgend Wales

Now the US says it will play a dominant role in Iraq after Saddam's regime is destroyed. What's new? This only further proves that the US is in this for the oil. Mr. Bush, how can you sleep at night?
Ani, Canada

Thank you Britain for your help. America is in your debt.
Kelley Osborn, Kenbridge, VA, USA

I think the war was unnecessary. Sanctions and inspections were more than enough to control Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The cost to life, money and international legitimacy put into line is far much greater than keeping Iraq in sanctions for the coming ten years.
A. Jama, Columbus, Ohio

How can any civilised person not support the overthrow of Saddam. He is an evil man, who has killed thousands of his own people.
Frank North, Herne Bay, England

I am not exactly for this war, but it was inevitable
N.W., Berlin, Germany
I am not exactly for this war, but it was inevitable. What annoys me now though is that the Iraqi's are saying that Allied forces are targeting civilians. I am sure that if this was the case there would be hardly any ground forces and the towns and cities of Iraq would have been totally flattened by now!
N.W., Berlin, Germany

When General Franks said that this war had been planned for over a year it did not surprise me. What did surprise me was the fact that rebuilding and humanitarian consequences were not thought through to such a degree and it is only after the war has started that these issues are being seriously addressed.
Barry, Jacksonville, FL

I thought Bush's predecessor said the USA would not commit soldiers to fight a ground offensive again, after the troubles they had in Somalia.
Scovy, Switzerland

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