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Wednesday, 15 May, 2002, 13:35 GMT 14:35 UK
Queen Mother: Your tributes
Queen Mother: Your tributes
Buckingham Palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

She lived longer than any other King or Queen in British history.

Yet her reign as Consort was comparatively short.

She was one of the architects of the modern House of Windsor, yet she was born a commoner.

Her birth came at the very beginning of the 20th century, but each generation will have its own memories of her.

Send us your Queen Mother tributes.

This debate is now closed. Read your comments below.

Your reaction:

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May she rest in eternal peace

Alana Tremblay, Canada
My condolences to the entire Royal Family at this sad time. How fortunate her great-grandchildren were to be able to know their Grandmother. Not many of us can say we were that lucky. God bless the Queen Mum. May she rest in eternal peace.
Alana Tremblay, Canada

I would just like to say that the Queen Mother was a pillar not only to the royal family but also this country. She will be sadly missed. Her life spanned a whole century in which she saw so much change, but the one thing that did not change is the public's admiration and love for her. She has been portrayed as a kind and sensitive lady, and shall be missed by all. However she did have a great life and in sadness we should also rejoice the fact that we were graced by her presence.
Ketan Shah and Family, UK

The Queen Mother waved at me as a little boy in the early 50's. Outside Heathrow airport where I had been taken by my father to see planes taking off and landing. We found out to our delight the Queen was to pass us as she returned from a trip abroad. I vividly remember the King was very ill at the time but she still waved at me as I sat on my fathers shoulders- I will never forget this moment in time The Queen Mother created. In later years I have photographed her many times at events as press photographer and never forget our first encounter.
David Allen, UK

Let us pray her example will not be wasted

Robert and Eva Hughes, UK
My wife and I wish to record our respects on the day of the Queen Mother's funeral. Hers was a life devoted to her husband, family and the Nation. She set an example, with her Common Touch, which made one respect the person and the Monarchy. We should not forget and hope the Royal Family, as the Queen has done, will learn from her example. Namely that it is possible to enjoy life while maintaining high standards of personal behaviour. We hope her memory will ensure a strong Monarchy in the future. Let us pray her example will not be wasted.
Robin & Eva Hughes, UK

I studied the Tudor period for A Level history. Through this my admiration for the Royal Family has grown. My French Grandmother helped the Resistance during the occupation and I am very proud of her and of those who fought for freedom. For this I am especially proud of the Queen Mother who insisted on staying in London during the war. My thoughts go out to her family.
Melanie Phillips, Isle of Man

In every moving picture, the Queen Mother had a smile for her public and she smiled with her eyes and from her heart. As beautiful and serene in old age as she was in her youth.
Fiona Russell, United Kingdom

I am saddened to read remarks by a minority of fellow-countrymen and women complaining for the "fuss" we are making over the Queen Mother. For those of you who have no respect, clearly you have forgotten the perilous times during W.W.II when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother stood shoulder to shoulder with the rich and poor alike. For those of us who remember, god bless you fair lady, and rest in peace.
Andrew McKillican, London, England

I have just returned from signing the book of condolence at the British Embassy in The Hague. I did this especially because my mother died 10 years ago today and she would have wanted me to do this. I wrote that the Queen Mother was a true lady who was an example to us all both in time of peace and war. She was what any member of any royal family should be; an example of the finest qualities of the nation of which they are the sovereign. The Queen Mother certainly did this.
Peter Roberts, Netherlands

Privileged as I was to have been Naval Liaison Officer to Her Majesty during Her tour Of New South Wales in 1958. I well recall her friendly and inspirational manner in any situation. She impressed as a lovely lady ,dignified at all times, yet keenly interested in all others in Her presence. She will remain to all who met Her a Royal Queen. GOD BLESS HER MAJESTY.
Geo. Copeland, Australia

She was the original Peoples' Princess, the Nation's Grandmother. Three generations of my family, my grandparents, parents and myself, loved and respected her. She summed up the century and will be missed, but like her we should look forward building on the past.
John Rogers, United Kingdom

I know she died a happy woman

Peta Patala Conway, Fiji
The Beloved Queen Mother gave and sacrificed so much. She touched so many people's lives with her kindness, strength and warmth. I know she died a happy woman, knowing she had done the best she could and changed a lot of people's lives in doing so. I will always admire this great lady. She is definitely irreplaceable.
Peta Patala Conway, Fiji

Dear Queen and family, Year 1-A are sorry and sad to hear about the loss of your mother. We are all thinking and praying for you and your family. God bless.
Lyon Park infant Year1, England

Elizabeth, The Queen Mother will be sorely missed. I have grown up admiring her. When I heard the 121st. Psalm being sung it reminded me of my own dear mother and how much I miss her since her passing. The 121st. Psalm was my mother's favourite and was a reading at her funeral. Putting her life and death into perspective, Elizabeth, The Queen Mother was an amazing example of womanhood. A devoted wife, a loving mother and a wise and compassionate grandmother. May she surely enjoy the rewards of heaven as she unselfishly lived her life. She also made me recognize how important the Monarchy is to all of us.
Suzanne Kilfoy, Canada

It is with sad regret that we mourn the passing of one of England's and the worlds most recognisable faces. The Queen Mother gave to all a real face to the royalty in Britain. She was a very special person who touched the hearts of many and will be missed by all. Rest In Peace
Diane Swift, Australia

The love and affection that she had for ordinary people was mutual.

Bert Mifsud, UK
The people of Malta will always remember with pride the award of the George Cross by the Queen Mum's husband King George V1 in 1942. The love and affection that she had for ordinary people was mutual. As a Commonwealth citizen whose home has been the U.K. for many years it has been my privilege to offer my appreciation to a "people's lady".
Bert Mifsud, West Mids, UK

"Rule Britannia", as she is your soul. Her singing along on the balcony on VE day is with her unforgettably etched into history.
Fraser Johnston, Canada

101 years of care and hard work to make the world gets better. All respect to HRH and to the royal family
Farid Adel Farid, Egypt

She was regarded by us all as the Queen Mother of the world

Bruno Silva, Portugal
Rather than Queen Mother of the United Kingdom, she was regarded by us all as the Queen Mother of the world. We will all miss her wonderful smile. May she rest in peace for all eternity.
Bruno Silva, Portugal

The Queen Mother obviously had the kind of style and grace and humility that rightfully won the affection and respect from so many in Britain as well as around the world. She will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, members of the Royal household of Windsor and the people of United Kingdom.
Francis Ong, Brunei Darussalam

Please send our heartfelt sympathies to the Queen and her family at this sad time. From Dorothy, Ivan, Andrew, Sally Anne, Anne, Ian, James and Daniel.
E. A. Pemberton, England

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was so representative of everything good and decent in this great country of ours. For most of us, she had simply been there for as long as we could remember. She was fundamental to the British way of life. A really true example of duty first with a pleasant and cheerful manner. A truly great Lady. God rest her soul and deepest sympathy to the Royal Family. She was one of those rare people that made the world a better place, for having lived in it.
Rosemarie Pascoe, England

I was so saddened by the news of the passing of the Queen Mum. My deepest sympathies to Queen Elizabeth and members of the Royal Family, for our great lose. May she rest in perfect peace.
Bertha, Sierra Leonean living in USA

Sincere condolences to the Royal family for losing a precious loved one

Joanne Fyfe, Canada
Sincere condolences to the Royal family for losing a precious loved one. The Queen mother carried such dignity, strength and was worthy of admiration. God Bless.
Joanne Fyfe, Canada

My great-great grandfather, great-grandfather, grandfather, father and myself have all sworn allegiance to the Crown since 1840's. I feel deeply saddened by her passing away. Please accept our deepest sympathy. God Bless the Queen. From Suresh Gurung, ex-Queen's Gurkha Signal (21158072)
Suresh Gurung, Canada

This is a message from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I wish to express deepest sympathy to the Royal Family and all of the members of the British Family throughout the world. As a child of 7 I, along with classmates, stood at the foot of a bridge in Winnipeg as the Queen and King passed in their motorcade. Though we did not get a very close look it is a memory I cherish...I am now 70...and I can still visualize that day.
Bernice Balcaen, Canada

My deepest sympathy to the Royal Family and the people of UK for the loss of a beautiful person who will be remembered forever. May her soul rest in peace.
Bharat Singh Thapa, Nepal

The death of Queen Mum is so sad. Her passing reminds me that we all will miss an untiring spirit with which her right and correct conduct and gentle strength guided forward a nation's image as a bearer of a great democracy.
Stephanie Hall, USA

My thoughts are with the royal family, especially Elizabeth who has lost a mother, a friend and most of all a confidant

Deb Paat, USA
My thoughts are with the royal family, especially Elizabeth who has lost a mother, a friend and most of all a confidant. We often think of Queen Elizabeth as a strong woman but somehow seem to forget that, no matter what the age of a child, it is always difficult when the child loses their mother. God Bless Queen Elizabeth and her mother, the Queen Mum.
Deb Paat, USA

Tears for a real lady whose kindness and values which were not old-fashioned but very much alive make us believe in a better world. God save the Queen.
L. Elena Thomson Mickleburgh, Argentina

We have lost Our Nations Grandmother. To me She was the Queen 'Mum'. She stood for decency and honesty and at all times thought only of her nation and her family. Now she is at rest with her beloved Husband The King and may this wonderful lady Rest in Peace
Mark Bradshaw, England

Heartfelt sympathy to Her Majesty and Prince Charles who will miss their "Grand Mum" more than anyone else. We remember her charm, courage, grace, calm beauty and serenity, wisdom and warmth with "warm fuzzies" over the years, past and present.
Sonja Sherer, Australia

My thoughts are with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and their family at this time of mourning for the Queen Mother. God bless her and her family.
Tracy Clarke, New Zealand

The Royal Family have my earnest condolences. However, in the 21st century Britain, a supposedly democratic even meritocratic society, I don't think the state pomp and ceremony or accompanying media frenzy around the Queen Mother's passing is appropriate. Thousands of British women have lived hard lives, struggled to raise their families, contributed selflessly to our society and died with meagre state support in old age.
James Chapman, London, UK

Our thoughts and prayers are with the royal family. It is a sad day, the Queen mother will be truly missed. She was truly royal.
Betty Craddock Lyles, USA

May she rest in peace and rise in glory

Rev. R L. Lorenson, USA
I was very young at the beginning of WWII. Just tall enough to reach the radio dial. Every morning I reached up and turned it on to hear, "This is London calling." I'd rush to tell my parents, "They are still there." My parents were both British born but by that time citizens of the USA. When St George's Day came all the British troops in the NYC area would march into church and present the colours and we sang 3 national anthems. Afterwards they would serve tea and cakes. My Mom's special cake can had the coronation picture of King George the VI and Queen Elizabeth-later called the Queen Mum. So I saw them every day in all their splendour. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.
Rev. R L. Lorenson, USA

Once upon a time there was a little girl of seven, standing with her beloved grandmother in the Mall, close to Buckingham Palace, in the cold and damp February weather, watching with sadness the funeral of King George. Now, fifty years later, in the very, very early morning here in Canada, I will watch the final journey of that indomitable and beloved Queen Mother. My deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and her family as they bid farewell not just to a dear mother and grandmother but to a world which will be lacking her grace and presence.
Diana Gallaway, Canada

Being Maltese, and therefore having English roots, we commemorate HM the Mother Queen for the help the Royal Family gave to the Maltese Islands in WWII. RIP
Darren Micallef, Rabat, Malta

The world mourns the passing of the Queen Mother, a truly great lady of the 20th century. She will forever be remembered as the "World's Granny"
V. Tomlinson, Canada

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother saved our monarchy

Hans Paas, Australia
Quite simply, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother saved our monarchy. Being in the right place at the right time to support her husband when they were thrust on the throne and adapting this ancient institution to the needs of both peace and war. She raised our Queen to serve God and the people of Britain and the Commonwealth, and the Golden Jubilee is as much a celebration of the achievements of this gallant lady as it is of her equally gracious daughter. I pray she is reunited with "the King" as she always called him.
Hans Paas, Australia

May the Almighty Lord reward the world's mother and comfort the Royal family.
Kalinzi Ronald, Uganda

Our sincerest condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and her family on the death of their beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. A lovely and much loved Lady at rest.
Terry & Rosie Mussared, Australia

I am so saddened by the insulting attitude of so many of my fellow countrymen regarding the Queen Mothers passing - griping about taxpayers money being wasted on her funeral arrangements! May I remind each and every one of you that our Monarchy is the envy of the world and you ought to stop being so mean, cruel and self-centred and make the effort to show that you have at least an inkling of the meaning of the word respect. Call me Little Englander if you like - I am proud of it
John, England

The world will be a strange place without her and that lovely smile that she always had

Matthew and Cheryl Crowe, UK
Condolences. The Queen Mother was a great lady and ambassador to the whole country. The world will be a strange place without her and that lovely smile that she always had. Ro one of the truly great people: Rest in peace! You will never be forgotten.
Matthew and Cheryl Crowe, UK

My thoughts are with the Queen and Prince Charles at this sad time, but the Queen Mother had a wonderful long life.
Barbara Blackburn, England

To Her Majesty the Queen and Her Family, the warmest heartfelt condolences of a French citizen who for half a century so admired the presence, kindness and " majesté " shown throughout Queen Mother's life of service to the Nation, the Commonwealth and the world.
Patrick Laude, Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)

This is the time to reflect on a great leading lady, who gave hope and support to her family and her subjects and the world watched. People that inspire the way the Queen Mum did are few and far between. She met adversity head on and did it with grace and style. She has a great legacy in history and an even greater space in the hearts of the people. God Bless you and keep you.
Carol & Steven Harris, USA

The Queen Mother was a wonderful woman and one who kept the family together. May she rest in peace! On behalf of my husband and family, we send our condolences to HM the Queen and the people of the UK. God bless you all!
Pebbles Smith, USA

The Queen Mum always had a smile for everyone

Deborah Parker, Scotland
The Queen Mum always had a smile for everyone, she was a very gracious lady who will be sadly missed, but I'm sure that her spirit will live on.
Deborah Parker, Scotland

I am not British, I am an American, but the Queen Mother always reminded me of my dearly departed grandmother. I love elderly people, they have seen so much, experienced so much and have so much wisdom. They should be revered and I think this lovely woman captures the essence of my sentiments.
Tangie Keller, USA

She was a wodnedrful woman loved by everyone and she will be sadly missed
Susan Woodhouse, England

God Bless you dear lady! Thank you for the pleasure and support you have given to so many and the ready smile you had for everyone. I saw that smile at a Sandringham Flower Show as a child and it remains with me forever.
Dorothy Milton, South Africa

Whilst we all know that this was going to happen, it is still a very sad time indeed when it does

Dorothy Trueland, Australia
I am saddened to hear of the death of the Queen Mother. Whilst we all know that this was going to happen, it is still a very sad time indeed when it does. My condolences to the family and may they have strength through their faith to be sustained in the coming weeks as they deal with their loss. I met the Queen Mother when I was a 'brownie' and 9 years old. She was visiting Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and I was in the companies of brownies that were presented to her during that visit. Her smile and soft manner have remained in my mind ever since that day over 40 years ago. May she always be fondly remembered.
Dorothy Trueland, Australia

She will be missed, remembered but most of all loved by everyone!! We are all behind the royal family in this time of sadness!
Matthew Williams, Australia

It is sad to learn about the loss of a great lady. Queen mother reminds me of my mom Pansy Dass who passed away just a year ago April 03, 2001. May God Bless the souls of these wonderful ladies.
Geraldene V Dass, USA

My prayers and thoughts go out to the family. I am blessed with the grace of having the Queen Mum in my life time. I will always carry share the charm and warmth she has given us all in my lifetime. Fair thee well!
Berniece Bos, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

A very lovely woman with a world of wisdom & experience-God Bless the Queen Mother as she is reunited with her husband.
Carla Hull, USA

The World will be a much sadder place with the passing of a great lady.
N.Weir, Australia

What an honour to have lived during the lifetime of such a great person!

John Milton, South Africa
What an honour to have lived during the lifetime of such a great person! I was proud to serve her during my early years in the Royal Air Force, and I have been proud of her ever since. I shall miss you, but your memory will remain with me forever.
John Milton, South Africa

I first saw the Queen Mother on her visit to Canada in 1939 when I was 6 years old. It was my first introduction to our history with the Royal Family and I have followed both her and Queen Elizabeth since. We will miss her ready smile and cheerful outlook. With deepest sympathy to the Royal Family.
Colleen Itterman, Canada

I turned on the TV last Saturday after an exceptionally busy day and my heart sank and the tears flowed. I can understand how Prince Charles said that he thought she would always be there! This past week I have spent watching as many wonderful documentaries and tributes to the Queen Mother as I could find. What a truly remarkable woman she was!
Cathy Sebastian, Guelph, Ontario Canada

What a beautiful lady she was!

Jo Poulsen, California, USA
What a beautiful lady she was! So gracious to all who met her. My dear departed mother loved her and did the same thing as she did during the war, stayed there with her family. Her family will miss her tremendously like us all. My deepest sympathy to Her Majesty the Queen and all her family.
Jo Poulsen, California, USA

A sad passing of a grand lady - in the truest sense of the words - who knew how to live life to the full. A privilege for this world to have known this remarkable person who has left indelible, positive energy to benefit the world.
Margaret, South Africa

Thoughts of the Queen Mother always bring to the fore memories of her and King George walking through the wreckage of the blitz during the darkest days of World War II. She'll always be in the memories of those who lived through that time.
Donald Rutherford, Canada

I'm only 17, and I don't know much about the Blitz or the world wars. From what I have read though, I can tell she was a very strong lady and a supportive wife, mother, grandmother and not to mention, a very loving great-grandmother. How many can live up to this age, and continue with one's duties? She carried out as many as 55 duties this year, which is pretty amazing, considering she wasn't in the pink of health. This is truly inspiring for us all - she hadn't complained of being sick or anything, but she had continued to make the life of others better and happier while she could.
Angie, Johor, Malaysia

Let us not forget that she was fortunate to have a long and relatively happy and healthy life

Christina Harriden, Australia
It was with sadness that I read about the death of the Queen Mother. However let us not forget that she was fortunate to have a long and relatively happy and healthy life, therefore for that we should be grateful. God bless those who mourn her.
Christina Harriden, Australia

A Great lady with courage and grace had left. God Bless Queen Mother. We all Miss her.
Vivek Thaker, India

A wonderful lady who now rests peacefully with those whom she loved and lost awhile. Thank you for a life of joy, example and great fortitude.
Anne M. Smith, Australia

I am deeply saddened that we have lost our Dear Queen Mum - she was like a grandmother and Mum to us all. Britain will never be the same without her smiling face and her grace and wisdom. God Bless Her!
Leona Grasky, Canada

Queen Mother and Princess Margaret lived their lives of luxury off the wealth plundered from impoverished people all over the Earth, as do the remaining Windsors. They are ordinary people in possession of extraordinary wealth, nothing more.
John Connolly, U.S.A,

Elizabeth was a truly remarkable British hero who will be sadly missed. God Bless!!
Blair Heary, UK

Why hasn't a National Day of Mourning been announced?

Jean Grice, England
Why hasn't a National Day of Mourning been announced? My colleagues all respect the Queen Mother and want very much to watch the funeral out of both respect and to feel a part of the funeral and procession as it happens. We have tried to get the morning off if not the day, to be told no. I am both disgusted and very sad that there is such a lack of respect in this country now.
Jean Grice, England

A bit of history has departed in spirit but not in our thoughts. She will be missed by everyone especially the UK.
Sampson Adamah, UK

My thoughts are with the Royal Family at this difficult time.
Jessica Queenan, London

I shall never forget her. For me, she represents everything that a great person should be - compassionate, courageous with a wonderful sense of humour and dignity. She will be missed.
Angela Maltese, Canada

I fell in love with the Queen "Mum" when I visited England in 1983. One of our tour guides explained in depth her courageous achievements. Since then I have watched her display enormous dignity and grace. I will miss her special charm and qualities very much. God Bless her and her family.
C.M. Greeley, USA

She was a lovely lady, although she hasn't been around that long in my few years of life, she has certainly proved a lovely lady, and I'm so sorry to hear of her death and am well and truly sorry for her dear family and friends.
Rachael O'Flaherty , UK

This great lady meant so much to so many people

Stuart Wilkie, Plymouth, UK
This great lady meant so much to so many people. Young and old alike will mourn her - and she will be sorely missed. Even to the younger generation, like myself, she legacy has had such an impact on us - so we mourn her loss. Quite simply, a graceful, kind, loving and generous lady who did this nation a great service.
Stuart Wilkie, Plymouth, UK

The Queen Mother was grace personified, her dutiful life was an example to us all. We have been privileged to share our lives with her.
Carole Couchman, England

My grandmother-in-law died last year aged 101. Her life spanned three centuries. The Queen mum did not achieve this. The other difference was that she died having lived on the relative poverty of a state pension. However unlike the Queen mum she had no debts.
Peter Humphreys, UK

Can I just say that a lot of people do not care at all as there are more important things happening in the world than some old lady passing away. She had a long life and a very well off life compared to most people, so please stop the overkill.
Disrk Simth, UK

Even though I have never met her, her influence and deeds are so great. She and the Queen are the most respectable people of the Royal family. The world will never be the same without her. She has been with us through the good and bad times, and we should never forget what she has done for this country when we needed her. If we are to truly respect her, then we all, and not just the Royal family, should carry on her good work and great self-dignity to make this world a better place.
Colin, UK

I am saddened by the loss of a dear old lady

Maurice O'Brien, Republic of Ireland
I am certain that I do not speak for anyone else from the Republic of Ireland but I am saddened by the loss of a dear old lady (101) and have sympathy for the British people because of who they are.
Maurice O'Brien, Republic of Ireland

We send our deepest Sympathy to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Family on the death of the Queen Mother. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother has been an example to us all. Her grace, gentleness and wit have been appreciated by all who love her, the world will not be the same without her. Her spirit will always be with us. May god bless & keep her safe.
Jill & Robert Hanley, Australia

A grand old Lady passed away, but Britain, this grand old Nation will always remember her with love and affection. God save the Queen Mother; God save the Queen
Glenn de Vos, Hannover - Germany

What a role model! Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother, showed us all, particularly women, that you could be strong and powerful without losing humour, graciousness or compassion. The world would be a better place if more of us followed the lead of this fine lady.
Julia Bloomer, South Yorkshire, UK

An American's goodbye to you: Strong, loving, classy Queen Mum! When I was younger, I wished you were my grandmother. Your outfits were delightful, and your sense of humour made me realize you were real! The collection of dollhouses also entered into the fact that I wished you were my Grandma! And knowing you liked watching The Eastenders, made me smile. (I like Coronation Street myself.)My grandmother was Elizabeth Staton from Bolton, UK, and as a little girl I remember for quite a while after the war sending "care" packages to Bolton and Blackpool. May your family accept my deepest sympathy. You were one in a million!
Dianne K. Martineau, USA

She was like the bright sunshine that keeps the world happy

Sarah Skilton, United Kingdom
Me and my family thought the Queen Mother was a lovely person! She never complained about anything. She was like the bright sunshine that keeps the world happy. She lived to a marvellous age and looked lovely! We're all thinking about her!
Sarah Skilton, United Kingdom

I find it hard to believe that so much money is being wasted on this occasion. What about the real priorities in this country: the health service, education etc?
Edwin Karl, Scotland

Sadness and memories go together, but never forgotten, the one who always held the Family and People together - Rest in Peace.
Wilson-deRoze, UK

Oh our nation will miss our favourite Grandma, your twinkle will be missed.
Miss Angela Gardner, W/Yorks UK

As we mourn the loss of a beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother we give thanks for her lifetime of dedicated service to our nation and her example of courage, determination, consideration and thoughtfulness. We celebrate the life of a very special lady who made a very significant difference to the lives of those who knew her from afar.
Patricia Bennett, Jersey, Channel Islands

We have indeed lost a treasure

Carol Reed, Canada
As a little girl brought up in the Republic of Ireland, my sisters and I maintained a Royal scrapbook. This was in the 50's and naturally the Queen Mother appeared in nearly every page. I have always had great respect for this wonderful lady - and a true lady she was. She will be sadly missed not only by her immediate family, but all her fans throughout the world. We have indeed lost a treasure.
Carol Reed, Canada

Peace, Love, and Godspeed. A truly elegant lady. May you have a safe journey "Home".
Eileen Kemp, USA

She will be missed! With deepest sympathy
Mimi WoldeMariam, Ethiopia

This gracious and dignified lady will live on as a role model to thousands of young people the world over. She will never be forgotten. May she rest in peace.
Brenda, USA

The great symbol that she was to other countries spoke volumes.

Tracy Groschel, USA
The great symbol that she was to other countries spoke volumes. Her presence though sometimes over-shadowed by others, was a comfort to many through tough times as well as good times. The legacy that she has left will live on for generations. Thank you for the impact you've had on my life as well as others!
Tracy Groschel, U.S.A.

I have read all the comments made below, but I wish to add only this. To all those who say "abolish the royalty" I say that only a Queen like her could hold a nation/empire together during times of acute stress and strife as was during WWII. She inspired courage and confidence by remaining in London during the blitz, thereby setting an example and inspiring others to hold the line. That determination led to the ultimate victory of the Allies.
Ardeshir B. Damania, India

Please accept our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the royal family and the people of the British empire. A true lady has passed on. God bless each of you.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McLeish, United States

May God bless and keep you safe. Farewell, sweet rose of England. You will never be forgotten.
Wyn, Barry, Wales. UK

Your grace and dignity will always be missed.
Mahlon Bickford, United States of America

My sympathy goes to everyone in Britain

Guenter Reichwein, Germany
The sad loss of another charismatic representative of a generation that has achieved a lot to be proud of. My sympathy goes to everyone in Britain who mourns the death of a highly respected public figure.
Guenter Reichwein, Germany

Feltham St John Ambulance would like to extend our condolences to the Royal Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
358Q Feltham St. John Ambulance, England

I would like to send my sincere condolences to the royal family, for the passing of a beautiful person our nation should be proud of.
Kiri Reid, New Zealand

A very remarkable, exceptional woman

Jean, Canada
The moving tribute by Prince Charles to his Grandmother said it as best as anyone can. In short a very remarkable, exceptional woman. They said Churchill was the right man at the right time for the United Kingdom. How true that it can also be said of the Queen Mother.
Jean, Canada

A lady of grace and humility has passed our way.
Aileen McLeod, Australia

I fondly remember watching her as she drove by in a parade through the military base my parents were stationed at. I was only 8 years old at the time being some 45 years ago but I remember as if it was yesterday. I remember because she left such a great impression of warmth and happiness with me. My mother and some other 40 ladies had tea with her that day. My mother was so thrilled and honoured to have spent some time with her even at arms length. We as Canadians have always had a deep loving admiration for the QUEEN MOM.
Fred Rogers, Canada

Her grace and dignity will be sorely missed

Pat Hanna, Canada
My sympathies to the Queen and the Royal Family at the lost of such a wonderful grandmother and lady. Her grace and dignity will be sorely missed but history will record her as one of the greats.
Pat Hanna, Canada

What a gracious lady. It marks the end of an era.
Tessa Stephenson, England

A woman who dedicated her life to Britain and its people. We are much poorer without her, may she rest in eternal peace.
Shirley Gosnay, Yorkshire, England

We, as a nation will not see her like again

Alan F. Millership, UK
I met the Queen Mother only once during my Royal Air Force Police Royal Protection duties in 1977 as part of the RAF review for HM Silver Jubilee. Once was enough to leave a lasting impression on me for the rest of my life. We, as a nation will not see her like again!!
Alan F. Millership, UK

We have all lost a wonderful person, who through the best of times and the worst of times, showed us all how to live our lives. She will be sadly missed. I would like to pass on the most sincere condolences to the Queen and her family at this sad time.
Brenda Wilkinson, England UK

The Queen Mother was a magical person and will be greatly missed
Charlotte, England

We shall miss you.
Mike Hughes, Wales

A wonderful, charming and charismatic lady has left our midst. My first memories of her go back to the years following the war and the inspiration she provided to a battered nation. Her example surely helped Britain back to its feet. Has she ever been seen without that kind, compassionate smile? Goodbye Queen Mum - we will miss you so much.
Susan Gelsomini, Italy

The Queen Mother was not 'one of us' My Grandmother waited months for a hip operation and subsequently died.
Gary Wright, UK

My deepest condolences to HM the Queen and her family, and to say "thank you" for all that the Queen Mother did for this country

Valerie Thomas, England
My deepest condolences to HM the Queen and her family, and to say "thank you" for all that the Queen Mother did for this country, she was truly the Woman of the Century. We must honour her memory by our support to the Queen and Prince Charles. Be at rest now and re-united with her beloved husband. I have never met her nor seen her in person but she has been there all my life. Thank you.
Valerie Thomas, England

My Family has always been United Empire Loyalists. Loyal to the USA and Mother England. My sympathies and respects to the Windsors.
Steve Watson, USA

It's sad news, the Queen Mum no longer with us, but what a wonderful life she had. It's a shame half off it was without her beloved Bertie. Reunited now.
Lynn Campbell, UK

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy all of the royal Family and to those who knew and Loved The Queen Mother. I share in your grief, The Queen Mother was such an elegant and dignified lady. I will miss her lovely smile. I hope she rest in peace.
Nancy Cucuzza, USA

She was a beacon of light, in fact she was an era in herself. She laid an example for us of selflessness and truthfulness, pure as gold. She will be conspicuous by her absence, may her kind soul rest in peace where no other death will occur, amen.
Maimuna Sultana Talpur, USA

The Queen Mother was 101. Even if she had died 20 years ago, at 81, she still would have had a good, long life. One cannot help wondering, however, if she would have lived quite so long if she had had to wait on NHS waiting lists for medical treatment.
Anonymous, England

I'll miss you

Sonia Morris, Australia
Bye, Ma'am, I'll miss you, even though I have lived in Australia for 35 years.
Sonia Morris, Australia

I never knew her, in fact I'd never met her and yet I feel as though I've lost my own grandmother. What a lovely lady. So dignified and regal and yet seemed just like the rest of us. I send my deepest sympathies to the royal family. May we be happy knowing she is now at peace with her beloved King and Princess.
Jenny, Australia

Thank you for bringing us such joy and light heartedness over the many years. When my own grandmother died just over 10 years ago you always reminded me of her as you were so full of life. Thank you.
Marie Newbold, UK

Nice old dear - had a good innings - why all the fuss? Nations best loved grandmother? To her family yes, not to me, I think my grandmother was pretty special.
David Morris, UK

I express my deepest condolence towards Queen's mother who died last Saturday. Hope that now she is with her resurrected Lord Jesus Christ
Joshua Daniel, India

Your spirit and courage helped Britain in saving democracy for all of us. Thank you, Elisabeth
Paolo M. Gensini, Italy

I was devastated to hear the news of the Queen Mothers passing. My deepest condolences to with the Queen and the rest of the royal family. She will sorely missed. My thoughts are with you at all at this sad time. She had a long and wonderful life. It is an end of an era. Our country will never be the same again without her. Rest in peace, wonderful dear gentle lady.
Pippa, England

A great and respected lady, My Mother (now 95) also refused to leave London during the war so of course I stayed too. I was at the railings of Buckingham Palace on Victory Day in May 1945. And I have always followed all the Royal Family but agree that the most loved and respected is the Queen 'Mum' My thoughts are with Her Majesty the Queen at this time.
Zelma Sinden, Australia

You will be greatly missed

Alberta Addison, USA
You will be greatly missed. Mother Dear, rest in perfect peace.
Alberta Addison, USA

I just cannot understand these sentiments at all - this death means nothing to me beyond a sense of sympathy for her immediate family which I feel whenever I hear of a death. I cannot believe I am the only one in Britain left profoundly unmoved -and I am disturbed that you completely fail to show the variety of views in Britain but instead pander to this "nation in mourning" myth that I simply have not experienced.
Martyn Williams, UK

Good to see an empress of India make a century. She will rest in peace, god bless her.
Bimal Roy, Australia

believe the British Public should should support the Royal Family since they are an integral part of British Society

Stephen Bhatia, England
I was saddened by the news. I believe the British Public should should support the Royal Family since they are an integral part of British Society. I am proud to be British, and proud that we have a monarchy.
Stephen Bhatia, England

I feel very sad at the death of the Queen Mother as she has been there from the moment I was born. What a wonderful person she was, with a smile that could light up any place that she happened to be. Her life was truly remarkable and she touched the hearts of many people with her courage during the war and with all the public engagements she appeared at almost until the end of her life. Condolences to the Queen who I feel very sad for in this her Jubilee year, and all her family. Shirley and David Orchard, daughter Julie in San Francisco U.S.A. and son Max in Ottawa, Canada.
Shirley Orchard, England

Together with the people of Britain I mourn the death of a woman with a great heart. I will always remember how during the WWII she gave away her jewellery to help in the fight of Russian people against fascism. She'll always have a special place in my memories. A former little girl from the Blockade of Leningrad.
Larisa Evteeva, Russia

I hope that those who loved her will soon move beyond their sadness to celebrate 101 years of a life well lived

B D Allen, USA
It is said that some achieve greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them. Certainly both are true of the Queen Mother. Much of her greatness stemmed from the realisation that her high station carried along with it great responsibility. Duty is such an unfashionable concept these days. But the Queen Mother's recognition of it is why we are all paying tribute here. I hope that those who loved her will soon move beyond their sadness to celebrate 101 years of a life well lived.
B D Allen, USA

What a wonderful long life filled with so much. She was a beautiful person who did so much for England and the British people. My sympathy goes out to her family at this sad time.
Valerie Fletcher, USA (ex-UK)

I will never forget the time 50 plus years ago when I, as an 8-year-old with flag in hand, stood awaiting her motor vehicle to pass through. That friendly smile and wave and the message on TV that evening has been something that I have remembered with affection for all these years. My thoughts are with her family at this time. Thank you for your messages of wisdom and good will throughout.
Diane Jowitt, New Zealand

Condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of the Queen Mum. The sadness that the world is feeling on the passing of a wonderful woman is immeasurable. Long live her strength and graciousness. In times of darkness the Queen Mum held strength. May you rest in peace and may the Lord be with you.
Catherine Foster, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

In a way she was a link between the present and a certain era that we read about in books and watch in movies and TV documentaries. Though she was born one year before the end of the Victorian era, she stood as a representative of everything noble and magnificent about it. In a turbulent time when nothing seems certain and when the world appears to be going mad, she was a beautiful reminder that all is not lost. With her radiant smile and flowery hats, she brought happiness to all. May God grant peace unto her kind and gentle soul.
Ramses, Egypt

She balanced the etiquette of being Royal with humility, compassion, and a tremendous sense of fun

Robyn Powell, England
The Queen Mother got it all completely right: she balanced the etiquette of being Royal with humility, compassion, and a tremendous sense of fun. I hope that those who follow her will live by her standards.
Robyn Powell, England

It is truly a day of sorrow when the world's best-loved grandmother is taken from us all. Always strong, dignified and dutiful as a monarch, but never too proud to be caring and genuine to her subjects - as a person. Her exemplary ways will never be forgotten and neither will she. Sincere condolences to the Royal family, especially HM the Queen who has endured two devastating losses so close together.
Sharon C., USA [ex-UK]

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to all of the Royal Family and those who knew the Queen Mother. All Australians share your grief. The Queen Mother was such an elegant and dignified lady. I will miss her lovely warm smile.
Trudy, Brisbane, Australia

I am just one person in a world of people that is writing in now. I don't expect to stand out or make any type of profound statement. I just wanted to say, that I found the lady to be one of the most amazing women of ours or any time. I have admired her for so long. The world is a colder place without her. Great Spirit bless her.
Jayne, United States

The Queen Mother was always a lady, no matter what. She was an inspiration to all women. I wish I had the style she had. She will always be remembered with the utmost fondness and respect.
Ginger Hipszky, USA

She will be deeply missed, we have lost a very special lady who never gave up her country in troubled times or ever faltered in her beliefs. She always put a smile on people's faces when they saw her. Rest in peace.
Nadine Card, UK

Quite simply she was a great lady, we are seeing history passing away and the country will never be quite the same again. My sincere condolences go the Queen, who deserves more than ever the love and respect of the British people.
John Fisher, United Kingdom

It's a rare gift to be able to bring a planet of people who are different and yet not so different together

Melissa Mitchell, USA
As I read through the tributes to the Queen Mother, I was struck by the thought that in such uncertain times as these, ordinary people from all over the world were taking time from their daily lives to connect and share their sadness. It's a rare gift to be able to bring a planet of people who are different and yet not so different together, if only for a moment. I think the Queen Mother would have liked that.
Melissa Mitchell, USA

Coming from a country so divided on the subject of royalty, I don't think you will find a single person who will not say that the Queen Mum was an amazing lady and an inspiration to us all in the face of troubled times.
Stephanie McNaul, Northern Ireland

I always admired this wonderful lady. She was such a caring and compassionate person. My sympathy to her country and family.
Joan, USA

Loss is never easy to bear

Donna Henderson, Kingston, Canada
The Queen Mother lived life well, was well loved and will be missed, a wonderful woman indeed. Be at peace. My thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and her family. Loss is never easy to bear.
Donna Henderson, Kingston, Canada

I never met you, yet I grew up with you. You were always a calm peace in the midst of much turmoil. May God watch over you in your new life.
Chris Venner, Barbados

Condolences. She was a truly inspirational lady who will be greatly missed. With deepest sympathy, may you rest in peace.
Louise Foster, UK

One of the first books I remember reading as a child was about the King and Queen of England and their two little daughters. I was intrigued and have followed their lives since then. I've read much about the Queen Mother's courage and inspiration to her country during World War II. As an adult I've been fortunate enough to spend some time in the UK and know how much she was admired. My sympathy to the Royal Family and the people of the UK.
Judith Beck, US

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