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Friday, 25 January, 2002, 09:57 GMT
Peggy Lee: Your tributes
The legendary jazz singer Peggy Lee has died of a heart attack at the age of 81.

She is best known for her rendition of Fever and in 1969 she won a Grammy award for best contemporary female vocal performance for the hit Is That All There Is?

Peggy Lee was nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar in 1955 for her portrayal of an alcoholic singer in Pete Kelly's Blues.

Her writing talent and dusky vocals also featured on the soundtrack to the classic Disney film The Lady and the Tramp in 1955.

Send us your tributes for Peggy Lee.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Peggy Lee will always have a place in my heart. Her warm voice was in the background as I fell in love with my wife in the 1990s and is now in the background as my children watch their favourite Disney videos.
R. Valdeon, Spain

I discovered the depth and breadth of her talent.

David Williams, UK
It was my privilege to produce a Peggy Lee special for BBC television in 1981. Over a period of several weeks prior to the recording I met with Peggy several times to discuss the content and order of the show, as the discussions progressed I discovered the depth and breadth of her talent. She came to Birmingham to record the show and provided us with an unforgettable weekend and a memorable show.
David Williams, UK

Peggy Lee was a beautiful woman with a great singing voice and she will be missed greatly
Daniel Windsor, England

As a teenager in the mid 40s, music was an important part of my life, as it is now. Peggy Lee was well known for "Fever" but another favourite of mine was "Is That All There Is?"
Graham MacDonald, Canada

She made it all look so effortless

Nathan, UK
I saw Peggy perform twice - in 1980 and again in 1990. She was a remarkable singer - she made it all look so effortless but she was completely in control. And she wasn't afraid to tackle new or contemporary material but as Johnny Mandel said, she didn't make it sound like a tree graft. Those Pop Idols should be made to sit and listen to a few Peggy CDs: then they'd know what real singing is.
Nathan, UK

I first heard Peggy Lee when my dad insisted on playing 'Fever' over and over again to me - she nearly blew my socks off!! What a voice, what a lady!! I know my dad will be devastated today, as am I - I gave him a double Peggy CD for Christmas - 'one of the best gifts ever'.
Jane McKinnon, Gibraltar

We have lost another of the great ones. I am pleased to say I got to see her perform live in the mid '70's. She'll be missed but her music is eternal.
Dave DiSisto, USA

Miss Lee was one of the most gracious and loving persons I have ever met

John Kafkaloff, USA
I worked at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, when Miss Lee performed there. Not only was she an outstanding vocalist, she was also a poet. Miss Lee was one of the most gracious and loving persons I have ever met.
John Kafkaloff, USA

If you've ever been lonely, if you've ever been blue, listen to "Black Coffee". Peggy Lee knew, and her performance gives you the strength to cope.
Robert Nichini, USA

I knew her well. After she split from Dewey Martin, the actor, we stayed friends for several years and would date, from time to time, when she was playing Las Vegas. Peggy was always a lot of fun but I knew from our almost daily conversations, her heart was broken. For one so hurt by life she was very, very successful. I will always remember our friendship and her talents. Good-bye Peggy, we will meet again, somewhere, sometime.
Don Whitbeck, USA

Peggy Lee had more talent in her little finger than Madonna has in her entire body

Neil Ogley, UK
Yet another of the great entertainers has passed on. A great loss. But don't compare Peggy Lee to Madonna. Peggy Lee had more talent in her little finger than Madonna has in her entire body.
Neil Ogley, UK

Peggy, you are no longer waiting for a simpler time - your voice will live on, thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Elaine Simpson, UK

I will always remember Peggy Lee for "Bangles, Baubles and Beads." She will sing forever in our hearts.
Henry Lawrence, Australia

I discovered the so soft and velvety voice of Peggy Lee when I played my mother's records as a teenager. She made such an impression that I instantly became a true fan and subsequently bought every record and CD that was available. In the mid 70s I took my partner to see her in concert at the Palladium who became as keen as I was, and we saw her several times on stage afterwards, the last time at the Albert Hall.

She had to sit throughout the concert due to a recent fall, though the magic was in no way diminished. We had the luck to be introduced to her after one of these concerts and she purred like a pussycat. She was very gracious to us. Thank you Peggy for many years of so much enjoyment. We shall continue to listen to your beautiful voice and remember you with love.
Stephen Blue, England

All experiences of Peggy, from post-show meetings to every recorded song, are treasures

John Hohmann, USA
Peggy was smart, eternally sexy; the embodiment of "less is more." Musical tastes and the music industry changed yet she flourished, maturing with grace. Humour and optimism were always apparent, wrought, perhaps, by the strength of character that brought her through challenging early years. Her glance at me and my friends during her "Mirrors" show at the Waldorf began a love affair that, like the lady's legacy, will endure. All experiences of Peggy, from post-show meetings to every recorded song, are treasures.
John Hohmann, USA

How fortunate we are to have her music with us always. She was a wonderful singer and writer. We will miss her greatly.
Glenda Miller, USA

I just want to thank you, Peggy, for being here and to God, for bringing you to our world.
Constance Maska, USA

She was a genius as a singer and a composer. There is no living person that compares in range of talent.
Nancy Horn, USA

A sad loss. When a Peggy Lee tune came over the airwaves a bubble of intimacy formed that enclosed you and the singer. It was like a personal conversation in a darkened place, an exchange of emotion. Few if any can lay claim to that superior level of artistry today.
Denis, Canada

A great loss to music and one of the last truly unique vocalists. Although Peggy Lee's health has been fragile for years, having seen Peggy in concert and met her in person with my parents, who originally introduced this timeless vocalist. This is still a sad day.

I have never seen a performer control not only her songs, her musicians and audience with such understated subtleness and wrap her wonderfully warm voice around everyone. Particular favourite songs include "Mr Wonderful", "The Folks Who Live On The Hill" Why Don't You Do Right?" and "Woman". Quite irreplaceable.
Peter Adamson, UK

Peggy Lee seduced the world with exceptional voice. She will be greatly missed, but the recordings she has left with us will be played forever.
Ken Whyte, Scotland

She called me her Number one fan

Mark Mulkeen, California, USA
Peggy Lee has been a part of my life since I was about 3 years old. She was my parents' favourite singer and became mine as well. I started writing letters to Peggy when I was 9 years old and always received a response from her. She was amazed that someone as young as I was interested in her music. She called me her number one fan.
In the summer of 1975, I had the great pleasure of meeting Peggy while she was performing at The Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas. I was walking through the casino and the showroom doors opened. There was Peggy taking her final bows for the evening. We had purchased tickets for the following night's performance, but I had to go backstage and meet her! I boldly approached a security guard and told them that I was here to meet Miss Lee. The security guard looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Who should I say is here?" I told him to tell her that it was her number one fan, Mark. He laughed at told me to wait. Moments later, he returned and escorted down the hallway to Peggy's dressing room where I heard a familiar voice from the next room, "Well. I finally get to meet my long lost pen pal." Needless to say, I almost passed out on the spot as I was a mere 13 years old at the time. Peggy arranged for front row seats for my mother and I at the following night's performance. That was a night I will never forget.
Mark Mulkeen, California, USA

In 1969 and 1970, at which time I was in charge of artist promotion in Canada for Capitol Records, I had the enormous pleasure of working with Peggy in both Montreal and Toronto. Not only was she one of the very greatest singers, and a total and demanding professional, but she proved to be a really wonderful and warm friend. I still get chills up my spine when I recall her dedicating The Folks Who Live On The Hill to me in front of some 30,000 people in Montreal.
A unique and brilliant woman, who will be greatly missed.
Richard Glanville-Brown, Ontario, Canada

What an incalculable loss. In my family we loved her not only for her outsized talent, but for her loyalty to her North Dakota roots. I remember so well sitting in my grandparents' living room in Fargo, waiting for The Special Event - Peggy Lee on Dinah Shore or Tonight. Everything stopped for her - and she deserved it.
Christian Johnson, USA

She was truly one of a kind and will be missed

Chuck Dettmar Jr, USA
My mother, Lillian Dettmar, was a good friend of Peggy's. I met her personally in 1975 at the Waldorf Astoria where she was performing in the Empire Room. After the show we went to her suite in the towers and I remembered thinking how down to earth she was. How personable and genuinely warm, especially for a performer of her stature and magnitude. Whenever she was in town we would go see her perform and spend time with her afterward. She was truly one of a kind and will be missed.
Chuck Dettmar Jr, USA

It is as one of the truly great jazz singers that I will remember Peggy Lee. Her work in the 40s is amongst the greatest vocal jazz ever produced. My favourite piece is her beautiful reading of Stormy Weather - a piece that moves me every single time I hear it. For that, Peggy Lee, I thank you.
Jean-Paul SÚculaire, UK

She was sensuality personified

Pamela Claxton, Ohio, USA
Peggy Lee knew how to smoulder better then anyone. She never had to be raucous or overtly sexual. She was sensuality personified. Thank you Ms Lee. Bless you and your family and friends.
Pamela Claxton, Ohio, USA

Peggy Lee and the Folks who Live on the Hill remains one of the greatest vocal masterpieces of all time. She will be enjoyed by generations to come.
John Howarth, England

A wonderful singer and fantastic actress

Lisa, UK
She will be best remembered for Fever, a song that many have tried to remake but none have matched. A wonderful singer and fantastic actress, she will be sorely missed.
Lisa, UK

We lost a great singer, someone who knew how to use her voice. But we shouldn't just remember "Fever"; she has many other songs that are waiting to be re-discovered.
P H Wan, Hong Kong

They just don't sing like that anymore. Peggy will be sadly missed.
Peter Yates, Australia

As Quincy Jones pointed out, up there with Ella and Sarah...
Vish, UK

When I was about 9 or 10, my father bought an 8 track tape cartridge player for his car. I can still remember how good Peggy Lee's voice sounded on it, even though the music wasn't quite right for an up and coming Led Zeppelin fan. Peggy Lee's music will live on for years to come - certainly much long than 8 track tape cartridges.
Rodger Edwards, UK

Wonderful voice, great lines. Why can't we get content like Peggy's from the current music industry?
David James, Singapore

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