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Tuesday, 4 June, 2002, 09:42 GMT 10:42 UK
Golden Jubilee: What will you be doing?

Well, here in West Lothian, the four Air Training Corps Squadrons met for the first time in a 5-a-side football competition, hosted by 1756 (Broxburn) Sqn
Andrew Kerr, Scotland

We really, really wish we were there.

Janis & Mike, UK in Canada
The Silver Jubilee was half my lifetime ago. I do so wish my husband and I could have found an affordable fare to return for the celebrations. Nothing at all is happening here. We see more of the celebrations on US television than on Canadian. Still I truly hope every Brit enjoys their fun and opportunity to communicate with one another. We really, really wish we were there.
Janis & Mike, Canada

Would it have hurt the Queen to applaud or smile just once during the Jubilee pop concert? She's not going to win people over by appearing aloof and distant at the one official event that appeals to the younger generations of Britain.
Aaron Stewart, London

The celebrations appear to be going well and good luck to those having a good time and enjoying themselves. My problem is with those who say the Queen has done so much for the country over the last 50 years. I would like to know exactly what she has done for the good of the country other than take taxpayers' money and sit in her big palace with her every need catered for?
AH, Scotland

We are a family of four from the UK, currently living just outside Aspen, USA. We celebrated the Jubilee yesterday by having a picnic in the mountains. It was lovely to see our children gathering flowers for the Queen. I also wonder if we qualify as having the highest Jubilee celebration at over 12.000 feet!!!
Pip Pryor, USA

I was lucky enough to be allotted tickets for Prom in the Palace

Louise, UK
Wow! What a way to celebrate The Queen's remarkable reign! I was lucky enough to be allotted tickets for Prom in the Palace and it is a memory that shall stay with me forever. What can I say? 12,000 people singing Land of Hope and Glory... makes you proud to be British!!!
Louise, England

Firstly, many congratulations to the Queen; and to the world which seems to be celebrating with her. Secondly, I am watching the pop concert on the internet. It's great, so congratulations to the organisers. (But why isn't it on BBC World or BBC Prime? The internet is no substitute...)
JAB, Angola/UK

I arranged a party for 90 people on June 2nd for the Brits living in Peoria, IL, USA. We are had a great day celebration this special occasion. The union jacks were flying all day. We all joined in the fun including a crown competition, throw the corgi, pin the crown on the queen competition and a royal family quiz, finishing off with the National Anthem!! Our local newspaper back at home (Peterborough) even covered our story - it was a great day.
Alison Shailes, USA

In my village more people turned out to celebrate the Golden Jubilee than for any other event. Long may HRH reign over us.
Gerry, UK

Everyone had a fabulous day getting to know our neighbours better.

Janet, UK
We held our jubilee party yesterday -Sunday 2 June - in glorious sunshine. Everyone had a fabulous day eating, drinking, dancing and getting to know our neighbours better. We even had a visit from 'the queen'! I hope everyone enjoys their party as much as we all did.
Janet, UK

I live in Brighton and there seems to hardly any jubilee celebrations. There's a carnival at Hove Park but that's on every year. During the Silver Jubilee (and Charles and Di's wedding come to think of it) there were street parties everywhere. Is society more disparate now, is there less interest in the royals? I hope not.
Dave, England

I, like so many people I know, cannot help but be completely apathetic towards the whole non-event. The monarchy has had its day and its relevance has faded. It is an outdated institution, superfluous to the requirements of this country, and whilst I don't dislike the queen, I feel no desire to celebrate her being on the throne 50 years, because it doesn't affect my life. The only emotion I've managed to summon so far is a mild frustration, at having to wait until Wednesday for the postman to come.
James Whale, UK

Unfortunately St Andrews, despite the royal connection with Wills, doesn't seem to be doing anything to celebrate. However, at the museum where I work part time, we've organised jubilee activities for under 10s, making costumes and crowns to dress up as kings and queens, and having a picnic in the park. I do wish we were having a street party though - it would be a great way to bring people together.
Claire, Scotland

It is excellent to be able to celebrate 50 glorious years of our wonderful Queen.

Adrian Smith, Wales
It is excellent to be able to celebrate 50 glorious years of our wonderful Queen. We have decorated our flat with bunting and on Tuesday my wife and I will be making our way to London to watch the procession. One thing that really has bothered us about this celebration is the kill joy and miserly attitude of those who follow the current fashion of bashing the monarchy. It seems to arise from a lack of understanding of the role of our Queen and also perhaps a little jealousy! Republicans are in the minority so why don't they just leave us alone to enjoy this celebration of tradition and our loyal and dutiful sovereign!
Adrian P. Smith, Wales

I will be e-mailing and phoning friends scattered throughout the UK to tell them that I am thinking of them and the great times I have had in their country over the last 18 years of travels there. The Queen came to the throne right about the time I was born; I know no other British monarch. I think that her presence has been very positive for the rest of the world and I wish her many more years on the throne and hope they will be happy ones for her. How we have come to respect and depend on her calm, steady presence. My ancestors fought a battle on their own land against the British forces during the Revolutionary War. If a monarch of Queen Elizabeth II's temperament and abilities had been on the throne instead of George III... who knows?
Susan Fry, San Francisco, USA

As an ardent supporter of the Royal Family I will be enjoying much of the media coverage and also doing my best to attend any events that may be going on in my area. I wouldn't change the system we have in this country for the world. I say that the Monarchy has served this country well for a thousand years, and I hope it will last another ten thousand years. God Save the Queen!!!
Andrew Grey, Aged 17, Wales, United Kingdom

I'll be ironing, cooking, cleaning, decorating, gardening, shopping, washing the car, washing the kids and then in my spare time catch up on some work. In all, I'll be doing everything that the queen has never had to do in a lifetime of privilege.
Tony Davies, UK

We have had a fantastic street party

Jim Craigen, UK
We have had a fantastic street party in Stonehaven, which is just South of Aberdeen. Union Jacks adorned the Street and everyone had a wonderful time despite a change for the worse in the weather later in the afternoon.
Jim Craigen, UK

Riding my English Raleigh bicycle, listening to Elgar, Walton and Williams wishing I were in England as I was for the Silver Jubilee, ignoring the churlish messages by republicans and giving thanks to a woman who has devoted half a century of her life to Service and Duty to the Nation and indeed all of the English speaking world. God Save the Queen!
Peter C. Kohler, USA

I was born on the Queen's Silver Jubilee day - June 7th 1977, so I shall be celebrating my 25th Birthday here in America. I guess I will feel quite home sick on that day as it would have been nice to see similar celebrations that happened on the day I was born. People shouldn't complain so much about the monarchy - just remember how much tourist dollars they bring in to the UK. Long live the QUEEN!
Josh, Brit now living in USA

I will be watching on TV the histories of Her Majesty and her family. And am looking very much forward to the Queen's planned visit to Canada in October. Until then, all I could do is print out a 50th Jubilee Certificate the Queen's website, type my name onto it and post it in my living room in a prominent place. I hope the Queen and all Britons are having a gloriously time. "Wish we were there." God save the Queen!
Karen Morris, Canada

I think the palace and Tony Blair have missed an opportunity in not making the celebrations bigger.

Helen read, UK
I remember the silver jubilee with a big smile and the wonderful street party we had. I am working this year in Germany. I'm a serving soldiers wife. Our husbands were given the long weekend but civilians were not. Shame. I also think the palace and Tony Blair have missed an opportunity in not making the celebrations bigger. British people are always up for a celebration! Are they trying to make up for money wasted on the Dome!!!
Helen Read, UK/BFPO

As a small business owner, I am subsidising the Queen's Jubilee by footing the cost of having my staff off for a holiday in her honour - a holiday that she should be paying for if she wants to celebrate - she certainly has the means to afford it.
Sheena, UK

We celebrated on the Saturday when our local "English Shop" had a street party in the shopping mall next to Heidelberg railway station.
Simon Crozier, Heidelberg/Germany

We have just finished out staff-room street party

Brendan Agnew, Hong Kong
About half our teaching staff are from the UK, so we have just finished out staff-room street party - with as much British fare as we could find - lots of 'last night of the prom' music - I really think the local staff did not know what was going on!
Brendan Agnew, Hong Kong

Our neighbour, Raymond, is exhibiting his extensive collection of classic cars to celebrate the 50 year reign by her majesty. The cars represent history from those years, and include original Volvos as well as more traditional British cars. These can be viewed in Alan Way, Colchester.
Ron, England

Celebrations in Aldershot were brilliant. The Army hosted the event. The Paras have been replaced by The Tigers and they are a great bunch of boys!! We saw parachuting, bands, marching, local civvie groups dancing, etc and the sun shone all day! Excellent.
B.Birtwistle, England

My daughter and I have had the pleasure to actually meet the Queen. No matter how many gripe, she has done an incredible job for 50 years in a position, she never asked for. She has done it with class and grace. She has never been able to have a private life. I wonder how many who have made negative comments could have gone out there day after day, especially after suffering the losses the Queen has these past few months? We and our leaders have great admiration and gratitude for Her Majesty!
Jan Johnston, USA

The school gave us silver jam and sugar spoons

Wayne Knowles, Hong Kong
I was 6 in 1977, we had a street party, I can't remember the street name but it was in Dronfield (Derbyshire) just around the corner from Fairview Rd. I also remember the school gave us silver jam and sugar spoons, I think I still have them somewhere. It's a shame Hong Kong has returned to China before this celebration, there are no activities here to mark this occasion. I'm kind of sad to miss out on this once in a lifetime event.
Wayne Knowles, Hong Kong

I'll spend my day as a normal bank holiday, trying to ignore the media-created hysteria surrounding this anniversary. Even as a republican, I congratulate the Queen on her 50 year anniversary - I just hope that this country comes to its senses at some time in the future and decides to move towards meritocracy and a purer form of democracy where all its people can aspire to be head of state and citizens instead of being subjects.
Jeff, England

I'm not a passionate supporter of the monarchy, but I think the Queen still plays a very important role. I'm going to the massive central party in Birmingham. Even if some people don't like the Queen, it's still a great excuse for a party!!
Thomas Yasin, Birmingham, UK

I will be watching events and celebrating the day from afar in the Middle East. I shall reflect on how fortunate the people and children of the British Isles are not to have a war monger, career president, religious zealot or corrupt dictator as head of state.
D Clarke, Oman

I'll be at work - envying those who are having a great time enjoying the sunshine and partying.

Sarah, Belgium
I'll be at work - envying those who are having a great time enjoying the sunshine and partying. I enjoyed the 1977 celebrations so will at least look forward to watching all the goings-on on television. The Queen is a stabilising force for the country and the resentful angry words of republicans I've read here about her would be much better directed elsewhere - to persons and issues that truly deserve it.
Sarah, Belgium

I think the Queen is to be commended for discharging her duties so judiciously for 50 years. For that we should celebrate. I don't side with her detractors. It's hardly her fault she was born into the position she was, nor that she was brought up to continue the establishment. I find it particularly churlish that some people - particularly journalists - are taking this as an opportunity to raise their profiles as nay-sayers.
Raj Rijhwani, UK

The Brits of Midland, Michigan had there get together Saturday night and a good time was had by all. Every house, car, building you pass here in America has the Stars and Stripes flying. Come on Britain lets show the Yanks what national pride really is. I may live here but my heart will always be in England. My Union Jack looks lost here but I fly it high and proud.
Angela, USA

I was 11 in 1977 and thoroughly enjoyed a street party in Erith, UK that was a unique occasion when everyone in the street socialised together at once. Can you put a price on that? This time, in Helsinki, Finland, I shall raise a glass in a fish restaurant (they do chips too) and thank her Majesty for a job well done.
Robin, Finland (ex UK)

You would be amazed how many non-Commonwealth residents want to join in.

Bridget Jones, Switzerland
We in Zürich and surrounding area are celebrating on the 15th - village fete type thing in the afternoon, then posh Dinner Dance in the evening. It's for everyone who wants to celebrate with the Queen - and you would be amazed how many non-Commonwealth residents want to join in. They at least realise how lucky we are to have such stability in our very hard working head of state - even if people are too stupid to realise how much she does for us. My jubilee wish is for Her Majesty to enjoy just one day without everyone whinging at her - it would certainly make a change!
Bridget Jones, Switzerland

What a complete sham. In a modern democracy there is no place for an unelected elitist family. The United British countries should all become republics. It is now time to remove the concept of a monarchy which is only exists because of a war fought in 1066. The royal family are no longer the leaders of the country people look up to, but are now a joke and a cost many many people in this country no longer want or can afford.
G Alexander, UK

To G Alexander and co: Yes, the monarchy is an anachronism, and nobody could seriously suggest it as a constitutional system for any newly created nation state. But Britain has had a monarchy for hundreds of years, so what would you replace it with? Would you rather see us having a has-been politician as head of state?! President Thatcher?, President Blair?! I can't imagine anything worse. Thanks, but I'd rather stick with Queen Elizabeth!
Russell Wade, UK

I want to thank the Beeb for the Music Live start 'All you need is Love'. My Husband and myself were moved to tears to see such a wonderful response from all around the country. The mixed communities were inspirational. How lovely to see and hear the Indian choir in Leicester and the Pipes in Falkirk were wonderful. Thank you so much. Her Majesty must really have felt the love from her people and how well she deserves to do so.
Juliet, Cornwall

I am watching the jubilee party and I quite like it. It is a lot of fun. I wish I was there too, but I am only 7 years old.
Laura Jobes, England

I will just be wishing I could be there. You don't realise how much you miss the old place until there's something good going on! Cheers Ma'am... see you in 25 years!
KT, Switzerland (British ex-pat)

I shall be flying the British flag with pride

LMC, Paraguay (British expat)
Unfortunately I will be following the celebrations from afar and wishing I was there. I remember the street party we had for Charles and Diana back in the times when Brits could have innocent fun without listening to the boring warbles of stick-in-the-muds. Why is it that every other country in the world is allowed to be patriotic yet when we bring out the flags it is seen as a bad thing? I shall be flying the British flag with pride.
LMC, Paraguay (British expat)

We will be having a beacon lighting at 5 pm in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I am visiting my son and his family in the States and will obviously be missing all the festivities in my hometown of Hanging Heaton, Batley, West Yorkshire. Yesterday, I was entertained in the home of Capt and Mrs. David Jarvis, a British Navy officer and his wife serving Her Majesty at Offutt AFB, NE. More than 40 British citizens were at the party to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee.
Sheila Besson-Burrows, USA

I was 16 in 1977 & celebrated the Queen's Silver Jubilee with my family in Bromham, Wiltshire.I'm now an Ex-Pat living in Massachusetts & am sat here wishing I was at home celebrating at a street party, with a beer & fish'n'chips! We did try to celebrate with a group of Ex-Pats at a beach party yesterday, that was in gusts of 20 mph winds, rain, hail, thunder & lightning! We never even managed a game of Cricket! But I have my Union Jack flying outside my house & I'll raise a glass to the Queen with my family tonight.
Jackie Harding, USA

Go out and celebrate the land you've been blessed to live in.

James Geoffrey, U.S.A.
As an American who has enormous respect for Britain, its institutions and its monarch, I'll be taking friends out to a celebratory dinner. As to the republicans out there, take it from an American who loves his country, republicanism is not all it's cracked up to be. Every institution and symbol of the nation is an object of controversy. You get a public that believes in its own worth not because it has accomplished anything, but because it is simply drawing breath. That results in a society that is self-absorbed and complacent, and riven with a searing sense of envy. Trust me, republicanism has its merits, but monarchy shares those merits without the provincial popular egoism. God save the Queen! P.S. Another note to the republicans, quit being so self-righteousness and dull. Go out and celebrate the land you've been blessed to live in.
James Geoffrey, U.S.A.

With things changing so rapidly, it's nice to sit back and be reminded that there are indeed some things that appear to remain the same. England's monarchy goes back a thousand years and therein lies its appeal to many even those who aren't British. The question is will Prince Charles or whichever royal succeeds to the throne be able to carry off the duties with the same panache as the current Queen? That's to be seen. Only history will be able to answer that question.
Tom, USA

I and my colleagues doing our MBA's at UWA Aberystwyth are celebrating the Golden Jubilee with a Management Accounting and Finance Exam. God Help Us All.
Toby malik, England

US TV is carrying all the festivities in London etc. My dad grew up in Jubilee St East London - I wonder if they are celebrating? We'll be watching the concert on out TV tonight... I watched the Coronation procession in 1952 from a seat in Park Lane House - it was champagne all day! lovely memories...
Joan Peterson, USA

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