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Wednesday, 1 May, 2002, 10:29 GMT 11:29 UK
Can a National Lottery re-launch revive interest?
Lottery operator Camelot is set to rename the "boring" game as Lotto as part of a re-launch aimed at reviving interest.

Camelot is expected to announce a wide-ranging marketing and advertising campaign on Monday.

Changes will include the new name and new games, machines and playing slips.

Though an estimated 60% of the adult UK population regularly play the lottery, the campaign is designed to stem the decline in the number of players over the past four years, which has seen a fall in profits and less money available for good causes.

Will a re-launched lottery revive interest in the game? Will it encourage you to play more?

We put your questions on this subject to Sue Slipman, Director of External Relations and Compliance for Camelot, in a live forum.

  Click here to watch the forum.  

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

If changing the label improves the product then perhaps we should re-name the National Health Service. "Healtho" has a catchy sound to it. And what about "Travelo" for the transport system? Why didn't Blairo think of this?
Chris B, England

I don't play because I don't trust them

Jonathan, UK
I don't play because I don't trust them. As my chances of winning are so slim it would be nice to know the money is going to charity. Hand over the operation to Richard Branson, he was going to operate it on a not for profit basis...why didn't he get it I wonder?
Jonathan, UK

In order to get me to play, there would need to be better odds of winning a smaller prize. I am amazed people throw their money at a 14 million to one bet, week in week out. And why do sales go up so much when there's a rollover? 3 million not enough for some people?! It's a mug's game and all the cash ends up in the south east anyway.
Jon Cooper, UK

I rarely bother with the Lottery anymore. I used to do it when there was one type of game, and one draw per week. 1.00, six numbers, nothing else to think about except the size of the rollover. It was simple to follow, unlike now where you have games and numbers here, there and everywhere.
Vicki, England

Camelot should use this money to boost the prizes

M Tariq, UK
This will be a waste of money. Camelot should rather use this money to boost the prizes. This will have a more beneficial effect on sales than a logo change. The government should also abolish the tax on it so that more money can be allocated to prizes. Only a carrot works when you ask people to depart with their hard earned cash.
M Tariq, UK

Camelot has been its own worst enemy. It has introduced two other draws in Thunderball and Extra, so no wonder the original draw needs a revamp. Camelot should have introduced these different draws as the midweek games rather than running the main draw twice. This alienated a lot of people against Camelot because people who put the same numbers on week in week out felt they had to do the midweek draw in case their Saturday numbers came up. I think that was over five years ago and it still holds that grudge against Camelot.
David, UK

The National Lottery is a tax on the mathematically challenged.
Ian Collier, UK

Ian Collier - tell that to the winners. 1.00 a week is nothing, so what's wrong with it? At least the lottery puts money BACK into the country.
Nik, UK

Reducing the size of the jackpot (say capped at 2m) yet having more chances of winning, will help revive and keep players interested.
Ian Collier, UK

The only thing that will make the Lottery more interesting will be better odds of winning a jackpot, than 14.7 million to one as at present.
Rodney, UK

I'd rather watch Cilla than spinning balls

Pascal Jacquemain, UK
I could not care less. I play by direct debit and should I win anything, get a cheque through the post. I don't watch draws and never have done. I'd rather watch Cilla than spinning balls. I think they should imitate the French draws. There are two each Wednesday and two each Saturday. Each draw is live on TV and lasts for two minutes.
Pascal Jacquemain, UK

Wotto lotto rubbish! Even as Diane Thompson was reading her announcement, you could see she was having trouble believing it. Perhaps extra publicity will lead to a brief increase in sales, but the fact is that your chances of winning anything are slim, which is why sales have fallen off, and will do so again.
Tony Williams, England

I just play when I'm feeling lucky and I think that's the case for most people. The show itself used to be about entertainment whereas now we are bombarded by boring old game shows. Bring back the live music and A-list celebs.
Claire, UK

It's going to be a waste of money. People aren't hooked on the game because they just don't feel like "it could be you." They don't have any personal connection to the projects being funded and those they do see are the scandals of mismanagement of funds seen in the press. Rather than just rename it they should reform the things that have dented the public's confidence.
Phillip Holley, UK

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