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Conference 99 Tories Sunday, 21 July, 2002, 19:10 GMT 20:10 UK
Hague attacks 'Labour hypocrites'
William Hague makes the battle against Labour personal, accusing the prime minister of lying and breaking his promises.

Major: UK could soon join euro
Former Conservative prime minister John Major says UK membership of the European single currency is inevitable if the euro is a success, according to reports.

Euro warning on e-commerce
The UK must stay outside the European single currency if it is to be at the forefront of the "global revolution" in Internet shopping, Tories warn.

Hague delivers most powerful performance yet
William Hague has sent the Tory faithful away from their annual conference in Blackpool convinced they can win the next election.

Pinochet 'not a political prisoner'
Amnesty International reject Lady Thatcher's claim that General Augusto Pinochet's detention on torture charges is a left-wing revenge plot.

Tory leader urges halt to prisoner releases
Conservative leader William Hague calls on the government to end paramilitary prisoner releases until terrorist organisations get rid of illegal weapons.

Maude: No red tape on Net
Shadow chancellor Francis Maude says the Tories would not burden e-commerce with new regulations and promises lower taxes.

Archer pledges to fight 'Labour follies'
In a stirring Tory conference speech Lord Archer promises to oppose Labour's plans for the Tube and road congestion taxes if he is elected as the capital's mayor.

Tories vow to rewrite EU membership terms
The Tory leadership raises the stakes in the party's divisions over Europe by pledging to rewrite the terms of the UK's membership of the European Union.

Thatcher pleads Pinochet's case
Baroness Thatcher makes a forceful defence of Chile's General Pinochet and accuses the UK Government of operating like a police state.

Bi-partisan approach to NI - Hague
Conservative party leader William Hague insists a bi-partisan approach still exists between his party and the government in relation to Northern Ireland's peace process.

Portillo 'not honest' about gay past
Lord Tebbit criticises Michael Portillo saying he has been less than honest over his admission that he had homosexual experiences.

Trimble seeks to reassure Tories
Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble tells Tories at a conference fringe meeting that he is "optimistic" about the long term prospects for Northern Ireland.

Widdecombe sideswipe at Tory hopefuls
The shadow home secretary throws a new cloud over the political aspirations of Tory "superstars" Michael Portillo and Jeffrey Archer.

Clarke lashes Labour over euro group
Tory former chancellor Kenneth Clarke accuses Downing Street of trying to water down the aims of the pro-euro campaign group Britain in Europe.

Widdecombe blasts 'calamity Jack'
Shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe sets out new Tory policies on crime and makes a blistering attack on the home secretary.

Heseltine warns of Eurosceptic threat
Michael Heseltine warns the Tory leader it would be electoral disaster to listen those in the party who want the UK to quit the European Union.

Tories reject elected treasurer
The Conservative conference votes against electing the party's treasurer - the post currently held by Michael Ashcroft - in a closed meeting.

Tories make new promises
The Conservatives set out their vision of the future and defend their past on the first day of the party's conference in Blackpool.

Hague follows Labour's lead
William Hague has taken a leaf out of Labour's book and come up with five pre-election policy guarantees.

Standing out from the crowd in Blackpool
Political correspondent Nick Assinder reports on some of the stranger goings on at the Tory conference in Blackpool.

Schools at heart of Tory blueprint
Proposals aimed at improving failing schools are at the heart of the raft of new Conservative party policies.

Tories accept minimum wage
Shadow home secretary Ann Widdecombe says her party would be prepared to keep the minimum wage after the next election.

Major attacks 'warrior' Thatcher
Former UK prime minister John Major accuses Lady Thatcher of being un-Conservative and inconsistent over Europe, in the latest memoir revelations to hit the Tories.

Hague's Tory 'revolution'
William Hague believes his policy announcements will prove as radical as the Thatcher revolution in the 1980s.

Bourne rules out AMs in Commons
On the eve of the Conservative Party Conference, Welsh Tory leader Nick Bourne says his members are committed to the National Assembly.

Robin Oakley's week in Blackpool
For William Hague and the party managers the party conference beginning in Blackpool is crucial.

Tory pledge to motorists
News in brief from the world of UK Politics.

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