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Thursday, 31 October, 2002, 12:43 GMT
Your tributes to Richard Harris
The renowned actor Richard Harris has died in hospital after battling with cancer in recent months.

The Irish screen veteran had been undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease and was described by his agent as "responding well to treatment" only a few weeks ago.

His death on Friday evening was announced by his three sons, who said their father had passed away peacefully at University College Hospital in London.

Harris established his reputation with impressive performances in films such as A Man Called Horse and This Sporting Life; and recently played Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films.

Infamous for his wayward nature and hard-drinking lifestyle, he had expected to be discharged in time to continue his role in the final part of the Harry Potter trilogy, The Prisoner of Azkaban.

BBC Four are showing one of Richard Harris' most celebrated films, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, together with a documentary on the making of the film on Saturday 30 November.

Thank you for your tributes to Richard Harris. Read a selection of your comments below.

In an age where medicority is celebrated, with the passing of Richard Harris we have lost one of the great actors, characters and more importantly great livers of this crazy life that there ever was. God Bless you Richard. Rob (OtiS).
Rob, England

A sad day that marks the death of a true individual. Richard Harris not only had talent in abundance but he also had intellect, charm, charisma and a raw and wild energy. The world really is diminished by his passing.
Sean, Ireland

Richard Harris has a lesson for us all: Make Life a Festival!
Harvey, UK

A good singer and a great actor I doubt if we will see another like him and a credit to Ireland
henry doyle, scotland

What fun he was to listen to, conversation at it's best
Sharon Newkirk, United States

Richard, you were great! And what a wonderful role to go "out on" - Professor Dumbledore. You certainly "Had your cake and ate it". You will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with your family.
Sandie Stone, Gawler, South Australia

Richard Harris left behind a legacy that extends far beyond the films that he made. His rich life, spanning continents and decades; and his unwavering resilience in the face of his many challenges will be his living testament.
Joe Daly, Boston, USA

I was very lucky to get his autograph last year and was amazed by his willingness to stop and say hello to people. He was an amazing actor and someone who obviously never forgot his roots. I will always remember my five minutes in his presence.
Kathleen, UK

A great actor with great presence and deep emotion

David R. Green, Scotland
Always my favourite from the time I saw him in Cromwell and on the Michael Parkinson show. Truly a great actor with great presence and deep emotion. Sadly missed.
David R. Green, Scotland

A true Irishman in every sense of the word, he will be a hard act to follow. God Bless Richard. A Fellow Irish exile
Kathleen, Canada

Ever since I saw him in Camelot and heard that beautiful voice, I fell head over heals in love. I was fortunate enough to have seen him in concert as well as listen to him on the stereo. He wrote wonderful poetry and was a charismatic "bad boy". There will never be another like him. He is now charming all in heaven and smiling that devilish smile.
Sharon, United States

Whether it was A Man Called Horse, Mutiny on the Bounty, or even Harry Potter, Richard Harris has been a wonder to me since I was a little girl, watching old movies with my dad on Saturday morning. He had a hard life, and made something of himself, not like most American born actors who are brought up in households of movie stars. And even if he did not like what he did, he has touched more than one life through films or through his life story. A great man died, and the world will miss him greatly.
Elizabeth Jellison Age 18, Oregon, USA

Richard, we'll certainly miss you! While McArthur's Park tunes ring again from my youth I also can hear and see in my mind the Camelot strength of your fine films and art. I will always be friends with your films Mr. Harris and thanks deeply for the joy they bring.
Frank A. Maffei, Naples, Florida USA

Few actors in film history have had the ability to captivate through voice, through eyes, through face and through sheer star presence. Richard Harris was one such star and the film world will be a darker place without him
Mark P, UK

The man was a wizard!

David Bentley, UK
A great man with a great talent, a true legend who will be dearly missed. Not surprising his casting in Harry Potter as the man was a wizard!
David Bentley, UK

Richard Harris cast a spell on me long before he played Dumbledore. I remember him on Merv Griffin's show talking about his wild antics with his friend Malachy McCourt. I thought he was wild and captivating. All my friends had crushes on David Cassidy, but Richard Harris was a real man and my crush lasted for thirty five years.
Deb Noonan, USA

Richard Harris was a great, great actor and will be sadly missed.
Alison Stokoe, Scotland

What a wonderful man. No doubt he is laying down the law as we speak, demanding a fuller head for his Guinness and betting Reed that he can remember all his lines from every film he ever made. Here's to you Richard, and to the fabulous actor you are!
Katerina, Cyprus

Whatever time of night it is, when one of his films comes on I am compelled to stay up and watch. Oh he shall be missed, but if there's a heaven, I will look forward to sharing it with Richard!
Mitzi Dickerson, Delaware, USA

I couldn't sleep during the night here in Brisbane and was up and heard on the radio news the announcement that he had died. The reaction of the other radio person was "Oh no! I really liked him." Not your normal kind of reporting for not your normal kind of actor.
Andrew B Davidson, Australia

He will be missed by many people, young and old

Carol Ann, Norwich, England
He had a life we were in awe of, and a talent we could only marvel at. He brought utter conviction and believability to every role. He shall be missed.
Doc, England

I was able to see Richard Harris in Camelot here in Dallas. He was a great actor and a credit to his craft. He will be missed. I would like to extend my blessing to his family. And in closing I would like to say: "He was a cool old dude."
Julie Koenig, USA

I will remember Richard for his wonderful portrayal in certain films that are my favourites. Juggernaut, where he played the part of a flamboyant bomb disposal expert, A Man called Horse where he played a captured (by the Indians) British adventurer in the Wild West of the 19th century, and Wild Geese as a mercenary soldier on a doomed mission in Africa. Such versatility is the mark of a truly great actor!
Stanley, England

I just cannot believe that this wonderful actor has now gone. He will be missed by many people, young and old. Line up the beers and enjoy.
Carol Ann, Norwich, England.

It won't be the same without him.
Hannah, England

Let's all raise a glass of Guinness to celebrate his life

Keith White, UK
Richard Harris was one of only a handful of actors who had such great presence, whether on stage, on screen or walking down the street. This is a quality that can't be learnt. You either have it or you don't. He lived life to the full and that's something we should all embrace. Let's all raise a glass of Guinness to celebrate his life in the way I'm sure he would have wished. Richard Harris is gone but he will never be forgotten.
Keith White, UK

I have loved Richard Harris my whole life of 48 years so far... he will always be remembered in my memory and heart. May his family be comforted in the fact that he touched so many lives - he will never be forgotten. I will truly miss him. Man in the Wilderness is my favourite movie! Saw it in the theatre and own it on video. What a wonderful man... and character!
Debbra Ream, USA

How sad and lonely we feel when we reflect on the loss of the great individualistic personalities on the world stage. One wonders how much further dear Richard would have gone were it not for his personal flaws, yet we loved him for the extraordinary person he was since he was true to himself and to us.
Gloria E. Diaz, USA

The man was so great. No matter what part he played, large or small, he jumped out the screen at you. He was a very much loved actor and a man in his own right and will live forever in the films and plays he appeared in.
Allan, Ayr, Scotland

Since my teen years in the 60s when the USA and I discovered Richard Harris, I've been a fan of his - his acting and singing, his handsome face and magnificent voice. A highlight of my life was being mesmerized by a live appearance of his singing and reading his own poetry at the Ford Auditorium in Detroit in the 70s. I will deeply miss him. Truly irreplaceable.
Elaine Guzik, USA

He took the world on his own terms

Jack Judge, London, UK
He took the world on his own terms and for the most part came out the better man. Unlike the current generation of "hell raisers" he had the talent, the wit and the intellect to reinforce his stance. He challenged us all, and we are all the better for that. He's one of the actors I always wanted to see live. [Raising a glass] "Here's to you Richard, you will not be forgotten."
Jack Judge, London, UK

I hope the newspapers won't remember this great actor as the old professor in Harry Potter II because he was one of the greatest of his generation and with O'Toole, the best actors of Ireland. We could remember him in one of his latest roles as the emperor in Gladiator.
Alberto, Galiza

He lived life like a cat on its ninth life with unabashed selfish joy.
Bridget Paley, USA, California

Along with Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole he represented the finest qualities of British acting. Any film he starred in was worth watching - even the bad 'uns. Very, very sad news. Will make the earth dimmer but the night sky brighter.
Ian, England.

Somehow, one believes that such giants must be immortal

Tim Griffiths, England
Richard Harris has been a legend for so long, it was with a feeling of disbelief that I learned of his death. Somehow one believes that such giants must be immortal. Thank you, Richard, for giving so much pleasure to so many.
Tim Griffiths, England

Richard Harris was one of the best story-tellers. I remember him telling of the time he told his wife he was going out to get the Sunday paper and then disappearing for a week on a drinking binge. When he sobered up and decided to return home he was trying to think of an excuse. He stood on his doorstep as his wife opened the door then it came to him "Why didn't you pay the ransom?" he asked her. A great story-teller, a great actor and a great character. They will be short of Guinness in heaven tomorrow. God bless you Harris.
Duncan, LA USA

Oh, what a great loss for the thinking world! What a privilege to have lived in his time and enjoyed his eloquent acting. He will be dearly missed by so many, both old and young.
Daphne, Texas, USA

There is a line from his character in the Harry Potter books (but not the film): "To the well organised mind death is but the next great adventure." He is leaving behind one life, but he is moving on to a new adventure. May he rest in peace.
Helen, UK

Only Peter O'Toole is left now of this exclusive fellowship of remarkable actors. An outstanding individual with a God-given talent. Only the gifted few can captivate the many as he could. Macho hero or ageing emperor, he will be remembered as a momentous personality.
Rob Lawson, South Shields, UK

I found myself in love with Richard Harris

Joan Brandau, USA
I found myself in love with Richard Harris in the 60s when I saw him in Camelot. Watching this man work was like watching perfection in motion. Forty years later, as I sat watching Harry Potter with my daughter, I realised I was still in awe of that face and voice.
Joan Brandau, USA

Apparently, right to the last, he was threatening to kill Harry Potter director Chris Columbus if he dared re-cast Harris' role. I won't be surprised if he comes back to haunt Columbus just to prove his point (and has a go at Michael Caine for old times' sake too). That's if he can be torn away from the almighty session himself, Burton and Reed are undoubtedly having right now! Farewell to one of the greats and one of the originals.
Sean Patterson, Ireland

My favourite King Arthur has gone one to raise hell in heaven.
Kari Hayes, USA

On a night I'll always remember, I met a marvellous gentleman who entertained and bought me drinks in the Green Room Club for no good reason. If we ever meet again, it's my round. Cheers Richard.
Nick Greenacre, England

You always knew it would be a good film if Harris was in it.
Dave H, UK

I grew up on Richard Harris films

Angela Snee, US
I grew up on Richard Harris films. Now my son is enjoying his wonderful talent in the Harry Potter films. I will miss him deeply.
Angela Snee, US

It was this great actor that inspired a generation of others including myself to pursue the dream - the dream of becoming a stage and film actor. Thank you, Richard Harris... dreams do come true.
Janet DeMay, US

God bless his soul. I am profoundly saddened by his death. He was a great actor and his death is a terrible loss.
Cyrus Bolooki, USA

He was a great actor and will be sadly missed. Who could ever forget his stunning performance in The Field?
Richard Collins, Australia

I feel as if King Arthur has died all over again. There has never been another film persona like him on the screen. He was a true original.. that poetic voice... that stare...that dance-like energy... Farewell, Richard!
Pat, US

How striking he was on the silver screen - a giant of a man

Karl Morris, Ireland
As a fellow Irishman, it was with great sadness I heard the news tonight. His presence in such films as The Field, Gladiator and Mutiny on the Bounty proved how striking he was on the silver screen - a giant of a man, and I'll be having a pint of the black stuff in his memory.
Karl Morris, Ireland

When all the rest of the kids were swooning over teen idols, I had a raging junior high crush on Mr Harris. Twenty five years later, I smile at my youthful good taste. That roughish humour coupled with the raw honesty of his portrayals has never lost its appeal. God bless, Mr Harris. The heavens' embroidered cloths are spread under your feet.
Patricia Diaz, US

A very entertaining character who will be sorely missed. Who could possibly take over his place in the Harry Potter series?
Michael, Australia

Let's hope he's enjoying himself up where the pubs don't close.
Greg Steele, UK

You always knew it would be a good film if Harris was in it.
Dave H, UK

He had been my hero for over 35 years. I am very shocked to hear of the death of this fine actor and singer, Richard Harris.
Carole, England

The last of the hell raisers

Gillian, Scotland
He was a man of enormous talent, the last of the hell raisers, the last of a dying breed of British actors. He will be sorely missed.
Gillian, Scotland

I have been a fan of Richard Harris since I was a child, when my mother took me to see Camelot in the theatre. His deeply moving performance of the legendary King Arthur has never been forgotten, and I made it a point to see every film he has made since. The world feels a much less colourful, and far less passionate, tonight. Rest well, sweet King, until your return...
Morgan Kochel, USA

If I were to go out on the town and get completely hammered with any one famous person and then trash hotel rooms and bars - it would definitely be Richard Harris.
Rhys Thomas, UK

A great actor and personality who will be sadly missed. No doubt he is enjoying a great drink with Richard Burton up in heaven.
Joanna, UK

A true master of acting

Bob Cook, USA
We once got to see Richard Harris in London doing Camelot. What a great show it was. Can you think of a better film than that and what about Cromwell? A true master of acting. Who will replace such a talent?
Bob Cook, USA

Richard Harris was an inspirational actor and I'm deeply saddened by his death. He played a wonderfully believable Oliver Cromwell so much so that it's my favourite and most watched film. A sad day.
Tharg, USA (ex-UK)

So sad... he was a perfect Dumbledore... but then he was usually great.
Eric Bogart, Belgium

I was saddened to hear of the death of Richard Harris this evening; and more saddened that the 10 O'clock News described him as a fine British actor and nowhere in the coverage was there any recognition of the fact that he was actually Irish.
Jackie Dwyer, England

Heaven will be a more lively place tonight!

John Hagan, UK
Irish, British or a rebel - Harris was unique AND his own man. Superlative actor, father and all the rest. The world is indeed a sadder place without such a unique and human talent. God bless him and our love to his family. Heaven will be a more lively place tonight, and that is for sure!
John Hagan, UK

I am very humbled by his passing. I shall always remember his phrase in Juggernaut - "Fallon is the champion". Sadly missed.
Andrew McKay, UK

A man we never met touched our lives with his gift. Please find a way for us to have the Snow Goose. God bless you Richard. Go with God.
Karel & Karen de Laet, United States

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