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Scottish Parliament opening Sunday, 21 July, 2002, 16:19 GMT 17:19 UK
Scotland passes new political milestone
The opening of the Scottish Parliament

Girl with flag Scotland's day of history
A nation rejoices at the return of its parliament as the Queen declares her faith in the future of Scotland under devolution.

Protesters Parliament 'protesters' deny charges
Six men plead not guilty to a breach of the peace by protesting during the Queen's procession at the opening of the Scottish Parliament.

Images of an historic day
Some of the pictures which capture the essence of the opening of Scotland's Parliament.

A moment anchored in history
First Minister Donald Dewar referred the past and the future in his reply to the Queen's address opening the Scottish Parliament.

Dewar's joy as vision becomes reality
First Minister Donald Dewar expressed joy at the opening of the new Scottish Parliment and conveyed the best wishes of the prime minister.

Salmond 'heralds new chapter'
SNP leader Alex Samond declares that Scotland's journey "is not over" in his address to the Scottish Parliament opening.

McLetchie vows support for parliament
Tory Leader David McLetchie said his party's opposition to the parliament was a thing of the past in a speech before the opening ceremony.

Wallace's tribute to people of Scotland
Liberal Democrat leader Jim Wallace said Scotland's new parliament was a symbol of the people's will.

The Queen's speech
The full text of the Queen's address at the official opening of the Scottish Parliament.

Royal blessing for parliament
The Queen attends a service blessing the Scottish Parliament as Prime Minister Tony Blair confirms he will not be able to attend Thursday's opening ceremony.

Connery cheered at parliament opening
Actor Sean Connery received a rapturous reception at the official opening of the Scottish Parliament - which he called "the most important day in his life".

Claim of Right passes to parliament
The Claim of Right, asserting Scotland's right to decide on its own form of government, is being handed over to the new Scottish Parliament.

Scotland's Parliament gets political muscle
Thursday 1 July sees the formal transfer of powers from Westminster as well as the formal opening of the Scottish Parliament.

Dewar gives education top billing
First Minister Donald Dewar placed education at the top of the list when he unveiled legislation for the parliament's first term.

Legislation statement in full
The full text of the statement on the government's legislative programme made by First Minister Donald Dewar to the Scottish Parliament.

MSPs opt for Holyrood
The Scottish Parliament voted narrowly to continue with plans for a new building at Holyrood and a call to scrap student fees was rejected.

The rocky road to Holyrood
Scotland's new parliament building at Holyrood will be a blend of the old and the new - but the plan has not been without its problems.

Coalition deal in full
This is the full text of the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition agreement in the Scottish Parliament.

Coalition deal controversy
The parliament coalition deal between Labour and the Liberal Democrats became embroiled in controversy even before it was signed.

MSPs pledge allegiance to 'Scottish people'
The first sitting of the Scottish Parliament for nearly 300 years saw some MSPs make protests about swearing allegiance to the monarchy.

BBC coverage of Scotland's big day
The BBC is mounting a huge operation to cover the opening of the Scottish Parliament. Here are the full details.

Kirk's home hosts moment of history
The Church of Scotland Assembly Hall was the focal point for events marking the official opening of the Scottish Parliament.

Countdown to the official opening
BBC News Online details the timetable of events on the day Scotland's parliament is officially opened by the Queen.

Gathering in hall of political memories
MSPs convened in Parliament Hall, a potent symbol of Scotland's past, before the state opening of the new Scottish Parliament.

A public celebration
The opening of Scotland's Parliament will be celebrated in style with a diverse programme of events in which the public can participate.

Crown returns to seat of parliament
The Crown of Scotland once again played a part in parliamentary proceedings, when it was taken out of storage for the formal opening ceremony.

A symbol of authority
The Queen presented the Scottish Parliament with a Mace, which the designer says "tries to capture what is in the air".

Armed services' salute to parliament
Contingents from Britain's army, navy and air force added to the pomp and pageantry at the state opening of the Scottish Parliament.

In tune with the people
Music played a major role on 1 July in providing a true sense of occasion for the Scottish Parliament's opening ceremony.

Beginning of a new song
The Scottish Parliament's opening ceremony included prose and poetry, both modern and traditional.

New parliament, new Labour, new baby
Labour's Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh looks forward to new politics and life as the proud father of a baby boy.

A new career in a new parliament
Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Ian Jenkins is adapting to a new lifestyle after 40 years as a teacher and believes exciting challenges lie ahead.

Parliament must have full powers
Michael Matheson, a Scottish National Party MSP for Central Scotland , believes the parliament will be the catalyst for independence.

Tories 'a real force' in Scotland
Scottish Tory leader David McLetchie says the Scottish Parliament elections proved his party has an important role to play in the new political era.

Time for democracy, not diktat
Dennis Canavan, the independent MSP for Falkirk West, says MSPs must put the wishes of the people, and not their parties, first.

Politics turning from grey to green
Robin Harper recalls his delight at being elected as Britain's first Green parliamentarian on 6 May.

I'm boycotting this rich farce
Scottish Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan is boycotting Thursday's ceremony and instead will open a community hall in Glasgow.

Scottish Parliament Special Report
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