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Thursday, 11 July, 2002, 22:16 GMT 23:16 UK
John Entwistle: Your tributes
John Entwistle
John Entwistle, bass player for British rock group The Who, has died in Las Vegas.

The 57-year-old died at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on the eve of the band's US tour.

The Who were one of the biggest rock bands of the 1960s and 70s, with hits including the massive My Generation, Pinball Wizard and Substitute.

Entwistle, who also released a number of solo albums, has been described by commentators as one of the most influential musicians of his time.

This Talking Point is now closed. Please read a selection of your tributes for John Entwistle below.

This is a dark day for music

Tristan Flynn, Canada
Goodbye John. Every time I see The Who I am in awe of your amazing technique more than anything else. This is a dark day for music and rock. George and you in the same year. There's only more sadness to come.
Tristan Flynn, Canada

I'm only 16, but I am a big fan of The Who. John Entwistle still remains unmatched as a rock bassist, and no-doubt will do for a long time. He turned the bass into a lead instrument. RIP John.
James Roberts, UK

You gave us Boris the Spider. Olivia, our 4 year old sings it. You have touched another generation.
John Parker, USA

He will be sadly missed by all the people of Stow-on-the-Wold who knew him

Karen Shorter, UK
John was a great hero. I lived in Stow-on-the-Wold for 21 years and John was part of the community. He played with one of the local bands at the Royal British Legion when they were a member short for a local fund-raising event. He will be sadly missed by all the people of Stow-on-the-Wold who knew him.
Karen Shorter, UK

He was a great man, we both share something of a love of Stow-on-the-Wold. A real community man and the funeral today was moving. Deepest sympathy to the family and friends, and also the fans out there. People of Stow will miss him too!
Sarah, UK

The Who were the only true rock group

Kara, USA, Texas
I had tickets to see them in LA this summer and will never get to see the Ox perform. I am only 23 but thought the Who were the only true rock group from 60s roots that still performed raw and real.
Kara, USA, Texas

Who are we to complain? We may be missing John, but the roadies in the sky are already setting everything up for the super-group of all time: Moon on drums, Hendrix on guitar/vox, Lennon guitar/vox, and finally Entwistle on bass. If we can't hear them right now, maybe they could filter a couple of new tunes through...
Brian Reeves, UK

He was a great friend and an all-out good guy. My ex wife will feel the pain of losing him. Go to heaven in your "asbestos suit"!
Peter Le Huray, Australia

A very sad day. My first ever rock concert was when I went to see John tour with his own band in 1975. It was the nearest I thought I would get to see The Who! Since then I've been a massive Who fan, seen them many times, as lately in London Docklands 2001 and John's playing was as brilliant as ever. Any Who fan will tell you he was as key to their success as Pete, Roger or Keith. Thanks for the memories John.
Kevin Cochrane, UK

I hope John REALLY knew how much he was loved by all. I send my love to all of his family and friends. Ginger Philadelphia, PA
Ginger, USA

I feel so shocked. It happened much too soon and it's a great loss for me. I would like to pay my deepest respects to his family and all his friends in these very sad moments. Thank you John for all that you've brought to rock music. We'll miss you and never forget you.
Soraya, France

He was the best that ever was

Chris Dearing, USA
The first time I saw The Who and John play live was at the JFK stadium in Philadelphia, PA for their farewell tour in 1981. I was hooked to their music ever since that day and have seen them play each time they have come to Philadelphia. I never got to see Jimi Hendrix play because of my age but I can tell my kids when they are older I saw John Entwistle play - and he was the best that ever was.
Chris Dearing, USA

Truly the man who turned the bass into an instrument that mattered. Remember, My Generation doesn't have a guitar solo, that's the Ox's bass you can hear! From one bassist to another, God bless you John! I tried copying your bass lines when I was learning and just couldn't do them like you. You were the best. Now you have been taken from us before your time. RIP!
Simon Marks, UK

The Who provided much of the shimmering soundtrack of my 70s youth. Thank you, John Entwistle for all the lovely memories. Have a great laugh with Keith, won't you.
Anne, Los Angeles, USA

I'm in a cyber cafe in Manila crying my eyes out. People are wondering what's wrong with me but they didn't stand at the feet of giants and experience the sonic explosion of music and magic called The Who. John, say high to Keith. Your music will live on in this rock n' rollers heart.
Daniel Machanik, Philippines

I am 29 years of age, and I have been a Who fan since I was given a My Generation album when I was 9 years old. The sad death of the Ox is a devastating blow to the world. He was unique and I feel privileged that I managed to see him play twice, and just watching him play made my entire body tingle, and even reduced me to tears. Well John mate, thanks, and now rest in peace with Keith. My thoughts go out to John's family, Roger, Zak, Pete, Bob and Who fans the world over.
Trevor H, UK

John and the Who, thanks for the Leeds University gig. It's one of my greatest memories.
Ravi, The Netherlands

To the greatest bass playing influence I've ever had in a 15 year musical career. Thanks for showing us all the way, John.
Andrew Segal, UK

Sad, sad, sad. Thanks for the wonderful music, Ox!
Yasuhito Inoue, Japan

A true musical innovator

Peter Benson, UK
Not only one of the greatest and amongst the first of the bass guitar improvisers, John even introduced the French horn into Who gigs as well as on their recordings (Whisky Man being one example). A true musical innovator, and a great loss to music in general.
Peter Benson, UK

It's hard to believe that the people we see as immortal do eventually pass like everyone else. I can't forget listening to the Kids Are Alright soundtrack over and over and the way John played on A Quick One While He's Away. Thank you John.
Mike, USA

Take the magic bus, John. Your bass will never be alone. Thank You.
Pietro, Italy

His was the bassline to the soundtrack of our youth. Thank goodness he left us with all those memories and immortal songs before he moved on. Rest in Peace, John.
Lein, USA

My first Who concert was in 1978 at the Glasgow Apollo. It was the first concert where the bass player was watched almost as much as the rest of the band. That just goes to show the presence and talent of the man, he will be missed greatly. I listened to Tommy on the way to work today as a mark of respect to the Ox.
Neil Beaton, USA, ex-Glasgow, UK

The song is over. Now I'm in tears.
Erik, Denmark

John Entwistle will be missed by every rock fan. The Ox revolutionised bass playing, and made it a stand-out instrument rather then part of the rhythm section. The songs he penned, from Boris the Spider to My Wife will continue to keep us smiling for years to come. Thank you John for all the good times! You will be sorely missed.
Dan Diaz, USA

John was the glue in the Who. His solid bass playing allowed Pete to really grow as a guitar player. The Real Me and How Can You Do it Alone are my own favourites. And the French horn on Overture. So sad.
Douglas Roberts, USA

He will be fondly remembered by a grateful audience

Ken Larson, USA
John and The Who gave us an amazing gig at Madison Square Garden for the NYPD and NYFD. It was an exciting performance of a great band that could give to those who had lost so much. He will be fondly remembered by a grateful audience of heroes.
Ken Larson, USA

Today, I will close my eyes and imagine the dizziness I felt trying to follow your fingers as they breezed across the fret board. This is truly the end. We will miss you forever and be eternally grateful for the love and talent you gave us. Rest in Peace.
Jason, USA

My husband got me hooked on the Who, and took me to see them in Denver last year. I always got a kick out of seeing John so calm on stage, while the others jumped around. I love to come home after a night out and put on "The Kids are Alright" and dance around watching those silly boys! My deepest sympathies to family and friends of the Ox. Denver is thinking of you today.
Shannon, USA

John was the best. My daughter and son-in-law are taking his death very hard. They loved him very much.
Phyllis, USA

One of the most memorable evenings of my life was spent watching and listening to John play that bass on the Who Quadraphenia tour. The best bassist ever! What a loss. Deepest sympathy to family, friends, Roger and Pete.
Margaret, USA/ex-UK

The last time we saw John play will be forever etched in our minds

Lisa and Joe Palisi, Virginia, USA
When I got the news that the Ox was no longer with us I got a terrible tight feeling in my chest. All I could think was that we have lost another one of the greats. My husband and I have tickets for the 4 August show at Madison Square Garden and were so looking forward to it. After The Who tore the roof off the house at the tribute to the 11 September victims, America felt closer to them. We wanted this tour, we wanted the band that made us feel better after the terrible events of 9/11. None of us knew that would be the last time we would see John play but it will be forever etched in our minds. My husband and I have been lucky enough to see The Who in the past but you can never get enough of such a great band. Thanks for the music, thanks for the memories. You will be missed, and I hope to see you in heaven some day.
Lisa and Joe Palisi, Virginia, USA

John Entwistle was a huge influence on me as a young bass player. He was clearly one of the best of his generation and has yet gone unmatched. No one has taken the instrument to the places he has. His technique was absolutely unique unto himself. One could only hope to borrow bits and pieces from him as I have in my own playing. He showed that the bass could be more than just the anchor, it could also be the kite. Every Who song has a distinct punch to it thanks to John. When asked what he thought of the Broadway version of 'Tommy' he was quoted as saying "we played it hard". We'll miss you John. Rest in peace.
Russ Alderson, USA

I saw them in February at the Albert Hall. I took my daughter to see the greatest band ever, and it was brilliant. Now I can't believe John has gone. It feels like I've a close friend, even though I never met him. I hope they have bass guitars in heaven.
Neville Bridgman, UK

A stone pillar in a monumental rock band. Gone but not foprgotten.
Steven McDonough, USA

It was My Generation, heard when I was growing up in South Africa, that first turned me on to a lifelong passion for rock music. I now work in the music business. I will miss him. The Who rule!
Charles Solomon, Canada

I saw The Who play in Houston on their "farewell" tour. When they opened with My Generation, John's famous bass runs literally sent chills down my spine. He was an amazing, trend-setting bass player and a true rocker. This is devastating news to me because the loss is irreplaceable. God bless you John.
Mike, USA

John was always cool to fans

Mark London, USA
I was fortunate to have spent many eves with the Ox here at The Rainbow in Hollywood. I was also blessed to be able play "My Generation" with him at a local club he was jamming in 5 years ago - I played drums. John was always cool to fans and had a very powerful presence.
Mark London, USA

John and I met in 1988 - he was a real gentleman, and a hell of a musician. Thanks for the tip, Ox. One of these days, I'll take the QE II and visit your country. No more airplanes for you. Give our love to Keith.
Jmac, USA

I met John and Lisa at Casa Rafaels in Cabo San Lucas Mexico a couple of years ago. They were both very gracious, and accommodating to the crazy drunk Americans. I am so very sad for his family and friends. Rock on John!
Gayle Long, USA

A moment in time that I will cherish forever

Dan Christie, USA
Back in late '96 my friend and John's friend Sean Karsian took me after the great Quadrophenia show at Meadowlands to see John at his hotel. I met John and had a couple of drinks with him for a while. Sean took a picture of us together. That was a moment in time that I will cherish forever.
Dan Christie, USA

We will miss 'The Ox' - a kind soul who always gave autographs at his shows and was nice enough to sign one of his bass guitars that I bought at a charity auction. LONG LIVE ROCK!
Vince Zabaly, Hollywood, USA

I am totally devestated. After touring as the bassist for Who's Who over the last three years playing all The Who classics, I managed to meet John in a South London gallery last September. After telling him about the tribute his reply was "Can't you think of anything better to do?" And my thoughts then and now is "No". God bless you John. Many thanks for all you've done.
Steve Nelson, England

What I can say? I'm totally devastated by the news of Entwistle's death. But I'm sure the Ox will be part of the big band that now is playing in heaven.
Jorge Albuquerque, Brazil

My little sister and I saw John about a year ago in the Beatles tribute "A Walk Down Abbey Road". The show (in Kettering Ohio, USA) was great. We managed to get backstage and meet him. I thought it was great that he took time for fans (my sister being a Who fanatic). We were planning on going to see the Who on tour. This news came as a shock. When we met him I knew his talent as a bass player was matched by his charisma and like I said, his openess to his fans. He will be missed.
Mr Tracy Combs, USA

You were the greatest bassist in rock'n'roll history. Although you hardly moved on stage, we noticed you were the greatest.
Yohei Shimma, Japan

The best rock bassist ever to grace a stage

Alan Cornforth, UK
Quite simply the best rock bassist ever to grace a stage. Sympathies to his family and to Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey who seem to have grown closer now and will feel this harder than most.
Alan Cornforth, UK

I am extremely saddened by the death of John Entwistle. I was hoping to see The Who this summer. But I am fortunate to have seen them on the last night of their 2000 tour at the Royal Albert Hall. He will be missed by all.
Irma Selby, USA

Deeply shocked - I was about to buy tickets to the September gig in Dallas. Surely the best bass player of all time and a member of the best rock group of the 60s and 70s.
Simon, USA by way of UK

One of the true innovators

Arthur Taylor, USA/ UK
A very sad and premature loss to music in general and the more obscure world of electric bass players in particular; one of the very best, one of the true innovators. Nice one Thunderfingers, rest in peace.
Arthur Taylor, USA/ UK

Rest in peace John and know that there will always be that Great Gig in the Sky
Denise Sharpe, USA

I saw John perform at the Concert for New York. He was a great musician and a gentleman. He will be missed.
Patrick, UK

Perhaps the only band to really have a positive influence, both spiritually and musically on an otherwise decadent industry and music scene. Long live The Who!
Marc, California, USA

John will be sadly missed. Say hi to Keith, Jimi, Janice, Jim, John & whoever else has gone to the great Rock 'n' Roll heaven in the sky. The band up there is looking pretty good now.
Annette Findlay, New Zealand

The world lost a great man today

Heather Laurin, USA
John.. when I first met you at your gallery show in NYC, it was an honour I will never forget. Thank you so much for all the great shows and memories. May you rest in peace.
Steve, USA

A great player in a great band. His legacy will live on those joyous singles and defining albums.
Mark Fichera, Australia

The world lost a great man today. John Entwistle was not only a great musician, but also a great human being. God Bless You John. May you rest in peace. To John's family and bandmates, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Heather Laurin, USA

So untimely, so sad. Thanks for the memories. Say hello to Keith. Here's to you! Salud!
Jose Sanchez de la Pena, Mexico

One thing is for sure, the rock band in heaven is a lot better now .Thank you John.
Benoit Doyon, Montreal, Canada

I don't know what to say - I'm too emotional now. I still have his video on "How to play bass" - and what a video it is. Wherever you are John, you will always be someone very special in my heart - rest in peace.
Mahbub Farid, Japan

The most well-mannered man on the planet has been taken when he didn't deserve to be

Marco van K, England
The greatest bass player in the world has left us all behind. He will be missed greatly. Farewell for now. Say hello to Keith and put in a good word for Roger and Pete. Rock & Roll has died a bit today because you've gone.
Tom Rafferty, Philadelphia, USA

John Entwistle, John Thaw, Dudley Moore, Spike Milligan...2002 has taken England's finest. Rest in Peace Ox, you will be sadly missed.
Darren Lovatt, Sweden

Just very, very sad that another of the "greats" passes at such a relatively young age.
David Bankes-Milner, Hong Kong

The world isn't fair really, is it? The most well-mannered guy on the planet has been taken when he so didn't deserve to be. Rest in peace John, every mod on the planet will shed a tear for you tonight, mate. You'll be missed.
Marco van K, England

John's sense of humor and pure musicianship helped define The Who as a band, and also a musical era

Laurie Baughman, USA
John Entwistle was one of the greatest bass players that ever lived. He was quiet, stoic, and just looked as if he was bored of the whole Who gig. But no other bass player could demonstrate their bass-playing ability with more pride than he. A bass virtuoso, who could turn the instrument into the role of a lead guitar, he was a musician's musician. He will be missed. Here's to you, Ox. Play on Thunderfingers!
Gianni, USA

Goodbye old buddy. Glad I got to know you when I did. Say hi to Keith.
Jaret Gale, USA

Only God knows: fanfare for a great bassist. RIP John Entwistle - you always stay in our minds.
Julio Valdivia, Chile

Terrible news... he will be greatly missed, The Who have been a part of English musical culture for nearly 40 years. What a shame this should happen... I'm shocked.
Daniel Elmes, UK (living in Canada)

To John's family, Roger and Pete, I'm so very sorry. Your music has meant a great deal to me and all your fans around the world. John's sense of humor and pure musicianship helped define The Who as a band, and also a musical era. John, ya' done good. Cheers.
Laurie Baughman, USA

So shocked. He was simply the most stunning bassist ever, and a vital part of one of the greatest bands. We saw him once in 1996 and he was effortlessly virtuoso - something of a godlike presence on the stage. Immovable object will be sorely missed
Misty Wyatt, Brighton, UK

John is the reason why I decided to dump my 6-string and pick up the 4-string. RIP
Ramzi, Malaysia

I am bereaved at the loss of the great John Entwistle. I can only hope that Pete and Roger will pay tribute to their mate by touring as scheduled. The US loves you John.
Alex Meyer, USA

Goodbye John, you will be missed
Andrew, UK

You've been not only such a terrific bass player, but also a gentle and kind person towards everyone around you

John Kendall, UK
It is a sad day. He was truly the best rock bassist ever. I imitated his style, poorly. But who could be as good as him? I will spend the weekend listening to my old Who LPs and reminiscing about all the good times I had playing along to them and listening to them with friends over the years. So long, Lord Mayor. There will never be a Substitute.
Tom Hutton, USA

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Entwistle. Such a shock, too young to go now. Mr Entwistle, please say hello to Keith Moon! He's still very much missed as you will be too.
LeAnna, Germany

God rest "The Quiet One". This is a sad day. My prayers go out to his family and friends. Peace!
Dave, Washington State, USA

So long, John, I will miss you. I always admired your work and thought you got less credit than deserved.
Matthew Dane, USA

I've had the fortunate pleasure of sharing a few drinks and laughs with John in Cabo San Lucas, at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina; he was a true gentleman and artist. I know I will not be alone in missing him; and I feel honored to have crossed paths with one of rock and roll's greatest bass players.
Dave, USA

RIP John, you've been not only such a terrific bass player, but also a gentle and kind person towards everyone around you. My prayers are with your family and friends. You're missed but never forgotten.
John Kendall, UK

John Entwistle was the greatest ever bass player

Bob, USA
The greatest live bass guitar player has passed on. He and Keith Moon are now together holding down the greatest rhythm section in rock and roll history. Long live the Ox! Farewell John and thanks for the great memories....
Jim Orlopp, USA

When I first wanted to play bass many years ago, I decided that I could do it if I could just learn to play like John Entwistle. Well, I couldn't. No one ever could. The word "greatest" is so overused when things like this occur. But the truth is that John Entwistle truly was the greatest bass player ever. And what drives this point home is that it didn't take his passing to make people realise this fact. It was understood even during his life. RIP, John. And thanks for the gift of your music that will live forever.
Bob, USA

I spent a lot of time as a kid in total awe of John Entwistle. When I should have been doing school work, I would instead sit for hours in my parent's basement, trying to make my bass sound like his futilely. Frankly, up until now, I had sort of lost touch with that time of my life. The news of his passing hit me like punch in the stomach. Thanks, John, and goodbye.
Erick Hubbard, USA

No words can decribe the feeling I had at the news of John's passing. He was my favourite bass player of all time, and The Who my favourite group. The song is over for John on this earth now, and we are all the poorer for it.
D. Verville, USA

John was the reason I picked up the Bass Guitar. The Who were the band that helped me through my tough teenage years. Today I am deeply saddened...I will miss him. Thank you John.
Erwin Kreiner, USA

Entwistle has been the most influential and inspirational exponent of the bass guitar for almost four decades

Richare Scarr, England
As a bassist for nearly 20 years, it saddens me to see one of the most influential member of the small fraternity pass on before his time. John was a pioneer in bringing the bass into the forefront of rock music. Which bassist would not admit to trying to play My Generation when they first learned the instrument? Without John, there would not have been a Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, or John Wetton. RIP, John.
Mel Huang, Scotland

I put off going to see The Who for a long time. I finally got tickets to this summer's show at The Garden. I was so excited about getting to see John play. I don't know what to do now. Well thanks for the great riffs John !!!!!
Brian, USA

Farewell then Ox. A giant amongst musicians and a friend to his fans. A man who always had time to stop and talk at the stage door. RIP. The bass run in 5.15 will remain forever in my memory and heart.
John Hedges, UK

I feel as though I've lost a close friend and part of my youth. Thanks for the memories and the music. RIP Ox.
Martin Hardy, UK

John was the anchor of The Who

Tony, England
My heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to the Entwistle family, Pete and Roger. Please know that I and the world mourn with you. It has been my privilege to have lived in a time shared by the likes of John. The magnitude of The Who, both live and recorded was driven by the talents of John. You will be sorely missed. May the good lord ease the pain of those that mourn, May you rest in peace. LONG LIVE ROCK! CHEERS!
David Woloszyn, Cincinnati, OH

Entwistle has been the most influential and inspirational exponent of the bass guitar for almost four decades. His legacy will live on in the hands and minds of musicians the world over. He is, without doubt, irreplaceable.
Richare Scarr, England

Farewell John, our thoughts and hearts go out to your family and to everyone associated with The Who. The quiet man who made the bass sound like a Vulcan Bomber taking off. What a great gig in the sky!
Kirk, United Kingdom

Whilst I may not have been their most ardent fan, I can honestly thank John for influencing me (and others like me) to take up the bass guitar. This man's death is a sad loss to us all, he will be sorely missed. But we must take heart, that Great Band In The Sky just got a whole lot better with this new member. RIP John. Peace.
Bryan Statham, UK

John was the anchor of The Who. While Keith flailed around like a man demented, Roger paraded and Pete churned out the band's trademark maximum R&B, it was John Entwistle who held the band together. He had perfect pitch and, as the band tuned up, Pete would say "Give us an A, John", to which Entwistle would reply "Eh?" He was brilliant, and he will be missed by music fans the world over. Farewell, mate.
Tony, Yorkshire, England

I listened to the radio report and I felt the life and energy fall away from me

Gerard Glennon, Australia
He was the most technically gifted basis of his generation. Listen to My Generation and be mesmerised by the bass line. Thanks for the memories, John
Barry, Milton Keynes, UK

Utterly devastating news. John was the greatest bass player of the rock era. His style was truly unique and was vital to The Who. The band were going to be in our town this summer (Columbus, Ohio) and I had tickets. I am thankful they were so incredibly great at the NYC Sept 11 Benefit Concert. May the Ox rest in peace.
Rando Wilson, USA

He was the bass player par excellence - having been fortunate enough to have seen The Who play many times over a thirty year period, they truly were Maximum R'n'B and a lot of the sheer power came from John's deft and inventive bass playing. When in the big arenas the screens homed in on that amazing playing hand operating more like an octopus than anything else - you truly knew you were watching the world's greatest bass player. Thanks John - commiserations to his family and friends, and of course Pete and Roger - it's unlikely the rock world will see your like again.
Lawrence, UK

I heard the news while driving home from work today. I'd left work early for the weekend and I was pretty happy about it. I listened to the radio report and I felt the life and energy fall away from me. I'm shocked, I'm saddened, I'm devestated, I'm a fan. Goodbye John, what else can I say?
Gerard Glennon, Australia

He didn't have to hop on stage like the others, his professionalism and gift for his instrument brought him a great deal of respect

Edward Marcetic, USA
Best bass player I ever heard and one of the nicest, most intelligent, witty and incisive men in rock.
Dave Sommerville, Wales

You leave us, John, knowing that your skills touched the lives of millions. No matter what band name was on a label an Entwistle contribution was ALWAYS instantly recognisable and ALWAYS had impact. Thanks.
Jerry Tattum, USA (UK citizen)

Dear John! With your music I've grown up, I've and learned and I have yearned. Rest in peace!
John Haas, Austria

I spent last evening with my 16-year-old twin sons mourning John Entwistle. We were to see The Who in concert together on July 29th. It was to be a full circle celebration for us on the influence the greatest rock band in history has had on my life. Now . . . the Ox is gone. RIP - John Alec Entwistle!
Will Jones, USA

He didn't have to hop on stage like the others, his professionalism and gift for his instrument brought him a great deal of respect. A true hero to millions. Cheers John.
Edward Marcetic, USA

People can try, but no-one will ever be able to play the bass solos in My Generation or 5.15 like John could

Tom Connor, England
Now his 905 is over, he's finally entered the Magic Bus, Can See for Miles, and Love Reigns O'er him. It's the Summertime Blues for My Generation. R.I.P.
Erik Backes, Germany

Hope I die before I get old....Eve of a major US tour, opening an exhibition of his own artwork in Las Vegas. Talk about going out on a high note.

I think I share with thousands of others in saying God Bless you John.

15 years old, jumping around your bedroom to the bass solo on My doesn't get much better than that.

He will be missed.
Peter Jackson, UK

People can try, but no-one will ever be able to play the bass solos in My Generation or 5.15 like John could. I feel numb that he's gone and he will be sorely missed by all Who fans around the world. Bye John.
Tom Connor, England

His musicianship was without equal and without his constancy we could never have enjoyed the dramatics and awesome power of Pete, Keith and Roger

Phil J, UK
John, what else can I say? You were awesome in every way. Big man, big sound, big basses! You have influenced me so much. Thank you. The Ox rules.
Tom Gainer, England

Terrible news. It seems so unfair. Just as The Who seemed to be enjoying it again. Saw you in '96 and 2000 John, quite simply the best! Rest in peace.
Alex Day, Leeds, England

A piece of me died today. Part of my youth left with John. The music, the lyrics and the aura of The Who and John's unique guitar riffs helped mould me. I will miss you, John, but am pleased that you will now be able to join Keith and start jamming. Rest assured, the thunder we hear is simply you adjusting your amp. God bless you.
Joel Morse, United States

As a life-long fan of The Who, I'm so sorry and sad to hear of the loss of a great contributor to Rock & Roll. He was the only bassist who could make the bass guitar sing...goodbye, John
Trevor Raynsford, United Kingdom

The Who were the greatest rock'n'roll outfit of all time and John was the rock on which that greatness was built. His musicianship was without equal and without his constancy we could never have enjoyed the dramatics and awesome power of Pete, Keith and Roger. To the end he was truly brilliant as his performances on the Kids tour 2000 so wonderfully demonstrated. A very sad loss.
Phil J, UK

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