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Wednesday, 25 September, 2002, 09:31 GMT 10:31 UK
Emmy winners: Tell us what you think
The ceremony for the 54th Emmys, American TV's equivalent of the Oscars, has taken place at LA's Shrine Auditorium.

The West Wing, Friends and the UK's The Gathering Storm dominated the scene this year.

But Six Feet Under, the dark comedy set in an undertakers and nominated in 23 categories, did surprisingly badly.

Sunday's event saw a return to the traditional Tinseltown glitz after last year's low-key ceremony in the wake of the 11 September attacks.

What did you think of this year's Emmy awards? Did you agree with the choice of winners?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Too much stock is placed at the feet of actors and performers of all kinds. Place the adulation where it belongs, doctors, emergency medical personnel, police fires and teachers, not necessarily in that order
T. A. Gratton, USA

Who cares! There are far more serious things going on in the world than whether or not Jennifer Aniston deserved her award.
MarkS, Canada (Ex UK)

It's just a bit of fun, anyway. Why are people taking it so seriously?

Shawn, Washington, DC, USA
Whether it's the Oscars, the Emmys or the Grammys, the most deserving artists never win. That's the way it is. It's not a matter of the US "losing its head and taste." It's just a bit of fun, anyway. Why are people taking it so seriously?
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

I'm not really interested in who won I alone?
Doug, UK

It seemed that Jennifer Aniston won an Emmy as a token gesture due to the impending end of the series, which may convince the actors it's still got more life in it. It hasn't! Malcolm In The Middle should have cleaned up.
Jig, China

Entirely predictable. "Friends" winning is nothing more than the sympathy vote. When will Six Feet Under do well? Wait about 8 years, until the quality dips, the cast are in re-hab, before placing your bets.
Donny, Chile

Six Feet Under was robbed big time! Apart from our fab Aussie girl, Rachael being among the nominees from the show, all the other leads were more deserving in their categories than the eventual winners. Another example of the USA losing its head and taste! Hopefully next time.
Robert Musial, Australia

Alec Baldwin deserved it

I can't believe they didn't give it to Alec Baldwin for Path to War. Who is the guy that won? How many people watched this Jean Dean movie anyway? Alec Baldwin deserved it, he's a great actor.

Why ever weren't King of Queens, Yes, Dear, Becker and Just Shoot Me considered for Emmy Awards? What was big about Friends? Just a bunch of people of the same age group running hyper. It was great that Stockard Channing was given her long, long, quarter century due award at long last!
Pretty Sterling, Los Angeles, US

What, The Simpsons writing staff weren't even nominated?
Kevin, US

Six Feet Under should've received a bucketload

Erick, USA
Friends is so tired and worn I'm really sorry that it even got nominated. They don't have anything new, other than the tired old trick of introducing a baby to the show. When that happens, you know the show is on its last legs. In agreement with others on this Talking Point, Six Feet Under should've received a bucketload of awards.
Erick, USA

I think this year's Emmys were a little boring. I'm not a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond so wasn't happy to see all their wins. I think Malcolm In The Middle is one of the most hilarious shows ever on TV and it's overlooked every year! The highlight of the show was when the host interacted with Jennifer Aniston, now that was uniquely funny! Anyone agree?
Rainyday, USA

Friends has only won because Frasier has fizzled out. As for The West Wing, it fully deserves its success. I am a real fan but it does act as a propaganda tool convincing the audience that the US always stands for what is good and proper in the world. I fear that many people may then confuse the Hollywood version with the reality which is regrettably very much poorer by comparison.
Mehboob, England

So why was Jennifer Aniston allowed to get a Best Actress award? Wasn't Matthew Perry told to refuse his Best Actor nomination a few years ago because the cast had agreed they could only go for support-actor/ess awards?
Ian S, UK

Six Feet Under was too edgy - death, homosexuality and psychological disorders

Dave, York, UK
Like the Oscars, the Emmys represent the success of the bland and inoffensive over the genuinely innovative. Six Feet Under was clearly deserving of awards, but is too edgy to actually win anything significant - as it deals with death, homosexuality and psychological disorders. Fortunately it is great TV, and who knows, by the time it reaches its ninth series, maybe the American TV establishment will acknowledge this!
Dave, York, UK

Strange, that a British website would show an interest in an American awards ceremony which even few Americans care about.
T.J. Cassidy, U.S.A.

I think they could have come up with a funnier host. O'Brien made it easy to fall asleep between commercial breaks. His performance lacked that of previous comedians. And most viewers outside of the US don't know him.
Swedy, Sweden

Rachel Griffiths is the best thing to come out of Australia ever!

John, USA
I am very disappointed. The channel HBO continues to push the envelope in quality entertainment. Six Feet Under and Sex and the City are extraordinary. Both deserve every win in their categories. Rachel Griffiths is the best thing to come out of Australia ever!
John, USA

It's bad enough having an award for Outstanding Guest Actor In A TV Comedy but to give it to Anthony LaPaglia for his cartoon Englishman in Frasier is beyond a joke. If they slap these backs any harder they'll all end up in traction.
Bill, UK

No Emmys for Buffy the Vampire Slayer? What an injustice!
Robert del Valle, USA

I'm not suprised that Albert Finney got his Emmy for Churchill in The Gathering Storm, after all George Bush is desparately trying to link himself to the great man to give his sabre-rattling some semblance of legitimacy.
Simon, UK

Special congratulations to Stockard Channing for her double win. Finally some recognition for an extremely underrated actress.
Donna, UK

Friends is such a nostalgic vote

Nigel, Norfolk, England
Friends winning is such a nostalgic vote, it used to be the best thing on TV, but it hasn't been funny for a few years now. A bit too easy and comfortable a choice of award really. Just like the Oscars this proves that they only back the safe play.
Nigel, Norfolk, England

So Friends wasn't worth an Emmy nine series ago, when it was truly different and innovative, but it is now when even A-list clebrity boyfriends can't stop its viewing figures bombing? Can anybody explain?
Phil, UK

It was a real shame that Six Feet Under did not pull more awards because it is such a greatly deserving show. But if you are going to lose out then lose out to the West Wing!!
Paul Hart, UK

It's too early for Six Feet Under

James G, UK
It's too early for Six Feet Under. It is still building a following in the US and will fare better next year along with the Sopranos.
James G, UK

I am surprised that both 24 and Six Feet Under didn't do better, but cannot argue with the fact that The West Wing is utterly awesome!
Ian Richardson, UK

Congratulations to the creators and cast of The West Wing, best thing on TV for years - perhaps the current incumbent could take lessons from President Bartlett! Shame Shackleton didn't do better however.
Lucy Amis, UK

Why are we supposed to care about these plastic people and their idiot awards?
Gary Chiles, New Zealand

Patriotism has become more important than awards

Sean Murricane, Leeds, UK
It seems again that patriotism has become more important than who deserves awards - I've only seen a few episodes of The West Wing, admittedly, but it certainly has not been half as gripping as either 24 or Six Feet Under.
Sean Murricane, Leeds, UK

I turned to BBC to get away from the Emmys... and here they are!!! Guess they are popular no matter where you live.
Karen, US

The only thing that surprises me is that The West Wing is that it didn't win more awards! Martin Sheen deserved an award! The West Wing is without a doubt the best series to come out of America for years!
Marc Walker, Bracknell UK

Does anyone think the nomination and voting process is ever unbiased?

Mick, US, Spain & Ireland
The quality of the majority of this programming only skirts the border of what can be called entertaining... And does anyone for a minute think that the nomination and voting process is ever unbiased? This 'awards' phenomenen reflects the Western world's further demise into ignorance of the important issues going on in the world. Spare us all, we're going to turn into Californians!
Mick, US, Spain & Ireland

Had The West Wing been a more accurate portrayal of the current American administration with all the dangers it poses to world peace, then I doubt the series would have won so many awards. Instead it's a bland representation more suited to the Ally McBeal audience than those interested in politics. Much more deserving are drama shows such as 24, The Sopranos, Oz and the criminally underrated Farscape.
Rob, UK

I like The West Wing because I dream of a president as bright as Martin Sheen

Lisa, US
To Rob from the UK: I can't speak for others, but one of the reasons I like The West Wing is because I dream of a president as bright and thoughtful as Martin Sheen. Why watch a drama about a president's efforts to rule the world when I can see that on CNN seven days per week?
Lisa, US

I just can't help but wonder if Hollywood thought it would be "un-American" to vote for one of the other dramas that didn't deal with how much we love our (fake) president.
Victoria, USA

It looks like a few in here already beat me to the punch at blaming voting of the Emmys on US foreign policy. Oh well, I will just have to get here earlier when the next subject comes along.
Matt B, The States

I think Rachel Griffiths (of Six Feet Under) in particular was robbed. Not to deprecate Allison Janney, but Rachel was outstanding in a very complex and subtle role.
Neil, UK

Disappointed for Six Feet Under, tempered with the knowledge that any awards ceremony naming Jennifer Aniston as Best Actress can't be taken seriously.
Dougal McKinnon, UK

The Academy should be ashamed that it let such a gem slip through the cracks

Scott Miller, USA
I think Six Feet Under was robbed. It is one of the most complex and innovative dramas I have ever seen, focusing on the very issues network television avoids. The acting is impeccable and the storyline is engaging and well-paced. Although I also enjoy The West Wing, I think the Academy should be ashamed that it let such a gem slip through the cracks. Hopefully, future seasons of Six Feet Under will receive the recognition and Emmy awards that the show deserves.
Scott Miller, USA

To Victoria, Martin Sheen makes a great fake Prez. Much better than the fake flake we're currently stuck with
sonrisa, cincinnati, united states

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