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 Thursday, 16 January, 2003, 08:45 GMT
Your tributes to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb
Family and friends of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb have attended his private funeral in Miami, Florida, following his death on Sunday.

Gibb died following a heart attack during emergency surgery, after being admitted to hospital for an operation on his intestines

Barry and Robin Gibb have been talking to officials at the hospital where their brother died, after expressing their concern over his treatment.

The 53-year-old singer and bassist, together with his two brothers enjoyed a highly successful pop career through four decades with the Bee Gees.

The group were amongst the biggest pop stars of the 1970s, famous for their disco theme to the film Saturday Night Fever.

The trio were honoured with CBEs on the New Year Honours diplomatic list for their services to music.

Thank you for your tributes to Maurice Gibb. Read a selection of your comments below.

His memory will live on for many years

Melanie, New Zealand
I am totally devastated about the loss of Maurice and my heart goes out to his family. I don't think we will see another talent like his in the near future or if ever. His memory will live on for many years and deservedly so. The years ahead will be tough ones for Barry and Robin musically and emotionally but as Barry says Maurice would have wanted them to carry on and this will keep the memories alive for all of us.
Melanie, New Zealand

In 1997 I met the Gibbs and Maurice just stood out. He was the enormously talented guy who still acted like your next door neighbour. Nobody in the music business is like this. He was so unique and special. He will be so sorely missed. Thank God his memory will always live on in the music.
Marty Hogan, USA

I am deeply sad. Maurice was a great person and a great musician. The Bee Gees music accompanied me in each moment of my life, in the good days as well in the saddest days of my life. My respect and peace to the Gibb Family.
Jorge Somerville, Chile

I will always remember Maurice as the man that could smile a hundred smiles in one

Kim Henderson, New Zealand
I will always remember Maurice as the man that could smile a hundred smiles in one, that mischievous twinkle in his eye, the zest for life that radiated within him for all to see. I can only imagine the huge loss and sense of grief that the family of Maurice will be enduring. My thoughts and heart go out to you all. Thank you Maurice for all the sunshine that you bought into my life through your music. You WILL be greatly missed.
Kim Henderson, New Zealand

I am deeply saddened by the death of Maurice Gibb. I grew up on the music of the Bee Gees along with a lot of other talented artists but their music really touched my soul even from the young age of 9, with the release of "Saturday Night Fever." He will be sorely missed and I just hope and pray for his family's strength. I also hope that he knew that his contribution to music transcended races. May God Bless his soul!
Sandra F, USA

As a twin myself, my breath is taken away with imagining the utter devastation that Robin must feel at this moment. The obvious love that Barry, Robin and Maurice shared was evident at every turn. This is so much more than the loss of a band member, this is the loss of a connection of love that was out there for all to see and take strength from. Through their music they made the world a better place if only for a moment. My heart goes out to Barry and Robin who have to endure the loss of their sweet brother. And to Yvonne and the children who have lost an irreplaceable part of their lives. May God hold you in His Heart and keep you all in his Grace.
Caroline, Mississauga, Canada

In my opinion, no other groups in the world have ever exhibited the talent and sheer joy of music-making than the Beatles and the Bee-Gees. It saddens me immensely to know also that both groups have been plagued with personal tragedy. And now Maurice. His loss is simply devastating. I was born just one month before Maurice and Robin, and have lived through the exact same ever-changing world as they have. They and their brother Barry were "friends", people I never met, but who seemed to put all my feelings to music, seemed to know all my innermost thoughts, seemed to always emit such positive thoughts and energy through their music. Maurice lives on through his music, through his brothers, and through his family and friends, who at this time are first and foremost in my thoughts. I can only hope that soon time will move them away from grief and into a more joyous future, their lives enhanced by the glowing love and passion of Maurice, a love and passion that death cannot eradicate. Peace, Love, Comfort and Condolences to the Gibb Family from mine...
Regina Justin, Vanessa and Brittany Harty-Allen, Chicago, Illinois USA

I have always admired his musical talent,

Bonnie Conte, USA
My heart is numbed by this. Maurice has always been my favourite Bee Gee. A loyal fan since 15, I have been to many concerts and collected memorabilia since the 70's. A working mom with 4 children, I always thought one day I'd take a trip down to Miami to visit Middle Ear, and finally meet Mo. I have always admired his musical talent, wonderful sense of humour, support of his brothers and love for his family. Sincerest condolences to all family, friends and fans who will miss him as much as I do.
Bonnie Conte, USA

I am 37 years old and have been a Bee Gees fan for as long as I can remember. I never knew Maurice but feel so incredibly heart broken. I was just shocked when I heard the news. I know you don't know me but my prayers go to you & your family. I am glad you will continue as the Bee Gees. I think you will be giving Maurice a gift to carry on... Our prayers to his wife and kids. Thank you for sharing your gift of music over the years. It truly is a gift. I have twin daughters & know how close they are.
Deborah, US

I cannot remember a time when I did not love the Bee Gees. I grew up listening to their music, and I have always looked forward to the next masterpiece they would produce. I am a student of music history and have seen and heard everything Bee Gees related that I could get my hands on. My heart aches for his family, and his talent and sense of humour will be deeply missed by the world.
Leslie Gillie, USA

As a child of the early 60's, I heard many of the Bee Gees songs but didn't really know a lot about them. When Main Course came out in 1975 I was hooked for life. They wrote the "best time of my life". My greatest sympathy to the Gibb family.
Freida Van Allen, USA

feel like I grew up with them

Patti Bivona, USA
When I think of my days in the 70's I always remember the Bee Gee's songs. There will never be a better group than them. I feel like I grew up with them and hearing about Maurice Gibb's passing touched my heart. My prayers will always be with the family and Maurice Gibb will be very much missed. When you hear the name Bee Gees you will always think about three brothers. May God watch over his family during these hard times.
Patti Bivona, USA

I am so upset and shocked at this dreadful news. It is just unbelievable. I have been a fan of the Gibb brothers since 1979 and their music and themselves as people have helped me through some very difficult times. Maurice will be so sadly missed. He was very special. My thoughts are with you Barry, Robin and family. It's so unbearable and hard to believe this has happened. Thinking of you all Heather (Neal)
Heather Neal, UK

I have been a Bee Gees fan since their first hit in America. I bought every one of their LP's when there was such a thing and I have their greatest hits CD. Barry, Maurice and Robin have been a great inspiration to me... my 12 year old son even listens to and loves their music! I am so shocked at the passing of Maurice and am saddened to think that the Bee Gees may never be the same. I want to send my greatest condolences to Barry, Robin and the entire Gibb family. I hope you find the strength to get through this great tragedy.
Melanie Grisos, USA

Maurice Gibb

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