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Wednesday, 29 August, 2001, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK
Drink walking: There has to be a limit
drink walkingv, making your way home on foot, drunk.

VARIATION: "tippling and toddling", a more alliterative alternative (cf: drink driving) coined by the RAC in a bid to highlight the inherent danger of staggering home having supped a skinful.

PRACTICE: best not to, caution safety campaigners. According to research, almost half of adult pedestrians killed on UK roads have been drinking. More than a third are over the legal driving limit.

The RAC has issued advice to prospective paralytic pedestrians - those slightly squiffy should walk with a group; those more drunk should call a taxi or get a lift.

EXAMPLE OF: humdrum pavement activity coming to resemble the high drama of the highway. Last Christmas activists campaigned for a two-speed pavement along Oxford Street, in central London, after reports of "pavement rage" between dawdling window shoppers and time-pressured office workers.

INCIDENCE: in the run-up to Millennium Eve in 1999, police in Northern Ireland doubled up on the annual Christmas drink-drive campaign by warning revellers not to walk home having over indulged.

OVERSEAS INCIDENCE: in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, where police have issued flyers urging onlookers to call the police if they spot a drunken pedestrian, (although spying a pedestrian anywhere in the LA environs is usually cause for some sort of commotion).

OVERSEAS INCIDENCE 2: pedestrians in Ludwigsburg, Germany, have been warned they could lose their driving licence if they are caught jaywalking while drunk.

CONTESTED USAGE: How can you walk when you're legless?

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Some of your comments so far:

The RAC obvioulsy have no experience in trying to get a taxi from anywhere in the UK after 8pm on a Friday or Saturday night!!
Trina, UK

It killed my friend Des - he left his car at the pub and started to walk home. He wandered, drunk, into the road (60mph speed limit, unlit) and was hit by a car.
Jeremy, England

Aaah...the magic scooter...rather like Jamie's magic torch, you know he's always gonna end-up safely tucked-up in bed - even if he's sleeping in his own vomit.
Ed, Kent, UK

The World has officially gone mad. Does this mean we need designated walkers aswell? Piggy back anyone?
Richard Hayes, Northern Ireland

Oh, yes, by all means, let's legislate every single iota of human behaviour! Drinking and cleaning your teeth, drinking and having sex, drinking and sleeping it off... How ridiculous are we going to get?
Steve Berry, Spain

This is true - twice, when lagered, in my life I have stepped backwards off the pavement and missed a car by inches.
Dave, UK

Sometimes I'm so drunk I wake up in the morning and can't remember a thing about the long walk home, although friends assure me that's how I got back. I'm not the only one. In Viz comic, they call the experience "riding the magic scooter".
Graham Moster, UK

Also known as "the beer taxi".
Edward, UK

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