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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 March, 2003, 21:58 GMT
War in Iraq: Your views
US-led forces continue their march on Baghdad and Saddam Hussein has told the Iraqi people they are being 'heroic and brave'.

Commander of the invasion General Tommy Franks responded with an upbeat news conference.

He acknowledged the strength of Iraqi resistance, but described the progress of allied troops as "rapid" and "dramatic".

British Prime Minister Tony Blair reiterated this message to the House of Commons in London and said the war was going according to plan.

What are your views on the course of the war so far? Send us your comments.

This is a sixth page of your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received:

I feel that President Bush is just trying to control other countries
Zek, Brunei
I really think this war is wrong because it's not fair! There were other peaceful ways to take Saddam out of Iraq but this is not the way to do it! I feel that President Bush is just trying to control other countries and I think he just wants to get Iraq's oil! Yes, Iraqi people are suffering because of Saddam Hussein but America shouldn't butt in. America isn't that peaceful right now, is it? President Bush should sort his country's problems first rather than trying to sort out other countries problems!
Zek, Brunei

Like most of my countrymen, I have no love for Saddam and I want him down. But not this way - not by stepping on the UN. This is a step back to the rules of the jungle; the stronger does what he wants not because he has the right, but because he can.
Ehsan Abdo Tabrizi, Tehran, Iran

Any war has human sacrifices am thankful to the coalition forces for what are they doing now. To those who protest against: I am sure 100% no one of you ever lived under a dictator's regime. You have no idea how it is! I lived here under the Ceausescu regime which is very much the same as Saddam's regime and believe me, those who are fighting against coalition troops are afraid even that their families will be killed if they don't.
Catalin Rusu, Pitesti, Romania

Even Iraqis who dont like Saddam will fight against the US led forces, because nobody likes invaders. This factor was not taken into account in any military calculations.
Santanu Datta, Baangalore, India

There may be smart bombs but where are the smart leaders? Incompetent diplomacy has destroyed international consensus and inflamed every Muslim and fair-minded person around the World. When will the Incompetents realise why 9-11 happened?
John Mac, UK

The war is going well for the allies because they have technical superiority. They can out -bomb Iraq. The real battle will begin when they get to Baghdad, where the battle will be fought in the streets, with out expensive plans and smart bombs. America hasn't had a successful street-fought campaign in 50 years. Fighting in Baghdad's streets will expose America's Achilles┐ heal.
Wendy, UK

This war has come around due to the long standing failure and ineffectiveness of the UN to impose it's resolutions. It is supposed to uphold any resolutions agreed and guard against any nation or dictator who defies international consensus and breaches their citizens human rights. Iraq is not the only nation to ignore, flaunt and delay UN resolutions so at what point do we determine that the UN isn't working when any dictator can endlessly delay them?
Scott , UK

The anti war demonstrators haven't got a clue of what living in a country ruled by dictator really means
I. Peralta-Ramos, Brighton
I am Argentinean and lived in Buenos Aires during the military rule. Those who started the Falklands war, those who exterminated an entire generation of Argentinean youngsters. I was in prison for 48 hours not knowing if I would be tortured or killed. The anti war demonstrators haven't got a clue of what living in a country ruled by dictator really means, they are just concerned in aiming their hatred against Bush rather than Saddam Hussein. As I did during the Falkland war, I again support the effort of the British government and what can be considered their generosity, you are paying with your own blood and money for others to enjoy what you are daily given for granted, your own life.
I. Peralta-Ramos, Brighton - UK

I have difficulty comprehending the immediacy of the threat that Saddam Hussein posed to the world. When Iraq's own neighbours, with the unwavering support of the west, do not seize the opportunity to overthrow the Iraqi President, how much danger can there possibly be? It is fair to say that many in the European community opposed this action out of self interest - but no-one would be foolish enough to place oil supplies ahead of a massive security threat that we allege Saddam Hussein to be. With a minimal amount of troop deployments and continued inspections, Saddam would have been contained and would not pose a danger to anyone.
Patrick, Iowa City, Iowa-USA

"Shock and awe" are not moral values that I want to teach my children. There has to be a better way.
Marco, Houston USA

The silent masses in Britain are behind the troops and action in the gulf.
Yvonne Allan, London
The peace protesters should remember that the silent masses in Britain are behind the troops and action in the gulf. We have never been a nation to sit back and do nothing. It is what puts the Great into Great Britain - the fact that we can stand up and be counted to do right against evil. The US has always been our ally it is right that our two nations rid the world of this monster.
Yvonne Allan, London

War is never a good thing. It does result in the death of many people, both military and civilian. Some missiles and bombs do go astray and unfortunately friendly fire will occur. The amount of deaths so far in Iraq are far less than I imagine many people thought. They are less than the number of deaths resulting from an Iraqi gas attack on it's own people. It is also less than the number of Kuwaiti's murdered in the last conflict with Saddam Hussein. I believe that the military coalition fighting for regime change did not expect so much resistance in Southern Iraq but it does not take many soldiers from the Republican Guard to slow an advance down. Areas of resistance will in time be neutralised and the advance to remove the whole region of an evil man will continue.
T. Warrilow, Stoke-on-Trent, England

The hypocrisy of Rumsfeld prating on about "Geneva conventions" is too much to stomach. Where are the reports of the civilian women and children Iraqi dead? Here in the U.S. so-called television "journalists" utter barely a word about them. This is not a war of "liberation" but an illegal invasion for the purpose of American domination in the Middle East. Which Tony Blair will soon find out. The sad thing is the majority of American's believe that the U.S. is there because of 9/11.
Sydney, New York, USA

Every death, every wound is entirely attributable to Saddam Hussein.
Jon, Frisco, TX
Every death, every wound is entirely attributable to Saddam Hussein. The suffering he has already inflicted on his people and those of his neighbouring nations is well documented. When the war has concluded, the true measure of his cruelty and the danger he represented to the world will be brought to light.
Jon, Frisco, TX

Michael Moore's comments at the Oscar Awards last night were offensive to a large majority of the American people. The young coalition men and women in Iraq are buying his right to make such comments with their blood. He should be thankful that he has such freedom, and support our troops, even if he disagrees with our Government.
Larry Johnson, USA

The longer the battle continues, the greater the chances of destabilisation in the Middle-East, not to speak of the irreparable loss of life and property. I hope the US does not leave the task of clearing up the mess with the UN, once the war is over. Saddam Hussein is a threat to the world peace, but this war without the consent of the world community will not achieve anything.
Mahesh Chandra Somani, Oulu, Finland

Do we understand how much the media is changing our perceptions? Having a televised war 'because we have the technology' removes the dignity of life and gravity of death. What do you say when your eight-year-old son says 'wow!' when a Tomahawk missile destroys lives and buildings live in front of his eyes as if a firework display?
Simon, Bristol, U.K.

People talk of the need for greater diplomacy to solve the current conflict. But the ball has been in Saddam's court. The UK/US had given all they could and it was clearly up to Saddam to follow suit. By refusing to co-operate he himself was sewing the seeds for war. For protestors to think otherwise is truly ignorant of the facts.
Richard Hellon, England

A new government for Iraq is just around the corner
Fredley Sisimia, Honiara, Solomon Islands
The war so far is looking good. The important thing is the mission to topple Saddam and his government. I believe that a new government for Iraq is just around the corner. Saddam once lost and I believe he is losing again. It is just a matter of time and the war will be over. The victims of both sides of the war, I share my sympathy with their relatives. But their sadness today is for everybody's happiness and peace in the future.
Fredley Sisimia, Honiara, Solomon Islands

President Bush has made specific references to the Geneva Convention and the treatment of POWs. Can someone tell me if the said Convention is applicable in this instance when this war is illegal in the sense that it has not been sanctioned by the UN? President Bush must practise what he preaches. Remember the television images of the al-Qaeda suspects captured in Afghanistan? Were provisions of the Geneva Convention applied then? There can't be double standards. How long will the world tolerate the injustice, which is followed by propaganda?
R Nadeswaran, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I support the war 100%. Sadly there have been American and British casualties but they died protecting freedom. Saddam has no respect for human life and did not obey coalition commands and he will now pay the price. God bless all Americans, Brits, and the Aussies fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Colin, USA

I pray our troops have a speedy return home
Simon Ashby, Phangnga, Thailand
Personally, I don't agree with this war. I just wish that the 'almighty' military had such commitment with Bosnia all those years ago! However, now our troops are committed, I pray they have a speedy return home (alive and safe). My heart goes out to all those suffering in this conflict.
Simon Ashby, Phangnga, Thailand

I back the US and support the troops. We cannot sit around and wait for Saddam to use his weapons of mass destruction and then take action. I just hope that the war is fast and Iraq can rebound quickly.
Scott Gibson, Toronto, Canada

I think that eventually someone will have to remove Saddam, and sooner is better than later. If all the war protesters really don't want the "thousands of civilian deaths" they claim will occur, they should be glad the United States is doing the job; does any other nation have the technology to best avoid civilian deaths?
Joe, San Diego, USA

An appeal to the heads of the US and UK governments: Please don't kill the innocent people of Iraq. They didn't do anything. Was it their fault that they were born in Iraq and have to live there?
Rizwan Ahmed, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Law is supreme to everyone except America
Haris Ahmed Kayani, Saudi Arabia
Law is supreme to everyone except America. Yesterday Iraqi TV showed the pictures of the American Marines, who are prisoners of the Iraqi Army. This incident adds injury to insult to Bush Administration, which is already experiencing their toughest time in the desert and Pentagon is crying that it is against the Geneva convention. Here raises the question that why only Iraq should obey the International Law? The American Air force is bombing a civilian population causing hundreds of causalities, it has been reported. But Mr. Rumsfield said in his interview that our bombing is very precise and targeted which is even appreciated by Iraqis, the people who are dying by American bombing. This is a ridiculous account.
Haris Ahmed Kayani, Saudi Arabia

The best and clearest words about this war was said by Mr. Michael Moore the winner for the best documentary in the Oscar Academy Award ceremony. He said "We live in a time where we have a man who's sending us to war for fictitious reasons". I can not put it in better words than this.
Mahmoud, Ottawa, Canada

I believe what the war in Iraq is unjustified fro a number of reason, but the one i want to put forward is there is no evidence of Iraq poising a threat to Britain or America, having connections with Terrorist organisations and the Weapon in spectors have found no evidence of chemical or biological agents so why must we have to tolerate this war?
Ross McGeever, Larbert,Scotland

The argument that Iraqis will welcome your forces with flowers has completely collapsed! Well done Bush/Blair. Iraqi people now support their leader!!!Not their "liberators".
Haris, Greece

I feel torn apart by this war. I think everyone knows, that it is pretty much time to replace Saddam. And it is more than just overdue to end the suffering of Iraqi and other affected people of the Middle East. War is always an unpopular decision, but you have to make unpopular decisions sometimes! As another effect, there have been more obvious and more dangerous threats by North Korea. The US is supplying North Korea with oil and food . So why Iraq? It appears to me like the US government have started a war under suspicious reasons. Operation free Iraq should be started a long time ago - but without the US.
Sebastian Borowski, Cologne, Germany

I am sick and tired of the suggestion that an opposition to war means a lack of support for British and US troops
Robin Cannon, UK
I am sick and tired of the suggestion that an opposition to war means a lack of support for British and US troops. I find it insulting that my government suggests that I am not fully behind the British military, because I remain opposed to this conflict.
I have no doubt that in the long term the liberation of Iraq will make life better for the population of that country. But the dangers of the war lie in wider issues - is the idea of pre-emptive self-defence to become the norm for all countries? Will everyone be able to ignore international law and the United Nations if they wish to wage war? There is a very real danger that this may lead to more suffering across the world in the future than will be ended by the liberation of Iraq.
Robin Cannon, London, UK

It's impossible to know what is happening when the military control the Press. What has happened to the 'public watchdog'?
Fiona, Manchester, UK

I feel that a war with Iraq has always been inevitable. I am in favour of the war, to liberate these people from their dictatorship where they are coerced into voting for Saddam.
Unfortunately, the US are very naive, the more the West coerces their culture on the Islamic countries the more the fundamentalists will retaliate.
The same as the UK's racists, who get more wound up as more Asians enter the country, they both see it as an attack on their culture.
Tom, Aged 16, Essex

If Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction then why hasn't he started using them to win the war? It doesn't really add up does it?
If Britain and America are against all dictators per se and are not involved in this war to secure oil, then why didn't they invade Chile when Pinochet was in power and why didn't they invade South Africa to end apartheid when black people were being oppressed for so many years.
┴ine, Dublin, Ireland

For all you people who say 'war isn't the way' tell me, what is the way? How do you get rid of a dictatorship with a leader who would do anything to protect his position? The Iraqi people are terribly suppressed; there is no freedom for them while he is in power. Diplomacy has never worked in trying to remove a dictatorship and it never will! I don't like war anymore than anyone else but what's the alternative?
Andrew Evans, Germany (ex Wales)

If the Americans think they will be greeted with open arms in Iraq for providing an improved way of life, I think they need to look at the history books under the heading "England Colonizes India".
No matter how bad a way of life is for a people, they prefer that than being a puppet of another nation. I just hope that this is solved by another Ghandi rather than another Saddam.
Colin Heyes, UK citizen in Germany

Anti-war protestors: I can appreciate your views, but it is time for you to start to support our troops?
Drew, London
Anti-war protestors: I can appreciate your views, but it is time for you to start to support our troops? It doesn't mean you support the war, but hey, a little bit patriotism would be nice. It would mean a lot to the troops, and it would probably mean even more to their families. I know, I have a brother out there.
Drew, London

No matter how guilty Hussein is, you can't stop violence with more violence. Wars only make wars. The only way to get to peace is by setting an example. The Iraqi people not only have to suffer the government of Saddam Hussein but now they also have to be a part of war will only hurt them and bring no good to this world.
Lefi Mayluan, Oxford

Will the USA and UK alone pick up the bill (estimated to be $75bn) just to win the war, never mind the peace keeping afterwards? I assume other UN and EU countries won't want to contribute since they were completely bypassed in the decision to go to war.
George Montgomery, UK

This war has no justification. The First Gulf War was justified by Saddam invading Kuwait, the war against the Taleban was justified by 9/11. Saddam has had 12 years where he could have attacked the West. He did not. There are plenty of other dictators in the world, but we are not raging war on them. So why Saddam?
Nick, Basingstoke, England

Saddam, though a bad man, enjoys the support of the people of his country.
Tabarak Hussain, Dhaka, Bangladesh
It has been proved that Saddam, though a bad man, enjoys the support of the people of his country. The US-UK coalition lied at the initial stage of the attack about their achievement. The coalition is killing people instead of destroying weapons of mass destruction.
Tabarak Hussain, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I have no doubt that the US will place a bill for the costs of this war in front of the new Iraqi government, and that the rest of the world will be left to pick up the pieces and rebuild the country - yet again.
David, St Ives, UK

If others refuse to join USA to bring peace to Iraq, the UK and others should go it alone. The rest have their personal interest and that is the reason why they have decided not to join. What was France's jet doing in Cote d'Ivoire? Was it sanctioned by the UN? Have they not supported dictators for over 30 years?
Edmund Kwesi, Accra, Ghana

This war is illegal, without any authority of UN and majority of nations. Blair and Bush are responsible for the carnage their missiles, bombs and unprecedented fire-power are unleashing for the last 4-days, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties. History will never forgot them for their act of butchery.
Bahbood A. Khan, Saudi Arabia

The USA and the UK make people support Saddam. I hate Saddam but I feel that I should support him because even though he is a cruel dictator, he and Iraq people are victims in this war. Also people who live in Iraq want liberation but this pressure that comes from the USA makes their connection stronger than in the past with Saddam.
Ogul, Izmir, Turkey

All i want to say to all those people around the world protesting against the war, is try living in a country close to Iraq, especially Kuwait. How do you expect us to live our lives when Saddam can attack any minute. Imagine a person holding a gun next to your head, following you around wherever you go, not knowing when he might pull the trigger. That┐s how i feel and probably most of Kuwaiti's. We know he wants to invade Kuwait, we know he wants us killed, and we know he can, but we don't know when. So imagine living like that.
Abdullah Nayef, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Whilst many people expected the war to be short and clinical, the reality has been anything but. The moral argument for the war (on grounds of human rights is overwhelming), the legal argument is debatable, but the practical implementation and the success of any military action will be dependent on the Iraqi response. This war will end at some point in time, but as with all wars, no one wins, there are just different degrees of losing.
Matthew Brown, Southampton

I can understand anti-war protesting before the war commenced, however i find the comments on this page both disrespectful and narrow minded. What about the people who are out there, risking their lives for the freedom of the Iraqi people?
Roxanne, Luton, England

Bush and Blair have started aggression against Iraq without the proper UN authorization. I trust the International War Crime Court will show that they are not there just to punish wrong doing by citizens of poor countries. I personally do not know if Saddam is a bad person. I am old enough to remember when both the US and the UK considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist.
Dora Kelly, Stockholm, Sweden

As an American who lost a grandfather to war, my father was in a wheelchair from war, and I served during Viet Nam. I have also had family members who have served all the way back to the French Indian War. We Americans, have tried not to get involved in the problems of the old world. The British like the Americans have learned through these wars, that delay only causes more people to die. President Hussein was given his chance and now we are providing him with the diplomacy that he understands, diplomacy at the point of a fixed bayonet. Blood for Oil, I don't think so, we Americans will end up paying a huge Tax Burden to pay to rebuild Iraq.
J. Patterson, Tucson, Az.

The British people who protest against their own countrymen must surely be treated as traitors or at the very best misinformed and ignorant!
Rob, Sliema, MALTA

Where were these International Committee of the Red Cross, when POWs captured been treated very badly by Americans??!!
Kevil, Singapore

America lost the war the first time around when Bush Sr attacked Iraq This time the Pentagon was defeated before they even started by the sheer worldwide opposition to premeditated military violence, Nobody likes a dictator, but look in the mirror before you accuse anyone else of being a control freak! I pray for a swift end to the brutality and bloodshed and a hasty retreat by the US-UK forces. Saddam has won this round - even if he gets killed!
Antares, Kuala Kubu Baru, Malaysia

Geneva Convention??? What happened to UN. And most of all POWs held by the Americans in CUBA, shouldn't they be treated as POWs. What happened to their rights.
Waqas, Lahore, Pakistan

To Roseann of the USA, I agree with you entirely, however, you do have a lot more power than you think. You have an election coming up next year. Do the right thing and don't give your president a second term in office.
Aftaab, Vancouver, Canada

Whether the war in Iraq is right or wrong, only time and history will be able to judge. In the meantime, I have a lot of respect for Bush, Howard of Australia, and especially Tony Blair of the UK. All three have obviously carefully considered all of the information and intelligence available to them (which is far more than I or any protester has access to!) and they have each made the decision, based on the information available to them, that they should lead their countries into war. But at least they have the strength and courage to make an unpopular decision, because they believe it is right, and then stick with their decision in spite of its unpopularity with the vocal protesters. That is statesmanship - and I admire all three men for that.
Joyce Hamilton, Victoria, Canada

The audacity of President Bush is amazing. He ignores the UN and then wants the Geneva Convention rules for his POWs. Is this a question of having your cake and eating it?
Carole Hawkins, England

There are many other countries who are producing far more terrorists than Iraq
Manas, Singapore
Many people,around the globe, are condemning US attack on Iraq. I do think that same number of people also want Saddam's regime to end, but through the right channels (UN approach). I also believe that same people do not want US to lose this war, given that they are already into the war. However, the majority of people around the world want the USA be made aware of how they feel (by anti-war protests in different countries etc.) before winning the war. I think USA is abusing the pre-emptive strike approach. I am sure the world knows that there are many other countries who are producing far more terrorists than Iraq. Will the US go after all of them?
Manas, Singapore

USA and Britain have sold a giant arsenal to Saddam and now their sons become the victims of it. I remind you this saying: "The operation is successful but patient is dead."War No More"
Alberto, Bologna ITALY

To all the protesters out there who are against the battle against Saddam Hussein - get your heads out of the clouds and join the real world as it is today. No one likes war but it's time to stand up to tyrants who use chemical and biological weapons against the own people and against other nations, because if not then we won't have our little safe havens and beautiful world to enjoy. This is the world today and let's be realistic and deal with it now
Rossco, Sydney, Australia

The United States has reached a point where it can no longer sustain its high standards of living through domestic resources. This leaves them with no option but to resort to foreign exploitation.
Badal, New Delhi, India

It's really funny, Bush has in a short time generated more hate for the US and created more instability in the world then what Saddam has in is 10+ years. Who is really the greater danger to the world?
Darryl, Kingston, Canada

I am from a peaceful corner of the world. I am appalled at the mass demonstrations going on all over the world, I want to ask these questions to all anti-war protestors - has the US or UK conducted political hangings in public? Gassed children? Executed political oppositions? There are many more questions, war is the language that Saddam understands then why not communicate with him in that way he'll understand.
Soane, Tonga

The USA government is suffering from Mad Cowboy Disease. Telling Saddam Hussein and his sons to get out of town in 48 hours is like something from the OK Corral. It is a laudable goal to rid the world of dictators, but it is a crime to take the law in your own hands and determine who is or isn't worthy of invasion without the due process of international law. The UN must establish an objective process of measuring whether a nation's government is legitimate. Then the UN must prevent any governments like the USA and UK from invading on their own terms without UN agreement and due process.
Gregory W, Santa Rosa ,California USA

The UN has been impotent for some time, in large part due to France's dictatorial use of veto power for personal gain. In my view the primary reason that France threatened to veto the second UN resolution was to ensure that its oils rights in Iraq are guaranteed first. Following suit with the same selfish reasons come Russia and China. I am not for this war; unnatural death is anathema to me. But to look with distaste at the US and UK and rally behind the opposing countries whose ulterior reasons for opposition are that it would hurt their purses - that's even more hypocritical than violent anti-war protests.
DJ Merced, Arkansas, USA

Conscientious US and UK citizens who are crying out against war: prove to the administration that what you said was what you meant. Prove in the next election that you will stand by your values even if offered stronger economies, better job opportunities, or any other fruits of war. Only when leaders learn that they have to pay the price will they be taught to listen to people's opinion.
Nicole Wong, Hong Kong, China

I was never patriotic at all, but now I am proud to be German and have nothing to do with the brutal and aggressive governments in the UK and US. I don't think that the thousands of Iraqis killed by the US and UK will be grateful for their "Liberation" Bush and Blair should be taken to court
Juergen, Germany

When the dust settles a lot of countries are going to look really foolish (France, Germany, Russia, China). Thank God we have leaders in America, Spain, England, Australia, etc. who know how to get a job done. The UN wasn't ever going to work. Saddam has had over 12 years to prevent this war. The Iraqi people will finally be free. France, Germany Russia, and China better stay out when it comes time to reap the glory and set up the new Iraqi democratic government. They didn't do any of the work so they shouldn't get any of the outcome. God Bless our soldiers and our leaders who were strong and brave enoough to do the right thing. Ray USA
Ray, Colorado USA

As the father of a U.S. Marine in Iraq, I understand the risks involved in this undertaking by the U.S., Britain, and others offering assistance. However, the world has lived far too long in a way that tolerates the unseemly and evil acts of gangster statesmen. We tolerated Stalin, we tolerated Hitler (until he became intolerable), we tolerated the atrocities of Japan against the Chinese and other Asian nations (until they attacked us), and we have tolerated far too much state-supported terrorism against the U.S., its interests, and its allies.
Richard Cushing, Brooklyn Center, MN USA

It is interesting to see the American condemnation of the Iraqi footage of US prisoners of war as here in Australia we have been treated to pictures of Iraqi prisoners of war many times a day for the last couple of days. Are we supposed to have forgotten what we saw yesterday?
Everard Edwards, Canberra, Australia

One thing is certain. France should have no role in the rehabilitation of post-war Iraq. Anybody remember the "Rainbow Warrier?"
Graham Astley, Auckland, New Zealand

12 years of sanctions have caused more deaths in Iraq, UN member states and peace demonstrators should think about that when they talk about giving more time for inspections. War is not nice but at least it'll end the sanctions and give the people of Iraq a better life, without Saddam Hussein.
Thomas, Copenhagen, Denmark

Perhaps the people of Iraq will be glad when Saddam is gone, but what good is that freedom, if they have lost their families and homes and are starving refugees...? The US apologized to Iran for hitting their oil fields yesterday- they didn't even hit the right country...
Naomi Fearn, Stuttgart, Germany

I was against the war when there was a "debate" going on; I am still convinced it is a foolhardy venture. However, the only thing worse the winning a war is losing a war. Because of our the ignorant politicians in this ountry, we are in this now. We have no choicebut to win it; in that the price of losing it is much greater.
Mike O'Brien, Kansas City, USA

Could we have more information on progress and less on the sensationalism that feeds the so-called pacifists?
Rosalyn Tanguy, Portiragnes, France
It seems to me that journalists on French radio at least are looking out specially for items showing that there are more accidents and friendly-fire incidents, plus ambushes and casualties amongst coalition troops than there are successes. Could we have more information on progress and less on the sensationalism that feeds the so-called pacifists? I'd like to know more facts and hear fewer commentaries beginning with "I think ..."!
Rosalyn Tanguy, Portiragnes, France

We are there, like it or not. Turning back now is not an option because it would only prove Bin Laden's well known belief that the west is soft and unwilling to accept the cost of defending its way of life. That would be cataclysmic. Protesting in the streets is naive because it does not accomplish what the protesters want. I hate war. I hate violence, but it is the only language some people understand and we must be prepared to use it.
Alex, New York, NY USA

I am sure the Americans, when they enter Baghdad, will do so despised and not as liberators. I have lived in various Arab states, including Jordan and Egypt, for eight years. I feel strongly that the average Baghdadi, no matter how much he hates Saddam, will reject the humiliation of an American 'liberation'. The GIs are in for a tough time, they will not be welcome.
Antonio Ari, Paris, France

America no longer has a high moral ground as a victim of terror as it has itself inflicted terror on the innocent people of Iraq. War is not justifiable if it is avoidable.
Alexei, Moscow

It makes me happy to be an American when I see how well our troops are doing, this should have been done a long time ago. The sooner we destroy Saddam, the sooner our heroes come home.
MSM, Wacuonda, IL

I thought the British had it right when they asked that the US for an immediate resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We declined and now it looks to the Arab world that the US and Israel has declared war on all Muslims. My concern is that we may have just done exactly that. Although I voted for Bush, I will never again.
Dale Morrissey, Florida

They say showing the US POWs on Iraqi TV is against the Geneva Convention, but haven't we been broadcasting footage of captured Iraqi soldiers?
Neil, Midlands UK

The majority of the United States supports our President and our Military. The minority, publicity seeking protesters, need to go home and be thankful they have a safe haven to go to. Give thanks that there are strong patriotic people fighting and giving their lives to make sure Americans retain their safety and freedom. Thanks to Britain for upholding the value of freedom and supporting us.
Cherie, Alaska - USA

When one remembers how hard the US works at denying detainnes in Guantanamo and other places the status of POW, or for that matter any legal standing whatsoever, it's almost laughable to see one of its generals disgusted at how US POWs are shown on TV.
Anon, Dallas, TX USA

I don't remember the Iraqis allowing reporters and cameramen to view the horrors of the thousands of innocent Shi' Muslims and Kurds who were killed by Saddams regime , nor do I remember seeing a million demonstrators in London when Iraq invaded Kuwait and tried to apply the same terror tactics used to suppress any dissent against his brutal regime. I pray that this conflict will be over soon and that the people of this area will truly gain freedom from persecution and the children will learn to live with each other in peace and harmony as they grow together.
Gordon McGregor, Paisley, Scotland

My father arrived in this country aged 15, fleeing from the soviet invasion of his country. He had nothing and no family with him, he never saw his father again, my grandfather was murdered by a Soviet police man. It was twenty years before he saw his mother, brother and sister again. If they are to make the world a better place they must continue with despotism and injustice where ever it is found, even in "friendly" countries.
Mark Kapalo, Telford, Shropshire

I am against this war, which has not support neither of the UN nor of the public opinion. Mr Bush and Blair, as political leaders of democratic countries, should listen the view of the man in street who reject massively the war. It looks as if the US, sceptical about its power, has to prove itself it is still the policeman of the world.
Le Glaunec JS, Brussels, Belgium

With the increased anti-war feeling surely democratic countries need to take heed of what their people are saying. Democracy is about numbers and it looks like the majority of people do not want war.
Janaki Mackenzie, The Hague, Netherlands

Hopefully the present crisis within the UN over the Iraqi war shall, instead of signalling its demise, signal its transition into a forum where all countries are equal. Maybe vetoing power will be abolished and the UN will become a proactive institution rather than one than has to have its walls hammered on to gain its attention.
Hubert Mugliette, Mosta, Malta

Now that everything has failed, do we still need a United Nation organisation? This is a utter waste of taxpayers money. It is time to dissolve this UN and allow the countries to act as they wish like the USA and UK.
Wijaya Siriwardana, Berlin, Germany

The world, and particularly the US and Great Britain, cannot sit idly by and wait for another 9/11 to have a reason to remove Saddam Hussein from power
Jeff Pellerin, Stockton Springs, Maine, USA
The world, and particularly the US and Great Britain, cannot sit idly by and wait for another 9/11 to have a reason to remove Saddam Hussein from power. For this reason I support this course of action. Moreover, my wholehearted support goes out to the men and women of our combined armed forces. On another note, I find it interesting how aggressive and violent some of the anti-American aggressor and anti-war demonstrations have become.
Jeff Pellerin, Stockton Springs, Maine, USA

I think America is over-confident in all its undertakings and think Bush should really think about what he's doing. He's shown a total disrespect to the UN and the other allies.
Anthony Ghanem, USA

May God speed our troops to victory in liberating the people of Iraq from the evil dictator, Hussein.
Parson Family, Missouri-USA

The US must learn a little humility in world affairs
Jon Scott, Bedfordshire England
Even though we are engaged with the US in this venture our aims seem quite different. One can only hope that it is over quickly and that a better future for the people of Iraq follows soon after. Britain needs to be careful not to be sucked into US adventures in future, and the US must learn a little humility in world affairs.
Jon Scott, Bedfordshire England

There seems to be a physical impossibility for Americans to understand the Arab mind. They won't give up. The "shock and awe" tactics might shock and awe at first, but then comes outrage and revenge, the warrior's fuels. I love America. Saddam Hussein is a ruthless tyrant. But I'm afraid Mr. Bush is doing the right thing in the worst possible way.
Oscar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

What ever you think about the war it is clear that the Coalition is going out of its way to avoid killing people civilian or military. It seems that they sidle up to a military unit and only open fire on it if it starts something. Very commendable I just hope that the Iraqi regime does not take advatage of this generousity.
Phil Bagge, Southampton

I am ashamed to be British. It is a shameful time for this country
Godfrey Booth, Gloucester, UK

Dissappointment, sorrow and sadness is what I feel. We the socalled developed part of the world should be able to solve problems without war against innocent people. Whay did the UK and USA use all the effort they now use to avoid war?
Jakob Bj÷rnsson, Akureyri, Iceland

If Saddam Husssein is removed from power, the situation in the Middle East will improve
Jiri Soska, Brno, Czech Republic
I strongly support the coalition war against Hussein. Iraq is the strongest element of this dangerous complot. If Saddam Husssein is removed from power, the situation in the Middle East will improve.
Jiri Soska, Brno, Czech Republic

Winning the war is one thing, however, winning the peace is a whole lot harder. But no matter how hard it will be I hope a situation where Iraq allows its people to have a decent quality of life will emerge from the smoke. Is war something we resort to when politics fails or is war merely an extension of politics?
John Rodgers, Lancashire UK

When persistence fails force must be applied and that was what Saddam wanted. What he's getting might be just the tip of the iceberg. What pains me is that innocent children and women are dying because of one evil man. I think this war will not end as soon as we have been made to believe but when it is finally over the weakened one will be erased from this planet.
Wisdom, East Legon, Ghana

Who is counting the innocent Iraqis that have been killed by the bombs?
Mansoor, USA
We hear about the number of US and UK casualties all the time. Who is counting the innocent Iraqis that have been killed by the bombs?
Mansoor, USA

The war has no legality, no reason and no justification. It's about invasion of a sovereign state not at all about democracy. Like it or not, Iraq is a sovereign state. No international law gives anyone the right to invade a sovereign country just because we don't like its government. British people and American people should know that no Iraqi has posed a threat upon their security. What your governments are doing is propaganda. Wake up before it's too late for everyone.
Rossella, Naples, Italy

War prisoners should not be shown on TV no matter if it is Iraqi TV or CNN. War prisoners should be treated according to the Geneva Convention. I don't think that USA does so. My opinion is that there should not be any prisoners of war because war (any war) is a shame for human kind.
Petros , Greece

If our view could make such a difference, then I would put Bush, Blair, Aznar and Hussein in jail for betraying human kind and for war crime charges - what a shame to witness such stupidity in the 21 century!
Willy Khoory, Beirut Lebanon

The very first footage I saw of bombs dropping on Baghdad made my heart skip a beat and brought tears to my eyes
Pam, California, USA
The very first footage I saw of bombs dropping on Baghdad made my heart skip a beat and brought tears to my eyes. I could only think of the innocent Iraqis huddled in their homes, embracing their children and praying to simply make it through the night. I hate war, but I also believe that Saddam Hussein left the world with no alternative. I support the coalition forces 100 per cent and hope the fighting will be able to end soon.
Pam, California, USA

I don't go to protests because I hate the sheep like mentality of chanting mobs and find the messages are often usurped by the drama school dropouts in silly costumes. As someone against this war, I feel powerless. Members of our current administration have been planning this war since 1992. There are many oppressed people in the world who do not have oil reserves. Are we going to bankrupt our country to save them? I love my country but fear this administration.
Roseann, USA

I am currently in the US and have been watching the news channels. War is one thing but watching a live fire fight on TV like it is some reality TV freak show?
Dave, Cambridge UK

This afternoon (Canada time) I saw the initial bombing of Baghdad. However bad I felt this morning, I woke up. That's something that I believe many Iraqi's over the next few days will not do. I deplore Saddam Hussein's treatment of his people as well as George Bush's treatment of his. Poor Iraq. Between a rock and a hard place.
Brian Lloyd, Nanaimo BC Canada

I don't understand how the US is attacking Iraq based on the fact that it is violating UN rules on weapons, whereas the US itself is defying UN security by attacking Iraq without UN approval, which is indeed what the UN was set up to do.
Fahim Ghaffar, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

I thought and regarded America as a sensible and mature country. But her war against Iraq has proved that US is not less than a wild animal.
Zahid Ali, Pakistan

The war imposed on Iraq is immoral and unjustified. Who on earth made America and UK to be the controller of the whole world? They may live to regret it
Shirimpaka, Lusaka, Zambia

Thank You from London UK to the people of the USA and President George W.Bush. Your country's willingness to take a stand against terrorists worldwide, first in Afghanistan and now Iraq, begins to make the world a safer place. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes his people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be. (quote of Ex US First Lady Rosalynn Carter )
Danny, London UK

It amazes me that my own country's leader can be so stupid. This war on terror (keeping in mind that war in terror) is really pointless. If fighting in Iraq just makes Al Qaeda angry at America then what's the real point? If we're doing this in order to liberate Iraq's citizens, why do it with a war that's going to kill tens of thousands of them?
Megan Browne, Pennsylvania, USA

What Arabic country doesn't have some kind of dictator? In Saudi Arabia there is punishment with people throwing rocks at the judged person maybe just for stealing food. Why doesn't America say something there?
Zinan, Denmark

In politics there is neither a permanent friend nor a permanent enemy
Ssebulege Benedict, Kampala- Uganda
This war between America and Iraq proves that old saying: In politics there is neither a permanent friend nor a permanent enemy.
Ssebulege Benedict, Kampala- Uganda

God Bless America and President Bush. God Bless Britain and Tony Blair. Thank you Mr Blair for having the courage of your convictions. God bless all the brave military and their families. Let freedom ring.
Amanda Sheridan, Foxwood, NY, USA

I have been long searching for one single reasonable reason for this US war in Iraq. Not for oil, not for democracy, not for WMD. American felt afraid for their security from Saddam's weapons? The range of the best might be 200 miles.
Youssef, Tunisia

Brits, you should choose allies more carefully. Siding with US army was your worst strategic mistake!
Alex Wierzbowsky, Finland

The war on Iraq could imperil world security. The US should have learnt a few lessons that Saddam has already doctored the art of bloody battles causing holocausts since decades, a terrific military strategist indeed. USA can capture Baghdad but the Iraqi agents that could have mushroomed all over the world could be another terror for USA to ensure security to Americans all over the world. Last but not the least, the use of WMD could be the last sword to defend Baghdad. Memories of Vietnam and Cuba are standing testimonies. Saddam may not win this war, but could offer a very tough resistance dragging the show for a few months. That is a victory in Saddam's line of battles.
M.R.Kitto, Kuwait

Tonight we go to the streets for a candlelit march for peace. It is all we have left to do
Barbara A Sadler, Minnesota USA
The greatest fear and tragedy of this attack on Iraq is that the very principles of the sovereign state and the ideals of democracy and respect of nations and peoples have been violated. Tonight we go to the streets for a candlelit march for peace. It is all we have left to do.
Barbara A Sadler, Minnesota USA

I am definitely not pro-war but I am newly married and hoping to have children soon and I will feel better knowing that one person (Saddam) who could make the future far more dangerous for not only the US but for Britain and every other country in the world. We don't allow convicted felons here to own weapons .. why would we allow the equivalent to build weapons of mass destruction? I support all of our men and women who are fighting to protect the future safety of the world and I will continue to pray for them each day.
Kimberly Spath, Upstate New York, USA

Iraq is showing the Geneva convention the same disrespect it has shown the UN. Deaths and casualties are always going to happen in a war situation. Let's just hope they are kept to a minimum. I am proud to be in a democratic nation that is striving to bring peace to the world and freedom to the Iraqi people.
Craig, London, UK

To those of you who keep saying, if Saddam has WMD as Bush has repeatedly said, why hasn't he used them? Well think about it, he has to be careful not to use them especially now, since for years he has been denying having them when questioned by the UN and UN Weapons inspectors. He wants the world to think he doesn't have them as he has been stating. So therefore why would he use them? That would just prove to the UN that he has been lying as Bush and Blair have been claiming.
Cathy, Texas, USA

It's my opinion that Mr Bush of USA should not interfere in the problems of Middle East .That problem should be solved by U.N only.
Khozem, KUWAIT

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