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 Wednesday, 22 January, 2003, 09:59 GMT
Golden Globes: Is this a year for women?
Nicole Kidman at the 60th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills
Women have given an enormous amount of really good performances this year, Nicole Kidman said at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Her role as writer Virginia Woolf won her the best dramatic actress and she used the moment to encourage Hollywood to keep championing female roles.

"Writers, please keep writing for us because we're very interesting. And directors, please keep giving us complicated wonderful types of women for the screen."

Renee Zellweger took home one of three major awards for the vaudeville lead in the musical Chicago, a film version of the stage play.

Her speech paid heavy tribute to co-star Catherine Zeta Jones "You're a goddess and I'm so glad the world now knows what you can do."

Winning men on the night included Jack Nicholson for About Schmidt, Martin Scorsese for Gangs of New York and Richard Gere for Chicago.

Which have been your favourite performances? Did the best artists win at the Golden Globes?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Award shows like the Golden Globes are completely biased. Awards are given out to those who the media likes the most, not the most deserving. And yes, many times this excludes foreign films.

Julianne Moore still shines above anyone

Oscar Montanez, USA
While I was very satisfied with the results on Sunday, I must object that Julianne Moore was once again robbed of the Best Actress Award for "Far from Heaven" which is easily one of (if not the best) films I've seen this year. While I'm sure Nichole deserved her award, (and I do think she's a good actress) Julianne Moore still shines above anyone else this year. I'm glad Elliot Goldenthall won for Best Original Score for Frida, which has some of the most outstanding music to a film since John Williams/Yo-Yo Ma's "Seven Years in Tibet" Subtle, passionate and alive! Bravo year for films!
Oscar Montanez, USA

At last a year in which all winners actually deserved to win. Nicole Kidman was just amazing in The Hours. And it's either her or Julianne Moore who will win the Oscar. Both are long overdue.
Guido, London

Great to see Scorsese win best director. He deserves it for what is a fantastically well directed film on its own merits plus his track record which is littered with classics, he should get the Oscar for the same reasons.
Alex, UK

Do we only get a year each and then it's back to white men!?

Wendy, UK
Is this a year for women? Like how last year was for black people at the Oscars? Do we only get a year each and then it's back to white men!? Nicole Kidman was right to mention writers and directors, but ultimately she left out the biggies - studios, the money men, who have all the power but don't use it.
Wendy, UK

I suggest that the Oscars and Globes be given out 10-15 years in arrears so hype and popular status can't play a part in the judging of quality.
Andrew Bunyan, New Zealand

I'm not a usual sci-fi/action film lover but I was totally blown away by The Two Towers. The acting is fantastic, far better than that in Chicago.
Biddy, UK

It is a shame such a brilliant film The Quiet American was not acknowledged. American bias in more ways than one!
George, London

Testament to an extraordinary group of actresses

Dianne Davis, Australia
Nicole Kidman - as Jack Nicholson acknowledged - is creating a phenomenal body of work; her award, as well as the nominations of the very fine Julianne Moore and the legendary Streep, are testament to an extraordinary group of actresses. Why does Hollywood still continue to produce boys' action films one after the other - special effects in search of a plot?
Dianne Davis, Australia

Hello... had these people seen Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers??
Helen, UK

Helen - yes, they probably had seen the Lord of the Rings and thought "Didn't we see this last year?" Let's face it; Lord of the Rings is for sad losers who have learned to speak Elvish, or a bit of escapist fun. No-one could argue that it was the best film made last year unless you look on the most superficial level.
Pip, UK

Why do people feel (like Pip, UK) it's legitimate to offend lovers of the fantasy genre with terms like sad losers? Do we live in a society in which it is valid to abuse some sections of the community and totally taboo and often illegal to offend others. Whether I do or do not like Lord of the Rings, does not make me a sad loser, nerd or anything else thank you very much. Now grow up!
Trev, Italy

Why is the movie industry not giving the Lord of the Rings movies the credit they deserve? Is it because they are viewed as base action movies? Or do they get ignored at the awards, because, if credited with even half of what they deserve, nobody else would win anything? Or maybe this retelling of the greatest novel of the 20th century just isn't "arty" enough for the critics? This does nothing but reconfirm my theory that the films that bag the awards are probably the ones I least want to see.
Andy, Netherlands

Catherine Zeta-Jones' sheer acting presence, physicality of performance and ability to sing completely outclassed her co-stars, and one has to question the validity of these awards, which seem to amount to greasy palm back slapping for the nominating committee's friends. I hope that Zeta-Jones can console herself knowing that she outstripped everyone else in the film, and doesn't need a trophy to legitimise her career.
Martyn Bull, United Kingdom

Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger were truly awful

Myra, UK
I cannot believe that Chicago won so many awards! Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger were truly awful and the only good part of the film was Catherine Zeta-Jones (and her great voice), and yet the first two won the prizes and she didn't.
Myra, UK

Of course Chicago won a lot of accolades. It's an American film using American money and the two main awards went to Americans. Neither the Golden Globes or the Oscars are seriously based on whether a film is good or not, but who the American film industry want to vote for. They only pay lip service to 'foreign' films and artists to show the rest of the world they are not biased in favour of home-grown talent
Elaine Grant, UK

Elaine Grant - in case you haven't noticed, Golden Globe awards are given by Hollywood FOREIGN press, not "American film industry".
Mirek, US

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