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Wednesday, 19 February, 2003, 15:11 GMT
Is this the year for debut stars at the Brits?
Sugababes at the Brits nominations ceremony
This year, it's not Robbie Williams dominating the Brit Awards nominations but instead, the rising stars of the British music scene.

It's Ms Dynamite who's tipped for best British female as long as she sees off Sophie Ellis Bextor, Beverley Knight, Beth Orton and Alison Moyet.

Ms Dynamite and The Streets - Birmingham hip-hop artist Mike Skinner - have gathered four nominations each.

Kylie Minogue, star of last year's show, is not up for any awards at all this time round and the established Robbie Williams has only one.

The Sugababes, Will Young, Norah Jones, Gareth Gates and Pink - have all been nominated for three categories each.

Are the nominations an improvement for looking to relatively fresher talent? Who do you hope will win?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Artists such as Craig David and Ms Dynamite are the way forward in our day. Not only do they deliver the wicked tunes and amazing lyrical content within their music, but they are both fantastic live too. Craig has notched up 9 nominations over the past 2 years, let's hope he scoops at least one and Ms Dynamite at least 2. That'd be justice, what with all the Popstars, Pop Idols and other painful reality TV shows around.
Tracey-Louise, Derbyshire, UK

2002 was a terrible year for British music.

Wayne, UK
2002 was a terrible year for British music. Only a handful of good records were produced which were sadly mixed in with too much pop idol/pop star/fame academy rubbish. This meant that mediocre artists are somehow made to look a lot better than they are. The British public seem to regard Robbie Williams as our number one act, when in America he completely failed and is viewed as a joke. Who remembers the summer of 1996 when we had a whole load of quality albums by the likes of Radiohead, The Prodigy, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, Supergrass, Ocean Colour Scene etc etc. What went wrong? The Reading festival 2002 was the best collection of artists and bands in the last decade, but look at the line up and it was mostly American acts.
Wayne, UK

Great to see the Coral nominated in several categories. Their album is a blast of fresh air and energy in a way not heard since the Pogues started to decline, and is a welcome antidote to the Will'n'Gareth show. More power to your elbows, lads!
rob, uk

I'm delighted that Will Young's success has been recognised with 3 nominations. Regardless of his TV-show origins he has a unique and soulful voice, and for me is the stand-out talent of 2002.
Joanne Beams, Gosport, Hants

The nominations seem very contradictory

Polly Bee, England
The nominations seem very contradictory, on the one hand three of the nominated albums weren't in the 50 top selling albums of the year (indeed Mike Skinner is the critics darling, but has left the general public cold). Whereas in the Single category the nominations are only judged on the number of sales so ends up with high sales, low quality covers that are more a triumph for marketing than music.
Polly Bee, England

I hate pop and was sceptical about the sugababes. I mean, just their name alone! But.. have you heard one of their voices on the album? Not sure which one it is but its fantastic and professional. They stay relatively out of the spotlight too which I like. It should be the music that sells not the constant media, girls please dont sell out!
Kim, London

This list of Brits Nominees this year is totally outstanding and most artists have done really well promoting themselves and their albums. Will Young is an exception and so is Gareth Gates as they are both good artists and have really lovely voices, they duetted well together on the Long and winding Road and I would listen to them forever Good luck to them both for the brits
Katie, Teignmouth Devon

It's great to see that we have so many inventive new acts and a rising culture of our own not just US-centric R&B. Personally, four nominations for The Streets is not enough, it's the most inspiring, well written album I've heard in years. With acerbic wit over excellent basslines and great music.
Paul, London, UK

The new music just talks to British listeners

Steve W, Suffolk
Most of the new music just talks to British listeners, though some does travel well in Europe. The key thing is success in North America. Currently, only Daniel Bedingfield seems to be flying the flag there with Craig David in decline. The other new "talent" is very insular, not geared up for worldwide cred. If we're backing The Streets for success, the UK music industry will spend another five years in the doldrums.
Steve W, Suffolk

How can superior acts such as Roots Manuva and New Flesh, both original and inspiring, be overlooked for half-baked meaningless drivel like Pink?
Shaun B, UK

This year is filled with some very good nominations. In most of the categories there are no obvious winners, although the best single award is probably the exception; every nomination is either a cover version or manufactured song. Maybe this will be the year of 'real' music. How refreshing!
Paul, UK

It's about time we got away from the Robbie/Kylie/Posh mafia

Roy Pinney, UK
It's certainly good to see some different names being mentioned in these categories; it's about time we got away from the Robbie/Kylie/Posh mafia. Ms Dynamite seems to be rated highly by a number of people, Beth Orton has produced excellent music for years now, and Alison Moyet has always been top-notch.
Roy Pinney, UK

I think Beverley Knight should win the best female category for her continuing promotion of UK British R'n'B. Ms Dynamite should win best newcomer but let her prove her best female nomination by longevity. God knows where Alison Moyet came from and Sophie Ellis Bextor should be in the pop category.
Mikey, London,

Most of the people up for nomination are poor American pop/R'n'B wannabes who sing with American accents. There's nothing fresh in British pop music at the moment and award ceremonies such as the Brits hammer home this fact. The entire industry is full to the brim of muppets who merely want to be rich and famous, hence there is no meaningful or touching music being produced anymore.
Leon, UK

The Norah Jones album Come Away with Me is timeless, dramatic, solemn, a great album for music lovers.
Gavin, Jersey C.I.

I have a funny feeling The Streets won't win anythinge

Jonathan, UK
Ms Dynamite's music is great but her fantastic lyrics are just as important. She should win everything bar maybe best album. The Streets, he is simply telling it how it is, what it's like for a person growing up and living in the city. You could be listening to a mate of mine, it's that realistic. An urban poet! Though I have a funny feeling The Streets won't win anything. The Brits are just following trends, first it was Britpop, then pop and now urban. It shouldn't be about trends! How Sugababes Freak Like Me isn't there for best single I do not know.
Jonathan, UK

The nominations may include younger stars but most of these don't write their own songs or play their own instruments. If Will Young and Gareth Gates are the cream of British music then we should all be worried!
Jeremy Johnson, UK

When Gareth Gates gets nominated for a Brit for a cover version you know they're scraping the barrel. 2002 was generally a very poor year for pop music and 2003 looks like being no better!
Paul, UK

There is more going on in British music than just the rap/new R&B/garage hybrids that comprise the bulk of the nominees. There are still artists who have released nothing in the past year receiving nominations and I'd really love to know what on earth the award for best urban act is meant to prove. No, the Brits are still just slaps on the back for those who have earned or have the potential to earn the recording industry the most money.
Bill, UK

I don't understand the excitement about Ms Dynamite

Harry, UK
I don't quite understand the excitement about Ms Dynamite. At one point last year she appeared to become a political spokes person for British 'youf'. She's had a couple of decent tunes. The Sugababes have had one. And Will Young and the Streets have had none. Surely we can do better than this for best newcomer┐
Harry, UK

This is the best line up of nominees that I can remember. Alison Moyet's nomination, once again, shows that there is very little popular British female talent out there. Personally think that Robbie blew all of his chances during his press conference when he signed his undeserved contract. Will Young will be the biggest winner on the night and hopefully this will the last time Tom Jones turns up.
Phil, England

Thank God for people like Norah Jones and Ms Dynamite! For a while it looked like the only popular music around was that picked and plucked by Pete Waterman on prime-time TV! Let's hope there's more to come!
Jon, UK

Ms Dynamite has really impressed me in the last year. It Takes More is one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard, the lyrics are outstanding. Good on ya, Miss Dynami-tee-hee!
David, Worcester, UK

These bands have contributed a lot to music over the last year while the likes of Robbie Williams have continued down their path of midstream music. His new album really isn't that great and he can't expect numerous nominations when he's done very little over the last year except get in the tabloids with his social life. The likes of Pink and Ms Dynamite are worthy nominees.
George, UK

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